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September 9th, 2022
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  • Hilton: $ACI... Dan I got involved with Albertsons at 25. Not feeling too positive about the KR merger being approved. Thinking I should take my losses and get out. Would greatly appreciate some advice on ACI... Thanks
  • DAN: @Hilton $ACI I don't think it's going anywhere, Hilton. Just seems like a dead stock. If it was me, I'd just take the loss...or at least take 1/2 off the position if you still are hoping for something good.
  • Lou: Out of $ACI - don't want the taxable Special Dividend. May get back in after ex- date but plenty of time before the 2024 sale of the company.
  • scottrades: Reminder about some #Earnings for the week: $TSLA $BAC $NFLX $SCHW $GS $JNJ $BK $T $UAL $VZ $LMT $SNAP $AAL $GNTY $SI $NOK $NUE $ASML $PG $IBM $HAS $AXP $ALLY $ACI $ABT $ISRG $BKR $BX $LRCX $FCX $NDAQ $AA $SLB $DOW $MRTN $STT $SBNY $JBHT $PLD $TRV $MNSB $ERIC $PM $ALK
  • Docoof: #News Kroger reaches deal to buy rival grocery company Albertsons for $24.6 billion ($KR $ACI)
  • DrScience: $ACI $KR Kroger And Albertsons In Deal Talks To Create Supermarket Giant. Deal Could Come This Week, Sources Say -- WSJ
  • Docoof: $ACI reported Q1 EPS of $1.00, $0.07 better than the analyst estimate of $0.93. Revenue for the quarter came in at $23.3 billion versus the consensus estimate of $22.82 billion. GUIDANCE: Albertsons sees FY2022 EPS of $2.80-$2.95, versus the consensus of $2.85.P
  • debeers: $ACI-beat on the top and bottom line but still disappointed. Rough ride for retail now. Energy up in the smaller companies, probably the greatest gain.. $GM-inks a deal with the miner Glencore for EV production.
  • DrScience: @debeers $ACI Guidance lower than expected put a hole in the canoe, but I think they're still well-positioned to cater to changing consumer demand. Now, if that truck full of groceries to stock shelves has a few boxes of Dyno-Bites, I'll be set for summer mornings on the porch!
  • debeers: ...
    1st the bad news:$ACI the same method i use for all stocks i used for this one and make their numbers they did. What i couldn't foretell wasa their guidance because that is an unknown with all companies until the call is made.
    Took me all day to mak ...
  • debeers: $ACI-reports tomorrow premarket looking for 69cents a shjare on the high side/ 65 cents average/ 59 on the low side with revenue 16.7B. LONG into earnings and i'll get back to you on the analyst reaction to the conference call.
  • debeers: Half and Half-Everything i wanted today was on the deep value side and i wanted to stay half domestic and half international so i have $ACI/$ROST/$UNH/$WFC for domestic and $AEO/$CPRI/$HSY on international. i wanted to be in DFEN and yet i couldn't ...
  • champ: @debeers $ACI $ROST $UNH $WFC $AEO $CPRI $HSY ....I like all, however I'm looking for $WFC $AEO and $CPRI...but NP's.
  • debeers: @champ $ACI $ROST $UNH $WFC $AEO $CPRI $HSY #Bounce-Candidates -Felt more comfy with a domestic in the banks. $AEO and $CPRI are at insane prices. Could they go lower--yup but geez! $ROST my favorite domestic discount retailer because it is all here and has NO SHIPPING PROBLEMS whatsoever as it just buys inventory from others and the stuff is already here. $ACI is all domestic and maybe doesn't have much more upside but the remodels on the stores is impressive and a true recession still won't dent them much. Overall playing D as opposed to owning D. If @Woodman is right and chemical weapons are being used, it won't matter much anyway because we'll be a lot closer to the end than the beginning for all of us IMO.
  • joelsg1: @debeers $ACI $ROST $UNH $WFC $AEO $CPRI $HSY Toilet paper has holidays too. (Insert joke date here) OK, Cinco de Mayo.
  • debeers: $ACI/$CF/$DVN/$HSY/$LMT/$MTDR/$REGN/$TSCO/$UNH/LONG into earnings on all.
  • debeers: $ACI- i knew of the upgrade but had to see a few stores for myself. Safeway was a dump in several locations and no reason to go there but Albertson's gave them an unbelievable upggrade in spirits and cleanlinmess and modern bakeries and phenomenal selection of fouds and even gourmet items at reasonable prices. Loved the 3 i went to to see if the upgrade was justified. it was. Deutsche goe to 42.
  • DrScience: @debeers $ACI Yep. Albertsons is putting a Starbucks in the stores, too. I don't know how well the mall-like kiosk area is going over in my town (unless they have Starbuck's Beer), but -- Yeah! -- the stores are clean. Safeway is smaller and older store -- caters to the walking shoppers downtown with their own bags.
  • debeers: $ACI/$CF/$DVN/$HSY/$LMT/$MOS/$PFE/$REGN/$TSLA-
    $ACI-one less thing to stress over as Albertsons who owns a bunch of the supermarkets is flawless on reports
    $CF and $MOS-become the fuel for the ag engine as anyone who can buy from them will. You've go ...
  • debeers: Told you what is in the Recession Redux Cake-Here's the Profit Pudding PARE THE 13 down to 9- 8 is much better $SQQQ/$NRGU/$ACI/$LMT/$NOC/ ONE OF THESE-Lilly/Merck/Regeneron FERTS-$MOS/$CF/ $OXY
  • DrScience: $ACI Otto picked up a few shares on bounce from the 8 EMA low.
  • DrScience: $ACI a four-day pullback to the 8 EMA and a bounce. Otto took a few more shares of stock at $35.00.
  • DrScience: $ACI News just in: Bulls seen racing carts up and down the bakery aisle, crashing into displays and noshin' on bear claws. Powerful squeeze breakout off the 200 DMA. Inside month and up... As @Aragorn would say, "This thing works!" The stock is still a buck away from 37.85, the 52-week high, and next week could be its time. But, as always, prudence dictates, and I sold MAR 36 Calls @ 2.00 on some shares. On other tranches, an order to sell some at 37.75 and stops below 35.50 and 34.50.
  • DrScience: $ACI takin' home the groceries. Inside day and up. Expect $32 to be a floor on price. Look at the MAR 33 Covered Call @ 31.61 for a 4% return over the next 15 days, if called away.
  • DrScience: $ACI Guessed we were ridin' Shetland Ponies. Well, I'm shopping for a Quarterhorse today. Up 10%
  • mharps: $ACI $KR, $SFM all big movers interesting: even $BGS moving off the bottom-this latter has a great div and ex soon
  • DrScience: $ACI has moved back above the 8 EMA. If you're looking at grocery chains to pass along price increases as supply chain issues are worked out, here's a 17-day short put idea to get involved... $ACI SELL -1 ACI 100 18 FEB 22 27 PUT @.70 LMT MARK Cash Settled Account (IRA) Sell 1 $27 Strike Put at $0.7 -($70.00) Capital Required $2,700.00 Break Even $26.30 Maximum Gain is Credit Received $0.70 Return 2.59% Annualized Return 73.15% Margin Account Sell 1 $27 Strike Put at $0.7 -($70.00) Margin Required $460.70 Cost of Carry at 7% $1.50 Break Even $26.30 Maximum Gain is Credit Received less cost of carry ($0.80) Return 15.14% Annualized Return 1963.30%
  • Wolf: $ACI Beat EPS 36% and Rev 9%, Good guidance. Down1% PM. Up 1.5% yesterday on Twice average volume.
  • JosephM: $ACI..52 week high. RS 98
  • Lou: @Pokersmith #Broadband - $DBRG - on a tear recently, transformation of $CLNY to a digital REIT is almost complete, with global coverage ready for 5G. CEO Marc Ganzi is on his way to earning a $100mil stock bonus. I’m very long and enjoying the ride. The #Broadband component of the infrastructure funding plays to company’s strength . Oh, and yesterday’s jump in $ACI helps with one of the remaining non-digital assets, a 17+ million share holding.
  • Pokersmith: @Lou $DBRG $CLNY $ACI #Broadband #Broadband Thx @Lou. Have it on a watchlist as per your rec. a little while back. Traded it and stopped out. Looking for it to at minimum retake its 50 sma.
  • Lou: @Pokersmith $DBRG $CLNY $ACI #Broadband #Broadband - sorry it didn’t work for you. IMO the path to $10/share is clear - as reaching and holding $10 triggers Ganzi’s massive bonus. But that is also a sale target price for many holders. So I’m looking at it as a target at which many, including I, will lighten up. With an average cost of around $4 and tons of shares around $2, I’ll take it.😄
  • Pokersmith: @Lou $DBRG $CLNY $ACI #Broadband #Broadband At $4 and $2 ?? absolutely !!.. very nice 👍
  • Lou: Took a starter in $ACI - after having shopped in the old Albertson's and Safeway, never thought I'd be buying the stock. But it may be that Cerebrus will be doing a deal
  • Henry: $ACI Albertson's used to be ALB then went private. I did not know it was once again a publicly traded company. Reported this am, sales down slightly from pandemic levels. No reason to buy here, but I thought it interesting that this company has reemerged.
  • Louis Berg: $ACI, $ACR, $ASX, $CEIX, $FNV, $JILL, $MN, $PAG,$PFMT, $SID, $STLD, $STM, $UMC, $VEDL......Steel and Coal Stocks are interesting as well.
  • cshanggu: bought some $ACI, buy the dip
  • djgustoso: $ACI Breaking out to blue skies on some volume
  • Bwhitty: Short List $DDOG 107.75 resistance with 110 downward slopping trend line. $F 10 is a big round number, could accelerate the move. $ACI quick mover. Alerts 17.24,17.36 for possible trade. $ABNB worth keeping a eye on today.162.80 $NNDM 10 Not mine but just cheerleading.
  • Wolf: #Earnings $OGI Missed EPS and Rev. down 10% PM. 1.61. $ACI Big beat EPS Good Guidance. Up 6% PM. IPO last June. Yesterday morning $CCL 2Bln quarterly loss. Hard dive on open, then the bouncing ball the rest of the day.
  • just4mo: $ACI break of IPO high on decent volume
  • vfr777: $ACI making new high and breaking out of resistance
  • vfr777: @just4mo $ACI spotted at the same time!!!
  • Reif99: Grocers $KR, $BJ, $COST holding up wel. Looked up Alberston's - what do you know, it's an IPO. $ACI. Not doing so well so far though.
  • Wolf: @scottrades $ACI Got a very small allocation on the IOP. Watching to add if it finds support.
  • just4mo: @scottrades $ACI seems like a tough day for an IPO that is not work from home tech
  • Ava: $ACI Albertsons IPO - wondering why it went back down to the opening price...
  • scottrades: @Ava $ACI Day 1 of a new listing. It's in Price Discovery mode.
  • shoredriver: @Ava $ACI ....demand was tepid...hence size and pricing were reduced.....also overall market conditions....
  • icbusiness: ...
  • mradams0621: ...
    12.15% $ACI Arch Coal Inc. 1.20 34090
    10.13% $HPY Heartland Payment 93.72 701020
    10.06% $HK Halcon Resources C 0.42 1580
    9.01% $TSQ Townsquare Media I 11.01 1530
    8.23% $GAZ iPath\u00AE Bloomberg N 0.33 1000
    7.73% $BRN Barnwell Industrie 2.16 50 ...
  • mradams0621: ...
    13.09% $PCRX Pacira Pharmaceuti 70.60 48400
    11.68% $ICPT Intercept Pharmace 156.00 39860
    10.24% $ATRS Antares Pharma Inc. 1.40 2000
    9.28% $HK Halcon Resources C 0.41 18160
    9.12% $APDN Applied DNA Scienc 3.95 18420
    9.09% $MPET Magellan Petroleum ...
  • freeno: $ACI, $BTU, $CLF @ tnt - coal moving today , will CLF move without the others due to the high short interest ?
  • tnt: @freeno $ACI $BTU $CLF Not necessarily. The shorts in $CLF have been entrenched for some time, but as metals stabilize and bulls come in it is more likely to juice higher quickly
  • champ: @basicind $BTU - Had a 1-for-15 reverse stock split last week, which had the effect of dramatically reducing the share count. $ACI is also launching and is up 20% now was up around 30%.
  • FHS: $ACI Think profits are being taken? Not in, but maybe at the 50ma? It's getting close. From 10.35 to 3.21, if it makes it to the 50ma. Crazy. Lurking. But I lurked before and missed it.
  • bigbartabs: @FHS $ACI It looks like the party is over... at least for now. I played a little today, but frankly the volatility is so high, hard to stay in.
  • FHS: @bigbartabs $ACI Damn! And I never got to party. I'm glad you didn't invite me to yours. I can't stand that volatility stuff. I'm too old. Cheers.
  • hwyflier: @dagdog $BTU $ACI : Well if ACI is any indicator………..
  • dagdog: @hwyflier $BTU $ACI - Yep. Good point. Are you in?
  • bigbartabs: @dagdog $BTU $ACI You and me both. I set a buy limit on ACI and it just hit. Up 200% in the last 6 days. I may do the same with BTU. Small positions. But I got tired of saying every morning "when it pulls back". Now that I bought a small piece, it will probably go to the earth's molten mantle.
  • champ: $ACI is really squeezing....radar watch.
  • Bridget: Turtle stocks today $ACI, $AVGO, $SWKS, $BRCM, and $NOV
  • bigbartabs: $XME What was the prime reason for everyone piling in this morning? The comments about zero rates staying in place? There are some crazy gains occurring. $ACI is one that is beyond crazy. I guess having an activist dump money into an industry trumps even the fiercest attack by the EPA and the rest of this administration.
  • Dave: @bigbartabs - Hi Big Bar, it sure has kicked off the coals, as I guess the market is using Monday as this sector's low (along with every other sector, of course). Current action: $BTU 48%, $ACI 38%, $WLB 28%, $CLD 22%, $DJUSCL 17%, $CNX 15%.
  • hwyflier: $X : $ACI $CLF : Steel rockets…….
  • hwyflier: $ACI $BTU : Coal still burning hot.
  • FHS: $ACI Kind of sickening, downright vomitous, that on a day like today $ACI is up 20%; except for those who own it, and of course pas moi. This market is a red-eyed monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on...
  • hwyflier: $ACI $BTU : Insanity......Both up 200% /- last few days. So when is George buying steele stocks?
  • FHS: @hwyflier $BTU $ACI I know! I feel like a fool for not being in. I've kept these two on my radar for possible "bottoms" or "bounces" or whatever for months, hell years, only to see them rocket without me. Crazy. And the moment I try to get in, Soros and pals will short the snot out of them. Cheers.
  • hwyflier: $BTU : $ACI : Mr. Clean Air, George Soros, buying Peabody Energy and Arch coal now. Smells fishy? Both up huge.
  • DAN: @hwyflier $BTU $ACI -- Now that's funny!
  • FHS: $ANR Wow, following WLT. Who's next? $ACI? Remember when we used to trade those? Actually, I feel sorry for the coal miners, losing jobs and share price, should they have any retirement in the stock of the companies for whom they work. Interesting how nobody seems to care about them now. Only when they strike do they get support; and the irony is, it's the ones who supported them then who are putting them out of jobs now. And so it goes...
  • bigbartabs: $ACI $BTU $ANR Coal... who would have ever thought these would be penny stocks. I wonder what US industry will be. next.
  • GreenGhost: @hunter2 Several Coal guys announced laying off again/shutting down even more capacity; many charts in space toast ; getting very bearish this week look at charts of $ACI and $BTU ; sad :( Coal transport = Big volume and revenue producer for rails.
  • hunter2: @GreenGhost #Rails $ACI $BTU - Thanks GreenGhost, good to know re potential catalyst, layoffs in coal space. Oil has dipped a little today, was wondering if that may have something to do with it as well.
  • GreenGhost: $TCK mentioned rail/coal issue earlier in a post today; just saw this cross the tape; coking coal over supply/lack of demand problem ain't going away anytime soon; I referred to a few "close to toast" coal name such as $ACI and $BTU (getting there). Throw this one in the mix ; was a 66 stock in 2011 has lost over 80% of its value; no reason I can see to be long this stock ; wrong sector and wrong stock in a very long and pronounced downtrend with no signs of reversing. Don't be tempted on today's oversold bounce. :)
  • Iceman: ...
    $ACI Apr 17 2015 1.5 Puts
    $CHK Apr 17 2015 17 Puts
    $CHK Apr 17 2015 18 Puts
    $FTI Apr 17 2015 42.5 Puts
    $SDRL Apr 17 2015 16 Puts
    $UVXY Apr 17 2015 12 Puts

    -- Covered Calls Assignments --
    $APA Apr 17 2015 70 Callss
    $HAL Apr 17 2015 45 Callss
    $SLB Ap ...
  • dunsek: @GreenGhost $AKS yeah, 5.25 was a big mark for it and it couldn't sustain it. I ended up taking half off just under 5, so all in all not bad for a couple of days work. I'm not convinced that it was a total rejection though, at least not yet. We'll see what tomorrow brings. $AA I still quite like though. Looking forward to expiry on the short puts tomorrow, and still long common. As for $CLF, you'd think I'd have learned my lesson on coal-related things after the $ACI debacle. That said, it kinda looks like $ACI put a bottom in at $0.80 ;)
  • hwyflier: Coal : $BTU aside (nice intraday move), today wasn't the day, yet. But these all just starting to come off the base, in $ACI and $ANR the 20d and 50d SMA's are turning up, with the price frequently above both. $WLT in a huge squeeze, and if the sector moves up it'll follow. Watch and prepare.
  • GreenGhost: ...
    Also: $BHP -4.5%, $VALE -5%, $FCX -12%, $SCCO -4.9%, $TCK -9.7%, $CLF -4.4%, $CENX -9.1%, $MT -4.2%, $X -4.9%, $NUE -3.4%, $STLD -2.6%, $BTU -9.8%, $ANR -8.8%, $ACI -8.9%.
  • bwcarnation1: COAL - haven't looked at coal stocks in a long time amazing how far they have fallen....$BTU 7.48, $WLT 2.05, $ACI 1.78. I remember trading wlt when it was above 100 and btu in the 80s
  • Jazman0013: Closing trades: $ACI a winner gone loser. Shame on me. There is probably still pain here and the bounce from the election should have been sold. $VZ appreciation and yield. $JO reduced to place holder. Not working. No sense having it as weighted as it is. Wanted to raise capital. Not liking the market action. Can always buy them back but cash seems prudent right now.
  • Iceman: ...
    $ACI Nov 22 2014 3 Calls (Covered)
    $AGQ Nov 22 2014 35 Puts
    $AKS Nov 22 2014 5 Puts
    $BABA Nov 22 2014 104 Puts

    $CLDX Nov 22 2014 10 Puts
    $CLDX Nov 22 2014 11 Puts
    $CLDX Nov 22 2014 12 Puts

    $CLF Nov 22 2014 6.5 Puts
    $CLF Nov 22 2014 13 Calls (Cover ...
  • GreenGhost: ...
    The coal sector was hit hard also today. Big losers included $ANR $BTU $ACI. Copper names took it on the chin as did many of the industrial metals and miners.

    If you sort through the big red candle sectors you can see the widespread and heavy selli ...
  • hwyflier: @hwyflier Although, the dogs are particularly nicely groomed today. Coal ($ANR $ACI), $JCP, Nat gas ($UGAZ) precious metals ($AGQ, $AG) and now even all steel (my personal favorite still $CLF) .
  • hwyflier: $BTU $WLT $ACI $ANR : Floor? Second basecamp?
  • DrScience: @hwyflier $BTU $WLT $ACI $ANR: Mezzanine. Pre/post-election euphoria giving way to needed R&R and clarity. Money flow barely positive, but still anemic. Could be 6 months before real legislative work gets done on the Coal issue. But, then again... the market is forward-looking, so now might be the time to take a position or add to existing position. Be sure to check the balance sheet. A liquidity event trumps all that coal in the ground.
  • hazelb41: $KOL $WLT $ACI It certainly looks like the coal companies liked the results of the election. Perhaps it is the "Obama hates coal" meme dying.
  • 1Boston330: $CLD. Up another 1% today. Some coal stocks are getting bids--$ACI, $ANR, $BTU, $WLB, etc. Entered $CLD yesterday and added twice in small increments with tight stops; plan to add again today if it continues to go up. $CLD has good fundies, which mean a lot to me in this sector. Long common 1/4 position.
  • Jazman0013: $ACI I took a starter position here treating it as a call option. Opened at $2.45.
  • hwyflier: @phefner $ANR, $ACI, $WLT : All that' s really working today is black lung.
  • hwyflier: $BTU $ACI : How did that song from the Jefferson's show go again?
  • 1Boston330: $CLD. Turn a small entry long position at 12.08. There is some buying interest in coal. $OXF, $JRCCQ, $ACI, $ARLP, $WLB, $CNX are up today and for the past five days. Others are up as well. Worth a look. Some believe that a Republican Congress might reduce the Obama Administration policies on coal that have negatively affected coal companies--we will see.
  • 1Boston330: $WLB. Turned in a terrible earnings report recently, but the stock is up approx. 5% today and 10% for 5 days, per Chas. S. Other coal stocks are up. Maybe they are betting on relief on coal restrictions as a result of the upcoming elections. Price broke out of a v/s on the 5 min chart about 4 periods ago, but it is dropping. No position yet. Edit 1: $ACI, $CLD
  • hwyflier: $ACI $ANF $BTU $XOP $WFT etc......... The red coats are coming, the red coats are coming (administration change next week?)
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Volume 5,295,520

Arch Coal, Inc. is a coal producer in the United States, which sells coal to power plants, steel mills and industrial facilities.

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