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  • maracom: Late start for me today. Industrial and precious metals complex doing fine. $DVN is visiting $65 for the third time in 2 weeks. Was able to swing a partial on both occasions so I'm watching closely for buying a partial on an intraday double bottom vs selling a partial if we break below $65, my final $DVN stop is still below the 50-wk SMA/$60 level. Out of my new swings from yesterday, stopped out of $SHOP and $DQ, still have some $RUN and $ENPH. US Solar complex is still in trend but showing weakness, the China solar complex still super choppy.
  • woodman: @maracom $DVN $SHOP $DQ $RUN $ENPH GLJ has a slightly better than coin-flip accuracy rate from what I could see. Most of these folks are right about half the time.
  • maracom: @woodman $DVN $SHOP $DQ $RUN $ENPH Sounds like their success rate and mine are about the same is about the same lol.
  • woodman: @maracom $DVN $SHOP $DQ $RUN $ENPH - Except they get paid a salary to be right half the time. Not even a weather forecaster would keep a job being wrong so frequently.
  • maracom: I'm doing a little Monday shopping for pullbacks to major moving averages. I decided to take small partials across my preferred sectors in $SLV $WPM $SHOP $DQ and $AA. All have nice and easy spots to place a stop for tomorrow
  • maracom: Sold my $DQ $ENPH and $BFLY starters for tiny profits. No follow through. Keeping my $DVN and $COST for the moment
  • maracom: I took multiple small starters today. I'm, staying involved in solar with reopened positions in $DQ and $ENPH. I picked up some $COST and some $BFLY (in addition to my naked puts). In my long term acct I added to $DVN
  • maracom: @woodman $FSLR $SUNW I chose $DQ and $$ENPH. I agree $FSLR is the strongest chart for a breakout trade, but I'd be happy with just a return to the prior base, so both of my choices are reversion to the mean trades. I've been avoiding breakout trades in this market
  • vitoB: $DQ and $CSIQ not participating in the solar move. Feels like rotation to domestic plays
  • scottrades: @vitoB $DQ $CSIQ Canadian Solar got downgraded today by $GS
  • Perry: @vitoB $DQ $CSIQ csiq was downgraded today might be a nice buying opportunity
  • vitoB: @Perry $DQ $CSIQ yea but so did $SHLS and if you blinked you missed it
  • Perry: @vitoB $DQ $CSIQ $SHLS I blinked
  • maracom: @vitoB $DQ $CSIQ Yeah I'm in $DQ and $ENPH, the divergence is pretty stark. $DQ is still chopping inside it's range though and hasn't truly broken down so I'm still hanging on
  • DAN: ...
    $DQ -- Still squeezing.
    $FSLR -- Really extended.

    Member Question:
    $KR -- Breaking out from squeeze.
    $BJ -- Breakout from August high…and from $75 top.
    $RXDX -- Bull Sandwich. Alert $58.85.
  • maracom: $DQ holding up better than the rest of the $TAN
  • DAN: ...
    Look at $LNTH $CRSP $SFIX $XBI $DQ $QLD $SSO. These are all positions that were open but have since been closed for either a profit or loss. But all of these charts are instructive. What happened AFTER the trade was closed. Was it right to close ...
  • champ: @DAN $DLTR $SPY $DIA $IYT $MDY $IWM $QQQ $FFTY $DQ $CF $OXY $SSO $QLD $NOG $DRVN $RTX $CLR $SLB $MRO $NVDA $OBE $APA $HAL $PFE $MRNA $AZN $PTON........Yes sir, you said that correctly and that is exactly what I'm always thinking.........."by the Time we see it on the chart, it's #Old News"........... .......working #Pre set-ups is always important........ Monday will be a very important Day for the Markets and actually for all of next week, could either be more Sellers or Buyers, buying the dip, however the odds are, or the guess is, the Markets will probably drop lower, for a few more days and stock Pickers will also be at Work......Good Luck to All.....
  • DAN: $DQ -- $DQ is up big this morning after the CCP decided to do more stimulus spending, which is improving investor sentiment. If you are buying now, you're being aggressive. But the stock is up on big volume and breaking above the top of the handle.
  • cmaxwel1: @DAN $DQ (I'm still in this), Been selling monthly calls on this at 75 and 80
  • woodman: $DQ - Nice pop this morning. I've been holding a core of this, with a few trades around the edges, since buying in early August. Despite the pop, it's been in a trading rectangle since June. 77.18 is top of the rectangle.
  • CrazyTrain: @woodman $DQ not a stair stepper that's for sure
  • Cjauger: $DQ up 9% right there with the $VIX at 9%.
  • DAN: @cmaxwel1 $DQ That's a good strategy max. Awesome! That's an ATM strategy!!
  • DAN: ...
    $FFTY -- low squeeze reversal…but only 6 stocks of the 50 are up today, and only two are up more than 1%. ($DQ and $CF)

    Active Trade List:
    $OXY -- new stop at 67.20 (just below the weekly intraday low).
    $SSO -- new stop at 52.85 (just below ...
  • jonwest88: @DAN $DLTR $SPY $DIA $IYT $MDY $IWM $QQQ $FFTY $DQ $CF $OXY $SSO $QLD $NOG $DRVN $RTX $CLR $SLB $MRO $NVDA $OBE $APA $HAL $PFE $MRNA $AZN $PTON When were the stop on $QLD changed as you show above? When was $DRVN changed to sell to close above $32? Cannot find them anywhere except here late in the day
  • vcondry: @jonwest88 $DLTR $SPY $DIA $IYT $MDY $IWM $QQQ $FFTY $DQ $CF $OXY $SSO $QLD $NOG $DRVN $RTX $CLR $SLB $MRO $NVDA $OBE $APA $HAL $PFE $MRNA $AZN $PTON Morning market update at 9:18 am via email EDIT : was emailed but he forgot to post in the forum. when it rains it pours...hope your day is less worse than mine :-)
  • jonwest88: @vcondry $DLTR $SPY $DIA $IYT $MDY $IWM $QQQ $FFTY $DQ $CF $OXY $SSO $QLD $NOG $DRVN $RTX $CLR $SLB $MRO $NVDA $OBE $APA $HAL $PFE $MRNA $AZN $PTON Yeah I searched for them here. Silly me. Did not get update until later.
  • DAN: @jonwest88 $DLTR $SPY $DIA $IYT $MDY $IWM $QQQ $FFTY $DQ $CF $OXY $SSO $QLD $NOG $DRVN $RTX $CLR $SLB $MRO $NVDA $OBE $APA $HAL $PFE $MRNA $AZN $PTON Did you watch all of my videos?

    Here is the email that I sent out this morning:

    Morning Market Update
    Good morning. Futures are p ...
  • Niche: $DQ === stoppped out -- that was costly
  • wjj3: @Niche $DQ no kidding
  • DAN: ...
    $DQ -- the stop is at 62.50, but this trade just isn't working. The stock looks very weak and there is a higher probability that it will continue falling than there is that it will run higher. I'm shutting it down, even though the stop was not hit ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DQ -- Corn hole pattern.

    $OXY -- Basis $67. Stop at 62.90. Raised stop to 64.60.
    $DVN -- Good momentum here…but it didn’t come out of much of a base. So it’s different than $OXY’s chart.
    $NOG -- Back to breakeven. Resti ...
  • abalagam: Took a position in $DQ
  • abalagam: Anyone holding $DQ, any opinion
  • manrodmar10: @abalagam $DQ I am still holding it... I have a partial stop 64.90 and a hard stop at 62.50
  • woodman: @abalagam $DQ - I'm still holding. It's been pretty much sideways since June/July, and magnetized to the 50d area since the pullback/drift to it in late July, but it's holding rising support drawn from May 15. I bought in early August as it tagged and bounced off that rising support line and added a little more along the 50d.
  • DAN: ...
    $DQ - from 61.80 to 62.50

    $IWM - from 190.00 to 195.50

    $QLD - from 51.40 to 54.90

    $RBLX -- from 42.65 to 44.90

    $SSO - from 53.80 to 55.20

    $RTX - still at 90.90

    You can always check the status of the ATL here:

    https://stockmarketmentor.com/act ...
  • Cjauger:
  • cgendro1: @Cjauger $dq I ditched it early yesterday. For whatever reason this stock is crazy making for me LOL! Seems to be too squirrelly for me
  • vcondry: @cgendro1 $dq same I always F it up...said nope that train gonna have to run without me.
  • CrazyTrain: @cgendro1 $dq I gave up on Chinese stocks after the last shake out of DQ
  • Cjauger: $DQ bounced at the 50
  • DAN: ...
    $DQ -- Testing the 50-day MA. This is stalling here. Not being stopped out, but not a money maker.
    $$MCD -- Breakout from a tightening triangle. Should see ceiling at $270
    $DLTR -- Close to breaking out. Alert $170.20
    $ATGE -- Forming a base at ...
  • DAN: Stop Adjustments on Select Stocks on ATL $DRVN -- from 29.90 to 30.50 $ANET - from 118.80 to 122.74 $DQ - from 61.80 to 62.50 $IWM - from 190.00 to 195.50 $QLD - from 51.40 to 54.90 $RBLX -- from 42.65 to 44.90 $SSO - from 53.80 to 55.20 You can always check the status of the list here: https://stockmarketmentor.com/active-trades-list/ --Dan
  • DAN: Good morning. Stocks are down just a bit this morning, as is typical for Mondays. Stops for the Active Trade List: $QLD - 51.40 $SSO - 53.80 $IWM - 190.00 $SFIX - 6.60 $DQ - 61.80 $ANET - 118.80 $RBLX - 42.65 Here is the link to this morning's live training session at 8 am PT / 11 am ET. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81446581551 --Dan
  • Rockstar: ...
    As we go into this week the market $SPY,$QQQ,$IWM are in rare air. The four horseman are doing their jobs, but we need a break to at least come back and test the 8EMA's on the market and preferably the 21 EMA's. Everything looks good and aligne ...
  • bigbartabs: @Rockstar $SPY $QQQ $IWM $SMH $ARKK $TAN $XBI $XLV $ANET $DQ $RBLX ... your comment on short covering, there is a difference... are you saying that short covering volume doesn't show in a ticker's up/down volume?
  • scottrades: Dan's ATL Trades from the live webinar. $SSO $QLD $ANET $SFIX $IWM $DQ $RBLX
  • Rockstar: @bigbartabs $SPY $QQQ $IWM $SMH $ARKK $TAN $XBI $XLV $ANET $DQ $RBLX Hi there. Yes it shows in volume, but if there were a number of buyers not just short covering putting upward pressure than volume would be higher.
  • bigbartabs: @Rockstar $SPY $QQQ $IWM $SMH $ARKK $TAN $XBI $XLV $ANET $DQ $RBLX ... if just short covering... I see what you were getting to. Thanks.
  • issues: @woodman $SPWR $RUN $NOVA I like $ENPH $FSLR $DQ but don't have any right now.
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $JKS that is one of my positions, I sold half, holding the other half. also holding $DQ, Looking at $BABA on another screen, it is holding up well so far. There was a data breach on $BABA cloud
  • joemaurno: @Scottrades - Any idea why $DQ is getting beaten up today? I know you went over it in the strategy session and I got into the trade Monday.
  • scottrades: @joemaurno $DQ I heard some news that some China Stocks were going to De-list themselves instead of comply with regulators. And I think it's caused a ripple effect.
  • joemaurno: @scottrades $DQ Thank you sir.
  • DAN: @scottrades $DQ Yep. Those pesky SEC rules about honest reporting and auditing really cramp the style of the Chinese companies. They're not used to having to be honest in China, and it's bumming them out. Just doesn't seem fair to me. (Probably racist or something.)
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $JKS sold all $JKS. Sold 1/4 of $DQ, stop on remaining shares at LOD. I have done a great job at stock picking, and awful job at risk management. Going forward, I am going to practice risk management
  • scottrades: @Cjauger $JKS $DQ I find that the learning comes in chunks. The key is to tie it all together. Create NOTES in your own hand writing and post them all around your computer. That helped me.
  • bigbartabs: @DAN $DQ ... honest reporting... I've been wondering for years why we Americans put up with the Chinese not following SEC audit rules. Why that would be allowed makes me damned suspicious just how much dirt there is somewhere that keeps us from lowering the boom.
  • DAN: ...
    $SFIX - Basis: 7.08 Stop: 6.35. “Inside day” after a bearish article on CNBC site. RAISE STOP TO 6.60 to cut risk
    $DQ - Basis: 69.50 Stop: 61.80. This is flat. Leaving it alone.
    $ANET - Basis: 127.60 Stop: 118.80. Also flat. Leavi ...
  • slp20:
  • DAN: ...
    $DQ - up 2.5%. Stop is still at 61.80. I'm leaving this alone for now. The stock is still in a pretty loose pattern. To move it higher runs the risk of getting stopped out even while the stock is still trading in a range. AND as I mentioned yesterda ...
  • marketdude: @DAN $QLD $SSO $IWM $SFIX $DQ $ANET $RBLX Great life post Dan and it reminds me of a quote you mentioned awhile back "if you do today what others won't you'll have tomorrow what others don't!"
  • champ: @marketdude $QLD $SSO $IWM $SFIX $DQ $ANET $RBLX .......this is what needs to be remembered ......" Opportunities are not made...they are Recognized and Exploited "..........
  • MongosPawn: @DAN $QLD $SSO $IWM $SFIX $DQ $ANET $RBLX Great stuff Dan!
  • DAN: @MongosPawn $QLD $SSO $IWM $SFIX $DQ $ANET $RBLX Thanks MOngo.
  • DAN: @champ $QLD $SSO $IWM $SFIX $DQ $ANET $RBLX Exactly. Gotta see em to take advantage of 'em. And the more you focus on success, the more opportunities you will see.
  • DAN: @marketdude $QLD $SSO $IWM $SFIX $DQ $ANET $RBLX Thanks dude. My wife put a sign on our refrigerator (which is where all the demons reside in our house): "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."
  • vcondry: @DAN $QLD $SSO $IWM $SFIX $DQ $ANET $RBLX Thank you for the honesty and insight...a much needed kick in the a$$. Always appreciate the extra thoughts you drop in from time to time that I don't/haven't got on other services...helps yours to stand out from all the "me too's".
  • champ: @DAN $QLD $SSO $IWM $SFIX $DQ $ANET $RBLX ....That was one of your Quotes, from many years ago.....
  • champ: @futr $QLD $SSO $IWM $SFIX $DQ $ANET $RBLX ...You need to give yourself a #Thumbs-up, for being a New member in the Forum, now you will become Wealthier and Wiser....and that will also make you Healthier and Happier. LOL
  • Firemedic: @scottrades $JKS me too. Thanks. Made a nice profit on first half yesterday and made some more with that stop raise we made. Stopped out on my $DQ I put on yesterday at breakeven
  • msing3: @DAN $QLD $SSO $IWM $SFIX $DQ $ANET $RBLX Dittos Dan !
  • scottrades: @Firemedic $JKS $DQ Good trading!
  • scottrades: $SPY No FOMO. $QQQ Low Volume pullback $UUP Under the 50 Day $TNX Closed the Gap $SMH Push back at resistance $XLE Don’t call it a comeback $XBI Consolidating around the 200 Day $TAN Still in an uptrend $ARKK Downside Reversal around the 100 EMA $IGV Weak but low volume. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum, A bit extended. Know your time frame. $AAPL Look for a PB $AMZN Right at the 200 Day $TSLA Elon Selling $GOOGL Sold at the close $MSFT Watch for a Pullback buy $ANET Holding up in trend $SNPS Still in trent $RBLX Added to the ATL $NVDA Consolidating $ON Sold Half $AMD Consolidating $JKS Sold some, hold some. $DQ Holding up ok. $ENPH Consolidating along the 8EMA New Ideas: $MUSA Short base. Trades a bit thin. $ASO Above a short base. Good volume $CTAS Consolidating near the highs $COST Basing $PAG Handle
  • scottrades: $DQ also holding up well. Another China name. Be careful with ALL China stocks. Size correctly.
  • Cjauger: $DQ taking off
  • scottrades: @Cjauger $DQ Boom!
  • woodman: @scottrades $DQ - I've been accumulating this along the 50d (along with $JKS). I agree, though, that we need to be careful with Chinese stocks.
  • scottrades: @woodman $DQ $JKS I'm gonna start calling you The Wolf Of Solar Street. lol
  • woodman: @Cjauger $DQ - added to this as well.
  • mharps: $DQ added a bit- they really sold into it at first but now appears to be moving
  • woodman: @scottrades $DQ $JKS - Ha! So many others in the solar system had supernovaed higher (hehe), I was hunting for the ones that hadn't yet. Hopefully it's their turn and they can catch up.
  • DAN: Adding $DQ to the Active Trade List.

    Basis: 69.52

    Stop: 61.80

    This is close to breaking out. I'm not sure that it will break out today. I doubt that it will -- it's rare that stocks break out in the afternoon. So, you might have an opportunity to ...
  • CrazyTrain: @DAN $DQ I'm tired of being taken out.... No more Chinese take-out for me...
  • DAN: ...
    $DQ - Basis: 69.50. Stop 61.80. Up 1.17%
    $ANET - Basis: 127.60. Stop at 118.80

    $ARKK -- Under accumulation. Compare this with bitcoin/ethereum.
    $PYPL -- worth watching. But this pattern has limited upside.
    $TSLA -- worth watchin ...
  • Cjauger: $DQ perking up
  • Cjauger: $DQ closing strong
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Another CPI Report coming tomorrow $UUP / $DXY Tight along the 8/21 EMAs $TNX Watch this to react tomorrow. $TLT Same $ARKK Rest Day $IGV Rest Day $TAN Solar still working $AAPL Good strength today $AMZN Hard to buy here $MSFT Higher Base $ON Sold this. $CDNS Watch 187.50 $BJ Out of this now $DLTR Another Discount Store $DG Still in an uptrend. $LTM Watch 435 $RTX Still watching $SEDG Nice move off the 50/200 Day $CSIQ Earnings coming up $JKS China Solar $DQ Up day $ENPH Leading $BMY Watch for a bit of a base $CNC Moving today $SNPS Near the 52 Week Highs $CEIX Coal stock setting back up $DINO Oil & Gas $FLNG Clear Resistance $AR Mentioned in the forum $CLR Flag
  • scottrades: $DQ Tried this one on Friday and sold it. Trying to break now.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $DQ I'd wait for a small pullback at this point.
  • abalagam: @scottrades $DQ Scott, followed you on this Friday but didnt put a stop. So got lucky
  • mharps: $DQ starter
  • woodman: @mharps $DQ - In as well. Bought last week on pullback to 50d.
  • scottrades: @abalagam $DQ Happy accident!
  • Cjauger: $DQ faded again
  • scottrades: @Cjauger $DQ I didn't do it this time...lol
  • mharps: $DQ reduced my already small starter on that fade
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Stock Price $16.89
Change 2.86%
Volume 557,027

Daqo New Energy Corp is polysilicon manufacturer based in China. It manufactures and sells quality polysilicon to photovoltaic product manufacturers, who further process its polysilicon into ingots, wafers, cells and modules for solar power solutions.

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