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  • greenpatrol: $BMY just triggered an inside week and up at 77.03
  • scottrades: $BMY Earnings tomorrow.
  • bRobert: $REGN. $ABBV. $VRTX. $BMY nh printers $PFE on move . $62/$75+. $MRK $JNJ. others . Big cap pharma. $XLV. near high. HMOs breaking out or threatening. $UNH. $CI $ANTM $CNC Hospitals. perky. $HCA
  • bRobert: @bRobert $REGN $ABBV $VRTX $BMY $PFE $MRK $JNJ $XLV $UNH $CI $ANTM $CNC $HCA Old. story The Pharma in the dell. I'm in NY. The pharma in the Deli
  • woodman: @bRobert $REGN $ABBV $VRTX $BMY $PFE $MRK $JNJ $XLV $UNH $CI $ANTM $CNC $HCA - I've looked at $VRTX a few times recently. Blast from my past. Np position but impressive move. Another blast from the past is $INCY.
  • joelsg1: @woodman $REGN $ABBV $VRTX $BMY $PFE $MRK $JNJ $XLV $UNH $CI $ANTM $CNC $HCA $INCY Same re $VRTX, but getting traction from their non-opiod pain pill.
  • joelsg1: @bRobert $REGN $ABBV $VRTX $BMY $PFE $MRK $JNJ $XLV $UNH $CI $ANTM $CNC $HCA "and a hard-boiled egg", Marx Bros.
  • Mikev200: $BMY small position small add.. $MRK very polite too
  • debeers: @Mikev200 $BMY $MRK -because healthcare will do well.
  • Mikev200: $ABBV $LLY $BMY .. HOD
  • Docoof: @Mikev200 $ABBV $LLY $BMY — $XLV at HOD.
  • issues: @woodman $ABC $MCK Thank you Woody! I am buying $NVO, $MRK, $BMY, $ABBV & $ABC! This is where the action is headed.
  • issues: @issues $XLV $VHT $IBB $XBI $LABU $PPH $IYH My choice is $VHT b/c it's not topping out; it has low expenses 1% (can't beat that) risk=below average; reward above average. Has the same portfolio as XLV but is 1% above XLV on the 10-day chart. I like the portfolio $UNH $JNJ $PFE $ABBV $TMO $ABT $LLY $MRK $DHR $MRK $BMY. It's the best of the healthcare ETFs and funds. I am buying it in the morning. Also I love the positive vol spike today showing 1.3 million shares purchased. I will add more if it drops.
  • Wykeman: $BMY NH slow n steady...all aboard.
  • 1winkie: $BMY - in Uptrend: 50-day Moving Average moved above 200-day Moving Average on Feb 14 - Over 3% dividend - $ABBV - also in uptrend - steady climber - also over 3% dividend - Long both
  • sierramp: @issues $BMY I always use stops, learned that lesson many years ago. I have used limit orders but prefer to stay on top of anything I am interested in. Along the lines of what you do, I use TC2000 and have a watchlist that I go through often to keep an eye on buy points.
  • marklesparkle: @issues $BMY War or not people here are still going to go to the grocery store Amazon Target ,buy cars and trucks ETC.
  • issues: In these times of turmoil a word of encouragement. I remember Jim Cramer rhetorically asking (a long time ago), "What does turmoil in Europe have to with the PE of $BMY?" In other words, a war in Ukraine won't change the PE of stocks here. ...
  • sierramp: @issues $BMY I remember that from years ago and how he would hold the last syllable. I've never paid too much attention to the IBD50. For me for the near future the focus will be on energy, materials and low P/E stocks as long as they work.
  • issues: @sierramp $BMY Exactly right! Totally agree. I put in my stops to limit risk. I also use LIMIT orders, even though they are seldom mentioned here, except as a warning not to catch a falling knife. I have mostly done well with limit orders since it keeps them on the watch list. I can also buy at a higher price but I forget them unless I have a limit order on them. It's like fishing. A limit order that takes my order and bounces up is a good catch for me.
  • Roadrunner: @issues $BMY interesting about how the 50 keeps changing. Sounds like it is now for trading ideas more than for investing.
  • traderbren: #Weeklies - just some potential Weekly set ups to keep an eye on: $WMB, $NOG, $CIVI, $EXPE, $RHI, $AIG, $AXP, $SF, $BMY
  • Shopaholic526: @issues $GOOGL $MSFT $SBNY $EPRT $AAWW $AMAT $BLDR $AVTR $BMY $CBRE $CMC $EXPD $FAST $INTU $IT $KLAC $LIN $LSI $NFG $NMIH $NRG $ONTO $PFE $PHM $QLYS $REGN $RIO $SPG $STE $TPX $WST $AMZN $ATKR $BROS $BX $CDW $DBX $FOCS $GBDC $GPN $HESM $HRMY $MAIN $NMRK $NOW $NSA $RJF $RYAN $SF $SHC $STAG $TEAM $TRU $TSLA $VEEV $VRRM $VSTO $WMS $WSM I have been using IBD and Marketsmith for years. Cleary, in this market there is nothing to buy. We just have to sit tight until we get some confirmation. $BMY broke out today, long $BMY. Watching $AXP.
  • spmeyers: @issues $GOOGL $MSFT $SBNY $EPRT $AAWW $AMAT $BLDR $AVTR $BMY $CBRE $CMC $EXPD $FAST $INTU $IT $KLAC $LIN $LSI $NFG $NMIH $NRG $ONTO $PFE $PHM $QLYS $REGN $RIO $SPG $STE $TPX $WST $AMZN $ATKR $BROS $BX $CDW $DBX $FOCS $GBDC $GPN $HESM $HRMY $MAIN $NMRK $NOW $NSA $RJF $RYAN $SF $SHC $STAG $TEAM $TRU $TSLA $VEEV $VRRM $VSTO $WMS $WSM I hear you -- but some of their other lists can be useful starting point
  • issues: ...

    $BMY Looks like a good chart but it's gone gone gone. J ...
  • manoli77: Lot of Pharma stocks looking good today....$ABBV $BMY $GSK
  • sierramp: $BMY higher lows, has had volume, IBD says cup and handle, an argument could be made for inverse H&S, defined trend with support, collaboration with BioAtla for development of Conditionally Active Biologic (CAB). Started a position.
  • sierramp: Warm and snug in my foxhole not poised to take action on much this week but $BMY is bucking the trend on hopes of FDA approval for new type of cancer immunotherapy, relatlimab. NP
  • scottrades: My notes: SPY Nice rebound! $QQQ Back above the 50 Day. $XLV Healthcare still strong. $XME Metals back above the 50 Day $SMH Up on low volume, back into the congestion zone. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum BTC has broken out of the 4 hour range. $TSLA Needs a base of a Daily Higher Low $NVDA Above the 50 Day $AMD Tightening $MRVL Holding the 8EMA $MSFT Above the 50 Day but on Lower Daily volume. $AA Working $FCX Nice move out of a squeeze $CF Boom! Nice one @Pokersmith $PFE Working but no real base for a new entry $BMY Flagging under the 200 Day $AMH REITs still catching a bid. $BLDR Low volume break higher. $KLAC Peep the slope $TECK Watch 28.30 $WFG Along the 8EMA, low daily volume. $BCC Off the 50 Day on low volume $PVG Watch this gold miner above 13.90
  • phgruver: @Nepenthe $ABBV Actually, big pharma, in general, did well today. In addition to $ABBV, I also hold $BMY and $PFE. All are up today in a generally down market. While I couldn't recommend buying anything, I believe $BMY is the more attractive candi ...
  • phgruver: $BMY reported 3rd qtr results this morning. The reports on Yahoo Finance are a bit piecemeal, each with it's own headline, but cobbled together, this is the picture:

    Revenue: $11.624B vs expectations of $11.612B, and an increase from $10.540B from ...
  • wanda1616: @Momentariness $CTXS must be friends with $BMY
  • joelsg1: $BMY Sold long time pos. Cramer selling, buying $LLY.
  • phgruver: OK, I've talked about this before, but $BMY is moving up to something to watch closely! $60 is a critical level in this stock. Anything below is a "buy", IMHO. At $60, the yield is 3.26%, and that will attract the attention of institutions and pension funds. Yesterday, someone bought a bunch of Oct 8, $60 call options, kicking the open interest from 320 to over 1900. The price was pretty attractive, too. Earnings will be Oct 27, so plenty of time. I wouldn't jump in with both feet, the market is still a bit dicey, but any firming up of the market will see this one take off! (I already have a full position, avg. cost, $44, but I've picked up a few call options to try to juice the returns a bit.....)
  • mopick: @phgruver $BMY., that's very interesting. I bought some a few weeks back thinking after 12 consecutive down days it couldn't continue to go lower. Well, I was wrong. I can't ever remember seeing any stock drop so continuous like this one, day after day. No news that I could see outside of the usual drug legislation chatter. Finally gave up after it broke $60. Perhaps now though.
  • stairm01: @phgruver $BMY Ex-dividend is tomorrow, 9/30. $0.49
  • phgruver: @mopick $BMY Yeah, I've been watching that too. We need to see some sort of reversal, though, before buying. I really think that yesterday's low of $59.38 is a tradable bottom. Of course, if the market implodes, all bets are off. Yeah, Ex-div is something to be aware of, but I've found no consistent advantage trying to trade off that.
  • mopick: @phgruver $BMY, a revealing statistic, $BMY is up a whopping 11% in FIVE YEARS! Talk about dogs!
  • phgruver: @mopick $BMY True, but if you got decent entries, as I did, you did better than that. I'm up 34% plus the accumulated dividends. This is not for everyone, it is a #VALUE investment in a LT account. I have it primarily for income. Sometime, I'll figure out how much I've made off it, but I can say it is significant.
  • mopick: $BMY, is there a worse looking chart out there than this? Straight down for two weeks!
  • wanda1616: @mopick $BMY i thot $WHR was bad. the PE is now 6 !!!
  • mharps: @wanda1616 $BMY $WHR I'm a tiny buyer at 59
  • mariner: @mopick $BMY $DE looks pretty bad too.
  • wanda1616: @mharps $BMY $WHR $CLX weekly is pretty terrifying
  • wanda1616: @mariner $BMY $DE yup and i own that from above as they say : (
  • phgruver: ...
    $BMY This one seems to have the most vicious sell off, but from the high on Aug 23, to yesterday’s low, it is down only 11.5%. Support is problematic, as you have to go back the earnings sell off on Apr 30 to find a similar low. At this lev ...
  • Pokersmith: @phgruver $XLV $ABT $ABBV $BMY $JNJ $LLY $MRK Good post, thx
  • phgruver: For some reason, which I don't comprehend, big pharma has taken a beating, since mid August, Aug. 23, to be exact. As many of these pay a substantial dividend, over 3%, this may be a buying opportunity, if you are looking to add income to your portfolio. In particular, I'm looking at $BMY as nearing a good buy point. It has fallen through the 200DMA, and, at this price pays over a 3% dividend, which is fairly secure. While I think that the combination of the 200DMA and a 3% yield should provide pretty good support, I wouldn't rush to buy it. Wait for it to reverse, preferably on volume. Institutions have been selling, we want to see them start buying again. I don't see any negative news, and earnings aren't an issue, so anything under $64 looks pretty good. I have a LT position with a cost basis of around $45....
  • Henry: @phgruver $BMY Biden said he was going to have Medicare negotiate for drug prices. The other guy said that too, when he was pres.
  • phgruver: @Henry $BMY As you say, we've heard that before. :-) They do have to be careful not to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs....
  • Margi1983: $BMY. Dropping below the 50. Long from $61 so thinking about the exit. Fine on the weekly. 2.9% divi
  • Margi1983: $BMY May be a pullback entry if this can hold the 20 day. However earnings are 7/28. Pays a 2.9% divi. Near the top of a 3 year range on the weekly.
  • mopick: $BMY, NH, no position. A Josh Brown new pick today for what it's worth.
  • Bridget: $BMY is breaking out
  • phgruver: ...
    The other two sectors I'm watching closely are Healthcare, $XLV, and Basic Materials, $XLB. I really like the squeeze I'm seeing in $XLB, and, given supply constraints, I expect to see this move higher. As for healthcare, I'm seeing $ABBV, $BMY an ...
  • joelsg1: $BMY Trimming outside BB, better opportunities elsewhere.
  • joelsg1: $EXEL Sold half, drug testing partner $BMY threw anti-cancer money at $AGEN instead, GS cut to sell.
  • joelsg1: $BMY Trimming into strength today.
  • Hemal: $BMY- reports earning tomorrow BMO- IM as per options market of $1.66. P... via @YouTube
  • Bridget: $BMY nearings its highs. Could breakout on the weekly chart.
  • Hemal: $BMY Strong fundamentals, ARK holding, it looks like it is setting up to... via @YouTube
  • scottrades: $BMY showing some good strength in this market.
  • Margi1983: @scottrades $BMY Nice find. 3% divi. Sometimes boring is good:)
  • alfred1939: @scottrades $BMY Possible entry..
  • alfred1939: @alfred1939 $BMY Stop@ $59.30
  • Ajax4Hire: $BMY - Bristol-Myers Squibb announced mostly positive earnings Fri,Feb5th. Looks to have bounced off 200day-MA Huge company, do not expect to move much; more of a time-to-buy-if-you-like-$BMY
  • Hemal: 01/25/21 Stock Ideas-setting up via @YouTube $BMY, $CRSR, $DKNG, $FOUR, $G, $HUBS, $PLAN, $RXT, $TXRH, $ZI, $ZTS
  • CraigReynolds: @Hemal $BMY $CRSR $DKNG $FOUR $G $HUBS $PLAN $RXT $TXRH $ZI $ZTS Love your posts. Like you sharing the stocks you are focusing on. I try to find around 6-8 stocks to focus on for the week instead of getting confused, watching so many. Your one of my favorites in SMM.
  • mopick: @joelsg1 $EXEL, looking to get back into this one. As you know, their Cabo drug was just approved in combination with $BMY's Optivo for first line treatment for advanced renal cell carcinoma.
  • :
  • Hemal: @CraigReynolds $BMY $CRSR $DKNG $FOUR $G $HUBS $PLAN $RXT $TXRH $ZI $ZTS Thanks Craig. I am with you on this. I need to have a plan before market opens. Anything outside of my plan is irrelevant.
  • joelsg1: $EXEL Trying this again, received early FDA approval for Cabo as first line treatment for advanced renal cancer, together with $BMY Opdivo. Big deal, doubling PFS (Progression free survival). On weekly, see large inverse H&S pattern with move to at least 35. I'm in semi-large at blended price of 18. Company has a billion cash.
  • mopick: @joelsg1 $EXEL $BMY, thanks for this post. Was in this awhile back. Should get back in this one.
  • joelsg1: @mopick $EXEL $BMY It's been dead money for awhile, and this approval was expected, but still anything that shines a light is good for stock.
  • bwcarnation1: $UCTT one of a very few green stocks on my screen...of course thanks to bRobert! $BMY also doing well
  • Hemal: 011221 Current Ideas Update via @YouTube $AAPL, $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $BJ, $BMY, $HON, $LULU, $LUV, $MAR, $PINS, $PNR, $ROK, $RTX, $SCI, $TEAM, $VEEV, $XLNX
  • Hemal: 011121 Current and new ideas via @YouTube $AAPL, $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $BJ, $BMY, $HON, $LULU, $LUV, $MAR, $PINS, $PNR, $ROK, $RTX, $SCI, $TEAM, $VEEV, $XLNX  

    $AAPL: Tightening up here near its 10/21 ema,  ...
  • Hemal: 01/10/21 Active stocks plus stocks of interest for this week via @YouTube $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $PNR, $ROK, $SCI, $AGNC, $BJ, $BMY, $CTAS, $HON, $HSY, $INFO, $LUV, $MAR, $MCD, $MDLZ, $PCAR, $RBA, $SHW, $SUN, $UBER, $UL, $WM&n ...
  • Yuls: $BMY repeat heavy call volume today, seems like a nice chart if conquers 50sma just overhead
  • sierramp: $BMY making a move.
  • Junior1: $BMY confirming yesterday's break of the downslope. Thanks @Champ for the heads up
  • 1winkie: $BMY - upgraded to a "Conviction Buy" at Goldman Sachs. The analysts also raised their price target on the pharmaceutical giant to $86 from $82. Long
  • champ: @1winkie $BMY @ $61, #Day-1 --- This is what I'm talking about..#Great-Post, because one of the reasons is, this News came out after the open, so it's not fully out Yet, and your Key-Words for me were, that $GS moved this stock onto their #Conviction-Buy-List, just like you pointed out, so many #eyes will now see this New upgrade, and $GS has a very large customer base. This is what Forum-Members need more of, this should be a nice Swing-Position, this is a very large ship, takes fuel to move. Nice target, with a nice price target at $86. ~~ Plus at CNBC, #Jim-Cramer has always liked this stock, this is a Short-Term ..Hold and Swing, into the coming Days and at Schwab, they have this giant rated at #A. Very nice, low risk Reward-Swing......
  • Junior1: @1winkie $BMY Jan 57.5 Calls are trading near par 5.05 w/ delta of 0.86
  • Junior1: @Scottades $BMY has your kind of chart!
  • scottrades: @Junior1 $BMY Nice slope, good volume! You'd want a stop 3% lower to start or wait for an hourly higher low.
  • Junior1: @scottrades $BMY yep. already in with calls from earlier today
  • scottrades: @Junior1 $BMY Great trade!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  • champ: $SPY $XRT, Retail sales numbers for the month of November, will be reported in the morning, need good or flat numbers, need to keep the markets happy. First time, in a long time, that I have NP's in this sector, know risk in this sector but that could change in the morning. ~~~~ I'm just trying to continue holding the positions that I have. $AGCO $BMY .....I only made 2- new moves today, I added both of these new Swing positions. $FDX, I also put this trade back-on, Hope-Trade, for the open, for a look, need to see the retail News, that is another spec reason, that could also help this stock out. I like reasons,...hope-reasons. ~~ I had No-drags, No sells, I told the stick-person, let all my positions ride, New-shooter, need to see another open, just one more play, until tomorrow,.....then Who knows.....
  • bRobert: @champ $SPY $XRT $AGCO $BMY $FDX $PLCE I like how it's trading $60/$90 potential with flag trigger
  • champ: @bRobert $SPY $XRT $AGCO $BMY $FDX ------ $PLCE is a nice trading stock, for both Day-Trades and Short-term Swing-trades,....also take a look at $CRI, they are both in the same family, they are brother and sister.....$CRI, is rated A at Schwab and $Place is rated at D....and when one is happy, the other one is also happy, plus they both cry together...LOL.
  • shoredriver: $SDGR....up nicely on largish deal with$BMY.....
  • tartan: I know I know I know $BMY is not what any of u are interested in Especially Dan But, it has caught my eye The BB got tight at the first of Oct and then had a little expansion Then maybe a little Sling Shot action ( if I understand Bridgets thought process ) at the end of Oct to shoot it up to where it is today I see it is on top of a down trend line I see it has had 7 straight first hour of the month ranges between 62.26 and 58.84 which is IMO a 7 month long consolidation ( May, June, July, August, September, October, November ) It should be due for some sort of an expansion and it looks like it might be wanting to expand towards the upside I see a target of 68 to 70 Probably a waste of time but maybe not
  • tartan: @scottrades $PYPL $SQ $BABA $CLX $ROKU $W $PTON $QCOM $WING $SWKS $CVS $GOLD $NET $SPCE $GM $HZNP $LL $MPC $AZN $WM $TTD $EL $DBX $AYX $ON $ZNGA $CWH $AMCX $MELI $SEDG $REGN $CPE $LDOS $AMRN $UBER $BMY $KPTI $LITE $HUM $WEN $BHC $MCK $CPLP Always appreciate a heads up on earnings I think $BILL is due to report this week also
  • Hank1: $BMY ... Starting a position with a stop @ 59.75.
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Bristol-Myers Squibb Company is a biopharmaceutical company. It discovers, develops, licenses, manufactures, markets, distributes and sells pharmaceutical products.

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