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Strategy Session March 13th, 2018

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  • captron: $ALK - Of all the airlines I track, 2nd best today. Crossing back above the 50. Be nice to see it fill the gap. Summer profits on the horizon.
  • DrScience: $DAL $AAL $HA $ALK $LUV $SKYW, et al, liking the drop in crude oil. I like Delta, $DAL since the stock is popping from a volatility squeeze at the 50 DMA. BTO JUN 55 Calls @ 1.15
  • champ: Seeing a few entries now...$URI $BHGE $ALK $WPZ and others...
  • champ: $ALK @ $69....HOD ---- Swing traders took profits after earnings and dropped the stock and now the stock is climbing, as investors take new investment positions...on above average volume....take a look at the chart. I added on my swing investment position...on that drop this morning.
  • champ: $ALK this is still outperforming but Day-5 now....$UAL looks like this might be Day-1 .. $SAVE Day-6 now. $ALSN is also really strong Day-8 but looks like it is going even higher for many positive reasons.....and their are not many sellers...this is really moving up hard and could be a #Strong-Buy...because this sector is on fire now because of the economy....I'm holding positions.
  • BobbyG: @champ $ALK $UAL $SAVE $ALSN #Strong-Buy $ALSN has some exposure to the defense sector via tactical vehicles. Definitely will look at this one, thanks for the post.
  • champ: @BobbyG $ALK $UAL $SAVE $ALSN #Strong-Buy...Yes, good point.... this stock also has strong exposure to the sectors that are working #RHRN...trucking ...and defense Yes, is another positive reason... this name could still be under the radar screen, for many but not all. $$$$ could still be hiding out in this name but only time will tell.
  • champ: #Airliners are working today...but like all stocks... they need help from the markets...$UAL had a great add-on entry off the dog news...$DAL $SAVE $HA $ALK still holding all...long term...2018 positions.. and I took profits on $ALGT.
  • Workinman: @champ $UAL $DAL $SAVE $HA $ALK $ALGT #Airliners Added to my $DAL position. I like the little 2.17% dividend kicker. Is there and airlines ETF that has caught your attention @champ?
  • bigbartabs: @Workinman $UAL $DAL $SAVE $HA $ALK $ALGT #Airliners ... I have used ETF JETS in the past. Be sure to look at the daily volumes to make sure it isn't too thin. I can't recall if this one is a problem or not... Good luck...
  • champ: @Workinman $UAL $DAL $SAVE $HA $ALK $ALGT #Airliners ---- ETF's are great trading instruments when the markets are working because the markets will move sectors. I don't have a position in $JETS but day and swing trades might work. I'm holding these ...
  • Aragorn: $ALK one that Dan discussed in the Strategy Session - I discussed it over the weekend that it was inside week and inside Month for a Combo play - so far this is working to the tune of up over 3 bucks since triggering and now you have a monthly signal in force for the next 17 days. That is why I mentioned these combo plays as a way to take a stock for longer term and how to get in them. I love the monthly signals.
  • champ: @Aragorn $ALK ---- #AirlineSector appears to be turning. I'm also long on this position, off of research and their operational monthly results continue to improve. The NewsFlow on all the Airliners, monthly numbers are also improving. For those who trade off charts, this is Day-6 off of this stock tuning, off of the low risk entry. I trade off research, news and charts. My guess is the stocks and the sector is turning. I'm holding profits on all of my airlines investment positions and I'm guessing they will all be much higher, in the next 90 days or so.....but I have trailing bracketed profit saver stops and I holding core and trading positions on names in the sector. I'm positive on other names in the sector also. I could be wrong but this sector appears to be turning.
  • Aragorn: @champ $ALK #AirlineSector yes really came in hard but the weekly signal is still intact but below the previous months high now 69.08 the 100 Ema seems to be resistance
  • Junior1: @Aragorn $ALK Best airline that I've been on lately. Baggage fees are awesome if you're hauling sporting goods. The acquisition of Virgin Air has been great for us in the PNW
  • champ: @Junior1 $ALK ---- I had a nice position position in $VA and was a great stock for me and now it should be time for $ALK to start a new leg but today swing traders are taking profits, after positive news yesterday, at that conference, This sector always zig-zags.
  • champ: $ALK @ $68 ---Day-6 still bouncing off of the recent low and is still $ the high. The low was $59.25 and 52 week high was $98.30....this is still at a low risk entry....this sector is turning, off the lows and this is still the early part of the turn. I have a long term investment position....and I'm just going to hold and wait because this could be a strong year for the sector.....for many reasons but the economy is the main reason. I'm also holding $UAL, $DAL, $SAVE and $HA.
  • champ: $ALK...HOD
  • issues: @champ $ALK comparing airlines on the 10 day chart: $SAVE up 15%$ UAL up 7% all these are up all 5.24% $SKYW $DAL $ALK
  • champ: @issues $ALK $SAVE $SKYW $DAL --- I know where they are and I think I know where they are going....but what I don't know about, is market directions...over the next few days. Need the markets to be moving in the right direction...thats the key. This move today was expected because of the nice move that we had over the last 8 day and this looks to be, traders taking profits today...could run into tomorrow but who knows, I sure don't. #CopyCat trading going on now and the wind is blowing a little. Can't really control the weather, just blowing things around a little...and all of this is normal.
  • rachel: ...
    4. $ALK – high volume breakout. But still in a downtrend.
    $IWM – Alert $161
    $NDX – lots of reversals today in leading stocks.
    5. $BLUE – booked profits.
    6. $TRHC – this is why it’s important to sell ...
  • champ: @Aragorn $FIVE $AAPL $LGIH $NOW $PETS $SEDG $SKX $VNOM $BABA $CPRT $EV $HTHT $NVDA $PYPL $WB $HTH $LGND #research-buy-list --- Thanks, for taking time and for the work involved, for this... Great reply....I have targets on $FIVE $BABA and $NVDA. I have positions in $LGIH and $AAPL and I'm doing work on $ALK. Take Care! LOL
  • elgie: $ALK has broken near term resistance and filled gap (down) from 1/21/17. Numbers aren't due until 4/24/18. Anyone else have a take on this?
  • issues: @elgie $ALK I was thinking about buying some air, as in airlines. I am comparing $ALK to $AAL $DAL $UAL and $SKYW. We hold SKYW.
  • Phxlab: @issues $ALK $AAL $DAL $UAL $SKYW Once ALK and Virgin get the merger all figured out, I think the stock will move up nicely.
  • elgie: $ALK CORECTOPM on my post on this. It hasn't filled the gap from 1/21, only moved into it.
  • Phxlab: @Phxlab $ALK $AAL $DAL $UAL $SKYW I went out to ALK 20 Jul for premium. 40/60 Bull put spread for 2.70. Looking for stock move up.
  • 1winkie: ...
    $ALK was downgraded to Underweight from Neutral with a $67 price target (versus a $65.48 close) at JPMorgan.

    $ALB was down another 2.4% on Monday, but its shares were indicated up 1% at $113.00 after UBS raised its rating to Buy from Neutral with ...
  • DAN: @1winkie $ABT $ADBE $ALK $ALB $GOOGL $AMZN $CVS $GD $GE $GILD $INTC $X $STX Great post, 1winkie. Thanks for the hard work. Very helpful. Dan
  • 1winkie: @DAN $ABT $ADBE $ALK $ALB $GOOGL $AMZN $CVS $GD $GE $GILD $INTC $X $STX Thanks, Dan
  • justinp: @mopick $DAL I also like $ALK on fundies although whether it's done going down (bounce off $67-) is another thing.
  • Bridget: #Notes: Financials making a move on Fed comments $SCHW $RF $FAS $BK $TLT falling $IWM is starting to catch up, new highs $XLV is working $XBI is recovering, almost cup and handle $HON - new high $MNST - new high, 50dMA catching up $DWDP - moving higher after a flag, weekly breakout $YUMC - at the top of the range, close to setting a new high, check out weekly chart $IMMU flag and now moving higher. Broke through resistance at $17. Target $19 $GILD - breaking out of tight squeeze, high IVR $WTW - day 2 of this breakout, new high $ILMN - new high on volume $CORT - pullback, now moving higher $BSX - short squeeze $HOG - consolidating, alert at $53 for breakout $LNG - rolling over Airlines seeing weakness - $DAL $ALK $HA $LUV $SAVE
  • Thebigshort: @Bridget $SCHW $RF $FAS $BK $TLT $IWM $XLV $XBI $HON $MNST $DWDP $YUMC $IMMU $GILD $WTW $ILMN $CORT $BSX $HOG $LNG $DAL $ALK $HA $LUV $SAVE #Notes $fcx Do you think that it is doing phase 3
  • champ: $LUV $ALK $SAVE ----Took profits on these 3 Airliners....I will be rolling those $$$$ into the Energy sector.
  • champ: $CENX @ $16.60 up over 4% HOD ---- I double my position size this morning, by adding a new trading position....because this stock is still about 25% below YTDH and $AA is only 10% below. I'm still holding both....and $X $ALK but at this time, for now...I like Aluminum better than Steel but tomorrow I might like Steel better.
  • champ: $ALK @ $73.47 up $2.70 --- Now this #Airliner ---- Another UpGrade with a buy and a target of $90 at Standpoint Research. Still holding and I added.
  • champ: $ALK @ $71.60 HOD ------ NewsFlow on all the Airline stocks, is still very positive and has been picking-up daily over the last two months because the economy and the travel business is now growing. $ALK, is still moving-up. This stock was almost at ...
  • champ: $HA $LUV $ALK $SAVE $UAL ---- All Airliners are #BreakingOut....#All. These are my positions but I wish, I had others....but on Friday I posted that I was 97% invested....and I was on margin for awhile this mornings but not now.
  • champ: $ALGT ....Airliners... could be getting the rotation, that I have been posting about....$HA $ALK $SAVE $UAL
  • Joe1927: #Airliners $ALK $HA $SAVE $UAL $ALGT

    From Business Travel News, a monthly trade publication

    Morgan Stanley Survey: Buyers Expect Higher Air Volume & Limited Fare Increases in 2018
    By Michael B. Baker / November 20, 2017

    More than two-thirds of ...
  • champ: $HA @ $39.75 HOD --- All the airline stocks are moving up today and I'm also holding, these positions.. on or near the lows $ALK $UAL $SAVE and $ALGT... has news today. I'm still looking for the sector to bounce off the lows...I have a few post on why I'm looking for rotation, into this sector..
  • champ: #Airliners --- Theirs an article this morning in the Washington Post, about a interview that David Koenig from AP, had with the # 2 man at $AAL...president Robert Isom, said at their headquarters in Fort Worth, Tx....and these #comments are in his wo ...
  • champ: $ALK $HA ---- Nice upgrades this morning on both...$ALK Strong buy from Raymond James, $MS I have been posting on airlines....I'm holding $ALK $HA $SAVE $UAL on or near the lows and I said the NewsFlow should start to pick-up and News about this years travel season was on the news channels this morning ....going in to this high Holiday Travel Season. The sector should move higher, in the coming days and weeks because the sector should start to get, many new upgrades, pick your targets
  • champ: $ALK $66.20...@ HOD ....nice move off of those big UpGrades this morning and I added.
  • DrScience: $ALK $AAL $LUV $JBLU A few Airlines beginning to show some curve to their rounded bottoms... could be upcoming ex-div dates.
  • Iceman: $ALK #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold 1 ALK APR 20 2018 50.0 Put @ 1.25
  • Iceman: $ALK #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Sold 1 ALK Apr 20 2018 55.0 Put @ 2.15
  • infocus: $ALK #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Sold 1 ALK Apr 20 2018 55.0 Put @ 2.02 Following @iceman
  • champ: $SAVE ---- If you look at the AirLines stocks today this is the only stock that is Outperforming off the lows and both of these airline stocks $ALK and $LUV also reported earnings today and both are down and $LUV has a really bad entry....because its ...
  • Bridget: $ALK is getting sold off after earnings. One of the only times that I have actually seen IV go UP after earnings.
  • issues: @Bridget $ALK sold our small position at a small loss. Added small position in $ICHR & $KEM. My biggest loser is $YRD down 8%. Still holding it. Looking at $YY - NP
  • Bridget: ...
    $ALK - big selloff, no sign of bounce. IV is still higher since before earnings.
    $OC - huge profit taking, pulled the stock almost back to pre-hurricane levels. Not a good sign. $URI also rolling over.
    $GRUB - nice breakout today to new high, likely ...
  • bRobert: $ALK $LUV ALK target 1 $84 (double bottom) Target 2 $88 LUV target 1 $60 (inv head&shoulder) Target 2 $65
  • issues: @bRobert $WWE $UAL $ALK $LUV Of all the airlines, IBD lists only LUV with an accumulation of C+. All the others are rated the lowerest of E. We bought ALK and LUV also. Waiting to add. I agree with your analysis, even though it sounds romantic..."gentle....kissing... hugging?
  • bRobert: $WWE . $UAL $ALK $LUV WWE flag. Weekly breakout. High targets. UAL ALK . I like the gentle pullback kissing or close to 50d. LUV hardly a pullback. flag Added some today Stop below 50d. Will add further on strength
  • issues: I noticed $ALK popped above the 20 day today. I bought a starter position in $ALK and $LUV. We hold $AZUL and unfortunately sold $SKYW months ago. $SKYW isn't an airplane -= it's a rocket ship - straight up! Added to $YRD and bought $MXL and watching $TTWO and $LPX
  • bRobert: $LUV $ALK flag LUV target 1 $60 ALK double bottom target $83 AAL target $52+ SAVE putting in bottom $UAL potential target $67 (no trigger yet)
  • champ: $HA @ $36.50 ---- I'm walking this dog with a tight leash...14 month low this morning.....$ALK $DAL $LUV and $HA....all had OutPerform upgrades this morning by Macquarie and $HA was the only one on the low. New Spec Day/Swing position on part or all..... but only if the stock closes on or near HOD. The low this morning was $36.20.
  • bRobert: @champ $HA $ALK $DAL $LUV Luv AAL putting in higher highs. ALK double bottom. JBLU higher low. Most should follow $JETS Long calls. Adding on next higher low.
  • champ: @bRobert $HA $ALK $DAL $LUV $JETS --- Yes, I look at those...but I don't really this sector on market highs. However, I like all but if the markets were to turn their might be a little less risk with $HA, I'm guessing.
  • issues: Airlines crashing; sold remaining shares of $ALK $HA $AAL $LUV. Oil coming on alive: bought 1/4 position in $XEC.
  • Henry: @issues $ALK $HA $AAL $LUV $XEC unfortunate choice of words :-)
  • stevef214: @issues $ALK $HA $AAL $LUV $XEC I was looking at XEC, a Dan dicker pick because of its holdings in the Permian basin which has the lowest cost of production. His belief is that the low cost of production claimed by many E&P's is bull because if it were true they would have shown better numbers for the last 1/4 . The result will be that soon they will run out of cash or credit for capex for new exploration and the demand will outstrip supply resulting in much higher prices for oil. But until that happens (who knows when or if) $XEC is at a good but point after this last pull back.
  • issues: @stevef214 $ALK $HA $AAL $LUV $XEC Thank you Steve!
  • issues: airlines coming down for a landing. Sold $SAVE stops on $ALK and $LUV and $HA. I think it's because of the miss by UAL ?
  • mopick: @Bridget $JBLU Good timing, was contemplating adding an airline. $LUV & $ALK also looking good. Set-up for $JBLU looks more enticing, you agree?
  • DAN: $ALK -- nice consolidation. Up at top of range, but very close to breaking out.
  • Forexpro: @bRobert $AAL $UAL $LUV $ALK $JBLU Thanks, bRobert, WSJ reports that Qatar Airways is looking to buy up to 10 percent of $AAL. Shouldn't hurt. All the best!
  • bRobert: $AAL $UAL $LUV $ALK $JBLU Airlines perky in the premarket. Significant upside potential. Not extended with decent entry points. Great weekly charts. Significant tailwinds
  • vfr777: $ALK $UAL $HA @Dan Hello. So I am seeing the $DJUSAR getting a bid and bouncing off the 20day and 8ema. Then I look at $ALK that shows the same kind of chart. I look at the $UAL which is bouncing and closer to the 50day than the $ALK. The relative strength of $UAL seems to be stronger than $ALK. In this instance would you buy and which one? The second question is if you look at $HA it seems that it has put in a support at close to the last low of April. The relative strength chart doesn't look as good as the other two but do you think it's too soon to buy this as it's below the moving avgs? Would you buy this here?
  • vfr777: Looking at airlines. $HA what a breakout with a gap up today! watching $ALK and $DAL that are at resistance.
  • JBed: @vfr777 $HA $ALK $DAL Whereas $LUV is down today but recovering.
  • blueberryman: $ALK Bounce off 50 DMA as $XAL---X bounces off bottom of recent trading range
  • TunaHelper: $ALK earnings call must not be going that well ...
  • issues: @TunaHelper $ALK Why>>?
  • DrScience: @Trixie $HA testing the $50 breakout level and momentum on the daily chart appears to have reached its nadir. Airlines with international exposure getting upgrades ($AAL, $DAL) despite foreign travel bans; domestic airlines successfully avoiding the kerfuffle. So, with a good report from $SAVE in the morning, and $ALK on morning of 2/8, we may get some smooth air and VFR flying in the sector through the weekend. But, note that longer-term momentum in the sector is still weakening, with most airlines heading down. Keep your seatbelt fastened just in case we get some unanticipated turbulence.
  • Bridget: $ALK setting a new all time high and heading into earnings on 2/7. We could see more of a run up into earnings.
  • Bridget: ...
    Airlines: $LUV reported today and closed ATH, $UAL and $DAL already reported and look about to breakout. $AAL, $SAVE and $ALK have yet to report. A good report out of $AAL would likely push $ALK higher before earnings.
    $JBLU and $HA are down a bi ...
  • Bridget: Notes: Most biotech and pharma down today on Trump comments: $LABU $MRK $GILD $CELG. But some that are not: $EXAS $EXEL $CARA $GKOS $PRAH $HQY Metals/Mining up again today: $MTL $CLF $FCX $VALE Uranium is a hot topic: $CCJ $URRE $URA Transports continue to move higher $IYT, $ALK- airlines $CSX-rails $SSW-shipping $WBA - at a nice buy point just above the 50MA. $CVS is also working well too $PCMI - nice pullback today, Phase 2 $SJM - 2 days of big volume, close to a breakout from this squeeze, still a lot of overhead resistance so don't chase $ALB - this chemical company is working well and breaking to new highs on volume
  • champ: $ALK @ $92 and is leading all the airliners higher ...they are up over 5%...all will be reporting in January and $DAL is first upto bat on Thursday 1/12...I'm still holding my positions.
  • Bridget: ...
    Also seeing a bounce in $IYT. Airlines up today $ALK $JBLU $DAL $AAL as many approach earnings.
  • orpheusredux: @Kurt1 $JBLU I am not but don't want to chase it here. I was in $HA till yesterday (got stopped out). Made excellent coin in $HA and $ALK. Now I'm look at Southwest as a Dionne Warwick stock. ("What the world needs now is $LUV, sweet $LUV.")
  • Bridget: ...
    $IYT - $ALK $JBLU and $SAVE are outperforming other airlines

    $PAAS - looking constructive today with decent volume. Bouncing as the 200 and 50MA come together. Weekly is showing the possible end of a flag pattern.

    $MEDP - #ipo new all time ...
  • mradams0621: @Bridget $ADBE $MBLY $P $SIRI $WDAY $SQ $UA $SWHC $WR $SLB $BHI $HES $RIG $IYT $ALK $JBLU $SAVE $PAAS $MEDP $EDU #ipo Did I tell you yet today how much I love you? (and your work and contributions here)
  • orpheusredux: Anyone care to offer an opinion on the best airline to buy RHRN? I was thinking of $SAVE or $ALK. $DAL $HA $UAL $JBLU look like they're turning down here.
  • orpheusredux: @Trixie I agree. Had nice gains in $ALK and $HA and sold both last week. Would love to get back in but am waiting for a new boarding pass.
  • Trixie: @orpheusredux $ALK $HA I have JBLU would like to keep it around for awhile off the wkly.. However it feels like it went so far so fast..
  • orpheusredux: $HA trying to join the big airline stocks at the Adult Table. Break out coming? Long via new share position a few days ago. Shifted out of $ALK (which I also like) after making a small gain there.
  • orpheusredux: @champ $JBLU $HA Champ, I did the same a few days ago with $ALK. It had not run as far as the others. So far I'm up about 4.5% so happy and have a stop in place that guarantees a small gain. I looked at $HA too, which I also like. May start a position in that today with a stop a little below yesterday's close.
  • champ: @orpheusredux $JBLU $HA $ALK - On $ALK ...what is the latest news on the buy out with $VA.....I did sell VA after the bounce and I have not been following the M&A news flow.... I also like $ALK but it's now down $2.30 from todays high.......I took profits on $HA about a 1/2 hour ago....going to hold $JBLU because it's still under the 52 week hi of $27.
  • orpheusredux: $ALK breaking out today nicely. Bought shares last week b/c I thought it had risen the least of the airline stocks (along with $JBLU). The chart also looks a little cup-with-handle-y. Raising my stop but holding tight.
  • orpheusredux: $ALK looks poised to break out. Hasn't run as far as some of the other airline stocks. Jumping in with shares. Options too thinly traded.
  • coldevinc: @orpheusredux $ALK definite cup with handle
  • orpheusredux: @coldevinc $ALK Not so sure I agree. Usually the handle doesn't dip below the cup. But I do see relative support here not far above the 200 day MA.
  • Trixie: @orpheusredux $ALK reasonable golden cross of the 50+200ma.. i'd stuggle to buy here.. but g'luck if u have.. i can kinda see an upward channel but we seem midchannel to me..
  • orpheusredux: @coldevinc $ALK Oops! Sorry, Cold. You are absolutely correct. I thought you were referring to $ULTA (another holding of mine). Cup with handle all the way.
  • orpheusredux: @Trixie $ALK Thanks, Trix. Yes, Golden Cross and bullish MACD crossover. I did buy shares today. Will take credit for any gains myself but blame losses on you. ;)
  • cmaxwel1: @DAN I like ($HA Hawaiian Air's Chart and $ALK over $DAL chart.)
  • DrScience: ...
    Looking at the weekly charts of the $DAL, $AAL, $UAL, $ALK, $SAVE, $LUV, $JBLU, I'm seeing a number of failed bounces to retest the neckline of a H&S pattern.

    But, with the new year still 150 days away, and Air Force One getting a new seat-warm ...
  • janner0814: Well, @DAN asked ppl to come to the forum for the ROBUST discussion; well here's my contribution (that I WON'T delete; since it's Dan's request to visit the Forum). Twenty three stocks with: >Price Strength Confirmation >Avoid List (all my avoids taken out) >Liquidity >Past Five days, positive volume bars: Interesting the retail stocks that have come on strong, e.g. TJX. Stocks are ranked per Trend Intensity for the past FIVE days. $BAX $TPX $GT $XLNX $CTXS $ALK $STLD $PBF $IMS $PLD $GPN $TJX $RHI $TSS $KATE $GGP $WU $SEE $BLL $QVCA $HRB $HOLX $ARMK
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Stock Price $USD 66.15
Change -1.69%
Volume 2,251,150

Alaska Air Group Inc through its subsidiaries, provides passenger air, freight and mail services within the state of Alaska and on the West Coast.

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