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  • DAN: Marathon Petroleum ($MPC) was stopped out last month for a slight gain. But the company reported earnings this morning and the stock is up 4.1%. I don't want to just throw the stock away because it was previously stopped out. So I'm re-initiating it with a looser stop at 81.50 New basis: 92.74 Stop: 81.50 --Dan
  • DAN: RE/ Arch Coal ($ARCH): We were also stopped out of $ARCH for a break even in some pretty hairy volatility. But the stock is working really well again and I want to re initiate it as a new trade. This stock, along with $MPC, has been really volatile but the prevailing trend has been intact. I'll explain more in the strategy session tonight. New Basis: 175.99 Stop: 153.50 Dan
  • issues: @DAN $ARCH Hard for me to buy $ARCH at the high today. I did that with $CRWD and regretted it and am still holding it. So I put in a limit for a position in ARCH at $145 = right at the 50 day where it usually returns to. Thanks for your post. We continue to hold $MPC.
  • DAN: @issues $ARCH $CRWD $MPC I totally get it. I just want it back as an active trade candidate. I don't want to allow the volatility to just erase some great opportunities. Thanks for your post, issues. I will address in a while. 8-)
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- going in again.

    348 - MPC - 92.74 - 78.23 - 2022-05-03 - 81.50
    386 - ARCH - 175.99 - 141.82 - 2022-05-03 - 153.50
    389 - GOGL - 13.32 - 13.23 - 2022-05-03 - 11.50
    390 - XOM - 88.33 - 87.86 - 2022-05-03 - 82.70

  • DAN: This is the status of the Active Trade List, which included $MPC $ARCH $TECK $DVA and $GOGL. $MPC -- Still holding up well. Entry was 79.30. Stop at 83.70 $ARCH -- Stopped at $148 for break even. $TECK -- Stopped at 38.80 (basis was 41.06). 5.5% loss. $DVA -- Stopped at 113.00. Basis was 123.13. 8.1% loss $GOGL -- Stop at 11.60. Basis 13.18 (currently flat) So we are left with $MPC and $GOGL. Given the weakness of the market, I am not inclined to suggest any new open trades. Cash is a position. Be overweight. --Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Still holding up well. Entry was 79.30. Stop at 83.70
    $ARCH -- Stopped at $148 for break even.
    $TECK -- Stopped at 38.80 (basis was 41.06). 5.5% loss.
    $DVA -- Stopped at 113.00. Basis was 123.13. 8.1% loss
    $GOGL -- Stop at 11.60. BAsis ...
  • Pokersmith: #fwiw Wells Fargo Adjusts Marathon Petroleum's $MPC Price Target to $110 from $91, Keeps Overweight Rating
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Another good day. 3rd up day.
    $ARCH -- About to pop above $170. Consider putting a partial stop in at $159. (I’m leaving mine lower)
    $TECK -- Flag
    $DVA -- Clean breakout today. Up 4 out of 5 days. (Down day was the lowest volume si ...
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Stop $83.70
    $ARCH -- Stop $148.00
    $TECK -- Stop $38.80
    $DVA -- Still at $113.00
    $GOGL -- Stop at $11.60

    $CLF -- Still forming a flag. Earnings on Friday. Your choice, not mine. Alert $32.50
    $UNVR -- 9x9. Pullback to 50-day M ...
  • DAN: Good morning. Stocks are opening lower this morning as yields continue to rise. We will go through some economic numbers in this morning's training session at 8 am PT / 11 am ET. Our active trades are doing well this morning: $MPC -- up another 1%. stop at 79 $ARCH -- up another 1.3%. Stop at 129 $TECK -- up another 1%. Stop at 36.50 $DVA - status quo. No premarket activity. Stop at 113. $GOGL -- flat. Stop at 11.60. Watch today's price action. We could see a bit of a retracement from Thursday's big move. ==================================== Training Session -- 8 am PT / 11 am ET ==================================== Please click the link below to join the webinar: --Dan
  • snowbound: $MPC High DAILY handle flag and trigger .
  • DAN: Active Trade List Update: Our stocks are a bit of a mixed bag right now. Some doing quite well, and a couple being stopped out recently. $MPC -- Up about 10%. Leaving the stop at $79. $AAPL -- Stopped out at $166 for an $8 profit. This is now very choppy. No regrets about exiting the position. $JNPR -- Stopped out on Monday at $34.80. We lost 14 cents. The pullback was pretty steep, so there is a lot of supply overhead. $ARCH -- Up about 10%. Raising the suggested stop from $129 to $145. (Basis is $148.50) $TECK -- Up about 6%. All is well. Stop at 36.50 $DVA -- Just added at $123.13 with a stop at $113. Stock is breaking out...though it is trading on light volume today, just 25,400 shares so far. --Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Up about 10%. Leaving the stop at $79.
    $AAPL -- Stopped out at $166 for an $8 profit. This is now very choppy. No regrets about exiting the position.
    $JNPR -- Stopped out on Monday at $34.80. We lost 14 cents. The pullback was pretty st ...
  • Docoof: $IEO at a new 1-yr high. — $COP, $EOG, $PXD and $MPC have a combined weighting in $IEO of ~41%.
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC - 79.30 - 78.23 - 2022-03-11 - 79.00 ALL GOOD.
    $AAPL - 158.00 - 158.36 - 2022-03-16 - 166.00. Still holding…but I wouldn’t buy now.
    $JNPR - 34.94 - 35.09 - 2022-03-18 - 34.80 Still holding. Phase 2 pullback news to hold $35.
    $A ...
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Still moving along the 10-week MA
  • DAN: We have five active trades open at this time. Again, this is a very risky time to be buying new stocks and/or getting aggressive. In light of the current price action and the upcoming earnings season, this is a time to be selling losers into strengt ...
  • DAN: My Notes: SS 033022 FiF: $HOOD -- reversal? $SPY -- Time to be cautious. No shorting. $IYT -- At top of the long term channel. $QQQ -- Trading top at 200-day MA Active Trades: $MPC -- at $85 bucks. Stop raised to $79 to lock in break even $AAPL -- Hold this one for a longer term move. $JNPR -- Up 6.5%. Stop raised to $34.80. $DE -- Big two day pullback is stabilizing at 410. Stop at 408. $NVDA - Stop remains at $259. $SBLK -- Can’t buy this too soon. Will take a long time to set up and tighten. $GSL -- Still working…but very volatile. $HOOD -- Watch this for a move higher. Alert $16.49
  • jwk567: @DAN $HOOD $SPY $IYT $QQQ $MPC $AAPL $JNPR $DE $NVDA $SBLK $GSL Thanks Dan!
  • Nepenthe: $MPC Now is that what you'd call a bullish engulf? When I left, it had pulled back to the 8ema, at which point I added with a tight stop, and only just returned to check in on the day's activity. Cheers.
  • issues: @Nepenthe $MPC Yes, thank you. I love the chart! Great! I am buying it in the morning thanks to you!
  • Nepenthe: @issues $MPC You're welcome. Very rarely do I feel I have much to contribute. I'm thinking of adding again tomorrow also. This has been on the ATL but Dan, and I also, were starting to grow weary of it. Glad it came around. Cheers.
  • Nepenthe: @issues $MPC I looked at it again, and I noticed below average daily volume. I wonder, does that mean anything with engulfing candles?
  • Henry: @Nepenthe $MPC I consider a bearish engulfing pattern a reversal pattern. MPC is in an uptrend, with a down day yesterday. Personally I'd like to see more volume with that size bar.
  • Nepenthe: @Henry $MPC Thank you. The learning curve continues. For years I've valued your posts. Cheers.
  • Henry: @Nepenthe $MPC That's very nice of you to say so. We are here to help each other. I'm long MPC, which was a spin off from $MRO in 2011.
  • DAN: I'm adjusting the recommendations for stops on $MPC $DE and $AAPL $MPC -- From 72.90 to 76.20 $DE -- Consider moving your stop DOWN to $408, which locks in a break even. $AAPL -- Current stop is 159.50, and I'm keeping it there. Shorter term traders might want to put a partial stop at 169.90 (which is just below yesterday's low). Also.... $NVDA -- we are down from the 282 entry. After yesterday's run, it's actually pretty impressive that NVDA is down just 1.4%. So there's still buyers at these levels. Not too much profit taking here. $JNPR -- Nice move today. Keeping the stop at 33.80, which would be a $1.14 loss if we are stopped out. More on this in the Strategy Session video this afternoon. --Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- In at 79.30. Starting to move to new highs. New stop at 76.20. Note that the 50-day MA was lower at initiation (74.41). If 50-day MA is your reference for stops, adjust the stop regularly.
    $AAPL - In at 158.
    Still printing higher high ...
  • gtr89: @DAN $JNPR $TSLA $MRO $OKE $CTRA $SPY $T2108 $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MPC $AAPL $DE $NVDA $XOM $CVX $OVV $CLF $STLD $X $ZIM $CPLP $EXR $ANTM $DAC I’m kicking myself for selling $JNPR today for a small gain. I didn’t want a gain to turn into a loss. It was looking a little dicey for awhile. I’m still pretty distrustful of this market after that monster bounce
  • Docoof: @DAN $JNPR $TSLA $MRO $OKE $CTRA $SPY $T2108 $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MPC $AAPL $DE $NVDA $XOM $CVX $OVV $CLF $STLD $X $ZIM $CPLP $EXR $ANTM $DAC — “So, no toga parties among pigs.” —That’s a keeper! (09:35)
  • DAN: I'm adjusting stops on some of our active trades. $DE -- Raising stop from $381.25 to $414.40 (This is just below Monday's intraday low). The cost basis is 408.00, so we have now taken a loss off the table and comfortably hold the stock for a bigger gain. $CPE -- no change. Still at 49.16 $MPC -- no change. Still at 72.90 $AAPL -- Raising the stop from 149.50 to 159.50. Our basis is 158, so we've essentially locked in a break-even. Now we have lowered our risk and can let the stock run. $JNPR -- no change. Still at 33.80 $TSLA -- In at $930 and now up 11%. We never want to allow an 11% profit turn into a loss. And we never want to give back 100% of an 11% profit. The current stop is at $975, which has locked in a 5% gain. Consider keeping that stop in place for a gain of 5% as your worst case scenario. --Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- no change. Basis is 79.30, so this isn’t working well either. Up less than $1 buck. If it doesn’t take off tomorrow, we’ll close this down.
    $AAPL -- Raising the stop from 149.50 to 159.50. Our basis is 158, so we've esse ...
  • snowbound: $MPC Has broken out of a DAILY wedge , now retesting the BO area of descending resistance . A successful test into the 8EMA slightly lower is a second chance entry -add near key moving averages . i own .
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Back Above the 200 Day $QQQ Back Above the 50 Day $GLD Still in consolidation $XLE In consolidation but don’t lose sight $SMH Pushback at the 200 Day $IGV Software above the 50 Day. $XLV Healthcare looking tired. $TAN Sideways but not doing anything wrong. $ARKK Under the 50 Day #Bitcoin & Ethereum Nice. $TSLA Power move. $AAPL Still working, but don’t be afraid to take partials. $AMZN Just under the 200 Day $NVDA Investor Day! $MSFT Above the 200 Day $AVGO Handle $COST Working. $BROS Extended. $JNPR ATL Trade, just fine. $MPC Building a Handle $VNOM Tight along the 8EMA $AR Close to the highs $CPE Holding the 21 EMA $AQUA Bounce off the 8EMA $TDG Long Weekly base. Watch the 680 Zone $COIN / $CLSK / $HUT / $SI / $RIOT Magical Internet Money Stocks
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are showing a pretty flat open this morning as oil futures moved above $108/bbl. Oil seems to be the major influence on prices these days...and it does have a significant impact on the cost of goods and services -- i.e., infla ...
  • indigo1948: @DAN $EGLE $DAC $SBLK $CPT $MPC $AAPL $JNPR $DE $SPY $QQQ - Good morning Dan - I think you meant to type in $CPE but you typed $CPT - a interesting REIT.
  • DAN: @indigo1948 $EGLE $DAC $SBLK $CPT $MPC $AAPL $JNPR $DE $SPY $QQQ $CPE YEp. I goofed up. Thanks indigo!
  • snowbound: $MPC Lifting off the 20SMAd backstopped by the 50 . Any weakness on Monday's open could support a bounce .
  • snowbound: $MPC Big DAILY Volume on a GREEN close . Its now marginally above descending resistance wedging with the 50 .
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC - 79.30 / 72.90. Nice breakout off 50-day MA
    $AAPL 158.00 / 149.50. Weekly chart looks good.
    $CPE - 59.10 / 49/16. In jail.

    Select Stocks:
    $NVDA -- Coming off a multiple bottom at $210. A breakout above $270 puts a new high into play.
    $EXR ...
  • DAN: Scott is handling video duties tonight (I was at the vet all day with little Riley -- now the $5,000 dog (and still counting)). But I wanted to update yesterday’s notes. (NEW COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS -- mentioned below also)

    $SPY -- While st ...
  • sgiseller: @DAN $SPY $JBHT $ODFL $ARCB $DSKE $R $CAR $MDY $IWM $QQQ $COMPQX $FXI $BABA $BIDU $WB $SOCL $FB $AAPL $CPE $MPC They are not called man's best friends for nothing, sooner or later they all become 5-10k pups, I'll know in a week what radiation therapy will cost
  • BigOx: @Dan is the playbook still in place for $MPC please?
  • Nepenthe: @DAN $UNH $RS Just thought I'd bring to your attention that our stop on $NMM was hit; I still see it on the ATL. $MPC still hanging in there, though it came close. Actually added to it this morning. Cheers.
  • DAN: @BigOx $MPC Yep. Still acting ok in my book.
  • DAN: @Nepenthe $UNH $RS $NMM $MPC ok. Thanks. Didn't see that.
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC - stop 72.90.
  • snowbound: $MPC 74.84 45 minutes prior to open -2.37% . 50SMA DAILY 74.67 for a test of key support .
  • Niche: $MPC -- took the LOSS
  • FredsFreedom: $MPC
  • DAN: Adding Marathon Petroleum ($MPC) to the Active Trade List Basis 79.30 Stop 72.90 Dan ================================================= LINK TO LIVE TRAINING TODAY -- 8 AM PT / 11 AM 35 ================================================= You are invited to a Zoom webinar. When: Mar 11, 2022 08:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Topic: Monday Trading Session -- 11 am ET / 8 am PT -- March 11, 2022 Please click the link below to join the webinar: See you in the training room. --Dan
  • Pokersmith: @DAN $MPC See also $MPLX ( granted , it's an LP, with a monster divie and they are in everything. Subsidiary of MPC ) Chart action COULD use to be tighter 🤔...see weekly
  • Cjauger: $MPC turning higher
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $VLO mentioned $VLO as a play last week, see also @Dan pick $MPC
  • bRobert: @Pokersmith $VLO $MPC I feel bad that we are always picking on stocks. They need an advocate
  • yammi55: @bRobert $VLO $MPC ;-) I thought it was picking 'up' stocks.
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $VLO $MPC's a thing.
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $SPY Staying away from the market except energy related $MPC, $NMM and $SQM. And my largest position is $CASH
  • Pokersmith: #EnergySectorScreening @bRobert After screening the entire energy sector, and ETF preference notwithstanding,..... SOME names that stuck out, and aren't always mentioned ( naturally , look at weekly ) *** to be viewed in the context that, to your point , these industries are hot, and won't let you in easily: See 👀: $HES , $EGY, $CIVI, $MPC , $PNRG ( setting up ), $NE , $WHD ( powerful move from sideway consolidation.. )
  • issues: @Pokersmith $HES $EGY $CIVI $MPC $PNRG $NE $WHD #EnergySectorScreening buying $CIVI $NE $PTEN $HP $OVV and $OXY
  • Docoof: @Pokersmith $HES $EGY $CIVI $MPC $PNRG $NE $WHD #EnergySectorScreening @Forexpro started a pos. in $EGY last Monday, posted about it Tuesday morning, and ended the week with a gain of over 17% in $EGY. Pretty impressive!
  • Pokersmith: @Docoof $HES $EGY $CIVI $MPC $PNRG $NE $WHD #EnergySectorScreening No surprise there....he's ( Forexpro ) the consummate Professional👍
  • Docoof: @Pokersmith $HES $EGY $CIVI $MPC $PNRG $NE $WHD #EnergySectorScreening Exactly 👍
  • bRobert: @issues $HES $EGY $CIVI $MPC $PNRG $NE $WHD $PTEN $HP $OVV $OXY #EnergySectorScreening Just a question. Do. you really NEED. to own so many in the same sector? Many investors/traders. manage too many employees A. good ETF. can work the team approach more efficiently . with One chart. One employee to manage. If you crave a good. dividend, add one good one to the mix.
  • LakeGuy: Anybody have any favorite XLE stocks? This seems to be the strongest groooup that held up the best. $CKEE,$CVX,$4OKE,$HES,$MPC,$SLB,$HAL,ETC...
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- really good breakout from squeeze. Too late to buy now, but watch for secondary entry -- there is always one of those. Always.
    $OKE -- 6% yield. Bears watching, but not where I’d buy now.

  • Cjauger: @DAN $SPY $DJT $IYT $WELL $AAWW $ARCB $DJUSRR $CSX $UNP $NSC $NCLH $RCL $CCL $XLK $NFLX $NVDA $AMZN $AAPL $TSM $TECK $FCX $XLE $MPC $OKE Thank you @Dan, take care and get well.
  • marklesparkle: @DAN $SPY $DJT $IYT $WELL $AAWW $ARCB $DJUSRR $CSX $UNP $NSC $NCLH $RCL $CCL $XLK $NFLX $NVDA $AMZN $AAPL $TSM $TECK $FCX $XLE $MPC $OKE @Dan get better my buddy
  • Momentariness: @DAN $SPY $DJT $IYT $WELL $AAWW $ARCB $DJUSRR $CSX $UNP $NSC $NCLH $RCL $CCL $XLK $NFLX $NVDA $AMZN $AAPL $TSM $TECK $FCX $XLE $MPC $OKE Great video yesterday BUT don't push yourself to get these videos out, get healthy first.
  • Rick_O: @DAN $SPY $DJT $IYT $WELL $AAWW $ARCB $DJUSRR $CSX $UNP $NSC $NCLH $RCL $CCL $XLK $NFLX $NVDA $AMZN $AAPL $TSM $TECK $FCX $XLE $MPC $OKE Thanks for pushing to get the great videos out, but please take good care!!! @scottrades and all members have been doing awesome jobs to keep this threads full of great information!
  • vitoB: $CRM back above vwap 233.45. $SHOP $1193. These will be sold into strength dtrades $MPC all time high
  • vitoB: @vitoB $CRM $SHOP $MPC $SHOP trade over. CRM on a very short time leash not looking good, no buyers.
  • vitoB: Looking at old friends this morning ...$MPC $SAM $NFLX
  • BocaRick: $MPC it that the bottom
  • marklesparkle: $MPC Done good thanks Dan
  • DAN: Our trade on $MPC was stopped out earlier today when the stock fell through 65.70. While the uptrend is still in place, it's looking like there is more room for a pullback from here. This trade netted just 6%. Not a lot...but I'll take it. --Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC --Closed out via stop at 65.70. Just 6% gain. Looks like more pullback from here.
    $BOOT -- Up 30%. Hold it.
    $HUT -- Up 26% and still going. Just breaking out of a high handle. This is a powerful pattern, and the crypto theme is a good one! ...
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Still in the upper half of the BBand complex.
    $SNOW -- slow mover along the 8-day MA
    $VSTO -- Holding the 50-day moving average.
  • scottrades: My Notes: $SPY When the leaders look tired, get cautious $QQQ Needs a rest. $TAN Weak close. #Bitcoin Weekly Lower low. Memecoin Frenzy, $TSLA Sold the last of it today. $NVDA Tired. $MSFT Working but extended. $GOOGL Added to the ATL today. $V Oof. $TWTR Oof. $U Following market weakness. $HUT Sold some. Trying to be patient. $MARA in consolidation $APPS Sold most yesterday, off my front page now. $ASO Breakout backtest $COST Looks pretty good. $SNOW Still in trend. $DEN Potential Handle building in process. Notes from Dan: $BOOT -- earnings after the bell $MPC -- Close to hitting 65.70 stop. Entry was 62.10, so if the stop is hit, it's still a win. $VSTO -- stop is 39.90. This was almost hit. Holding at the 50-day MA, and that needs to hold up. 3 consecutive days of selling, so we should see a bounce...but maybe not. Who knows?
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Up 11%. Earnings next week. Working well along the 8-day EMA. Raising the stop to 65.70 (below 8-day EMA and Wednesday 10/20 low).
    $SNOW -- Stop at $313.80
    $TGH -- Basis is 37.47. Pullback today after yesterday’s breakout. Working w ...
  • bRobert: $GUSH $200 $XOP $150 WEEKLY breakouts in motion Targets were presented months ago in this trade set up OVERWEIGHT the sector Trade around a core in GUSH Long XOP leaps A few other spec holds $MPC $SLCA $SD $MTDR $75/$80+ Huge way to go in this trade
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Up 9%
    $NLY -- Climbing back through the 9/29 ex-dividend drop.
    $ORC -- Ex-dividend date is next Thursday. Gotta buy the stock by Wednesday.
    $SNOW -- Up 11.4%. Pretty smooth ride here.
    $TGH -- flat. Stock is ok, my entry wasn’t.
    $T ...
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Really good price activity.
    $SNOW -- Status quo.
    $HUT -- This is still going. Stop at 9.90 with a 10.65 entry. Consider a stop at 10.65 to protect your trade. Now you’ve got a guaranteed break-even.

    $URI -- Earnings in a week. Sta ...
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Walking higher with higher high and low. Some profit taking here
    $NFLX -- Consolidating the gains.
    $CBRE -- breakout continues. Now up 2.5%.
    $BYD -- printing a higher box.
    $TGH -- status quo.
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- 8 day EMA walk.
    $NFLX -- flag pattern on low volume.
    $NLY -- same as $ORC. Nothing to do.
    $SNOW -- Good breakout on high volume.
    $TGH -- Stable here.
    $TSLA -- higher high and low.
  • DAN: Our open trades are still working well. Here is an update with comments and stops:

    $ORC -- Basis 5.05 Stop $4.80. This yields 15.5%, so it's the sister of Annaly Capital ($NLY). As with $NLY, $ORC is probably not the trade for most of you ...
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Up 4.7% on a 62.10 entry. Stop is fairly loose at 58.50, but I have suggested a 59.60 stop for those who have a low tolerance for pullbacks. I think $MPC will move much higher in the months to come...but the shorter term moves are really u ...
  • snowbound: $MPC DAILY flag and trigger in motion . Testing the BO level .
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Pushing against $65. Stop at 58.50, but do not let this turn into a loss.
    $NFLX -- After yesterday’s gap and reverse, the stock is still strong. Note the higher intraday highs and lows.
    $SNOW -- top of the box...I would like to see ...
  • DAN: Active Trade List Update: $BOOT -- up 20%. Our entry was 79.96, and I'm suggesting that the stop be raised to $89, which locks in a good gain if the stock pulls back. $MPC -- Up just 3%. Consider raising the stop to $59.60, which reduces our risk from a 62.10 entry. $NFLX -- Up 6% on a breakout. Not buyable here, but certainly "holdable." $SNOW -- Moving well after a 305 entry. BUT...this is not buyable here. It's up 3 consecutive days off a 50-day MA bounce. Stop remains at 289. $TSLA -- Shareholders meeting tonight. There won't be bad news coming out of this meeting. Entry was 729. Current price at 787. Consider raising the stop to 748. New Addition: $CBRE -- tightening up above the 50-day moving average. Basis: 99 Stop: 95.50 --Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $MPC -- Pretty easy stock to hold. Don’t overthink this.
    $NFLX -- Still on a Phase 1 move.
    $SNOW - $328-389 box -- 11%. Up near the top now. This isn’t where you buy.
    $CBRE -- 99 entry. 95 stop.

    Others to watch:
    $TPX -- steep pull ...
  • DAN: Here is the current status of the Active Trade List (Much of this is repetition, but I want to make sure that everyone is on the same page):

    $BOOT -- suggested taking partial profits, though the uptrend remains intact.
    $AAPL -- Removed the other day ...
  • DAN: Adding Marathon Petroleum ($MPC) to the Active Trade List: Basis: 62.10 Stop: 58.50 --Dan
  • NickSingh: @DAN $MPC not much movement on this today
  • DAN: @NickSingh $MPC Not daytrading it.
  • marklesparkle: @DAN $MPC Thanks Dan
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Stock Price $91.36
Change 0.00%
Volume 1,538,660

Marathon Petroleum Corp is a supplier of gasoline and distillates to resellers and consumers. It's refining, marketing and transportation operations are concentrated primarily in the Midwest, Gulf Coast and Southeast regions of the U.S.

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