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Strategy Session June 1st, 2020

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  • scottrades: My video notes: $SSO Low Volume. Nice calm day. $QLD Ditto $SLV Hi Ho Silver, Away! $GLD Holding the 8EMA $HL Low Dollar Gold Miner. Great volume today. $FLEX Nice base. $SQ Took a little today $SDC Mentioned in the forum. Nice Base. $GBTC Bitcoin for the brave. $RIOT Low Dollar Blockchain play $MCD Watch 190 for a trade. $SMH Good consolidation here. $ACLS Going sideways. Alert at 27.90 $SSL Squeezing, more of a momentum trade. Not for everyone.
  • rah: #PipelineStocks - Just done with day job, checking industries. 39 of 41 Pipeline stocks were up (group mean jump = 3%). Did not see a mention in forum. Anyone hear anything? $CQH, $NBLX, $PSXP, $SSL, $ETE, $PBA and 33 otherS green. rah
  • BobbyG: @rah $CQH $NBLX $PSXP $SSL $ETE $PBA #PipelineStocks I was looking at $ETP and $EEP today. I think the bet is that the Senate bill is adding a bigger deduction for pass throughs. I am not a tax expert, but that is my understanding. The stocks seem to have responded accordingly.
  • mradams0621: ...
    -5.49% $SSL Sasol Ltd. ADR (Sp 24.44 900
    -5.41% $PDS Precision Drilling 3.50 20000
    -5.39% $EZA iShares MCSI South 43.00 1000
    -5.09% $SBGL Sibanye Gold Ltd 5.97 20520
    -4.89% $UGAZ VS 3X NAT GAS 1.75 1070000
    -3.80% $LNG Cheniere Energy In 41.80 2 ...
  • mradams0621: $LNG SSL - I want to buy $LNG but not when this extended. Waiting for the pullback that does not come. Fast Money featured $SSL last night. Sounds similar but much more diversified and mostly international in some scary places of the world. Traders on Fast did not seem all that bullish on it, but I like the chart. Anyone else looking at this one?
  • moneytaker: ...
    $VFC,109,98,160.5 ...
  • docsch: Gold Miners Coal Oil/Gas hard commodities - Showing up on projected above average volume scans this morning. Gold Miners - $ABX AUY $CDE EGO $GFI GOLD $HMY NG TRE Coal $WLT ACI $ANR BRU $CLD JRCC MEE YZC Oil/Gas $APA APC ATPG CHK LINE LNG $PBR PXD $SSL SWN $TOT DO $NE PTEN $WFT HAL $SLB Hard commodities in general are strong
  • scp: Gapping upIn reaction to strong earnings/guidance: OPXT +28.1%, $FEIC +18.6%, $JDSU +18.1%, $AVID +15.5% (light volume), $AVNW +13.0%, $SIMG +10.1%, $MTSC +9.8% (light volume), $AET +9.0%, OPXT +9.0%, $PLNR +6.2%, $SSL +4.9%, $HLIT +4.7%, $MFLX +4.4%, $PHM +4.2%, $NCR +1.9%, $WY +1.8% M&A news: SVLF +71.3% (acquired by an Affiliate of Cerberus Capital Management L.P. for $2.50) European Banks trading higher on Tier 1 upgrade: DB +2.4%, $CS +1.9%, $ING +1.3% Analyst Comments: PAET +2.5% (upgraded to Buy from Hold at Citigroup), RIMM +1.8% (hearing upgrade at Tier 1 firm), $PTEN +1.1% (light volume -- stock was upgraded to Buy from Hold at Citigroup and Canaccord Genuity)
  • dunsek: ...
    Oil and Gas: $VLO, $TSO, $MRO, $CVI, $WNR (And $COP if you like major integrateds, and $SSL if you like gappy ADRs)
    Asset Managers: $FII, $JNS

    Some others:

    AA- more penalty box than a stock near a 52 week high obviously, but the first clos ...
  • alan11: Anyone know the vendor of $SSL network applicances to Google? (ie. Cisco, F5, Sonicwall.) It's going to take a lot of these to provide that much encryption, I'd say they'll see a nice pop in revenue, espec. short term.
  • Ross_Q: Here's a list COAL STOCKS: individual stocks funde's as per weekend video: SYMBOL EPS GRT/ PE : ARLP 32/8 $YZC 32/5 $AHGP 32/9 $PVR 20/9 $NRP 22/11 $PVG 22/9 $BTU 24/10 $SSL 17/8 $ACI 19/9 $ANR 23/14 ICO 45/43 PUDC 19/3 $CNX 32/11 FCL 30/14 MEE 31/12 $JRCC 45/105 PCX -3 Sorry i messed this up yesterday
  • Ross_Q: Here's a list COAL STOCKS: individual stocks funde's as per weekend video: SYMBOL $EPS GRT/ PE : ARLP 32/8 $YZC 32/5 $AHGP 32/9 $PVR 20/9 $NRP 22/11 $PVG 22/9 $BTU 24/10 $SSL 17/8 $ACI 19/9 $ANR 23/14 ICO 45/43 PUDC 19/3 $CNX 32/11 FCL 30/14 MEE 31/12 $JRCC 45/105 PCX -3
  • Virgil25: ...
    I really don't like coal stocks as an investment. Of course as a mo-mo play they may make sense. But as a longer term play they make little sense as the 'scrubbing' costs to clean it when burned are high. As a necessity for Iron Steel production it ...
  • Virgil25: Hey @Michael, You're awake again?:). Back at end of Aug I bought some $JOF at $10 and I think I might add to it tomorrow. Would like to pick up $PHG -- looks like a double top -- when it gets down around 41 or lower. Also have my eye on $VLO, $MRO, TSO. Don't have any US refiners. Currently own the following energy: ACEYF, APL, $APU, $CHK, COSWF, $DVR, $EEP END, ESVIF, GGR, $GST, $HOS, OILXF, $PBR, $PZE, $SLB, SNG, $SPN, $SSL, $TDW, TTPP, TTI. /* @Phil */
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Stock Price $12.73
Change -0.55%
Volume 221,840

Sasol, Ltd is an integrated energy & petrochemicals company. It manufactures, refines & markets automotive & industrial fuels, oils & gas. It also produces polymers, solvents, surfactants, alumina, wax, fertilizers, explosives & phenolic, among others.

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