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  • bRobert: $PYPL. Acquired. $80. target. and. retest of. Covid low. Perfect. dome $70/$60. . potential Limbo stock How low can you go. $SQ. $40. potential. A. step. behind. in the path $AMZN. $2200. target. acquired. Below the. 200W. $2000. with failed. bounce. Daily. M. top. 2700. - $3400. =. $2000 potential I posted that this is a better short than a. long. Much more. $$$. on the downside with smaller failed bounces
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Cash isn’t Trash. $QQQ Given up all of the gains from 2021 $DIA Not much better $GLD Above the 200 Day $TLT Down at 2018 Levels $UUP The Wrecking Ball $XLE At the 50 Day $XOP Under the 50 Day $XLU Close to the 50 Day $DBC A slow mover, but still got hit. $SMH Lower Low $QID Higher High. $SDS New high $GBTC Yikes. $AAPL Broke the longer term trend $AMZN I gotta think 2000 is in play. $GOOGL 3 Levels to watch $MSFT Coming out of the hose $TWTR Short Seller believes this deal could be priced lower. $UPST Watch for a bounce tomorrow. $TSN Above the 50 Day.
  • bRobert: $M short from above H&S top I have been very patient $22 sooner than later $10 longer when the wheels fall off RETAIL bear market $AMZN $2000 Had bearish targets for a while Covid low $1800+ not out of the question
  • bRobert: @Wolf $Z Short was the trade I posted it many times Target still $25 Will there be a bounce? Perhaps EASIER ways to make $$$ IMHO Some like playing bounces in $AMZN I prefer the short side Look at the chart Look at the trend Trading with the trend is the easier way to trade More nimble skills required to counter trend trade Easier with an index
  • bRobert: $AMZN close to $2200 target 1 $2000 target 2 Covid low $1850 potential
  • champ: On Mr. Market ....they tested that first they are Testing this second move... again....still too early...... .....need a couple of more tests..... Stand-by......and $AMZN is also looking much better...... $AAPL $AMD... these big boys for #Market-direction..... ....Nice Hope-Trades going on...and I hope they work...... ...turn the sound off and Turn that.... ..... #TGIF-Friday song on...and I'm hoping that this Happy-Dance will continue..... Waiting for those XXXXXXX shorts to cover....and they don't like whats going on Now.... .....Risk-On...Game On.....Trailing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • bRobert: @snowbound $AAPL #short-position #long-Day-Trade this is a dangerous market It is not nor should it be for everyone There have been great short trading opportunities if you have the skill set and interest Risk control with clearly define cover stops necessary with counter trend bounce risks like we saw on Wednesday Some of the best rallies happen in the midst of bear markets On the flip side taking bounce trades in stocks like $AMZN risks serious downside without strict risk management Some here wer suggesting swing buys just before the big drop Being on the sidelines is a smart tactic for many Wait for better long trading conditions improves your success . Dirty Harry said that a man has got to know his limitations
  • snowbound: @bRobert $AAPL $AMZN #short-position #long-Day-Trade Thank - you but no . To both short and swing trade is not what I want to do simply because I'd be working my mind both ways . I appreciate your help but when we ( champ and others ) get into a shorter trade we're looking for a form of success . Although we understand its not always attainable its our perspective . I cannot both be fearful and optimistic and still trade .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $AAPL $AMZN #short-position #long-Day-Trade One can never trade in fear You can acknowledge that the market is in a dangerous place right now and that it doesn't comfortably fit your trading scheme = side lines OR precise trade set ups that control risk with entry, position size /stops I have risk managed on every trade and holding I take loses some days but I am never fearful of big losses Fear of taking big losses leads you honing your risk management skills Steps one two and three of trading
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $AAPL $AMZN #short-position #long-Day-Trade It's a wonder you find any time for "Doctoring" Hopefully your patients don't wonder, haha...
  • snowbound: @bRobert $AAPL $AMZN #short-position #long-Day-Trade For anyone interested or others newly coming in perhaps these markets should be the training grounds for learning to trade in perspective but without fear . I would suggest that a day - trade type swing on a short leash and with some FORUM participation is not risky trading but can be invaluable in the learning process . Building confidence and skills is where its at ... learn to swim in all waters but SAFELY and with support of the FORUM Masters ( of which I am admittedly not skill set par with ) . Anything I can do to help Scott ( in helping DAN ) I'm ready to show some of these folks where the ropes begin .
  • bRobert: @Pokersmith $AAPL $AMZN #short-position #long-Day-Trade I work many odd after hours shifts I am sometimes a little punchy during trading hours
  • champ: For #Traders only, this is a Set-up, for next time........$ now back at $2295.....I caught a great Day-Trade on this stock today, off of the first LOD-turn at $2261.45 and it bounced up $110 to $2372....for those who had perfect Entries ...b ...
  • snowbound: @Pokersmith $ARCB In retrospect $AMZN does have a good number of CDL - A drivers ( now that I recall seeing their hub ) . I wonder if other members haven't gotten the big picture correct that ( although $AMZN is uniquely online and taking the hit ) what we may be seeing is the supply lines coming into balance and wage pressure subsiding across the industry . We know things can't go in a straight line for long . Naturally , that would bode well all round
  • Pokersmith: @snowbound $ARCB $AMZN You said : " what we may be seeing is the supply lines coming into balance and wage pressure subsiding across the industry " I agree, that's a possibility to consider.👍
  • champ: $AMZN...watching at $2,340...looks terrible....but looking better at this price level...this dog might hold around $2,300 for a new Back-in the guess is the bottom should be around this level $2300 level, for another Hope-Trade.
  • bRobert: $AMZN BEAR FLAG looking to trigger I posted some pretty bearish targets recently $2200/$2000 $2400 interim acquired $XRT still NO BUENO 200w target H&S top daily Bear flag looking to trigger $HD TRADE closed for a small loss BEARISH H&S top reasserting Under yesterday's low $280/$260 targets with trigger Look at all the weekly hammer top candles 200W with flag break $ITB still breakout retest Took remaining profits $NAIL small Watching
  • champ: @Cjauger $SPY is now at $413.99 #RHRN,...this is #LOD.... Yes sir still dropping .....and the color Red, is alway your friend....because it will let you know where Back-in Entry is, when it first turns green .....however it all depends on what you are watching.... are watching, what you should be watching...the $ $AAPL, $AMZN and a few others...for any possible Market-turn.....
  • champ: $AMZN....$2317.....getting a turn now....Trailing.
  • bRobert: $AMZN Bear flag trigger daily acquired $2300 target There is still a $500 shoe drop target in play Prior $2900 - $2400 = $500 Now $2500 - $500 = $2000 in this time frame M top daily $2700 - $3400 width $700 $2700 - 700 = $2000 measured move target Same CAREFUL Expecting failed bounces
  • bRobert: Review those bearish targets posted on $AMZN Some here call it just a guess OK then Technical analysis helps you become a much better guesser The numbers I post are not from a random number generator. They are potential measured move targets and are helpful in RISK MANAGEMENT See the danger and protect your self
  • Hackberry: @bRobert $AMZN When dealing in unknowns, I always appreciate a good basis. Thanks for your posts.
  • bRobert: @Hackberry $AMZN You construct a technical set up with excellent risk and reward Choose the best of the best and wait for a trigger Stay involved as long as the technical thesis is supported Leave when proven wrong You are either taking very small losses or riding nice winners
  • bRobert: @champ $SIVB $XLF $FAZ $FAS Maybe you can invite me over so I can look over you shoulder and I'l treat you to a nice meal at the Olive Garden with all the frills Your favorite Yes anything is tradable Quite a revelation Some trades are EASIER with the wind at your back I'll short $AMZN $CVNA many others You can go long for pennies on the short dollars How close is AMZN to those short targets?
  • joelsg1: $AMZN There have been reports of counterfeit 3rd party 'goods' being sold, which I can confirm. My wife ordered some comfy UGG slippers from $AMZN which arrived, made in China, with an odd appearing black sole. Didn't fit right either, so returned. Turns out from UGG website they don't make them with that black sole, so ordered direct from their website, same price with free shipping included. Reputation is everything and their's is damaged.
  • bRobert: @joelsg1 $AMZN Review those bear targets Following the path of the rain forest Getting wiped out
  • S1nvest: @scottrades $AAPL $AMZN $GOOGL $NVDA $TSLA $MSFT
  • S1nvest: HOD? @scottrades $AAPL $AMZN $GOOGL $NVDA $TSLA $MSFT
  • snowbound: @Pokersmith $ARCB The CDL- A drivers .... the heavy articulated operators , are a class of their ( our ) own . I'd guess that most of the $AMZN drivers are not qualified at that level and rarely end up at $ARCB . My suspicion is many qualified A operators are heading to the oil patch and coal mines which will eventually leave everyone else wanting . It always does . In the oil patch almost everyone has a CDL , we are not " truck drivers working in oil " , we are oil ( and mine ) workers with CDLs .... its a different heavy working mentality that becomes a dividing line to others . Interesting to hear talk about oil price gouging ( it came up at the pharmacy counter ! OMG ! ) ... most folks have no real sense of what we do out there and could never relate . Hey Pokersmith ! ... another Fed day in our repertoire !
  • Pokersmith: @snowbound $ARCB $AMZN Interesting and good to know. Thanks for the enlightenment. What about the other names ( which are also catching a bid ) The $ODFL , $R and $JBHT s of the world ?
  • snowbound: @Pokersmith $ARCB $AMZN $ODFL $R $JBHT Oh , you mean stock charts ! Yes , they are much more interesting , agreed . I'll get to work on them and touch back with you . $ARCB looks just as it did on first glance. best , Will
  • Pokersmith: @snowbound $ARCB $AMZN $ODFL $R $JBHT No, not the charts...was referring to your premise that drivers from AMZN are likely to not be qualified for the trucking that ARCB does. My question was is that the case with the other names?
  • champ: $AMZN...$2383, dropped around $100....and I'm holding a starter position, only 1-share and I'm waiting to add...
  • Pokersmith: @champ $AMZN bounce off 15 min S1 np
  • champ: @Pokersmith $AMZN ....Yes ....I did add a couple of more shares....I'm trying to get a position that will at $2,415..
  • snowbound: @Pokersmith $ARCB $AMZN $ODFL $R $JBHT Gee ... class B and what not is a very fluid group and they often have other skills . These folks know how to " adapt " . If you could separate the numbers out some conclusions could be drawn ( but ) . ...
  • champ: @Pokersmith $AMZN ....this stock is at a #2-year-low...$2,383...CopyCat-sellers should turn, at some point
  • Pokersmith: @champ $AMZN #2-year-low Don't see any long trade gaining too much traction ( intermediate term ). Suffered a long term vertical violation. That said....a day trade is a whole other story.
  • champ: @Pokersmith $AMZN #2-year-low ....I agree, however my guess is... this is going to set-up for that 20 to 1 split, at some point.....$2394...
  • bRobert: $PTON. single. digits? $5. H&S. top. It is. at covid lows now. $AMZN. Bullish pattern never triggered $2200/$2000. M top potential Go ahead and jump in. longs Retail and Cloud bear market Patience instead of picking bottoms
  • champ: $AMZN at $2, up around $90, off of LOD...and I added earlier.
  • champ: $ $2,500 now.....this BreakOut might continue.
  • issues: @champ $AMZN I bought $GOOGL instead b/c the BO is more obvious.
  • champ: @issues $AMZN $GOOGL....Yes sir...Day-Trade...
  • champ: $ $2,480....could be setting up for a squeeze.
  • bRobert: @champ $AMZN NOT a technical squeeze Not a short squeeze set up < 1% short There is however a small daily flag set up with $100 - $150 projected move potential to $2500 - $2550 with a flag trigger It is still outside the Bollinger bands and will reenter the channel with a bounce or sideways consolidation
  • champ: @bRobert $AMZN at $2,485 on the close, and I'm holding a small swing. This stock had a #trade-able bounce yesterday, off of $2,368, that was the low turn and this stock has been in a downward trend, in both the short-term and long-term and I guess you saw that turn you know I'm working in real-time...... ...... and I understand that you are working off of charts, with your Rapid-fast projections, mostly off of other #forum-members posts, I get it, however I have to say, because you are all-over the place, I don't follow you.... because I work in #Real-Time..... ....and I just can't work, in your type of #guessing-time-frames...because that type of guessing, just doesn't work for me....I work and guess off of current moves, on both News, on all types of Market News and Charts, however Good-Luck.
  • champ: $AMZN is now at $2,485 and they will split their stock 20 to 1 on May 27th, that should be really interesting, it really doesn't mean anything, however I expect that will trigger the stock to move, even before that date....and the most recent low was just yesterday, at at $2,368...and that could be the New low before this upcoming split..... ....and that is one of many guesses, as to why this stock could be getting active again. It was over #2-years-ago, that this stock was last at $2,368 and that was in April of 2020. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • stairm01: $AMZN $FNGU $NVDA $LABU $QQQ I started small positions in all of these early this morning. AMZN was down 105 at the time. I feel it's time to put a little money to work and can add on confirmation.
  • scottrades: Some Tech leaders are at HOD. $AAPL $AMZN $GOOGL $NVDA $TSLA $MSFT
  • Docoof: $AMZN hovering near the lod = 2521.00. -12.7%
  • joelsg1: @stairm01 $FNGU Could rise from the coffin vampire-like, but after E $GOOGL, $AMZN, $FB, $NFLX dead money with this macro, $TWTR capped and disappearing, $NVDA w/ semis bad, China uninvestable, leaves only $TSLA and $AAPL and their gains will be swamped by the 8 others.
  • bRobert: @Docoof $AMZN $2600 was the measured move target H&S top daily WEEKLY 200W was the target like so many
  • Docoof: $AMZN new lod. Now under $2500.00.
  • issues: @Docoof $AMZN Fast Money program guests/experts yesterday said it could be worth $1400 to $1600 but I don't think it'll go that far. I'm just glad I didn't buy at $2600 this morning.
  • bRobert: @Docoof $AMZN $2400/$2300 WEEKLY potential
  • Forexpro: ...
    Saved by the Zuck! Never thought I'd be typing that sentence. However, $FB is up 17.33 percent this morning, and that matters until it doesn't. We get Q1 U.S. GDP at 8:30 EDT, which is expected to come in around 1.1 percent, annualized. That sort of ...
  • scottrades: ...
    Commodity stocks are still in uptrends, keep an eye on $AR and some of the coal stocks like $ARCH and $CEIX. $OXY is holding near the 50 Day right now. We may get some bounces on some of the tech leaders like $AMZN, $MSFT $AAPL and $FB but remember ...
  • efrain007: @scottrades $AR $ARCH $CEIX $OXY $AMZN $MSFT $AAPL $FB Thanks for looking out for us, especially under these challenging market conditions.
  • champ: $AAPL $AMZN.....HOD's are running higher, might continue, still holding both of these swings.
  • champ: $AAPL $AMZN $XOM $CVX $XPO $LOW $PBF $DK $SLCA $SSO $LUV $TWTR $DWAC $YELL $KMI $ET $DRI $BAC $RF $CZR $MGM, getting some nice moves today and today is also $PAA, x-date.
  • jeff_free69: $AMZN down ~10% AH on ER
  • vcondry: @jeff_free69 $AMZN bouncing a bit now "just" 7% down...guess we will know how strongly down here at 4:30 ish.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Can we hold the 4X Bottom? $QQQ Trend is still down $GLD Green today $UUP Should come back in the bands $DBC Holding above all the MAs $XOP Holding the 50 Day $XLU Above the 50 Day $XLV at the 200 Day $XLP Above all the MAs $XLB Holding the 200 Day (FCX, NEM, CF) $XME Under the 50 Day $GBTC Higher Lows, Flat top $AAPL Whippy on Earnings $AMZN Same $TSLA Still under the 200 Day $NVDA Needs a base $TWTR Holding the 8EMA $PYPL Holding the Pandemic Low $AR Great volume $OXY Holding the 50 Day $MRO Looks the same $SU Breakout on volume $CVE Same $VLO Holding the Flag Break $PBF Back to the highs $DK Same $BSM Earnings Next week. $CNX Watch 21.70 $ARCH Watch 176 $CEIX Holding the 8EMA $COST Holding the 50 Day $WMT Holding the 21 EMA
  • champ: This is how I'm working....and Don't ever forget to #Pay-yourself...because thats the only way you will get paid. However the markets had a great Day and I was working off of yesterdays swings and on the large ones, I was posting about them yesterday ...
  • champ: $AMZN...$2,795....looking for a bounce today.
  • scottrades: Just a reminder, Big Earnings Week still in store.. $FB $AAPL $MSFT $AMZN $PYPL $GOOGL $KO $UPS $ATVI $TWTR $XOM $BA $F $GE $SPOT $PEP $ROKU $MMM $CVX $QCOM $VLO $RTX $CL $INTC $JBLU $V $WM $CAT $NOK $LUV $GM $DHI $HOOD $ENPH $CVE $MA $ABBV $OTIS $PHG $CMG $MCD $MRK $DORM $X $ADM
  • champ: $AMZN...stopped out ....
  • jjohn: @champ $AMZN That was a rug pull on the 5 minute chart.
  • champ: @jjohn $AMZN ...Yes...and it is following the markets.
  • champ: $ up plus $58, the AH, on around 28K on volume.
  • champ: $ up plus $65...
  • BillyB: Thanks for your evaluation!@bRobert $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL $SEDG $CRWD
  • traderbren: $AMZN - not that far to go to close the downside gap at 2805 from 3/9.
  • issues: I've switched sides from stopping/selling to hope to buy lower. As prices fall I'll be waiting to pick up what others sold in capitulation. So let 'er rip. I'll wait. Next week with all the earnings there will be a turn-around. This is a cycle that re-plays over and over. I'm done with selling. I made my best money buying such stocks as $AMZN at $1600 a few years back.
  • issues: Remember $AMZN splits 20:1 on June 3 and $GOOGL splits 20:1 on July 1st. These split will allow more retail buys to jump on the buy wagon.
  • bRobert: @issues $AMZN $GOOGL Also more shorts
  • bugpack28: @bRobert $AMZN $GOOGL hahaha that’s another way to look at it
  • issues: One day $NVDA (Cramer named his dog after this stock) will be a good day to buy the bounce. I am not sorry that I held on b/c selling a big loss means I can't buy it back for a month without a wash sale. I will continue with these generals: NVDA $AMZN (split 20:1 coming soon) $GOOGL (split 20:1 coming soon) even holding shares of $SEDG $CRWD etc... That for me is called "investing" not simply "trading."
  • bRobert: @issues $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL $SEDG $CRWD I appreciate long term commitment BUT you can take steps to further reduce your exposure/risk. $GOOGL. can have a. 20% haircut. to $2000. $NVDA. HAD a great 600%. move If can drop another 40%. from HERE $AMZN. $2800/$2600. potential or. lower $SEDG. There is no reason to just let a stock drop. $100. 30%. You can have a long term view and still mange risk/profits with partial profits, reduced position size with stops Even simple option strategies eg. Collars. Understand the downside potential. of your investments.
  • issues: @bRobert $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL $SEDG $CRWD Thank you Dr bRobert. I always value your posts. I remember holding onto AMZN until it dropped to $1600, then added and made more money that year than ever. I would love to get those stocks you mentioned at lower levels. I have the cash and will buy more when they hit a bottom. Thank you for being in the Forum. You are very much appreciated.
  • mgoodw: @bRobert $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL $SEDG $CRWD Some great points, THANK YOU!! Ive been chomping at the bit wanting to grab some AMZN and GOOGL pre split but siting on my hands due to comments in the forum, especially yours and Dans and stating at that gap around 2800 on AMZN, may be begging be filled !
  • champ: @issues $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL $SEDG $CRWD ....Yes but might have to hold it into 2023 or just wait for #entry-timings...because it now looks like, the next 2 or 3 interest rate moves, are going to be raise-up, a 1/2 point each. History is in Play now or it will be real soon,...on what has happened in the past, on the last times that they started to raise interest rates, so be Careful.
  • traderbren: $AMZN -- getting close to pushing through the 50d overhead. Keep an alert at 3103
  • champ: $NAIL $FAS $CZR $LEN $LOW $SMG, ....I did swing these 6 positions, however only after doing a step-down-swing, with #Insurance profits.. because I added Day-Trading size this morning, I'm trading around real small Core positions, however on these, I added a little to those small ETF Core positions...... .....and I'm also still swinging all my other positions. The #guessing continues and the markets had a Great close today... we will see how the swingers, work in the morning... hopefully they will Hold and Build. Just a Great all around Day....after a 3-Day-Weekend, that Easter move, happened today, because the Easter Bunny dropped golden eggs everywhere, right out in the open. Also....a nice Bounce-Trade on $AMZN today....almost right Out of the gate, had 1-turn lower, however it recovered nicely, going into the close...but I have No-swing, just to hard to swing, after that nice move today. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • debeers: $AMZN-made a point of saying that it is now mandatory that employees wear steel toed boots due to the severe injuries they were experiencing when objects fall from the great heights in their warehouses. Gee, i wonder who sells those? As a sidenote, their safety improved 45%--that was from the interview this am with Jasy at an Amazon warehouse. NP in AMZN. In Cali, the guys who work with hot tar are all in steel toed boots.NP in AMZN
  • DAN: ...
    $AMZN -- Looks like $AAPL only without the trend.
    $AAPL -- There is no edge here.
    $NFLX -- Did they just buy CNN+? They are a minus. Too much competition. It’s no longer Blockbuster v. Netflix.
    $NVDA -- Nope.
    $GOOGL -- Nopoe.

    $ARCH - ...
  • champ: $TNA...small-cap is working today but everything is moving, Mid-Cap...$MDY and also all the Large Cap stocks....$AMZN $AAPL and others.....
  • champ: $AMZN....up plus +$88, late but still might have timing ...because of the Set-up that is pending, in the morning....
  • champ: Could #Trail all new Entries, at Entry....$AMZN or around Entry.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $TNA $MDY $AMZN $AAPL ... $RUT and $NDX are neck and neck today...
  • bigbartabs: @champ $AMZN #Trail ... starting to feel like things are settling down...
  • champ: @bigbartabs $AMZN #Trail ...getting a nice turn, Now that both of those monthly #Economic reports are over with...the CPI and PPI.....that risk was holding down the markets...... ......I'm #Not saying that its all-clear, however I am saying that there is a #little-room, a little-wiggle room for a nice small bounce, for sure.....that might last for a few more days..... the next Spec move will be,.... all about that #Retail-Sales report in the morning....and that should be positive...because of all of those new $$$$....that were moved into the Economy. LOL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Still choppy around the 50 Day $QQQ Still under the 50 Day $GDX Working $UUP Sharp move down today $XME New High $XLE / $OIH Working $IGV Inverse H&S? $TAN Close to the 50 Day $GBTC Nice Bounce. $AAPL / $TSLA / $AMZN Lower High $NEM Working $GOLD At resistance $GFI See the slope? $FCX Better today $CLF Back above the 8EMA $ARCH Black Gold $AMR Great volume $HCC Closed off the highs, but great volume $BTU New High $TECK Closed at a New High $ATI Right at resistance $DVN Working $OXY Goins sideways $SU Watch 34.20 $PANW Flag $FTNT Flag $NET Watch the 200 Day $CRWD Above the 200 Day
  • scottrades: ...
    A lot of Oil and Gas stocks are still in nice uptrend and above their MAs. Stocks like $OXY (I have a small position), $DVN, $XOM, $ERF, and $CNX to name a few. $AAPL, $NVDA and $AMZN had some nice moves off the lows and could be worth watching for ...
  • wanda1616: @scottrades $SPY $OXY $DVN $XOM $ERF $CNX $AAPL $NVDA $AMZN $AVAV $RTX #Bitcoin i find it very hard to deal with the insane fear and negativity...reminds me of the period during fukushima, BRIC and PIGS defaults, debt ceiling fights and BP oil spill. but this is actually worse...endless things
  • PhilHarmonic: @wanda1616 $SPY $OXY $DVN $XOM $ERF $CNX $AAPL $NVDA $AMZN $AVAV $RTX #Bitcoin When that feeling overtakes me it time to feed the horses.
  • Wykeman: $GOOGL Through 2700 $AMZN slicing lower..2800? Splits can't save em.
  • HGIGuy: @DAN $DJT $SPY $DIA $QQQ $COMPQX $XME $XLE $DAL $R $MATX $UPS $FDX $USO $JBHT $EXPD $LSTR #MarketThoughts Is anyone shipping anything anymore? It doesn't show up in transport data, but $AMZN doing their own shipping and deliveries has really taken a bite out of the others.
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Stock Price $139.31
Change -1.06%
Volume 31,851,900, Inc., serves consumers through its retail websites and focuses on selection, price, and convenience.

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  • October 27th, 2022 - 2022 Q3 Earnings
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