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  • champ: $SHLS..#Shoals-Technologies....@ $12.50....and LOD was at $10.83 this morning....might still be Trade-able....... ....... Watch for Entry.... This stock was beat-up and the Low-turn was at $9.60.... .......this stock is in the #EV-Charging sector, could look at their Business Summary for info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: $SHLS...$18.00...Shoals-Technologies, #Solar-Energy, see their Website for info... and I did get back-in this morning and this stock is in the same sector as $BLNK and $CHPT.
  • champ: $SHLS...up plus of RHRN.
  • champ: @charles23phelps $BLNK $CHP........take a look at $SHLS also....because all 3 hold-hands.
  • charles23phelps: @champ $BLNK $CHP $SHLS I Have a full position at a $24 cost basis. I'm going to put a sell order in on half just to book some profits. at 29.55. it breaks 29.80 it may break thru the 200. if it does that I'll but back. Nothing wrong with taking profits though esp in a volatile market.
  • champ: @charles23phelps $BLNK $CHP $SHLS.....nothing ever wrong with taking some or full profits.
  • woodman: $FTCI - mentioned this #solar stock a few days ago. My small position is becoming more noticeable on my ledger. Same with $RUN, another small position. Others to look at: $NOVA $SHLS. Also, crowd favorite $ENPH is brewing.
  • champ: @Pokersmith $CHPT ...$SHLS...this one turn today also....$SHLS.....
  • champ: @Pokersmith $CHPT #bounce-trade...this one is also in that group...$SHLS...and $TAN is also wobbling-green.
  • joelsg1: $SHLS Took profitable partial, watching for pb test of bo around $33.
  • WarrenB: $SHLS Gap and go again.
  • champ: @slp20 $BLNK $EVGO $CHPT $SHLS ......Yes..however the guess for now is, that these are only trading stocks, in the short term.... and if Investors want to take a position in any these stocks,...then they will have to deal with all the zig-zags...
    ... ...
  • WarrenB: $SHLS Gap and go. Seems like the earnings report was misread or re-read. :)
  • champ: $SHLS..up +15%.....$EVGO...up 19%.....both are in the EV Charging sector...#dancers..
  • Pokersmith: Revenue Increased 14% Year-Over-Year to a Record $59.8 million – System Solutions Revenue Increased 5% Year-Over-Year to $38.6 million – Gross Margin of 36.4% Reflecting Higher Mix of Components sales and Acquisition Impacts – Backlog and Awarded Orders Up 101% Year-Over-Year to a Record $270.7 million – Acquires ConnectPV, a Leading Provider of EBOS Products for Battery Storage see: $SHLS
  • champ: $SHLS, @ $33..see previous posts on this stock..... because this company is in the same sector as $BLNK $CHPT $EVGO
  • champ: $BLNK $CHPT $SHLS $FCX $SUM...nice close on these swing-positions. Took full profits on $EVGO...only because this is a hi-volume dancer.
  • MtChet: $SHLS $PLUG - Both up nicely on volume.
  • kbrowe: $SHLS trying to fill the gap after 5 down steep decline days, recent resistance at $34. Needs to soak up supply and get past that level.
  • champ: $SHLS...nice move.
  • GEMSTrader: Eying Solars again $ENPH $SEDG $SHLS
  • bRobert: @GEMSTrader $ENPH $SEDG $SHLS It's all fun and games until someone gets poked in the eye with a stock. $ENPH. channel bounce $160 - $200. $240/$300+. long term WEEKLY target
  • bRobert: @bRobert $ENPH $SEDG $SHLS $FSLR. $115/$150.
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $ENPH $SEDG $SHLS These are beaming
  • bRobert: @Pokersmith $ENPH $SEDG $SHLS Don't get blinded by the short term consolidation
  • champ: $SHLS...HOD, ...#Bounce-Candidate...Solar stock, see their Business Summary and check out the past News.
  • champ: $SHLS, @ $32...this is a #Solar-Infrastructure stock and earnings are now over and I did get back into this position also after earnings...Check-out their Business Summary.
  • Auto: $SHLS E ok bounce 50 daily added a little
  • champ: @mopick $SPY $SHLS $GXO $HOOD $ANF $KTB $NUE $VMC $CLF #Bounce-Trades #Day-7 --- I missed your post because I'm building today .... ....I posted that I took profits on $SHLS, ER today, after....and on $GXO, I did get back in. ....On your stocks like I posted to you last week, on $NUE and $VMC, both are great investment positions, like I said...just Hold and Build. ...Parked both of your Core stock positions in your Wine cellar and age will work for these also. Or take part and trade around your Cores, if thats what works for you...or add tradings positions on both. LOL How many bottles of wine are you holding, up there in one of the best Wine areas in California....Cheers.
  • champ: $SHLS...HOD...Investment position, Solar stock, could watch this sector also...$TAN, this is also part of the Infrastructure sector.
  • champ: $SHLS..Day-9 on this move and they will be reporting #earnings on Tuesday after the close, so I took profits.. because of risk-management. Moved this stock back onto my... possible Buy-Back Watch List.
  • champ: $SHLS, @ $32.70...HOD, still working off of that secondary low turn, they will be reporting earnings on Tuesday, After.
  • champ: Look for #Bounce-Trades ....$SPY, in this type of Market, Investors always have to be thinking like a Trader, in order to understand what is going on..... ....because everything is being worked, all stocks....Bounce-trades have been the best type of Entries, for both Day-Trades and also for new Swing trades, that could also turn into more than a few days...all kinds of trades like that going on...never know how long they are going to last..... For example... $SHLS...this is now #Day-7... off of the recent low-turn. $GXO, this was a great trade, however it only lasted about 2-Day.... $HOOD, the same, this was outstanding.... $ANF...this could be one, posted yesterday.... There is a lot going on.... $KTB....this could work for a Trade, off of the low ER turn...take a look....
  • mopick: @champ $SPY $SHLS $GXO $HOOD $ANF $KTB #Bounce-Trades #Day-7, what's your take on these infrastructure plays? Now have losing positions in $NUE and $VMC. $CLF still positive. This bill is obviously going to pass, just a matter of when. Perhaps, as usual, devil in the details.
  • champ: $SHLS....HOD...this #Solar company is still working off of their secondary low...this is in the #Infrastructure sector, see their business summary and they will be reporting their ER on 8/10/after/confirmed.
  • mopick: @champ $URI $SUM $GVA $ROAD $FLR $CARR $SHLS $HRI $AA $CENX $STLD $FCX $CMC $TECK $CLF $K $OSB $VMC $MLM #Infrastructure-Bill #future #any-hurry #check-out, thanks for all your work here! Sadly, no, did not hold $OSB, should have listened to you! As for the infrastructure plays, I do have $NUE & once again, $CLF. Your $SUM has certainly outperformed my $VMC. Maybe I can switch positions after their earnings. We'll see!
  • champ: $URI $SUM $GVA $ROAD $FLR $CARR $SHLS and $HRI, these are also other stocks that are also in play off of that pending #Infrastructure-Bill, all have positive reasons, and $$$ are also targeted for these stocks...see info posts, for those reasons why, however on $URI and $HRI, they will capitalize off of that bill also because of their Rental equipment, that Bill will drive-up their Rental equipment demand and I expect they will be also raising their prices. ... I'm holding these Investment positions also in this sector and on this position $FLR, @ $16.66, I'm down a little, holding small size on this position, for now and they will be reporting their earnings on 8/6 and I expect their earnings to be flat or even down, however I'm guessing that they will have positive guidance, I might hold into earnings, however that depends on the #News flow.
  • mopick: @champ $URI $SUM $GVA $ROAD $FLR $CARR $SHLS $HRI #Infrastructure-Bill #News, I just wonder if most of this move has already been made & discounted. I have $VMC and it's not exactly setting the world on fire here.
  • champ: @mopick $URI $SUM $GVA $ROAD $FLR $CARR $SHLS $HRI, plus I'm holding these positions also $AA $CENX $STLD $FCX $CMC $TECK and $CLF --- On the #Infrastructure-Bill, it hasn't even pass Yet and when it does their will be a great bounce and then that s ...
  • champ: $SHLS...Solar stocks are green this morning, I'm holding this position and I'm also watching this sector ...$TAN, @ $85.50 and LOD was at $82.90...the #Infrastructure Bill is also in play in this sector, could now have a floor under these stock, so we should wait and see and... Watch for entries. >>>> Because for now the markets are in play, so we have to expect zig-zags....
  • champ: $SHLS...HOD...Investment position, nice turn off of the secondary, that was the low risk entry.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $TNA $FAS $TAN $SHLS ... I missed $XLF $FAS. I started to take a starting position yesterday, but then didn't like the down sloped 50dma above. Looking for some retrack near the 8dma before I start in.
  • champ: $TNA and $FAS are both still working and I added a little to this solar ETF $TAN and I'm holding $SHLS, in this sector. The markets and most all stocks had the first wave of some profits that were took-off, from some of the swingers,....however that doesn't mean that this move is over...because always have to expect zig-zags...
  • champ: $TAN and $SHLS...both look like they are going to close on HOD.
  • joelsg1: $SHLS Sold 1/3 per yesterday's post.
  • joelsg1: $SHLS Announced after close 2 independent directors resigned, including a VP of Oaktree Capital. This on the heels of a secondary to cash out Oaktree, a pre IPO investor, so makes sense. But still not a good look for a newly public company: if Oaktree demands exit, maybe I should sell as well all remaining shares, which I will look to do tomorrow.
  • champ: $SHLS @ $28..this #Solar stock was upgraded this morning by $CS, with an Outperform rating and also with a Nice price target at $40, I was expecting upgrades...see my Info posts, also look at pass posts on this solar stock... If you are looking for Entry timing into this sector...this could be it, this is the one to look at, this was a New-IPO in January...Watch for Entry...this should be around the low risk entry...LOD was at $27.27. ER is on 8/3...unconfirmed
  • champ: @indigo1948 $SHLS #Solar-stock @ $27.27, mark this as the low risk Entry-timing --- I just saw your post, should work again for us, this is my Green New Deal position....and as you know, they just raised their #working-capital, successfully ....So that risk is #Now off the table, Hold and Build... This Pump post is for others...take a look at this stock idea.
  • champ: $SHLS @ $28.77, the secondary was priced at $28 and that was a spec entry as expected, I added to this new #Solar investment position, now it is a Hold and Build....
  • indigo1948: @champ $SHLS #Solar - added this morning - thank you for the information.
  • champ: @woodman $TAN $ENPH --- $SHLS on this Solar stock, the way that I think about it is..this stock has nice #Entry-Timing......However thats funny the Revenge of the Windmills!
  • champ: $SPY...It sure looks like their are traders running around all over the place, just follow the smoke because some of them, have their Hair on Fire...and my guess is, on some of these stocks.. they just don't know what they are throwing away. $SHLS, #Solar stock @ $28.09 and I had a real small Spec entry.... Day-2 on this drop, this stock is down $10... however this one had a reason for this drop and that was because of a secondary stock offering and I'm waiting for a turn,...this stock just had a small turn and bounced-up to $28.75 but it fell I'm Waiting for Entry-Timing......waiting for the secondary selling price, to be posted by the company and it should at around this price level, however Wait for Entry-Timing. Spec gamblers will be Spec positions at some point....
  • champ: @traderdl $TAN $ENPH....The #News in this sector is,.....some of the others are having secondary fears because of $SHLS and the fear on this one should be over...but maybe not on the others. LOL
  • champ: $SHLS, still dancing, however this just had another real nice green volume, on the 5-minute daily chart, now lets #if it gets a few more green-bars, however now it has another Red- bar...traders at working and are trying to get a New entry that holds, and it sure looks like they are trailing right around their entry price......I'm looking to add-on at some point.
  • champ: ...
    .....$SHLS, why am I looking at this Solar stock, after a secondary offering dropped this stock..Why....
    I have my reasons why...find out Why you might want to look at any stock, what positive reasons do your stocks have before entry......
    .....and ...
  • champ: $SHLS, down 14.3%......I'm sure happy that I took profits on this stock last week, this has News about a common stock offering,...this was a new IPO in January of this year.
  • kbrowe: $SHLS Shoals Technologies drops 2.5% on 13.38M share offering today AH.
  • joelsg1: @kbrowe $SHLS Early investors selling, company gets no revenue from sale.
  • Auto: $Z bounce 50 daily started position $SHLS $ZM $SHAK $KVSB $AMZN $PLCE $HUT added long
  • MtChet: $SHLS - Nice solar play breaking above resistance...long
  • joelsg1: @MtChet $SHLS With you.
  • cmaxwel1: @bRobert $JKS $SPWR $TAN (Thanks, I reloaded $TAN on open, I own $SHLS since IPO and held it during the dip. At break even from 33.83) $ENPH is up 15% from entry, keeping this long as well.
  • bRobert: @cmaxwel1 $JKS $SPWR $TAN $SHLS $ENPH I think $ENPH will have a $300+ print longer term $220 sooner than later
  • cmaxwel1: $SHLS - Break even on this new IPO (Solar)
  • Auto: $SHLS $VSTO $DKNG added long from below
  • Auto: $PLTR $VSTO $TSLA$SAVA $SHLS $PLUG added long
  • Hawaiianmaxx: @Auto $PLTR $VSTO $TSLA $SAVA $SHLS $PLUG p/t for plug day trade?
  • Auto: @Hawaiianmaxx $PLTR $VSTO $TSLA $SAVA $SHLS $PLUG I'm long on $PLUG as long as she stays above 50 daily forming nice base ready for building right side of bowl
  • joelsg1: $SHLS Following $ENPH up, late Jan. IPO at 25, Enthusiasm High 44, long from above.
  • scottrades: Some $TAN Stocks are starting to show signs of life. $RUN $ENPH $SHLS
  • lostsheep: @scottrades $TAN $RUN $ENPH $SHLS In tow of oils never ending bid
  • champ: $SHLS $DRI $CLF, I did get back-in these swing positions.
  • indigo1948: $SHLS - up 31% since May 21st.
  • Auto: $SAVA $SHLS $DKNG $MU $VSTO $SBUX $MSTR $GM added long
  • lostsheep: @Auto $SAVA $SHLS $DKNG $MU $VSTO $SBUX $MSTR $GM ESPN trying to create it's own sports book. Why not just buy it?
  • champ: $SHLS...HOD...looks real positive.
  • Auto: $SHLS $DKNG working long from below
  • champ: $SHLS....HOD, see info posts.
  • indigo1948: @champ $SHLS - opened a position after you mentioned it - optimistic.
  • champ: @indigo1948 $SHLS --- Yes and so are other investors..."the Green new Deal"...and this is breaking-out off of their #IPO-Low,....and this reminds me of $CARR, off of their IPO-Low, the same.
  • cmaxwel1: @champ $SHLS (I'm in this, but at a loss). Waiting for more.
  • champ: @cmaxwel1 $SHLS --- I have a small position also, at a higher price, however I added size on this last turn.
  • Rick_O: @champ $GNRC My failier for 2021 was lack of discipline - @Dan "Basic trading" 101 - #1 set rule, #2 stick with #1. I followed #1 and didn't with #2. If I looked at the chart carefully, I could have double-down on $SHLS like you - but didn't... Actually I would have been out while in green. Wonderful opportunity 2021 of learning!!! Thank you!
  • champ: @Rick_O $GNRC $SHLS #1 #2 #1 #1 #2 ---- Be sure you follow the #News on the Markets and also on your targets and also on the sectors, that you are working-in. ...Whenever you see Green or Red, there is always a reason and investors/traders always need to find out what that reason or reasons Why were or are.....why are others doing what they are doing...buying or selling..... ......and we all should know and understand... "how traders work" and most all are #CopyCat-buyers or sellers....and traders are the zig-zaggers.....they zig-zag the markets. This is what I always think about,.. that works for me... ......I always say to myself...don't work in the Dark, turn the Lights-on and look at the reasons why, that happened or why is this happening...because there is always a reason or reasons why....LOL.
  • champ: $SHLS, looks like the low was put in, last week but thats still unknown.
  • indigo1948: @champ $SHLS - new entry for me today - promising with pivot at $26.44.
  • champ: @indigo1948 $SHLS @ $27.08 --- Yes this low turn on Thursday 6/3, at $25.50, also caught my attention and the reason was... because of that New upgrade by $CS,... all the way up to Outperform, with a price target at $40, on 5/24, so I attached an alert. ....This was a new IPO in January of this year, 2021 and the #IPO-low-turn was around 5/10, and that should be the new IPO-Low, at $21.00, as you already know. ....With the "Green New Deal" now in play.. inside this WH, this will be climbing higher, could even climb higher than their target price. Investment position and I caught that entry with nice size, however I'm now going to Hold and try to even Build, thats my plan, on this stock. LOL
  • champ: $SHLS...the most recent low Entry could have been this morning...@ $26.00, yesterdays LOD was at $25.50.
  • champ: $SHLS...@ $27.50, this zig-zags, just look at the High and the low today.
  • Auto: $SHLS added long from below
  • Auto: $SHLS working added long from below
  • Auto: $SHLS added long from below
  • champ: $SHLS...nice swing.
  • champ: $SHLS...HOD...see the #News.
  • champ: @Auto $SHLS @ $25.00, I added this morning...did you see that $CS came out with an #Overweight rating, with a price target @$40.00, just this morning. There are many positive reasons why,...this stock will be much higher before their next earnings report,...which will be around 8/3.
  • Auto: @champ $SHLS $CS #Overweight yes I added at second dip this morning 5min and hello to $40 in the future I'm long
  • champ: $SHLS, HOD...#News.. off of a strong upgrade, Check-this-Out, this is a swing position.
  • joelsg1: @champ $SHLS #News Long from all around. Like that this up, $TAN down.
  • Auto: $SHLS using BB relative to lower BB higher lower started position on Wednesday added today
  • joelsg1: @bRobert $TAN $ENPH Like $SHLS longer term, the solar inverter company, cut in half since IPO, long and added.
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Shoals Technologies Group Inc is a provider of electrical balance of system or "EBOS" solutions for solar energy projects in the United States. The products are sold principally to EPCs that build solar energy projects.

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