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  • Craig97003: #CalIs #Options. I am investigating stocks that might be good candidates for a long term Covered Call strategy. Stock price under $50. (or close to that). Having a dividend would be nice... Goals are to collect premium monthly for the next 12 months or so, And to gain more experience in option trading without too much risk. On my list I’ve got $AXL $UPRO $AR, $SLB $CVE Anybody here have any thoughts on this? Or a stock ticker suggestion? Thanks! Craig
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Trying to find a floor $QQQ Looking for a trend change $UUP Coming into the 50 Day zone $GLD Slowly creeping up $TLT Watch the underside of the 50 Day $XOP Check out the slope $OIH Above the 50 Day $ARKK Not ready yet $GBTC New Crypto framework gets submitted June 7th $AR No complaints $SU Working $XOM Trending $CVE Same $SHEL Also good. $DVN Flag $MRO Watch 28.75 $COP Working $SD Working $ARLP Black Gold $AMR Inside Day $BTU Back above the 50 Day $CEIX Going sideways $PBT Stagger stops $SBLK Earnings tonight $EGLE Above the slope $GOGL Stagger stops $ZIM Above the 50 Day

    ... Swooshes , Spikes and Swings ( oh my ! ) .... scary stuff !

    For anyone watching , Scott ...
  • scottrades: ...
    $XLE and Energy Stocks are still in decent uptrend. Stocks like $SU $CVE $AR $DVN $PBT are some I’ve mentioned recently. It doesn’t look like Oil has peaked just yet, I think we want to stick with these nice trending stocks until the tr ...
  • DAN: ...
    $XLE and Energy Stocks are still in decent uptrend. Stocks like $SU $CVE $AR $DVN $PBT are some I’ve mentioned recently. It doesn’t look like Oil has peaked just yet, I think we want to stick with these nice trending stocks until the tre ...
  • roddog101: @scottrades $SIGA $GOVX $CMRX $XLE $SU $CVE $AR $DVN $PBT $CEIX $ARLP $GLNG #Crypto $GOVX is the same 8 person company that was being pumped a decade ago imo. Not much more than a shell imo...
  • DAN: ...
    $XLE and Energy Stocks are still in decent uptrend. Stocks like $SU $CVE $AR $DVN $PBT are some I’ve mentioned recently. It doesn’t look like Oil has peaked just yet, I think we want to stick with these nice trending stocks until the tre ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ In search of clean patterns… $UUP Breaking down a bit $GLD BAck at the 200 Day $TLT Watch for this to base $WEAT Holding the 8EMA $ARKK See: COTD $XLE Consolidating $XOP Back at the 50 Day $BMY Out of the last of it $SU Still working $CVE Good $DVN in consolidation $AR Watch 36.90 $ARLP Watch 19.40 $CEIX Holding the 21 EMA $CMTG Slow moving Reit - Daily flag $CTVA Coming out of a weekly flag $EGLE At the 50 Day $GOGL Boom! $SBLK Good volume today. Earnings next week $SQM Watch for a pullback $XEL Weekly Handle.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY The bounce is on (for now) $QQQ Look out Above! $UUP Dollar Down, Equities Up $GLD Down $GBTC Crypto up a bit $DBC A slow mover, but going in the right direction $WEAT On Dan’s ATL $XLE Will this Peak with Peak Inflation? $SMH Bouncing $ARKK Building a small base. $ARKG Same $JETS Messy pattern $XLP Near the 50 Day $AAPL Right at the 8EMA $AMZN Above the 8EMA $TSLA Right at resistance. $AMD Though the 50 Day on Volume $AVGO ON the ATL $NVDA Above the 8EMA $ON Above the 50 Day $BMY Working $LLY ON the ATL $SU Working $DVN Extended $CVE Same $OXY Move up your swing stops $AMR Nice volume off the 50 Day $KO Curling $COST Trying to firm up. Earnings next week $AEP Utilities stock $AIZ Holding the 50 Day
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Bit of a mixed bag this morning with $SPY and $QQQ hovering around those key psychological levels. We are looking for some sort of stability in the market and for either a follow through to the upside or a base of price action to develop. $WEAT and $XLE and other commodity stocks are green on the day. Keep an eye on those Oil stocks I mentioned in my Friday video: $OXY $DVN $CVE #CVX and $OIL We are also looking for some potential daily higher lows in the Big Tech Leaders and $ARKK. Let’s see how it goes! Scott
  • scottrades: @nchamberlain $UNG $USO I think USO looks better. See stocks like $OXy $SU $CVE and $CVX
  • scottrades: My notes. Have a great weekend! $SPY A 92% Upside Day $QQQ Back above 300 $DIA Needs a Daily Higher Low $UUP $ARKK Look at the weekly wick… $GLD Down $GBTC Up $DBC Close to support $WEAT Food crisis? $XLE Going sideways $XLP At the 50 Day $SMH Nice bounce, trend is still down $AMZN Nice bounce today $AAPL Needs a base $NVDA At the 8 Day $AMD Great volume $FB Everyone hates it $BPT Watch 15.90 $OIL Tightening $CVX at the 50 Day $CVE Still working $OXY Top of the range, good volume $DVN Like the rest $ARLP Flag $LLY At the 50 Day $BMY Basing $SBLK Pinching $KO Still in an uptrend
  • scottrades: My notes: $UUP All you need to know right now. $SPY/$QQQ/$DIA Fresh Lows $GLD Around the 200 Day $XOP Rejected at the 50 Day $XLE Choppy $DBC Above the 50 Day $GBTC Bitcoin is correlated to the S&P Tick for Tick. Crypto Winter is here. $AAPL New Low $TSLA High volume selling $NVDA Still in a downtrend. $SU Watch 38 $AMR Near the highs $CF Around the 50 Day $STNG Still in an uptrend $CVE Watch 20 $HSY Watch the slope
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY The J Pow Pump $QQQ Bounce is on $DIA Watch the 50 Day $UUP The wrecking stops swinging, for now. $DBC Strong Trend. Look at the Volume. $GLD Still all over the place $XOP Pullback bounce $XLE At the highs $SMH Whippy but good volume $XLB In a year long base. Above all the MAs $XLP Above the 50 Day $GBTC Short term False breakdown $AAPL Swinging This $TSLA Above the 50 Day $MSFT potential Double Bottom $FB Everyone hates it. $PYPL Potential short term reversal base $XOM Near the highs $CVX Above he MAs $CVE Working $PSX Boom! $VLO Working $SU Working, look for dips. $DVN 52 Week High $OXY Good volume. Close to resistance $CEIX Coal is still working $CF Above the MAs $LAC Lithium - Earnings tomorrow. $ADP Channel $ON Above the 50 Day
  • Mikev200: $CVE HOD
  • Mikev200: $CVE HOD earnings yesterday ..beat
  • Mikev200: @scottrades $VLO and $CVE
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Can we hold the 4X Bottom? $QQQ Trend is still down $GLD Green today $UUP Should come back in the bands $DBC Holding above all the MAs $XOP Holding the 50 Day $XLU Above the 50 Day $XLV at the 200 Day $XLP Above all the MAs $XLB Holding the 200 Day (FCX, NEM, CF) $XME Under the 50 Day $GBTC Higher Lows, Flat top $AAPL Whippy on Earnings $AMZN Same $TSLA Still under the 200 Day $NVDA Needs a base $TWTR Holding the 8EMA $PYPL Holding the Pandemic Low $AR Great volume $OXY Holding the 50 Day $MRO Looks the same $SU Breakout on volume $CVE Same $VLO Holding the Flag Break $PBF Back to the highs $DK Same $BSM Earnings Next week. $CNX Watch 21.70 $ARCH Watch 176 $CEIX Holding the 8EMA $COST Holding the 50 Day $WMT Holding the 21 EMA
  • manoli77: $CVE Cenovus Energy reported Q1 cash flow per share of $1.30, beating the consensus of $1.08 by 20% due to stronger than expected US downstream refining margins and lower oil sands royalties. The company generated about $1.8 billion of free cash flow during Q1, up 20% from the consensus of $1.5 billion. Cenovus increased its annual dividend from $0.14 per share to $0.42 per share. Cenovus's new capital program and base dividend increase are sustainable at the WTI price of US$45 per barrel. (Source: Scotiabank)
  • scottrades: Just a reminder, Big Earnings Week still in store.. $FB $AAPL $MSFT $AMZN $PYPL $GOOGL $KO $UPS $ATVI $TWTR $XOM $BA $F $GE $SPOT $PEP $ROKU $MMM $CVX $QCOM $VLO $RTX $CL $INTC $JBLU $V $WM $CAT $NOK $LUV $GM $DHI $HOOD $ENPH $CVE $MA $ABBV $OTIS $PHG $CMG $MCD $MRK $DORM $X $ADM
  • Mikev200: $CVE HOD someone mentioned this awhile back :) thank you
  • gt: @Mikev200 $CVE it's an @scottrades :D and yes, ty
  • Mikev200: $CVE getting some volume
  • Mikev200: $CVE HOD @scottrades post awhile back
  • scottrades: @Mikev200 $CVE If you ignore the part where it went down, I totally nailed it! LOL
  • Mikev200: @scottrades $CVE :) But your post alerted me to keep an eye on it.
  • Mikev200: $CVE nice close
  • RiskReward: $CVE nice recovery after a brief visit last week below the 50-day line. Same thing happened last December before it went up 30% Shorter-term moving averages are pinching together again and if the 50 catches up would make it even more attractive. Worth watching closely. Might need more tightening before it blasts upward again.
  • Docoof: @snowbound #Swing I don’t come near to meeting the prerequisite for answering your question, but looking at some of his trades made on Feb 1 or later, it looks like he started positions in $AR, $AAPL, and $CLSK in the first 15 minutes of trading and $CVE in the first 30 minutes. (I know there’s a chance the above might be utterly irrelevant to what you’re asking—sorry if it is.)
  • marklesparkle: @Docoof $AR $AAPL $CLSK $CVE #Swing Geez you don't have anything else to do?
  • snowbound: @Docoof $AR $AAPL $CLSK $CVE #Swing Thank you very much . Please , always feel free . I appreciate hearing from you . Scott doesn't strike me as someone who professes rules so he can make many exceptions so perhaps he'll blue - box in . It was covered from different angles at different junctures but there was also Q + A on it as well . Its key .
  • Docoof: @marklesparkle $AR $AAPL $CLSK $CVE #Swing My response is: In a note to fans Sunday evening, Tom Brady said he’s returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his 23rd season in the NFL. Brady announced his decision on Twitter and Instagram, saying he has “unfinished business.” “These past two months I’ve realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands,” Brady wrote. “That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates, and I love my supportive family. They make it all possible. I’m coming back for my 23rd season in Tampa.”
  • marklesparkle: @Docoof $AR $AAPL $CLSK $CVE #Swing ok whatever. I have no clue what this means picking apart 15 min entries with Scott
  • Mikev200: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ Checkout your $CVE forum shoutout. Nice volume yesterday.
  • scottrades: @Mikev200 $SPY $QQQ $CVE Niiiiiiiiice! I still have it.
  • scottrades: Moved a stop up on $CVE to today's low.
  • scottrades: Out of $SU $GDX and $CVE. Partial profits on $TAN
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $SU $GDX $CVE $TAN Was stopped out of $XOM and $GDX at a nice profit. I remember your advice -move stops up -this trade should not turn into a loss I did both.
  • scottrades: @Cjauger $SU $GDX $CVE $TAN $XOM Great trading. Now we watch for re-entries if they present themselves.
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $SU $GDX $CVE $TAN $XOM I was tempted to re-initiate
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Squeeze the Bears + Trap The Bulls. $QQQ Eyes on 318 $GLD Still strong but extended. $GDX I heard the ducks quacking. $URA Above all the MAs $TAN Solar Power Move $XLE Biggest Daily Volume since 2020 $DBC Biggest Daily Volume since 2019 $QID Above the MAs. $GBTC Still in a range. $FNV Wide range $NEM Looking for Daily consolidation $AEM Same $WPM Big give back $GOLD Still ok but extended. $SSRM Big volume wide range. $ZIM Earnings tomorrow. $SBLK Holding the 21 EMA $MATX Flag $RUN Nice volume $CSIQ OH Canada! $SPWR Power move. $CVX Didn’t break LOD $CVE I’m out but the trend is fine. Watching for another entry. $SU Filled the gap $XOM Extended. $BROS Building a base under the 50 Day
  • Mikev200: $CVE @scottrades call from last week moving nicely Thx!
  • scottrades: $CVE Holding the 21 EMA
  • scottrades: $CVE Potentially Setting up..
  • scottrades: @scottrades $CVE I bought a little of this on the move.
  • Mikev200: $CVE holding my starter
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Death by 1000 Cuts $QQQ Push back at the 21 EMA $GLD Still in trend $GDX Bought some back today $XLE Still good. $OIH In trend $XLV Above the 200 Day $XME Still going..but hard to buy here $SMH Base Building $GBTC: Switzerland's City of Lugano will make Bitcoin legal tender. $NEM Miners are still trending nicely $FNV Close to the highs $GOLD Watch 23.60 $EGO Watch 11.40 $WPM Watching for a re-entry $SSRM Watch 21 $SU Still have some $XOM Still in trend $CVX Extended $LPI Watch 80 $DVN Still above the MAs $CVE Holding the 21 EMA $ZIM Nice breakout today $GSL Working but extended $SBLK Watch 30 $UNH Working $ANTM Working
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Choppy under the MAs $QQQ Same $SMH Still under the 200 Day $ARKK Needs a base $GLD Hard to buy but worth watching $GDX Bought this today $XLE Still working but extended. $OIH Downside move but holding the 21 EMA $XME Extended. $GBTC Closed above the 50 Day $AAPL Running into Resistance. $TSLA Running into resistance. $NVDA Building a base $GOOGL Same $GOLD Close to resistance. $NEM Nice move off the 8EMA $WPM Big volume today. $EGO Great volume off the 8EMA. $SU Watch today’s low $IMO Still ok. $CPE Extended. $CVE Holding the 8EMA $AR Breaking out of a cup $FANG Still in trend. $COP Still working $CTRA Still working. $BTU Wait for a pullback now $ARCH New the highs $ANTM Tight along the 50 Day $CNC Close to the 50 day $MP Mentioned in the forum, watch today’s low $MEOH Pulling back to the 8EMA
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Lower Highs Everywhere! $QQQ Back above the 8 Day but still a lower high $SMH Right under the 200 Day $XLE / $OIH Flag $XME Breaking out. $HACK Cyber Security Stocks Catching a bid. $TAN Needs a higher low. $ARKK Bounce! $GLD Back to the 8EMA $GDX Consolidating #Bitcoin Moving with Tech. $NVDA Bought this today $AMD Potential Higher Low $MU Above the 50 Day $TSM Careful here. $MRVL Holding right around the 200 Day $ON Not even allowed to get to the 200 Day $FCX Strong break on volume $BTU Upside reversal but running into some resistance. $AA Still strong. $MP Closed above the 50 Day on volume. $ZIM Holding the 21 EMA again. $AR Cup $XOM Channel $CVE Flag $CVX Breaking out. $SU Good Volume today.
  • scottrades: $CVE Down on Earnings. I had a tiny position (small enough to forget about) with a stop on it and it got triggered today at the open.
  • nitetrader: @scottrades $CVE like you say - I didn’t have a good cushion per-earnings so I closed my position yesterday :)
  • scottrades: @nitetrader $CVE Great job!!
  • scottrades: Moving a swing stop up on $CVE to today's low.
  • Cjauger: $AA, $CVE working adding a few $XOP
  • Cjauger: sold everything $AA, $CVE and $XOP. Holding a small $HUT position
  • scottrades: $CVE not getting hit as hard, that's nice to see.
  • scottrades: Taking off a bit of $CVE for protection. Trend is fine, but just want to make sure I'm locking some in on this trade.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $CVE Stop on the rest at Breakeven. Worst case scenario is that I made money.
  • Cjauger: $AA, $CVE and $AAPL working
  • bRobert: @Cjauger $AA $CVE $AAPL Truly All energy is working some extra energy needed for breakout in $XOP from top of range WEEKLY has very tight congestion COILED > 20W
  • manoli77: $CVE new 52-week high
  • Cjauger: @manoli77 $CVE yes, this one is working
  • Pokersmith: @manoli77 $CVE Really nice action, nice chart
  • scottrades: Looking to get lighter into the close. Likely sell all my $AAPL and $TSLA for profit protection. Still holding some $SSO $CVE and $ZIM from a few days ago.
  • bRobert: @scottrades $AAPL $TSLA $SSO $CVE $ZIM Lighter .....ride your PTON while trading
  • scottrades: @bRobert $AAPL $TSLA $SSO $CVE $ZIM LOL! We haven't bought one yet...
  • bRobert: @scottrades $AAPL $TSLA $SSO $CVE $ZIM they are getting cheaper I actually do the classes Stream on apple tv to big screen Ride another vehicle Actually better
  • marklesparkle: @scottrades $AAPL $TSLA $SSO $CVE $ZIM I'm looking into a TONAL
  • marklesparkle: @marklesparkle $AAPL $TSLA $SSO $CVE $ZIM Might be more of a mirror than a clothes hanger
  • scottrades: Team: I will be away from the forum tomorrow! Here are my video notes: $SPY We have a Daily Higher Low, need a higher high. $QQQ Earnings (Russian) Roulette. $XLE Still working $XOP Clear resistance $XLF Above the MAs. $XLU Not a sector I tend to trade but close to the 50 Day $XLP Popping out of a slope line. #Bitcoin High Correlation to the Nasdaq. $AMZN Big move After Hours $FB Big miss, is all the selling done? $TSLA Took some off the 200 Day and sold it today. $AAPL Closed a swing off the 50 Day. $CVE Sold some today but holding the rest $APA Still in an uptrend. $CLR Big cup $MGY Watch over today’s high. $HES Watch 95.10 $LNG Still above the 8EMA $CF in trend. $DVN Trending up $AA Stopped at resistance but had great volume $ZIM Still working. $GOGL Watch 10. Pays a nice Divy
  • scottrades: Still holding $CVE. Held through the PB. Moved stop up to LOD.
  • mallegjrm: @scottrades $CVE What is PB?
  • scottrades: @mallegjrm $CVE Pullback.
  • mallegjrm: @scottrades $CVE Pull Back?
  • Pokersmith: @mallegjrm $CVE PB = Pullback
  • mallegjrm: @scottrades $CVE Should add to Definitions?
  • jmscap: $CVE - seems to be some nice buying into the close...below average daily volume...as @scottrades noted the $XLE is a bit extended. Long $CVE...at least before earnings!
  • scottrades: Adding to $CVE
  • scottrades: @jmscap $CVE $XLE Same, I'll likely sell before Earnings.
  • scottrades: ...
    Some of the Oil and Gas stocks are still holding up in trend like $SU, $CVE, $AR, and $EOG. I can also see a little tight flag on $CF which is an AG Stock.

    Watch to see how the leaders act as they run into some supply zones here. $TSLA, $AAPL, $NV ...
  • DAN: Good morning Team! Mostly green on the screen this morning as we get into Day 3 of a Rally attempt. While we are still under some of the key moving averages, I would expect a retest of some kind over the next few days or even weeks. The test being su ...
  • msing3: @DAN $MSTR $SU $CVE $AR $EOG $CF $TSLA $AAPL $NVDA $FB $GOOGL $NFLX $MSFT $SPX $COMPQX #Bitcoin #Ethereum LOL....I luv it, thanks for the reminder.
  • scottrades: Buying a starter in $CVE. Stop under yesterdays low.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $CVE Earnings Feb 8. Will assess closer to the date if I'm still in it.
  • scottrades: Adding a tiny bit of $CVE into the close.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY 3 Days Up $QQQ Back above the 200 Day but still lagging. $XLE New Highs $OIH Close to the highs $XOP Close to the highs $XLF Back above the 50 Day $XLP See the slope? $SMH Holding the 200 Day. #Bitcoin at resistance. #Ethereum outperforming again. $GBTC currently trading at a 25% Discount to NAV. $SU Nice move, earnings tomorrow $CVE Took this today $APA Short base $MGY Clear resistance $BP Flag $XOM Big move today. $LNG Pokersmith mention. $ZIM Still holding. $DAC a tad extended.. $CF Mentioned this morning in my note. $MOS Boom! $PM Earning next week. Short base. $AAPL Working, but remember what’s overhead. $TSLA nice move off the 200 Day $NVDA Off the 200 Day. $MSFT Trying to base, patience needed imo. $GOOGL Big move AH on Earnings, let’s see how it trades tomorrow. 20:1 Stock split! $PYPL Getting crushed AH.
  • scottrades: ...
    The sectors I’ll be focused on today are the TMLs like $TSLA, $AAPL, $MSFT and $NVDA. I’ll also be watching the $XLE Stocks like $APA, $CVE, $SU, $WMB, $PDCE, $CNX, $CTVA and the shippers like $ZIM.

    Ignore the noise and follow the boun ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Nowhere to Hide. $QQQ Under the MAs $XLE Sill in trend. $GLD Broke a key support zone but closed above. #Crypto Biden to Regulate as a Matter of National Security: https://www.barrons.com/articles/white-house-executive-action-regulate-cryptos-national-security-51643312454 $TSLA Watch around the 200 Day $AMD Watch around the 200 Day. $TER Watch for a rebound trade. $AAPL Still prints money. Watch to see how it acts tomorrow. $MSFT Trying to base along the 200 Day $NVDA Same $APA Still above the MAs. $SU Above the MAs $XOM Above the MAs $CVE Flagging above the Mas $CVS Good volume
  • JosephM: $CVE...looks interesting. Oh Canada!
  • NickSingh: Bought $CVE AH @$12.06, ER tomm before, may be this will follow the action in $DVN AH today
  • Bridget: $GEL $CVE $UNFI all had great set-ups that we were able to take advantage of at OMM to get in before the breakout. Buy near the 50dMA in the squeeze. Better than waiting to get in after the breakout.
  • gtr89: @Bridget $GEL $CVE $UNFI I followed you into the $UNFI trade. Great call! (Pun intended)
  • bRobert: @Bridget $GEL $CVE $UNFI Amen. Own the breakout
  • msing3: @Bridget $GEL $CVE $UNFI $GEL......thanks for the call, couldn't get a complete fill today but will try again tomorrow .
  • RoderickKnoll: $cve popping today
  • DAN: ...
    $CVE -- Heavy supply at $10.50.
    $SU -- Nice uptrend and the test will be at $35.
  • issues: @DAN $DNR I took a loss on $DNR and won't be penalized with wash sale. So I prefer $CVE. Chart for $CHEF look enticing and maybe delicious. err steady she goes.
  • Bob G: @issues $DNR $CVE $CHEF I like CHEF right here. 50dma and 200dma are moving up. Price is cruising up the 50dma and a good support line at $32 looks to be holding through a lot of the volatility. Price convergence looks to be coming together around $33 so the next couple of days should be worth watching. IMO
  • clamtown: @Bridget $XLP $GIS $K $CPB $KHC $XRT $M $KR $COH $XOP $ESV $RIG $MRO $APC $CVE $XLI $XBI $SMH $MCHP $AMAT $AAPL $AVGO $SWKS $ADBE $MLCO $BBBY $BBRY $FDX $FOLD $PX $NOC $TWX $ROP $ALNY $VST $TSG $BEDU $ADNT $SNDR #Notes $AXP You mentioned this one the other day. Any changes.
  • Bridget: #Notes $XLP - these consumer products were down on $GIS earnings $K $CPB $KHC $XRT - retail stocks falling lower $M $KR $COH $XOP - oil performing well. Good liquid stocks $ESV $RIG $MRO $APC $CVE $XLI - hit new highs $XBI - close to breaking higher out of flag $SMH - this rally is fizzling $MCHP $AMAT $AAPL - broke support at he 50dMA, $AVGO $SWKS - breaking down $ADBE - struggling to hold trendline after earnings $MLCO - gapped up this morning but then sold off $BBBY - hit a new low after earnings Breakouts $BBRY $FDX $FOLD $PX $NOC $TWX $ROP $ALNY IPOs working $VST $TSG $BEDU $ADNT $SNDR
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Change -0.11%
Volume 12,625,800

Cenovus Energy Inc. along with its subsidiaries develops, produces and markets crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids in Canada with refining operations in the United States.

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