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  • vitoB: Hello hello. Spent some time lookin at mining stocks after the Friday pop. List includes, $GDXJ $FNV $WPM $AG $AU $GFI $KGC $ $GOLD $NEM… Chart with the longest base and best close on Fri seemed to be $AG. $WPM second, and $GFI had a huge move but actually didn’t close very nice, a move above Fri high for this one to me. And actually $GDXJ looked better than most of the large holding charts oddly enough. Any one else ?
  • scottrades: @scottrades $GDX Bought a small piece of $WPM. Stop at LOD
  • scottrades: ...
    $WPM Would like to see a PB to the 50 Day
    $NEM Won’t be in a straight line
    $FNV Would like to see a base form
    $DV Higher lows
    $TLRY Volume.
    $CGC Volume
  • bwcarnation1: $WPM above 50d up 2.3% good vol....in Scott's video
  • scottrades: @bwcarnation1 $WPM If we get a move in GDX, this is one of my faves.
  • scottrades: My video notes: COTD: Here’s the DL on $DV $SPY Lower Low $QQQ Lower Low $UUP Lower please $TNX Still in trend $VIX Still in trend $XLE Watch 73 $GLD Holding up $GDX Good Weekly volume $TAN Back to the 200 Day $SDS Still in trend $QID Still in trend $GBTC Uhh guys, Bitcoin is actually doing ok!? $AAPL Nope. $NFLX Maybe. $TWTR Possible news trade. $ANET Watch 117.60 $CCRN Near the highs $DKS Watch 117.70 $ENPH Watch 294.50 $FSLR Holding the 21 EMA $PCTY Slope $DVN Potential Gap Fill $KGC Low Dollar Gold Stock $GOLD Watching $WPM Watching $FNV Watching
  • Docoof: Their charts aside, a lot of miners are doing well today: $TECK $VALE $KGC $FNV $PAAS $HL $AEM $WPM $BTG $GDX $SSRM $AUY
  • bRobert: @Docoof $TECK $VALE $KGC $FNV $PAAS $HL $AEM $WPM $BTG $GDX $SSRM $AUY $UUP less of a headwind to all commodities
  • issues: If we've got rampant inflation why is gold going down? $GDX $GDXJ $GOLD, $NEM $WPM Etc
  • bRobert: @issues $GDX $GDXJ $GOLD $NEM $WPM $UUP. one reason Headwind Two. Margin calls. may lead to raised cash. in other assets 3. Perhaps inflation becomes less of an issue. Start with a pullback in oil prices
  • Docoof: $WPM (metals miner/precious metal streaming company) new 1-yr high
  • Docoof: Small piece of $WPM, with bRobert’s blessing, at a new 1-yr high.
  • Docoof: @bRobert This precious metal miner, $WPM (now at hod), has a good chart and looks fine to me. Would it be reasonable to set an alert at around $50.40 and then watch and react? (Or, to wait for a new 1-yr high print and then wait for a pb b to add?)
  • bRobert: @Docoof $WPM Doing some. healthy sideways consolidation. C&H. base. Handle area tightening up as the 50d. approaches. You can. own a small piece with a loose. stop I am bullish $GLD. $GDX long. term. 50% upside for. $GLD. 100%+. for. GDX.
  • Docoof: @bRobert $WPM $GLD $GDX Thank you. (The gold trade I’ve been in is $BTG.)
  • bRobert: @Docoof $WPM $GLD $GDX $BTG I keep it. simple $GLD. $GDX or $NUGT Many ways to participate
  • scottrades: ...
    Keep an eye on $GDX and some of the Gold Miners. They have firmed up and are creeping closer to the highs. $GOLD $NEM $WPM $FNV and $AEM are all close to a pretty clear pivot.

    I was talking with a fund CIO named Mark Yusko yesterday and he has a gr ...
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $GDX $GOLD $NEM $WPM $FNV $AEM #Crypto ... a lot off little green. The tallest midget $NDX seems magnetized to the death cross 50dma
  • rverkamp: $WPM volume
  • 1winkie: $WPM - reports after the bell - Options market is pricing a 3.37% move
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Squeeze the Bears + Trap The Bulls. $QQQ Eyes on 318 $GLD Still strong but extended. $GDX I heard the ducks quacking. $URA Above all the MAs $TAN Solar Power Move $XLE Biggest Daily Volume since 2020 $DBC Biggest Daily Volume since 2019 $QID Above the MAs. $GBTC Still in a range. $FNV Wide range $NEM Looking for Daily consolidation $AEM Same $WPM Big give back $GOLD Still ok but extended. $SSRM Big volume wide range. $ZIM Earnings tomorrow. $SBLK Holding the 21 EMA $MATX Flag $RUN Nice volume $CSIQ OH Canada! $SPWR Power move. $CVX Didn’t break LOD $CVE I’m out but the trend is fine. Watching for another entry. $SU Filled the gap $XOM Extended. $BROS Building a base under the 50 Day
  • Momentariness: $WPM starter position
  • scottrades: @Momentariness $WPM So far so good.
  • Momentariness: @Pokersmith $WPM Just a day trade not that far off the 8 day EMA
  • Pokersmith: @Momentariness $WPM It occurred to me that I mention extended stocks all the time lol. Anyway, it keeps the names we contemplate on our collective radar 👍
  • Momentariness: $WPM HOD
  • debeers: @Pokersmith $WPM -dual purpose precious metsl and an industrial one.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Death by 1000 Cuts $QQQ Push back at the 21 EMA $GLD Still in trend $GDX Bought some back today $XLE Still good. $OIH In trend $XLV Above the 200 Day $XME Still going..but hard to buy here $SMH Base Building $GBTC: Switzerland's City of Lugano will make Bitcoin legal tender. $NEM Miners are still trending nicely $FNV Close to the highs $GOLD Watch 23.60 $EGO Watch 11.40 $WPM Watching for a re-entry $SSRM Watch 21 $SU Still have some $XOM Still in trend $CVX Extended $LPI Watch 80 $DVN Still above the MAs $CVE Holding the 21 EMA $ZIM Nice breakout today $GSL Working but extended $SBLK Watch 30 $UNH Working $ANTM Working
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Choppy under the MAs $QQQ Same $SMH Still under the 200 Day $ARKK Needs a base $GLD Hard to buy but worth watching $GDX Bought this today $XLE Still working but extended. $OIH Downside move but holding the 21 EMA $XME Extended. $GBTC Closed above the 50 Day $AAPL Running into Resistance. $TSLA Running into resistance. $NVDA Building a base $GOOGL Same $GOLD Close to resistance. $NEM Nice move off the 8EMA $WPM Big volume today. $EGO Great volume off the 8EMA. $SU Watch today’s low $IMO Still ok. $CPE Extended. $CVE Holding the 8EMA $AR Breaking out of a cup $FANG Still in trend. $COP Still working $CTRA Still working. $BTU Wait for a pullback now $ARCH New the highs $ANTM Tight along the 50 Day $CNC Close to the 50 day $MP Mentioned in the forum, watch today’s low $MEOH Pulling back to the 8EMA
  • Momentariness: $WPM Day trade crossing back above the 8 EMA stop at the VWAP
  • scottrades: ...
    I will continue to stick to what I do best, looking for and trading clean chart patterns and looking for high volume moves with conviction. The $GLD $GDX Trade is continuing to work out well and I bought $WPM yesterday as some extra exposure to the ...
  • bRobert: @scottrades $GLD $GDX $WPM $XME $XME Fresh WEEKLY breakout is holding $55/$70 targets for a while 40% upside $GLD Multi year bull market from that C&H base WELL DRAWN and completing 100% upside over several years Double that for the miners The miners have under performed the move in $GLD GLD is close to its multi year high $GDX much further removed I see a catch up trade
  • nchamberlain: @scottrades $GLD $GDX $WPM $XME Where are these LT traders looking to put money to work?
  • Nepenthe: @scottrades $WPM Thanks for that trade yesterday. I took partials pre-market (always like to take some off on gaps like today's) and then it sold off. Here's where I get in a bit of trouble--looking to add on the first bounce. I did so on the 5th five minute candle, with a stop below the LOD. Curious how you're trading today. If you have the time. If not, cheers.
  • scottrades: @Nepenthe $WPM I sold a tiny bit today out of respect for the gap and held the rest. I think the longer term trend will prevail and I'd like to be part of that and not overtrade it. Great job on your part!
  • scottrades: @nchamberlain $GLD $GDX $WPM $XME Some of the people I follow and listen to for their opinions. They are all around! Some on Twitter, some on shows I watch and some on services that I pay for.
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $GLD $GDX $WPM $XME ... if the Fed bypasses its initial interest rate increases... yes, probably be good for tech. Advice... buy low, sell high, and bank it.... so you can afford to buy groceries, gas, electricity, and water ==:O
  • scottrades: @bigbartabs $GLD $GDX $WPM $XME LOL! True story...
  • scottrades: Taking more profits on $GLD and $GDX. Closed out $WPM.
  • Raptor6: @scottrades $GLD $GDX $WPM So Scott, what would make gold get to $2000? Nuclear war, bubonic plague a meteor the size of Manhattan?......
  • bRobert: @scottrades $GLD $GDX $WPM Yes $GLD was EXTENDED top of range Multi year cup posts Handle $185 top Came close Exhausted after the trip Regroup for next move higher and Trigger
  • Raptor6: @bRobert $GLD $GDX $WPM Thanks for your observations.
  • scottrades: @Raptor6 $GLD $GDX $WPM LOL! I really thought it would hold up better than it did. As noted, Extended, sell the news, time for a reset. Trend is still up, so it's not dead, but might need to settle if Risk Assets get back in favor.
  • Raptor6: @scottrades $GLD $GDX $WPM Thanks for the reply, I understand your trading discipline. At the same time I feel compelled to take the other side on this dip because the general bullish thesis's (plural ?) remain........
  • scottrades: @Raptor6 $GLD $GDX $WPM Oh there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! You just gotta know your time frame. I see a big red bar that it will have to chew through and some support zones that could be tested. Part of being active in the market is having a thesis and a chart to buy and using the just chart to sell. That's all I am doing! Here for you, if you need me.
  • bRobert: @Raptor6 $GLD $GDX $WPM It's counter intuitive but you need to fade big moves in already extended stocks /etfs
  • Raptor6: @scottrades $GLD $GDX $WPM Thank you, and bRobert for your perspectives.
  • Raptor6: @bRobert $GLD $GDX $WPM Yes, good advise.
  • cmaxwel1: @scottrades $GLD $GDX $WPM (sold out of $GLD and $GDX today for a profit) Good trade, thanks @scottrades
  • scottrades: $WPM Not great volume but nice to see this holding the 200 Day and try for a PB Bounce.
  • scottrades: Started a position in $WPM. Stop at LOD.
  • scottrades: @EricF1745 $GDX I ended up buying $WPM instead of adding, might see how the close goes and then decide then.
  • EricF1745: @scottrades $GDX $WPM Thanks
  • scottrades: $WPM Back above the downslope line. Ideally this can hold above the 200 Day.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Wide Range Bar. $QQQ Double Bottom? $SMH Still under the 200 Day. $GLD Great volume but extended. $SLV Stopped at the 200 Day $GDX Starting Daily Consolidation $XLE Big sell Day $TLT Higher High #Bitcoin Held up well today. Broken Correlation? ETFs are buying. $AAPL Lots of indecision in the leaders. $AEM Miners coming in a bit. $NEM Holding up better than others $FNV Gap Fill but above the 8EMA $WPM Holding the 200 Day. $ZIM Holding the 21 EMA $GOGL Big move on volume. $GSL Upside reversal. Needs a higher high. $SBLK Still working but a bunch of volatility. $AR Sold out of this for profit today. $ABBV Great volume, support at the 21 EMA $ADM Basing. $PLAB Earnings Tomorrow.
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY Trend is down. $QQQ Yikes. $GLD Holding up great $SLV No #SilverSqueeze Yet but working fine. $GDX Some miners are extended but as long as GLD is good… $GDXJ Same $XLP trying to get back above the 50 Day $SQQQ Bearish QQQ $SPXS Bearish SPY $FAZ I hate that this looks bullish.. #Crypto Bitcoin is a bit boring, so I bought another NFT Today.. $NEM High Flag potential. $WPM Low volume pullback $GOLD Still extended. $EGO Same $CMC In trend, good volume $RIO Bit of a flag $AA Working.. $CF Still in trend but whippy. $AR Bought some of this today. $PXD Good volume today. $DVN Still fine. $HES Holding the 21 EMA. $BROS at the 50 Day $COST Bubbling under the 50 Day. $MO Following $PM
  • Docoof: @scottrades Can you give a quick comment on the weekly & monthly chart of $WPM? Specifically, is it too extended (too far off the 8d ema) and, if it were not extended, would you consider $WPM something you would want to watch? Than you.
  • Docoof: @Docoof $WPM @scottrades Sorry, I meant to write daily and weekly, I mistakenly typed weekly and monthly.
  • scottrades: @Docoof $WPM Sure, I'll cover this one tonight.
  • Docoof: @scottrades $WPM Great—Thanks! And by the way, you’ve really done a great job shepherding the team for the week.
  • scottrades: @Docoof $WPM Thank you my friend, that means a lot.
  • marketdude: @scottrades $WPM I've been with SMM for a long time and your daily strategy sessions have improved TREMENDOUSLY from when you first started doing them!!!!!!!!
  • scottrades: @marketdude $WPM Oh good, I'm so glad....trending up! :)
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY We’re going to look at a lot of Shiney Rocks tonight $QQQ Needs to firm up, quick. $GLD Wow! $SLV Testing the upper trendline $GDX Power move on Volume. $GDXJ Also working. #Crypto Not acting like Gold but we finally got our 40K Test. Now let’s see if it holds. Some Miners that are working well: $NEM, $AEM, $EGO, $WPM, $PAAS, $SSRM, $FNV, $GOLD, and $AG $FCX Looking for a handle. $SBLK Power move, consider profits. $GOGL Needs a rest $ZIM in consolidation $EGLE Testing the highs. $BYD Flag $PLAB Earnings Next week $HES Watch the 8EMA $DVN Still in an uptrend $PXD Great volume today
  • traderbren: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GLD $SLV $GDX $GDXJ $NEM $AEM $EGO $WPM $PAAS $SSRM $FNV $GOLD $AG $FCX $SBLK $GOGL $ZIM $EGLE $BYD $PLAB $HES $DVN $PXD #Crypto Hey Scott -- I'm not sure whether there's any merit to the 8 ema / 22 ema crossover as a potential buy signal.... but would be curious to hear your thoughts/observations on your #BTC chart. Thanks, B
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Lower Low $QQQ Nothing Good happens under the 200 Day $DIA is DOA. $SMH Heavy Selling $XLK On the way….to the 200 Day. Hey that Rhymes! $IYT Under the 200 Day. $XLU Nowhere to hide. $GLD Still ok good day for partials. $SLV Speed bump at the 200 Day #Bitcoin Nice pop but weak into the close. Gold Miners were Hot yesterday here’s how I would trade these $KL Still above the 50 Day $NEM Still above the 8EMA $GOLD Speed bump at the 200 Day $AEM Same. 200 Day Above $WPM Sloppy $FNV Watch for a weekly reversal at 139 Let’s go through the leaders… $AAPL Under the 50 Day $AMZN over 10% under the 200 Day $DIS Almost 20% under the 200 Day $NVDA Breakdown out of the channel $TSLA Rejection at the 50 Day Just for fun… $PTON If you know you know. $NFLX Bad Earnings.
  • BocaRick: $WPM up 7% precious metals
  • issues: @bRobert $GDX $NUGT $XME A couple of others include $SSRM $PVG $WPM but the one I like the best is $GDXJ (up 11% in days)!
  • gmj: #Metals Going through my watch list of metals this morning. several breaking up with vol +. Small position in $FCX and interested in $WPM, $FNV, $GOLD, $SVM, $PAAS, $GDX $GDXJ ... focused on $PALL down 40% off the highs 18% below the 200ma, basing SW across the bottom now with higher lows, 8% bb squeeze, back abv the 50ma and pivot. Game plan, sm starter pos on Monday above 197, add abv 202 and stop at 189 [-4% max]. $PALL has been a worker for me in the past, I'm looking for 15% upside/4% downside, Alerts set for b/0 202, 8ma/191.15 and 50 ma/ 189.50. Hunting will continue.
  • Ajax4Hire: @humble $SPY $SLV - Silver(and /SI[Z21] - Silver Futures) $WPM - Wheaton Precious Metals $FNV - Franco Nevada Not sure how to symbol Silver Futures on forum.
  • Explorer: @humble $SPY -- $SLV $AG $WPM -- google silver stocks for a giant list -- good trading....
  • Explorer: @Scottrades -- $SLV $GLD -- Both Up -- $GOLD and $WPM down -- ETFs vs Individual Stocks -- ?Is this an early indicator of a sector shift? BTW -- TGIF
  • scottrades: @Explorer $SLV $GLD $GOLD $WPM Did you watch my video form last night? I talked about this. They (Gold and Silver) are both trying to change the trend but still up against some pressure. Want to see some HHs and HLs. Miners are not showing any signs of reversing yet.
  • Explorer: @scottrades $SLV $GLD Sector ETFs vs Individual Stocks $GOLD $WPM -- Yes, did see the video (got it HH / HLs) -- ?my question is more general -- ? Do ETFs show an early sign of sector rotation vs. Individual Stocks? I posted earlier this week --AU and AG / Miners --All Up 2%+ Today -- $EXK $MAG $AG $GDXJ $BHP $SLV $GDX
  • scottto_2: #InsideBarList - My OCD kicked in hard on this one - Thanks Sir @Aragorn - $AAL $AAOI $AAPL $ABC $ABT $ABUS $ACAD $ADI $ADS $AEM $AES $AFL $AGCO $AGIO $AIG $AKAM $AKTX $ALE $ALGT $AMCX $AMN $AMP $AMT $AMZN $AN $ANET $ANGI $ANTM $AON $APA $APD $APRN $ ...
  • kycol: The only stocks green on my Mernivini Scan are $AMGN, $NVO, $KR & $WPM AT 15 Minutes, add $CLX & $CLDX, guess folks are thinking they are going to need wipes...
  • scottrades: $WPM Showing some strength
  • scottrades: @scottrades $WPM Buying a starter. Stop under yesterdays low.
  • scottrades: Added to $WPM
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY Was Thursday just a shakeout before a move higher? $QQQ Ascending Triangle or Right Shoulder? #Bitcoin Thanks Elon. $GLD / $GDX Weakening here but $FNV and $WPM are green. $TNA Watch 97.40 $SMH Nice move today, watch for an inside day or continuation. $AAPL Holding the 200 SMA $GOOGL Bought this today $FB Watch 333 $NIO Bought a starter $NNDM Added back some today $AMAT I added back a small bit today $ASML Close to the highs $AMD Sloppy but what else is new? $MU Want to see this above the 50 Day. $UCTT Watch 58.20 $TSM Basing around the MAs $ICHR Tee’d up? $TWTR Low C&H $PYPL Watch 265 $F Holding up well considering the move. $INMD Support at the 50 Day. $DELL Curling up $SLX Steel still working $X Zoom out a bit. $CLF Support at the 21 EMA
  • scottrades: ...
    $GLD Still in trend, let’s look at some Miners: $FNV, $KL, $KGC, $HMY, $AUY, $SSRM, $AGI, $WPM, and $SAND to name a few.
    $BNTX Alert triggered today
    $CRSR Is it time??
    $AMAT Still working. Sold some yesterday.
    $DELL Still a tough Market for B ...
  • issues: OK thank you. I am now looking at gold/silver mining. I like these stocks: $GOLD (limit order at $22.50) $WPM (Limit at $42.30) $FNV (I like this the best. Limit at $142.) and $NEM (Limit $65). For oil I like the ol' standby $OKE (buying at market - small) . What are you guys going to do with oil and gold/silver?
  • Henry: @maracom $SLV $WPM looks good right here
  • Henry: Petie's unusual activity $BHP Sept 77.5 $C Apr 76 calls $WPM May 40 calls
  • EricF: @bRobert $SLV $GLD $UUP $PAAS Like $PAAS lots, been using $WPM though
  • bRobert: @EricF $SLV $GLD $UUP $PAAS $WPM Many recipes will work
  • Kharrison67: I guess my main problem is patience, on my weekly scans from 01/04 I posted $SHAK, $QDEL and $VXRT, I took positions in $SHAK and $QDEL. I made some good money on $SHAK but exited way too early and $QDEL made me too nervous (stop watching every tick) ...
  • Jhorres: @Kharrison67 $SHAK $QDEL $VXRT $FFIV $LOW $DKNG $DDOG $PAAS $PAYX $WPM $ISRG yea same I keep hearing everyone say look at the weekly not the daily you may lose out on some profit but if it’s truly a break out then you’ll gain much more but better to affirm the breakout then buy early and pray it’s one
  • ScottT: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GDX $AEM $RGLD $WPM $OR $GBTC $SMH $NVDA $AMD $MU $MRVL $ON $SE $DADA $BABA $JD $ARRY $TSLA $FSLR i am already in $FSLR. I am looking for that breakout. Politics may push this one a bit.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY A little rejection at the slope. $QQQ Stronger $GDX Some decent Miners setting up. $AEM, $RGLD, $WPM, $OR. Trade in scales. $GBTC The pretend internet money is still working. $SMH Semi’s strong, that’s a good sign. $NVDA Wow.. $AMD Bought some today $MU Coming out of a squeeze, but don’t buy too high. $MRVL Monster move. $ON Hitting the top Bband. $SE Nice Weekly. $DADA I added small today $BABA Long this today. $JD Short term target of 100. Earnings Nov 20 $ARRY I’m out now, but watching net week $TSLA Watch next week $FSLR Alert at 90.90
  • scottto_2: In the for what it's worth category: A few charts that have caught my attention. $SHW $LMT $ORLY $PDD and something in the precious metals group ($WPM $PAAS $NEM $FNV etc). FYI, looking at these in Worden or the like will give more of the picture than just scrolling over the name for the 3-month chart pop-up. $SHW, $LMT, $ORLY - Consolidating. Setting alerts above the recent highs. $PDD - Not connected to the US election, economy, CoViD, may be ready to make another run like started in April. Metals - With possible $*it show coming around 11/3. Might be good to have some exposure to the fear trade. Anyhow, just some things that caught my attention as I pored over charts this weekend. Cheers, Scott
  • issues: @scottto_2 $SHW $LMT $ORLY $PDD $WPM $PAAS $NEM $FNV Scott. Thanks for your posting. Based on the charts, we sold FNV, PAAS and NEM and bought PDD.
  • spmeyers: @issues $GSS $GFI $EXK $SVM $EGO $KGC $GOLD $WPM $LODE I'm not sure the CEO of a gold miner is the most trustworthy source! :)
  • Bwhitty: $WPM alert at 60.21
  • JosephM: $KL/ $WPM...both stops at $49.95. Didn't think my small position would be tested.
  • beachnorwegian: $FNV $NEM $WPM Gold miners breaking below their 50 day. FNV below its 100 day. Sold some today.
  • issues: I watched this 16 minute video on gold and why it's going to be a great long term play. It's an interview that the X22 report did with David Garofalo CEO of Goldcorp; "Gold Is A Barometer Of Fiat Currency,We Are Experiencing The Return To The Gold Standard:D Garofalo" https://youtu.be/qdBy-Ao24Vk for some reason this link doesn't work. So just google this: Gold Is A Barometer Of Fiat Currency,We Are Experiencing The Return To The Gold Standard:D Garofalo Then I did some research on IBD to find these potentials: $GSS $GFI $EXK $SVM $EGO (buying tomorrow 100 shares) We own $KGC and $GOLD and $WPM and many others. But I just wanted others to have some input into what gold/silver stocks they like best. (I eliminated $LODE, but some of you might like it best!)
  • scottrades: Watching some #Miners today. $NEM $WPM $KL all setting up nice.
  • Bwhitty: @scottrades $NEM $WPM $KL #Miners WPM betrayed me by pulling all the way back on 9/11. Where do you have an alert sir?
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Wheaton Precious Metals Corp is pure precious metals streaming company. Its portfolio includes Hudbay's Constancia project and Vale's Salobo and Sudbury mines.

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