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  • Angdionk: $SI moving along with Bitcoin
  • scottrades: @scottrades I forgot to mention #Bitcoin and #Ethereum. Looks like they came off their low overnight and gave us some nice reversals. Crypto stocks like $MSTR could be giving us a nice Green Day Bounce. Miners still in trend: $RIOT, $MARA, $HUT. Also keep an eye on $SI for a move out of it's base.
  • scottrades: $SI trying to go on volume.
  • cshanggu: $si fake out? Get stopped up from the lod, quite a loss
  • scottrades: @cshanggu $si Yep, not great price action. Hourly chart is fine but the Reversal isn't fun.
  • Momentariness: @scottrades $si From a day-trading perspective, I put my stop at the VWAP. Sometimes I get chopped but it usually saves me from a big loss
  • cshanggu: @Momentariness $si Thank you so much
  • scottrades: $SPY We’re in a Goldilocks Market...peep the EOD Volume. $QQQ We like this. $ARKK Sold my last bit. #Bitcoin and Ethereum JPM and My ETH Bullcase. $U Eye Popping Weekly $MSFT Working $AAPL In trend $TSLA Holding up but the batteries are running low. $ABNB Whippy but closed strong $PHM Holding the 50 Day $DHI Natural Reaction $LEN In trend $MTH Weekly C&r $SBUX Stole this idea from Bridget. At the 50 Day. $NVDA Tight - Earnings Next week $AMD Great volume today $IQV Long base. $SI Whippy $RIOT Watch next week $MARA Holding the 8EMA $COIN Needs a base or strength. $MSTR Don’t lose sight of these $HUT Riding the trend.
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY Rotation underway, how long will it last? $QQQ Weakness coming in. $DIA Great volume today $XHB Homies are Poppin’ $ARKK Letting some work but glad we sold some yesterday. $SLX Extended but working. $TAN Not ready yet but on watch. $XME Great volume, watch for a pullback. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Basing under resistance. $U Bought this today, great work in the forum! $LEN Mentioned before the open. $TOL Mentioned before the open. $DHI Another Homie to watch. $PHM Watch 55.80 $TSLA Still holding, Watching 720. $COIN Bump after Earnings but trying to go in the right direction. $RIOT Whippy but in trend. $HUT Grateful for moves like this. $MARA Holding up ok. $MSTR Drifting. $SI Trying to hold above the breakout level. $NUE Great volume today, no losses allowed now. $JBL Great volume today. $DKS Earnings August 25, watch 110.
  • scottrades: ...
    We’re seeing a nice pop in #Crypto stocks this morning as #Bitcoin holds up over 45K, for now. As you may have heard there’s some confusing language in the Infrastructure Bill that doesn’t make sense for a lot of Crypto Service Pro ...
  • Firemedic: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $COIN $MARA $RIOT $HUT $MSTR $SI $FB $GOOGL $MSFT $CRWD $CRM $DOCU $STLD $NUE $CLF $MT #Crypto #Bitcoin Scott , do you have a line in the sand for trimming $MARA, $RIOT. Below 8dma which I know you use a lot ?
  • scottrades: $SI Continuation
  • mkirchner24: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $COIN $MARA $RIOT $HUT $MSTR $SI $FB $GOOGL $MSFT $CRWD $CRM $DOCU $STLD $NUE $CLF $MT #Crypto #Bitcoin was Ted Cruz not always a hero??? 😂🤣
  • scottrades: I did see a question from Josh about bias on the Crypto Stocks. These have been working really well and when that happens it can be hard to see things clearly. The key, I believe, is to trade these in scales. You want to be part of the overall trend but that doesn't mean you have to be All In/All Out. Develop a scaled or tired approach and don't be afraid to trade around a position while it's working. $RIOT $MARA $HUT $MSTR $SI Hope that helps!
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY / $QQQ The longer above the MAs the better. $DIA Potential Back Test to the 8EMA $XLI Tight along the MAs $XLP Flag $TAN Nice volume today, chatter in the forum $SLX Mentioned before the open, nice moves today. $UUP U.S. Dollars close to breaking out. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum U.S. Government Stuff...yay. $RIOT $MARA $HUT $MSTR $COIN $SI $TSLA China numbers out tomorrow $NVDA Resting along the MAs $SQ Working but no real base. $SONO Earnings coming up, but keep an eye open for a potential trend change. $U Handling out, but Earnings close by. $AAPL Still consolidating. Watch 147 $CRWD Support at the 21 EMA $DOCU Still watching. $STLD Out of a flag $CLF Support under the 8EMA $NUE Great volume today $MT High Handle
  • bRobert: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $DIA $XLI $XLP $TAN $SLX $UUP $RIOT $MARA $HUT $MSTR $COIN $SI $TSLA $NVDA $SQ $SONO $U $AAPL $CRWD $DOCU $STLD $CLF $NUE $MT #Swing #Bitcoin #Ethereum
  • bRobert: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $DIA $XLI $XLP $TAN $SLX $UUP $RIOT $MARA $HUT $MSTR $COIN $SI $TSLA $NVDA $SQ $SONO $U $AAPL $CRWD $DOCU $STLD $CLF $NUE $MT #Swing #Bitcoin #Ethereum $SQ. has an fresh WEEKLY. high base. reversal breakout Retest.....Bounce. I couldn't ask for more Eye of the beholder
  • debeers: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $DIA $XLI $XLP $TAN $SLX $UUP $RIOT $MARA $HUT $MSTR $COIN $SI $TSLA $NVDA $SQ $SONO $U $AAPL $CRWD $DOCU $STLD $CLF $NUE $MT #Swing #Bitcoin #Ethereum --$RH up 13.85 today when other housing sank.
  • scottrades: $SI is a FinTech Bank and it's really nice and tight along the MAs.
  • scottrades: @Bwhitty #btc Let's go!! What a move... $HUT $RIOT $MARA $SI $MSTR
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY ATH $QQQ Tech resting a bit, the constant rotation continues. $DIA Above resistance, nice Weekly $SMH Coming back down to earth $IWM Rejected at the 50 Day. $BLOK Working. $ARKK Back into the cluster #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Boom! $MARA It’s $RIOT Going $HUT Up $MSTR Forever $SI Laura… $COIN Forever! $TSLA Pullback to the 8EMA. Not a great Weekly candle. $MSFT Still fine. $TWTR Watch the slope $ANET Basing. $ABNB Riding the 8EMA $AMZN Here’s the level I’m watching on this… $DOCU Watch 309 $CRM I think 254 is your next add point. $STLD In trend along the MAs $CLF Nice volume through the 8EMA $NUE Looks like the rest.
  • scottrades: My #SS Notes: Get your popcorn, Earnings Superbowl is next week! $AAPL $FB $TSLA $AMZN $PYPL $MSFT $GOOGL $SPY Trend is up. It’s July, take things slow. $QQQ Low Volume today. Support at Monday’s low. $ARKK 3 Days up. $SMH Nice bounce, needs a base. $TAN Needs a base $BLOK Trying to hold the 200 SMA #Bitcoin / #Ethereum - The B Word, E Word and D Word. $TSLA Choppy but not broken. $PYPL Working $SQ Nice move today $NVDA BAck above the 8/21 EMA $MRVL Nice day 3 $QCOM Earnings Next week $FB Earnings Next week $AMZN Around the 21 EMA. Earnings Next week $MSFT Above the 8EMA $ADSK SMM Alert $AVTR A little shake but closed above the 8EMA. $CVNA Weekly High $CRWD Nice base along the 21 EMA $IIPR Let it work $NOW Support at the 21 EMA $RIOT / $MARA / $MSTR/ $SI No bases but keep watch
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Looks like a mixed bag this morning but the trend is up and now is a great time to review your stops on winning positions. As an active swing trader, I like to break my positions up and have staggered stops. You never know when a n ...
  • scottrades: Keep your eyes on the Crypto Stocks as well today. $RIOT $MARA $MSTR $COIN $SI the newly up-listed $HUT. Not every pattern is the same but the first 3 are close to their 50 Day MAs
  • bRobert: @scottrades $RIOT $MARA $MSTR $COIN $SI $HUT I like. $RIOT. trade from here WEEKLY. flag trigger can move. Nice big. CUP
  • Hemal: @DAN $GBTC $ETHE $TSLA $ARKK #great-work #Crypto #Crypto #probably #yieldhogs #crypto #bitcoin #crypto In my opinion this noise is part of the process. It is important to learn to just ignore and skip whatever doesn't suit me. I am working on my process and I do not waste my time looking at stuff that doesn't fit my style. As it is I do not have enough time to work FT for 50 plus hours and manage my own portfolio. Just like you I have few tickers I may look at $GBTC, $ETHE, $COIN, $SI (That sums it up). I own $TSLA so there you go I have exposure to crypto. Now back to my research. Have a great night team.
  • coldevinc: $SI Got out on PB from recent high. Waiting to see next entry.
  • scottrades: $SI challenging the highs.
  • EricF1745: @scottrades $SI Good morning! Do you consider it buyable here?
  • Ajax4Hire: @scottrades $SI $SI-Silvergate Capital is a C.Woods $ARKF favorite(2nd largest holding). I own some $ARKF, only ARK fund I own. Completing a "W" pattern, just below 50day-MA. Remember, ARK funds are long(3-10year) horizon. Info on $ARKF:
  • scottrades: @EricF1745 $SI If you're not already involved, I'd wait to see how it closes. a strong close at ATH could be swingable.
  • EricF1745: @scottrades $SI Okay!
  • Rberrier123: Silvergate $SI is a financial company providing solutions to the crypto investor. Very strong uptrend. Worth watching. Owned from below, but expect new breakout.
  • DavidM: @mkirchner24 $STX #crypto Yes. Spent $200 on $STX around 11/13/20. Looks like I could sell it right now for $1,719. I have purchased small positions in a good number of alt coins and larger positions in $ETH and $BTC starting in November, 2019. I stopped putting new money in a few months ago and am shuffling things around a bit, turns out to have been a pretty good strategy, up around 500% on the entire package, although I might have been better off so far just sticking with the large positions in ETH and BTC. Most of the gains have been this year. I also hold significant positions in $GBTC and $ETHE in retirement accounts, along with $MARA and $SI. I probably ought to lighten up a bit across the board, although it has made for a pretty good 12 months or so. But then I have to deal with the taxes.
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: Just a note that I will be away from the forum on Tuesday and Thursday. I’ll be spending time with my family who is on Spring Break but it will not disrupt my Mon/Wed/Fri video schedule. Cheers! $SPY ATH! $QQQ Strong moves in FANG Stocks #Bitcoin Above all the major moving Averages $SMH A little extended, but in trend. $URA Nice move today $GBTC One Day will grow up to be an ETF. $RIOT Watch 58 $MARA Working $SI basing along the MAs $GOOGL Bought more today $INMD Great volume today. $AMAT Extended but fine. $INTC Looking good. $ON Also working well. $MU High Base $DT Not a clean pattern but close to the 50 Day $BIG Watch 72.50 $F Coiled $GM Good volume $FCX MAs are coiled $VALE Above the line $CCJ Nice Call Bridget $FDX Potential Flag
  • Docoof: @scottrades $SI coming up on 177
  • scottrades: @Docoof $SI Blockchain stocks looking good with the BTC Upside move.
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes $SPY Thanks J Pow... $QQQ Back above the 50 Day but a lot of leaders aren’t. #Bitcoin Noice Reversal $RIOT Watch 65 $MARA Watch 45 $MSTR At the 50 Day. $SI Watch 177 $VYGVF Thanks @Brett $SMH Through the 50 Day on Volume $AMAT Watch 121.50 $MU Off the 8EMA on good volume. $INTC Breaking out $QRVO Curling $AMKR Watch 24 $GOOGL Still in a range. $PLT Watch 45.50 $TME In a squeeze along the 50 Day. $BIDU Back in small along the 50 Day. $GM In trend. Never gave me a sell signal. $F Back to the 21 EMA $MSOS Tightening along the 50 Day. $ARLO Flagging along the 50 Day. $MOS Working $VALE Haven’t given up on you yet. $DIS Note the slope. $SONO Holding the 8EMA. $MA Daily flag.
  • Yuls: $SI broke above down trendline, might add if holds up
  • Wykeman: Did you get $SI at 102??. neither did i.
  • kbrowe: $SI #crypto. Up about 150% YTD and I'm probably late to the game. Reading research and ARK added to $ARKW portfolio in 2021. Recent bottom support level seems to be about $150 level, though it is trading above that level near ATH reached this month. NP yet, though watching for a pullback to support for better entry. Silvergate Capital is the parent company of Silvergate Bank. Silvergate Bank offers banking and payments solutions for innovative digital currency and fintech companies. It essentially works with big banks and institutions that want to trade in cryptos.
  • Docoof:
  • DAN: ...
    $SI -- rocket ship. These are all extremely risky b/c there is no ledge or stop. Only a slippery slope.
    $TSLA - $1.5 billion.
    $MSTR -- $500 million in July. Now $2 billion...assuming they didn’t buy more.
    $SQ -- 1% of asset allocation in $BT ...
  • charles23phelps: @DAN $NIO $SPY $MDY $IWM $QQQ $ARKF $GXBT $GBTC $MOGO $SI $TSLA $MSTR $SQ $BTC $DKNG $SAVE $SHOP $ZI $ZM $BIDU $NVTA $NLOK $NNDM $CODX The party has been amazing since $2... but yes!!!! we are just getting started! Cheers :)
  • rrchyyr: $SI Trying to break out of a volatility squeeze on huge volume.
  • DavidM: Took profits on 1/2 of my $SI. Looks like I was early.
  • DavidM: @scottrades $SI Another 23% today
  • DavidM: @scottrades $BITW $SQ $PYPL $RIOT $MARA $MSTR and tiny little $SI
  • scottrades: @DavidM Thank you David! I forgot about $SI
  • coldevinc: $SI Watching for pull back to buy more??? Or to see a continuation.
  • DavidM: $SI is overdue for a red day.
  • DavidM: $SI is at it again. Over 10% today.
  • DavidM: Very unusual day for me. Holding $CRSR, $SOLO, $GBTC, $SI and $NNDM. And a tiny chunk of $MARA and $HUTMF. Damn this day job :-(
  • scottrades: @DavidM $CRSR $SOLO $GBTC $SI $NNDM $MARA $HUTMF You spelled GREAT day wrong. :)
  • DavidM: @scottrades $CRSR $SOLO $GBTC $SI $NNDM $MARA $HUTMF "Great" is right, but so is unusual. Although not as unusual as it used to be :-)
  • DavidM: $SI Is anyone else in this one? It is a bank with earnings and a Crypto related kicker. Been long since May with a couple recent adds.
  • bRobert: @DavidM $SI I would have liked to. Lovely WEEKLY. squeeze break out which triggered. move. > IPO. high
  • DavidM: $SI Silvergate Capital has not been mentioned is a long time. Despite the name it is not a precious metals related. More than doubled since the September low. It is a bank with a crypto angle, building crypto related services to sell to other institutions. I bought a starter position in May and have added a couple times.
  • Forexpro: ...
    I'm not an expert on this stuff, at all. I've traded $GLD on occasion, with some success (and $NEM, almost always unprofitably), but I've never been involved with $SI. I do keep a comparison chart of the respective futures contracts up; perhaps it w ...
  • CraigReynolds: @Forexpro $GLD $NEM $SI $GC Thanks
  • Forexpro: @CraigReynolds $GLD $NEM $SI $GC You're Welcome, CraigReynolds, I should have added, implied vol in $SI (in absolute terms) is roughly twice as high as for $GC; 87.56 percent versus 39.55 percent. All the best!
  • numbers: IPO list of stocks within 20% of their all time high, * indicates they set a new high. I do my own split processing, I could have errors in the list. Watch volume, I have min volume of 35K, like $BCYC is extremely low $ALC * $ARCE $ARQT $ARVN $AVLR $BCEL $BCYC $BILI * $CDAY $DAVA $DOCU $FTSV * $GSHD $GSX $IGMS $INSP * $MRNA * $NET * $OYST * $PLAN $PRNB $RVMD * $SI $SMAR $STNE $TW $VIE $VIR * $ZM
  • Bert953: @numbers $BCYC $ALC $ARCE $ARQT $ARVN $AVLR $BCEL $BILI $CDAY $DAVA $DOCU $FTSV $GSHD $GSX $IGMS $INSP $MRNA $NET $OYST $PLAN $PRNB $RVMD $SI $SMAR $STNE $TW $VIE $VIR $ZM Thanks for this list. Is there a specific site you use to find IPO's? I use Marketwatch/ipo calendar
  • numbers: @Bert953 $BCYC $ALC $ARCE $ARQT $ARVN $AVLR $BCEL $BILI $CDAY $DAVA $DOCU $FTSV $GSHD $GSX $IGMS $INSP $MRNA $NET $OYST $PLAN $PRNB $RVMD $SI $SMAR $STNE $TW $VIE $VIR $ZM I take downloads every night from my vendor of all the tickers. I run an Oracle database where I have created software routines to that look at the tickers to determine when they first came to market, right now I use 500 days for IPOs. I cannot give out certain information that I have like industry groups or tickers OHLCV because of data rights.
  • Auto: $AUY $SI $ACAD $AMZN added
  • scottrades: #IPO $SI getting a $19 Price Target from Barclays. Watch above 16.90
  • Auto: @scottrades $SI #IPO I like it RHRN
  • geotheo: #IPO There are quiet period expirations on Silvergate Capital ($SI), Galeria Therapeutics ($GRTX), Centogene ($CNTG), Q&K ($QK), Tela Bio ($TELA) and 36Kr ($KRKR) on December 2, as well as ECMOHO ($MOHO) on December 3.
  • ccrown4: $SI @Tim $S Good morning and TGIF. Maybe go skiing today as it looks to be sunny here in Flagstaff. Hey, thanks for the article on 3D printers. A company that we don't mention often here in the forum is SI. Not only are they into 3D but they make a lot of railcar locomotives. Great company, look at their chart. I wish I was long.
  • kfondue: $LH MTD $PKI ALR $SI TMO A I've been thinking Lab and Research Instruments/ Services/ Equipment, and Pharma heads have an opinion? Thanks in advance (edit typo)
  • Forexpro: ...
    My perusal of the NFL preview issue of $SI was interrupted by a WSJ tweet to the effect that $VZ and $VOD have a agreed on a sale of the 45% of Verizon Wireless owned by $VOD to $VZ for $130 bn. Nice weekend for the investment bankers. Supposedly, p ...
  • moneytaker: List of Squeezes/Expansions ? I have about 1900 stocks that I consider my close friends in my database. The rules to be a friend are: price >= $1 when friended, they must have greater than 250K share per day in three consecutive 10 day periods, not ...
  • Henry: $SI This European version of $GE is down 3% on earnings. Earnings reports up the wazoo over there as well. #CNBC International has a green/red stock board like our US version. They had theirs first. They actually reported "there is green on the top and red on the bottom." It would be BREAKING NEWS here interrupting someone in mid-sentence. Not everyone I listen to thinks this is the bounce off the bottom of the range. I often look at other charts than my TC2000, because they don't have all the indicators and "stuff" I put on my charts and they look different and sometimes give a different perspective. My go to futures chart just doesn't look like higher lows to me. click on $D for daily good luck today
  • Diana2010: $SI - I don't have a position but I've been thinking about the benefit they have had from the weaker Euro this quarter and I'm tempted to buy some calls. But the market and news flow are so horrible...
  • 777Steve: hooked... I just go to my android_settings/Wireless and network/USB utilities/ then punch "Connect storage to PC" That pops-up a $USB utilities dialog advising me to "Connect $USB cable to use mass storage." Then I connect the cable and punch "Conn ...
  • iron: $SI Tight bb bottom of it s range. Looking for opinions
  • markor01: KMP....people bought this as a safety trade due to it's #dividend $SI if risk is back on, this may now under perform as people chase riskier stocks with more gain potential. But still a great buy and hold, $IMO
  • Suzie: SMM & OMM just got worldwide props by the S&P Futures desk at the CME. (Oct-20 11:02:18 AM): we have known Suzzy aka @Suz for almost 2 years / she is nearing a new deal - @Suz trades DAX, $ES, GC, $SI & $CL, also index #options and a wide variety of equity #options and if that is not enough... was mentored by @Dan Fitzpatrick, owner of and He is also an author for Real Money Pro.
  • Diana2010: $F - I spent much of the long weekend trying to buy a car for my college age son. We decided on the 2012 Ford Focus hatchback after discovering that the Honda Civic $SI will not be available until September.

    It turned out to be an incredibly frus ...
  • rknight52: Telecom - anyone looking at the Telecom area today? Several interesting charts in $ALU, $VZ, $CTL, $SI, PCS. Considering some entries here.
  • rknight52: $CTL, $SI, $PCS - took some starters in each of these today. Risk pretty well defined on each.
  • gljohnson1947: APKT @hambone glad I could be of some help because so many here have helped me. During earnings season I am looking for lots of cushion below support. It can be hard to find, just wish $SI had done more apkt but it's been a good trade so far. I have a bid to buy the 55's and 57.5's back for a nickle and redeploy the cash. Looking today at $CTXS 62.5 PUT FOR .20 , 3%RETURN OR THE 60'S $FOR .10 $FOR 1.66%. It looks like support is around 65 to 68. I see this as a lower risk trade. Hope this helps. Good luck G.L.
  • gljohnson1947: $APC Liked the take over talk and was going to buy the stock, but decided to buy the Jan 80 calls yesterday. cost much less and still gets me long. So far so good. If the predictions of a 90.00 to 105.00 price target works out it could be a good t ...
  • Tricia: $PAY - phew .... held through earnings. Looks like is up 6 % after hours. This is a #Cramer favorite. Anyone holding Siemens (SI) 108 to 120 after hours? CEO gets 9 mil euro. I am in the wrong job - sigh. Long $SI since August 2009.
  • debrup: Todays premarket gaps: Gapping up: FMR +40.8%, $TNAV +16.3%, $MWW +10.4%, $CSTR +10.2%, $PWER +8.9%, $VVUS +8.6%, $OPLK +8.2%, $MXIM +6.1%, $DECK +6.0%, $AXTI +5.5%, $SHOR +4.8%, $BMC +4.6%, ACOM +3.0%, $EXPE +3.0%, $MU +2.4%, $SWI +2.3%, $FII +2.1%, $HLIT +2.0%, VSEA +1.8%, $KLAC +1.5%, $SHPGY +1.2%. Gapping down: $NUVA -25.7%, $AMAG -22.3%, $EXAS -18.3%, CRBC -10.7%, $PIP -8.6%, GPRO -8.3%, $IRE -7.3%, CNXT -7.0%, $FSLR -6.7%, $GNW -5.4%, $NBG -4.3%, APKT -4.1%, $SUN -4.1%, PURE -3.9%, $HAL -3.7%, $MXWL -2.9%, $CRH -2.9%, $SI -2.5%, $MTW -2.5%, $MET -2.2%, $CLF -2.2%, $MT -2.0%, $YGE -1.8%, $ABB -1.8%, $TOT -1.8%, SPWRA -1.7%, IM -1.4%, $JASO -1.3%, SOLF -1.2%, $GOLD -1.1%, $TSL -1.1%, $CSIQ -1.0%. Happy hunting
  • muwe: $SI Siemens - still moving higher. Got partially stopped out at 111.90 (25%), riding remaining 75% higher, raising stops. Any idea on the future performance of SI?
  • muwe: $SI still riding Siemens from $90/$94, now at 114$. Raised stop to $112. Thought they compete with $GE, but $GE is not doing as well. Wonder why?
  • christmashill: $SI They only compete with $GE in the electrical sector (generators etc) $GE is a giant conglomerate with a tentacle in everything. Their exposure to the financial mess has been hurting them more than their exposure to better performing sectors can counter.
  • muwe: $SI (Siemens) keeps going up. Bought around 90 and again around 94; ready to take some profits. I guess they compete with $GE, but don't have the banking problem.
  • aragorn555: - Biotech Stock - Below is a link for a news release about the promising results of their drug compounds. Below is part of the announcement. This company is a David against Goliath. They have a real compound Onconase that acts in a fashion li ...
  • jojo1480: CREE- news blurp from fid atp, a report from a DealReporter indicating that bankers are pitching the company to $SI and other potential buyers, call/put ratio today is 8:5, let 's see if this dog holds up at the end of day, the usual is that it will tank. I have held a core position before earning came out 10aug and the big swoosh sell off. In the dog house with the sep55 calls as well. Another wonderful tax write off. Long $CREE commons and Calls.
  • tleinad: $SI - @DAN - In need of your experience to explain how/why this stock trades in such large and frequently gaps??? The chart on this one looks like it was hit by a shotgun blast. @Dan.
  • DAN: Siemens is an ADR. A foreign stock. It trades in the overseas market. So each day, when the market opens in New York, the opening print of $SI is impacted by the action in other markets. You'll see many chinese stocks exhibit the same behavior.
  • tleinad: $SI - Thanks. I knew you'd know. @Dan
  • DAN: Only thing I'm risking is carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff impingement from pointing too much. Move this! Careful over there! That's a COMPUTER! Be careful please. Stop looking at my $SI Swimsuit magazine. Don't break the dishes. Hey, you over there. Please unplug the stereo from the wall before you start taking it out to the truck. Yes, those are boxes of 45 caliber ammo. No, they won't explode in your hot truck, but you can put them in my trunk if you are uneasy about them. It's supposed to be a stressful day, but I'm trying to approach it as a relaxing, low stress day. Not sure how well I'll do, but I do believe in the power of attitude. As the saying goes, "attitude equals altitude". My gosh, I am really loving $AAPL and BIDU...and they are loving me right back.
  • sterry: SPX, $SI, @12:41. Lunch time on the east coast, and we're all getting ready for another big dump. Everybody left work early... and not to mention $SI Swim Suits just came out. :) edit: "big dump"... we're getting 12 more inches of snow on top of the 30" we're still clearing from Friday.
  • rcline: The infrastructure plays, particularly those with power exposure: $ABB, $SI, $GE, etc. The engineering companies: $FLR, $KBR, $JEC, $SHAW, etc. Cheers, @Ray
  • Jester: $SI (Siemens) Breaking out of a v #squeeze and half way up in its trading range. Currently trading around $96.5 and $102.5 has proven to be resistance the past two times.
  • jvkeane: $SI Looks like the dreaded rounding top to me. (daily) MACD setting lower highs and lows with each cycle.
  • Medlar: ...
    $OVTI * OmniVision Technologies Inc. * gapped down
    $PLX * Protalix BioTherapeutics Inc. * gapped down
    $SPLS * Staples Inc. * gapped up
    $TTM * Tata Motors Ltd * gapped up
    (9 items)


    $STZ * Constellation Brands Inc. * gapped down
    $ ...
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Siemens AG is engaged in electronics and electrical engineering. The Company's operations are focused on three sectors namely Industry, Energy and Healthcare.

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  • January 19th, 2022 - 2021 Q4 Earnings
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