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  • stairm01: $CLF Gap up and now above a resistance level of 16.42. May run higher as the 2023 prices for steel are higher than 2023 prices.
  • Momentariness: $CLF Nice day during a dismal market
  • stairm01: $CLF At a breakout point of 16.50. Will it be?
  • maracom: Good morning all! Was out last week, cashed out any high risk trades and set-and-forgot some stops. Missed the move off of the Powell speech. I'm in about 30% energy mostly $DVN $BTU, 30% metals $GDX $NEM $SLV $AA $FCX, 10% solar $RUN $ENPH, and 30% ...
  • manoli77: $CLF has been underperforming other steel stocks and seems to be pushing through resistance on volume.
  • woodman: #Steel - $X and $CLF making some noise. $ZEUS is a god.
  • bill52: $FCX $SCCO $X $CLF stellar day for copper and steel. long $FCX. can't add today but watching better entry point if this can hold up.
  • vitoB: $CLF day trade recaptured vwap
  • vitoB: @vitoB $CLF out
  • scottrades: Some #Earnings to be aware of this week: $AAPL $AMZN $MSFT $META $GOOGL $UPS $SHOP $GM $KO $BA $CLF $F $PHG $XOM $HAL $INTC $GE $VLO $MMM $ENPH $V $JBLU $CVX $CMG $BOH $RTX $AJG $DORM $MCD $CAT $WM $LUV $MA $SHW $PINS $SCHN $BMY $MRK $BIIB $ADM $X $SPOT $KEX $KHC $DX
  • Explorer: $ADM $CLF -- Both coming off a base
  • maracom: $AA $FCX $CLF took a puke this morning, my thesis on those doesn't seem to be working out well. I'm stopped out of $CLF, $FCX. Still have a small amount in $AA. Still in $IPI and $NTR. Looking at a re-entry into $DVN depending on how the test o the 20SMA goes.
  • maracom: All the $XLB base metals are looking the same. The 8,20, and 50 are clustering and some flags are forming and the 50 is shifting upwards, probably in preparation for an attempt at the 200. I've started small positions in $FCX, $AA, and I'll probably also start $CLF and see which one turns into a swing up to the 200 first (or which one falls out of bed first). See $CLF for example
  • champ: @Cjauger $TECK ....Yes flat is positive....these are my more or less Flat positions....$CMC $CHPT $KMI $PAA $IEO $DVN $OXY $CLF $AA $LTHM...however some are not as Flat as others.
  • champ: $ at $19.15...Day-2 ...after they raised their prices..... and it also happens to be that the price of Steel is up again today at $4081, plus the price of Iron Ore is also up at $106.50. ....Sure looks like this stock has timing....and I have a swing position.
  • issues: @champ $CLF Prefer $X and $RS. Own both!
  • traderdl: $CLF price increases - hod
  • majida_perveen: @scottrades toughts on $CAR & $CLF?
  • scottrades: @majida_perveen $CAR looks like it's basing along the 100 EMA but the daily volume is dropping. I'd want to see it break through 195 on volume. $CLF pulling back to the 8EMA. Resistance right above. I think the commodity trade is a tough one right now.
  • FredsFreedom: $CLF trying to run
  • traderbren: @FredsFreedom $CLF - closed the 1st gap at 19.52 ....and may move to close the 2nd gap at 20.63 if it has enough gas in the tank. May need to rest here as it's had a run off the bottom. Still holding Sept 18 Calls from below.
  • scottrades: Let's get ready to rumble... Some of the #earnings for the week $TSLA $NFLX $BAC $GS $SCHW $JNJ $CLF $HAL $SNAP $PLD $IBM $SYF $T $ASML $LMT $AAL $NOK $SI $ALLY $GNTY $UAL $FCX $VZ $BX $HAS $AXP $ABT $NDAQ $SLB $NUE $AA $DOW $JBHT $CFG $TWTR $DHI $MAN $MRTN $BKR $DPZ $SBNY $PM $NVS $TFC $UNP
  • champ: $SLX at $48.70.....Watch the Price of Steel.....for Entries...$CMC $NUE $STLD $SCHN $CLF
  • stairm01: $X $CLF Both green. NP
  • Eng_trader: @stairm01 $X $CLF I bought some $X and $NUE today on the bounce off of Friday's low. Trailing up stops. Not sure yet if it will be a day trade or turn into a swing.... looks promising so far
  • vitoB: $MU churning around vwap as I type this. Long from 10o’clock. Also $CLF talked about on halftime. Starting to turn on daily chart.
  • debeers: $CLF-added.
  • debeers: $CLF-Wrong so gone. Right co but too early.
  • champ: @debeers.....$TECK is HOD at $32.45 and $CLF is at $16.45, if this sector continue to move, could Watch these stocks for sector direction.....and $CMC $STLD and $NUE.... .....I have a swing positions in $TECK and $CMC.... ..... and I'm watching $CLF for a starter...maybe RHRN......
  • debeers: @champ $TECK $CLF $CMC $STLD $NUE -IMO-as soon as the chip scarcity ebbs the steels--all of them especially $STLD/$NUE will do well because if the autos take off-steel yourself! I like them all but the 2 that will do best are $STLD/$NUE. $CLF will do okay and more folks will be ableto afford it.
  • mperveen2012: @scottrades What do you think about steel stocks $STLD $CLF $RS
  • scottrades: @mperveen2012 $STLD $CLF $RS I wish the volume but bigger but these could be buyable (small) with tight stops.
  • vitoB: $CLF cheat entry here, right near key moving averages and has come down a lot. also wish I had kept some powder dry for $MSFT . this is a stupid drop off of FX headwinds...IMO
  • mperveen2012: @scottrades What do u think about buying $CLF or $NUE?
  • scottrades: @mperveen2012 $CLF $NUE These are not set up in patterns that I like but you could try a small bit with a stop at LOD
  • champ: $CLF @ $24.50...HOD, nice turn,...going to swing.
  • mperveen2012: @scottrades What do you think about $AA, $CLF, $NUE
  • scottrades: @mperveen2012 $AA $CLF $NUE A few messy charts. I think NUE looks the best but you'd want a stop under yesterdays low.
  • adamchess: @scottrades okay thanks for that encouragement - not sure how to reply to all on this board so pls excuse my ignorance - just wondering if better to sell here or wait a couple days to see where the dust settles even though it doesn't seem like any reversals in sight - also don't want to sell at the bottom either - cheers all $SHOP $MOS $CLF $LABU $FNGU $SOXL
  • debeers: $CLF-China is ramping up infra--what do they need? Oh, that would be what $CLF has. Already has contracts which should take it to 45-47, this is the unexpected gift. LONG
    Demand has been strong, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine has also helped drive ...
  • debeers: $MTDR-Everything they can produce Haliburton takes. The big thing seems to be replacnmg some of the metal pipe with plastics because of the exspense of the metal. (see $CLF), while the analysts would have liked a divvie $MTDR explained why the debt payoff was more in the interest of their shareholders with rates going up. One of the reasons i like the company so much is that as oppopsed to CEO's who command outragoeus salaries while their heads are up their collective asses, every officer of Matador gets paid in stock. When you are paid like your shareholders, IMO you have real incentive to do a good job and year over year Matador has outperformed. i expect it still will although,of course, i reserve the right to get sdmarter.LONG
  • jimbo: $CLF $1.71EPS 6B in Rev big beat.
  • jwstich: @jimbo $CLF Stock up $1.14 pre market
  • bRobert: @jwstich $CLF Still in consolidation May get closer to the 50d
  • jwstich: @bRobert $CLF Thanks. If it gets close to the 50d will be adding for sure.. Will be interested in reading the transcript from conf. call. I do need to look at my shorting skills which need some help. Will address that "shortly".
  • Cjauger: $CLF Cleveland-Cliffs CEO Lourenco Goncalves joins 'Squawk Box' to break down the company's first-quarter earnings report, which crushed Wall Street's earnings estimates.
  • Cjauger: $CLF coming out of a nice flag pattern
  • CSD: @Cjauger $CLF definitely looks good but with the unstable market I will pass
  • vitoB: @CSD $CLF holder from a week ago, takin partials today. my man.
  • CSD: @vitoB $CLF awesome trade
  • Cjauger: @CSD $CLF good point, small with stop at LOD
  • maracom: @Cjauger $CLF being sold into just like $NUE yesterday
  • Cjauger: @CSD $CLF was stopped out.
  • Cjauger: @maracom $CLF $NUE yes, I sold half at the VWAP and was stopped out of other half
  • traderbren: #Tape - interesting action under the hood. $VIX - pushing closer to the 50d overhead. Let's see if it falls back. $TNX - let's see if it can get back above today's high mark. $CLF - gave back today's pop. Not looking good for ...along with $FCX and many others in the space. $TWTR -- does the deal get done? If can take out the 200d overhead, it may be promising. $TSLA - holding up very well in this tape. Back above the 8ema but still trapped by the 20d overhead. Let's see if it can clear 1042ish.
  • bRobert: $SLX is very bullish high base daily and VERY BULLISH C&H like weekly $80/$90+ targets Pick your favorites I have posted high targets in past for all the majors $NUE nh $180 $STLD $CLF $40 $X $40/$50
  • DAN: ...
    $CLF -- Still forming a flag. Earnings on Friday. Your choice, not mine. Alert $32.50
    $UNVR -- 9x9. Pullback to 50-day MA. Good rebound,...but how much upside?
    $SMPL -- Just 3% above Buy point. 9x9. Acting really well after the breakout. 108 ...
  • vitoB: $CLF rhrn on a potential turn. Not sue why such underperformance today
  • manoli77: @vitoB $CLF Seems like shorts trying to push it down....perhaps they have an expiring option today. I can't think of any other explanation given what other steel stocks are doing today with no news on $CLF.
  • issues: @vitoB $CLF added to $X and $STLD.
  • bRobert: $X. $40/$50. Alpha dog. barking $NUE. nh. $180. weekly flag target next $STLD. $100. same. weekly flag $CLF. $40. Ditto Steel stocks. worth their weight in gold
  • woodman: #Steel moving off 21dEMA - $CLF $STLD $X
  • champ: @woodman $CLF $STLD $X #Steel ...$ also in play....could Watch for a BreakOut.
  • woodman: @champ $CLF $STLD $X $SCHN #Steel - Yes. And $NUE (np) very strong too. Also $TMST swooping back upward.
  • champ: @woodman $CLF $STLD $X $SCHN $NUE $TMST largest steel position is still $CMC...for Construction #Rebar,. plus many other needs,...could see info posts.
  • bRobert: @woodman $CLF $STLD $X #Steel See targets below. Many WEEKLY. flags with higher targets. Long a few
  • bRobert: $FLR. setting up for an EXPLOSIVE $36+ SOON $60/$110. longer. Multi year winner in the making. Loaded up at. $21 . gift. 50W bounce Already 40% . $CLF. Set for. 25% move. to $40 . $X. $40 soon $50. longer 35% move Alpha dogs.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Still choppy around the 50 Day $QQQ Still under the 50 Day $GDX Working $UUP Sharp move down today $XME New High $XLE / $OIH Working $IGV Inverse H&S? $TAN Close to the 50 Day $GBTC Nice Bounce. $AAPL / $TSLA / $AMZN Lower High $NEM Working $GOLD At resistance $GFI See the slope? $FCX Better today $CLF Back above the 8EMA $ARCH Black Gold $AMR Great volume $HCC Closed off the highs, but great volume $BTU New High $TECK Closed at a New High $ATI Right at resistance $DVN Working $OXY Goins sideways $SU Watch 34.20 $PANW Flag $FTNT Flag $NET Watch the 200 Day $CRWD Above the 200 Day
  • manoli77: $X $CLF not sure if it will break today but keep a look out for a breakout of bullish flag pattern for both $X and $CLF
  • bRobert: @bRobert $NUE $CMC $50 flag target for those interested $STLD $100 WEEKLY flag target $CLF $40 $X post earlier $50 Alpha dog barks All with strong weekly charts Breakouts Flags
  • scottrades: $CLF Holding the 8EMA
  • scottrades: @scottrades $CLF I have a swing stop at LOD.
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $ATI $SPY $QQQ $GLD $GDX $XME $URA $XLE $TAN $GBTC $AAPL $MSFT $TSLA $MA $QLYS $TWTR $SQ $COIN $FTNT $CLF $FXC $SEGD $RUN $CARG $EOG $ERF $GWW $ZIM $MATX ... might want to learn shorthand. Could have just said "mess" ==:O
  • DAN: Taking $CLF off the Active Trade List The stock is going the wrong way. I don't want to stay in a losing position. Sorry this didn't work out better. --Dan
  • Cheezit: @DAN $CLF Hey Dan just curious what has changed with the position where it was started as a LT with loose stop. Was it to much loss to fast or an overall market thing? Thanks.
  • DAN: @Cheezit $CLF Good question. It's the market. And the way it moved. I explain in tonight's session
  • bwcarnation1: $CLF nh
  • scottrades: @bwcarnation1 $CLF Nice short base.
  • DAN: Adding $CLF to the Active Trade List: Basis $33.50 Stop: $28.00 This is for a very long term hold. --Dan
  • Max115: $CLF Earnings 4/22
  • scottrades: Not too late on $CLF in my opinion. Nice short term trend underway.
  • scottrades: Some short covering coming into the $SPY. Lightly exposed with some $CLF but small after the give back.
  • champ: @scottrades $SPY $CLF -----.....or we could say, Day-Traders took their profits off before the expected...right...because thats what Day-Traders do, everyday before the close.... .....and the reason I know that is... because this is what this Day-Traders always does, because it is real hard to trust any New spec-swing-trades.....knowing that I can always buy any position why even do any new Spec swings, in a zig-zag market like this. LOL
  • scottrades: My Notes: COTD: Some heavy metal (Fabrication) with $ATI (Watch 29.50) $SPY Above the 200 Day but still in consolidation. $QQQ Rejection at the 200 Day $GLD Going sideways. $GDX Same $XME Resting $URA Unable to go. $XLE Resistance at the Trendline $TAN Resistance at the 200 Day $GBTC Still along the 8EMA $AAPL Near the highs $MSFT Above the 8EMA $TSLA At the slope $MA Watch 371 $QLYS Flag $TWTR Pushing back at the 200 Day $SQ Basing $COIN Out my crypto trades for now. $FTNT Resistance at. $CLF Light exposure after the give back. $FXC Basing $SEGD Long base $RUN Unable to break out today $CARG Watch 45.80 $EOG Clear Resistance. $ERF Flag. $GWW Building a Handle $ZIM $MATX Breakdown in Shipping stocks
  • AndStars: @scottrades $ATI $SPY $QQQ $GLD $GDX $XME $URA $XLE $TAN $GBTC $AAPL $MSFT $TSLA $MA $QLYS $TWTR $SQ $COIN $FTNT $CLF $FXC $SEGD $RUN $CARG $EOG $ERF $GWW $ZIM $MATX Hey Scott, Nice job on the Strategy Session tonight, buddy. Very concise and informative. I appreciate you getting a lot of info out there in a short period of time. I like the new profile picture at @Scottrades on $TWTR. Cool! I think it looks a bit like Elon! Lol. ₿
  • jsdpie: Bloomberg: MS: Risk has increased. $CLF up 1.78 % $OXY up 1.34 %
  • wanda1616: @jsdpie $CLF $OXY you mean geopolitical risk?
  • jsdpie: @wanda1616 $CLF $OXY Yes, plus risk of : 1) Recession in Europe 2) Recession in US. Predicted to occur in 18 months. Watch jobless claims as a leading indicator.
  • DAN: ...
    $CLF (WEEKLY CHART) -- you just can’t chase this type of chart. You are either in, or you’re waiting. There is no third choice. This is known as a “lockout rally.”
    $STLD -- Same point -- you are taking profitable traders o ...
  • gtr89: @DAN $JNPR $TSLA $MRO $OKE $CTRA $SPY $T2108 $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MPC $AAPL $DE $NVDA $XOM $CVX $OVV $CLF $STLD $X $ZIM $CPLP $EXR $ANTM $DAC I’m kicking myself for selling $JNPR today for a small gain. I didn’t want a gain to turn into a loss. It was looking a little dicey for awhile. I’m still pretty distrustful of this market after that monster bounce
  • Docoof: @DAN $JNPR $TSLA $MRO $OKE $CTRA $SPY $T2108 $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MPC $AAPL $DE $NVDA $XOM $CVX $OVV $CLF $STLD $X $ZIM $CPLP $EXR $ANTM $DAC — “So, no toga parties among pigs.” —That’s a keeper! (09:35)
  • manoli77: $CLF JPMorgan Adjusts Price Target on Cleveland-Cliffs to $44 From $37, Reiterates Overweight Rating. That's about 50% upside from current price.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: Getting my feet wet with $TSLA $TSLA STO 3/25/22 970/965 BuPS Verticle @1.25 $TSLA STO 3/25/22 1025/1030 BeCS " " @1.07 $CLF BTO STOCK @31.65
  • champ: $CLF at $32.....#BreakOut, still working, ..has News....I have an Investment position.
  • maracom: @champ $CLF #BreakOut I have a full position in $NUE. Guess I chose poorly
  • champ: @maracom $CLF $NUE #BreakOut ....nothing wrong with $NUE, why would you say that, I wish I had a position...#News is is moving all the Names in this sector... $SLX.... this morning, I'm also holding $CMC and I'm also watching other names in this sector...$STLD $SCHN $X and $TECK. LOL
  • maracom: @champ $CLF $NUE $SLX $CMC $STLD $SCHN $X $TECK #BreakOut #News Tongue-in-cheek comment, sorry. My $NUE is a good employee, I'm very happy to have her. Impossible to predict when JMP is gonna raise a price target
  • champ: $CMC...@ $42.70..up 5%,...HOD-L, this is a steel stock, that is also a #Rebar play for all the construction needs, see past #info posts and I'm also holding $CLF, however other names in the sector are also strong. Investment positions....
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Volume 8,764,510

Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. is a mining & natural resources company. It produces iron ore pellets, fines and lump ore, and metallurgical coal.

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