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  • vitoB: Hello hello. Spent some time lookin at mining stocks after the Friday pop. List includes, $GDXJ $FNV $WPM $AG $AU $GFI $KGC $ $GOLD $NEM… Chart with the longest base and best close on Fri seemed to be $AG. $WPM second, and $GFI had a huge move but actually didn’t close very nice, a move above Fri high for this one to me. And actually $GDXJ looked better than most of the large holding charts oddly enough. Any one else ?
  • scottrades: @Crodmm It's good for stocks that mine Platinum like $FNV
  • scottrades: ...
    $FNV Would like to see a base form
    $DV Higher lows
    $TLRY Volume.
    $CGC Volume
  • scottrades: My video notes: COTD: Here’s the DL on $DV $SPY Lower Low $QQQ Lower Low $UUP Lower please $TNX Still in trend $VIX Still in trend $XLE Watch 73 $GLD Holding up $GDX Good Weekly volume $TAN Back to the 200 Day $SDS Still in trend $QID Still in trend $GBTC Uhh guys, Bitcoin is actually doing ok!? $AAPL Nope. $NFLX Maybe. $TWTR Possible news trade. $ANET Watch 117.60 $CCRN Near the highs $DKS Watch 117.70 $ENPH Watch 294.50 $FSLR Holding the 21 EMA $PCTY Slope $DVN Potential Gap Fill $KGC Low Dollar Gold Stock $GOLD Watching $WPM Watching $FNV Watching
  • Docoof: Their charts aside, a lot of miners are doing well today: $TECK $VALE $KGC $FNV $PAAS $HL $AEM $WPM $BTG $GDX $SSRM $AUY
  • bRobert: @Docoof $TECK $VALE $KGC $FNV $PAAS $HL $AEM $WPM $BTG $GDX $SSRM $AUY $UUP less of a headwind to all commodities
  • scottrades: ...
    Keep an eye on $GDX and some of the Gold Miners. They have firmed up and are creeping closer to the highs. $GOLD $NEM $WPM $FNV and $AEM are all close to a pretty clear pivot.

    I was talking with a fund CIO named Mark Yusko yesterday and he has a gr ...
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $GDX $GOLD $NEM $WPM $FNV $AEM #Crypto ... a lot off little green. The tallest midget $NDX seems magnetized to the death cross 50dma
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ Trying.. $GLD Under the 21 EMA $GDX in consolidation $XME Coming off the low $TAN PB Bounce $XLE Under the 21 EMA $XLU Still in trend $XLV Above the 50 Day $AAPL Back above the 200 Day $TSLA trying to firm up. $MSFT Mr. Softee in a squishy base. $NVDA High Up volume, lower down volume. $FCX Holding the 50 Day $CLF Inside Week $X Holding the 8EMA Watch 34 $STLD Holding the 21 EMA $SCCO Holding the 50 Day $FNV Deep Channel $AA Above the 50 Day $SEDG Support at the 21 EMA $CF Little Flag $MOS Choppy But holding up. $BTU Steep Flag $ZIM Still the GOAT $BROS Still close to the 50 Day $NLOK Great volume $UNH Curling $EVH Good volume today $CI Good volume near the 50 Day $ANTM Basing along the 50 Day
  • Babutters: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GLD $GDX $XME $TAN $XLE $XLU $XLV $AAPL $TSLA $MSFT $NVDA $FCX $CLF $X $STLD $SCCO $FNV $AA $SEDG $CF $MOS $BTU $ZIM $BROS $NLOK $UNH $EVH $CI $ANTM $NVDA weekly retest bounce off 50d. The last two 50d weekly bounces have been bought up and led to 200% gains before PB.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Squeeze the Bears + Trap The Bulls. $QQQ Eyes on 318 $GLD Still strong but extended. $GDX I heard the ducks quacking. $URA Above all the MAs $TAN Solar Power Move $XLE Biggest Daily Volume since 2020 $DBC Biggest Daily Volume since 2019 $QID Above the MAs. $GBTC Still in a range. $FNV Wide range $NEM Looking for Daily consolidation $AEM Same $WPM Big give back $GOLD Still ok but extended. $SSRM Big volume wide range. $ZIM Earnings tomorrow. $SBLK Holding the 21 EMA $MATX Flag $RUN Nice volume $CSIQ OH Canada! $SPWR Power move. $CVX Didn’t break LOD $CVE I’m out but the trend is fine. Watching for another entry. $SU Filled the gap $XOM Extended. $BROS Building a base under the 50 Day
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Death by 1000 Cuts $QQQ Push back at the 21 EMA $GLD Still in trend $GDX Bought some back today $XLE Still good. $OIH In trend $XLV Above the 200 Day $XME Still going..but hard to buy here $SMH Base Building $GBTC: Switzerland's City of Lugano will make Bitcoin legal tender. $NEM Miners are still trending nicely $FNV Close to the highs $GOLD Watch 23.60 $EGO Watch 11.40 $WPM Watching for a re-entry $SSRM Watch 21 $SU Still have some $XOM Still in trend $CVX Extended $LPI Watch 80 $DVN Still above the MAs $CVE Holding the 21 EMA $ZIM Nice breakout today $GSL Working but extended $SBLK Watch 30 $UNH Working $ANTM Working
  • yammi55: Nice moves in $SU, $PLTR and $FNV. Gold/Silver miners on fire, not sure if this move/spike will stick or reverse like last week.
  • scottrades: @yammi55 $SU $PLTR $FNV I like that the Trend in GDX is strong, but it's whippy.
  • yammi55: Action in $FNV does not look organic. $GDX up 4% while $FNV brought back down to 1.7%. Hmmm. Coiled spring. Added some more.
  • yammi55: $FCX, $PLTR, $FNV, $HL, $CAT, $SPX and others worked. $FB did not. Not a bad start to the month.
  • Momentariness: $FNV showing strength of 8 day EMA
  • scottrades: @Momentariness $FNV Great catch!
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Wide Range Bar. $QQQ Double Bottom? $SMH Still under the 200 Day. $GLD Great volume but extended. $SLV Stopped at the 200 Day $GDX Starting Daily Consolidation $XLE Big sell Day $TLT Higher High #Bitcoin Held up well today. Broken Correlation? ETFs are buying. $AAPL Lots of indecision in the leaders. $AEM Miners coming in a bit. $NEM Holding up better than others $FNV Gap Fill but above the 8EMA $WPM Holding the 200 Day. $ZIM Holding the 21 EMA $GOGL Big move on volume. $GSL Upside reversal. Needs a higher high. $SBLK Still working but a bunch of volatility. $AR Sold out of this for profit today. $ABBV Great volume, support at the 21 EMA $ADM Basing. $PLAB Earnings Tomorrow.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY We’re going to look at a lot of Shiney Rocks tonight $QQQ Needs to firm up, quick. $GLD Wow! $SLV Testing the upper trendline $GDX Power move on Volume. $GDXJ Also working. #Crypto Not acting like Gold but we finally got our 40K Test. Now let’s see if it holds. Some Miners that are working well: $NEM, $AEM, $EGO, $WPM, $PAAS, $SSRM, $FNV, $GOLD, and $AG $FCX Looking for a handle. $SBLK Power move, consider profits. $GOGL Needs a rest $ZIM in consolidation $EGLE Testing the highs. $BYD Flag $PLAB Earnings Next week $HES Watch the 8EMA $DVN Still in an uptrend $PXD Great volume today
  • traderbren: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GLD $SLV $GDX $GDXJ $NEM $AEM $EGO $WPM $PAAS $SSRM $FNV $GOLD $AG $FCX $SBLK $GOGL $ZIM $EGLE $BYD $PLAB $HES $DVN $PXD #Crypto Hey Scott -- I'm not sure whether there's any merit to the 8 ema / 22 ema crossover as a potential buy signal.... but would be curious to hear your thoughts/observations on your #BTC chart. Thanks, B
  • scottrades: @Docoof $FNV That's funny!
  • scottrades: ...
    $FNV Watch for it to get back above the 200 Day
    $AEM MAs Coiling
    $NUE Close to the highs
    $BG Flag
    $MOS I think this was stopped out on the ATL.
    $BROS Wide spread. Want to see this hold the 50 Day. Wen Earnings?
  • Docoof: @scottrades . . . . and $FNV goes back on the IBD 50. (They watched your video.)
  • Kid2old: @scottrades $GLD Thoughts on $FNV ?
  • scottrades: @Kid2old $GLD $FNV Nice move, a bit extended so I'd want to only be small and give it about 5%
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Lower Low $QQQ Nothing Good happens under the 200 Day $DIA is DOA. $SMH Heavy Selling $XLK On the way….to the 200 Day. Hey that Rhymes! $IYT Under the 200 Day. $XLU Nowhere to hide. $GLD Still ok good day for partials. $SLV Speed bump at the 200 Day #Bitcoin Nice pop but weak into the close. Gold Miners were Hot yesterday here’s how I would trade these $KL Still above the 50 Day $NEM Still above the 8EMA $GOLD Speed bump at the 200 Day $AEM Same. 200 Day Above $WPM Sloppy $FNV Watch for a weekly reversal at 139 Let’s go through the leaders… $AAPL Under the 50 Day $AMZN over 10% under the 200 Day $DIS Almost 20% under the 200 Day $NVDA Breakdown out of the channel $TSLA Rejection at the 50 Day Just for fun… $PTON If you know you know. $NFLX Bad Earnings.
  • scottrades: ...
    $FNV A former leader but under the MAs.
    $TSLA Into the gap
    $NVDA Tried some of this today, broke expectations.
    $AMD Needs to tighten up.
    $AMZN Gave it all back.
    $PFE Extended but working.
    $GILD Mentioned on Tuesday
    $ABT Tiny Daily base. New Weekly ...
  • Angdionk: $FNV bouncing off 50 and 200dma
  • gmj: #Metals Going through my watch list of metals this morning. several breaking up with vol +. Small position in $FCX and interested in $WPM, $FNV, $GOLD, $SVM, $PAAS, $GDX $GDXJ ... focused on $PALL down 40% off the highs 18% below the 200ma, basing SW across the bottom now with higher lows, 8% bb squeeze, back abv the 50ma and pivot. Game plan, sm starter pos on Monday above 197, add abv 202 and stop at 189 [-4% max]. $PALL has been a worker for me in the past, I'm looking for 15% upside/4% downside, Alerts set for b/0 202, 8ma/191.15 and 50 ma/ 189.50. Hunting will continue.
  • gt: $GLD $FNV $KNTNF $OR watching precious metals also $SII which has a finger in many mining pies
  • Ajax4Hire: @humble $SPY $SLV - Silver(and /SI[Z21] - Silver Futures) $WPM - Wheaton Precious Metals $FNV - Franco Nevada Not sure how to symbol Silver Futures on forum.
  • Angdionk: $FNV holding the 50dma
  • Angdionk: $FNV trying to hold the 50dma and flagging on the 15min intraday watching
  • wpsimril: $FNV trying to move above current flag
  • gt: $FNV $KL $OR $RGLD $KNTNF are golds finally on the move or is this another version of heartbreak hotel? watching.
  • gmj: @gt $FNV $KL $OR $RGLD $KNTNF bought some $FNV yesterday b/o from a 7% 3 mo squeeze held up best during the downdraft and now moving out, watching to add SL below the 8ma 154, will add with a pb bounce at the 8ma
  • gt: @gmj $FNV $KL $OR $RGLD $KNTNF lots of time on my hands today, so i rolled though my precious metals charts. majors show signs of life, but explorers are lonely in the basement.
  • issues: @champ #Infrastructure-Bill It also is helping gold $GDX $GOLD $GDXJ $FNV etc...
  • DAN: ...
    $FNV: “Picked up a small position of FNV on Wednesday, someone posted about it and Scott agreed with the bullish analysis. Thursday it took off, Would like to add on pullback. Your thoughts would be appreciated.” Nice entry on Wednesd ...
  • JosephM: $FNV...breakout.
  • wpsimril: @JosephM $FNV Great find and many thanks!!
  • JosephM: @wpsimril $FNV stop at $154.69. Breaks today's low it's a failed breakout.
  • Louis Berg: $ACI, $ACR, $ASX, $CEIX, $FNV, $JILL, $MN, $PAG,$PFMT, $SID, $STLD, $STM, $UMC, $VEDL......Steel and Coal Stocks are interesting as well.
  • JosephM: $FNV..nice base
  • scottrades: @JosephM $FNV Great find!
  • NickSingh: @JosephM $FNV me a fan of this on canadian side
  • JosephM: $FNV..starting to look frisky.
  • nathan09: @JosephM $FNV I agree, I was watching it today.
  • scottrades: We obviously don't know what the reaction to the Fed will be but as @Champ mentioned #Gold stocks could be worth watching. $FNV Building a nice base here. Watch for a close above 155.
  • Hans_Schultz1: $fnv alert hit. Looking frisky. Big volume yesterday . squeeze
  • Angdionk: $FNV gapping and running
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY Was Thursday just a shakeout before a move higher? $QQQ Ascending Triangle or Right Shoulder? #Bitcoin Thanks Elon. $GLD / $GDX Weakening here but $FNV and $WPM are green. $TNA Watch 97.40 $SMH Nice move today, watch for an inside day or continuation. $AAPL Holding the 200 SMA $GOOGL Bought this today $FB Watch 333 $NIO Bought a starter $NNDM Added back some today $AMAT I added back a small bit today $ASML Close to the highs $AMD Sloppy but what else is new? $MU Want to see this above the 50 Day. $UCTT Watch 58.20 $TSM Basing around the MAs $ICHR Tee’d up? $TWTR Low C&H $PYPL Watch 265 $F Holding up well considering the move. $INMD Support at the 50 Day. $DELL Curling up $SLX Steel still working $X Zoom out a bit. $CLF Support at the 21 EMA
  • scottrades: ...
    $GLD Still in trend, let’s look at some Miners: $FNV, $KL, $KGC, $HMY, $AUY, $SSRM, $AGI, $WPM, and $SAND to name a few.
    $BNTX Alert triggered today
    $CRSR Is it time??
    $AMAT Still working. Sold some yesterday.
    $DELL Still a tough Market for B ...
  • scottrades: ...
    Watch $AMZN today as it’s trying to hold above all the major MAs again. $FB and $GOOGL continue to work as well. #Bitcoin is having a good day and that could mean some decent moves in the BTC Miners like $MARA $RIOT, but the bases aren’t ...
  • scottrades: ...
    $GDX Flagging. Watch $AUY, $NEM, $PAAS $GOLD $FNV (And others)
    $SMH Though the 50 Day on Low Volume, expect a rest
    $JETS kinda looks like $F did before it broke out.
    $XLF Some banks are still working, like $GS, $MS, and $BAC
    $RBLX Move up some stop ...
  • scottrades: My #SS Notes: $SPY You’re either Taking quick profits or waiting. Both are fine! $QQQ Still in the danger zone #Bitcoin Dramatic #Ethereum Not immune $XHB Trying to make a stand close to the 50 Day. $XLF Financials are ok. $GLD / $GDX Trying to work here. $COPX Copper trying to find support around the 21 EMA $XME The EFT isn’t doing great but some stocks within it are. $ARKK Under the 200 Day. Wait for a base. $XLU Trying to hold the 50 Day MA. Great volume on $FE and $CNP Major Banks are holding up in trend: $GS / $JPM / $C /$TD Regional Banks are ok too: $KRE $RILY / $RF / $FITB Close to the highs $STLD Along the 8EMA $NUE Still working here. $FNV Nice uptrend above the MA and close to a golden cross. $NEM Watch for this on a PB
  • issues: OK thank you. I am now looking at gold/silver mining. I like these stocks: $GOLD (limit order at $22.50) $WPM (Limit at $42.30) $FNV (I like this the best. Limit at $142.) and $NEM (Limit $65). For oil I like the ol' standby $OKE (buying at market - small) . What are you guys going to do with oil and gold/silver?
  • Kid2old: @Wykeman $GOLD $NUGT $FNV $NUGT $JNUG $SVM Moving up today, NP
  • Angdionk: $FNV just moving above daily flag.
  • Angdionk: #goldminers perking up a bit off their lows. NP looking at $FNV they just reported
  • maracom: @Angdionk $FNV #goldminers $FNV's earnings were awesome. Production costs still down at $765/oz. Most of the majors have amazing balance sheets with loads of free cash flow, forwards P/Es are super cheap. I think you'll see lots of M&A activity this year. Keeping my eye on the juniors for opportunities.
  • wijimmy: @bRobert $GLD ... you see any miners setting up $EGO, $KL, $GOLD, $NEM, $FNV, $GDX
  • bRobert: @wijimmy $GLD $EGO $KL $GOLD $NEM $FNV $GDX $GDX. potential double bottom. Too early. $EGO. 50d and double bottom bounce potential ALL will work when $GLD is ready
  • wijimmy: @bRobert $GLD $EGO $KL $GOLD $NEM $FNV $GDX ..thanks buddy
  • wijimmy: @champ $NUGT $GLD ... watching all miners for PB trade $KL, $FNV ,$EGO, $GDX, $JNUG, $GOLD most under 50 and 200 on daily... but close to popping above or bouncing off 50 on weekly..
  • wijimmy: $GLD, $IAU, $KL, $GDX, $FNV, $JNUG, $NUGT, $EGO ... All going lower into close
  • wijimmy: $FNV LOD... .. down much more then other gold today.. back down to April prices.. [NP] just looking at all tickers getting slammed today..
  • Explorer: $FNV -- Wylie Coyote move down to support at 123.75 from November 2020
  • Angdionk: $FNV tring to move above 50dma
  • agiaccag: @bRobert $GDX $GLD $GOLD Thanks for input. Agree. I bought $GDX last week on the bounce. $FNV looks good as well. adding small on pullbacks $MRNA - incredible. took some off but still a large position for me in LT accnt. Target $200 ? by Thursday LOL. This is going to end at some point.
  • bRobert: @agiaccag $GDX $GLD $GOLD $FNV $MRNA $200+ WEEKLY W target potential $125 - $165 width Double bottom bounce currently in motion
  • wijimmy: $FNV only gold on my screen that's red.. bouncing along 50day daily ..ex-div of .26 today or tomorrow
  • agiaccag: @wijimmy $FNV I've been nibbling since last week. GDX, GLD , GOLD bounced. up 3 days here so a little extended. i'll add if pullbacks to support or close to it. Stop below recent support/bounce.
  • wijimmy: @agiaccag $FNV ...same here..
  • agiaccag: $FNV ugly red candle. GDX $GLD all seemingly catching their breath after the bounce. maybe bounce ultimately fails? not sure. just holding for now .
  • Doug: $FNV - test of 50d in progress
  • elgie: Here are some stocks that have pulled back over the last two weeks but have broken above their downtrend lines. Some have formed low price action boxes and could break out of these. Any comments? $CIEN $DKS $ENPH $FDX $FNGU $FNV $IBKR $NUAN $NET (earnings 11/5)
  • JosephM: $FNV...eyes on you..ha...dang someone else saw it too as it jumped
  • Angdionk: $FNV had quite the volume yesterday did get rejected by a downward trendline and below the 50dma but might be one to watch
  • scottto_2: In the for what it's worth category: A few charts that have caught my attention. $SHW $LMT $ORLY $PDD and something in the precious metals group ($WPM $PAAS $NEM $FNV etc). FYI, looking at these in Worden or the like will give more of the picture than just scrolling over the name for the 3-month chart pop-up. $SHW, $LMT, $ORLY - Consolidating. Setting alerts above the recent highs. $PDD - Not connected to the US election, economy, CoViD, may be ready to make another run like started in April. Metals - With possible $*it show coming around 11/3. Might be good to have some exposure to the fear trade. Anyhow, just some things that caught my attention as I pored over charts this weekend. Cheers, Scott
  • issues: @scottto_2 $SHW $LMT $ORLY $PDD $WPM $PAAS $NEM $FNV Scott. Thanks for your posting. Based on the charts, we sold FNV, PAAS and NEM and bought PDD.
  • DAN: Our stop on Franco Nevada ($FNV) was set at 139.90. The stock gapped down this morning and took us out of this trade. They typical move on a stock that's gapping down through your stop is to remove the stop and monitor the stock closely. Often times you will see a gap down be followed by a reversal as shorts cover and dip buyers take the stock. This is what happened today in $FNV. If you are still holding the stock, I suggest either closing it or reducing your position into this strength. The stock is in a downtrend, which is dispositive. We don't hold stocks that are in downtrends. There is literally NO valid reason for holding a stock that's trending lower. You are clearly wrong, and your plan dictates that you get out. So I'm shutting this down now. Sorry this one didn't work out. --Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $FNV -- Stopped out this morning at 135.
    $VSTO -- stopped out yesterday at 19.20.

    So this basically clears out the GSL. We'll still have DKNG, NLY and LVGO.

    I'm reluctant to add anything to the Growth Stock List at this time due to the fact that t ...
  • debpatel: @DAN $PTON $GOLD $DKNG $FNV $VSTO Hi Dan.. are we still in DKNG or got stopped out? I see you mention that we got stopped out and also mention we still have DKNG. Thanks for the clarification.
  • Carpe_Diem: @DAN $PTON $GOLD $DKNG $FNV $VSTO - Great post Dan. Trust the process!
  • DAN: FYI -- Here is the current status of the Growth Stock List.

    We had a great trade on $PTON, and I'm happy to have closed that out.

    $GOLD -- stopped out yesterday at 27.05.
    $DKNG -- stopped out this morning at 49.05
    $FNV -- Stopped out this morning a ...
  • joelsg1: @DAN $PTON $GOLD $DKNG $FNV $VSTO Assume your second mention of $DKNG typo, and that you meant to write $DDOG?
  • jeff_free69: @joelsg1 $PTON $GOLD $DKNG $FNV $VSTO $DDOG - about to say the same - I am still holding this one stop at 85.8
  • joelsg1: @jeff_free69 $PTON $GOLD $DKNG $FNV $VSTO $DDOG Might hit that stop before he replies.
  • indigo1948: @DAN $PTON $GOLD $DKNG $FNV $VSTO $NLY $LVGO - thank you Dan - almost exact same stop outs levels of my positions for the same issues but a large position in cash. For me - a very uncertain market which I will watch and wait.
  • rokey: @DAN $PTON $GOLD $DKNG $FNV $VSTO $NLY $LVGO I wish I can reach your discipline level in trading! working on it!
  • Irish: @DAN $PTON $GOLD $DKNG $FNV $VSTO $NLY $LVGO Hi Dan, you began one the Strategy Sessions this week stating that you may Stop beginning each session with a review of the $SPY. This weeks proves how valuable it is To Begin every session with an overall market view. Thank you and please always continue to review SPY first :)
  • DAN: Good morning. Stocks are set to open a bit higher today. In last night's Strategy Session, I looked at several stocks that are setting up for good entries. I'm re-posting my reference notes from last night, just in case you missed them. [The vario ...
  • jr3345: @DAN $FNV $GOLD $LVGO $PTON $VSTO $DDOG $DKNG $PINS $TDOC $SNAP $U $ESCA $DHI $TMHC $TOL $LEN $MTH The "FF" can come with an oculus option.
  • WWWilly: @DAN $FNV $GOLD $LVGO $PTON $VSTO $DDOG $DKNG $PINS $TDOC $SNAP $U $ESCA $DHI $TMHC $TOL $LEN $MTH I want the Signature model, check is in the mail ! lol
  • wjj3: @DAN $FNV $GOLD $LVGO $PTON $VSTO $DDOG $DKNG $PINS $TDOC $SNAP $U $ESCA $DHI $TMHC $TOL $LEN $MTH with the builder heavy picks take look let DOOR very good company with positive price action
  • wjj3: @DAN $FNV $GOLD $LVGO $PTON $VSTO $DDOG $DKNG $PINS $TDOC $SNAP $U $ESCA $DHI $TMHC $TOL $LEN $MTH did you get my post on $DOOR?
  • DAN: @wjj3 $FNV $GOLD $LVGO $PTON $VSTO $DDOG $DKNG $PINS $TDOC $SNAP $U $ESCA $DHI $TMHC $TOL $LEN $MTH $DOOR Yep. Saw your post, wjj3. ;-) Will take a look at $DOOR -- the break of the 50-day MA isn't what you want to see, but it's definitely one to watch.
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Franco-Nevada Corp is a gold-focused royalty and stream company with additional interests in platinum group metals, oil & gas and other resource assets.

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