Hallador Energy Company (NASDAQ:HNRG)

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  • woodman: #Coal - Some coal stocks that are interesting. As @scottrades mentioned about $ARCH, it could be good here if it holds ~149. Need a protective stop just in case. Others of interest: $BTU consolidating at the 50d/bounce off 20w. $HCC similar but just below the 50d, moving back up through 20w. $AMR $CEIX $ARLP are in an uptrend, but not moving wildly which makes them more palatable (to me anyway). $HNRG breakout out.
  • Babutters: $HNRG big move. Big vol. close to 6PT.
  • woodman: #Coal is burning hot. I'm in $BTU and $ARCH but others working too: $HNRG $AMR $CEIX $METC $SXC. Many are looking extended or hitting potential resistance areas now so beware of a pullback.
  • snowbound: @woodman $BTU $ARCH $HNRG $AMR $CEIX $METC $SXC #Coal $HCC $BTU - ers watch the 34.63 area R1 overhead . That's 7 % if Mr. Peabody's coal train will yield it . ... where we'd shoot with our pistols ... ( Prine )
  • Babutters: $HNRG bought a week ago as a spec play. C&H weekly. Today it launched like the Starship. 26x daily vol. 👀 6PT.
  • jimbo: @Babutters $HNRG I couldn’t find any information on the move. What moved it besides coal prices moving higher. Thanks!
  • Babutters: @jimbo $HNRG I didn’t find news either. Looks like a technical + sector move. It had the C&H weekly and W on the daily. Once it broke past 4.16 (which it opened above) it was off to the races.
  • GOOSE: $HNRG @HOD A onetime favorite.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $HNRG STC STOCK @8.65 Looks like it's falling apart. Never again thinly traded stocks, you'd think I knew better.
  • indigo1948: @GOOSE $HNRG - sadly - I have been there and done that and still make mistakes - better discipline is needed on my part
  • tejas7: @GOOSE $HNRG classic shot across the bow that @Dan talks about. Unfortunately, I was in this too until yesterday.
  • GOOSE: SOME TRADES: $NUGT STO 12/23/16 7.0 PUT @.45 $UVXY STO 12/16/16 9.5 CALLS @.51 Kind of an aggressive trade. Devil made me do it. ;>) $NUGT STO 12/23/16 9.0 CALLS @.38 $HNRG STC STOCK @8.65 $CLF BTC 12/16/16 10.0 CALLS @.09 $WLL BTC 12/16/16 12.50 CALLS @.15 That's all she wrote. ;>)
  • captron: $HNRG @ woodman- Are you still holding this ticker? I am thinking of adding before the next leg up.
  • woodman: @captron $HNRG - yes, I 'm still in this.
  • woodman: $CLD - my shot in the arm today. Went in bigger than normal and added, so it worked out decently. It replaced my $KOL. Still in slow moving $HNRG in the coal space.
  • GOOSE: $HNRG Getting legs.
  • woodman: @GOOSE $HNRG glad this one has finally got a move on.
  • PalmJon1994: @GOOSE $HNRG Not sure if this is the proper place, but does the negative beta factor at all?
  • GOOSE: @PalmJon1994 $HNRG Maybe @woodman may be a better person to ask. For what I do, I don't take beta into account in my trading. Sorry.
  • woodman: @PalmJon1994 $HNRG Direction is most important to me, particularly if its moving up in a reliable way as this one is. I entered last time it pulled back to what appeared to be (and still appears to be) reliable rising support. I'm up about 7.5% in almost 2 weeks, which isn't award winning, but it's been an easy hold due to my entry (I've added once as well). Since June, though, it's moved up about 135% doing what it appears to still be doing. The uptrend could fall apart tomorrow, who knows, but as long as it keeps doing what it's been doing, all is good.
  • woodman: $HNRG is finally moving with a little enthusiasm today.
  • Motorman: @woodman $BBG followed you into $HNRG yesterday, appreciate the post
  • woodman: @Motorman $BBG $HNRG - Cool - let's hope it repeats the pullback to support, move back up thing it's been doing since summer.
  • tejas7: $HNRG working. Just doubled the position. Stop now @8.38 (penny below 50 DMA).
  • woodman: $HNRG - added again today.
  • tejas7: @woodman $HNRG I did that too. It is doing nothing except for holding onto it's last 3-4 days of bounce off the 50 DMA.
  • woodman: $HNRG - added.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $HNRG BTO STOCK @8.97 Followed @Woodman Thanks guy!
  • DAN: @GOOSE $HNRG Nice, guys. Trend still holding.
  • woodman: $HNRG - coal stock moving up post pull-back.
  • woodman: $HNRG for next week's watch list. Have a great weekend everyone.
  • woodman: @tejas7 $AGN $HNRG $LGIH $VMW - only two of the four were ones I talked about (HNRG and VMW), LOL!
  • woodman: $HNRG - bought this morning
  • coldevinc: @woodman $HNRG How long are you thinking about keeping it?
  • tejas7: Started some trades. All from forum talks. $AGN $HNRG $LGIH $VMW Later I found out, most were talked up by @woodman. But, no shame in following him
  • woodman: @captron $KOL #Coal - A 22% pullback to the 50 day has me interested in $HNRG, but it needs to bounce here.
  • woodman: $HNRG #Coal - A 22% pullback to the 50 day has me interested in $HNRG, but it needs to bounce here.
  • gwenzee: @cmaxwel1 $NSC $CSX is another rail. Coal industry...$HNRG $SXC $WLB $CNX
  • icbusiness: ...
  • Chris111d: $CHK, $REN, $EGY, $HNRG - Nat gas space looking quite good.
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Stock Price $6.63
Change 3.92%
Volume 412,869

Hallador Energy Company is engaged in the production of coal from a shallow underground mine located in western Indiana.

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  • November 7th, 2022 - 2022 Q3 Earnings
  • November 14th, 2022 - 2022 Q3 Earnings
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