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  • jonwest88:
  • jeffslm:
  • ssoha20: @snowbound $ZIM its looking much better than $ARCH and $GOGL
  • snowbound: @ssoha20 $ZIM $ARCH $GOGL I think $ZIM is good ( but don't quote me ! ) I hope you are hanging in there , Will
  • snowbound: @ssoha20 $ARCH $GOGL Both of these seem to be stalled near the top of their current range .
  • ssoha20: @snowbound $ZIM $ARCH $GOGL Yes now i have all 3 . Few good stocks like $APPL , $MSFT all got triggered today so just added the amount to $ARCH and $GOGL
  • snowbound: @ssoha20 $ZIM $ARCH $GOGL $APPL $MSFT Thank - you for sharing that . We seem to trade along together at times so I am interested .
  • Rayray: $ARCH Trying to make it over 176.
  • DAN: RE/ Arch Coal ($ARCH): We were also stopped out of $ARCH for a break even in some pretty hairy volatility. But the stock is working really well again and I want to re initiate it as a new trade. This stock, along with $MPC, has been really volatile but the prevailing trend has been intact. I'll explain more in the strategy session tonight. New Basis: 175.99 Stop: 153.50 Dan
  • issues: @DAN $ARCH Hard for me to buy $ARCH at the high today. I did that with $CRWD and regretted it and am still holding it. So I put in a limit for a position in ARCH at $145 = right at the 50 day where it usually returns to. Thanks for your post. We continue to hold $MPC.
  • DAN: @issues $ARCH $CRWD $MPC I totally get it. I just want it back as an active trade candidate. I don't want to allow the volatility to just erase some great opportunities. Thanks for your post, issues. I will address in a while. 8-)
  • DAN: ...
    $AR -- March 2021 stock. Good example of long term holding…and trading around a position.
    $APA -- working really well. Earnings tomorrow. But at good entry point.
    $MRO -- still running along the 50-day MA

    $TDOC -- new $COUP.

    ATL Update:
  • BocaRick: $ARCH $BTU $CEIX arch -5 PM, others down 2-4.
  • scottrades: ...
    Commodity stocks are still in uptrends, keep an eye on $AR and some of the coal stocks like $ARCH and $CEIX. $OXY is holding near the 50 Day right now. We may get some bounces on some of the tech leaders like $AMZN, $MSFT $AAPL and $FB but remember ...
  • woodman: @BocaRick $ARCH $BTU $CEIX - BTU butchered on its earnings report. It will battle this morning to hold the 50 day. Not looking good so far in the pre....
  • efrain007: @scottrades $AR $ARCH $CEIX $OXY $AMZN $MSFT $AAPL $FB Thanks for looking out for us, especially under these challenging market conditions.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Can we hold the 4X Bottom? $QQQ Trend is still down $GLD Green today $UUP Should come back in the bands $DBC Holding above all the MAs $XOP Holding the 50 Day $XLU Above the 50 Day $XLV at the 200 Day $XLP Above all the MAs $XLB Holding the 200 Day (FCX, NEM, CF) $XME Under the 50 Day $GBTC Higher Lows, Flat top $AAPL Whippy on Earnings $AMZN Same $TSLA Still under the 200 Day $NVDA Needs a base $TWTR Holding the 8EMA $PYPL Holding the Pandemic Low $AR Great volume $OXY Holding the 50 Day $MRO Looks the same $SU Breakout on volume $CVE Same $VLO Holding the Flag Break $PBF Back to the highs $DK Same $BSM Earnings Next week. $CNX Watch 21.70 $ARCH Watch 176 $CEIX Holding the 8EMA $COST Holding the 50 Day $WMT Holding the 21 EMA
  • debeers: ...
    Revenue for the quarter ended March 31 was $565.7 million, up from $266.8 million a year earlier.
    Analysts surveyed by Capital IQ forecast $593.8 million.
    The oil and gas company's shares rose 1.5% in recent Tuesday after-hours activity.- on a huge ...
  • maracom: $ARCH booked profits at $170, moving up my stops on $AA and $FCX
  • woodman: @maracom $ARCH $AA $FCX - nice job.
  • ssoha20: $ARCH after 25% up now im at break even .. luckily because of its earnings..
  • snowbound: $ARCH 10MIN at the VWAP - intraday
  • snowbound: $ARCH WEEKLY BO into the upper wicks
  • snowbound: $ARCH I'm taking this WEEKLY BO but Gingerly . ( a three hour cruise )
  • teacher5: @snowbound $ARCH I took some profits yesterday expecting a pullback today, but no, it continues upward. To buy or not to buy, that is the question.
  • snowbound: @teacher5 $ARCH I know ! I think its all we can do is roll with the punches and sell the rips . At some point we have to have " faith " in the charts despite the negativity . I think there are several mentors on board with these trades . best , Will
  • teacher5: @snowbound $ARCH agree! Thankfully I still have a partial position to watch.
  • snowbound: @teacher5 $ARCH I have $BTU as well but its all very fluid and 10MIN charts are the bomb !
  • capitalist36: @debeers $MTDR $AAPL $GOOGL $NVDA $MSFT $FB $VLO $MTDRMatador $ARCH $FB yikes
  • ssoha20: @snowbound $ARCH will it hold and make new highs or reverse from here im.holding with 165 as my SL which is also my buy point .looking for new highs as dividend date is in May 31st so it should hold till May 31st .
  • ssoha20: $ARCH posted good numbers . Whats the call buy , hold or sell? Btw holding with avg price of 160. They also gave 8$ as dividend
  • maracom: $ARCH announced a second quarter dividend payment of $8.11 per share – which includes a fixed component of $0.25 per share and a variable component of $7.86 per share – is payable on June 15, 2022 to stockholders of record on May 31, 2022.
  • snowbound: $ARCH Huge volume spike 10MIN chart .
  • scottrades: @snowbound $ARCH Also seeing $BTU hold the 50 Day. $DBC is still in an uptrend...
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $ARCH $BTU $DBC Welcome back Scott, you picked a great time to be out
  • woodman: @scottrades $ARCH $BTU $DBC - Bought $BTU back today; have been holding and trading around a core of $DBC of which I added back some shares today.
  • Docoof: $ARCH up 21% today
  • snowbound: @Docoof $ARCH is just taking out HOD . I sold and am putting mine on $BTU thinking its getting extended intraday and at prior swing daily high resistance levels . Time will tell .
  • Bismark07: @Docoof $ARCH I'd say that was a pretty good earnings beat. I'm in BTU but may take the $ & run.
  • ssoha20: @snowbound $ARCH still holding couldn't book loss on time and it got deep down. Hoe about earnings will they be good for stock to recover.
  • snowbound: @ssoha20 $ARCH Its hard to believe they are not making money but that's only a guess . We are seeing some constructive moves as with $BTU around key moving averages but $ARCH goes first with earnings on 04.26 before the open .
  • snowbound: @ssoha20 $ARCH There are other members that know more about earnings and are also interested in $BTU .
  • vcondry: and down goes $arch don't see any reason to let this one go further...
  • Jazman0013: @vcondry $arch out here too. I had held a small piece from what I sold up higher.
  • ssoha20: What happened to $ARCH gave up all gains..
  • wanda1616: @jeff_free69 $ARCH also $DVA huge spikedowns $TECK $BTU
  • snowbound: @jeff_free69 $ARCH Its closing in on the 50SMAd which has been support since December .
  • jeff_free69: @ssoha20 $ARCH Wow , down double digits - sold most yesterday, but stopped out of the rest today. ever so barely green overall (any landing you can walk away from...) . Also got nicked on $TECK
  • snowbound: $ARCH This is close to a DAILY M top ( give or take ) , too close to be cute although it should react at the 50SMAd if its still relevant and it seems to be in this early near test . marker only
  • Cjauger: @ssoha20 $ARCH phase 2 pullback? Steep one
  • snowbound: $ARCH earnings 04 - 26
  • snowbound: @Cjauger $ARCH It does look like a low volume daily pullback ( so far ) .
  • DAN: This is the status of the Active Trade List, which included $MPC $ARCH $TECK $DVA and $GOGL. $MPC -- Still holding up well. Entry was 79.30. Stop at 83.70 $ARCH -- Stopped at $148 for break even. $TECK -- Stopped at 38.80 (basis was 41.06). 5.5% loss. $DVA -- Stopped at 113.00. Basis was 123.13. 8.1% loss $GOGL -- Stop at 11.60. Basis 13.18 (currently flat) So we are left with $MPC and $GOGL. Given the weakness of the market, I am not inclined to suggest any new open trades. Cash is a position. Be overweight. --Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $ARCH -- Stopped at $148 for break even.
    $TECK -- Stopped at 38.80 (basis was 41.06). 5.5% loss.
    $DVA -- Stopped at 113.00. Basis was 123.13. 8.1% loss
    $GOGL -- Stop at 11.60. BAsis 13.18 (currently flat)
    Cruises -- watch. Still in distributio ...
  • vcondry: $arch gettting crushed today with light volume...any thoughts?
  • maracom: @vcondry $arch the entire inflation complex is down big before powell's speech today. i hate #feddays
  • maracom: @vcondry $arch Also I don't know why people think the Fed is going to be some kind of inflation killer. Inflation is the policy.
  • Pokersmith: @maracom $arch " Inflation is the policy " HA !!!!Excellent ! 👍
  • vcondry: @maracom $arch #feddays that's some good clarification I hadn't considered...I was searching all over for my lost monies lol. Thank you!
  • maracom: bit of green volume coming in to $GDX $XLE $ARCH. Probably because #Powell seemed to confirm 50 basis points as the most likely outcome of the May meeting (as opposed to 75)
  • ssoha20: added few more $ARCH expecting it to go up based on DAN conviction today. luckily I booked profits when it hit 171 last time. Now I'm taking chance as i already earned around 10% so I can afford to loose 5 % now or gain back another 10%
  • snowbound: @ssoha20 $ARCH I added to $BTU at the turn .
  • champ: @maracom $GDX $XLE $ARCH #Powell ....Exactly...I agree and it looks like the next rate hike is going to be a 1/2 of point, just like you said.....and now maybe we will get a #re-start on the stocks that are after that News is over.....
  • maracom: @ssoha20 $ARCH I took a small amount of $ARCH as well
  • DAN: ...
    $ARCH -- About to pop above $170. Consider putting a partial stop in at $159. (I’m leaving mine lower)
    $TECK -- Flag
    $DVA -- Clean breakout today. Up 4 out of 5 days. (Down day was the lowest volume since Dec 24, 2020). Only time it has be ...
  • DAN: ...
    $ARCH -- Stop $148.00
    $TECK -- Stop $38.80
    $DVA -- Still at $113.00
    $GOGL -- Stop at $11.60

    $CLF -- Still forming a flag. Earnings on Friday. Your choice, not mine. Alert $32.50
    $UNVR -- 9x9. Pullback to 50-day MA. Good rebound,... ...
  • DAN: Good morning. Stocks are opening lower this morning as yields continue to rise. We will go through some economic numbers in this morning's training session at 8 am PT / 11 am ET. Our active trades are doing well this morning: $MPC -- up another 1%. stop at 79 $ARCH -- up another 1.3%. Stop at 129 $TECK -- up another 1%. Stop at 36.50 $DVA - status quo. No premarket activity. Stop at 113. $GOGL -- flat. Stop at 11.60. Watch today's price action. We could see a bit of a retracement from Thursday's big move. ==================================== Training Session -- 8 am PT / 11 am ET ==================================== Please click the link below to join the webinar: --Dan
  • DAN: Active Trade List Update: Our stocks are a bit of a mixed bag right now. Some doing quite well, and a couple being stopped out recently. $MPC -- Up about 10%. Leaving the stop at $79. $AAPL -- Stopped out at $166 for an $8 profit. This is now very choppy. No regrets about exiting the position. $JNPR -- Stopped out on Monday at $34.80. We lost 14 cents. The pullback was pretty steep, so there is a lot of supply overhead. $ARCH -- Up about 10%. Raising the suggested stop from $129 to $145. (Basis is $148.50) $TECK -- Up about 6%. All is well. Stop at 36.50 $DVA -- Just added at $123.13 with a stop at $113. Stock is breaking out...though it is trading on light volume today, just 25,400 shares so far. --Dan
  • BocaRick: $ARCH $BTU new high
  • vcondry: $arch thanks Dan for the great trade!
  • woodman: #Coal is burning hot. I'm in $BTU and $ARCH but others working too: $HNRG $AMR $CEIX $METC $SXC. Many are looking extended or hitting potential resistance areas now so beware of a pullback.
  • snowbound: @woodman $BTU $ARCH $HNRG $AMR $CEIX $METC $SXC #Coal $HCC $BTU - ers watch the 34.63 area R1 overhead . That's 7 % if Mr. Peabody's coal train will yield it . ... where we'd shoot with our pistols ... ( Prine )
  • DAN: ...
    $ARCH -- Active Trade. After tax margins and revenues are expanding at an accelerating rate.$BTU

    Active Trades:

    $MPC -- Up about 10%. Leaving the stop at $79.
    $AAPL -- Stopped out at $166 for an $8 profit. This is now very choppy. No reg ...
  • snowbound: @DAN $ARCH $BTU Hello DAN . I'm interested in comparing the relative pattern characteristics of the $BTU breakout vs the $ARCH breakout as an empirical study . There's a lot of interest and it naturally dovetails into the earnings flow . I don't want to ask specific questions which might guide your analysis but , although they both seemed to moved together , the patterns are different and they are in different positions relative . $ARCH earnings 04.26 $BTU earnings 04.28 . Naturally speaking , you know the ER drill ....
  • snowbound: $ARCH reports 04.21 . $BTU reports 04.28 . Tomorrow I need to sell one of these to clear the boards . One coal at a time should suffice , I'm thinking . $ARCH is definitely closer to BO support . I wonder if there are any 3x triple ETFs ( ? ) ha !
  • Pokersmith: @snowbound $ARCH $BTU There used to be KOL etf, but that was 1X
  • scottrades: Coal stocks moving here. $ARCH $HCC $AMR
  • nathan09: @scottrades $ARCH $HCC $AMR Interesting to note $TECK has coal exposure as well ("steel making coal")
  • jwk567: Opportunity to add to $ARCH here?
  • bla00109: @jwk567 $ARCH -- for the last 6 weeks, $ARCH has traded in a 15% range encapsulated by the box in the attched chart. Currently at upper restistance, so no, I would not add here.
  • jwk567: @bla00109 $ARCH Thank you! Appreciate your thoughts and the attached chart.
  • bla00109: @jwk567 $ARCH I own some from below. Coal prices in WV where I live have gone up almost fourfold in the last several months. I don't think that is going to change overnight. I'd also like to add to $ARCH but will wait for a pullback at least to the 8 d EMA.
  • ssoha20: what is the call on $ARCH shall we book partial profits its 10% up from entry
  • snowbound: @ssoha20 $ARCH That's a tough one from a swing or position trade viewpoint . Its still clearing the BO upper wicks . We could see a speed bump at any point ( or not ) in reaction to it clearing the actual intraday prior swing highs . I'm letting mine play for now but monitoring it closely and watching for others posting on it .
  • ssoha20: @snowbound $ARCH Yes waiting for another call from DAN to book profits here and enter the new one.
  • snowbound: @ssoha20 $ARCH That is TOO funny ... you realize DAN is always WATCHING from above ! Ha ha !
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Still choppy around the 50 Day $QQQ Still under the 50 Day $GDX Working $UUP Sharp move down today $XME New High $XLE / $OIH Working $IGV Inverse H&S? $TAN Close to the 50 Day $GBTC Nice Bounce. $AAPL / $TSLA / $AMZN Lower High $NEM Working $GOLD At resistance $GFI See the slope? $FCX Better today $CLF Back above the 8EMA $ARCH Black Gold $AMR Great volume $HCC Closed off the highs, but great volume $BTU New High $TECK Closed at a New High $ATI Right at resistance $DVN Working $OXY Goins sideways $SU Watch 34.20 $PANW Flag $FTNT Flag $NET Watch the 200 Day $CRWD Above the 200 Day
  • Angdionk: $ARCH doing well so far
  • woodman: @Angdionk $ARCH - yes, #coal is holding up well. $HCC is firming up nicely. $CEIX remains strong. And $BTU as mentioned below.
  • snowbound: $ARCH 10MIN squeeze ... ready for partials when indicated ( my time frame ) .
  • snowbound: @debeers $BTU If you want to play on the Coltrane , not to worry ... it pulls Crazy Ivans every other stop . The 8EMAd is presently tradable as support and I'm small now , thanks . Not sure these are ready to rocket higher quite yet as with $ARCH which was very strong into the close playing catch - up to $BTU . $ARCH I'm positioned in , we will see .
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Choppy around the 50 Day $QQQ Nothing good happens under the 50 Day $GDX Resistance near the highs $UUP New high. $XME Watch 63.86 $XLE Watch 80 $XLP Extended $XLU Watch for a backtest of the upper trendline $QID Eek! Above all the MAs $GBTC Lower low. $AAPL / $TSLA / $NVDA / $MSFT - Leaders not leading. $NEM In an uptrend. $GOLD Resistance near the highs $ARCH Great volume $AMR Massive volume $HCC Along the 8/21 EMA $BTU Near the highs $FCX Not yet. $VALE Low volume pullback $BHP Flag $CF Near the highs $MOS Watch for a Pullback $ICL Slope $DVN Sellers near the highs $OXY Small here $CUBE Small base. $NSA Small base. $RTX Small here as well.
  • champ: $ARCH...I added a little this morning on that drop at $141.66.
  • Cjauger: $ARCH at HOD
  • woodman: @Cjauger $ARCH - Last week, I bought ARCH back as it's been drifting/consolidating into the 50d. I've also been adding to $BTU along rising support (bottom line of developing wedge into horizontal resistance. $HCC (no position) also drifting/consolidating into the 50d.
  • champ: $ARCH...took full profits at $147.77....Trailer didn't like the pin action.
  • DAN: Adding Arch Coal ($ARCH) to the Active Trade List Basis: 148.50 Stop: $129.00 This looks promising, though it has not yet broken out. If you are taking this idea, I suggest that you start with a small position and then build from there if the trade works. Basic Materials and energy are where you want to be. --Dan
  • Bert953: @DAN $ARCH pretty wide bid ask spread, but as you said energy and materials are the only place thats got any life in in now.
  • DAN: @Bert953 $ARCH Yep. Just a starter position. Go light. Keep $ risk low.
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Stock Price $126.86
Change 1.63%
Volume 84,985

Arch Coal Inc is a coal producer in the United States, which sells coal to power plants, steel mills and industrial facilities.

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  • October 25th, 2022 - 2022 Q3 Earnings
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