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NVDA Weekly Chart

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  • DAN: ...
    Semis are STILL a good place to be as $SMCI and $NVDA continue to run. $NVDA reports earnings next Wednesday and I expect the stock to just continue drifting higher or at least remaining at current levels until that date. I can't recall a situatio ...
  • Cjauger: $AMD and $NVDA at HOD
  • Auto: $SOUN getting off the mat added Thanks $NVDA
  • Auto: @Auto $SOUN $NVDA 12.71% short Int 2.8 days to cover
  • Auto: @Auto $SOUN $NVDA $watching $4.06 to add has to hold 5 min
  • Boone.ruth: @phgruver morning all! Taking some Profits on $SOUN Long $MELI $NFLX $ARDX $NVDA $CAVA.
  • joelsg1: @vitoB $SMCI Buddies with Jensen of $NVDA. BofA initiates at $1040, says AI server market should grow 50% CAGR next 3 years.
  • vitoB: @joelsg1 $SMCI $NVDA but you think this will be the only company making ai servers. it could hit that today tomorrow, only 10% away. But rsi 96….ok ok bad trade
  • joelsg1: @vitoB $SMCI $NVDA Not the only one, but has supply deals with $NVDA and $AMD, go to vendor for hard-to-get chips. Like a Chinese-American keiretsu.
  • ssoha20: can $META be another $NVDA it is now at the top
  • lance1161: $CLSK $SOUN Sold $CLSK and bought $SOUN smoking hot. $NVDA bought a stake in them.
  • DrScience: #Markets $SPY, $DIA, $IWM and $QQQ are all testing the earlier highs. Markets are still somewhat non-committal, and I expect a lot of pinning action on tomorrow's monthly OPEX. Next week could be a different story, and $NVDA earnings on the 21st could break the logjam. Just wish my crystal ball wasn't giving magic 8-ball answers.
  • CdrJake: @vitoB $SMCI $NVDA Per the interview I saw with SMCI CEO, their claim is that they can take new chips from NVDA and AMD and others and incorporate them into their servers faster than any other server company due to their unique modular construction,.
  • joelsg1: $TSLA Over $200. Common trade today has been take profits $NVDA, long $TSLA.
  • debeers: @woodman $AAPL $TSLA $GOOGL $META -LONG- $META and $NVDA
  • DavidK: @debeers $AAPL $TSLA $GOOGL Dan Niles From Santori Fund shorting $AAPL . I am waiting . I hit $NVDA with just 1 put yesterday for 23% gain . Bought 1 today only up 8%
  • DavidK: $NVDA- stopped out for 52% gain on puts . No way I can buy this stock up here . Sniper shooting . And yes sometimes I buy a call or 2. $AAPL in my sights to short just have to wait until the irrational exuberance in the qqq’s settles down .
  • kenb: @Boone.ruth $SOUN can you say $NVDA. Giddy up!
  • joelsg1: $NVDA Added 3/8 $715-750 call spreads. Strong off the 8d.
  • DavidK: $QQQ, $IWM $NVDA - sold the remains 10 qqq puts this am , left some on the table had 40 PUTS but when I got back positive at the close yesterday I punted 30 . Still riding the IWM and over bloated irrational exuberance $NVDA puts I bought today .
  • DavidK: $NVDA- if she doesn’t hold around 718 down to 710 I think next stop . Come on
  • debeers: today $ANF worked and $LLY did and added to $NVDA at near the low both $NVDA and $PANW report within a week and i think they'll be just fine. If i hadn't have had to dump my housing related stocks, it woulda been a rosier day! $DIS- Peltz is in full bore and i think he'll redeem the position as shareholders are pissed beyond belief at Iger and the blood sucking board now IMO.
  • joelsg1: $TQQQ I'm long and hedged $NVDA, added some call spreads last week to capture E and today added to $TQQQ 3/1 $60 calls.
  • djgustoso: $NVDA Question about managing calls, so I am long the March 670 strike and sold the 16Feb 720 strike against it for $10 (now worth about 26). Didn't expect that NVDA would already be flying past 720 already haha Would folks continue to be short the 720 calls into expiry, or roll out/up on these?
  • PTinME: $NVDA Hi All. Anyone else miss getting in? I'm thinking I will either by just a quarter position at these levels and hopefully get a better price after earnings. Regardless of the ER there is bound to be some big moves in both directions after the bell.
  • Henry: $AVGO $NVDA Reuters and their anonymous sources; -- Nvidia is creating a new business unit to design bespoke chips for cloud-computing firms, Reuters reports, citing unnamed sources. --The chipmaker is looking to capture some of the exploding market for custom artificial-intelligence chips and quell demand for alternatives to its products, according to the report. -- Nvidia officials have held talks about potential chip deals with representatives from Amazon.com, Meta, Microsoft, Google and OpenAI, Reuters reports. --A spokesperson for Nvidia declined to comment to Reuters.
  • joelsg1: @Aragil Basically what Sam say, but I'm in with profit and holding. Trend strong with $NVDA E in 12 days. Ride it until it bucks you off, but grip reins tight on this leveraged etf. Of course, using options so much less cash at risk than shares.
  • debeers: $AMAT-I love it, you love it, we all love it--Remember Latin?? $ANF-small cap with a stunning control of inventory $ARDX-thanks @Woody $ELF-leave the dishes on the shelf-be tasty dish yourself. Surprise! Surprise---even men have discovered skin care as well as budget conscious women and teenage girls. Also--will be in a commercial during the Superbowl. Not paid for by them. Paid for by AAPL $LLY- The gold standard for diabetics and research $MSFT- Mr. Softee always outperforms the market. Not the highest earner just the most consistent $NVDA- if you aren't long--you're wrong $PANW- Youj really think you don't need cybersecurity? Are you living in a cave? The only Great Wall is in China boys and girls.How many folks get in there? We've all been working hard. Have a great Weekend!
  • Cjauger: $QLD and $NVDA woke up a little late but now at HOD
  • joelsg1: $ARM Reminder that Softbank owns 90% of this company, dripping out only 10% in the IPO after the $NVDA purchase was blocked. So, super small float plus decent numbers results in this Boom. But, Softbank wanted to sell before and probably still does, so caution warranted because I suspect they could take advantage of this move and dump a lot of shares in a follow-on offering which would tank the price. Just saying...
  • RD: @joelsg1 $ARM $NVDA The Soft Bank ARM lock up expires in March.
  • joelsg1: @RD $ARM $NVDA Yes. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/02/07/softbank-nets-20-billion-on-arm-earnings-exceeding-losses-in-wework.html
  • joelsg1: @joelsg1 $ARM $NVDA Of course, there are lots of derivative strategies which might get around the lock-up. If I were a hedge fund I might try to front-run Softbank's impending dump.
  • heyjack: @joelsg1 $ARM $NVDA Thanks, good to know
  • Vineet: @joelsg1 $ARM $NVDA very good and keen observation! I sold some covered calls expiring tomorrow, the $125's which has now given a $6.5 buffer. I am probably not going to stick around post tomorrow.
  • joelsg1: @Vineet $ARM $NVDA Read it somewhere, verified and posted. I think the lockup expires 3/12, but this thing will be manipulated to the extreme IMHO, so no edge. I'm in $SNPS.
  • DavidK: @RD I bought March Puts on $QQQ’s and next Friday puts on $ARM $NVDA . So , there is what I think . Long $CCL April calls and $ TLRY common . As Carter Worth said last night on Fast Money , NVDA is what he calls as full . You know what happen eventually when you get full .
  • RD: @DavidK $QQQ $ARM $NVDA $CCL I hear some traders sell upside calls for protection. I don't trade options and not sure how to do it anyway. Thanks.
  • debeers: $NVDA-it was difficult but $NVDA held @DAN's line in the sand of 680 and patience was rewarded as today Morgan Stanley ( the lead financial for really wealthy customers) gave a new target of 750 and an overweight in the stock. IMO the best stock in its space might be nerve wracking but it has always been worth it and will continue to lead and if you need 1 in the chip space, IMO this is the one. LONG
  • DAN: @debeers $NVDA 8-) $$$$$$$444 Agree.
  • Cjauger: $MDB, $NVDA, $SNOW at HOD
  • Cjauger: @DAN $NVDA Thank you!! Almost got shaken out yesterday, added a bit this morning
  • Boone.ruth: $MELI $NVDA $SMCI. Taking some partials off the table for grandkid fun days cause lives too short to not!!
  • joelsg1: @woodman $AVGO I've been prematurely negative generally, but this looks to me like rolling over, $AMD too same look. Only $NVDA remains, but when that breaks, look out below, IMHO FWIW.
  • jeffslm: @joelsg1 $AVGO $AMD $NVDA - I don't see signs of rolling over in these stocks.
  • joelsg1: @jeffslm $AVGO $AMD $NVDA Possible double top on first 2, $AMD lost the 8d as well.
  • woodman: @joelsg1 $AVGO $AMD $NVDA - $AMD rising support still intact starting at 10/26-31 with pullbacks/drifts where it has tagged support on 12/6 and 1/4. It could now drift for a bit or pullback and meet up with rising support again in the $160s. $AVGO steeper support from 12/6-7, hitting it on 1/5 and 1/31-2/1. These are uptrends until they aren't.
  • joelsg1: $NVDA Trimmed some from $270 basis, stock replacement added 3/1 $720-750 call spreads. If this breaks above $700, today's implied move from 2/21 E to $775.
  • djgustoso: @joelsg1 $NVDA this one is strong as death!! Cruising past 700 now. Almost got shaken out yesterday, but holding a winner allowed me to stay in, glad I did!
  • kenb: $NVDA @Dan was right. It hit $709 at 4am EST this morning, and backed off to $693. It could be a good time to take some off the top. I am considering.
  • clamtown: @kenb $NVDA Can't go wrong taking a profit. Can always buy back again.
  • Boone.ruth: $NVDA. Sold some premarket but struggling a little bit to know with the rest. It seems it’s still in trend . Would love any insight.
  • phgruver: @Boone.ruth $NVDA That's a tough one! The price and volume action are not sustainable, but when the best time to "bail" is, is impossible to guess. Sell some, and protect your downside with options would be my best guess. The divy is negligible, so cap. gains. is all there is....
  • Henry: @Boone.ruth $NVDA It can easily come down to the 8 day and still be in an uptrend.
  • DAN: $NVDA is reversing yesterday's trading range. This is typically (though not always...particularly with super strong stocks) what happens when a stock is correcting the move. NVDA has gapped up 4 consecutive days. This is the first time that it has traded below the prior day's open. $680 is holding right now and I am not "advising" you on this. Just mentioning it.
  • Cjauger: @DAN $NVDA $674 now
  • Cjauger: $NVDA bouncing back
  • joelsg1: @Boone.ruth $NVDA Good for you on trim. Strongest stock in market, growing revs and eps about 60% and still only 35 P/E, so when this cracks everything else will too. Long but moved stops up to around that $625 gap, FWIW.
  • DAN: ...
    If you are a much longer term investor, there's nothing wrong with these stocks ($NVDA, $SMCI, $AMD, etc). The uptrends are still intact. The stocks have just gotten ahead of themselves. And that's the point -- the latecomers have piled in, and th ...
  • Henry: #EARNINGS looks like mostly good news $EL is a gapper this am as is $NVDA who got at GS pt or $8 hundo $CAT $ON are also up $APD down
  • DAN: ...
    I am adding several stocks to the Active Trade List because they all look pretty darned good. Jim Cramer contacted me on Saturday looking for another idea for Mad Money. Apparently he liked my last suggestion that semiconductors looked more than sem ...
  • DAN: $NVDA -- $700 imminent.
  • romanalexk: $NVDA approaching $700. WOW
  • clamtown: @DAN $NVDA How high can it go. LOL
  • BarryC: I short $NVDA against HOD
  • BarryC: @BarryC $NVDA So much for that, lol...
  • romanalexk: $NVDA is pushing out of upper channel.
  • joelsg1: @Cjauger $TSLA $NVDA market cap now 3x $TSLA, even though TSLA is both a competitor and a customer of NVDA with perhaps the largest AI monetizers with both FSD (closer than anyone thinks) and DOJO AI training using visual data (not that close), but it's a 'prove it' stock at this point.
  • Cjauger: Swapped some $QLD for $NVDA on the dip this morning
  • Cjauger: $NVDA strong close, and strong volume
  • billyzeke: $NVDA $SMCI Seem to be in a race to hit 700 in the after hours.
  • Cjauger: @billyzeke $NVDA $SMCI $NVDA high is $699.93
  • Cjauger: $NVDA new high $699.99
  • sierramp: $NVDA breaking out on decent volume, maybe in sympathy with the other great tech ERs. $NVDA ER is 2-21 a.h. I have a small position.
  • joelsg1: @wjj3 $ZM Suggest caution here, they've just done another massive round of layoffs of non-essential personnel, have over $20 per share cash with no debt, very good AI across platforms with capex already in place and I think their CEO is finally getting tired of seeing his friends/contemporaries achieve superstar status at $NVDA, $SMCI and $AMD. M&A potential too. FWIW, np.
  • woodman: $ARM has been sideways the last several weeks while $NVDA and $AMD are kicking a$$, but it is setting up with this drift into the rising 50d. Just sayin' Earnings 2/7 amc.
  • cgendro1: @BarryC- you brought my attn to $SNOW via one of your posts. I am nicely up. Thanks! Also holding $SMCI, $META, $NVDA, $CRWD, $MSFT. Sold 1/3 of $SMCI prior to earnings and held remainder. Obviously glad. $META- just held through EPS since my cushion was good. I too have been working on keeping emotions out and let price and vol be my guide!
  • billyzeke: $NVDA Umm, anyone else notice that ATH price?
  • billyzeke: @billyzeke $NVDA C'mon NVDA , you gotta take that 666 out, or everyone will know that your AI chips are going to end up killing us all! LOL
  • scottrades: @billyzeke $NVDA 662 now....phew
  • oldtimer: @billyzeke $NVDA Yes . . Dan said $700 in the cards . . 5% increase for here and it will happen . .
  • scottrades: ...
    $NVDA Still working
    $SMCI Powerful stock right now
    $ADBE Near the 8EMA
    $ANET Near the 8EMA
    $WDAY In consolidation

    Let’s see how the day plays out!

  • vitoB: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $RCL $CCL $NVDA $SMCI $ADBE $ANET $WDAY .... nice..also $NCLH which has been coiling on the 50d... ill take a starter in this at open
  • vitoB: @vitoB $SPY $QQQ $RCL $CCL $NVDA $SMCI $ADBE $ANET $WDAY $NCLH ....got out of dtrade
  • Margi1983: @debeers $GM $META $MSFT $MTDR $NVDA $NUE Ahhh, Lady @debeers and another David Ortiz reference. Too bad he can't come back as our Red Sox stink. Love $META stock, despise Zuck. I am with you on $MSFT, $MTDR, $NVDA. I cannot buy or own $GM as I know from selling equipment to to the auto industry, they Mary and others are dirty, almost Mafia types with suppliers. I know it is at a 3 year low, but $BYDDY is pretty interesting as they sell more EV's than anyone else globally. A starter at 45.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Was FOMC just a blip in the rally? $IWM Support at the 50 Day $MDY Watch 510 $DXY Lower $TNX Calling Bluff? $GLD Good volume $SMH Support at the 21 EMA $XHB Near the highs $XLI COTD $XRT Support at the 50 Day $MSOS Top end of the range $IBIT More volume than GBTC $AMZN Beat $META Beat, Buyback and Divy $SMCI New high $NVDA Let it work $ADBE Basing $TREX Breaking out $MDB Near the 50 Day $CRWD on the 8EMA $WDAY Same $OC Champ idea $GLOB Earnings Feb 15 $FIX Working $SBUX Bottom fish $CPRT Pinching $FAST Going $COIN Needs to get above the 50 $EGO mentioned a few times
  • curtis: Good Morning @BARRYC Looking for a pull back in market with buy list limit orders for additional partial positions to add. $AMD at 150 https://www.tradingview.com/x/Vd3ACpg8/ $NVDA at 580 https://www.tradingview.com/x/NHePI2Sd/ $TSLA at 180.27 https://www.tradingview.com/x/ZJjhThgU/ $SPY at 480 https://www.tradingview.com/x/7sTuC20k/
  • BarryC: @curtis $AMD $NVDA $TSLA $SPY GM Sir!! :-)
  • curtis: @BarryC $AMD $NVDA $TSLA $SPY $GM needs to hold 37.11 https://www.tradingview.com/x/tKEptRGC/
  • BarryC: @curtis $AMD $NVDA $TSLA $SPY $GM - It would depend on ones timeframe IMO
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone!! I'm currently #long: $AZEK, $CCJ, $CG, $EYPT, $GTLB, $IWM, $JNUG, $KKR, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $SHOP, $SNOW, $SPOT, $STNE, $TJX & $XBI
  • DAN: $SMH $NVDA etc. Gang, the semiconductor stocks are pulling back. From a market dynamics standpoint, there is no reason to keep buying them at this level. So buyers are pulling back and sellers are taking profits. This is garden-variety profit-taking after a big run. Industry is a good one and should move higher. But at some point, valuations matter and I suspect that institutions are thinking that the valuation is a bit high. They'll still be "buy the dip"...but the challenge is in identifying where the dip ends and the rip starts. Manage your risk...by managing your emotions/ego.
  • PTinME: $NVDA Sold a 600 put this morning for 5 bucks. I'm hoping NVDA stays above 600 though Friday. If not then i'm getting NVDA for 595. Think this trade will work unless we get a huge pull back in the next two days.
  • djgustoso: $NVDA HOD I bought some feb 600 calls around 612 when it was bouncing off the 8day ema.... looking strong imo
  • djgustoso: @djgustoso $NVDA spoke too soon :(
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone.... Im currently #Long: $AZEK, $CG. $EYPT, $GTLB, $IWM, $JNUG, $KKR, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $SHOP, $SNOW, $SPOT, $STNE, $TJX & $XBI
  • debeers: $GM-and then along came Mary. She could care less what the government wants--she'll pull shares off the market and prioduce what sells $META- i cant stand him but who else has cut costs as much $MSFT- tough bar for nadella to cross. It has always paid me to stick with him $MTDR-above the 50--David ortiz says jew want to be in this one! $NVDA-you casn dump all you want on a stock that cannot produce enough quick enought to satisfy its customers By the way, i believe in diversification---if you havent guessed and other s i own are Woody stocks Oh, did i mention $NUE? no? silly me--called it in to Mad Money about 3 weeks ago because no one squeezes a nickel like Topalian
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone, Hope ya had a good weekend! :-) Back to work! I went home with and currently #Long: $AZEK, $CG, $EYPT, $JNUG, $KKR, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $SNOW, $SPOT, $STNE & $TJX
  • DAN: ...
    Just went thru Dan's Strategy Session and he mentioned about my random chat with him on the Semiconductor industry $SMH. Everyone should know the growth story on $NVDA. I think there are more than just that one stock however. If you are interested i ...
  • woodman: @DAN $SMH $NVDA $GOOGL $META $UBER $TSLA $AMZN $ARM $MSFT $TSM $AMD $AAPL $QCOM - Thanks for reposting this. Great stuff.
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Stock Price $924.79
Change -1.99%
Volume 35,888,000

NVIDIA Corporation is engaged in creating the graphics chips used in personal computers that bring games and home movies to life. Its has two reporting segments: the GPU business and the Tegra Processor business.

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