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  • champ: $DK...HOD....and now direction is unknown....and this position is a move thur ER and all I can do is Trail.
  • mharps: $DK up on earnings and div ex of 11/18
  • champ: $ $33.00, their earnings News this morning is positive, however the Board also added new #Stock-Buy-Backs for the #4th quarter....and they said that they expect to purchase $75m to $ that is now in play also.
  • champ: $DK...HOD at $31...Per-earnings move, ER on 11/7, and as usual, always have to expect zig-zags.
  • champ: $DK....HOD this is a Refiner ....#Pre-ER move, they will be reporting earnings on 11/7.
  • champ: $META....HOD.....the fishing has been real good today.....and $DECK is also HOD....and these and others will be swingers for me, $DK and $ a few others.... .....more later....
  • champ: $PBF...$LUV....both had nice earnings beats....and like I posted $DK is a great ER play off of $PBF....and we will see how it plays out.
  • champ: $DK $XLE $ERX $GUSH $OIH $IEO $USO $XOP $CVX $VLO $DVN $PSCE $EOG .....there is a lot going on in this Sector and Traders are very active....with there Dart-boards...because #everything is still dancing up that mountain.
  • champ: $DK $PBF.....both are working, hanging around HOD's..... and $PBF will be reporting their ER in the morning....and $DK will be reporting on 11/7 and hopefully $DK will be getting a bounce from $PBF.
  • DAN: ...

  • champ: $DK...HOD...however always expect zig-zags.
  • champ: $PBF and $DK....going to add a little to both...
  • Docoof: @champ $DK #Earnings #pre-earnings FWIW, BofA has been pushing its top pick refiners on practically a daily basis: $PBF, $VLO, and $MPC—in that order. Edit: $PBF New 1-yr high today.
  • champ: $ $28.60.....they own 4-Refineries and they support over 700 Retail locations (Stores), plus other assets, like Asphalt Terminal ....#see their asset Map for all of their assets locations, check out their Website for that they own 248 convenience stores....and they sell fuel at other Retail contracted locations. (other Retail Locations) ....moving today and in September this stock was Upgraded, with a price target at $49..... .....On 8/4 they beat on Earnings by $1.16 and revs rose 173%.... They will be reporting #Earnings on 11/7/am/confirmed and I'm expecting a #pre-earnings move. .............Watch for Entry............. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: @Docoof $DK $PBF $VLO $MPC #Earnings #pre-earnings....Yes and I go back on this stock $DK and $PBF....over 10 years or more in the forum. LOL
  • champ: @Docoof $DK $PBF $VLO $MPC #Earnings #pre-earnings.....and $PBF hit $54 in 2018 and they will be reporting earnings on 10/27......NP for now but watching....however I'm holding size in $DK, I'm a believer.....could back-up the Truck. LOL
  • Docoof: @champ $DK $PBF $VLO $MPC #Earnings #pre-earnings Thanks, champ. Your input is always helpful and appreciated!
  • champ: $PBF $DK......positive News matters.
  • mhuie: @champ $PBF $DK Was it an upgrade or something else?
  • champ: @mhuie $PBF $DK ...Yes..upgrades with nice price targets ...
  • mhuie: @champ $PBF $DK Thanks, Champ
  • Docoof: #Refiners Refiners have been weak and are weak today: $PSX $MPC $DINO $VLO $PBF $DK
  • Docoof: #Refiners #Oil BofA, tonight around 11:00 pm EST, put out a research report in which it raised the PTs of all its Buy rated refiners. I am incapable of providing a summary of it except to say that BofA believes that the EIA’s (Energy Information Administration’s) reports are imprecise but the market is taking them as definitive. Thus: “So, it seems clear to us that the weekly data is the EIA’s attempt at an approximation. In our view, it is neither precise nor comprehensive – but it nevertheless is treated by the market as definitive. . . . As such, we think the market should recognize the EIA weekly data for what it is - an imperfect estimate that surveys <50% of the physical production in the market.” $VLO $154 to $158 $MPC $130 to $135 $PSX $124 to $127 $DINO $62 to $64 $PBF $43 to $44 [Neutral Rated $DK also raised — $34 to $35]
  • woodman: Keep an eye on #Refiners. Several have been basing and are testing resistance (tops) of the basing area - see $VLO $PBF $PSX - or are moving out of their bases - see $MPC $DK $DINO.
  • champ: @Docoof $PBF ....You know what is going on with $DK...also, been in both from the start and been posting all the info ...for those who need info ...see my Pass posts for the reasons why...could #look at....2/9, for info on both.
  • woodman: @Docoof $PBF - a number of the refiners have this look to them. See, e.g., $DK (mentioned by @champ above and which I also have; reports tomorrow though), $NGL (needs a push to get above the 50d but worth watching - np), $PARR (has moved above the 50d - np), $MPC (same - np). Others too, but be careful as some of these refiners are wobbling/possibly failing around a major moving average area. Good luck and good hunting.
  • champ: $DK...this #Refiner is HOD at $27 and they are going into their earnings report on Thursday morning and they should have a nice ER-Beat, is my guess. The YTDHigh just happened in June at $35.23, so this stock has room to move. .........Watch for Entry....and I'm going to hold a 1/2 size position into their ER-report. ....see previous forum info posts.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: $CZR $DDOG $DK $CMC $AHCO $MOS....these are positions that I posted on this morning and all are HOD....Watch for Entries.....
  • champ: @humble $DVN $FANG....NO....only $DK, and posted...OPEC is going to do a small increase tomorrow...#pre the WSJ.
  • champ: $DK ...@ $26, I'm doing a 1/3 spec/gamblers swing into their earnings, I thought that they were going to report in the morning but its not until Thursday morning.
  • debeers: @champ $DK - "spec gambler swing" sounds like a country western two-step with Willie Singing it.
  • champ: @debeers $DK ...Dolly the Best Little Whorehouse in where they played that song, the Texas 2 Step....Vance Lance.
  • champ: $DK, I'm now only swinging this stock, in this sector and I did lose some of my profits, off my stocks today... in this sector......because the price of Oil dropped down to around $94...and that was off about $5. ....I stayed-in 1-day too long...and I got hit... because #OPEC is going to have their production meeting on Wednesday...and if they add to their Oil production levels, the price of Oil will drop even lower. The odds are 50-50, is the guess....and the other guess is, why would they even want to and they don't even want to talk-down the price of Oil...however they would if they were too get something in return, from the U.S. $KMI $PAA....however I'm still holding both of these ETF's, ...investment swing positions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: #Refiners ...$PBF and $DK...$XOM....working off of each others earnings..... $DK will be reporting on Thursday morning, 8/4, the guess is they will also beat.
  • champ: $DK ...ER is on 8/4...I added again this morning and this #Refiner is my largest position, that I'm holding...because all the others have been beating on their earnings reports....and I did get back into $PBF, after their earnings report.
  • champ: $DVN @ $59.50 ...I added onto my swing position this morning....and I also did the same on $FANG $DK.
  • rjw225: Because I am in $DK alongside @champ, a swinger par excellence, I feel like a "big swinging ...". So, I would like to alert the members to two oil and gas stocks $KRP and $MGY which offer very high yields as well.
  • champ: #Set-up....$DK...8/4 @ $25.25 .. $PBF...7/28 @ $30.60 ...both of these Refiners are going into earnings.....the Set-up might be, to hold/swing $DK, for a bounce off of $PBF earnings in the morning. Then in the morning $DK, might start an earnings move into their earnings. This is how I'm going to trade $DK. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: another aware.....$ HOD and is real strong before earnings in the morning....and $DK is also HOD and is following and could run into their earnings on 8/4/after.
  • champ: $FANG $DVN $DK $PBF $CVX $XOM......all of these Day-Trades are HOD, they are in the energy sector....and maybe they will turn into Swing-trades.....
  • debeers: @champ $DK $PBF #Set-up -You are limiting yourself unless its just a day trade. No matter the price of oil, which can go up or down, IMO you want a buffer built in to the risk of Nat Gas. $MTDR is 60/40 oil to nat gas with a pristine balance sheet and high class partners like Haliburton and All Domestic so you avoid currency problems.
  • champ: @debeers......On this stock $DK .....I expect that I will be swinging my Full-position...... .....on $MTDR...I #haven't posted on this stock.....
  • champ: $XOP $FANG $DVN $DK $CVX $ looks like I will be swinging these positions....and on $PBF, I will Not swing this position into earnings.
  • champ: $GUSH $OIH $BOIL.. $LNG $DVN $FANG $PXD $CVX $XOM $PBF $DK.....the Energy sector is really strong going into their earnings......and is holding back the Markets and the other sectors.
  • Docoof: @champ $GUSH $OIH $BOIL $LNG $DVN $FANG $PXD $CVX $XOM $PBF $DK Do you think there is a rotation back into the energy sector?
  • champ: @Docoof $GUSH $OIH $BOIL $LNG $DVN $FANG $PXD $CVX $XOM $PBF $DK,...Yes because they are going into their earnings, however need entry timings in order to hold....because all Bounce moves could zig-zags and we know that this is probably going to be short-term, in this type of Market, in these type of conditions....and short term could be a Day or a week or more....we just don't know....... need to pick-out stocks to run with, to work with...... ...............Watch for Entries.....and home work is required, ahead of time..... meaning which stocks in this sector, report first.....need to know all of the earnings dates.....because these are only Trades....with #Core positions, and with #Trading-positions to work with, around Core positions. .....Class over....#Good-Luck..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Docoof: @champ $GUSH $OIH $BOIL $LNG $DVN $FANG $PXD $CVX $XOM $PBF $DK #Core #Trading-positions #Good-Luck What a comprehensive, instructive and detailed answer! Thanks, champ!!
  • issues: @champ $GUSH $OIH $BOIL $LNG $DVN $FANG $PXD $CVX $XOM $PBF $DK Thank you Champ. I just bought $PXC & $MRO. Holding all the others like $CVX $OIH $XOP etc.
  • bilipi: $PSX $CVI $MPC $DK $COP $SD these are all along their 8EMA . If you see something interesting shout it out , we'll work on it more and get it out to the group .
  • champ: @woodman $BPT $PBF $VLO $PSX $CVI $MPC #Refiners...and $DK is another one to look at.
  • bilipi: @champ $BPT $PBF $VLO $PSX $CVI $MPC $DK #Refiners gottit ... send them in . I'll try to find some technical aspects or entries that can help folks along the way . thank -you
  • woodman: @champ $BPT $PBF $VLO $PSX $CVI $MPC $DK #Refiners - DK nice one too, Champ. I'm currently in $BPT and $PBF. I think you already may have PBF. Very orderly uptrend with ~20d support.
  • woodman: #Refiners $VLO $DK $MPC $CVI $PBF $BPT still in uptrends.
  • champ: $PBF $DK....both are HOD....
  • champ: $DK at $24.70....the guess is....this stock could #BreakOut even more before they report their earnings on 5/3/before...should follow $XOM and $PBF....
  • champ: $AAPL $AMZN $XOM $CVX $XPO $LOW $PBF $DK $SLCA $SSO $LUV $TWTR $DWAC $YELL $KMI $ET $DRI $BAC $RF $CZR $MGM, getting some nice moves today and today is also $PAA, x-date.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Can we hold the 4X Bottom? $QQQ Trend is still down $GLD Green today $UUP Should come back in the bands $DBC Holding above all the MAs $XOP Holding the 50 Day $XLU Above the 50 Day $XLV at the 200 Day $XLP Above all the MAs $XLB Holding the 200 Day (FCX, NEM, CF) $XME Under the 50 Day $GBTC Higher Lows, Flat top $AAPL Whippy on Earnings $AMZN Same $TSLA Still under the 200 Day $NVDA Needs a base $TWTR Holding the 8EMA $PYPL Holding the Pandemic Low $AR Great volume $OXY Holding the 50 Day $MRO Looks the same $SU Breakout on volume $CVE Same $VLO Holding the Flag Break $PBF Back to the highs $DK Same $BSM Earnings Next week. $CNX Watch 21.70 $ARCH Watch 176 $CEIX Holding the 8EMA $COST Holding the 50 Day $WMT Holding the 21 EMA
  • champ: @woodman $BPT #Refiners ...I have been posting on both of these also.. $PBF is a triple and $DK is almost a double, since last July.
  • champ: $PBF and $DK , both are still working.
  • champ: $PBF and $DK....have now doubled or $DK just about doubled their stock prices.
  • champ: $ HOD and $DK is also strong...along with $XOM.
  • champ: #BreakOuts.....there are all kinds of different Breakouts going on and many fell back and are now trying to build a base....$NVDA $PBF $DK $BLDR $MGM...... .....all BreakOuts, will all have to build a base, at some point... and thats just the way BreakOuts work...... it takes Working-Capital, to play all of the Zig-Zags..... .....because #guessing is what We all do and that is how We all Work..... and it's just that Simple. Need to Watch and Learn how to be a good Guesser because some can guess much better that others, plus need to learn how to build working-capital. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: $PBF $DK ...Check out both of these #Refiners, see their Websites, they both still have room and this move should continue..see past Info posts.
  • champ: $DK...this #Refiner is OutPerforming all the others this morning and I'm also holding $PBF, after both fell back, I did get back-in....Investment positions,...see Info posts and their Websites for all of their Info......
  • champ: $DK $18.00...I did get back into this Refiner today and they owns others Refiners and Convenience Stores...see previous info posts.
  • champ: $PBF and $DK both of these Refiners are still in play and I'm also holding $XOM and $CVX like I posted and these pipeline companies... $KMI $PAA $PAGP and $XLE, plus I'm also trading $GUSH, In Out, In Out..over and over. ..The guessing continues.. .....There is a lot going on in the Energy Sector..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: ...
    from different places.....$PBF $DK $MOS and all the other ones.....
    So the bottom line is...I'm on the Schwab Edge, daily full-time during market hours....and I see what is going on...and everything is News driven....and I don't know who these young ...
  • champ: $XLE $OIH $CVX $XOM $PBF $DK $SLCA $SOI $LBRT $NEX $PAA $KMI $ Energy positions are really working this morning....
  • champ: $PBF and $DK....took full profits on both,... my price targets were hit.
  • AdrenalineTrade: @champ $PBF $DK Congrats!
  • champ: $PBF and $DK....these were my best swing positions on Friday and I'm extremely overweighted in the Energy sector, been posting on both of these positions and I'm still holding both of these swings from Thursday. I go way back on both of these stocks, maybe around 10 years or so and there are back stories/history on each. .....I'm not going to repost my positions that I'm currently working/swinging in this sector...because I did that on Friday, for those who might want to look....and honestly I'm swinging too much risk, even after I dragged profits off.
  • champ: $GUSH $BOIL $XLE $CVX $XOM $PBF $DK $KMI $PAA $PAGE $TECK $MOS $IPI $SOI $SLCA $BTU $CMC....These are the positions that I'm holding for now because of Russia ....
  • champ: $ $19.40 up plus +$2.30 off of LOD and I expect zig-zags. .....BofA will be having their 2022 #Refining-Conference on 3/10 and I expect all of my investment positions in this sector will continue to Move-up and bounce even more at that conference...because of new News about refining spreads are climbing and that = $$$$ Profits. I'm also holding $DK and $XOM, investment positions.
  • champ: More #Breakouts...$PBF...up 15%,----- $DK..up 7.5% ----- $XOM..up 3.5%
  • champ: ...
    .....for example, my swing positions in #refiners, really took off today....$PBF $DK $XOM...... I was swinging these ETF's in the energy sector also, $GUSH $BOIL $XOP..and I added large Day-Trades to these Core positions, however I took #f ...
  • champ: ...
    OT, however here is a stock to maybe Watch...$DK, because Carl Icahn is working this stock and he is trying to get 3 new Board members on their board at their Annual Meeting......this is in play...going into their earnings.

    #Thanks for the post.. ...
  • bill52: @champ $IPI $MOS $NTR $FMC $UAN $CF $NRT $DK #News #current #will #Thanks agree. fertilizers have been doing well . long $IPI and $MOS. MOS nice and steady gains. IPI a little more bouncy but gets the job done. usually the laggard but historically catches up quickly. yes, agree volume is low on this one so can move quickly when folks start jumping in.
  • champ: @bill52 $IPI $MOS $NTR $FMC $UAN $CF $NRT $DK #News #current #will #Thanks....On $IPI, my guess is ...this stock has a #floor under it and traders play all the #Flash-Bounces, they step down on HOD and then add Right-back.... .....and that is exactly what is going on with this stock....because traders know that this stock #for-sure is going to have another Flash-Bounce,..... they/we just don't know when that is going too happen ...and that could have at #anytime...... stay focused, plus could Hold and Spec-Build before earnings, then step-down for a swing-into earnings, right before on one-way to work this stock..... ......however always work...your way and the hell with all the other ways. I'm just saying. LOL
  • champ: $DK and on $PBF...I took the Profits and moved them into $DK....looking for a #Pre-ER-move.
  • champ: $DK....however for now see $PBF...this #Refiner, is the largest independent refiner in the U.S. and they will be reporting earnings in the mornings,...they should #beat and maybe have a huge surprise.......
    ...and I believe they own 7-refiners in the ...
  • champ: @woodman $FAS....$LABU ....Worked last week and Now these are New trades for me, and I don't know what is going to happen.....however if something does happen....I have both of these 2-sectors covered, for now....... .......$FAS and $LABU.... I'm now working other sectors..... ....$ this one ....$ this one..... .....$ this one and also still holding $DK and both $LBRT and $NEX... Plus 12 other positions. LOL
  • bigbartabs: @champ $FAS $LABU $CZR $DWAC $PBF $DK $LBRT $NEX ... I too started again a LABU postion. Seems to be bottoming out after weeks of a mess.
  • champ: $PBF $DK....these #Refiners.. are both HOD and I have investment swing positions....the Set-up was $XOM...HOD-L.
  • champ: ...
    .....$LBRT $NEX $SLAC.....$PBF $DK......$XOM.....$AZEK....$VSTO.....
    .....$SIG.....$KIM $PAA.....$GVA.....$RAD-Spec.....$YELL $SAIA....$GXO....
    .....$NFLX.....$DWAC....$ these 2-spec ETF's....$FAS.....$TNA....$KRE.
    I'm currently holding ...
  • champ: $PBF $DK...both HOD-L...#Refiners.....both have positive News flow,...swings....and always expect zig-zags.
  • champ: $DK @ $22.... HOD, this is a refiner and so is $PBF, these are on earning runs...
  • DrScience: #Refiners benefitting from $GS projecting further increases in crude prices, currently $61/bbl, limited supplies, and Texas weather issues. $CVI reports after the close today. $DK reports after the close tomorrow. $MPC upgraded to Overweight at $JPM, PT $67 $PSX downgraded to Neutral at $JPM , PT $65 $VLO surpassed $MS PT of $74
  • DrScience: #Oil #Energy stocks moving on crude /CL over $55/bbl. #Refiners $MPC reported better than expected earnings. Refiners moving on the news. $VLO $DK $CVI $PSX #Integratedl $COP reported better than expected earnings. $XOM moving strongly off 8 EMA. $CVX trapped between moving averages.
  • champ: @Firemedic $AMZN #Setting-Up ---- I have No clue, don't really know...I'm just working what is working. There is a lot going on.....$AMZN $BIDU $AAPL $GUSH $LABU $Z $ZM $U $SQ $FSLY $DK $OXY $CHWY.....
  • champ: @Wykeman $GUSH $XOM $HES ---- Yes Oil is moving and it started right around 11/13 because of Oil-News and that news continues. $BLNK, is up 203%, since then. $OXY is up 72% $GUSH, is up 65% $NBR, is up 94% $FANG, is up 48% $DK, is up around 30%, plus $PBF, see their websites. I like $DK, they are really diversify, they even have retail and asphalt.
  • champ: $DK, Check this out...
  • champ: A few other nice Moves this morning...$ZM $U $OXY $DK......
  • DrScience: ...
    $CVI, $DK - have some catchin' up to do.

    All the charts look similar vis-a-vis price action, but I like the first three simply because their dividend yields are > 5.5% (my fave, $VLO is highest @ 7.2%).

  • bRobert: @DrScience $VLO $PSX $MPC $CVI $DK #Refiner I like. watching the WEEKLY. 50. WEEK. ceilings. for. many stocks. Usually resistance on first strike. Huge. reversal moves. when cracked.Retest bounce
  • champ: ...
    ~~~~ $DK and $PBF, were both up over 30% today....Refiners were really strong.

  • DrScience: $VLO My fav refiner not feeling the love today after failing to retake the 200 DMA on Wednesday. I bought MAR 85 Puts @ 3.35 and 3.70. Other refiners, $DK, $CVI, $PSX in a similar boat, with $MPC being the outlier.
  • baronp0329: @DrScience $VLO $DK $CVI $PSX $MPC In at 56.50 - 56.75 with $MPC a few days ago when it broke above 200d. May have near term resistance around 60, Red today. Should be a Mid-Longer term hold.
  • DrScience: @tnt $VLO $MPC $PSX $DK If the price of oil is goin' up, then the cost to refiners for their main input is goin' up. Passing along costs may take a while, but these guys will eventually get there. But, charts are saying that with price below the 200 DMA, the best bet is to be on the side of the bears for a few more weeks.
  • Ajax4Hire: @DrScience $VLO $MPC $PSX $DK Oil Refiners do not buy the oil; provide Refinery Service only. Demand for service loosely moves with price of oil and Season. Moving soon to "Summer-blend"(less expensive to refine). Some US states(CA for example) have additional requirements which increase Refinery cost(which IS passed on to the customer). For example: $3.07/gallon; $COST Costco, Lakewood, CA(Los Angeles) $1.96/gallon; $COST Costco, Buford, GA(North Atlanta) reported by GasBuddy: I tried to get an Apples-to-Apples comparison.
  • :
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Stock Price $25.34
Change -1.44%
Volume 1,209,780

A holding company, which is engaged in energy business focused on petroleum refining, wholesale sales of refined products and retail marketing.

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