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  • Docoof: @bRobert $HCA $WWE I’m slow to get stuff, but after getting thrown to the mat a few times, got it. Good one. ;)
  • bRobert: $HCA day 3 move At speed bump Expect a pb Bounce $WWE I've been wrestling with this one for a while $75 WEEKLY breakout Retest
  • Auto: $WWE nice bowl weekly extended before E Financials look good but taking some off will buy back after E
  • Auto: $WWE holding up walking upper BB daily/weekly long from below
  • Auto: $WWE $HUT $FB TSLA $MGM $DKNG added early staying late
  • woodman: $WWE is holding up decently.
  • Auto: $WWE added long watching $59 to add again nice bowl daily long
  • Auto: $WWE added long from below
  • Auto: $WWE higher low daily added long from below
  • Auto: $WWE great E added long
  • Mitchell: ...
    $WWE - filled the gap back down to $58 over the last 2 week and shares now bouncing right off of the 50-day EMA, setting up for a low risk entry. The analysts at Needham had a note out today stating the company was a prime candidate for a sale.
  • Mitchell: 6/17/2021 Notes $BAC - reversed course and closed decisively below the 50-day EMA $C - retested support at $68 intra-day, dropping on heavy volume $DIA - the Dow Jones ETF is down for the 4th straight day, closing below the 50-day EMA as the QQQ's close at a record high. Rotation is alive and well. $DKS - retested the 50-day EMA, dropping for the 4th consecutive day $SE - shares are closing in on major resistance at $285 from the February peak. Watch for a weekly breakout above this level. $WWE - getting closer to filling the gap back down to $58 $XLF - the financials ETF had its first close below the 50-day EMA since November. I'm avoiding any banks/brokers/insurers for the time being until they firm up and show relative strength.
  • Mitchell: ...
    $WWE - shares are in the process of filling the gap from last week's pop above $70. Watch to see if prior resistance at $58 is an area where buyers step in
  • issues: @Bridget $CLF $TWNK #5 IBD article says these are the mime stocks: $AMC $GME $BBBY $BB $WKHS $KOSS $BYND $BGS $MVIS $CVNA $SKT $FLGT (we bought yesterday) $RIDE $TWNK $GBT $SRNE $NUAN $FSLY $WWE
  • Auto: $CPE added long watching $49.34 to add again daily $COST $TWTR $WWE added long
  • Auto: $HTZGQ long lines are working $AR $VZIO $EDR $GE $WWE $KIRK added today long
  • Auto: $WWE $SSNC added long
  • champ: $,...these guys aren't down for the count, even these guys beat on earnings.
  • Auto: $MSTR $RIOT $VIPS $WWE $DKNG added long
  • snowbound: @Auto $MSTR $RIOT $VIPS $WWE $DKNG Just what I needed , someone out of the foxhole ahead of me .... oh (thinking) do you own a foxhole as well ? I'm thinking they might be a great inflation hedge in coming days ... but .. boring as hell . $SHAK looks like a retest but the 50 > 20SMA DAILY cross appears imminent , there may be hope for the planet yet . ...
  • scottrades: Volume on $WWE on NFT Chatter
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Live by the Pot, Die by the Pot. Still doing well overall, up 20.3% YTD. $SPY/$QQQ average is up 5.6% and liquidated funds up 8.2%. $WWE hit its stop today, then rallied of course, but it was closed when it hit the stop. Putting us back to 44 members. Top 5 Holdings: 1. $TLRY (still) up 178.8% 2. $GTLS - up 120.5% 3. $NAIL up 70.3% 4. $PLCE up 52.0% 5. $YY up 51.4% Bottom 5 Holdings: 1. $AAP down 9.6% 2. $FROG down 8.0% 3. $USCR down 4.0% 4. $TA down 3.5% 5. $XL down 1.9% By request #18-23: 18. $DKNG - up 16.3% 19. $WIX - up 15.7 % 20. $DADA - up 13.0% 21. $PATK - up 12.9% 22. $CALX - up 12.6% 23. $DFEN - up 12.4%
  • Docoof: @scottto_2 $SPY $QQQ $WWE $TLRY $GTLS $NAIL $PLCE $YY $AAP $FROG $USCR $TA $XL $DKNG $WIX $DADA $PATK $CALX $DFEN #WhaleClub #18-23 Hey! Thanks!
  • zman: @scottto_2 $TLRY $GTLS $CGC $NAIL $WKHS $FROG $WWE $USCR $CMPS $HII $XL $OMI #WhaleClub these are great posts. Helpful, transparent. Thanks for sharing
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Keeps on chugging/tokin' along. Up 26.1% YTD versus SPY/QQQ avg of 5.2% and liquidated funds at 7.8%. Added $XL to the list today in anticipation of another stopping out soon. Top 5 Holdings: 1. $TLRY (of course): Up 422% 2. $GTLS (options boosted): Up 116.1% 3. $CGC: Up 94.6% 4. $NAIL: Up 66.2% 5. $PLCE: Up 53.2% Bottom 5 Holdings: 1. $WWE: Down 10.9% (on the cusp of stop) 2. $FROG: Down 8.6% (bad entry, still technically OK) 3. $CMPS: Down 6.9% (again bad entry, technically OK) 4. $USCR: Down 5.6% (bad entry, getting the pattern here?) 5. $TA: Down 3.1% (the ol' bad entry again) Targets hit: #1 - 20/45 #2 - 6/45 #3 - 3/45 #4 - 0/45 So, still a lot of upside potential.
  • Docoof: @scottto_2 $XL $TLRY $GTLS $CGC $NAIL $PLCE $WWE $FROG $CMPS $USCR $TA #WhaleClub #1 #2 #3 #4 Assuming there are about 42 holdings, I would like to know (if it’s not a problem) how holdings 24 to 19 are doing, going from best performers to worst. Thx in advance.
  • veghead: @scottto_2 $TLRY $GTLS $NAIL $CGC $PLCE $WWE $FROG $HII $USCR $AAP $EHTH $HAL $ENDP $AMWD $TRIL #WhaleClub Thank you for the updates!
  • scottto_2: ...
    2. $WWE - down 8.3%; stop $46, getting close to losing privileges.
    3. $USCR - down 7.3%; bad entry; stop $37; could move stop to $40 area and add to position.
    4. $CMPS - down 6.8%; bad entry; stop $39
    5. $HII - down 4.9%; stop $155, almost triggered ...
  • bRobert: @scottto_2 $TLRY $GTLS $CGC $NAIL $WKHS $FROG $WWE $USCR $CMPS $HII $XL $OMI #WhaleClub The $GTLS cup has been working out.with weights and I do believe it can now support a $250. target long term. Great run.
  • wanda1616: @scottto_2 $AAP $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EQR $EXP $FROG $GBX $GOGO $GTLS $HII $HOME $MANH $MLM $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PLTR $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY $ZI #Whale great i felt like the only person in the world that owned $FROG
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Continues to outperform it's benchmarks. Up 18.3% YTD (4% today) versus SPY/QQQ average of 5.4%. Funds liquidated to start Club (a mix of strong Vanguard Mutual Funds) up 7.7% YTD. No change in Club membership today: Top Performers: 1. $TLRY - up 133.3% 2. $GTLS - up 109.8% 3. $NAIL - up 71.1% 4. $CGC - up 59.9% 5. $PLCE - up 54.7% Worst Performers: (might as well be fair and show my bad picks too). 1. $WWE - down 13.3% 2. $FROG - down 7.9% 3. $HII - down 7.9% 4. $USCR - down 5.2% 5. $AAP - down 4.9% Previously stopped out positions: $EHTH, $HAL, $ENDP, $AMWD, $TRIL 19/44 holdings have hit Price Target 1; 5/44 Target 2; 1/44 Target 3; 0/44 Target 4 Still a lot of room technically for this portfolio to run! Cheers.
  • champ: @scottto_2 $TLRY $GTLS $NAIL $CGC $PLCE $WWE $FROG $HII $USCR $AAP $EHTH $HAL $ENDP $AMWD $TRIL #WhaleClub ---- This info is nice to see, Thanks and I'm still holding $NAIL and $TLRY. $CGC will be reporting their earnings in the morning, so NP, for now. LOL
  • scottto_2: ...
  • jr3345: @scottto_2 $AAP $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EQR $EXP $FROG $GBX $GOGO $GTLS $HII $HOME $MANH $MLM $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY $ZI $TRIL $ENDP $HAL $EHTH $AMWD #WhaleClub -- I bought some of your shares in $AMWD. To me it was a pull back / bounce. Added at 87ish.
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Current members: $AAT $AMWD $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EHTH $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HOME $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY Of the, now 40, members, only 10 have reached their first price targets. None have reached their second price targets. 13 are lower than their cost basis right now (aka losing money). Seven are up 5% or less. This means much of the possible growth has not even started yet and one could even get better entries right now than the Club has on many of these holdings. Cheers,
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Continues strong. Up 9.8% YTD, 4.0% this week. Compared to SPY/QQQ avg of up 3.2% YTD and 2.9% this week. $TRIL was underperforming and was asked to turn in its locker key. Added $AAT in its place. Current List: $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $EHTH $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $HOME $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY
  • geotheo: @scottto_2 $TRIL $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $EHTH $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $HOME $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY #WhaleClub Just saying maybe $PODD would be appropriate to add to the whale club. :)
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - All members have open positions now. Had to put $DKNG on the waitlist due to it running past 1st target already. Added $EHTH in its place. Current members: $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $EHTH $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Still doing nicely. Up 8.7% versus SPY/QQQ average of up 0.7%. Funds liquidated to create Whale Club up 3.2%. Current members: (* denotes no position) $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG * $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE* $XPEV $YRCW $YY
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Another strong day. Now up 8.6% compared to SPY/QQQ aggregate of up 0.7% and funds liquidated are up 3.5%. Current Members: (* denotes open positions) $BCO $CCL * $CGC * $CONN * $CVX $DADA * $DFEN * $DKNG $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GOGO * $GTLS * $HAL * $MANH * $MLM * $MOS * $NAIL * $PATK * $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO * $TLRY * $TRIL * $TXT * $UBER * $UCTT * $USCR * $WDC * $WIX * $WKHS * $WWE $XPEV * $YRCW *
  • veghead: @scottto_2 $BCO $CCL $CGC $CONN $CVX $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PII $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW #WhaleClub Thanks for keeping us updated!
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - No harm today - Still up 6.7% compared to SPY/QQQ aggregate up 0.81% and Funds sold to invest in Whales up 3.1%. Current Members: (* denotes open positions). Only 11/38 Members now waiting for opening positions (waiting on funds to get these positions started). $BCO $CCL * $CGC * $CVX $DADA * $DFEN * $DKNG $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GOGO * $GTLS * $MANH * $MBUU $MCO $MLM * $MOS * $NAIL * $PATK * $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO $TLRY * $TRIL * $TXT * $UCTT * $USCR * $VMC $WDAY $WDC * $WIX * $WKHS * $WWE $XPEV *
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Continues to outperform. Up 6.2% versus SPY/QQQ aggregate up 1.8%. The holdings I sold to gather funds for the Club are up 3.9%. Current Members: (* denotes open positions) $BCO $CGC * $CVX $DADA * $DFEN * $DKNG $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GOGO * $GTLS * $MANH * $MBUU $MCO $MLM * $MOS * $NAIL * $PATK * $PCAR $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO $TLRY * $TRIL * $UCTT * $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC * $WIX * $WKHS * $WWE $XPEV *
  • Aragorn: @scottto_2 $BCO $CGC $CVX $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $MANH $MBUU $MCO $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PCAR $PII $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $UCTT $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV #WhaleClub Thanks Scotto good stuff I will be tracking this
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - No transactions today. However, portfolio doing nicely. Now up 9.1% compared to SPY/QQQ aggregate up 0.9%. Current holdings: (* indicates open positions) $BCO $CGC * $CVX $DADA * $DFEN * $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GOGO * $GTLS * $IIPR - hit stop but position hadn't been entered yet. will monitor. $MANH * $MBUU $MCO $MLM * $MOS * $MU $NAIL * $PCAR $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO $TLRY * $TRIL * $UCTT * $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX * $WWE $XPEV *
  • vfr777: @scottto_2 $BCO $CGC $CVX $DADA $DFEN $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $IIPR $MANH $MBUU $MCO $MLM $MOS $MU $NAIL $PCAR $PII $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $UCTT $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX $WWE $XPEV #WhaleClub Hello to #WHALECLUB can you explain your premise for selecting stocks for this club?
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Doing very nicely. Up 5.4% compared to SPY/QQQ average of down 1.03%. Still waiting to enter about 40% of positions. Current List: (* indicates active positions) $BCO $CGC * $CVX $DADA * $DFEN * $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GOGO * $GTLS * $IIPR $MANH * $MBUU $MCO $MLM * $MOS * $MU $NAIL * $PCAR $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO $TLRY * $TRIL * $UCTT * $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX * $WWE $XPEV *
  • Docoof: @scottto_2 $BCO $CGC $CVX $DADA $DFEN $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $IIPR $MANH $MBUU $MCO $MLM $MOS $MU $NAIL $PCAR $PII $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $UCTT $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX $WWE $XPEV #WhaleClub Awesome! And a valuable learning tool to watch (for rooks like me).
  • champ: @Docoof $BCO $CGC $CVX $DADA $DFEN $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $IIPR $MANH $MBUU $MCO $MLM $MOS $MU $NAIL $PCAR $PII $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $UCTT $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX $WWE $XPEV #WhaleClub ----- These are stock idea's only, that needs work before entries, don't #assume that these stock ideas are posted by full-time stock-professionals...
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub Fund is off to a competitive start. Up 0.65% versus down 0.7% for SPY/QQQ aggregate. Still waiting on liquidations to come in to get invested in everything. I've liquidated SPY/QQQ assets to fund this portfolio, making that the appropriate Benchmark. Current Members: (* - indicates investments started). $APD $BCO $CGC * $CVX $DFEN * $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GTLS * $IIPR $MANH * $MBUU $MCO $MLM * $MOS * $MU $NAIL * $PCAR $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO $TLRY * $TRIL * $UCTT * $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX * $WWE $XPEV *
  • scottto_2: Let's get ready to Rumble! Introducing from Parts Unknown, the newest #WhaleClub member, $WWE
  • scottto_2: $WWE #WhaleClub - WEEKLY targets 62.5/90/120+
  • Motorman: @scottto_2 $WWE #WhaleClub Nice targets, You sound like someone we know ;)
  • DrScience: $WWE Back in November, it looked like WWE may be at least considering a return to live event touring in early 2021. With a COVID vaccine in early distribution, we could, in the Spring, see pro-grapplers in live, high-flying action in the squared circ ...
  • bRobert: @DrScience $WWE WEEKLY C&H like base flag ABOVE the 50 WEEK A w reversal as well $55+/$60 with trigger np I was wrestling with this trade over the weekend
  • scottrades: $WWE Trading up 12% on low volume after it's earnings report. This stock has 5 Days of Short Interest. Worth watching.
  • lostsheep: @scottrades $WWE It's an essential business in Florida why not?
  • dpierce3326: @scottrades $WWE can you explain 5 days of short interest. I get the % of short positions in a stock, but not understanding how this translates to 5 days.
  • scottrades: @dpierce3326 $WWE The amount of time based of Average Daily Volume that it would take for all shorts to cover.
  • que_chimba: @scottrades $WWE ..thank you !
  • scottrades: $WWE Testing trying to pinch above VWAP.
  • spmeyers: @lostsheep $WWE Florida is the king of bizarre
  • lostsheep: $WWE Wow! WWE an essential business. bizarro world
  • Henry: @lostsheep $WWE #payoff
  • sgiseller: @lostsheep $WWE maybe steroids are the cure for covid, perhaps a buy signal
  • champ: $WWE, another Bounce-Trade is working, for now.
  • efrain007: $WWE Gapping down 20% on earnings. Last weeks gap down worked for a trade so worth watching today for another flip.
  • scottrades: @efrain007 $WWE Wow. That stock has been a roller coaster lately.
  • lostsheep: @scottrades $WWE 39 pre market low 45.1 was the low on the 31st. Current range is set
  • lostsheep: $WWE beat on earnings missed on sales but sales were 18% higher than same period last year. Didn't see guidance but with 22 % short interest the numbers could be worse and those who owned and held since 1/31 are puking this morning.
  • champ: $SNAP $WWE....HOD....spec #Bounce-Trades, trailing.
  • lostsheep: $WWE the gift that keeps on giving I may subscribe to say thanks for their kindness
  • Cheezit: @lostsheep $WWE Same here buts it didn't keep giving for me. I took 3% and ran. Oh well lesson learned.
  • baronp0329: Kudos to @Dan @Scott @Bridget @Gary for another awesome Live Trading day!. Thanks guys for the awesome profits for less than 1 hour. $WWE calls, profits at 65% for 1/2 and 105% for 1/4, still moving and may swing remaining contracts to tomorrow. $FEYE 5% profits on stocks. Keeping 1/4 to the close or may swing.
  • lostsheep: @Cheezit $WWE It filled the gap from the previous low and I'm out. It's rare it works as expected but with the computers in control this set up nicely
  • DAN: @baronp0329 $WWE $FEYE Excellent! Congratulations, baron! Love it!!
  • champ: @lostsheep $WWE --- Yes but trades are only if you have Timing In and Timing Out....however close #always works, don't have to be perfect and on the last exit size, one can have a little more patiences, to work with....let it work a little longer, before pulling the last trigger.
  • champ: $WWE, last size still working.
  • AlexJFraser: Thank you @dan @briget @scottrades Thank you $wwe in at 41 stop at 45 now. Seriously, thank you!
  • bogiedog1: $WWE did a suplex (only wrestling term I know) passing through $45 and now accelerating. Thanks @Dan!!!
  • lostsheep: @champ $WWE #always I can be a little gun shy. Have had my lunch money stolen a few times and it still stings.
  • baronp0329: $WWE still moving. Nice bounce from outside low BB. Around 2x Avg Daily Vol. Still long Feb21 45 Calls. Vol at 2650, OI only 433. Been taking partial profits. Last 1/4 position is at 265% profit. Thanks again @Dan @Scott @Bridget @Gary, may I have another!
  • ReneeH: @dan @gary @bridget @scott Wow, thank you $WWE just closed day trade feb45c for 250%! I'm 2 weeks new here and loving it.
  • champ: @lostsheep $WWE #always --- Need to be a stock-picker for Bounce-trades, if you are not ready when timing occurs, you could take a lose. The set-up work is when the markets are #Closed. I'm out #WWE now, with around $6, off off of LOD......but I'm still holding $SNAP with full size.
  • Robert1965: $is every out of $WWE
  • geebo: @bogiedog1 $WWE $FNKO Awesome live trading this morning. Thanks @Dan!
  • ericnadler: @lostsheep $WWE I took 3% on half and then closed with 6% on the other half. Next time I'll try to hold using the 8 interval exponential moving average which was a new tip for me. Waiting for the first big break of the average I could have got another 6%. Left a lot on the table but still a great trade! Thanks Dan!
  • scottrades: @ReneeH $WWE Boom! Nice trading. You're in a good spot.
  • AlexJFraser: Out of $wwe on that big 5 min bar. Move Stop to 47 got out at 46.80. Thanks again all.
  • Robert1965: @AlexJFraser $wwe How were you so quick, what chart were you using I had 3min and missed raising my stop
  • AlexJFraser: @Robert1965 $wwe I am on TD Advance trading 5 min chart (Canada) I was watching it close, as soon as it shot up I moved my stop up to $47, Average fill ended up being ~46.80.
  • Ringo: @DAN & @SCOTT $WWE $TWTR $TSLA - Really glad I did not miss the live trading today. I am profitable all all 3 trade. thx for the quick $$ very happy
  • Showmethemoney: $WWE @DAN @GARY Old guy here. (Dan’s age) lol Thank for the day trade! Nice to make over 10% in a day!! Don’t do it often!
  • scottrades: @Ringo $WWE $TWTR $TSLA Great trading Ringo!
  • champ: $BA $WWE, another move underway, on both, might continue, watch for entry.
  • DAN: @Showmethemoney $WWE That's great! Happy to Showyouthemoney! ;-) (You're not old! You're ...experienced.)
  • DAN: @Ringo $WWE $TWTR $TSLA Really great to hear, Ringo. I've noticed that you are trading pretty well these days. Nice!!
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Volume 195,179

World Wrestling Entertainment, engaged in the development, production and marketing of television and pay-per-view event programming and live events and the licensing and sale of consumer products featuring its World Wrestling Entertainment brands.

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