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  • greenpatrol: $CSGP triggered an inside week and up, earlier, at 913.11
  • traderbren: #Weekend_research: Based on Weekly charts these may be of interest, but drill down and do your research of the daily: $FSLR, $NOVA, $WSM, $LAD, $POOL, $SHOP, $FIVN, $TWLO, $FSLY, $PAYC, $UPLD, $NET, $AZPN, $DHI, $PHM, $KBH, $BBY, $AMZN, $BABA, $ETSY, $NVDA, $QCOM, $NIU, $ROL, $PYPL, $FOUR, $TSCO, $SITE, $HDS, $HD, $VEEV, $SLP, $WST, $PODD, $CTSH, $CALT, $FIX, $SCPL, $TTEC, $CTAS, $MDB, $AEM, $CDNS, $SNPS, $TEAM, $TSM, $QRVO, $MCHP, $ROCK, $TFII, $CTLT, $A, $IDXX, $RPM, $STRL, $RBA, $CPRT, $LHCG, $KLAC, $ASML, $CSGP, $SLGN, $CLW, $TGT, $COST, $FRPT, $KNSL
  • scottto_2: @bRobert #WeeklyCharts Screen - Here's the output of my latest iteration of the screener let me know how these look to you (if you feel like it). $ADBE $ADSK $AMRC $AMT $AVLR $AYX $BILI $BL $BLK $CCH $CCI $CDAY $CHWY $COR $CRM $CRNC $CRWD $CSGP $DDOG $DOCU $DT $EBAY $ETSY $FB $FIVN $FMCI $FSLY $FUTU $GSX $HCCH $HUBS $INSU $IPHI $MCO $MELI $MODN $MRVL $NET $NIU $NTES $OKTA $OOMA $OPES $PDD $PLMR $PRPL $PTON $RPAY $SAIA $SE $SHLL $SNPS $SPLK $SQ $SVMK $TDOC $TMUS $TTD $WGO $WIX $WKHS $WMT $ZM $ZTO This is the unedited list from the screen. I haven't checked them all but there are many familiar faces in there. Cheers, S
  • debeers: Rotation proceeds apace as yesterday's winners are today's sinners- $SHOP- down 49.12, $AMZN down 43.09, $DXCM down 36.38, $CSGP down 24.06, $NOW down 19.59, $NVDA down 18.91, $CMG down 18.73
  • Bert953: @debeers $SHOP $AMZN $DXCM $CSGP $NOW $NVDA $CMG Looks like the rotation has rotated again, bouncing now.
  • debeers: @Bert953 $SHOP $AMZN $DXCM $CSGP $NOW $NVDA $CMG -hard to keep up, huh? LOL
  • issues: ...

    I have no idea how IBD decides to take these off and replace them with the others. If you look at the charts, it's really hard to tell.
    Ma ...
  • Wykeman: $CSGP nh....volume
  • rachel: ...
    $CSGP – question about removing a stop and then resetting it after market open.
    $SFIX – Bot 27.39. Is today a SATB, down in up market?
    $DB – consolidation for about 2 months. Breakout today. Thoughts?
    $TCEHY – My question ...
  • woodman: $CSGP - boringly (for the most part) up 50% YTD and up 135% since beginning of 2017. Here isn't a bad spot. Around the 50 day has been a good spot to get it.
  • sierramp: Just got an alert that $CSGP has broken above July high. Long term uptrend in place. Good fundies.
  • woodman: $CSGP - this may be the most boring stock to be up 50% YTD. I'm okay with this kind of boring.
  • sierramp: @woodman $CSGP That's my kind of boring.
  • woodman: $CSGP continues to boringly go higher.
  • tigerjohn8: @woodman $CSGP Yawn. Yes a little boredom in this market is nice. May I ask, if you own, where you have stop on this beauty? (Owning a mid size position)
  • numbers: ...
    20 Day CSD,$CSGP,429.66,151,136,>1,
    20 Day CSD,$ICFI,80.3,146,148,>1,
    20 Day CSD,$AMED,117.54,144,207,>1,
    20 Day CSD,$RDWR,27.01,139,135,>1,
    20 Day CSD,$QTWO,60.15,-139,149,>1,
    20 Day CSD,$CYBR,71.65,136,163,<1,
    20 Day CSD,$FNKO,19 ...
  • woodman: $CSGP - green on a red day. Nice chart.
  • woodman: $CSGP - Watching it puts you to sleep; but when you wake up, it's higher.
  • woodman: $CSGP - boringly upward.
  • woodman: $CSGP - another one I picked up last week on the move into the rising 50 day. I like the uptrend.
  • woodman: $CSGP - great chart.
  • DAN: $PVH, $KIN, $INST, $EW, $CSGP, $WYNN, $ISRG -- These stocks have very similar looking charts. This is the type of pattern that has worked for me very well throughout the years. As my trading has improved (and it continues to improve every day because I am working my butt off to improve!), my ability to find better stocks and stick with them has improved. Always a process...but it's a process worth working on. --Dan
  • woodman: @DAN $PVH $KIN $INST $EW $CSGP $WYNN $ISRG - $CNC is another. And I think $SRPT has become one. It has a promising future.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $ACHC, $AMTG, $ARII, $ARRS, $ASGN, $AVG, $AWAY, $AXLL, $BAS, $BJRI, $CAR, $CSGP, $CW, $CXO, $DENN, $ELNK, $EPAM, $EQIX, $ESV, $ETE, $ETP, $GDP, $HAWK, $HLS, $HLX, $HOS, $HR, $IAG, $IVR, $JACK, LGCY, $LOCK, $MANT, $MAR, $MM, $OIS, $PGTI, $PVA, $RBCN, $REXX, RGP, $SNPS, $STR, $SWY, $SXL, $TILE, $TRN, $TSLA, $TSRO, $UNTD, $VECO, $VVC, $WMB, WPZ
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $CSGP was upgraded to Equal-weight, @Morgan Stanley said. Stock has pulled back and the LOOP merger should augment growth.

    Estee Lauder upgraded at BofA/Merrill
    $EL was upgraded from Neutral to Buy, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch said. Estimates ...
  • scottto: Bought $FN, $MTG, ADS. SNIC didn't go so well but didn't lose much given small starter size. Found $CSGP in a screen last night and that's doing nicely today @Scott
  • rdxshooter: Various Tickers @DAN or TEAM A few tickers I was looking at, pondering initiating a position in, and wondering if @DAN or the SMM Team has any input on any of these. Check out both the weekly and the daily. $VSAT $CSGP $LTM $TTM MGPI
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Stock Price $USD 99.29
Change 0.76%
Volume 967,348

CoStar Group, Inc. is a provider of information services to the commercial real estate industry in the United States and United Kingdom. Its services include CoStar Property Professional service that offers inventory of office, industrial, retail, etc.

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  • October 26th, 2021 - 2021 Q3 Earnings
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