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  • Momentariness: $CVNA bounced off 8 EMA this morning, watching for move higher
  • Momentariness: $CVNA moving up on volume
  • DAN: @vitoB $CHWY Thanks! $AI and $CVNA look good too.
  • Auto: $SHAK $TSLA $CVNA added early staying late
  • Auto: @Auto $SHAK $TSLA $CVNA $XYL long and added
  • Auto: $SBUX $CVNA added long
  • Auto: $CVNA love those short sqeeezzzes $$$
  • Auto: $CVNA watching $27.33 for break daily ...that will get the party started
  • natural: Betting on more short covering going into the weekend on $CVNA as $27.33 was broken. Little tiny buy here w a tight leash. Might just sell covered calls for tomorrow expiration before the day is through.
  • Auto: $CVNA H&S 5 min short from the top she broke the neck line $$
  • Auto: $FOUR upgrade added $U added $CVNA added $SWAV started position premarket Thanks Scott
  • Auto: $CVNA adding RHRN
  • Auto: @Auto $CVNA short Int 31.86% 10.1 days to cover
  • Auto: $CVNA holding up added early staying late
  • MongosPawn: $CVNA Starter taken.
  • Auto: $CVNA short to long $IONQ starter taken $NDAQ starter taken $CVX added long daily $AMZN added long daily
  • Auto: $U added $CVNA held over added
  • traderbren: $CVNA - nice trade - grabbed the Jun 9th - 27 puts this morning as I saw it reverse off the pop.
  • camaro69: $CVNA HOD
  • Auto: $CVNA love a good short squeeze $$$$
  • Auto: $CVNA starting it's next run $$$
  • LU1: @Auto $CVNA How high would you see it run to at the end of the squeeze? $50? $100 Or am I being drunk?
  • vitoB: @Auto $CVNA ..amazing, missed it
  • Auto: $CVNA building C&H 5 min giddy-up
  • natural: @Auto $CVNA This is going to moon again. Shorts in trouble here. The "going out of business" thesis looks cooked.
  • traderbren: @Auto $CVNA - not surprised....with 50% short interest according to Fido.
  • natural: @vitoB $CVNA Think there's plenty of meat on this bone. Shorts thesis just got bombed.
  • Auto: @Auto $CVNA just keep raising my stop
  • Auto: @traderbren $CVNA Yes... TD shows 50.88% all good in the hood
  • Auto: $CVNA no shares available to short 8<(
  • Auto: $CVNA C&H target reached 5 min
  • BarryC: Here are some things Im watching: $APP, $AVDL, $BILL, $COST, $CVNA, $FLNC, $IONQ, $LI, $LOGI, $MBLY, $QSR, $RCL, $SOUN, $UPST & $Z
  • vitoB: @BarryC $APP $AVDL $BILL $COST $CVNA $FLNC $IONQ $LI $LOGI $MBLY $QSR $RCL $SOUN $UPST $Z ... like that $CVNA made it to the list...horrible balance sheet and not a great business model, but the sharks smell blood and i see 68% of the float short. similar to $W getting some positive traction premarket. $CAR another...squeeze day? i like the $Z chart as well
  • cmaxwel1: @marklesparkle $CVNA (They are banned in Michigan for not following laws on titles and registration). See Barrons artilces on this. They sold cars where the title was not cleared, and took months to resolve. Which caused people issues with Police traffic stops. Bad management of core business.
  • traderdl: $CVNA one day wonder? Shorts getting squeezed
  • vcondry: @traderdl $CVNA probably a good time to buy PUTS...this b*tch is going to bankruptcy...i just don't like the risk reward i would only go the PUT least you know what your max loss is...unlike shorting.
  • Hawaiianmaxx: @vcondry $CVNA 😍😍😍
  • debeers: $CVNA-If new car prices may go down next year, where do you think USED cars will be??
  • SlimChance: @debeers $CVNA looks like it is "priced for perfection"?
  • stairm01: @debeers $CVNA Wow, what a dive! Sept of 2021 it was at $377. Now it's at $3.84, down 43% today. Zero is only $3.84 away.
  • marklesparkle: @debeers $CVNA I sold the vette around Labor Day to Carvana. They gave me the best price and it was too easy. Couple pics and proof and poof they came and picked up the car and the moolah was in my account electronically the next business day. Basically no headaches no talking you down. Done Deal. Is all I can say so I dont understand this move unless they did a SBF
  • vcondry: $CVNA when you do this daily and don't see the golden opportunity til its passed...I've always wondered how their model was sustainable seeing what they paid for we all know it isn't.
  • scottrades: @sgiseller $CVNA I see what you're looking at. Watch the VWAP!
  • vitoB: $LYFT also green...damn $CVNA burnin rubber quick. 10% ini 10 mins...i was sitting here watching and missed it
  • sgiseller: @DAN @SCOTTRADE thoughts on $CVNA for a bounce trade after they got totally crushed 50% the last few days over slightly off earnings and overpriced inventory and dropping prices. Seems like it's ripe for a bounce or (wishful thinking)
  • shoredriver: $CVNA....$300 to $8 in a year...$MS says worth $
  • champ: $CVNA...HOD at $45...up 35%...this is a massive short squeeze....
  • Nepenthe: @champ $CVNA And earnings were yesterday. NP. Hard to chase at 35%, now 38%, but it looks like it could run. Cheers.
  • Motorman: @Nepenthe $CVNA I think they missed, so maybe its the 30% short?
  • champ: @Nepenthe $CVNA .....Yes sir..I agree....I was just pointing out what a major squeeze looks like and I have NP. Take Care!
  • Nepenthe: @champ $CVNA Always appreciate your posts. At the moment, just keeping a rueful eye on it--perhaps look for an entry; perhaps not. Take care as well. Cheers.
  • rverkamp: $CVNA would a break of prior days high be a place to start a position? Big day yesterday on volume but did it drive to far and close to being out of gas?
  • bRobert: $CVNA This was a long term short trade Many posts Covered but there is more left WEEKLY Invert it Huge C&H that expanded Single digit potential Like $VRM
  • vcondry: @bRobert $CVNA $VRM .... $VRM so cheap it might get bought up .... $KMX i thought was a short but somehow they blew out numbers...still can't figure that one...i buy from them weekly for my store...and auctions arent making anyone feel warm and fuzzy in my business.
  • bRobert: @vcondry $CVNA $VRM $KMX $AN sitting on the 20/50/200d Bermuda triangle np Just watching Long healthy WEEKLY consolidation . 20/50w Chart is the best in the space with the most promise
  • bRobert: $VRM SPEC watch Move > 50d prison Retest Bounce $2.5 20d potential to start in this $1 menu trade $CVNA short covered $25 30% bounce from complete dome WEEKLY retrace to Covid low $375 - $27 np Just watching $KMX 7% earnigns bounce > 20/50d near $100/102 Ceiling WATCHING $GM for the day it moves above the 50d ceiling ADDS with retest /bounce form above Patience
  • bRobert: $KMX $70/$40 potential with weekly bear flag trigger Earnings tomorrow Failure near 50d ceiling Daily H&S top trigger < $85 np Been bearish the space with various shorts Covered $CVNA was a good one WEEKLY dome completed
  • bRobert: $PENN $20/ single digit potential $CZR $30/$20 potential Posted major breakdown targets several times Zoom out to the WEEKLY Why touch Slide greased $CZR looking like $CVNA WEEKLY breakdown Acceleration $MGM same Brak < 200w floor Collapse $20/$15 NO BUENO Trade with the wind at your back
  • bRobert: @vcondry $CVNA $KMX H&S top daily WEEKLY bear flag $70 potential to start Retest of the Covid lows POTENTIAL longer term
  • bRobert: $CVNA. Short. already covered but Look at the WEEKLY. and the power of triggered WEEKLY short set ups. FAILURE at the. 200w. set up the. death spiral. A. LOW RISK. short entry with cover stop just. above. NEVER tested. $375. darling stock to $20. Hard to make money without any cars. Rising interest rates on loans Fears of recession. Rising gas prices. Rising. car prices. $VRM. $75. post. IPO. to the $1. menu $AN. WEEKLY. still holding up np
  • vcondry: @bRobert $CVNA check out $KMX let me know what you think about shorting it if you have time...earnings a car dealer I have the joy of visiting this place often and watching the wholesale auctions...buyers are drying up and they are dumping more and more.
  • bRobert: $ARKK. WEEKLY bear. flag.trigger. Retest. of Covid low. It. can go lower $TDOC. WEEKLY bear flag. trigger. can take this to new depths $VRM poster child for. how low can you go. ..... 0 $CVNA. targets. acquired. Not. necessarily done. This was a great short trade from above. Many posts. $10.or. lower. is in the conversation still. H&S top daily
  • bRobert: @bRobert $ARKK $TDOC $VRM $CVNA $SARK. $85. WEEKLY breakout target DAily. breakout. LOOK for a pb. bounce to enter.
  • vcondry: $CVNA probably kicking a dead horse but if $KMX goes under $94 possible short. I have a used car lot...sales are definitely getting soft and Carmax has been dumping more cars than usual through their auctions at increasingly lower prices FWIW.
  • bRobert: $CVNA short around a core from way above Posts Bear flag trigger $20 target is healthy
  • bRobert: $CVNA $20 with bear flag trigger daily Retest of Covid low weekly
  • bRobert: $CVNA. flag. break. WEEKLY. $20. on the table $TDOC. A. flag. break can take this much lower. $20. potential. Counter trend. TRADE. done. $PTON. $5. still in the conversation $SLCA. $13. Phase. 2. of a short I posted
  • Roadrunner: $CVNA banned from selling vehicles in Illinois due to titling or lack thereof.
  • AdrenalineTrade: $CVNA 50% move off the lows in the last few days. 30 dollars was heavily defended.
  • Sanelan: $CVNA - taking profits as a secure measure .
  • bRobert: @Sanelan $CVNA $50/60 potential 20d ceiling Trailers and partials Look for move back > $44 Follow on multi day 5d chart
  • AdrenalineTrade: $CVNA today's volume is catching my attention. Sellers look completely exhausted over past few weeks.
  • bRobert: @AdrenalineTrade $CVNA One of my better shorts for quite a while. Tact to the bottom with $VRM ($70 to $1+) CVNA target 2 was near $25. For cover Room for more of course with failed bounces It ends when it starts to make higher highs and lows out of a good base.
  • AdrenalineTrade: $CVNA curling on 15 min, let's see if this can squeeze again.
  • bRobert: $NAIL now look for failed bounces to the $35 neckline $25/$22 $ITB 200w $50 $HD WEEKLY flag break Daily H&S top $280/$260 Again failed bounces $LOW same $180 / 200w to follow Housing is going home less $PTON bear flag bounce $5 target I might be being kind with that $CVNA Been short here for a while $25 target next $50 was acquired Look at the daily/ weekly Never gave a long any hope Failed bounces were pathetic Just a small short position grew into big $$$
  • bRobert: $BOOT failure 20/50d ceiling 20/50W ceiling Bullish set up posted Remember no trigger....No joy Bearish set up posted H&S top $75/$50 potential if this bear flag fires $CVNA closing in fast on $25 target Cover lowered This was easy to hold after it failed at the 200W ceiling on a throwback No sign of a pulse CPR started $150 - $25 is a good short trade $PTON bear flag $5 with failure/trigger
  • bRobert: $CVNA Short VERY close to $25 target 2 Ground zero Covid low WEEKLY H&S top triggered below the 50W and never looked back Recent failure under the 200w ceiling resulted in the cliff dive from $150 to $30 in a little over a month Brutal selloff $377 top to $30 92% They layed off 2500 today $VRM competitor $70 to 1.34 98% WEEKLY view analysis would have kept the shiny side up and avoided these car wrecks
  • bRobert: $CVNA. short. MANY POSTS. $50 target. 1 acquired. last week On route to $25. target. 2. Following. $VRM. to the bottom. WEAK. herd targets
  • bRobert: @Pokersmith $UPST I'm happily settle in the slower falling knives. $NVDA. $120. still has a lot. more. room. Others. $TSLA. has the POTENTIAL to be . cut in half. longer term. $PTON. $5. target $CVNA. $25. has been a. beauty $LABD. $80. target 1. acquired. $100. potential. $M. $10. potential $CROX. $55. acquired $BOOT. $75/$50. potential Just getting started. There is a big. bounce. coming soon. EVERYONE is waiting for. some capitulation Maybe it gets delayed a day or 2. longer $ITB. $NAIL. weekly flag. waiting for. failure $NAIL. $22. with swoon Will a $TLT bounce be a call to the governor and save it? Watch and react.
  • bRobert: $CVNA $25 target Failed bounces $50 target acquired Short
  • bRobert: $SMH flag over the 20d to watch $PTON Still single digit potential $5 $CVNA Very lucrative short from above MANY posts Updates $50 target was posted a while ago ACQUIRED Still $25 potential Retest of Covid low Follow $VRM flight path
  • bRobert: $PTON short on failed bounces $15 next target $10 to follow $5 is possible $VRM went from $70 ........$1.40 $CVNA short $375 to $50 Still have $25 potential Anything is possible when it comes to a stock
  • bRobert: @champ $SIVB $XLF $FAZ $FAS Maybe you can invite me over so I can look over you shoulder and I'l treat you to a nice meal at the Olive Garden with all the frills Your favorite Yes anything is tradable Quite a revelation Some trades are EASIER with the wind at your back I'll short $AMZN $CVNA many others You can go long for pennies on the short dollars How close is AMZN to those short targets?
  • bRobert: $CVNA Winning short Now below $50 target 1 on route to $25 potential target 2 This will form a nice symmetrical cup at $25 If this could go below zero, it would try $M short I have been VERY patient Cracking H&S top daily and weekly $22 - $10 TEN targets SHORT $NFLX Look at the WEEKLY car wreck Supposedly smart investors plowed a lot of cash into the turnaround
  • bRobert: $CVNA $50 target still in play on this short $25 potential NOT a good short entry RHRN without a failed bounce Still holding partial
  • bRobert: $BOOT short Partial started last week $75/$50 potential 200w $CVNA Approacjing $50 target 1 $25 potential long term $NVDA H&S top $125 potential $SOXS $$82 and MORE with a sustained move > 50W FAILED BOUNCES to enter
  • bRobert: $BOOT Very dangerous position with a lower low trigger < $88 WEEKLY 20/50w ceiling One of my favorites but dangerous until it clears ceilings Shoe drop potential $CVNA $50 target 1 $25 potential Retest of Covid low Short from well above
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $BOOT $CVNA race to the bottom. vrooom
  • bRobert: $XRT H&S top WEEKLY and down down down 200w target Look for weakest in herd $CVNA down another 6% Closing in on $50 target 1 posted MUCH MUCH higher Check the videotape $25 potential longer
  • bRobert: $CVNA $58 approaching $50 target 1 $LRCX Failure at 20d $360 target $AMAT same $100/$80 targets
  • bRobert: $CHWY WEEKLY H&S top measured to $20 and was setting up last year $70 - $120 range Still another 33% to go Retest of the Covid low $PTON Retest of the Covid low NOW but single digit potential Close to $1 is possible $CVNA short still very much in motion from above This was easy prey in a weak herd $50 target 1 is CLOSE $25 is in the conversation with another failed bounce Retest of covid low
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $CHWY $PTON $CVNA !!!
  • bRobert: @wanda1616 $CHWY $PTON $CVNA pretty good short I was encouraged by $VRM price action $70 to $1.50
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $CHWY $PTON $CVNA $VRM truly reminiscent (sp?) of dotcom era
  • bRobert: $CVNA ADDED to short Failed bounce $50/$25 potential OR less Followitng the $VRM path to ground 0 $LAD Good company Stock may test 200W $220
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $SPOT $ARKK i never could understand how it was so high. great job short $CVNA what a disaster !!!
  • bRobert: @wanda1616 $SPOT $ARKK $CVNA Pick the weakest in a weak herd Easy prey
  • bRobert: $CVNA short from above $50 target still Failed bounces Bear market Auto industry
  • bRobert: $CVNA short working well - 16% this week WEEKLY cliff dive $50 current bear flag target/$25 potential
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Stock Price $42.90
Change -1.85%
Volume 7,293,830

Carvana Co is an eCommerce platform for buying used cars. It uses proprietary algorithms to optimize its nationally pooled inventory of over 7,300 vehicles, inspect and recondition our vehicles and operate its own logistics network.

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