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  • Docoof: @gtr89 $DVN — $VLO $COP $PXD also traded at ATHs today.
  • debeers: $PXD/$VLO-diesel will save Valero, imo no matter what and the financials of $PXD are spotless. Before anyone buries the Generals, imo the Generals are the generals because they can modify their ops and still turn a buck. The last time i stopped in a ...
  • Docoof: @debeers $PXD $VLO $AAPL $AMD $BOOT $HSY — $BAC has been all over $VLO. On March 8, when $VLO was at $84, $BAC added “Valero to BofA’s US1 List and install it as our top refining idea.” (I know you’re not a fan of analysts, but Bank of America has, for the most part, been dead on in this sector.)
  • debeers: @Docoof $PXD $VLO $AAPL $AMD $BOOT $HSY $BAC -You mean i didn't have to go to San Antonio?? Gee, now you tell me. have a great weekend!
  • Docoof: @debeers $PXD $VLO $AAPL $AMD $BOOT $HSY $BAC 😊 Thanks, you too!
  • debeers: $VLO-Piper keeps its outperform and goes to 157. $BOOT--Piper raises from neutral to overweight and goes from 109 to 121 for the stock, just sayin'.LONG BOTH
  • joelsg1: $DINO Refiner 1-day reversal today but maybe pb to bo level after long base. $VLO better with 3% divi but has already moved. Catchup trade?
  • debeers: $MTDR?$DVN/$VLO-West Texas intermediate rises to 106.45 / Brent is up 3.99 or 3,8. i have Devon and Matador and Matador and Valero, imo, will be the star. if it was down a few pennies at the open it is bercause it is Nasdaq listed. Do not be deterred. Valero should reach alltime high with summer driving.
  • debeers: $MTDR-@bRobert-not only in the cocoon but making wings now. Expecting updated targets. $BOOT-did i mention that it reports Tuesday after market close? No- well nevermind no one woulda liked it but me anyway despite the fact that they just opened brsnd new stores in Tennesse. and you can count missed once i n 12 quarters and none within the last 3 years. Country western, rodeos, ranching, conmstruction, NASCAR ain't goin' anywhere. perspire not! $CI-reports Friday morning- and yes, you want to be there. it will beat out any other healthcare stock. Looking for an if/then trade on the AMD. So instead of looking there, will look overseas for 1 in the space. $DVN/$HSY-kisses! Reese's/ and $VLO you always want a refiner in summer. Always. $MAR-PIVOT + 1%
  • bRobert: @debeers $MTDR $BOOT $CI $DVN $HSY $VLO $MAR Big. fan of. $BOOT. Just needed to come out of the Technical cocoon. $130/$170 ish. potential. 70% My favorite in the space The chart has held up the best and was resisting. a shoe drop $MTDR pullback created an opportunity. $70+. potential No issues. With big. $$$. I prefer the. $XOP. 110%. longer term projected.move. to $300 . $170 . sooner. Goosed with liquid. LEAPS
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY The J Pow Pump $QQQ Bounce is on $DIA Watch the 50 Day $UUP The wrecking stops swinging, for now. $DBC Strong Trend. Look at the Volume. $GLD Still all over the place $XOP Pullback bounce $XLE At the highs $SMH Whippy but good volume $XLB In a year long base. Above all the MAs $XLP Above the 50 Day $GBTC Short term False breakdown $AAPL Swinging This $TSLA Above the 50 Day $MSFT potential Double Bottom $FB Everyone hates it. $PYPL Potential short term reversal base $XOM Near the highs $CVX Above he MAs $CVE Working $PSX Boom! $VLO Working $SU Working, look for dips. $DVN 52 Week High $OXY Good volume. Close to resistance $CEIX Coal is still working $CF Above the MAs $LAC Lithium - Earnings tomorrow. $ADP Channel $ON Above the 50 Day
  • Mikev200: $VLO continues
  • bwcarnation1: $VLO hi
  • scottrades: @bwcarnation1 $VLO Nice move
  • Mikev200: $VLO HOD
  • scottrades: @Mikev200 $VLO Noice! Coming to the top of the range. A bit hard to buy here.
  • Mikev200: @scottrades $VLO :) YOUR call thx buddy
  • scottrades: Consider moving up a stop on $VLO if you took this yesterday.
  • Mikev200: @scottrades $VLO and $CVE
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Can we hold the 4X Bottom? $QQQ Trend is still down $GLD Green today $UUP Should come back in the bands $DBC Holding above all the MAs $XOP Holding the 50 Day $XLU Above the 50 Day $XLV at the 200 Day $XLP Above all the MAs $XLB Holding the 200 Day (FCX, NEM, CF) $XME Under the 50 Day $GBTC Higher Lows, Flat top $AAPL Whippy on Earnings $AMZN Same $TSLA Still under the 200 Day $NVDA Needs a base $TWTR Holding the 8EMA $PYPL Holding the Pandemic Low $AR Great volume $OXY Holding the 50 Day $MRO Looks the same $SU Breakout on volume $CVE Same $VLO Holding the Flag Break $PBF Back to the highs $DK Same $BSM Earnings Next week. $CNX Watch 21.70 $ARCH Watch 176 $CEIX Holding the 8EMA $COST Holding the 50 Day $WMT Holding the 21 EMA
  • champ: @debeers $LLY $QCOM $HSY.....On $VLO...Yes this has been a nice stock and is up 50% and they many diffident types of earning-streams. I haven't look at the others lately.
  • debeers: ...
    $VLO-if there were 1 summer driving stock this is it.
    just my .02
    $MRO-i think you'll find the charts confirm @scottrades

  • debeers: ...
    1. UP 38.52% year to date. The closest i could find is $VLO up 39.88% BUT and its a big butt-
    the profit margin for Valero is 1.13%-- For Matador, the profit margin is 38.52% year to date-
    But gee, Valero has a 3.89% divvie. True. but it also has ...
  • debeers: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GLD $GDX $DBC $FFTY $XLU $QID $SDS $TSLA $AAPL $MSFT $GOOGL $NVDA $TWTR $COST $SMPL $PM $BSM $OVV $VLO -So nice to have you back! IMO being as the market is in correction, most of the non ag or energy sectors will be below the 200 day, dontcha think?
  • scottrades: Just a reminder, Big Earnings Week still in store.. $FB $AAPL $MSFT $AMZN $PYPL $GOOGL $KO $UPS $ATVI $TWTR $XOM $BA $F $GE $SPOT $PEP $ROKU $MMM $CVX $QCOM $VLO $RTX $CL $INTC $JBLU $V $WM $CAT $NOK $LUV $GM $DHI $HOOD $ENPH $CVE $MA $ABBV $OTIS $PHG $CMG $MCD $MRK $DORM $X $ADM
  • scottrades: $VLO Breaking out of a flag.
  • PhilHarmonic: @scottrades $VLO Maybe.
  • bRobert: @scottrades $VLO TOP OF RANGE to watch expect the expected pullback first and be surprised $120+ with a breakout
  • BocaRick: @bRobert $VLO just pumped on CNBC....June 125 call for $1.5??. np
  • bRobert: @BocaRick $VLO I wouldn't buy most anything at top of range SMALL if at all and you can't help it
  • capitalist36: @debeers $MTDR $AAPL $GOOGL $NVDA $MSFT $FB $VLO $MTDRMatador $ARCH $FB yikes
  • debeers: ...
    $VLO-summer driving is just ahead(well-closer if you are on the Left Coast). Folks saved mon ey for vacays and some would rather stay on the land than be in the air before checking into the $MAR for shows. BTW-Marriott just opened up its newest Euro ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY An 88% Down Day $QQQ Fresh Lows $GLD Under the 50 Day $GDX Same $DBC Still in an uptrend $FFTY Growth making new lows $XLU No safe haven.. $QID / $SDS Short the Indexes $TSLA Nothing good happens under the 200 Day $AAPL Lower Low $MSFT Whippy on Earnings $GOOGL New Lows $NVDA New Low $TWTR Down despite the deal. $COST at the 50 Day $SMPL Above the 21 EMA $PM Above the 8EMA $BSM Great volume today $OVV Off the 50 Day $VLO Flag
  • Roadrunner: $VLO price target increases ranging from $121 to $125
  • debeers: $VLO-Another day--another fire-this time at the port of Benicia in Northern Cali-The tanker in port was filled with cars from China--no info as to the makes affected- this will also affect $VLO as their refinery will be impacted there. Elon and $TWTR- if Elon wants to have all of Twitter his wisest move would be NOT to be on the board and rather not have his share buying restricted. IMO it would cost him either a tad less or a a tad more than 1% of his personal wealth to just take over the company. $TSLA on the other hand might go down a bunch if shareholders there feel that he is getting distracted again. Just my opinion. This morning $TSLA shares are down 45 dollars in the pre. Apparently nothing but staples and maybe some healthcare will be green this am.
  • Docoof: Some energy/utility stocks hitting 1-yr highs today: $EXC $ED $CNP $KOS $DTE $ETR $D $EGY $PBF $DUK $PEG $VLO $XEL $AEE $AEP
  • DrScience: $VLO breaking above recent highs. Looking for that hund-o!
  • ConMoto: $VLO Weekly chart
  • bRobert: @ConMoto $VLO $100 Nice refined stock
  • bRobert: @bRobert $VLO And Welcome!
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $VLO mentioned $VLO as a play last week, see also @Dan pick $MPC
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $VLO conversely, $PSX lagging
  • bRobert: @Pokersmith $VLO $MPC I feel bad that we are always picking on stocks. They need an advocate
  • yammi55: @bRobert $VLO $MPC ;-) I thought it was picking 'up' stocks.
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $VLO $MPC's a thing.
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert #GasPrices You can get in the Refining space, imho. Early days , relatively speaking....see $VLO Discuss ?
  • bRobert: @Pokersmith $VLO #GasPrices Every part of the sector will be a winner. You don't have to have to own them all. With. $XOP going to $330+. . I think it sees the. highest %. move. The miners of the commodity tend to see the greatest gains. The cash flows will will be ridiculous All to the bottom line Profits/revenues will soar. There will be individual small cap spec names in. other areas that might see relative outperformance I prefer to overweight in a few stocks. ETFS Fewer charts. Easier to manage Liquid. options to tweak returns
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $VLO $XOP #GasPrices Couldn't agree more.... ref: ETF's
  • Roadrunner: $VLO getting bid on 50 day ma
  • woodman: $VLO strong.
  • traderbren: $VLO $FANG - provided entries this morning
  • wineinquirer: $XOP $VLO $CLR $MTDR @bRobert Already have a new position in $XOP and looking at the others on the list. $VLO earnings already in the books, $CLR, $MTDR in a couple-few wks. Like the $VLO chart and risk of earnings off the table. Debating the other two in light of relatively short timeframe in which to expect profits prior to earnings and ? keeping them through reporting season. ?partial for either and hold may be the option. Sector is still strong for underlying support. ?Your thoughts sir?
  • bRobert: @wineinquirer $XOP $VLO $CLR $MTDR You really don't. need more. than one in the space Keep it. simple. $XOP. will get you a lot of bang with diversity and safety over earnings I see $150+ potential. Some like. $SM may get you a bit more but at higher risk. Diversify in other areas that are working or setting up for a big move.
  • DrScience: $VLO reports on 1/27 BMO. Piper Sandler and Raymond James today reiterated a "Strong Buy" and raised their PT's ahead of the event. I'm guessing they want their clients in before the refinery finishes maintenance tasks for ramping production in expectation of increased demand. Memorial Day and the start of the Summer driving season is only 125 days away!
  • issues: @DrScience $VLO Cramer had a caller ask about $OXY. Cramer said it was his least fav oil stock. i.e. negatory!!
  • Roadrunner: $VLO BO on daily and weekly - will see if it holds - long from below - alot of oil/gas stocks getting extended tho
  • DrScience: $VLO continues to walk the upper Bollinger band. Dividend yield has fallen below 5%, and next week the MA's should get back into an uptrend bullish configuration of 20 over 50 over 200 on the daily chart. The weekly chart shows a higher high and higher low since September, but the stock needs to move above $83-85 to confirm. Slightly lower volume could signal more rangebound trade in the coming weeks.
  • Mounty: @DrScience $VLO as does $PSX
  • DrScience: $VLO feelin' the l-u-u-u-ve. Testing the 50 DMA the upper Bollinger band. Start your engines...
  • Pokersmith: @DrScience $VLO AND 200 sma ☝ All moving averages in fact 👍
  • Roadrunner: $VLO weekly chart $80ish resistance tried 3 times this year - dropped to $70.80ish now sitting at 50 and 200 day - 5.68% div light volume today
  • RoderickKnoll: @DrScience $VLO Thanks much for your thoughts. I own Jan naked calls that, despite the pullback, are still profitable. Hopefully a return to the trend will occur within the next week or two. Today I read the latest Argus report on $VLO - it was quite bullish with a new PT of $93 (was $83) and projections of both higher margins and greater demand for many types of fuels going forward. If true, it seems that holding $vlo through some vol would be a reasonable risk. I enjoy reading your posts. Regards.
  • DrScience: @RoderickKnoll $VLO Yeah, I think some folks got their divvy and moved on. Winter is traditionally a slow, but steady, period for refineries as throughput is adjusted to accommodate annual maintenance schedules. How individual refinery companies man ...
  • RoderickKnoll: @drscience Hey DrScience - any insight on the price action of $vlo today? $crak was down 1.8% but $vlo was down 4.5%. Just the ex-div effect? Or something more? Thanks for all of your covered call set-ups!
  • Henry: @RoderickKnoll $vlo $crak 94 cents was the dividend, the rest was a crappy day in the oil patch
  • DrScience: $VLO #CoveredCall The stock should have a Golden Cross moment today where the 50 crosses above the 200 DMA. The company has declared the .98 quarterly dividend (5.08% annualized). Ex-div date NOV 17 and will be paid on DEC 9, just in time for Christmas. It's possible to capture the dividend with a relatively conservative Covered Call, the NOV 80 CC @ 76.23. Cash Settled Account (IRA) ====================== Buy 100 Shares at $77 Debit 100 x $77 $7,700.00 Sell 1 $80 Strike Call at $0.77 Credit 1 x $77.00 -($77.00) Capital Required: $7,623.00 Cost Basis (Break Even) $77 - $0.77 (Stock Price - Premium) $76.23 Maximum Gain $80 - $76.23 (Strike - Cost Basis) $377.00 Return $377.00 / $7,623.00 (Max Gain / Capital) 4.95% Annualized Return (1 + 0.0495)^(1 / (15/365 )) - 1 223.69% Margin Account ============= Buy 100 Shares at $77 Debit 100 x $77 x .5 $3,850.00 Sell 1 $80 Strike Call at $0.77 Credit 1 x $77.00 -($77.00) Capital Required: $3,773.00 Possible Cost of Carry at 7% $11.09 Cost Basis (Break Even) $77 - $0.77 $0.11 (Stock Price - Premium Cost of Carry) $76.34 Maximum Gain $80 - $76.34 (Strike - Cost Basis) $365.91 Return $377.00 / $3,773.00 (Max Gain / Capital) 9.67% Annualized Return (1 0.0967)^(1 / (15/365 )) - 1 845.08%
  • DrScience: $VLO flag pullback over? Trying to move above $73. Earnings report on 10/21.
  • DrScience: $VLO on a weeks' worth of higher closes, now trading outside the 3rd stddev upper BB. Starting to threaten OCT 75 Calls sold against stock yesterday. Tightening stops on some of your position to below today's low gives back a buck.
  • DrScience: $VLO on Friday, below the 200 DMA; today, above. Looking for $80 before the IWMMB crowd gets involved.
  • RoderickKnoll: $HAL, $SBL, $VLO Catching bids today. Long overdue, IMO
  • bRobert: @RoderickKnoll $HAL $SBL $VLO Value Eventually the. market. plays catch up
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $HAL $SBL $VLO make that $SLB
  • RoderickKnoll: @Pokersmith $HAL $SBL $VLO $SLB Yes, $SLB. Thanks for catching.
  • DrScience: $VLO trying to breakout from a 2-month consolidation below the 200 DMA. Yesterday, the stock closed just above the 50 DMA on strong oil price move. Good follow-through, but we really need to see a turnaround in money flow. Today's 2% move to test yesterday's high (hopefully) puts the 50 MA in the rearview mirror.
  • DrScience: $VLO goes ex-div (.98 /5.85% yield) tomorrow. The stock has been flopping around the 200 DMA as analysts have adjusted their PT's to accommodate the vagaries of economic activity heading into September, the end of the driving season, and October, when refineries begin to set winter maintenance schedules. RHRN analysts are bullish with PT's for next year ranging from $85 to $120. Look to get involved in the next weeks if price continues to stabilize.
  • kt4000: Sold $AAPL Calls 8.20 145's 20%, Sold $VLO 8.13 67.00 Calls for 15%, adding to $MCD and $MSFT
  • bRobert: @kt4000 $AAPL $VLO $MCD $MSFT Make sure $MSFT stays above the 20d short term or test of the 50d Long leaps for a while
  • kt4000: Added Calls for $MCD 9.03.21 235.00, $MSFT 8.20.21 280.00's, $VLO Both 63.00 and 65.00 8.20.21, more $MET 8.20.21 56.00....... Selling $PFE Calls Rolled over from yesterday - up 113% this morning, will buy $PFE stock tomorrow if it dips on Ex-Div, Looking to see if I sell the $MS 8.20.21 93.00 if it rises more today on the ex div for tomorrow, else will keep to expiration. Only calls for now as I am hoarding the cash in case of a dip.
  • kt4000: added $PFE Calls short duration expires 7.30 @ 41.00 - also more $VLO 8.30.21 - 63.00
  • kt4000: Bought Calls in $CAG 8.6.21 35's (Div front running), $MS Calls 8.20.21 93's for the 4th bite of the apple. Added $VLO Calls 8.20.21 63's (already have 65's same expiry), Added more SOFI Calls 1.22.21 15's. Not excited about holding stock here but happy to hold some calls.
  • DrScience: $VLO Goldman Sachs lowered PT from $73 to $65 yesterday, a bearish maneuver after raising PT last month. I'm a long term holder looking to make a date for more at the 200 DMA at $65. Earnings on 7/29, ex-div ($0.98) on 8/4.
  • Ajax4Hire: Goodness! Energy(Oil,N-Gas) is down, down. $SPY component $XLE 2nd worst performer yesterday($XLI-BioTech worst). The $XLE-Producers are Down:$XOM, $CVX, $RDS/A, $TOT, $BP, $TOT The $XOP-Explorers are Down:$MRO, $SLB, $OXY, $HAL, $BKR The Refineries are Down:$PSX, $MPC, $VLO, $HES $UNG-Natural Gas, Down: $DVN, $LNG, $CQP, $COG, $EOG, $KMI eeeewwwww!
  • lostsheep: $VLO $MPC refiners also showing some potential for the coming weeks and month
  • bRobert: @lostsheep $VLO $MPC $VLO. $100/$115+. targets. WEEKLY. base Big. W. in motion.
  • lostsheep: $VLO another refiner liking oils bid
  • tartan: @lostsheep $VLO On a Weekly chart a beautiful little CUP n HANDLE
  • Ajax4Hire: @DAN $HAL $CVX $XOM $PBF Natural Gas($UNG) seems to be on fire. $DVN,$LNG,$CQP,$KMI all at local maximum. Refiners are doing well also:$PSX,$MPC,$VLO,$HES Hold% $CRAK VanEck Vectors Oil Refiners ETF - Top 15 holdings 7.83% $PSX Phillips 66 7.21% $MPC Marathon Petroleum Corporation 5.71% $VLO Valero Energy Corporation --NI--% $HES Hess Corp.(not included in $CRAK, but should be:) 7.54% $RIGD Reliance Industries Limited 6.59% $NESTE Neste Corporation 5.77% ------- SK Innovation Co., Ltd 5.31% $PKN Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. 4.92% $OMV OMV AG 4.81% ------- ENEOS Holdings, Inc. 4.67% ------- Formosa Petrochemical Corp 4.62% $MOL MOL Hungarian Oil & Gas Plc Class A 4.05% $ALD Ampol Limited 3.99% $GALP GALP Energia SGPS SA Class B 3.92% ------- S-Oil Corporation 3.88% ------- Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. Data from:
  • bRobert: $XOP $130 target longer term $GUSH $160 $105 - $115 sooner than later Pullback bounces Every oily chart is bullish pick your favorite eg $MTDR $FANG etc or one of the ETFs $OIH works too $325+ longer term Many choices Refiners Huge upside as well for longer term trades eg $VLO $100/$115 $MRO $19/$22 Nice % upside
  • bRobert: $WDC consolidation range breakout retest Bounce $85 target 1 $115 potential longer term WEEKLY Cup base $GLNG WEEKLY pinch breakout/flag 200W target near $17 $VLO $100 daily high base Stop < 20d Low risk higher targets longer term $MRO $18 with flag trigger
  • bRobert: $VLO. Daily.high base breakout. Pullback retest $100 potential. with bounce /resumption $MRO. C&H. like base. $17+
  • bRobert: $VLO. $PSX. Early high base breakouts. Both with $100 target 1 Higher long term. Pullback. bounces
  • bRobert: $VLO. $90. high base. sooner than later. $110+. longer. Pullback bounces. $MRO. nh. print. High base target acquired $XOP. Collision with the 200 W.EEK. ceiling. SOON. Expect the expected pullback on the first kiss. and be surprised Raise stops and or consider partials. on. profitable trades
  • debeers: @Babutters $VLO $MTDR $RH $BA $GM $F $BOOT $HON $GE $CLF $X $MGM $ABNB $EXPE $MAR -Sweetie Pie of the Day award to you, Babutters.
  • debeers: $VLO/$MTDR-for summer driving season- swap MTDR for VLO. $RH-keeping only 25% into earnings $BA-Boeing gettin going $GM/$F/-You Auto be in these! Any infra will benefit $BOOT $HON-Honeywell will be your new BFF as will $GE-Play for both teams--Boeing for us and $GE for European Airbus anfd infra here INFRA PLAYS: $CLF/ $X-not the best but has the most upside in any infra bill because it can improve the most. $MGM-Place your bets gentlemen and women and while you are at it--Bet on $MGM IMO
  • Babutters: @debeers $VLO $MTDR $RH $BA $GM $F $BOOT $HON $GE $CLF $X $MGM missed the $MGM 800k block entry intraday. Great PB entry. Although I know you’re in from below. If you have free time, at some point, I’d love to hear your thoughts on $ABNB - how it fares against its competitors, and if it’s a stock you’d consider going long. I’ll give my assessment to not come to the table with nothing: 1. Great leadership Pre-pandemic. Admitted to failures during. Made changes to platform for benefit of hosts. 2. Sector is small. VRBO via $EXPE and $MAR is biggest threat. 3. Today 350% average volume. 4. Limited PB after IPO lockup on 18-Mar. 5. Shorter float set up to split down the line. 6. Issues: more competitors come to table. Rising housing costs means rising rental costs means people buying more hotel rooms Vice rentals.
  • debeers: @Babutters $VLO $MTDR $RH $BA $GM $F $BOOT $HON $GE $CLF $X $MGM $ABNB $EXPE $MAR -off the cuff, i'll be stupid--on the cuff thast is give me over the weekend i'll do a well thought out job for you.
  • Babutters: @debeers $VLO $MTDR $RH $BA $GM $F $BOOT $HON $GE $CLF $X $MGM $ABNB $EXPE $MAR thank you, very much @debeers. And please put this on low importance, and don’t go out of your way. I only asked because I like the company and I appreciate your in-depth knowledge you’re able to bring to the forum.
  • bRobert: $VLO Tis the season for refiners $90 - $100+ (weekly W) to start 200Week ceiling already cracked Much higher potential long term $90 daily high base daily Speed bump is high $82 $LNG nh $90 flag target 1 $100 longer $MTDR You can own this $35/$40 BULLISH WEEKLY
  • Ajax4Hire: @bRobert $VLO $LNG $MTDR Years ago, Invested a metric ton in $CQP(a $LNG-Cheniere LP) mostly for the dividend but also for Natural Gas future and made a couple metric tons back. Always on lookout for another $CQP.
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Stock Price $106.56
Change 1.50%
Volume 1,314,120

Valero Energy Corporation is a refining and marketing company. It produces conventional gasolines, distillates, jet fuel, asphalt, petrochemicals, lubricants, and other refined products as well as a slate of premium products.

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  • October 20th, 2022 - 2022 Q3 Earnings
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