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  • Spotdog: @debeers $AMZN $BA $HAE $CTAS $MTN $GWW $MOV $MCD $AAPL $FB $TSLA $GOOG GEE. You forgot to mention my two favs, $ENPH and $TNDM up 246% and 824% respectively.
  • debeers: @Spotdog $AMZN $BA $HAE $CTAS $MTN $GWW $MOV $MCD $AAPL $FB $TSLA $GOOG $ENPH $TNDM --Tandem has done really well. I mentioned HAE only because its a no drama mama stock. Lower left to upper right
  • Spotdog: @debeers $AMZN $BA $HAE $CTAS $MTN $GWW $MOV $MCD $AAPL $FB $TSLA $GOOG $ENPH $TNDM As my wife says, "Green is good"
  • debeers: @Spotdog $AMZN $BA $HAE $CTAS $MTN $GWW $MOV $MCD $AAPL $FB $TSLA $GOOG $ENPH $TNDM -You do realize how lucky you are to be married to her I hope.
  • woodman: $ENPH moving up.
  • Greendayguy: @bRobert $HIIQ $MCHP $CY $ON $AMD $SMH $MU $WTW $WWE $LULU $TRHC Thank you very much, great advice. Much appreciated. I started small positions in $MCHP and $ON on Friday for short term trades. We'll see how they go, and of course I have stops in ...
  • woodman: $ENPH doing well today. New 3 year high.
  • woodman: $ENPH - weekly chart moving well out of long base, making right side of bowl. New nearly 3-year high.
  • woodman: $ENPH - big time move - starting in September last year - out of a very long base, with lots of room above still. Weekly chart shows it best.
  • tjv821: $enph Camp what do you think of the action??
  • Rasta: $ENPH @woodman This dog is barking this morning. Up 38%
  • woodman: @Rasta $ENPH - wow. No position. I'm in $RUN for all my solar needs.
  • PRK: @woodman $ENPH $RUN I'm in $ENPH thanks to you. Read all your posts.
  • woodman: @GOOSE $EYE $RUN - both working. I'm in both as well. RUN has been a solar stock working when others have not been working. It's why it's my only solar stock. $ENPH a solar-related semiconductor stock is holding up okay too.
  • GOOSE: @woodman $EYE $RUN $ENPH Yah! $EYE & $RUN have both been working for me, so thanks for mentioning them. GOOSE
  • woodman: $ENPH working its way up still. Np at this time.
  • woodman: $TAN moving up through its recent highs in January. $ENPH moving up through its recent high in March. I'm in $SPWR and $JKS still.
  • woodman: @tigerjohn8 $FSLR - $ENPH and $SEDG are a couple to look at. I own the former, not the latter. Here are their profiles: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/ENPH/profile?p=ENPH https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/SEDG/profile?p=SEDG
  • tigerjohn8: @woodman $FSLR $ENPH $SEDG $RUN I know I'm a day late to the party. But my buys this morning of $FSLR up 2.5% and $RUN up 4% Just started position in $SEDG (Hope I'm not the late guy giving profits to all the smarter traders) All could be short term trades
  • woodman: $ENPH running today.
  • woodman: @champ #Solar - I bought $ENPH on Monday, but it's run too much at this point to buy now.
  • Greendayguy: $ENPH new closing high on big volume. Hopefully the start of a new run. Only $5.21, so you can load up!
  • woodman: $ENPH - nice reversal at 3:00. It's a semiconductor equip/materials stock tied to #Solar. Long.
  • woodman: $ENPH - moving off 50 day following earnings.
  • woodman: $ENPH - I sold 2/3 of this yesterday, and the rest a little while ago.
  • Greendayguy: @woodman $AMZN $GOOG I hope you dumped $ENPH also. I did earlier today, made a profit, but it could have been more if I had sold early in the day. That's trading!!!
  • woodman: @Greendayguy $AMZN $GOOG $ENPH - Yep. I posted yesterday to beware of that shooting star. I sold 2/3 of mine yesterday and the rest this morning, all in the 4.90s.
  • woodman: $ENPH - still holding this one from beginning of last week. I'm getting itchy to sell it as it gets closer to resistance, but will try to hold it a little longer. Earnings 5/1 amc if you're in it.
  • Greendayguy: @woodman $ENPH Yes, I'm still holding also, but will definitely sell some or all before earnings. It would be nice to see it close above its previous closing high, which appears to have been on March 27th.
  • spmeyers: @woodman $ENPH me too; volume has increased each of last 3 days so that's a good sign
  • woodman: $ENPH - shooting star. Beware.
  • woodman: $ENPH - posted on this one yesterday. It's working.
  • Greendayguy: $AMN still doing very well, and looks like $ENPH is beginning it's next run up.
  • woodman: $ENPH - turning back up, perhaps. May be one to consider for a run into earnings 5/1 amc. I bought it yesterday and added this morning.
  • woodman: $SEDG $ENPH - these solar related stocks are on a helluva run.
  • coldevinc: @woodman $SEDG $ENPH Yes they have, any opinions on why?
  • woodman: $SEDG $ENPH - solar related stocks defying gravity.
  • Spotdog: $ENPH Surprise Q4 profit. Rising.
  • spmeyers: @Spotdog $ENPH alas I sold before earnings; will look to buy on pullback
  • woodman: $ENPH - flag, keep on radar.
  • woodman: $ENPH - flag. Earnings 2/27 amc.
  • Gmoore: @woodman $ENHP You mean $ENPH? With you, rode from $1.61 to $2.70 in November.
  • woodman: @Gmoore $ENHP $ENPH - yes, ENPH, thanks. Excellent job!
  • woodman: $TAN interesting. Within the sector: $ENPH, wow (np). $SPWR and $FSLR of interest (np in either). Long $RUN
  • Bridget: @woodman $TAN $ENPH $SPWR $FSLR I also see $JKS breaking out of its downtrend on volume.
  • woodman: @Bridget $TAN $ENPH $SPWR $FSLR $JKS - you're right! Nice.
  • Bridget: Notes: $XLF - seeing a much bigger pullback today. Bank stocks breaking out of the squeeze to the downside after a failed breakout, very bearish Gold - Demand for "safe haven" stocks is up over concerns with inauguration and Brexit $XLP - seeing a big jump here, even though not huge volume. $KR $GE $CL are at good buy points if this is sector rotation $MO $STZ - also seeing a rise today on $RAI buyout deal $TAN - solar stocks getting a bump today along with other energy stocks $JKS $ENPH $DQ $WTW - this one bites me everytime I touch it. But this move is looking for constructive. Holding above $13.
  • Tr8dr: $ENPH Nice pop today, double volume no news on this side, still looking, solar play
  • Tr8dr: $ENPH $SEDG both looking perky today
  • Paddleboard: @Aragorn $NEWT $ENPH $ULTA $ABUS $DDD $GLW $SEDG
  • Tr8dr: $ENPH Most of the solar installers I ask are using the Enphase micro inverter now. Their micro inverter converts DC directly to AC right out of the module. If shade hits on a module it will not effect the entire system as with the "string" type system. There are other benifits as well. I can't make much sense out of the earnings report (not good at fundies) but find the chart interesting . Goldman had a price target of $11 last year, that didn't work out so well.
  • Tr8dr: @Aragorn $NEWT closed as an inside day among others $ENPH, $ULTA,$ABUS,$DDD,$GLW, $SEDG, XOP that I've been watching with limited time. Just wondering to be sure, a break above or below the inside candlestick ( not the open or close ) is the point of action? So if tomorrow $NEWT breaks above 12.72 is the possible entry for long?
  • Aragorn: @Tr8dr $NEWT $ENPH $ULTA $ABUS $DDD $GLW $SEDG Inside Bar Strategy says a break of the inside bar is an actionable signal. SO above 12.72 is a buy signal for NEWT. 11.23% Div per Worden and it has had some great proce appreciation. Winner Winner Chic ...
  • Tr8dr: $ENPH caught some of this move
  • mradams0621: ...
    $ENPH Enphase Energy In... 3.00 -5.06%
    $RUSL Direxion Daily Ru... 11.31 -4.88%
    $BRZU Direxion Daily Br... 13.53 -4.52%
    $IDRA Idera Pharmaceuti... 3.20 -4.19%
  • mradams0621: ...
    $ENPH Enphase Energy In... 2.98 23.65%
    $FMNB Farmers National ... 9.74 20.25%
    $RUN Sunrun Inc 11.20 18.02%
    $SCTY Solarcity Corpora... 46.33 15.67%
    $SUNE Sunedison 5.67 14.55%
    $YZC Yanzhou Coal Mini... 5.00 12.36%
    $DL China Distance Ed... 16. ...
  • mradams0621: ...
    23.65% $ENPH Enphase Energy Inc. 2.98 83060
    20.25% $FMNB Farmers National B 9.74 2
    14.55% $SUNE SunEdison 5.67 3770000
    13.89% $ARO Aeropostale Inc. 0.41 377
    12.15% $ACI Arch Coal Inc. 1.20 34090
    10.13% $HPY Heartland Payment 93.72 701020
    10.06 ...
  • Tr8dr: $ENPH Beaten down and now above the 8pma on daily. Maybe $FSLR will help bring it up? They just reported earnings
  • Tr8dr: $ENPH I'll have to say buyers have showed up
  • tjv821: $ENPH my new $SDRL
  • tjv821: $ENPH anyone know way this is getting crushed today it another $SDRL
  • muranaka1: @tjv821 $ENPH...reported disappointed earnings yesterday AH..
  • tjv821: $ENPH energy bounced why is this getting killed?
  • GreenGhost: @tjv821 $ENPH A broken and weak stock in the wrong sector with $GS piling on today. The analysts IMO deserves a 15-yard personal foul to make that call with the stock already beaten down so hard already . http://seekingalpha.com/news/2210295-enphase-down-10-percent-after-goldman-launches-at-sell
  • woodman: $ENPH - I don't own this anymore, but noticed it again. Currently around $12.85, it's holding its move above the 50 day. It's got a potential of $3 up from here to the middle part of the "W" and if it gets there, another potential $2 to complete the "W". Beneath the 50 day, the 200 day looks like solid support around $2.50 down from current price. You can use the 50 day (to keep your potential loss small), or yesterday's low, as your stop reference, and if it does fall back to the 200 day, could start again, if so inclined. Not pounding the table, but of interest nonetheless. No position as I type.
  • moneyHoHo: $ENPH
  • woodman: @moneyHoHo $ENPH - I like it.
  • moneyHoHo: @Aragorn $ENPH I bought this earlier today. Horizontal support bounce and top of channel is way up there. Risk when I bought it was less than $1 down and $4 up. First target is $13.55 Has to get past the 21ma tho.
  • tjv821: $ENPH what happened? Looked like they made all the numbers???
  • clefferts: $ENPH- Anyone know why it is down 20% this morning? "Enphase Energy Correction: Beats Q3 estimates; guides Q4 rev above consensusBriefing.com(Wed 8:39AM EST)" on Yahoo Finance.
  • clefferts: @tjv821 $ENPH - must be institutional selling for some reason. Maybe fear with the Republicans taking over the house and senate the federal money money spiget for solar will be shut down? I really don't know.
  • tjv821: $ENPH anyone have any thoughts on why this stock is so weak on such a strong day?
  • clefferts: $ENPH - Any news on why it is down over 12% today? Nothing on Yahoo
  • boba: $ENPH - Second day up after down move. Long
  • clefferts: @boba $ENPH - $ENPH also added, I was waiting for a pullback and bounce so started a position on Friday.
  • woodman: @boba $ENPH - entered on Friday, added this morning. I was in this a long time ago but got shaken out and then it took off without me.
  • clefferts: $ENPH - is this an actionable bounce?
  • boba: $ENPH - A double since July 1, this solar related stock is in a strong, steady move up.
  • boba: $ENPH - A solar stock up 88% since June.
  • clefferts: $ENPH - huge gain yesterday and up a little today. Reported great numbers yesterday. No position but on my watch list.
  • janner0814: Up AH: $ANR $ATVI $CRTO (fading) $ENPH $JAZZ (fading) $WPX Down AH: $CHUY $FSLR $FUEL $GMED $GRPN $PRAA $TWX BTW: $Z shook out many of the weak owners in the AH (some selling out as low as $133.75). Currently it's at $142.50. Regarding Earnings, estimated loss $0.231; vs. actual (beat) losing $0.05. NP in any
  • bullmoose: $KNDI - A bit of a fake-out today. Keep those stops tight. Same with $ENPH. I was stopped out of $TSEM today.
  • bullmoose: $EMC, $FANG, $KNDI, $KBH, $ENPH, $TMO - Bought some August 28 puts on EMC this morning as it jumped way over the bollinger bands on news that an activist investor wants to break the company up. That's for a quick trade. $FANG is popping out of its downtrend nicely. $KNDI continues to defy the odds and I wish I would have bought shares back Friday. $KBH continues to try and bounce off the 200-day. I own Oct 17 calls. $ENPH has had a nice two-day pop. I will look to lock in gains on some of the shares I own. $TMO is popping out of a squeeze. But, it reports before the open on Wednesday.
  • bullmoose: ...
    There are a few others that are working nicely, including $ENPH and $GS. $AU and $SAND, both of which I've recently trimmed, may be back at buy points as well. Also keep an eye on $BTG. It's a gold miner that was a JP Morgan pick. It's right at the ...
  • clefferts: $ENPH - Bullish engulfing pattern doing well along with $CSIQ and $SUNE
  • bullmoose: Some good stocks that are working and buys (I bought/added to some today) – $KSU, $SAND, $BZH, $ENPH (actually bought yesterday). Also, keep an eye on $KEG. I bought $TSLA calls back yesterday as well. Other than that, I'm treading lightly to see if this bounce holds up here today. If it follows through I'll add more of some key stocks I trimmed (including $RIG, $TSEM, $IRBT, $JKS, $CX, $KNDI, $AVGO, and $HZBNP). Also adding to $KCAP on the high yielder front.
  • clefferts: $ENPH - broke above trading range, started a position.
  • bullmoose: Bought $ENPH on Thursday and it is busting out today. Probable too late to add here short-term, but on the weekly chart it's is just breaking out of a 2-year consolidation.
  • clefferts: $ENPH - worth watching to see if it breaks above its trading range. Looks poised to run.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Tuesday's close ACMP, $ADI, $AUY, $BRKR, $CF, $CLDT, $COLM, $CYH, $DRYS, $ENPH, $FLR, $FLS, $HE, $HLF, $HSTM, $INWK, $KAR, $LZB, $NBR, $NPSP, $OII, $ORIG, $PBPB, $PEI, $PLAB, $PNRA, $RAIL, $SM, $TEX, ZIXI
  • eliasmavs99: $ENPH - @Woodman - Not sure if you're long, but I'd like your take on it. Company seems to be solid.
  • eliasmavs99: $RENN - forming a flag $ENPH - can anyone comment? Looking to add. Revenue up 28% I think @woodman was in it. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/enphase-energy-reports-second-quarter-200500627.html
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Tuesday's close $ALJ, $AMTG, $ANDE, $ATO, $AVNR, $BID, $BIO, $BMR, $CAR, $CF, $CHRW, $CHUY, $CSC, $CSOD, $DGI, $DGIT, $DIS, $DPM, $DVA, $ENOC, $ENPH, $EOG, $EXEL, $FSLR, $FST, $FURX, G, GA,GDP, $GEOS, $GEVO, $GIVN, $GLUU, $GPOR, $JAZZ, $LQDT, $LYV, $MCEP, $MED, $MRO, $NUAN, $OAS, $ONTY, $ORA, $PRI, $PZZA, $QUAD, $REXX, $SD, $SLTM, $SNTS, $SPRD, $SYNC, $TESO, $TWO, $URS, $VSAT, $XNPT, Z
  • woodman: $ENPH - a solar off-shoot looks like a buy here. Phase 2 pullback to test breakout and now phase 3??? 50 day here looks good. I have no position and already have 3 names in the space, having sold $ENPH last week to buy CSIQ. No complaints there, but just thought I'd mention it. I don't know when it reports earnings, though.
  • eliasmavs99: $ENPH - at @woodman, thanks for the point out. Of all the solar names, this seems to be more at a reasonable buy point. Also, if you look at the company, they don't make panels but rather are involved in all of the other hardware and software pieces. My take is that this could work for short or long term. What are your thoughts @woodman?
  • woodman: $ENPH - I agree. It's in a different space than the other solar names we tend to look at as it is selling its devices, microinverters, etc., to/for the industry. It is classified as a "semiconductor equipment and material company." I don't have a good sense of what we are going to see out of earnings, which The Street says are on 8/6. (You'll want to check that at a second source.) It is a relatively newly trading company (March 2012) and is trading below its ipo high (reached just this May), though it isn't far off. Incidentally, it has beat on earnings each quarter that it has reported (the size of the beat has been getting smaller, but still nice), according to The Street: http://www.thestreet.com/event-calendar/index.html
  • woodman: $ENPH - this, a solar offshoot, is working too. Long ENHP, $SCTY and $SPWR in the solar arena.
  • woodman: SOLAR - $ENPH, my indirect solar stock (makes and sells microinverters used in solar industry) is moving big this morning. Not sure why. It's taking out some recent resistance with plenty of room to move up to its recent/all time high of $10.00. My other solar holdings are $SPWR and SCTY. Some other solar names that I'm not in are having a very nice morning.
  • woodman: $ENPH - I mentioned this one yesterday. It makes and sells microinverters for the solar industry. I bought yesterday on the move up from and hold above the 8 day, and sold when it failed to hold above the top of its trading box and fell back into it. That was good for a one-day 5% gain. However, I bought it back this morning. It is holding the 50 day and looks like it may be continuing its move up and out of the box. There's some supply to chew through and $8.00 looks like it could be resistance here, with maybe $8.70 the next resistance level above that. But given the pretty big drop from $10.00, it can make up a lot of ground potentially.
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Stock Price $USD 4.74
Change -2.67%
Volume 1,452,780

Enphase Energy, Inc. has pioneered a new inverter technology for the solar industry that increases energy production, simplifies design and installation, improves system uptime and reliability, and reduces fire safety risk.

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  • November 6th, 2018 - 2018 Q3 Earnings
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