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  • TradeHunter: $HES pullback to hourly 8EMA
  • traderbren: $XOP back above the 20d -- keep an eye on $EOG, $HES, $XOM, $CVX
  • bRobert: @traderbren $XOP $EOG $HES $XOM $CVX Still wrestling with 20d but $147 W target with Sustained move > 20d Longer term $170 target still in play after consolidation is complete
  • bRobert: $COP 20W bounce 20% + upside potential Same with $HES $125 $XOP Multi day Cup 5d $147 Took a partial $170 target 23% higher $170 = Monthly top of Cup /handle 2018 high Daily reversal cup forming (early) $130- $145 with a $170 target MAJOR TARGET 1 $300 LONG TERM 2014 high
  • Motorman: @bRobert $COP $HES $XOP $GUSH, held on yesterday.
  • Docoof: @bRobert $COP $HES $XOP —$COP E-report May 5 before
  • bRobert: @Docoof $COP $HES $XOP I'm a $XOP fan for years No earnings issues Cheap leaps
  • Pokersmith: #EnergySectorScreening @bRobert After screening the entire energy sector, and ETF preference notwithstanding,..... SOME names that stuck out, and aren't always mentioned ( naturally , look at weekly ) *** to be viewed in the context that, to your point , these industries are hot, and won't let you in easily: See 👀: $HES , $EGY, $CIVI, $MPC , $PNRG ( setting up ), $NE , $WHD ( powerful move from sideway consolidation.. )
  • issues: @Pokersmith $HES $EGY $CIVI $MPC $PNRG $NE $WHD #EnergySectorScreening buying $CIVI $NE $PTEN $HP $OVV and $OXY
  • Docoof: @Pokersmith $HES $EGY $CIVI $MPC $PNRG $NE $WHD #EnergySectorScreening @Forexpro started a pos. in $EGY last Monday, posted about it Tuesday morning, and ended the week with a gain of over 17% in $EGY. Pretty impressive!
  • Pokersmith: @Docoof $HES $EGY $CIVI $MPC $PNRG $NE $WHD #EnergySectorScreening No surprise there....he's ( Forexpro ) the consummate Professional👍
  • Docoof: @Pokersmith $HES $EGY $CIVI $MPC $PNRG $NE $WHD #EnergySectorScreening Exactly 👍
  • bRobert: @issues $HES $EGY $CIVI $MPC $PNRG $NE $WHD $PTEN $HP $OVV $OXY #EnergySectorScreening Just a question. Do. you really NEED. to own so many in the same sector? Many investors/traders. manage too many employees A. good ETF. can work the team approach more efficiently . with One chart. One employee to manage. If you crave a good. dividend, add one good one to the mix.
  • Carpe_Diem: $HES - Hess Announces 50% Increase in Quarterly Dividend on Common Stock; Provides Updated Guidance
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY Trend is down. $QQQ Yikes. $GLD Holding up great $SLV No #SilverSqueeze Yet but working fine. $GDX Some miners are extended but as long as GLD is good… $GDXJ Same $XLP trying to get back above the 50 Day $SQQQ Bearish QQQ $SPXS Bearish SPY $FAZ I hate that this looks bullish.. #Crypto Bitcoin is a bit boring, so I bought another NFT Today.. $NEM High Flag potential. $WPM Low volume pullback $GOLD Still extended. $EGO Same $CMC In trend, good volume $RIO Bit of a flag $AA Working.. $CF Still in trend but whippy. $AR Bought some of this today. $PXD Good volume today. $DVN Still fine. $HES Holding the 21 EMA. $BROS at the 50 Day $COST Bubbling under the 50 Day. $MO Following $PM
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY We’re going to look at a lot of Shiney Rocks tonight $QQQ Needs to firm up, quick. $GLD Wow! $SLV Testing the upper trendline $GDX Power move on Volume. $GDXJ Also working. #Crypto Not acting like Gold but we finally got our 40K Test. Now let’s see if it holds. Some Miners that are working well: $NEM, $AEM, $EGO, $WPM, $PAAS, $SSRM, $FNV, $GOLD, and $AG $FCX Looking for a handle. $SBLK Power move, consider profits. $GOGL Needs a rest $ZIM in consolidation $EGLE Testing the highs. $BYD Flag $PLAB Earnings Next week $HES Watch the 8EMA $DVN Still in an uptrend $PXD Great volume today
  • traderbren: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GLD $SLV $GDX $GDXJ $NEM $AEM $EGO $WPM $PAAS $SSRM $FNV $GOLD $AG $FCX $SBLK $GOGL $ZIM $EGLE $BYD $PLAB $HES $DVN $PXD #Crypto Hey Scott -- I'm not sure whether there's any merit to the 8 ema / 22 ema crossover as a potential buy signal.... but would be curious to hear your thoughts/observations on your #BTC chart. Thanks, B
  • scottrades: Team: I will be away from the forum tomorrow! Here are my video notes: $SPY We have a Daily Higher Low, need a higher high. $QQQ Earnings (Russian) Roulette. $XLE Still working $XOP Clear resistance $XLF Above the MAs. $XLU Not a sector I tend to trade but close to the 50 Day $XLP Popping out of a slope line. #Bitcoin High Correlation to the Nasdaq. $AMZN Big move After Hours $FB Big miss, is all the selling done? $TSLA Took some off the 200 Day and sold it today. $AAPL Closed a swing off the 50 Day. $CVE Sold some today but holding the rest $APA Still in an uptrend. $CLR Big cup $MGY Watch over today’s high. $HES Watch 95.10 $LNG Still above the 8EMA $CF in trend. $DVN Trending up $AA Stopped at resistance but had great volume $ZIM Still working. $GOGL Watch 10. Pays a nice Divy
  • LakeGuy: Anybody have any favorite XLE stocks? This seems to be the strongest groooup that held up the best. $CKEE,$CVX,$4OKE,$HES,$MPC,$SLB,$HAL,ETC...
  • bRobert: $HES 7% move this week Close to top of range $90 After a rest $125 target in lay with a weekly breakout 40% for stock Not too shabby $COP WEEKLY breakout continuation $85 target $XOM $82+ 35% 5.7% dividend If it's oily, it's going higher Many ways to play $XOP index $120/$150 50% $GUSH $200 100%
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $GM $F $GT Yes. I. love. typically low. alpha stocks setting up for. big alpha moves $GM. $F. $XOM. $HES. etc. $FCX. setting up
  • bRobert: $GUSH. Close to trigger of the reversal. $90+. target 1. ADD on pullbacks $HES. $80 $XOM. $60/$70 . LEAPS work. $MTDR. $50
  • scottto_2: #InsideBarList - My OCD kicked in hard on this one - Thanks Sir @Aragorn - $AAL $AAOI $AAPL $ABC $ABT $ABUS $ACAD $ADI $ADS $AEM $AES $AFL $AGCO $AGIO $AIG $AKAM $AKTX $ALE $ALGT $AMCX $AMN $AMP $AMT $AMZN $AN $ANET $ANGI $ANTM $AON $APA $APD $APRN $ ...
  • Ajax4Hire: Goodness! Energy(Oil,N-Gas) is down, down. $SPY component $XLE 2nd worst performer yesterday($XLI-BioTech worst). The $XLE-Producers are Down:$XOM, $CVX, $RDS/A, $TOT, $BP, $TOT The $XOP-Explorers are Down:$MRO, $SLB, $OXY, $HAL, $BKR The Refineries are Down:$PSX, $MPC, $VLO, $HES $UNG-Natural Gas, Down: $DVN, $LNG, $CQP, $COG, $EOG, $KMI eeeewwwww!
  • issues: @bRobert $USO $XOP $GUSH The portfolio of GUSH includes: $AR $RRC $SWN $HES $EQT $DVN. We are holding the other etfs: $XLE $OIH $XOP and $AR $SLB $CVX etc. GUSH is X2 and exciting to play but not for us now. Thank you Doc!
  • bRobert: @issues $USO $XOP $GUSH $AR $RRC $SWN $HES $EQT $DVN $XLE $OIH $SLB $CVX $XOP leap calls work well ;) Traders like GUSH 10% move today Technically polite
  • bRobert: $XOP. Consolidation flag under the. 200 WEEK. ceiling Daily flag pullback setting up for possible 20d. touch and and go. bounce AGAIN When the. 200Week ceiling is. cracked. $125 - $150. targets are . in play $GUSH. $150 - $200+. Gap. fill. Substitute your favorite $XOP. company. if you like. eg $MTDR. $FANG $PXD $XOM $CVX. if you like a sweet. dividend. I have been. riding. $XOM. $HES leap calls. for. a while There are a plethora of smaller companies that have been really. outperforming. eg. $SD. $TRCH. Up. hundreds of %. Many were on the verge of. folding Now. cash is pouring in. Rags to riches. Good. SPEC. plays.
  • Ajax4Hire: @DAN $HAL $CVX $XOM $PBF Natural Gas($UNG) seems to be on fire. $DVN,$LNG,$CQP,$KMI all at local maximum. Refiners are doing well also:$PSX,$MPC,$VLO,$HES Hold% $CRAK VanEck Vectors Oil Refiners ETF - Top 15 holdings 7.83% $PSX Phillips 66 7.21% $MPC Marathon Petroleum Corporation 5.71% $VLO Valero Energy Corporation --NI--% $HES Hess Corp.(not included in $CRAK, but should be:) 7.54% $RIGD Reliance Industries Limited 6.59% $NESTE Neste Corporation 5.77% ------- SK Innovation Co., Ltd 5.31% $PKN Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. 4.92% $OMV OMV AG 4.81% ------- ENEOS Holdings, Inc. 4.67% ------- Formosa Petrochemical Corp 4.62% $MOL MOL Hungarian Oil & Gas Plc Class A 4.05% $ALD Ampol Limited 3.99% $GALP GALP Energia SGPS SA Class B 3.92% ------- S-Oil Corporation 3.88% ------- Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. Data from: https://ETFdB.com/etf/CRAK/#holdings
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $SENS STO 6/18/21 4.5 CALLS Will cover if necessary. Thanks to @DrScience for the name. $HES STO 6/18/21 90.0 CALLS @1.15 $OXY STO 6/18/21 30.0 CALLS @.39 $SCR STO 6/18/21 25.0 CALLS @.80 $SCR STO 6/18/21 17.5 PUTS @.35
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $HES STO 6/11/21 90.0 CALLS @1.00 Covered $MGM STO 6/11/21 44.0 CALLS @.29 Covered $FTI BTO STOCK @10.42 Thanks to @Lou for this suggestion. An add to.
  • GOOSE: EXPIRATIONS: 5/4/21 $BBBY 45.0 CALL STO @3.20 $HES 90.0 CALLS STO .58
  • bRobert: $XLE. You didn't have to get. overly complicated to do well in the space. 100%. in about. 6 months $HES. 150%.
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
    Refiners($PSX,$MPC,$VLO,$HES) should do well with the increase in demand.

    Petroleum Shippers(pipelines) usually in a Limited Partnerships are staid, steady dividend like
    Hold% $MLPA Global X MLP ETF - Top 15 holdings
    10.85% $ET Energy Transfer, L.P ...
  • bRobert: $MTDR $35 high base target 1 with flag trigger Holding $40+ longer term $GUSH Just holding $90 target 1 then a rest $150 potential longer term when $XOP trades above the 200week $HES nh $90/$100 $SLB $HAL 200week targets $oih $275 Longer term holds from below
  • bRobert: $GUSH. $90 target 1. $150 long term. long $MTDR. $35/$45. long $HES $90/$100+.
  • bRobert: Been on vacation , Wedding anniversary Brief post Staying with what IS working Home Construction ,Machinery banks, materials, select retail Many names not letting you in STRONG Trailers and partials keep you in High risk for new entries $NAIL $115 target acquired Partial profit zone if you trade $140 - $160 long term $HD Long leaps $400 target $LOW $270 Pullback bounces Not letting you in Banks $JPM $200+ $GS $400 $X $42 $NUE $`105 high base target 1 is CLOSE $NUGT $80 - $110 Pullback bounces $BIG $100 WEEKLY target $PLCE $85 - $110 $HRI $125 $URI $400 $GUSH $90 $150 longer $MTDR $35/$50 $HES $100
  • Mikev200: @bRobert $NAIL $HD $LOW $JPM $GS $X $NUE $`105 $NUGT $BIG $PLCE $HRI $URI $GUSH $MTDR $HES Congrats!
  • bRobert: @Mikev200 $NAIL $HD $LOW $JPM $GS $X $NUE $`105 $NUGT $BIG $PLCE $HRI $URI $GUSH $MTDR $HES Thx
  • bRobert: $GUSH. $90+. high base target 1. $150 . longer term WEEKLY. Cup base will fill the gap. Long $HES. nh. $85. daily high base. $100. longer
  • bRobert: $hes. Breakout. Pullback retest. Early bounce. $85. Targets 1. $100. Longer $gush. C&h like reversal. Flag. $90+ With flag trigger. Weekly c&h. Like base. W $150 targets. Long from below Trade around a core if you like. Daily 5/13 Bull cross in motion. Joining the weekly one $$$$
  • bRobert: @scottrades $XLE Very. bullish. WEEKLY. base.W. in motion. $60+. targets. with move. back > 200W. $HES. a. few. steps. ahead. STRONG. Heading towards. $100.
  • bRobert: $GUSH. pullback. bounce $HES. nh breakout . Pullback. retest $VLO. $83. high. base. target 1. $115+. longr $NUGT. ADD. yesterday. Stop. $59.90. $70/$80/$100. targets.
  • bRobert: @Bridget $XOM $USO looking to make fresh bullish 5/13 cross $45 with move > $32 /20d The producers will follow $XOP Double bottom bounce watch $HES another nice high base and bullish WEEKLY base $90 W target
  • JosephM: @bRobert $XOM $USO $XOP $HES Hi Robert, Thoughts on $GUSH here?
  • bRobert: @JosephM $XOM $USO $XOP $HES $GUSH Longer term......$`160+ Watching for double bottom bounce and $90 potential Bullish 5/13 crosses have been pretty RELIABLE entries but may not happen to $80 If aggressive , buy a green candle print entry with trailer just below Bullish WEEKLY base W /C&H like
  • Hans_Schultz1: @Pokersmith $QQQ Financials, Industrials and Energy getting some attention and some setups might be had there. A few others also #DanScan $PNR $CMG $CMI $R $PH $MS $HIG $DPS $FISV $ABBV $HAL $HES $MTB $DOW $KIM $CF $PRU $ETN $EA
  • Wykeman: Oil is moving. $GUSH $XOM $HES many others
  • Hawaiianmaxx: @Wykeman $GUSH $XOM $HES Oh wow... what is $GUSH looks like a stock split? is that really what happened to oil? i havent paid much attention to oil stuff
  • Wykeman: @Hawaiianmaxx $GUSH $XOM $HES I would imagine split on that one. As you know, oil, energy have gotten crushed for several years. $GUSH is highly volatile. I have np. Just mentioning to others.
  • Wykeman: @Hawaiianmaxx $GUSH $XOM $HES Champ has been playing this sector very well.
  • Hawaiianmaxx: @Wykeman $GUSH $XOM $HES yeah crazy!! i was like how was this thing $10000 now around $50 LMAO
  • champ: @Wykeman $GUSH $XOM $HES ---- Yes Oil is moving and it started right around 11/13 because of Oil-News and that news continues. $BLNK, is up 203%, since then. $OXY is up 72% $GUSH, is up 65% $NBR, is up 94% $FANG, is up 48% $DK, is up around 30%, plus $PBF, see their websites. I like $DK, they are really diversify, they even have retail and asphalt.
  • indigo1948: $APA, $EOG, $SLB, $OXY, $DVN, $OKE, $WMB, $MPC,$HES, $VLO - oil stock sitting right at heir pivot with al charts looking closely similar. Should be interesting with OPEC making a decision soon on output restrictions for coming year.
  • bRobert: @indigo1948 $APA $EOG $SLB $OXY $DVN $OKE $WMB $MPC $HES $VLO Oil will tumble back to $30s without restrictions to stabilize price until world economy /demand improves. Glut of oil out there
  • bRobert: $HES. up 4%. $61/$70 . Reversal triggered. Stock trading >. 20/50/200d. Bullish alignment about to be restored 1.9%. div. Higher targets. long term.($100). with continuation of the bullish oil price action $CVX. $102. W target. 5.9%. div.
  • bRobert: $CVX. W. $100 target. > 50d. Div. np $HES. $60 $GUSH. $45 target. 1 This could be the start of a bigger cup base leading to the recent $70. swing high Base $30. $110. potential. target. Baby steps. .with a partial position
  • bRobert: $FXI Strong pm pop I reviewed the strong WEEKLY flag and support $39 and the flag over the 50/200 WEEK $45 target Long short dated calls $BABA Poster child for the group WEEKLY wedge breakout $250/$290 targets Long Leap calls $GLD sideways Consolidation just about done $171 target 1 with move > $164 (inverse h&s neckline ) $GDX the leveraged play Very tight trading range TIGHT WEDGE $39/$46 Monthly C&H target $18.5 cup bottom $32. handle $XOP WEEKLY flag pullback to support $55 area 20 WEEK $70/$100+ shorter term targets MUCH HIGHER with move > 50 WEEK = Change in character It hasn't done this since 2018 Long $GUSH trading vehicle $HES WEEKLY flag $67 target $CVX WEEKLY flag pullback from 50/200d ceiling Good entry on 50d $100/110 $USO pinching > 50d $45 $FB Tight consolidation Little c&H WEEKLY flag $270 target and large C&H in motion $290 OWN SOME
  • champ: $HES...HOD...upgrade by $C, last week.
  • champ: $HES...HOD, going to swing.
  • stairm01: $HES Just STO Mar 13, 35 Put for $1.50.
  • cb: $HES oil ticker looking different
  • cb: $HES looks like it bounced RHRN?
  • cb: $HES $LABU $UPRO $BLUE $ISRG BTO Starters RHRN
  • cb: @cb $HES $LABU $UPRO $BLUE $ISRG All of these starters working bouncing RHRN
  • cb: $HES $SAVA Signaling a reversal in motion
  • cb: $UPS $HES $/CL just got a bounce signal here, both seem to be trading with oil @ 50.45-50.37 double bottom bounce testing Think small pos hold build pos slowly
  • cb: $HES bounced with oil
  • cb: $HES This has been a WON derful ZIG !
  • snowbound: $HES back into this early AM . It has cleared the last stochastic average . Top of present channel target +/- 71.00 , another 10% higher but not necessarily in a straight line . $PSX is pushing up green shoots on both DAILY and WEEKLY . Started position recently , previous record as good-steady employee . Early set-up as my disclaimer . Ignore the static, trade the P action . Apologies , I just felt the need to say that !
  • cb: $HES Still Pumping Oil
  • snowbound: $HES testing the 200DSMA on strength . Partial . Will add on confirmed move > 200 . A bRobert swing . Two days ago tell was doji spinner on high volume . Expecting turbulence .
  • snowbound: $HES Has blown through the 200 and now finding resistance at 50DSMA . Taking partials in anticipation of a PB - rest .
  • Robert1965: $HES on the move filling the gap up 4 days in row any thoughts
  • snowbound: $HES today has taken out the 20DSMA so not a bad entry here for the swing higher . I started 61.27 , slightly late , after FORUM reminder . 50 and 200 still overhead so expect turbulence 63-64 levels .
  • snowbound: $HES getting perky ....
  • cb: @Henry $XOM Yes Sir, $HES doing well pumping higher
  • cb: $HES i use a 195 min chart as a reference for direction of stocks.... starting to see a short squeeze set up RHRN set alerts 59.73 & 62.35
  • cb: $HES Pumping Oil Today
  • cb: $HES Watching For Spec Re-entry for next zig
  • cb: $HES Bounced @ 55.3 Low Risk Entry Zig up beginning
  • cb: $HES
  • cb: $HES took some great profits on oversize pos..... still holding this long term
  • cb: $HES is a bit Heiss (hot) today, reading for the spring inflation season rise at the pumps , watch this going into the close.... resistance @ 59 - 62 ..... small and long term hold 1 Target $83 https://www.hess.com/
  • snowbound: $HES BTO stock 56.97 otto
  • bRobert: @snowbound $HES Careful short term WEEKLY M double top breakdown $50 measured move
  • snowbound: @bRobert $HES I always follow the Doctor's orders . Thank-you . Will
  • bRobert: @snowbound $HES Doctors are the worst patients Often ignore sound recommendations
  • snowbound: @bRobert $HES I should add that I very rarely go to doctors unless mandated to do so ( knock on wood ) !
  • bRobert: @snowbound $HES Preventative care important eg colon Ca,prostate,breast screen, coronary risk factor management, Don't wait for the check engine light
  • jr3345: @bRobert $HES -- Great advise for all
  • cb: $HES Trying to reach 55.57 before the close. the 200 day weekly
  • bRobert: @cb $HES M measures closer to $50 Watching My favorite integrated oil to TRADE
  • cb: @bRobert $HES yes sir, I think we may see a quick touch and go @ 50 next week looking to add....
  • captron: @bRobert $HES I do not understand why I would want to buy something that has a 20% sell off in 10 days. There are a lot of I want my money back folks just waiting above. NP
  • bRobert: @captron $HES I don't have a strong desire to jump right in RHRN . However if you examine the daily/ WEEKLY you can't help but notice that this has been a wonderful stock to swing trade . Little resistant to motion in either direction Those zig zags can generate $$$ . in rinse repeat cycles . It will likely do so again .
  • bRobert: $XHB small double top M with negative RSI divergences Partials/traileing stops in related $SAM stopped out yesterday Still watching $XLE Triple bottom watch np $HES double bottom np $USO double bottom WATCH $ENPH W poke out near $35+ target 1 $SEDG $115/$150 WEEKLY targets
  • cb: $HES looking interesting to swing
  • yongli: @cb $HES better buy $AAPL
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Hess Corp is a global integrated energy company that operates in two segments, Exploration and Production and Marketing and Refining.

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