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  • bogiedog1: $BOX Working a day trade off the open.
  • HGIGuy: @bogiedog1 $BOX I could only do it as a 59min trade, but made a nice profit too. It has turned into a nice swing trade, but don't think I would hold it overnight.
  • bogiedog1: @HGIGuy $BOX Congrats! I was out within an hour of the open too, left some on the table, but happy with the trade.
  • Sher: $BOX - Entered squeeze pattern, 3-19-19 - Looks like 4-18-19 low of $18.37 marks bottom, for now, following harsh Feb. ER sell-off - Stock up 5.6%, today; Forever long Sept. call positon now up 40% - Q1 earnings are a month out... Hope John N. continues to pump this one up on FM!
  • Sher: $BOX – Early entrance squeeze - Sideways consolidation since huge earnings sell-off, 4 weeks ago – VWAP holding as support, albeit by a hair’s breadth – Holding long Sept. calls.

    $JBLU – New position – Think airli ...
  • Sher: ...
    $BOX – 3rd reversal day off 3-8-19, $18.43 low – Holding/adding to long Sept. $20 call position.

    Prior 2-25-19 post: Back in with Sept. $20 calls @ $2.85 – Had taken profits on sizeable March call position prior to earnings, yeste ...
  • CraigReynolds: $MRK added to May 85c ; $JD added to May 28c ; $BOX added to Sept 20c ; $SIRI started May 6c ; $PFE added to May 43c
  • Sher: ...
    $BOX – Believe 3-8-19 $18.43 low marks temporary bottom, for now – Back above VWAP with 3.5% gain, today – Long Sept. $20 calls.

    $ACB – German market potential - 10:49 AM ET, 03/11/2019 - Reuters:

    ** U.S.-listed shares of ...
  • Sher: ...
    $BOX – Probably premature, but $BOX is actually up in this negative tape and looks like it might be trying to put in a bottom, after its nightmarish post-earnings sell-off - I’m long Sept. $20 calls – Stock currently @ $19.05.

    Ev ...
  • Sher: @Pcdentist $BOX $JD $CYH $DBX $MRK - You made my day... thank you!
  • debeers: $BOX-went to the shredder this am pre-down 24.9% $SQ-ran too hot and its backtracking this am having missed on revs. Expect down 10-15%
  • PJMR11: @debeers $BOX $SQ Last night $SQ held at $74. Took a position at that point. Let's see how it reacts this morning but 10-15% seems high to me.
  • PhilHarmonic: @debeers $BOX $SQ These large declines that occur after hours are treacherous and can destroy an investor who is overweight in these stocks. Risk management is does not apply to such situations which occur frequently.
  • PJMR11: @PhilHarmonic $BOX $SQ Agree. Will not sell in after hours but do look for opportunity to pick up a stock where I think selling has gone too far. I have a tight leash on SQ if it continues down in the opening rotation.
  • mikespear: @PJMR11 $BOX $SQ I opened an iron condor yesterday, expires tomorrow, sold call 85. put 72, bought calls 86, puts 71. Lets see how the IV drop works.
  • debeers: @PhilHarmonic $BOX $SQ -Well. Yes and no, Phil. Trimming holdings before earnings can cut risk. For me, that doesn't work but it works for a lot of folks. If i believe in a co and have a firm grasp of what it can and cannot do, i'll gladly dip buy. That's why a cash stash is important to me.
  • debeers: @PJMR11 $BOX $SQ -remember i posted when the futures were down 65-75.
  • Sher: $JD - Now I wish I hadn't sold half of my call position, EOD, yesterday! Then, again, I'm grateful I didn't sell all... Stock is "rocking" on 22% revenue rise; up 12% pre-market - After last night's generalized earnings bloodbath, I was nervous, for sure. $BOX - I did, however, sell out of my entire Mar. call position here, yesterday, and am grateful I followed my gut on this one - Hemorrhaging 22%, this morning.
  • coldevinc: @Sher $JD $BOX You were smart. Look what happened to $SQ
  • Sher: ...
    $BOX – Back in with Sept. $20 calls @ $2.85 – Had taken profits on sizeable March call position prior to earnings, yesterday – Even with multiple downgrades, today, average PTs are in the mid-$20’s range, which suggest 25% in ...
  • debeers: LOOZAHS DU JOUR-$BOX down19.36%, $HPQ down 17.8%.NP
  • Sher: $BOX – Added to June $20 call position (below) – Today’s volume at this strike is the highest of all, coming in at 3,571 against an open interest of 8.

    $JD – Also added to long April $27 call position on morning PB.

    $CYH &nd ...
  • Pcdentist: @Sher $BOX $JD $CYH $DBX $MRK Love your posts,,,orderly, educational,,,follow your trades easily, thanks
  • Sher: $BOX - Earnings nightmare! Took profits on Mar. long call position, EOD - Whew... $JD - Earnings on tap for tomorrow, B/O - Not crazy about the way it traded, today - Should have grabbed profits, early AM, while I had them - Ended up reducing heavy exposure by taking 1/2 of long call position off for an 18% loss, EOD - Praying tomorrow isn't a bloodbath...
  • baronp0329: $BOX, missed on Revs, guidance below estimates. Down over 18%, NP
  • debeers: @baronp0329 $BOX -You missed a bullet--good going. Since i couldn't figure it out, i didn't ownit either.
  • Sher: $DBX; $IQ; $ROKU - All report A/C, today: Taking money off the table - ER estimates are strong for all, but skid-dish about reactions: $IQ - Took profits, earlier today, on March $22.50 calls $ROKU - Took profits, the 19th., on March $50 calls $DBX - Took profits, also the 19th., on March $25 calls; Still long April $26 calls Still long $BOX (ER, 2-27-19) and $JD (ER, 2-28-18)
  • Sher: $BOX, $MSFT, $PYPL - Wishing I'd taken several call positions off the table, ATO... $MGP – Initiated new position, long common – Report Thurs, B/O – Substantial beats on EPS & revenues anticipated – Will likely add, as appropriate. Several 13G filings, recently: Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss, LLC (8,921,257 shares); Vanguard Whitehall Fund/Vanguard Selected Value Fund (4,946,310 shares); Vanguard Specialized Fund/ Vanguard Realized Real Estate Fund (3,388,984 shares), to name a few. $VEEV – New long call position (March $115) – ER 2-26-19, A/C – Looking for a bit of a run into earnings – Vanguard upped its stake to 11,605,165 in recent 13G filing.
  • Sher: $BOX – Artisan Investments (Delaware) upped their ante in a 13G filing, today. Initiated Mar. $23 long call position, yesterday, after taking 125% gains in Mar. $21 call position – Added to, earlier today, on PB - Earnings 3 weeks away...
  • Sher: Taking profits, for now, on several long call positions: $BOX, $ROKU, $APHA and $CRBP...
  • Sher: $BOX - Took gains, 126%, on Mar. $21 calls, close to AM high - Reentered on PB with Mar. $23 long call position; Vol, 296 against OI of 2,828 - Stock currently trading @ $23.34. Yesterday's post: GS started with "buy", this AM, saying among best-positioned in industry, propelling earnings run already underway - Pending ER (2-27-19) will mark 1st profitable one in 12 Qtrs. - Revenue expectations are for a 20% increase over prior year 4th Qtr.
  • Sher: ...
    $Box - BUZZ-Box rises as GS starts with "buy", says among best-positioned in industry - 9:49 AM ET, 02/05/2019 – Reuters:

    *The cloud management co's shares rise 4.8 pct to $22.6 after Goldman Sachs initiates coverage with a "bu ...
  • Henry: $BOX mentioned on Halftime report, flying
  • Hans_Schultz1: @Henry $BOX I got in last week, thanks to @Sher and others that mentioned here. Only problem is I should have got a full pos on before it took off. Watching.
  • bwcarnation1: @Henry $BOX a top pick by $GS this a.m. too
  • Sher: $BOX – Stock now up 8.7% and March $21 call position up 82%, today - GS started with "buy", this AM, saying among best-positioned in industry, propelling earnings run already underway - Pending ER (2-27-19) will mark 1st profitable on ...
  • indigo1948: @Sher $BOX $INVA $ACB $ROKU - nice trade on $ROKU. I followed your previous post but sold the $47.00 put - would not mind owning this stock at that price. All the best,
  • steve71: @Sher $BOX $INVA $ACB $ROKU and TC 2000 show $INVA earnings 2/14/19.
  • Hans_Schultz1: $BOX strong into close still near HOD
  • Hans_Schultz1: $BOX opened above my alert price
  • Sher: $BOX – Took profits on Feb. $19 calls on AM pop – Replaced with Mar. $21 calls on PB – Report Feb. 27th and estimates are stellar – If correct, this ER will mark 1st profitable one in 12 Qtrs. and revenue expectations are for ...
  • Sher: ...
    $BOX; $HUYA - Position adds, yesterday...

    $SBUX - Took gains on call position put on late yesterday - I so-o-o don't trust this market...

    $PFE - Spec. trade - Doubled-down on Feb. $43 call position after getting slammed by faulty UBS analyst post ...
  • Sher: Bullish charts - All 3 back above VWAP: $BOX - 20-day MA back above 50-day - Early phase 3 - Up 2.38% - ER not until 2/27/19. $IQ up 3.88%, today - 8-day MA back above 20-day, but 20 & 50-day MAs remain inverted - Schwab has ER, Tues, A/C ... Earnings Whisper has ER, Feb. 5th., A/C - EPS Consensus is for $.65 to $.69 in losses - They typically sell off, hard, following... $ROKU up 6.3% - Stock has retraced roughly 30% since Dec. 24 bottom - Don't report until Feb. 20th. - Strong revenue projections. Holding long positions in all.
  • Sher: $BOX - Nice bounce off 8-day EMA, which continues to hold as support - Short/intermediate-term indicators bullish (MACD, RSI, Stoch) - Don't report 'till 2/27/19 - If projections hold true, this ER will mark their first positive one in 13 quarters! Long Feb. calls... $SBUX - Opened long call position Fri. - Took profits on this morning's pop - Nice gains, but should have put a trailing stop on, instead... Anticipated PB not happening. $PYPL - Added to weekly long calls position on Friday's PB... $92 calls @ $.60, which printed a heart-stopping low of $.14 @ 9:50, this morning - Currently back above pivot point and squeezing on all intraday charts.
  • bsafriet: @Sher $BOX $SBUX $PYPL @Sher do you see a trade here to hold over E/R - or pick it up after the call?
    Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) is launching delivery service in San Francisco on Tuesday, and will expand the service to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Y ...
  • Sher: $BOX - Perking up - Phase 2 PB looks to be over - Back above VWAP - Stock up 3.5% today - Long Feb. $19 calls - Don't report 'till 2/27/19 (4th. Qtr.) - If estimates are correct, this earnings report will mark their first positive one in 13 quarters!
  • Wolf: $BOX Breaking out of a 2 month consolidation. Started a position RHRN.
  • mogo: $BOX 1st entry on 200DMA bounce
  • traderbren: $BOX - potentially a gap closing trade if it clears the 50d overhead
  • traderbren: $BOX - offered a nice 59min+ trade with the 15min intraday.
  • CHOFF: #IPOFavs working $SPOT - chasing ATH again, own it $DBX - reports AMC today, big break above consolidation today. Risky to buy ahead of earnings. Anticipating a beat. This will be their 2nd qtr of reporting ever. $OKTA - target above 58.50 break out area; in the midst of a big growth cycle. Added yesterday at $55.51. $ROKU - nuff said, today was awesome - buy more on pullbacks $SEND - broke descending triangle to the upside and picking up momentum; resistance at 32...a break above could start another leg up. 6% stop on mine. $DOCU - nice cup formed (no handle). Own it. Reports 9/6. A lot in the forum already on this one. $BOX - watching for rise above 27 (downward trendline). MAYBE consider entry at that pt. Still ugly for now. ***6 days of consistent gains in tech this week, I anticipate a pullback is due.
  • traderbren: $BOX - on the run!
  • DrScience: @traderbren $BOX Ok! You successfully got it in my head!
  • DavidM: @DrScience $BOX Did you notice that they are on tour? I think I'll skip that one.
  • DrScience: @DavidM $BOX Whaat! And miss a Ballroom Blitz! Gotta go to work, so I'll leave you with this: :-)
  • DavidM: @DrScience $BOX I have relatives to avoid in Wilkes Barre as well :=(
  • tjv821: @kiss of death I will be buying $box $iq $sq tomorrow by the close. Book any profits bf then tj
  • grcjr: $BOX - I'm impressed that it is holding near the high.
  • Sher: $ALRM, $BOX, $CTL, MET, $SYMC, $WFC - Back in with a few long call positions in each.
  • johnny: $BOX got stopped out from $BOX at 27.27. Hopefully that leash wasn't too tight from this am's high.
  • bsafriet: $BOX. Added to position. E/R 5/30 AMC
  • grcjr: $BOX new all time high. I'm building a full position in my long term account.
  • CHOFF: A few IPO favs still working despite the Iran news: $BOX - continuing the B/O above what would have been the triple top level of $24.60. Up about 8% in 11 days of higher volume. Hard to buy, easy to hold. ER on 5/30. $OKTA - still moving northeast on the chart; day 13 of higher volume yet lighter today. ER not until June 6. $DBX - up 3% today, new and forming a base
  • CHOFF: $BOX breaking out of a triple top RHRN. NP yet.
  • spmeyers: @CHOFF $BOX one to watch for pullback for sure
  • Sher: $HCLP - Stock up 6% & June $12.50 call position up 48%, today. $MPC - Long June $75 calls and just added June $77.50 long call position. $MRO; $XOP - Took profits on both, earlier in the day. $BOX - Nice move, today - Stock up 5+% and June $25 call position up 58% - Due to report May 30th., AC. $MOMO - Up 7% - Long July $35 calls, which popped 47%, today - Report May 22nd., BO.
  • CHOFF: $OKTA - going higher after hitting a breakout high yesterday...breaking out on moderate volume. Long. $BOX - a triple top or a breakout is fairly imminent. I'm a buyer on a break above $24.50. It's on my watch list. ER on 5/30.
  • baronp0329: @CHOFF $OKTA $BOX Been in and out of OKTA. Bought at 43 (per IBD Buy point). Sold at 44 (had a big down day, so I locked the small profit). bought again last Friday at 42.15 and added more yesterday at 43.75. full position now. $GBTC, added more yesterday at 15. now 50% position. Up 8% today.
  • CHOFF: @baronp0329 $OKTA $BOX $GBTC - very nice.
  • grcjr: $BOX new multi-year high ... moving up. Tough to buy.
  • Aragorn: $BOX - inside day and up holding up looks higher but I sold some calls I was holding today to get back even - my rules if against me and can get out fresh start take it can always reenter - it almost always pays off especially if daytrading though this was not a day tarde
  • grcjr: $BOX being covered as a "next best idea" from the Sohn conference. Chamath Palihapitiya.
  • JBed: @grcjr $BOX Spiked up by more than 12% now.
  • grcjr: @JBed $BOX - yes. Very speculative. I took a starter during the early rise.
  • grcjr: @grcjr $BOX
  • spmeyers: @grcjr $BOX chart too choppy for me
  • champ: $BOX ....the first move mostly never holds....just a analyst recommending the stock....need to wait and see....what happens. On the first 10 minutes....there were over 7m shares traded.....that is really amazing, for this stock.....very strong.
  • grcjr: @spmeyers $BOX - it needs to settle now that the news is out. I like the story and believe Chamath knows his stuff. I have a placeholder and will see how things go.
  • Junior1: Earning Reports after the bell today: $BOX $CRM $DDD $BLDP $KTOS $MYL $MNST $LB $LQ
  • infocus: $BOX Out for small loss.
  • BocaRick: @infocus $BOX I sold also, earnings tomorrow.
  • infocus: @BocaRick $BOX That's why I sold. Look for a better entry in a day or two. :>)
  • BocaRick: @infocus $BOX #IBX thinks they will report a "smaller" loss than prior quarter with 27% higher Revenue; unclear how market will react?
  • Bridget: $BOX is pushing higher. ER on 5/31
  • infocus: @Bridget $BOX Any thoughts on holding over earnings? Slow, boring stock...I like it :>)
  • Bridget: @infocus $BOX It is always risky to hold over earnings, especially if this is a not a long term hold. I would look at this for an earnings run and only hold a very small position over earnings.
  • infocus: @Bridget $BOX Thanks.
  • infocus: $BOX Alert just went off @18.72 Starter position @18.73
  • Bridget: $BOX breaking out of cup and handle
  • SADL: @Bridget $BOX Bridget, in a C&H pattern, can the handle be as deep as in $BOX daily
  • Bridget: @SADL $BOX yeah, I have an alert set at $18.72.
  • SADL: @Bridget $BOX Thanks, I have the same alert
  • Bridget: $BOX at a new 52 week high. ER on 5/31
  • Bridget: Notes: $JNJ - huge breakout, BTO Jun $125 Calls $AMAT - still climbing into earnings. $V - breaking out of an upward triangle $BOX at a new 52 week high. ER on 5/31 $GEO at a good buy point. $BBRY new 52 week high $QLYS - hit $42 and ran higher quickly, extended $SUPV - breakout continues today. Phase 3 $FEYE - my favorite of the cyber security stocks. Gap and run. $NETS - #ipo new all time high $FND - #ipo, new all time high $ADBE - working, still $EW breaking higher after consolidation, $MDT also looks good here $KMX and $TRU - both moving higher $MGM - new 52 week high $CALA - continuing to breakout
  • Bridget: $BOX cup and handle breakout on the daily.
  • tradeforfamily: $BOX is at a good buy point and up more then the averages in the market, 2.5%
  • blou: @tradeforfamily $BOX Yesterday it was up on high vol and today it's down over 3%. Why is that?
  • tradeforfamily: $BOX is breaking out today.
  • champ: $BOX @ $18.10 ---- Many of the big players are saying that this could be the breakout earnings qrt for them when they report on 3/1/AH's.....I'm holding a swing position.
  • champ: $BOX....OUT
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