Avis Budget Group Inc. (NASDAQ:CAR)

Strategy Session July 13th, 2017

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  • tjv821: @champ $HTZ $car why isn’t car going along for a ride then?
  • champ: @tjv821 $HTZ $car --- Good question, don't know why.
  • bRobert: $CAR . Tighter consolidation. Reversal pattern . Higher used car prices go right to the bottom line. Reports 8/5 . Watching $CRON . $CGC . $TLRY . Long is wrong right now. Continues to break down
  • bRobert: $CAR WEEKLY MACD cross Reversal base $44/$50 with breakout np yet
  • tjv821: $CAR anyone like it here??
  • CraigReynolds: @tjv821 $CAR Do not own. Yesterday, very high option buying. No insight.
  • lostsheep: $CAR - post earnings bounce off the 200 ema
  • lostsheep: $CAR - If this move gets above 37.25 it bullishly engulfs the entire gap up back to 2/22
  • lostsheep: $CROX- nice little day trade off the downgrade. It's their time of year. $CAR - Trying to get back to test the 4/11 high ahead of earnings
  • lostsheep: $CAR - Looking to break out of recent range. Or maybe just at the top. watching
  • bRobert: @lostsheep $CAR A little short squeeze push 10%+ 8d to cover
  • woodman: @bRobert $FDX $R $ODFL $YRCW - and $CAR $LSTR $R
  • bRobert: $CAR Short squeeze still in play. C&H forming . Long partial.
  • bRobert: @WWWilly $HTZ Gap filled. Not dead . I'm in the other $CAR
  • WWWilly: @bRobert $HTZ $CAR Thanks. My Pinto blew up so I bought a used Vega. Not good with autos.
  • issues: @WWWilly $HTZ $CAR Edsel was the one you missed!
  • WWWilly: @issues $HTZ $CAR naw, I was to young then !
  • bRobert: $HTZ I wil be watching for a move >$20.60 HOD . $27 target with sustained breakout. np I liked the price action. Long $CAR
  • bRobert: $HTZ $CAR short squeezes
  • bRobert: $CAR short squeeze Flag trigger add
  • bRobert: $HTZ Gap and crap on earnings Watching this and $CAR for short squeeze to take hold
  • bRobert: $CAR $HTZ short squeezes getting more frisky
  • bRobert: $HTZ . This HTZ the shorts. 46% . 8d to cover. . Reports . atc. Pin action from $CAR
  • bRobert: $HTZ . Short squeeze will be goosed by earnings beat. (narrower loss) Up 16% . ah . Not unexpected given the $CAR . earnings .pop and run last week WEEKLY W . pattern $27 . target . Long
  • bRobert: $HTZ $CAR . short squeezes .
  • bRobert: $CAR . Reversal pattern completed to $34 . $HTZ . feeling no pain. oozing out in sympathy . Earnings 2/25
  • traderbren: @bRobert $CAR $HTZ - who would have thunk! I looked at $CAR yesterday ahead of their ER, but didn't take a position. Maybe folks are opting to rent a car from $HTZ and $CAR as opposed to getting Uber and Lyft. There was a time when these rental companies were selling off because of the Ride-Hailing companies.
  • bRobert: $HTZ . nearly 50% . short 9 days to cover . $CAR . 16% . short 7d to cover Monitoring . I have perhaps a few too many short squeezes to manage well.
  • bRobert: @traderbren $CAR $HTZ Higher Used car prices are a factor . High prices on sales gooses their bottom line. by reducing costs.
  • traderbren: @bRobert $CAR $HTZ - makes sense. Thanks
  • DrScience: #Airlines $ALK popping from a squeeze. Other airlines gaining altitude as $IYT uptrend continues. Rental $CAR upgraded at Goldman. $HTZ going along for the ride. Both up 9%.
  • Phxlab: @DrScience $ALK $IYT $CAR $HTZ #Airlines Any thoughts about shouting ALK or HA when LUV enters Hawaiian market?
  • Phxlab: @Phxlab $ALK $IYT $CAR $HTZ #Airlines Shorting
  • Margi1983: $CAR "Baby you drive my car, And maybe I'll love you".. up 7.27% since my entry on 6/8. Now hitting the 200 day of 42.24
  • Margi1983: $CAR Do we think this is dead cat bounce candidate?. 37.29 looks like decent support
  • JBed: @Margi1983 $CAR Sure looks like it - 3 days up from the low.
  • bRobert: $CAR weekly inv h&s target $62. 35% short interest last report.
  • ginice: @Geewhiz $FDX $BLD $CAR $MTOR $BABA $AAPL Yes, but I keep them at probable support/resistance. Ha!, I don't expect them to do miracles.... just reasonable levels for longer term runs.... it takes quite a move to spark them. But as an emergency rule they work ok. trade safe.
  • ginice: @ROSEY $FDX $BLD $CAR $MTOR $BABA $AAPL Yes'm I am doing well now, I feel good about my stock levels too... I hope everyone uses some kind of emergency stops.... Most traders don't have back up partners to fix these drops.... lol
  • ginice: Stopped out. ha! I had emergency surgery Tuesday on an incisional hernia repair. It is over an open repair abdominal aortic aneurysm from last year this happened this past Tuesday. This is one reason to have stops set. You never know when an illness is going to hit…. I was out of commission until Friday morning and my stops pulled me out of partial positions so I now have ½ cash after buying a few starter positions. Stops are so important on your positions…. If you’re not around. I use trade triggers (conditional orders)….. on all my trades short and long term. $FDX $BLD $CAR $MTOR – SOLD On Fridays cat tails - BTO $FDX $BLD $CAR $MTOR $BABA $AAPL add on’s or starter positions. Something to think about…. Trade safe.
  • Geewhiz: @ginice $FDX $BLD $CAR $MTOR $BABA $AAPL Feel better. Love your rules. I have similar ones in my head but never seem to do it. Expensive. Thanks for the reminder. Hope we all take note. No safety net equals KABOOM! Have a great weekend.
  • ROSEY: @ginice $FDX $BLD $CAR $MTOR $BABA $AAPL I have experienced the value of STOP LOSS also, so THANKS for posting. Hope all is working well with the surgery.
  • bRobert: $CAR . WEEKLY chart. Neckline retest held. Target $62.
  • ginice: $AAPL -- added to position. $CAR added @ 43.10 on a low bid. Trade safe
  • bRobert: $CAR . 50d bounce daily. Weekly 200 week bounce. Also successful retest $42 neckline of inverse h&s . Target $62. Long calls
  • bRobert: $CAR Staying in the middle of the road. Sideways consolidation for next move. Target $62 $HTZ same. Target $30's
  • bRobert: $CAR Target $62 Not extended
  • DrScience: @bRobert $CAR Timeframe on the $62 target? I see this: Stock is in the middle of the regression channel from the $21 lows, and if the trend continues, Probability Analysis says it reaches that level in August or September. But, RHRN, Money Flow analysis says traders believe the company's early guidance, and stock is in the process of resetting expectations. I don't see a need to hurry into the stock before earnings. It needs to get above the pre-guidance exuberance high of $50, and until then, it's stuck in the middle, just flopping around in a $10 range. IV Rank is 41, and options are pricing in a $7 move over the next 49 days including the earnings date (2/21). Selling premium ahead of earnings could get you the stock at a better level... Conservative entry: Sell the MAR 40 Puts @ 1.00, or better. Aggressive entry: Sell the MAR 45 Puts @ 2.60, or better.
  • bRobert: @DrScience $CAR Simple analysis. WEEKLY inverse h&s triggered with $62 target Neckline $42 ish. Throwback/retest resumption. SIMPLE. VERY high short interest to aid combustion The is a weekly chart. That is the time frame. Not a day trade.
  • bRobert: $CAR $HTZ Holding and going much higher. CAR $62 HTZ $33. Long from below via calls/spreads
  • ginice: @bRobert $CAR That looks good to me. It seems like the price action will give me a chance to add to position too. Thanks.
  • bRobert: $CAR Target $62 Weekly inv h&s breakout/throwback to neckline. Bounce
  • bRobert: $CAR Curious if any bought the gift pullback on this one. It never broke the neckline on the weekly inv h&s breakout with a $62 target. There was NOTHING wrong on the weekly. Drool then act when opportunities present themselves. There are a lot of characters out there who want your shares and are looking for weak hands
  • JLF: @bRobert $CAR Bought at 10:44 am at 44.57, thank you. Joe
  • Motorman: @bRobert $CAR Had a position in $CAR, started one in $HTZ 2 days ago which also was a gift.
  • DrScience: @bRobert $CAR Naw! We tossed that one to the curb, pulled an OJ, leapt over some itinerant luggage, bypassed the checkout counter, and stole a $HTZ rental... Up 16% vs 9%.
  • DavidM: @bRobert $CAR I had gotten stopped out of a small position on a late entry at 44.94 for a loss, bought back twice as much at 42.35. The loss is covered and then some. Added a FEB 45 C today. Thanks for keeping us informed on this one and so many others.
  • jwstich: @bRobert $CAR I followed your advice and bought more shares. I was just gettng ready to thank you on the forum when I saw your post. What was unfortunate is that I also bought Feb calls on both $CAR and $HTZ but I was stopped out. I was trying to mamage risk but set stops a little too tight.
  • ericks68: @bRobert $CAR I bought it the other day at just over 42 and just sold for a quick profit...maybe too soon but I'll look to reload after it gets above 46.32...Thanks for this and some other trade ideas
  • bRobert: $CAR throwbacks are to be expected. If you trade in the right time frame you'll see them and appreciated the opportunity they present when they bounce off the key retest area. In this case the neckline on the WEEKLY chart. I was/am trading from this chart. The stock had just ran straight up 50% prior to the pullback. Buying stocks after successful throwbacks is a very safe entry. It confirms the breakout and that what was resistance is now support. Same thing applies to volatility squeeze breakouts on the daily. I don't buy the breakout but I do buy the pullback/bounce. Safer and more reliable move
  • ginice: @bRobert $CAR I caught this one for a starter position @ 44.89 yesterday. Ha! I'm not real quick but I'll do....
  • bRobert: @ginice $CAR We are projecting a move to $62. We are just at $46. You don't have to be super quick. Just right .
  • issues: stopped out of my house $CASA with small loss. Oh well that's trading. Yesterday's buys/adds are holding: $CTRL $CRZO $SLCA $XPO $BAC $CVGI $OSTK. Today added to my $CAR. So I'm outta' ma' house and into ma car...
  • jwstich: @bRobert any thoughts on $CAR and $HTZ. I seem to have a very difficult time deciding what to do (sell after a bounce or buy more) when stocks I own (or want to own) have a big drop. What is your approach?
  • bRobert: @jwstich $CAR $HTZ I use the weekly charts primarily. That's my time frame for holding. I see nothing wrong with CAR. It had just moved up 50% in a straight line. Now seeing throwback to test neckline of inv h&s breakout. If bounces from neckline area, this will provide a good/safe secondary entry. Profit taking/pullback is healthy especially after a big run and in a weak tape/overbought market. Anything wrong with LMT, YY and many others that pulled back? imho My cost basis is from the $20's and low $30's. My weekly target is still $60+ until the chart tells me something different
  • jwstich: @bRobert $CAR $HTZ Thanks for your response. I appreciate your help and will watch and look for above mentioned parameters.
  • DragonFly: $CAR Whats up with this - buying op?
  • jwstich: @DragonFly $CAR Reported preliminary earnings. Market does not seem pleased. @bRobert has mentioned the stock on several occasions. Maybe he has some insight. From MarketWatch:



     

    Avis Budget Group CAR, - ...
  • Workinman: @DragonFly $CAR I got stopped out today with a 5% loss
  • DragonFly: @Workinman $CAR Down 8.5% this morning Thinking of picking up a starter position
  • woodman: @DragonFly $CAR ... and $HTZ - both whacked upside the head.
  • bRobert: $CAR nh Buy the pullbacks. Target $62. Same with $HTZ
  • bRobert: $CAR $HTZ Next leg.. CAR nh target $62 . HTZ . $31+
  • Workinman: $CAR Added cautiously this morning to my initial $CAR position which I've held since 12/18. It finally flipped green today.
  • bRobert: @Workinman $CAR Be patient.. Huge upside
  • Alexander: @bRobert $CAR $HTZ I am in too...since yesterday. Added more today. Thank YOU @Robert and @Workinman
  • woodman: @bRobert $CAR $HTZ - this morning, I bought back sold shares.
  • bRobert: $HTZ breaking out with $CAR. Again. Huge upside targets
  • woodman: @bRobert $HTZ $CAR - $HTZ looking good. I had sold some shares around a core, but bought back this morning.
  • bRobert: @woodman $HTZ $CAR good.
  • issues: @issues $UAL $SAVE $SKYW $LUV $ZNH #1 All worthy choices but the final winners are today's buys: $CAR $LUV $SKYW $CC $MTDR
  • bRobert: $CAR . Squeezing a bit. Very high target $62 . 50% upside. Not too shabby. High short interest.
  • Workinman: @bRobert $CAR I'm encouraged that it is staying on top of the 20dma. Trying to be patient with this one after a less than ideal entry.
  • Workinman: @bRobert $CAR Absolutely!! Working on the patience thing.
  • bRobert: @Workinman $CAR Look at the weekly inv head & shoulder. Target $62 . CAR made a 30% move and is consolidating sideways. Very strong. This stock has HUGE potential. It is not a day trading screamer. Sometimes you have to step away and let your employee work for you. Be patient. Like a good wine, a good stock sometimes needs a little time to breath
  • Alexander: @bRobert $CAR Robert, In my opinion $CAR should be a "contractor" category - not employee, since this is not steady growth stock like $FB or $BA
  • bRobert: @Alexander $CAR $FB $BA A rose by any other name is still a profit generating machine. I'm perfectly fine giving you the naming rights. ;)
  • woodman: @bRobert $HTZ - Turns out AAA made a faulty roadside repair for me yesterday. I should have had them tow me to $CAR.
  • bRobert: $CAR Flag / next leg up target $62
  • bRobert: Stocks to watch with upside mojo $ESPR $VRTX $NTES $DPZ $LOW $BIIB $STZ $YY $CVGI $GM $SLCA $FB $BABA $CAR $ULTA VRTX $169+ DPZ $210 LOW $105 (HD works) BIIB $350 NTES $450 BIDU $270 $370 YY $140 CVGI $18 GM $50 FB $200 SLCA $42 $50 $BABA $200 (AABA also) CAR $62 (HTZ works) ULTA $270 STZ Looking for opportunity on pullback post earnings add on pullbacks
  • traderbren: @bRobert $ESPR $VRTX $NTES $DPZ $LOW $BIIB $STZ $YY $CVGI $GM $SLCA $FB $BABA $CAR - looks like we'll have that oppty in $STZ.
  • Workinman: @Bridget $CARS #ipo I'm thinking maybe add to my position when $CAR gets around 46. Any thoughts?
  • Bridget: @Workinman $CARS $CAR #ipo Why not add at a point you consider support than near recent resistance. Seeing a nice pullback to the 20dMA. I think you can add here if you like this stock.
  • bRobert: @Workinman $CARS $CAR #ipo CAR Look at the weekly setup. Inv h&s target $62. good holding stock. 50% upside. Not too shabby. HTZ works also
  • issues: @bRobert $CARS $CAR #ipo cars looks like a bo to me. Better chart than car in my humble option. (sic)
  • bRobert: @ROSEY $TIF $PPG $TSE $LOGM $IO Entry/add $ULTA $ESPR earlier in day. $CAR $NUS huge upside Look at the weekly charts of PPG TSE LOGM . they have room to run. I don't buy when they're up. I wait for a little sale. eg ILMN ULTA. I own these from lower. YY pulled back $3 the other day in a phase 2 sale. Up huge since. Be patient.
  • bRobert: $CAR Getting ready to leave the garage on road trip to $62. Long
  • bRobert: @issues $CARS $CAR #ipo You can have more than one good employee. CAR has returned 100% for me. Not extended. 50% more on table. HIGH short interest rocket fuel. CARS has great charts. 25 -30% upside target. Like it.
  • bRobert: $HTZ nice setup. Target $30+ Long calls. $CAR sibling rivalry Target $62
  • bRobert: $CAR weekly flag Target $62 Long leap calls
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Stock Price $USD 50.34
Change 16.58%
Volume 5,762,440

Avis Budget Group Inc provides car and truck rentals and ancillary services to businesses and consumers in the United States and internationally.

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