TAL Education Group American Depositary Shares (NYSE:TAL)

Stock Watch June 8th, 2018

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June 8th, 2018
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  • issues: Update! Added To IBD 50: $PYPL $TAL $V $VEEV Removed from IBD 50: $FANG $PRAH $FTNT $JAZZ I have no idea why they add some and remove others. It's not the charts. Maybe it sorcery ? Crystal balls? I know $VEEV was on then off now back on. Its all supposed to be by computers but I think it's more the Wizard of OZ or the Oracle at Delphi... Bottom line, it's probably just to give some joker a job at IBD and justify their charges to us.
  • Henry: $TAL Muddy Waters has bad things to say. evidently this is a second half of a report that started last week. https://thefly.com/landingPageNews.php?id=2753430&headline=TAL-Muddy-Waters-calls-TALs-Peiyou-unit-a-fraud-in-second-short-report
  • justinp: $TAL Retraced and finding support around $40.
  • issues: @justinp $TAL Bought small position for the bounce. Will add if it ascends. Thanks!
  • bsnceo: @justinp $TAL removed the symbol from my lists upon selling... won't look back
  • PJMR11: @issues $TAL @justinp Ditto
  • JBed: $TAL just fell off a cliff. No news that I can see.
  • captron: @JBed $TAL I am trying to decide if its time to add to position or sell! No news here either.
  • JBed: @captron $TAL I jumped in for a quick bounce @ 42.20
  • bsnceo: @JBed $TAL all of a sudden a trade hit at $42 which was like more than $2 below the then market price
  • JBed: @bsnceo $TAL My stop got hit @ 41.90. Watching.
  • DrScience: $TAL drops a quick 7% on fraud allegations. "Real business with fake financials." Traders watching $EDU for entries.
  • bsnceo: @DrScience $TAL $EDU where did you see that headline?
  • captron: @DrScience $TAL $EDU It is a Chinese stock and I have never thought that there financials were monitored as they should be. I sold to protect a little profit.
  • JBed: @JBed $TAL Wow, what a downdraft. There must be some news out there.
  • Henry: @JBed $TAL Citron can't get all the publicity all the time, Muddy Waters needs some too http://muddywatersresearch.com/research/tal/mw-is-short-tal/
  • JustJoe: @JBed $TAL it was looking so good...The asian apprentices that work at my company tell me that most students are using online Ed. companies to supplement their 12 hour a day study regime. These asian college students are wicked book smart but sometimes lack creative problem solving abilities. That said, these kids are an amazing assets to our company because they bring a much different perspective than the older Midwest staff that we have. (we own a small marketing firm and a small news agency.)
  • JBed: @JustJoe $TAL It's now broken below the 50 MA.
  • bsnceo: @DrScience $TAL $EDU News

    BUZZ-TAL Education: Retreats from record after Muddy Waters' short
    11:43 AM ET, 06/13/2018 - Reuters

    ** China-based tutoring co's shares sink as much as 18.8 pct, pulling back from record high hit on Tues

    ** Muddy Waters, ...
  • bsnceo: @DAN would you be using a trailing stop on $TAL and how much room would you give?
  • DAN: @bsnceo $TAL I don't know what your intended holding period is -- if it's a long term hold (intended for months), or just a swing trade. I think it's a good long term hold. If you agree, then consider a trailing stop just below the 50-day moving av ...
  • bsnceo: @DAN $TAL thank you for the detailed answer - does make sense
  • DAN: @bsnceo $TAL Great! Glad to help, bsnceo. 8-)
  • bigbartabs: @bsnceo @DAN $TAL ... per your question about a TAL stop... another way to do it, is to strike a trend line from the low on 6/4 and 6/8. Set your alarm at the trend line each morning. If it hits it... then decide if its time to sell... or maybe set your stop below the prior day, or may set a trailing % stop, etc. Lots of ways to do it. As Dan said, depends are your trade. If its long term... loose stops. If milking a trade... tight stops. FWIW... good luck...
  • Stuart: ...
    $TAL 17% > 50 SMA ; $KEM 17% > 50 SMA

    9 IBD >= 10% but < 15% above the 50 SMA
    $NOAH 14% > 50 SMA ; $MU 13% > 50 SMA ; $GOOS 12% > 50 SMA ; $LGND 12% > 50 SMA ; $SIVB 12% > 50 SMA
    $HQY 11% > 50 SMA ; $NFLX 10% > 5 ...
  • justinp: $TAL A bit extended but no fear here.
  • Gary: ...
    10. $SQM – remember…this is TOTALLY speculative, based on lithium battery. No commitment to it. If it’s below $50, it’s gone. Period. It’s a stock, not a dog.
    11. $PRLB – consolidating.
    12. $ETSY – hold ...
  • Shopaholic526: $AMZN $ISRG $VEEV $RHT $LOPE $NFLX $AKAM $TAL $GRUB $NOW Went on a major shopping spree yesterday. Have to live up to my name. Set stops everywhere. Most are working. Building positions gradually after April.
  • justinp: $TAL Strong today and starting a squeeze.
  • Gary: ...
    12. $TAL – support down at $40.
    13. $ANET – Keep a stop around $261. Alert $277.
    14. $TRU – wanted to buy this today, but it’s just too extended above moving averages. IF buying, keep a tighter stop than usual.
    15. $MODN &n ...
  • captron: $TAL - Is this a buy the dip opportunity or is there something going on I don't see?
  • JBed: @captron $TAL I'm looking at it as buy the dip - thanks for pointing it out. At the very least an oversold bounce. No news that I can see.
  • JBed: @captron $TAL Up 1% in just a few minutes...buyers stepping in.
  • captron: @JBed $TAL Thanks. Could not find any news either but on those Chinese stocks, one never knows. Took a starter position.
  • justinp: @captron $TAL Well defined base at $40 whatever is going on. Could just be a pullback before Phase 3.
  • spmeyers: @justinp $TAL i'm waiting for 37, based on its pattern
  • JBed: @spmeyers $TAL In with size and 1% trailing stop.
  • genki: $TAL $ALRM $TBK $ETSY $LVS $ABT $NOW $LGND $HRC $VNOM @Dan Hi Dan, thanks to your "slices" lesson, I am looking to consolidate my account positions. Most of them are small with small profit/loss. I wonder if you could give me some quick suggestion as which ones to drop and which ones to add?
  • optionswealth: @genki $TAL $ALRM $TBK $ETSY $LVS $ABT $NOW $LGND $HRC $VNOM Etsy is on the long term hold list. Take it from there on this one and it is also important to know your time frame for holding. What type of trader are you. $TAL is just resting. it is in the winners circle (going from lower left to upper right) and sitting on the 8 day ema.
  • issues: @optionswealth $TAL $ALRM $TBK $ETSY $LVS $ABT $NOW $LGND $HRC $VNOM You've got some good stocks. Why not just hold them for the long term? NOW along with $ADI $SPLK $WDAY $CRM are in a good sector with NOW being 1st and $ADI 2nd. I just picked up SPLK on this pull back. Holding small positions in NOW ETSY and VNOM. $LVS = NP in any gambling stocks, even though day trading can be a form of gambling...
  • genki: @optionswealth $TAL $ALRM $TBK $ETSY $LVS $ABT $NOW $LGND $HRC $VNOM Those positions are all short-term. Maybe I should ditch $ABT, which is underperforming the index.
  • rachel: ...
    $SPX -- turmoil in Europe over the Euro. US Treasuries are always the safe haven. Italian president stopped two parties (who, together, had won more than half the votes) from forming a government that was anti-Euro. The downside of actually letti ...
  • ag1: $TAL looks like a good place to add w/ tight stop.
  • ag1: $TAL still working in blue sky territory.
  • bsnceo: @DAN how much room would you be giving $TAL here on existing posn?
  • bsnceo: @optionswealth $TAL looks like some selling occurred this morning - are you still in it?
  • optionswealth: @bsnceo $TAL When it pulled back again after that retracement and didn't get its footing, I sold it for a small gain and just after I did, the whole market decided to move up. In that market, I didn't trust it or the market not to pull back, even though it was looking constructive. I hope you had some good gains.
  • optionswealth: @bsnceo $TAL This is most likely the flag after the vs and it is still above yesterdays low, so this should be good here. If you are feeling the need, book some profits. Add again when it breaks above the flag pattern.
  • JBed: $TAL Sold entire position just now...looks like it wants to roll over and I had a nice profit, so...
  • optionswealth: $TAL made it above resistance this morning and is holding above that $40 mark. Rejected yesterday but as of now, holding today. Popped out of a squeeze but not as much momentum from that squeeze as expected.
  • bsnceo: @optionswealth $TAL added at $40, so far looking good
  • bwcarnation1: $TAL sold 1/2
  • optionswealth: @bsnceo $TAL 50% retracement of the morning move and now moving up again.
  • JustJoe: $TAL Standing TALL after three straight days of increasing volume. It's my only and favorite trade.
  • JBed: @JustJoe $TAL This could once again be my favorite trade if it starts outperforming like it did last year.
  • optionswealth: @JBed $TAL I'm in there with you. If the market would settle it would take off. It tried to at the open but succumbed to the downward pull of the market. Making headway a bit now.
  • JustJoe: @JBed $TAL Our marketing firm has had a number of Asian staffers (Chinese and Korean) they talk of studying 12 hours per day six days per week. That extreme focus fuels the growth of TAL and the other Ed. stocks Dan recomends.
  • JustJoe: @optionswealth $TAL I was trying to sell it at 39.39 this morning but got greedy...did that same thing yesterday morning. :( I'm trying to make TAL a rental.
  • JustJoe: $TAL....I'm out of TAL for a swing trade of 1.5%....with this marketing I'm happy to buy the little dips and sell little rips. I'm going to reward myself by riding my new electronic skate board on this Sunny East Lansing Michigan day!
  • bwcarnation1: $TAL hit alert of $38
  • JBed: @bwcarnation1 $TAL I had the same alert. Bought half-position.
  • JustJoe: @JBed $TAL Building a tall position in TAL today!
  • bwcarnation1: $TAL is still moving up from Dan's recent alert of 38
  • Gary: ...
    18. $TAL – coming out of squeeze.
    19. $FLT – holding at $200. Good entry...for the patient.
    20. $ONCE – Woodman rebound.
    21. $TTPH – Woodman breakout.
  • issues: Maybe I'm a slow learner but I still like $ANET $SQ $BZUN $WB $TAL & $FAS... I am holding these and will wait for a green day to add. I just don't understand why folks would be throwing the baby out with the water. Maybe some of the Big Boys are thrashing ANET making it a "broken stock". This could be a strong reversal but it bounced before.
  • Beaver: @issues $ANET $SQ $BZUN $WB $TAL $FAS Kind of feel the same way about several of these stocks. Please pass any good/bad responses along. Thx
  • issues: @Beaver $ANET $SQ $BZUN $WB $TAL $FAS Are you putting any stops in place?
  • nestorsch1: @issues $ANET $SQ $BZUN $WB $TAL $FAS I feel the same way. I placed a stop quite low and I was kicked out any way, who would have imagined a 9% reversal? But I must say that I tend to chase the stock and I don’t want to continue doing that. I tried twice with $ANET and got kicked out badly. I don’t know what to do and if it merits coming in again...
  • Aragorn: ...
    $TAL - inside day
    $TEAM - looks weak support around 48 area
    $VNOM - way outside daily bollingers weekly Hammer a break above tha can go higher
    $WB inside month
    $ZTS - looking for a continuation above the March highs

  • issues: @issues $YY $WB $ABBV $PRAH $ANET $DQ $NFLX $RHT $CNC The ones I like the best to buy would be $BZUN $CNC & $TAL
  • issues: @Junior1 Excellent point Junior. I agree that it's a strong possibility with IBD saying we're in a correction. But Champ also made some good observations today. But the economy is good and one of these days the market will reverse back up. This is the last trading day of March, so I'm betting that April will be good.. Then there's sell in "May and go away." Which may not be the case this year. For me, steady as she goes. I am trying to do like Dan and not trading my Long Term Investments. But I keep violating that. I bought/added to theses : $CASA $PYPL $TAL $SMH $SQ $BZUN $AMAT $CNC $NVDA
  • stevertor: $TAL lookin' good right now
  • genki: $TAL$SQ@Dan For these two stocks, how would you set stops for swing trading positions. Thanks.
  • spmeyers: @genki $TAL $SQ a lot of breakouts have failed lately so I'd be careful with $TAL
  • genki: @spmeyers $TAL $SQ A 3% trailing stop?
  • spmeyers: @genki $TAL $SQ that's pretty tight but safer than putting it below today's low (which would be the textbook stop I think)
  • Gary: ...
    • Digital taxation on Google, Apple, Facebook? Based on where they generate revenue rather than where they are domiciled. Bottom line: All the governments want money. Period.
    $SPX – look at this wedge. Confidence shaken. Bulls will s ...
  • DAN: Good morning. It always feels good to return to work after taking some time away from trading. This time is no exception. But...I wasn't completely out of the loop and did do a bit of trading. Given how the market acted last week, how could I sta ...
  • Gary: ...
    $XME - are the metal tariffs making a big difference in the metal stocks? Not really.
    $MG133 - not much of a move.
    $MG131 - not much of a move.
    $DJUSST - not much of a move.
    VIDEO TWO: Growth Stock List
    1. $CASA -- putting this on list. Earnings T ...
  • bsafriet: $SPY. Some of the bigges losers I’ve been watching: $UTX -3.29%, $BA -3.50%, $LMT 3.94%, $CAT -3.50%, $TAL -4.13%, $NVDA -4.43% Ouch!!!
  • babas: @bsafriet $SPY $UTX $BA $LMT $CAT $TAL $NVDA Reversal on $CMI is also worth noting
  • petros06: @Dan in last nights video you attach $HQY to Triton but a few days age $TAL is attached to Triton. What did I miss?
  • bwcarnation1: confusing because there seems to be two companies Tal International Group which has merged with $TRTN and Tal Education Group Not sure both are public companies. $TAL is the education stock Dan has talked about quite often.
  • Henry: @bwcarnation1 $TRTN $TAL Way back in 2011 or so TAL was a container stock that @Aragorn followed. I think what happened was TRTN bought TAL the container stock, then TAL the education company came along and people think TRTN owns it, but it is totally separate.
  • petros06: AH, thx for the clarification. So $TAL should not have gone down like it did. Dumb people. Good thing I didn't get stopped out, almost did but not quite.@Henry $TRTN $TAL
  • DAN: @petros06 $HQY $TAL My mistake. Meant TAL, not HQY. I think I had a brain fart.
  • kprestonsharp: $TAL what happened to $TAL in the premarket?!? Can’t find news anywhere..
  • Henry: @kprestonsharp $TAL can’t find anything on twitter except fan boys who say it will be green by noon. I do better if I ignore Chinese stocks
  • BocaRick: @Henry $TAL $EDU also down, but on low volume.
  • DAN: $TAL -- crappy situation, but it turns out that Triton Container International merged with TAL Education a few years ago to form Triton International ($TRTN) in a stock for stock transaction. Triton just reported earnings. So while TAL still shows an earnings reporting date of April 26th, it's obviously wrong. Low for the day is $35.75, and the second support level ("S2") is 35.59.
  • Ottawagreg: @Henry $TAL #metoo
  • Mpower27: @DAN $TAL $TRTN wow ..... Nothing about that merger makes any sense to me.
  • Gary: ...
    11. $TAL – Total surprise to me. Above $37 and it starts filling the gap.
    12. $AAPL – Buffett has been buying this. “You’re not early (obviously), but you’re not late either.” Probably right...but this isn&rsqu ...
  • kprestonsharp: $TAL continues to work well.
  • kprestonsharp: $TAL broke above previous high.
  • Gary: ...
    3. $TAL – good price activity today. Volume a bit light, but under accumulation.
    4. $ATHM – tightening at $85. “Flag” pattern...watch this. Breakout above $87 starts next leg higher. Alert $87.
    5. $ROKU – IPO looki ...
  • Gary: ...
    4. $TAL - early entry last week. Has momentum for new ATH. Would keep stop below $33.
    5. $RST - earnings 3/13. EPS rating only 48, but RS is 93. Chart trade.
    6. $SEDG - time to take profits. This is done!
    7. $NVDA -- ATH
    8. $CARB - this is what ...
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $TAL TAL Education Group American Depositary Shares. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=TAL&clip=98120
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $TAL TAL Education Group American Depositary Shares. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=TAL&clip=97853
  • Gary: ...
    10. $MDXG – steep, deep and sloppy C&H. Would not buy it here b/c looks like still under pressure. But really good fundamental story. So it’s a sloppy chart, but 66% growth rate company.
    11. $UA – breaking out of a base. Ex ...
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Stock Price $USD 23.50
Change 2.49%
Volume 3,941,540

TAL International Group, Inc. is a lessor of intermodal containers and chassis. The Company operates in two business segments namely Equipment leasing and Equipment trading.

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