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  • DAN: ...
    $TSP -- Watch for sign of a breakout and continuation of the markup. Alert $10.50
    $CRSP -- Still consolidating. Alert $84.40
    $CHPT -- Breakout today. Strong close. @champ’s idea today.
    $DNUT -- Good squeeze possibilities on a move above $1 ...
  • slp20:
  • DAN: ...
    $TSP -- Alert $11.00
    $APP -- Earnings after the close. Alert $41.50
    $HOOD -- Consolidating above $10. Tough for me to buy this one. But it’s an ARKK holding. Alert $11.00
    $RBLX -- Post earnings drop, and rebound. Stop would be below $42.60 ...
  • jsdpie: $TSP higher lows.
  • Motorman: $TSP Autonomous trucking, H $ S completed to $25, recovered back to 50D. Watching. NP. 60 minute piece few weeks back got it some attention. again NP, yet. I missed the entry when Ms. Woods purchased, Aug 20.
  • kbrowe: @Motorman $TSP Cathy Woods has been loading up on this in the ARK funds for the past month or so. Missed the initial run, and watching for a decent PB.
  • woodman: $TSP - crazy action over the last week. Hitting 50 day in high fashion today.
  • Motorman: @woodman $TSP Saw the 60 min piece on Aug 15, but forgot to add to watch list, Next day Aug 16 it closed at $30.
  • kbrowe: @Motorman $TSP missed that as well, though Cathie Woods has been stocking up on this.
  • Docoof: @joelsg1 $ARKK One of her favorites is killing it today: $TSP up over 14%
  • joelsg1: @Docoof $ARKK $TSP Bouncing off Enthusiasm Low, like the autonomous semi/rail story, but that chart...Ugh.
  • Docoof: IPO $TSP just shy of a 100% gain over the past month. $NVDA was an early investor (2017). — Up 7% today.
  • kbrowe: @Docoof $TSP $NVDA saw $TSP last week and waiting for a PB that never came. Very extended right now. Good for you.
  • bRobert: @kbrowe $TSP $NVDA $85 - $100. potential. np.
  • Docoof: $TSP ATH
  • MarketMaster: $TSP I’ve been watching this stock for an entry. It’s down about 8% on no news. Anyone following this one?
  • DAN: From last Friday: ============== 12:36 PM 06/11/2021 @Docoof IPO $TSP started trading mid-April and today is at its ATH. TuSimple is a maker of autonomous vehicles and is generally considered to be a self-driving truck company. $ARKK and $ARKQ are regular buyers. ============== Ah, the power of the forum. Nice call dcoof. Just wanted to recognize you. $TSP is up 16.3%, and the entry was at $50 -- right where it closed on Friday. Awesome! Dan
  • Docoof: @DAN $TSP $ARKK $ARKQ Thx!
  • Motorman: $TSP Intraday tight squeeze
  • Docoof: IPO $TSP started trading mid-April and today is at its ATH. TuSimple is a maker of autonomous vehicles and is generally considered to be a self-driving truck company. $ARKK and $ARKQ are regular buyers.
  • DavidM: $VLO, $TSP and $PSX got smacked big time today, especially VLO. I am not seeing any reason for it, other than profit taking. I may need to join that party.
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Stock Price $2.48
Change -6.06%
Volume 2,820,110

TuSimple Holdings Inc is an autonomous technology company in the global truck freight market. It has developed a technology for semi-trucks to build the Autonomous Freight Network (AFN) in partnership with shippers, carriers, railroads, freight brokers, fleet asset owners, and truck hardware partners. The company recognizes revenue primarily from providing freight capacity services.

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