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  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Needs to calm down. Respect the lows. $QQQ Lower Low $DIA Under the Major MAs $GLD Choppy $UUP Wrecking Ball $XLE Still where you want to be $XOP Trend is fine $OIH At the 50 day $DBC A slow mover, but working. $GBTC Know your time frame $AAPL Holding the Longer term trend $MSFT Needs a base $TSLA Nothing Good happens under the 200 Day $USO Watch above the line! $XOM Working great $APA Dan Added this to the ATL $OXY Working $PSX High Base $DVN Working $AR Might be starting some consolidation $BPT Support at the 50 Day $GLNG Above the MAs $KMI From the forum $CEIX Coal still Black Gold.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY The J Pow Pump $QQQ Bounce is on $DIA Watch the 50 Day $UUP The wrecking stops swinging, for now. $DBC Strong Trend. Look at the Volume. $GLD Still all over the place $XOP Pullback bounce $XLE At the highs $SMH Whippy but good volume $XLB In a year long base. Above all the MAs $XLP Above the 50 Day $GBTC Short term False breakdown $AAPL Swinging This $TSLA Above the 50 Day $MSFT potential Double Bottom $FB Everyone hates it. $PYPL Potential short term reversal base $XOM Near the highs $CVX Above he MAs $CVE Working $PSX Boom! $VLO Working $SU Working, look for dips. $DVN 52 Week High $OXY Good volume. Close to resistance $CEIX Coal is still working $CF Above the MAs $LAC Lithium - Earnings tomorrow. $ADP Channel $ON Above the 50 Day
  • snowbound: $PSX H & S ( sloppy M ) resolution occurring in the VWAP ~ 200SMA DAILY area . Bullish hammer close under the 200 . WEEKLY bullish hammer has formed on the 20 > 50w cross with tail spike support near VWAP . Last WEEKLY looks like the high Volume flush as it tested the 50 ~ 20 and then failed this WEEK with some recovery . WEEKLY 20 ~ WEEKLY 50 and above the VWAP .
  • snowbound: $PSX This gapped down to the 200SMA DAILY last week and today is testing through the stacked 50 and 200 to the downside . Interesting setup puts stacked 20SMA ~/= 50SMA WEEKLY . 4 days into what may become a short base build surrounding all these key levels becomes a notable watcher . $PSX has been one of Doctor's b's previous favs so when his interest perks we may see the table rumble ( no fears ! ) .
  • snowbound: @bRobert $PSX There's a big gap down in the right shoulder but a loose H & S has completed on the DAILY right along with today's tail-spike recovery to the 20OSMA . WEEKLY 20SMA > 50 crossover and upturning . WEEKLY VWAP 73.10 is $5- lower . I'd appreciate your take in case it provides an actionable pivot short - term . WEEKLY appears to be near up-trending lower support line but a break will send it lower to the VWAP area .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $PSX Daily H&S top or M top $68 target potential Speed bump NOW on the 200d Daily H&S top $72 target down curling 20/50d ceiling now Expect a failed bounce and potential for completion of bearish set up
  • snowbound: @bRobert $PSX OK , good . thanks .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $PSX the space was overheated with a blow off Just a little reset will set up a low risk opportunity
  • snowbound: @bRobert $PSX Yes . I was late to the party and only bought EOG and a couple SMM energy trades . I am , thankfully , becoming more aware of the sector rotations as a natural ebb and flow . If I could only go back to 2008 and start over with my new found wisdom . Fortunately it wasn't long after I found my way to SMM where everything was completely unfamiliar ! I'm sure glad I did because its apparently part of the SCRIPT ( Eric Bernes ) .
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $VLO conversely, $PSX lagging
  • issues: The $PSXP was compulsorily exchanged for $PSX. I didn't know about until just now. I got 1/2 of PSX for 1 PSXP. The price plunged. I am stuck. What about an LP for VLO. Whats the stock?
  • jpoko13: @DAN $MOS $PSX stop was hit as well : (
  • DAN: Stopped out of Phillips 66 ($PSX) last week. (Probably should change the name to Phillips 86). $PSX -- Entry was at 93.22. Stopped out at 87.80 last week. --Dan
  • DAN: @jpoko13 $MOS $PSX Yep. Just got those notices posted. 8-(
  • AuAgPb: $PSX swing trade From S3 to S2 gained back money lost. $COP Holding still profit on all swing trades last 4 weeks. $BKR took profit
  • Pokersmith: Politely sitting atop its 21 ema ...see $PSX 🛢⛽
  • snowboat: $PSX Quick question. Why is PSX still on the Active Trade List? Yesterday's low was below the stop?
  • Suz: @snowboat $PSX The active trade list does not automatically shut down trades. It does not have that function right now. Dan will come in and remove them when he returns.
  • Momentariness: @snowboat $PSX They don't really keep up with the ATL. $CENX and $MOS were stopped out as well.
  • snowboat: @Suz $PSX Thank you Suz.
  • jpoko13: $MOS $PSX Active trade list lost $MOS and $PSX
  • AuAgPb: $COP $PSX $BTU $BKR Coal moving up.
  • rverkamp: $PSX good volume RHRN
  • DAN: Adding Phillips 66 ($PSX) to the Active Trade List Basis: 93.22 Stop: 87.80 Dan
  • Pokersmith: @DAN $PSX 👍
  • BocaRick: @Pokersmith $PSX I am also long $PSXP in my IRA, pays 7.9%
  • Pokersmith: @Wolf $PSX is your ticket then 🏷👍
  • scottrades: Nice base on $PSX. Watch 91.25
  • Mounty: @DrScience $VLO as does $PSX
  • Forexpro: ...
    Never mind the shorts; let's pause for a moment to consider the plight of investment managers who are sticking to their investment discipline and passing up the opportunity to buy $TSLA at 151 times, or so, estimated forward earnings (the number for ...
  • Forexpro: @Forexpro $TSLA $PSX $TICK Hi, Friends, New low in the E-minis about 20 minutes ago, but no followthrough, just a meander. I would expect another push lower to see more momentum, but then again, the $TICK really hasn't accomplished anything all day (the low has been -850 versus a +662 high). I did sell some contracts at 4683, but I was getting antsy about missing the move, and also sold some at 4681. I ended up with the same net amount, but with slightly more aggravation/anxiety, as the contract had to move 2 points against me (100/contract) for me to get the second fill. That proved to be close enough to the top, so instead of making 4 easy points on x contracts, I made 2 more arduous points on 2x contracts. It's good for the people who make TUMS, I suppose. Hope your day is going well; all the best!
  • Carpe_Diem: $PSX - Phillips 66 Raises Quarterly Dividend, Pays Debt I'm long Stock from Below and have some deep Calls.
  • Carpe_Diem: $PSX - Phillips 66 Raised to Overweight From Neutral by Piper Sandler Price Target Raised to $87.00/Share From $85.00 by Piper Sandler
  • Pokersmith: Phillips 66 ($PSX) on Tuesday said it swung to a profit in the second quarter, more than doubling its revenues from the pandemic-depressed second quarter of 2020.
    The Houston refiner reported a $296 million profit in the second three months of the ye ...
  • scottto_2: #InsideBarList - My OCD kicked in hard on this one - Thanks Sir @Aragorn - $AAL $AAOI $AAPL $ABC $ABT $ABUS $ACAD $ADI $ADS $AEM $AES $AFL $AGCO $AGIO $AIG $AKAM $AKTX $ALE $ALGT $AMCX $AMN $AMP $AMT $AMZN $AN $ANET $ANGI $ANTM $AON $APA $APD $APRN $ ...
  • james056: @Robert1965 $XLE You May want to dig through the 22 stocks within the XLE. Look at the weekly charts. They have the same pattern as they all have taken a beating since 2016. HAL is up today after earning release today. If your looking for a low risk entry with a dividend, $PSX (with a very smart stop) would be my choice. RHRN, I wouldn't be interested in any of them because of all the overhead resistance Use a Dan tactic: Mentally flip the chart upside down. Would you buy or sell? I'm thinking you can find a better place to put your money to work.
  • Ajax4Hire: Goodness! Energy(Oil,N-Gas) is down, down. $SPY component $XLE 2nd worst performer yesterday($XLI-BioTech worst). The $XLE-Producers are Down:$XOM, $CVX, $RDS/A, $TOT, $BP, $TOT The $XOP-Explorers are Down:$MRO, $SLB, $OXY, $HAL, $BKR The Refineries are Down:$PSX, $MPC, $VLO, $HES $UNG-Natural Gas, Down: $DVN, $LNG, $CQP, $COG, $EOG, $KMI eeeewwwww!
  • Ajax4Hire: @bRobert $GUSH $XOP At $PSX - Phillips 66 Free green glass with fill-up. My parents still have some of those glasses.
  • Ajax4Hire: @DAN $HAL $CVX $XOM $PBF Natural Gas($UNG) seems to be on fire. $DVN,$LNG,$CQP,$KMI all at local maximum. Refiners are doing well also:$PSX,$MPC,$VLO,$HES Hold% $CRAK VanEck Vectors Oil Refiners ETF - Top 15 holdings 7.83% $PSX Phillips 66 7.21% $MPC Marathon Petroleum Corporation 5.71% $VLO Valero Energy Corporation --NI--% $HES Hess Corp.(not included in $CRAK, but should be:) 7.54% $RIGD Reliance Industries Limited 6.59% $NESTE Neste Corporation 5.77% ------- SK Innovation Co., Ltd 5.31% $PKN Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. 4.92% $OMV OMV AG 4.81% ------- ENEOS Holdings, Inc. 4.67% ------- Formosa Petrochemical Corp 4.62% $MOL MOL Hungarian Oil & Gas Plc Class A 4.05% $ALD Ampol Limited 3.99% $GALP GALP Energia SGPS SA Class B 3.92% ------- S-Oil Corporation 3.88% ------- Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. Data from:
  • bRobert: $VLO. $PSX. Early high base breakouts. Both with $100 target 1 Higher long term. Pullback. bounces
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
    Refiners($PSX,$MPC,$VLO,$HES) should do well with the increase in demand.

    Petroleum Shippers(pipelines) usually in a Limited Partnerships are staid, steady dividend like
    Hold% $MLPA Global X MLP ETF - Top 15 holdings
    10.85% $ET Energy Transfer, L.P ...
  • bRobert: $VLO $110 WEEKLY W $90 daily high base Looking for run into Memorial day bonanza $PSX $100 daily target
  • Geewhiz: @bRobert $VLO $PSX Buy Write $VLO and sell 6/4 84 call at 1.85. Basis 79.20. Thank you. Lots of traffic around even with $3 gasoline.
  • bRobert: @Geewhiz $VLO $PSX Nicely. done.
  • bRobert: $MRO. nice. spec refiner. WEEKLY W. target. $13. was acquired these tea leaves/patterns can work very well. Low. risk. double bottom at. $4. was the great low risk entry . That was then. Now. $19+. target with. WEEKLY flag. trigger Daily. $13 high base. target will lead you there. $VLO. $120. potential. Many patterns in play. $PSX $130. $90n daily flag target 1. Very refined trades. High potential upside Memorial day Catalyst ahead. Most driving distance vacation spots BOOKED. into the. summer.
  • DAN: ...
    $PSX -- test of the 50-day MA
    $AR -- Added to AT List at 9.55 with stop at 8.60
    $CNX -- This can also bounce a bit...but it really needs to rest a bit more. Will this run to $15 right now? Probably not.
    $SWN -- bottom of the $4 bucks!! I ...

    Dan, Took a look around some stocks I owned recently or watched. Here are the approximate per ...
  • bRobert: $MRO nh Friday Pullback $19 WEEKLY target Watch for the bounce off the daily uptrend channel bottom $VLO nh $100/$120 $PSX nh WEEKLY W triggered $125 Very refined stocks
  • DrScience: #Refiners benefitting from $GS projecting further increases in crude prices, currently $61/bbl, limited supplies, and Texas weather issues. $CVI reports after the close today. $DK reports after the close tomorrow. $MPC upgraded to Overweight at $JPM, PT $67 $PSX downgraded to Neutral at $JPM , PT $65 $VLO surpassed $MS PT of $74
  • bRobert: $VLO ADD on pullback bounces ABOVE $62 $90+ target.......................$100 $PSX Entry here with stop $105 C&H potential $MRO $13 potential Stop < 50d
  • DrScience: #Oil #Energy stocks moving on crude /CL over $55/bbl. #Refiners $MPC reported better than expected earnings. Refiners moving on the news. $VLO $DK $CVI $PSX #Integratedl $COP reported better than expected earnings. $XOM moving strongly off 8 EMA. $CVX trapped between moving averages.
  • Forexpro: Re: $PSX Hi, Friends, Today's top sector ETF is $XLE, within that, the top sub-sector is integrated oil and gas. Down a bit from the very best performers on the day is $PSX, which nonetheless is looking pretty good. The attached chart shows 5 minute, hourly, daily and weekly looks. One anomaly of is that the change on the various charts reflects the given timeframe. The stock is plus 4.05 percent at this instant for the session, but the 5-minute chart shows a red number, as the current bar is lower than the one prior for that timeframe. Annoying. I have an alert set for 70.25, as I wouldn't mind picking up a couple of shares on a pullback. It isn't fantastically extended, but I'm not desperate to get involved RHRN. If I miss, I've got other stuff going. Here's hoping that all of your trades are working well; cheers!
  • bRobert: $MRO C&H 10/$12 $GUSH $75+ speed bump $62 C&H $HAL $30/$40 C&H $SLB $35/$40 $VLO $100 C&H $PSX $100 $UCO $50 C&H WEEKLY squeeze out EXPANDING OIl bullish
  • DrScience: $PSX close to breaking out (again). The 8 EMA providing support after failed breakout on Monday, followed by two inside days. Earnings on 1/29. Be aware that $VLO reports on 1/28, which could affect your decision to get involved.
  • bRobert: @DrScience $PSX $VLO $PSX. WEEKLY. has. broken out $95/100. target 1. Speed. bump. $82. 200week. ceiling
  • tommymac: @bRobert $PSX $VLO $MRO You were posting while I was typing $MRO, KARMA
  • bRobert: @tommymac $MRO $10+ D&H breakout Very refined stock $VLO $100 $PSX $120 work
  • tommymac: @bRobert $MRO $VLO $PSX I have barrel full of respect for your input. I like $psx as well but I've now reached my limit with 2 oil stocks, holding the 10% yielding $mmp. Thanks for the $10.00 PT on $mro. Looking at the 2yr. weekly I'm thinking 13 bucks.
  • tommymac: @bRobert $MRO $VLO $PSX $10+ D&H? I guess I'm not sure what you meant by that. thanks
  • bRobert: @tommymac $MRO $VLO $PSX $psx $mmp $mro $10 conservative I keep my hair short these days
  • bRobert: $USO pop pre $XOP $OIH C&H in motion Extended WEEKLY with a lot of room to run $SLB $40 WEEKLY potential w target close trigger Close to a double $HAL $25 /$30 + $GUSH C&H $60 potential Much more with WEEKLY W trigger > $62 Refiners $VLO $75/$120 $PSX $MRO work Huge upside
  • bRobert: $SLB $HAL $GUSH $XOP $OIH THE technicals in the space are VERY bullish C&H in motion WEEKLY W has a lot of room to run Clearly not extended I have been long $HAL leap calls for a while Outstanding move in the stock 300% move off the low $SLB should outperform on a relative basis Catch up $30/$40 targets Long leap calls $HAL $25/$30 Higher long term $XOP C&H 25% measured move $GUSH 50% Pick your weopon Adopt a refiner ALL will work $MRO if on a budget or $VLO $PSX
  • bRobert: $PSX C&H trigger $100 Refined trade $VLO $MRO others $80 first stop
  • bRobert: $BC Daily Cup & H $100 target WEEKLY Big reversal/cup flag $125 Look for bounce entry with trailing stop $SNBR C&H High base breakout $90/$100 $LNG WEEKLY reversal Daily C&H $75/$100 $VLO $70/$85/$110 $PSX $80/$100 /$130 Cups and W in motion daily Weekly w potential for highest targets $MRO $10+ target if your on a budget $HAL $SLB $SLCA $GUSH All C&H trigger pullbacks Look for the bounce HIGH upside 50%
  • DrScience: ...
    $PSX - nosing above.
    $MPC - consolidating above.
    $CVI, $DK - have some catchin' up to do.

    All the charts look similar vis-a-vis price action, but I like the first three simply because their dividend yields are > 5.5% (my fave, $VLO is highest @ ...
  • bRobert: @DrScience $VLO $PSX $MPC $CVI $DK #Refiner I like. watching the WEEKLY. 50. WEEK. ceilings. for. many stocks. Usually resistance on first strike. Huge. reversal moves. when cracked.Retest bounce
  • bRobert: $VLO Flag trigger. $60 $PSX. $70 Huge. weekly reversal.POTENTIAL. with. move > 50 Close to. 100%. measured moves
  • gt: $XLE $XOM $VLO $PSX not calling a bottom, just seeing a potential change in character
  • bRobert: @gt $XLE $XOM $VLO $PSX there is a counter trend trade. Defined risk. Bond market speaking to. expansion/growrh. Some potential. curbs on supply will help drive balance in a favorable direction in terms of. oil prices. Higher oil prices are viewed a bullish. by algos, Good for the banks as well since they hold a lot of. loan paper in the sector. All IMHO
  • gt: @bRobert $XLE $XOM $VLO $PSX ty. i only look at chart, fundamentals not so much. good r/r, clear stop. it remains to be seen if sector is all sold out leaving only...
  • gt: @gt $XLE $XOM $VLO $PSX ***so i appreciate your comments because i would not know that fundamental underpinning
  • bRobert: @gt $XLE $XOM $VLO $PSX ( I primarily trade the charts/price action. That's what makes you money). but I find it. satisfying if I can pin a fundamental story to it. as well. A story without price action is a grumpy loser And yes, too much leaning short in this sector . They have been right all year. .
  • gt: @bRobert $XLE $XOM $VLO $PSX are u typing on that teeny tiny phone keyboard ;) ?
  • bRobert: @gt $XLE $XOM $VLO $PSX Real keyboard computer today. A Special treat. Tell.......most. stock symbols are in capitals
  • gt: $PSX in and watching with stop
  • bla00109: $ULTA $HD $JPM $PSX $SLB a few stocks in my IRA that seem like post-COVID plays. Feels like rotation out of tech, into these.
  • bRobert: $PSX. $90 W. from low still in motion Also small high base with same target $VLO. $95'''....$100. targets. Look for pb/bounces. You may not get a good one $GUSH. Full position $50+. targets
  • Craigy: @Forexpro Thank you. This information is helpful and further confirmation as I have noticed rotation away from healthcare for a few weeks now. I just have to look at my holdings to see more diversity compared to a month ago to see that also. $NCLH $JBLU $PSX (I like as a lifestyle recovery trade) $PLMR $AMD $SWCH and $SDS sept 20 call options for some insurance. I think none of these trends are long lasting but are certainly great trading opps.
  • Craigy: $PSX Continues to be a steady climber as the Grand Opening unfolds. And although the charts of the boats and the planes still are toxic, I read now, two, articles about rotation away from Stay at Home stocks over to Leave Home again stocks, by larger funds. So for me 100 dollar investments (a good way to play and watch) are on for $UAL $LUV $DAL $CCL $NCLH and they will stay there until I see a firm, higher low, print.
  • Carpe_Diem: @perissinotti $uso I bought an opening position last week in $PSX and $SLB.
  • bRobert: $XLE. $47 reversal Target $HAL $13 with flag trigger $PSX. $90 reversal target
  • bwcarnation1: @bRobert $XLE $HAL $PSX Nice to see you back...hope all is well!
  • bRobert: @bwcarnation1 $XLE $HAL $PSX . Thx Good to be back.
  • scottrades: Hey good morning Team! I know I shared a few Oil & Gas ideas in my video on Friday. With #Oil at 21 year lows it might be best to wait and see how these react off the open as opposed to buy them because they are lower. These may end up giving us a rally but we should wait to see some strength. $XOM $IMO $CVX $PSX
  • traderbren: @scottrades $XOM $IMO $CVX $PSX #Oil - agreed, just watching is the order of the day; after huge demand destruction, plus little to no space for storage. Just gotta keep the stuff in the ground for now until folks get back behind the wheel.
  • grcjr: @scottrades $XOM $IMO $CVX $PSX #Oil - I closed out my small oil position last week.
  • bla00109: @Forexpro $CVX $PSX Thank you for your excellent posts. Do you look at dividend coverage/payout ratios in evaluating any of your oil stocks. For instance this data from Marketbeat ostensibly looks like PSX would have the safer dividend (both yielding around 6%) : CVX Payout ratios 82.30% (Trailing 12 Months of Earnings) N/A (Based on This Year's Estimates) 373.91% (Based on Next Year's Estimates) 21.78% PSX payout ratios: 44.72% (Trailing 12 Months of Earnings) 74.23% (Based on This Year's Estimates) 47.62% (Based on Next Year's Estimates) 30.24% (Based on Cash Flow)
  • Ajax4Hire: @traderbren $XOM $IMO $CVX $PSX #Oil Seriously considering buying a gasoline "transfer" tank. Can get 108gallon at nearby Tractor supply for $540. A full tank is 656lbs, easily supported on small trailer. Only makes sense if gasoline goes to $5/gallon. I will keep this in mind for long term solution.
  • Forexpro: @bla00109 $CVX $PSX Hey, Bla00109,

    Here's hoping that you're doing well, and that your day has been profitable. I don't have any direct energy exposure at present; I'm just keeping an eye on a couple of charts with the intention of buying for the lo ...
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY At the 50 Day. $QQQ Mind the Ramp $CPRT Held the gap up. $EXAS Took a bit, but held up well. Good volume today. $CODX Congrats to the traders in the forum who tangled with this tiger, you should be out now. Some Oil Stocks to watch next week: $XOM / $CVX / $IMO / $PSX $BOOT Grinding around the 8EMA. Watch 17.20 $RDNT Moved above resistance on good volume. A little short interest. Watch 12.75 $AVLR Back above the 50 Day and the 200 Day. Watch 86. $ZEN Back above the 50 Day. Watch 75.50 #Some #PotStocks got a little pop today $CGC (Watch above 15.60) and $CRON (Watch above 6.25). $UBER Back on the Watchlist. Watch above 29 $LYFT Back on the Watchlist. Watch above 30 $WORK Handle in progress? $SDC Little pop today. 3 Days of Short Interest
  • DAN: ...
    $PSX -- 8.38%
    This is a fast moving market. Trades for active traders today:
    $SVXY -- Bullish engulfing pattern (BuEP)
    $LYFT & $UBER -- getting bought. This is a bullish sign.
    $TTD -- BuEP
    $IIPR -- Inside day. Very high yielder. Risky.. ...
  • Herb:
  • snowbound: $HES back into this early AM . It has cleared the last stochastic average . Top of present channel target +/- 71.00 , another 10% higher but not necessarily in a straight line . $PSX is pushing up green shoots on both DAILY and WEEKLY . Started position recently , previous record as good-steady employee . Early set-up as my disclaimer . Ignore the static, trade the P action . Apologies , I just felt the need to say that !
  • snowbound: $PSX Taking a marker 89.98 . Its off the bottom ( if bottoms entice you ) but expecting a little more side-ways until the 20DSMA comes into play . There is a dividend 02.14 of which I know absolutely nothing about but it may effect P-action . I can throw "speculate" around along with the many others ... perhaps envisioning increasing secular world demand and a production backlog coming out of the epidemic . A solar play might also be in the cards ..... my $SEDG seems to be working today .
  • DrScience: $VLO My fav refiner not feeling the love today after failing to retake the 200 DMA on Wednesday. I bought MAR 85 Puts @ 3.35 and 3.70. Other refiners, $DK, $CVI, $PSX in a similar boat, with $MPC being the outlier.
  • baronp0329: @DrScience $VLO $DK $CVI $PSX $MPC In at 56.50 - 56.75 with $MPC a few days ago when it broke above 200d. May have near term resistance around 60, Red today. Should be a Mid-Longer term hold.
  • snowbound: $PSX printing green bar on the WEEKLY chart . I sold this near the 120- level not long ago . Early entry set-up unfolding , on-hold for now pending follow-through. np ( bottom pick in energy , great company )
  • DrScience: @tnt $VLO $MPC $PSX $DK If the price of oil is goin' up, then the cost to refiners for their main input is goin' up. Passing along costs may take a while, but these guys will eventually get there. But, charts are saying that with price below the 200 DMA, the best bet is to be on the side of the bears for a few more weeks.
  • Ajax4Hire: @DrScience $VLO $MPC $PSX $DK Oil Refiners do not buy the oil; provide Refinery Service only. Demand for service loosely moves with price of oil and Season. Moving soon to "Summer-blend"(less expensive to refine). Some US states(CA for example) have additional requirements which increase Refinery cost(which IS passed on to the customer). For example: $3.07/gallon; $COST Costco, Lakewood, CA(Los Angeles) $1.96/gallon; $COST Costco, Buford, GA(North Atlanta) reported by GasBuddy: I tried to get an Apples-to-Apples comparison.
  • :
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Phillips 66 is a downstream energy company. The Company's segment includes Refining and Marketing (R&M), Midstream and Chemicals businesses. Its Chemicals business is conducted through its 50% interest in Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC.

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