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  • champ: $CRWD....HOD
  • Sluggo: $CRWD $COUP Did a nice overnight trade in the forum on $CRWD last week. This is the last of the mohicans standing up in the security cloud area. $COUP is forming an interesting wedge pattern which will resolve. Looks like to the upside depending on what the market does.
  • Sluggo: $ZS $OKTA $PFPT $MIME $CRWD $RPD $QLYS $CYBR All cloud security stocks. $ZS and $CRWD best of the bunch until $ZS fell today on a downgrade from some guy in his garage. That leaves $CRWD intact. Group is falling since end of July and is having a hard time getting up. I am not in this group now.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD Gap up and running...
  • Sluggo: $CRWD In at $91.81 yesterday, added upon confirmation at $95.15 today.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD Monitoring this trade. Looking for support at $93.50. Cost $91.81 & $95.15 so at $93.50ish still a profitable trade.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD Back above VWAP. If you are in this trade, set your stop at $93.50 now. No more monitoring this trade.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD One minute wedge pattern resolving to the upside.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD @Dan, I am doing a 2 day or so trade on $CRWD and noticed that it formed a one minute wedge that is resolving to the upside. Not really a question, but it is cool how these patterns work on all time frames.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD Just broke above HOD. My goodness, the minute wedge chart formed this morning and worked to the upside.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD I don't know if anyone payed attention to me and is in this trade, but it you are, raise your stop up to the VWAP now.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD $ZS $COUP Noticing that a lot of the cloud stocks came out of the gate quietly, formed a wedge and took off about 30min ago.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD Breaking out from a minute consolidation after taking off after a wedge resolution to the upside. In other words, double breakout.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD End of 2 day trade. Bought at $91.81 yesterday and added at $95.15 today, avg cost $93.48. Sold 1/2 at $97.05 and the other half at $96.75. Why did I sell? Broke trend even though it is still above VWAP. I do these trades blow by blow a couple of times a week in the forum. I did a day trade on $JNUG earlier this week blow by blow. It was nicely profitable. If I am whistling in the dark, let me know. I can do these trades without listing them in the forum as they unfold. Actually, that's easier for me.
  • lostsheep: @Sluggo $CRWD $JNUG Thanks and congrats
  • brett_anderson: @Sluggo $CRWD $JNUG certainly not whistling in the dark. i'm listening :)
  • Sluggo: @brett_anderson $CRWD $JNUG That's all I wanted to hear. I am really not looking for affirmation here, but I just want to make sure that I am not doing this for nada.
  • brett_anderson: @Sluggo $CRWD $JNUG i get it. honestly, from my perspective, i'm still learning soooo much each day. although i did not make a trade on $CRWD, it 100% helps to look at and study what others are doing. by identifying how, when, and why you make decisions i'm working to get to the point where i can feel somewhat comfortable doing so on my own
  • Robert1965: @Sluggo $CRWD $JNUG Thanks for your posts it helps me
  • Sluggo: @brett_anderson $CRWD $JNUG Even if you don't participate with moola on the trade, it at least takes you through a trade minute by minute so that you can get used to it.
  • Sluggo: @Robert1965 $CRWD $JNUG You're welcome, Robert ;-) Posting about stock activity is one thing. Putting a blow by blow trade in real time in the forum is either going to irritate the seasoned veterans and newbies or not.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD Turns out I was right on the sell on this (see earlier posts). It broke trend around $97.00 where I sold. Currently down at $96.18, skirting the VWAP.
  • Sluggo: @brett_anderson $CRWD $JNUG Well, isn't that the point? ;-) I traded for almost 20 years with sporatic results. Dan put that into a process for me. I am a lot happier and don't sweat the downturns anymore. I just want to pay that forward. I sleep better and make more money.
  • cgendro1: @Sluggo $CRWD $JNUG no irritation here! I may be a trend trader but I have done a few day trades and swings with success thanks to exposure to the experience of folks like you. People can read and learn or ignore. I appreciate it
  • Sluggo: @cgendro1 $CRWD $JNUG Thanks, my friend. I will put another trade on next week. As I say, you don't have to participate. It's just a learning tool. I just want to make sure I have someone with me or behind me as I do the minute by minute.
  • brett_anderson: @Sluggo $CRWD $JNUG for sure, and thank you. so far, my results have been sporadic as well. make money sometimes, lost a decent amount in the beginning. honestly, i think this is a wonderful thing (and maybe) part that many of us are missing: an in-depth, granular look at why and when certain trades were made. i often see that stock 'XYZ' is breaking out or working. unfortunately, it's usually too late to get in at that point. others who are smarter than i are probably in, but it's nice to know the why / how behind being in at the right time. #tradingcasestudies
  • Sluggo: $CRWD Probably resulting from boredom, but I bought a starter in at $91.81. Just above the 20d, but the risk is defined. Yeah, sometimes I go a little bit from my thinking process, but, as I said, I am bored.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD Let me start by saying that this is my only high beta stock. Got in at $91.81 at toward the LOD. It will probably be a swing trade, but who knows?
  • Sluggo: $CRWD Yeah, I know that $HACK is not performing well. Just basing this on the stock performance. As I said, it will probably end up being a swing trade.
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $CRWD $HACK $CRWD Cost $91.86 Again, I do this for the newbies. I am not beating my chest. I am taking a loss these days like the rest of us.
  • Sluggo: @JBed Purchased today: $NUGT $HSY $CRWD
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $NUGT $HSY $CRWD oh, yes, and $PG
  • Mounty: Correction $CRWD
  • Herb: Strong ipo's: $PLMR $CRWD. Bad-looking ipo: $REAL
  • billfumick: $CRWD #NH
  • DAN: $CRWD moving. HIgh volume and likely to break through $100 bucks.
  • champ: @DAN $CRWD --- That move started right on that news, 5-minutes after the open.
  • Ringo: $CRWD - I agree I have a small position on this. chart looks good
  • Sluggo: @Ringo $CRWD I put in an alert at $93. Full plate now, but who knows?
  • Bridget: $CRWD another #ipo that continues to look strong. New high
  • Rickg: $CRWD $AEM $TER Another shot at $TER
  • Tinker97: $Crwd hitting new highs just now just wanting to mention it
  • Rickg: Check out $AKAM $CRWD $ICE $PAYC $LAUR $NUVA These are the only decent ones I could find that are not down. Oh yeah, $TTD got stopped out and I bought back on a big reversal..
  • Herb: @Rickg $AKAM $CRWD $ICE $PAYC $LAUR $NUVA $TTD $CRWD good-acting ipo
  • Herb: Some decent-acting IPOs: $CRWD $LK $TPTX $PSN $ARVN $ZS $PINS $HHR $PLAN $ZM $GO $GH
  • jlutzkanin: $CRWD is Moving
  • Amykris: If ur waiting for entries, these kind of pullbacks r what u want. I am getting positions started $TWLO $MA, $AAPL, $CRWD today. Some r longer term holds, some r for trades. Stops r in place, but these type of pullbacks r when I start to get excited
  • jonwest88: @Amykris $TWLO $MA $AAPL $CRWD added back a small portion of $TWLO to my LT portfolio that I sold in the past two weeks. Also nibbling at $NVDA, $TEAM, and $SIVB, adding back some from recent sells.
  • JohnStockNewb: What I find tough about newer IPOs is there is not enough data history which leaves me to reading the latest news about each business. Seems more speculative to me so I set risks very low just in case. It gives a chance to get in on the ground floor with possible serious growth. Any thoughts? Newer IPOs ============ Crowdstrike Holdings Inc $CRWD <-- still uptrending BridgeBio Pharma Inc $BBIO <-- positive news but no movement Medallia Inc $MDLA <-- positive news but little movement Zoom Video Communications Inc $ZM <-- positive news but little movement I was doing really well on $LK and yesterday big fall and I got stopped out Luckin Coffee Inc $LK After their earnings report this took a big hit... Beyond Meat Inc $BYND
  • PhilHarmonic: @JohnStockNewb $CRWD $BBIO $MDLA $ZM $LK $BYND My Thoughts -- "possible serious growth" requires that you be a longer term holder and so you would have to keep the stock through many down moves of 10% or greater. You have to decide if your purchase is for a trade or a long term hold. And you have to understand the relationship of position size and stop loss, to risk. And you have to understand that the news you read about a stock is often written by Financial Public Relations folks who are promoting other peoples interests.
  • JohnStockNewb: @PhilHarmonic $CRWD $BBIO $MDLA $ZM $LK $BYND Thank you for your insights! I am looking at long term but I do not feel secure in making the decisions on new stocks like these since there is so little performance history.
  • phgruver: @JohnStockNewb $CRWD $BBIO $MDLA $ZM $LK $BYND Go to the tutorial's section, and check out the videos under "IPO Strategy". That should explain a lot of how @Dan views IPO's. My quick take, of the ones you've listed, only $CRWD is invest-able RHRN.
  • JohnStockNewb: @phgruver $CRWD $BBIO $MDLA $ZM $LK $BYND Thank you! I will watch the video. I did have some $CRWD stock and sold it when it slowed down I got nervous. I am still too new and trying to formulate my plan. Dan's videos are helping along with Minervini's books.
  • CraigReynolds: @JohnStockNewb $CRWD $BBIO $MDLA $ZM $LK $BYND Watch Bridgets video on IPOs. She takes about what your asking. Believe in the educational section.
  • Herb: Some good-acting recent IPO's: $CRWD $PLMR $LK $HHR $ARVN $PLAN $ZS $PSN $GO $YETI
  • tnt: $CRWD up 4%, I am locking in some profits here
  • tnt: $CRWD continues to drift higher up the wall of worry about valuation. Fund managers want to be in this sexy name and will pay up for it. We are headed to $100. I continue to add on intraday dips and I am pretty close to a full long position.
  • tnt: $CRWD climbing the upper bollinger band like a champ after very strong earnings. I bought the morning dip and I think we are headed to $100 before the move is over
  • champ: $CRWD....real strong....climbing...higher guidance.
  • tnt: @champ $CRWD I am definitely buying any dips on this one
  • champ: @tnt $CRWD --- Yes, you have to try, to catch a dip. All of these tech stocks are dancing all over the place. Hard to know what to do...they are hard to hold and also hard to trade. $OLED bounced again... $7.00 off of LOD today.
  • rachel: STRATEGY SESSION NOTES 072219 COTD: $AAPL starting an earnings run? $SPX – Stocks holding firm here. $DJI – short term floor. $QQQ – same. Stable. $NUGT -- consolidating 1. $IIPR – Off the GSL. Stop should have been just below $120...or not in at all. 2. $AMZN – staying in the box? 3. $CYBR – flag pattern. 4. $PAYS -- $150 million of securities “over time.” 5. $NFLX – might rebound tomorrow...but only for an aggressive trade. Any demand is likely to be sold into. 6. $BYND – good trading today. 7. $CRWD – looks like this is leading to a blowoff. 8. $AXP – looks like $125 support in this uptrend? 9. $HXL – squeeze. 10. $JYNT – Forum stock. C&H breakout with pivot at $20 bucks. Revenue growth very consistent at 26/qtr. Earnings just starting to kick in. Lots of accumulation.
  • issues:
  • rachel: @issues $AAPL $SPX $DJI $QQQ $NUGT $IIPR $AMZN $CYBR $PAYS $NFLX $BYND $CRWD $AXP $HXL $JYNT Videos are on their way shortly. Posted the notes first today
  • issues: @rachel $AAPL $SPX $DJI $QQQ $NUGT $IIPR $AMZN $CYBR $PAYS $NFLX $BYND $CRWD $AXP $HXL $JYNT Thanks Rachel!
  • bRobert: @Rjeletrik $CRWD Blue sky post IPO territory
  • Rjeletrik: $CRWD up 18% premarket. Nearing 79.89 buy point
  • Rjeletrik: @bRobert $CRWD Thanks
  • tnt: @Rjeletrik $CRWD I sold ahead of earnings and sure wish I hadn't. I will buy any significant dips going forward.
  • rachel: ...
    $CRWD – I would sell this here.
    $LYFT – could buy here, with fairly loose stop.
    $DIN – Support at 50-day MA.
    $PLAN – Bridget’s stock still smoking.
    $AUDC – wait for sign of support before doing anything. Breakout ...
  • lostsheep: $CRWD earnings after the bell but popping a bit for a day trade
  • Amykris: Started position in $CRWD. Looks like a company that could be a candidate for growth stock list in the future. Cyber security play small float.
  • JeremyM: @Amykris $CRWD Might be a bit risky buying the same day as earnings
  • Amykris: Heads-up on $CRWD position, earnings are this evening. Public service announcement.
  • lostsheep: $CRWD looks like the market likes earnings
  • bsafriet: $CRWD E/R reports revs and eps in-line but guides Q2 eps and revs above consensus. Trading at $78.70 + $7.70 Long stock and short Aug-16 $80 calls.
  • shoredriver: $CRWD...Reports Thursday after..options looking at an approx 9% move.....
  • fishing777: $CRWD...note intra day low for past 3 days was $70.50 .. I took a starter position with that premise.
  • Robert1965: $crwd up in PM 75.+, still going
  • JJJ: @rachel $SPX $DJI $NDX $OMCL $TWLO $CYBR $MIME $ATUS $AMZN $AUDC $BYND $CRWD $PLAN thank you for your concise review/updates. perfect.
  • lostsheep: $CRWD taking out the high fron 7/8.
  • tnt: @lostsheep $CRWD Keep in mind earnings are July 19. I am trimming here and I don't plan to hold through earnings
  • lostsheep: @tnt $CRWD not much between here and 79 if there's enough demand to get back here ????? Money trying to find any place it can go right now.
  • bsafriet: @tnt $CRWD EarningsWhispers has $CRWD E/R Jul 18 AMC, confirmed. Haven’t checked the web site for the press release.
  • champ: $CRWD, up of the best trades of the Day.
  • Robert1965: @champ $CRWD have you added to the initial buy
  • champ: @Robert1965 $CRWD ....No
  • rachel: DAN'S STRATEGY SESSION NOTES 071019 COTD: Tesla bulls have the ball. $SPX – don’t fight the trend. $DJI – 27,000 top $NDX – breaking out. Growth Stocks: $OMCL – started a position? Stop goes below 50-day MA $TWLO – how are you trading this? $CYBR – back where it belongs. $MIME – breakout $ATUS – Morning session stock. $AMZN – due for a rest. $AUDC – breakout and reverse. Needs to reset $BYND – starting to move again. $CRWD – morning session stock. $PLAN – still going. Can’t buy here, but you should still be holding.
  • lostsheep: $CRWD after the bearish hammer yesterday, back in business off the 8ema this morning. will be interesting if it holds through out the day
  • lostsheep: $CRWD- upgraded and moving
  • DrScience: $CRWD analysts weighing in with price targets on the month-old IPO. From Marketwatch:

    CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. shares (CRWD) are up 2.9% in premarket trading Monday after at least nine analysts initiated coverage of the cybersecurity stock with b ...
  • champ: $CRWD...moving....up $3....7-upgrades this morning, take a look.
  • champ: $CRWD...still working, up over $4 or 6% now....
  • champ: $CRWD $RVLV $EPAM....took profits on these trading positions, 1/2 around HOD and the other 1/2 going into the close. Professional traders are all back at work, traders ran these positions up way too fast and others followed, but they just couldn't hang onto their gains. However $EPAM, still looks positive....and I'm swinging small size on this one, back down to a better swing size.
  • tnt: $CRWD Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence play. Recent IPO in June. So far holding IPO lows and symmetrical triangle setting up for a move back to the IPO highs at $80. If we take new IPO highs, you know the old saying "$80 stocks go to $100"
  • Herb: Strong ipo's: $CRTX $CRWD $PSN
  • borden_john: $CRWD looking good today
  • infocus: $CRWD @DAN Thanks for mentioning this chart in the Live Trading Session today. Made a nice profit in the first 12 or 13 minutes and cashed in. Please keep doing the "trade along with Dan" feature. Very helpful in this kind of market`. ;>)
  • DAN: @infocus $CRWD Great to hear, infocus. Congratulations! We'll keep doing them.
  • CraigReynolds: @Dan Learned a lesson about market/limit orders trading $CRWD. Costly lesson. Good job teaching, bad job on my part trying to trade this way.
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