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  • bill52: @champ $IPI $MOS the break out on $IPI looks good so far. If can continue, looking at target around 50. if can get past that speed bump, then has a good potential to run. The float looks really small on this and 84% institutional and insider owned. Seems like IF volume picks up on this, it could be an interesting one. long $IPI and $MOS $NTR $CF which are solid ones in this space as well and have been doing well in this choppy market so far.
  • champ: @bill52 $IPI $MOS $NTR $CF ...Real nice....and these stocks are on a Great pre-Earnings move and my guess is... that they should continue...and the zig-zags are just a game that traders play, while holding their Core investment positions....because they really do like picking-up all of those zig-zag $$$$'s, that the CopyCats just keep throwing away....Plus as aways...the computers also keep sucking-up everything they can...Computerized-Trading, thats a fun game also. LOL
  • Carpe_Diem: $NTR - Nutrien Price Target Raised to $80.00/Share From $73.00 by RBC Capital
  • Carpe_Diem: $MOS $NTR - Have been slow steady gainers all day. Inflation is real.
  • bill52: @champ $MOS $C #Price $NTR $CF Yes, great news on $MOS and also have the $1Billion stock re-purchase as additional tail wind. $NTR attempting to break out $CF strong break out attempt
  • champ: @bill52 $MOS $C $NTR $CF #Price --- I'm holding $MOS and I'm also holding $IPI....
  • bill52: @champ $MOS $C $NTR $CF $IPI #Price I have some $IPI as well. A little more volatile than the others but looking for catch up play to the rest of the group.
  • Carpe_Diem: @champ $MOS $IPI $SMG - I own a ton of $MOS and this has been a real winner. Also, Have a closer look at $NTR. Same space and is breaking out as well. Goes Ex-Div on the 30th.
  • bill52: @Carpe_Diem $MOS $IPI $SMG $NTR Agree, this sector is showing good signs. $NTR is on pace for an all time high if it holds current price level and $MOS right at the edge of exceeding 52wk high. All these looks great and solid volume coming in.
  • bill52: @champ $MOS $NTR $CF $IPI agree. Potash prices continue to rise globally and farmers need to increase yield due to weather issues. This sector continues to look promising and building strength after over a decade of doing nothing. You likely saw the press release last night on the UK needing to import additional fertilizer due to the out of control nat gas prices (used to convert nitrogen). More tailwinds for $NTR and $CF in particular.
  • champ: @bill52 $MOS $NTR $CF $IPI --- #Thanks for that positive News/info #Alert ...because I did not see that news release....for sure, keep posting because this is the type of News we all need, for add-ons or to start a new position....... this is the type of News that works for a move....#before they report their earnings...around 11/1. Mosaic posted this News one 9/13 ...that their revenues were #way-up/repeating way-up in the month of August, YoY...don't know if you saw that News that they posted...if not...take a look at those numbers because they will have a #positive effect on their earnings, for sure..big-time...this should be a strong buy...before earnings, is my guess.... Yes this is a strong sector....
  • Louis Berg: $LAC,$NTR, $VNOM
  • debeers:
  • scottto_2: #InsideBarList - My OCD kicked in hard on this one - Thanks Sir @Aragorn - $AAL $AAOI $AAPL $ABC $ABT $ABUS $ACAD $ADI $ADS $AEM $AES $AFL $AGCO $AGIO $AIG $AKAM $AKTX $ALE $ALGT $AMCX $AMN $AMP $AMT $AMZN $AN $ANET $ANGI $ANTM $AON $APA $APD $APRN $ ...
  • Pokersmith: @debeers $MOS See also : $IPI ( raised its potash prices ) and $NTR You can lead a mare to water but....well you know. Do your DD 🧐
  • bill52: Fertilizers: $NTR breaking out, decent volume $MOS $CF ascending triangle $IPI continues to recover
  • issues: @bill52 $NTR $MOS $CF $IPI We hold MOS and CF, so bought starters in IPI and NTR - I really like the gap up POP in NTR!! Thank you! Bill
  • bill52: @champ $IPI $MOS #Fertilizer #are $NTR $CF $NTR agreed and strong breakout on volume today as well
  • BocaRick: $BHP in talks with $NTR on a #Potash JV in Canada NTR up a little
  • raj_v: @DAN $NTR In this market a stock like this do I need to wait for the 50 day to test or can I enter at 60$. U told in yesterday strategy session we should keep our standard high. So I was thinking about it and trying to see charts . Even $ABCB sharp pull back today to 50 SMA. What r your thought Dan on the two stocks
  • scottrades: Great short term volume in $MOS. A little extended here but watch for a PB to the 8EMA. Same with $CF and $NTR
  • Pokersmith: @scottrades $MOS $CF $NTR yeah, MOS has left the building...
  • Pokersmith: How can we not like $MOS....just on pin action alone...see $CF, $NTR...Farmers got $$$
  • Pokersmith: @Pokersmith $MOS $CF $NTR $IPI is the laggard....
  • BocaRick: @Axiom3 $FMC #IBD had a write up on agriculture stocks $FMC $CF $MOS $NTR $SMG many near BP. FMC big drop on earnings release, the others are still ok. I am long CF MOS and NTR
  • DAN: ...
    $JBHT -- Active Trade. Entry: 176.93. Stop: 165.00 (just below the April low). ALERT $165
    $ARCB -- This stock was mentioned in the forum. Really good breakout today on high volume. This could start running!
    $CLF -- Active Trade. Entry 19.81. St ...
  • Nepenthe: @DAN $SPY $DIA $IYT $DJUSRR $NSC $JBHT $ARCB $CLF $PAA $SRCL $KIRK $QRVO $PAYC $RH $UNP $CSX $QID $QLD $SMH $XLB $AMCR $NUE $MOS $LYB $NTR $XME $ARNC $SXC $X Not to correct the Master, but I certainly hope you mean $PAYX and not $PAYC. Cheers.
  • DAN: @Nepenthe $SPY $DIA $IYT $DJUSRR $NSC $JBHT $ARCB $CLF $PAA $SRCL $KIRK $QRVO $PAYC $RH $UNP $CSX $QID $QLD $SMH $XLB $AMCR $NUE $MOS $LYB $NTR $XME $ARNC $SXC $X $PAYX LOL. Yes!!!!! I struggled with that one. I had tactile dyslexia tonight. ;-)
  • spmeyers: @mradams0621 $IPI $MOS I like chart of $NTR better than IPI in this sector
  • mradams0621: @spmeyers $IPI $MOS $NTR awesome set up. missed it
  • scottrades: My #SS Notes: COTD: Here’s how I would trade the Coinbase IPO. $COIN $SPY Back to the rotation? $QQQ Notable fakeouts in tech. $SMH Still meh. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Wild Action today XLE At the 50 Day. $XOM Watch 58 $HAL Watch 22 $FANG Watch 81.45 $JETS Not ready for Boarding yet. $TSLA You could have sold some yesterday and today. Watch for a bounce. $SQ Coming into the 8EMA $AMZN Coming in. $NVDA Watch for the drift. $YETI Watch for a move to support. $DIS Why it’s good to wait. $XME Nice volume today! $X Gonna give it to ya. $CLF Support at the 21 EMA. $MT Some weakness with the market but good closing volume. $VALE Great volume today. $AA Right at the pivot. $MOS The Dirt is Green. $FCX right at resistance. $CTVA Watch 48 $NTR Nice move, great volume.
  • Forexpro: Re: $WD, $NTR Hi, Friends, Thanks to @Dan, @Scottrades, and @Bridget for an excellent training session this morning; always appreciated. IDan mentioned $WD, a stock with which I wasn't familiar. It looked intriguing, and I'm afraid that while Dan was still speaking I did a quick overview, and ended up taking a starter position at 101.05. I had previously taken a starter position in $NTR, and that is looking like a failure. I sold my shares to someone else, not necessarily at a profit (nor at the day's best level). Here's hoping that your day is going well; all the best!
  • Pokersmith: @Forexpro $WD $NTR all fertilizer plays are pulling back aggressively today. We have the U.S vs China talks to blame.....on the surface anyway
  • dkoran: @Pokersmith $WD $NTR get ready for more ass whipping by China if Current USA representatives are kept in place. Big corporations want to do business in China and will sacrifice American jobs to do so . Same with those big banks . Follow the money
  • Pokersmith: Look at materials/aggri ....Ferts : $IPI, $MOS, $NTR, $CF
  • Pokersmith: $NTR New 52 week high see also CF, MOS, IPI
  • Pokersmith: @Carpe_Diem $MOS Pin action ? $NTR, $CF, $IPI
  • Forexpro: Re: $NTR Hi, Friends, I wanted some diversification outside my usual financial/tech comfort zone, and took a starter (55.66) in this ticker, which isn't as overbought as are many others. Headquartered out in the prairies (Calgary). Willing to add around 53; if this one is destined to head higher before it moves lower, it should hold above 52, or thereabouts. All the best!
  • Harvey: @Forexpro $NTR Thank you for the post. It looks like a great stock. I love stocks that would make me seasick if I rode up their curves.
  • Harvey: @Harvey $NTR $CLM Another stock that cycles well is $CLM. Buy at the LBB and sell the day before the monthly dividend.
  • Pokersmith: @Forexpro $NTR profiled this to the forum after last earnings. Along with MOS, IPI and CF. Those are my 4 horses in the space .
  • Pokersmith: Nutrien $NTR To Buy Back Up to 5% of Shares Outstanding
  • Pokersmith: $MOS, $CF, $NTR Holding up relatively well, relatively speaking
  • scottrades: @Pokersmith $MOS $CF $NTR Selling half my $MOS here.
  • bill52: $IPI $MOS $NTR some of these mentioned earlier, but have to say Fertilizers hanging tough as well today. long.
  • Pokersmith: @bill52 $IPI $MOS $NTR $CF as well. Good relative strength in this group
  • bRobert: @bill52 $IPI $MOS $NTR Fertilizer bull market in Washington for so long Needs replenishment
  • Pokersmith: @champ #Nice-Post #Profit-Super-Stars Agreed, I like the whole space. Don't forget $CF, $NTR......and $ADM & $BG
  • champ: @Pokersmith $CF $NTR $ADM $BG #Nice-Post #Profit-Super-Stars ...I will take a look, I haven't did any work on those-stocks,.... lately.
  • Pokersmith: ...
    Canada's Nutrien Ltd $NTR and U.S.-based Mosaic Co $MOS have benefited as corn, soybean and canola prices climbed to multi-year highs, helped by strong Chinese demand.

    "We believe there is a cyclical recovery in agriculture underway," $NT ...
  • Pokersmith: @Carpe_Diem $MOS Also look at $CF, $NTR and $IPI
  • Carpe_Diem: @Pokersmith $MOS $CF $NTR $IPI - I like that entire sector. I think they will have some price traction in years to come. $MOS is the big doggie on the street and consolidation might happen sooner than later. The charts look great.
  • Pokersmith: $NTR, $MOS, $CF, $IPI

    Crop prices are rallying. That's good for earnings at farm-related companies. But prices aren't rallying just because of the weather. Ag investors are always watching the skies. Some of the changes are structural, which could g ...
  • DAN: @Pokersmith $NTR $MOS $CF $IPI Great post, Pokersmith! Nice job, and thanks!
  • Pokersmith: $NTR, $MOS, $CF, $IPI Canadian fertilizer maker Nutrien Ltd(NTR) posted fourth-quarter profit above analysts' estimates on Wednesday as potash demand rose amid rising crop prices, sending its U.S.-listed shares up 4.5% in extended trade. Fertilizer producers have benefited from high U.S. crop exports, including record-large corn sales to China. With crop prices touching multi-year highs, farmers are poised to plant more acres in 2021 and would require more fertilizers for their plantings. "Agriculture fundamentals began to improve in late 2020 and we are starting to see the benefit to our business from this cyclical recovery," Chief Executive Officer Chuck Magro said. Rival Mosaic also topped Wall Street estimate for quarterly profit as its potash sales improved, sending its shares up 2.4% in extended trade. Improving fertilizer markets during the second half of 2020 reflected the tightening supply and demand balance in both potash and phosphates, Mosaic said
  • bill52: $IPI $MOS $NTR $IPI on fire today with what looks to be an optimistic outlook report issued $MOS $NTR perking up as well
  • wjj3: @bill52 $IPI $MOS $NTR my wheat farmer pal says nitrogen prices will rise this .. I did not look up unit yesterday DAMN
  • AS8: $NTR is working today. This is 2021 Biden Stock
  • JosephM: $NTR..looks like a good setup.
  • spmeyers: @bill52 $MOS $NTR MOS has decent little base
  • debeers: Gettiing Gitchy with the growers-Making friends with the ferts $FMC One of the top in the sector. HERBICIDES/INSECTICIDES/FUNGICIDES $MOS Potash/Phosphate fertilizers. The acid fertilizer. The one used for growing Soy Beans and the like. $CF Nitrogen based Fertilizer. Used for planting corn,etc. $NTR Feed Products for livestock / Postash/Phosphate fertilizers. The two Credit Suisse proclivities are $CF & $MOS top picks. In the past, he's been more worried about bugs over food for crops. IMO i think the change comes because they can be more judicious now with sprays because of drones. Bullish engulfing on the $CF.
  • bill52: $MOS $NTR a couple of fertilizers pushing out to new highs. MOS very strong volume. NTR with a kicker div of 4.5%.
  • DrScience: #Markets and an #OT note: Up-down and a Merry-Go-Round. I bought some $DE, $NTR, and $VLO on the opening gap down because... Guess what? Spring is springing!

    Sorry to have missed yesterday's and today's excitement,, but I've been out in the field, ...
  • issues: @DrScience $DE $NTR $VLO $NUGT #Markets #OT what state is your farm in? Do you live in Oregon?
  • Mitchell: 11/18/2019 Trading Notes $AZO - breaking out to new highs, watch to see if the strength continues into the end of the week $LYFT - watch to see if shares can breakout above the $46 level $NTR - setting up for a retest of the $47.50 support level $WHR - nearly a 15% decline from the highs, now closing in on a retest of the 200-day SMA $WYNN - printed a bullish engulfing candlestick to snap a 4-day losing streak $XLP - the consumer staples ETF closed above the $61.50 resistance level, but closed off of the highs. Keep an eye on this ETF to see if there is follow through this week after 2 and a half months of consolidation.
  • Mitchell: 10/25/2019 Trading Notes $BAC - closed on the weekly chart within 1% of major resistance that goes back to early 2018. A weekly close above $32 sets up for the next leg higher. $C - weekly close above the $73 level (major resistance going back to last September) $CINF - bearish engulfing candlestick after reporting earnings on Friday morning, but it hold on the retest of the 100-day SMA and the $110 level $NTR - snapped a 9-day losing streak today after finding support at the $48 level. Look for a short-term bounce back to the $51 level. Earnings are due out on 11/4. $NVDA - solid close above the $190 resistance level on the weekly chart this week.
  • Mitchell: ...
    $NTR - the next leg lower appears to have started today as it breaks down below all of the major moving averages. Earnings are due out on 7/29.

    $PYPL - gapped down to the 50-day EMA after disappointing revenue guidance for the year. Watch to see if ...
  • Mitchell: ...
    $PGR - recently pulled back over $4 on this long-term uptrending stock. Watch to see if the $78 level (prior resistance level and near the 50-day EMA) holds for a low risk entry. The company reported solid net written premium numbers for May; Q2 res ...
  • champ: @Mitchell $BKNG $BURL $CRM $CVX $DE $EXPE $FIVE $GS $HCA $PGR $NTR $W $WHR////....Take a look at $AGCO, also and $DE, is dragging $AGCO, along with it, I posted a few times. Another nice Post...#Good-Work!
  • efrain007: @Mitchell $NTR I'm hoping this pullback is just a retest of the break over descending trend line from November as my stop is 53.
  • efrain007: $NTR taking out down sloping resistance from December
  • Mitchell: ...
    $GWW - shares have been trading in a wide range since October ($260-$320), consider a long position with a low risk stop loss entry below $258

    $LYFT - lower high put in on Friday after retest of the downtrend line.

    $MLCO - breakdown below the 200 ...
  • stairm01: $NTR Someone posted the other day on this AG stock. I entered and made a little before stopping out. It looks to be moving higher. Buy point above 51.
  • Vehid: @stairm01 $NTR Yup I have still my position.
  • Vehid: I opened a position in $NTR and it is working so far. It is the merge of Agrium $AGU and Potash $POT
  • Vehid: $NTR still trending up
  • Vehid: @Vehid $NTR not giving any opportunity to add :(
  • stairm01: @Vehid $NTR Thanks for your post earlier. I started a position at 49.34.
  • Vehid: @stairm01 $NTR You're welcome. I started at $47.27 but couldn't add as it never pulled back.
  • fuentele: $POT $NTR , I'm out of this. Tried first with 2.50 but could not get a fill, then move down to 2.30. It took a while but finally got a fill, the bid price still shows zero for this, so I'm happy with 2.30, thanks.
  • Spearchucker53: $ipi $smg $ntr Ag inputs seem to be breaking out this morning with $smg and $ipi launching. $ntr is the new stock created after merge of Agruim and Potash. It's also jumped but its hard to tell what it's going to do. I can't believe it's only the Pot trade in California doing this, but maybe the market thinks so.
  • sgr606: $POT new symbol $NTR
  • michaelH: @sgr606 $POT $NTR thanks
  • fuentele: Help $POT $NTR. I had a position on POT Mar 20 calls that have been converted to NTR calls but with a 40/100 factor, that now doesn't have a bid quote, what would be a fair value to try to sell those calls with a limit order?
  • DrScience: @fuentele $POT closed at $20.65 on Friday, and you own the right is to receive 40 share of $NTR for each 100 shares of $POT. So, using these numbers, the rest of our calculations should be in the ball park, if not the parking lot.

    Note that Delta on ...
  • fuentele: Thanks a lot @DrScience for such a complete explanation. Fortunately by the time I figure it out what had happened to my $POT position, $NTR stock was moving up so that help me to stay calm, but I'm still uncomfortable holding this special option contract. The original $POT contratct had a pretty high Open Interest and narrow spread. If that doesn't appear tomorrow when data is updated, I will definitely close this using your formula.
  • Henry: $POT Carter Worth did a whole big spiel on $POT and neglected to mention that the stock is merging with Agrium and will be Nutrien $NTR on Tuesday
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Created in 2018 as a result of the merger between PotashCorp and Agrium, Nutrien is the world's largest fertilizer producer by capacity. Nutrien produces the three main crop nutrients--nitrogen, potash, and phosphate--although its main focus is potash, where it is the global leader in installed capacity with roughly 20% share. The company is also the largest agricultural retailer in the United States, selling fertilizers, crop chemicals, seeds, and services directly to farm customers through both its physical stores and online platforms.

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  • February 16th, 2022 - 2021 Q4 Earnings
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