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  • Angdionk: $ARLP in a wedge bounced off 200dma yesterday
  • vitoB: @vitoB didnt actually do that... still in $ARLP and cant bring myself to sell $CRWD at these levels. 107 - 125 lookin for theis range to contue or blow out down.
  • vitoB: @phgruver $BTU ive been building a position in $ARLP on red days for the past month. overall position is negative but div should be coming up soon. have to be realistic on coals. $10 bill in green energy has takenn coal from 82% to 80% , might be fuzzy but something like this.. when you realize that if they spend 50bil more it might get to 50-60% maybe...think about that ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Digestion Day $DIA In trend $UUP At the 200-Day to the downside $GDX At the 200-Day to the upside $XME In trend $TAN Building a handle $SMH At the 200 Day. $IBB Working, see Dan’s ATL Trades $IGV Great volume #Bitcoin Still some Risk $BTU Trend is fine $ARLP Still needs time $FSLR Trend is fine $ENPH On Dan’s ATL $ARRY Whippy $RUN Holding the 8EMA $NVDA Working but still under the 200 Day $ON Wide price action $LSCC Working but also wide $AEHR Bought this today $SNOW Nice work on this in the forum $U Also watch this. $BA Clear resistance $MS Above all the MAs $CPRX Holding the 8EMA $VRTX Trending up along the 8EMA
  • vitoB: @gmj $BTU also have been building a position in $ARLP...even more shorts and yeild...Ive held this for a month...which is quite long for me still down a couple percent but made it through div distribution....happy with myself for losing but sticking with the strategy of the ticker
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ Awaiting The Hawk $DIA Lower High $IWM Under the 200 Day $UUP Watch this tomorrow $GDX Basing $TAN Lower Low $XLE In consolidation $BTU Breakout on good volume. $CEIX Breaking out of a base $ARLP At the 50 Day $NSC Flag $CSX Another attempt at the 200 Day $CP Long base $AEM At the 200 Day $FNV Sloppy base. $APA Flag $COP Holding the 50 Day $EOG Flag $LNG Loose but holding the MAs $CF In a base
  • vitoB: $ARLP still own this, it was down 6% premarket when i woke up, dog jumped on the kids at breakfast, then threw up the eggs and sausage he stole, then made a second kids breakfast, dropped the kids off at school with the Thansgiving party fruit which she spilled the juice from the bowl on my sweatshirt cause she wanted to caryy the fruit in her back pack, gave the dog some water and second breakfast, and now the dogs asleep on my feet...seems fine. and all that the $ARLP is now green. gonna be quite a weekend
  • bla00109: @vitoB $ARLP errr.... get a cat?
  • natural: @vitoB $ARLP Are you me? Wait, I don't have a dog, just a couple of cats... All the rest sounded about right.
  • vitoB: $ARLP. Still holding and added to. Showing some support under the 50. Only long position now. Couldn’t hold onto $Z cause of the move but will look to get back in on this one first.
  • vitoB: This is amazing, best day of the year, screw the 4% in two years. we just got 10% in a morning on tech names. but if there has any been a 'hedge funds are down big for the year and we gotta juice the books' today and yesterday are clearly the story, IMO. iv sold much more than bought today, not getting short on this, $Z is biggest position (and i started at 10AM lol ), then $AMZN then $DKNG then $ARLP. if we get this same CPI in Dec this all goes away..biggest drop in medical almost ever, this wont happen again, and energy is up since Oct. so I dont think 50 is off the coming off the waffles syrup high pretty darn quick lol
  • Mounty: $AMR, $ARLP, $CEIX, $BTU, $ARCH all blitzed today...election results did them no favors
  • vitoB: $ARLP. Good move, bought some will move stop up to LOD
  • vitoB: $ARLP ...added to this on a pull back...still above 200d,
  • DAN: ...
    $ARLP -- Pinching.
  • DAN: Breakout in $ARLP above $25.
  • vitoB: @DAN $ARLP starter at 24.84
  • vcondry: @DAN $ARLP its above 25.05!!
  • vitoB: @vcondry $ARLP 25.35
  • vitoB: $ARLP...keep wanting to say AARP....takin half off cause of how fast it ran. would make sense to me to hold through election as coal and oil exploration stocks might get a quick snap...i would sell that snap for a trade...this seems pretty obvious, same 2016 Nov playbook
  • bla00109: $ARLP coal stock that @Dan mentioned in last night's recording. Has earnings on Oct 31.
  • DAN: @bla00109 $ARLP I have a small position in this stock and plan to hold over earnings. I don't typically do that, but I don't see much chance of a miss, or a big downside move. The options market is implying a $2.80 move up or down. I'm basing my position on the worst case scenario. But I like coal.
  • DAN: ...
    $ARLP -- pushing against the 50-day MA. Alert $24.25

    $NBIX -- Working, but at the top of the range. The 21 day MA is close to the 50-day MA. That’s where support is.
    $CPRX -- Still above the upper BBand out of a squeeze. Still pri ...
  • bwcarnation1: #Coal stocks working ie $ARCH $BTU $CEIX $ARLP
  • Docoof: #Coal $ARLP Wow! Big move and 1-yr high. (np)
  • mharps: $TRMD added $ARLP working
  • woodman: #Coal - $ARLP has moved up through the top of its lengthy rising channel. Highest high since late 2016 (testing that old resistance level now, but that was a long time ago). $AMR nice pop to a recent high on a path to test its all time high in May/June. $ARCH similarly. $HNRG similarly and has been on a clear uptrend with 50d support (though sometimes mess/large pullbacks to the 50d). $CEIX continues to make higher highs.
  • Docoof:
  • issues: @Nivek231 $RRC $OXY $AR ALSO $ARLP I just bought it! Also bought AR thanks to you! We hold OXY and RRC.
  • woodman: #Coal stocks breaking out above some resistance areas or taking a run at them this morning. $AMR (I'm in this one) $HCC $BTU $ARCH (continuing a run off the bottom). Some others are continuing a longer term upward path. $ARLP $HNRG $CEIX
  • mharps: $ARLP starter
  • Docoof: @debeers $ARCH Also, this coal-hearted b*****d hit a 5-year high today: $ARLP.
  • Docoof: #CoalCompanies Hitting ATH: $CEIX. 1-yr high: $ARLP. (NPs)
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ Awaiting the Fed $UUP The Wrecking Ball $TNX Holding support $TLT Watching $GLD Watch tomorrow $SMH Needs to hold above the 50 Day $XHB Needs a base $URA Small here $TAN Lots of Earnings this week $ARKK Needs a base $AAPL Earnings This week $MSFT Earnings tonight $GOOGL 69.69B $AMZN Earnings This week $CEIX Back in Black $ARLP New High but extended now. $FLNG Working but extended $ATGE Low Volume but in an uptrend. $VRTX Mentioned in the forum $PFE Earnings coming up. $HSY Earnings coming up $LLY In an uptrend. Earnings Next week $CI Same $TWTR Flag, but under the 200 Day $MCD Big Mac Attack
  • AboveWater: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $UUP $TNX $TLT $GLD $SMH $XHB $URA $TAN $ARKK $AAPL $MSFT $GOOGL $AMZN $CEIX $ARLP $FLNG $ATGE $VRTX $PFE $HSY $LLY $CI $TWTR $MCD Thank you Scott - great to have you back in the Forum!
  • Docoof: #Coal Coal companies cranking today: $BTU $ARCH $ARLP $CEIX (NPs)
  • scottrades: $ARLP Looks to be on track to re-test the highs.
  • Docoof: #Coal Coal stocks ripping: $BTU $AR $ARLP $ARCH.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $ARLP It's there.
  • Pokersmith: Above all moving averages in bonafide long term uptrend ( see weekly ) .... $ARLP ( #coal )
  • bogiedog1: @Pokersmith $ARLP #coal Been watching today, hoping for a little pullback to the 50 for an entry.
  • Pokersmith: Held and holding well at its 21 ema ...see: $ARLP ( coal/energy )
  • scottrades: Closing out $ARLP as well. Just going sideways and want to reduce more risk.
  • Mikev200: $ARLP moving
  • Pokersmith: @Mikev200 $ARLP 👍👍 Need a new coal ETF, previous one was KOL
  • Mikev200: @scottrades $AR As is $ARLP, two great calls! congrats buddy!
  • scottrades: @Mikev200 $AR $ARLP Thanks man! Glad they are working.
  • woodman: #Coal - Some coal stocks that are interesting. As @scottrades mentioned about $ARCH, it could be good here if it holds ~149. Need a protective stop just in case. Others of interest: $BTU consolidating at the 50d/bounce off 20w. $HCC similar but just below the 50d, moving back up through 20w. $AMR $CEIX $ARLP are in an uptrend, but not moving wildly which makes them more palatable (to me anyway). $HNRG breakout out.
  • scottrades: Stop on $ARLP moved to the low of yesterday.
  • scottrades: My notes.. $SPY Sellers out of Gas or just taking a pit stop? $QQQ Lowest Volume since April $IWM Back above the 21 EMA $DIA Same $GLD Holding the 200 Day $UUP Still above the 50 Day $XLE Extended $TAN Trying to get back above the 50 Day. $BOAT Sailing to new highs $GBTC Bounce. $AAPL Bullish Engulfing, but will it be enough? $NVDAGreat volume and earnings reaction. $USO Breaking out of a base $AR Took paritals today, nice work team! $DVN Know your time frame. $PBT Stagger stops $MRO Extended $RRC Nice pop off the 50 Day $CVX Working $COP Extended $OLN C&H $AMR Great volume $ARCH Great volume $ARLP Inside Day $GOGL Nice move out of a flag $EGLE Holding the 8EMA $ZIM Rising Wedge or handle? $LLY Working $MCK Trending. $SEDG Still under the MAs $ENPH Right at the 200 Day $JKS This is how I want the other 2 to look.
  • wanda1616: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $IWM $DIA $GLD $UUP $XLE $TAN $BOAT $GBTC $AAPL $NVDAGreat $USO $AR $DVN $PBT $MRO $RRC $CVX $COP $OLN $AMR $ARCH $ARLP $GOGL $EGLE $ZIM $LLY $MCK $SEDG $ENPH $JKS great video thank you. had bought $MCK earlier today. $SLB breaking out also.....still holding $AAPL since big hammer, added more today. ready to bail on it all. also a tiny bit of DIS and BA to see if they can dead cat a bit.
  • ProfMike1: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $IWM $DIA $GLD $UUP $XLE $TAN $BOAT $GBTC $AAPL $NVDAGreat $USO $AR $DVN $PBT $MRO $RRC $CVX $COP $OLN $AMR $ARCH $ARLP $GOGL $EGLE $ZIM $LLY $MCK $SEDG $ENPH $JKS Not sure if there is any prognostication value, but there is a fractal C&H pattern from 5/4 through today within the months long C&H for $OLN
  • scottrades: ...
    My open positions are: $AR $PBT $SU (Small), $ARLP, $TLT and $SSO

    Let’s have a great day!

  • marklesparkle: @scottrades $XOP $SPY $AR $PBT $SU $ARLP $TLT $SSO @Scottrades man Scott that was great on the anchor. More will be revealed my friend
  • scottrades: $ARLP Back to the 8EMA. Want to see it close above.
  • scottrades: Consider a swing stop on $ARLP near LOD.
  • scottrades: Doing a Small Add on $ARLP. Bit of a wide spread.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Trying to find a floor $QQQ Looking for a trend change $UUP Coming into the 50 Day zone $GLD Slowly creeping up $TLT Watch the underside of the 50 Day $XOP Check out the slope $OIH Above the 50 Day $ARKK Not ready yet $GBTC New Crypto framework gets submitted June 7th $AR No complaints $SU Working $XOM Trending $CVE Same $SHEL Also good. $DVN Flag $MRO Watch 28.75 $COP Working $SD Working $ARLP Black Gold $AMR Inside Day $BTU Back above the 50 Day $CEIX Going sideways $PBT Stagger stops $SBLK Earnings tonight $EGLE Above the slope $GOGL Stagger stops $ZIM Above the 50 Day

    ... Swooshes , Spikes and Swings ( oh my ! ) .... scary stuff !

    For anyone watching , Scott ...
  • scottrades: ...
    $XLE and Energy Stocks are still in decent uptrend. Stocks like $SU $CVE $AR $DVN $PBT are some I’ve mentioned recently. It doesn’t look like Oil has peaked just yet, I think we want to stick with these nice trending stocks until the tr ...
  • DAN: ...
    $XLE and Energy Stocks are still in decent uptrend. Stocks like $SU $CVE $AR $DVN $PBT are some I’ve mentioned recently. It doesn’t look like Oil has peaked just yet, I think we want to stick with these nice trending stocks until the tre ...
  • roddog101: @scottrades $SIGA $GOVX $CMRX $XLE $SU $CVE $AR $DVN $PBT $CEIX $ARLP $GLNG #Crypto $GOVX is the same 8 person company that was being pumped a decade ago imo. Not much more than a shell imo...
  • DAN: ...
    $XLE and Energy Stocks are still in decent uptrend. Stocks like $SU $CVE $AR $DVN $PBT are some I’ve mentioned recently. It doesn’t look like Oil has peaked just yet, I think we want to stick with these nice trending stocks until the tre ...
  • scottrades: Notable volume on $ARLP.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $ARLP Buying a 1/3 position on this.
  • mperveen2012: @scottrades What would be stop for $ARLP?
  • scottrades: @mperveen2012 $ARLP I'm using Low of Day right now
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ In search of clean patterns… $UUP Breaking down a bit $GLD BAck at the 200 Day $TLT Watch for this to base $WEAT Holding the 8EMA $ARKK See: COTD $XLE Consolidating $XOP Back at the 50 Day $BMY Out of the last of it $SU Still working $CVE Good $DVN in consolidation $AR Watch 36.90 $ARLP Watch 19.40 $CEIX Holding the 21 EMA $CMTG Slow moving Reit - Daily flag $CTVA Coming out of a weekly flag $EGLE At the 50 Day $GOGL Boom! $SBLK Good volume today. Earnings next week $SQM Watch for a pullback $XEL Weekly Handle.
  • scottrades: My notes. Have a great weekend! $SPY A 92% Upside Day $QQQ Back above 300 $DIA Needs a Daily Higher Low $UUP $ARKK Look at the weekly wick… $GLD Down $GBTC Up $DBC Close to support $WEAT Food crisis? $XLE Going sideways $XLP At the 50 Day $SMH Nice bounce, trend is still down $AMZN Nice bounce today $AAPL Needs a base $NVDA At the 8 Day $AMD Great volume $FB Everyone hates it $BPT Watch 15.90 $OIL Tightening $CVX at the 50 Day $CVE Still working $OXY Top of the range, good volume $DVN Like the rest $ARLP Flag $LLY At the 50 Day $BMY Basing $SBLK Pinching $KO Still in an uptrend
  • Pokersmith: Gap up today ...see $ARLP ( coal )
  • wanda1616: @Pokersmith $ARLP how amazing...coal is the market leader !!! like you couldnt give it away for years along with actually having to pay people to take delivery of oil ...months ago. makes me want to buy LABU here since right now you cant give that away...
  • Pokersmith: @wanda1616 $ARLP I see what you are saying, but pull up a chart of some of the coal stocks ( no etf anymore ) see the signals, and set ups that could or should have had us in at least for a trade. You're not there yet with LABU ....still a catch the falling knife situation. Plus the market is not feeling well. ALL stocks generally under the weather with market in correction. One more thing...a 3X ETF like LABU, is not one to accumulate, to hold till it decides to move higher. It will rot, unless it gets momentum to the upside.
  • woodman: @Pokersmith $ARLP - You're right about #coal. I've been talking about it here for a long time. It's been an obvious good trade for some time. Still dabbling in it ($BTU at the moment which has been my main one over the months) but I've trade a number of them.
  • wanda1616: @Pokersmith $ARLP yes i agree. not doing it just saying. there is a serious contrarian element that happens. thanks
  • Pokersmith: @wanda1616 $ARLP I hear ya, ...ref: contrarian element
  • Pokersmith: @manoli77 $BTU $ARCH see also : $ARLP
  • scottrades: Seeing some strength in more #Coal stocks. $METC $ARLP
  • Pokersmith: @scottrades $ARLP Buy American ✔☝
  • Pokersmith: Four days of bottom tails or hammers on the daily above all up turned averages with positive action today. Weekly, as always , paints an enticing picture. see: $ARLP long
  • Pokersmith: #COAL inside day...see: $ARLP
  • Pokersmith: STILL actionable....see: $ARLP
  • Pokersmith: #Coal This one will warm up your heart and portfolio One that stands out technically and has respectable fundamentals, and only broke out this week on BIGLY volume. Only 2% above its pivot buy pt. See: $ARLP Do your dd ☝
  • Pokersmith: @Pokersmith $ARLP #Coal Should have mentioned that this is a MLP. That's an American Natural Resources MLP with a 6.7% divie kicker. Buy American 🇺🇸
  • DAN: ...
    $ARLP -- After running 50 percent in December/January, the stock is due for a rest. It's holding up just keep an eye on it.
    $AMR $ARCH -- both trending nicely.
    $BTU -- Moving higher off the key moving averages.
    $CEIX -- I don't think this ...
  • Rick_O: @DAN $ARLP $AMR $ARCH $BTU $CEIX @Dan: Good morning-hope you're feeling much better today!
  • DAN: ...
    $ARLP -- After running 50 percent in December/January, the stock is due for a rest. It's holding up just keep an eye on it.
    $AMR -- good continuation.
    $ARCH -- both trending nicely.
    $BTU -- Moving higher off the key moving averages.
    $CEIX ...
  • DAN: ...
    $ARLP -- Watch this. Weak hand selling could set up a squeeze.
    $CNX -- Forming a flag continuation pattern.

    $PLBY -- Probably going higher...but your choice.
    $UPST -- earnings next week. Looks like $BILL, which popped on earnings.
  • Louis Berg: $ARLP, $CHK, $CR, $DOOO, $KT, $TGH, $U
  • Pokersmith: @snowbound $BTU $ARLP $ARCH $CEIX #Coal Still need coal ( particularly metallurgical ) to make steel. Need steel for infrastructure and warships. You'd have to be blind not see the compelling price action in the charts. Given the disdain many have for coal use, I have to think this move has been relatively stealthy. for thought.
  • snowbound: @Pokersmith $BTU $ARLP $ARCH $CEIX #Coal Oh heck , Pokie ... I just needed to get that out of my system . My BEEF is with the POLITICS . The basic economic choices always work themselves out . Its comical to watch the selected Harvard grad BORG of the day explain to us that we've got everything wrong . Wyoming is an energy state and the country will always NEED our resources but it can be an unforgiving landscape . Horseshoes and hangrenades type mentality quickly leads to loss of life and my guess is Wyoming will never vote for the Girly-men ( meant in the same exact way Arnold was quoted ) . We'll pay the price and suck it up . Lets trade that crap ! Last comment : In Wyoming and many places COAL is firing base - demand electrical generation ( when Nat Gas is both plentiful and nearby ) . Its an issue .
  • snowbound: @Pokersmith $BTU $ARLP $ARCH $CEIX #Coal I'm simply pointing out what is probably already obvious to you . The commodity COAL may do fine but these companies are empty shells . In an effort to turn lemons into lemonade for anyone following let me put ...
  • Pokersmith: @Henry #Coal Apparently ALSO helping the actual coal companies...see : $BTU, $ARLP, $ARCH, $CEIX 😲
  • Henry: @Pokersmith $BTU $ARLP $ARCH $CEIX #Coal I forget what they called it several years ago. Maybethe golden age? Whatever it was, it fizzled.
  • snowbound: @Pokersmith $BTU $ARLP $ARCH $CEIX #Coal The COAL companies are in chronic receivership due to the internalization of the HIGH social cost of pollution . It highlight's not only the social costs but also the minimal demand for their product . Not to speak to the chart but they need all the help they can get . A better use of resources might be to help them morph into something new and more productive . ... I'm speaking as a Wyomingite who's worked those fields and now we're building the largest wind-farm in the US at Chokecherry . We'll adapt . I'm sure they're ALL hiring ..... did somebody say WIND !!!!!!! .... open up the pipeline and we'll send ya some ...
  • snowbound: @snowbound $BTU $ARLP $ARCH $CEIX #Coal Naturally you'al are gonna ask ... ( joking ) ...why we SIMPLY don't hook up the flaring oilfield wells to the ELECTRIC POWER GENERATION STATIONS that are blasting coal emmissions ! Ha ! .... just remember , money doesn't grow on trees ( like Mamma said ) and the trees were all going extinct 50 years ago so call it what you will but Washington calls it our NATIONAL ENERGY POLICY . Its disjointed and politicized beyond reason IMHO . .... thanks for listening .. we'll keep the light on for ya !
  • Louis Berg: $ARLP, $BTU
  • DAN: ...
    $ARLP - From Thursday’s TTO session. As watch stocks that have bounce potential for several days. They are not “one day wonders”.
    $KNSL -- Why it pays to adhere to your rules.
    $CMG -- same lesson, different stock. ...
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Alliance Resources Partners, L.P. is a diversified producer and marketer of coal to United States utilities and industrial users. It operates ten underground mining complexes in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland and West Virginia.

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