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  • woodman: $CROX - @wanda1616 recently mentioned this solid performer. It should be on the radar. It's pulling back. Pullbacks to the 50d have been a good spot.
  • woodman: $CROX - hammer off 34dEMA.
  • wanda1616: $EL $CROX these are stocks you can sleep with. stocks with benefits. : )
  • woodman: @wanda1616 $EL $CROX #EasyRider #NoDrama stocks.
  • scottrades: $CROX holding the 8EMA. Watch 147.75 for some volume.
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY ATH - Let’s not get complacent. $QQQ: ATH - Be careful buying anything that’s extended. $SMH - A bit extended $BLOK Popping out of a small box. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum nice move off the lows $AAPL Nice breakout on volume $AMZN Filling the gap but still under the 50 Day $FB Breaking out on volume $MSFT Out of a tight flag $SQ Above the slope, good volume, more of a HODL. $TSLA Added this morning $PLTR Added this morning $HUT Trying to sit with it. $MARA Holding the 8EMA $RIOT LAGGING $COIN Working but supply up above. $MSTR Watching the slope $CROX Watching 147.75 $DBX Volume into the close $DT Watch 68.30 $ASO Working. Let it work. $ENPH Not a long base but close to the 50 Day $NET 5 Little tops.
  • woodman: In no particular order, some #EasyRider #NoDrama stocks to keep on your radar (not necessarily a buy rhrn, though some may well be, but these are for your consideration because they are pretty easy-going performers and have the coveted lower left to upper right path). $EPAM $CROX $CARR $GS $MS $GRMN $JCI $IT $INTU $FTNT $OTIS $DKS $ETN $PAYX $BX $EW $A COST MSFT $GOOG
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY 450 $QQQ ATH $DIA Holding the 21 EMA $SMH in a channel? #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Strong into the weekend. $PLTR Added a bit today. $TSLA Short base. $MSTR Watch for a move over the slope $RIOT Holding the 8EMA $MARA Great volume $COIN if you bought off the 50 Day you’re good. $HUT You love to see it! $JBHT Moving out of a base. $ALL Watch 140 $ZI Watch 64 $CRWD Hitting new highs, wait for the PB. $NDAQ Mentioned this morning. $CROX Late stage base. $DBX Tight along the 50 Day
  • bRobert: @debeers $PFE SPY has been a better investment. $MSFT. much better Your. usuals. like $RH. far better. $BOOT $CROX I think you need some coffee
  • snowbound: $CROX Soft touch of the 20SMA DAILY with a closing tail . holding
  • wanda1616: $CROX simply amazing. holds up like old fashioned hairspray
  • lauralynnee: @wanda1616 $CROX The AquaNet of footwear
  • wanda1616: $CROX this is a killer stock. aginst all odds
  • Wykeman: $CROX NH Wants way more.
  • scottrades: $CROX coming out of it's flag.
  • Mikev200: @scottrades $CROX wow +1000% from covid low..NP :(
  • scottrades: My #SS Notes: The Weekly Chart on $TSLA has Plaid Potential. Here’s the level to watch! $SPY / $QQQ Watch to see how AMZN’s Earnings play out! $DIA Still around 350 $SMH Early Buy op yesterday, nice follow through today. $GDX Nice pop but under the major MAs $SLX Nice move in some Steel Stocks like $STLD $CLF #Bitcoin Fighting 40K. Time for Alts to pop? $AMZN Down AH - Earnings Season continues. $AMD Great Follow through $NVDA Tight along the 8EMA $AMAT Tight. Earnings August 12 $TSLA Added to the ATL $NKLA Somehow this is still listed. $PYPL Sold the last of it $FB Out of my last shares. $ALGN Added to the ATL $SNOW Watch 275 $AVGO Basing $CROX Working $SONO Keep watching $U Keep watching $LB Above resistance on low volume $TJX Still bumping up against 69 $RIOT / $MARA / $HUT Watch the Highs
  • Firemedic: @scottrades $AMD $MSFT $MSTR $RIOT $MARA $HUT $INMD $TJX $AMN $CROX $NET $TWTR #Bitcoin #Crypto Scott what level or moving average would you look to take initial positions in $MARA or $RIOT?
  • Max115: @scottrades $AMD $MSFT $MSTR $RIOT $MARA $HUT $INMD $TJX $AMN $CROX $NET $TWTR #Bitcoin #Crypto What do you mean by watch $CROX 103.45??
  • scottrades: @Max115 $CROX Oops, I mean watch 131.45. Sorry, coffee hasn't kicked in yet. :)
  • scottrades: ...
    $CROX - Watch 131.45
    $NET - Watch 117
    $TWTR - Close to the 21 EMA. Watch 69.50

    Also another reminder I’m away from the website FRIDAY, and this coming MONDAY and TUESDAY.


  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes: $SPY / $QQQ In trend $DIA Basing $SMH Nice PB Buy op today $TAN not a great pattern, but watching for a base #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Up/Down/Up/Down All Day. $AMD Beautiful Breakout. This can be whippy! $PYPL I’m Small into Earnings $FB Sold some yesterday and today. Earnings beat, down AH $TSLA Watch the triangle $CROX Nice bounce $DAVA Nice volume today $LB Watch 78.75 $NET Good close on volume $SNOW Watch 272 $SNAP Mentioned in the forum $CHWY Pokersmith’s Pet Stock $THC Mentioned by Alex in the forum $IIPR Top of the Cup $TLRY Great volume under the MAs $MSTR Earnings tomorrow $RIOT / $MARA / $HUT Still watching these Crypto stocks
  • bRobert: $CROX. flag. break. $124.90. stop. or risk gap fill. Consider partials. if not. done before. You can always. add back later. $BOOT. top of range
  • Wykeman: $CROX 2 price target hikes today. $152 $160 earnings were stellar. I'm thinking $160 is doable.
  • Wykeman: @Wykeman $CROX second-quarter revenue was up 93% at $641 million, ahead of FactSet consensus for $567 million. EPS was $4.93, up from 83 cents. Adjusted EPS came to $2.23, beating FactSet consensus for $1.59. Revenue growth in the Americas was 135.6%, Asia Pacific was up 27.1% and Europe, Middle East, and Africa was up 52.6% on a constant currency basis, the company said. "We continue to see strong consumer demand for the Crocs brand globally. On the back of record second-quarter results and continued momentum, we are raising our full-year 2021 guidance," said Chief Executive Andrew Rees. The company guided for 2021 revenue growth of 60% to 65%. In April it guided for 2021 revenue growth of 40% to 50%.
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $CROX $150 flag target with trigger Long before they were Holey
  • Wykeman: $CROX beat beat up 8% congrats if you own it.
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $CROX WEEKLY NO DRAMA holding stock Those holey shoes just walk up the upper band I recommended this stock at $40 and had high targets at the time that have largely exceeded $140 target now got a lot closer
  • DAN: ...
    $CROX -- you can’t buy a stock that pops 11%. Particularly when the squeeze is not perfect...and this one is not.
    $HZNP -- $98.50 was really the highest entry because it popped above June 28th high. Anything higher is chasing. Maybe this is ...
  • bRobert: $CROX Consolidation phase weekly getting ready for $130 Daily pinch
  • snowbound: $CROX 20SMA DAILY . EARNINGS 07.22 . adding .
  • snowbound: $CROX Adding on the BO .
  • Max115: @Pokersmith $ROP $crox
  • Pokersmith: @Max115 $ROP $crox Fine stock pick to be sure, but not AS polite and well behaved. That said...some naughty outperformance with $CROX....beast mode
  • scottrades: $CROX continues to base along the 8EMA.
  • snowbound: @scottrades $CROX WEEKLY so , even more dramatically than the on the DAILY , we see that ceiling of resistance with buyers below ....
  • scottrades: @snowbound $CROX Earnings coming up on July 22nd. Could be building a launch pad. We'll see..
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY Moving up on low volume. $QQQ Same $DIA Coming out of it’s base. $IWM Going sideways since Feb. $XRT Just under resistance. $TAN In trend but needs a base. $SLX Steel is Strong. $MSOS MAs are stacking. $JETS Still in a downtrend but look for some stability here. $DIS Mickey goes for a ride. $TSLA Back to the scene of the crime. $NIO Needs to get back above the 8/21 EMA $PYPL Working. $STLD Above the 50 Day $CLF Above it’s base $KEYS Great volume on this move. $CROX Watching 118.60 (I bought some Crocs Sandals over the weekend = Bullish) $INMD Earnings Pre-Announce Gift $LHX Looks like $KEYS. $HD Needs a close above 324.50 $INOV Watch the slope. $BURL Watch 336 $DDS Watch 191 $TJX Watch 68.60
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY Back to new highs but let’s not get sloppy $QQQ In trend $DIA Holding support $TAN A little sloppy $XRT Nice slingshot rebound $XLK Trending. $SLX Right under the 50 Day $DIS Watch for a strong close above the 50 Day. $PYPL Close to the Feb Highs $AVGO Above a month long base on ok volume. $KEYS Up on low volume $CROX Watch $HD Watch 324.50 $RH In trend but whipping around a bit. $LMT Basing under the 50 Day $LHX Just under resistance $ESI Watch 24 $AVTR High base. Watch 36.45 $COLD Reit close to a weekly pivot $STLD/$TX A little fade into the close $CLF Watch for a move over 22.60
  • snowbound: $CROX Core hold . I added this morning ... now I'm lightening up .
  • snowbound: $CROX Phase #2 appears completed with a soft touch into the 20SMA DAILY as support . This level is also previous swing high of 06.14 for additional support . Added . fp
  • bRobert: @snowbound $CROX #2 Great entry is at the 20d that's how strong this is Great employee Just holding Low tech multi bagger
  • snowbound: $CROX Phase 2 type move . 122.85 approx. previous BO level 06.28 for an add . fp
  • bRobert: @DavidM $ROKU $MRVL $NIO Look at the monster move in ROKU over a few months. 50%. $300 to . $450+ testing top of channel Due for a breather. Sell covered calls if you like Partial profits etc. Different than a steady WEEKLY walk up like $CROX $RH $BX etc
  • bRobert: @Mounty $RH Yup. You can make huge gains just HOLDING the right stocks $CROX $BOOT $MSFT Many many others
  • bRobert: @Pokersmith #Banks $CROX Holy shoes that don't walk on water Members laughed at my outrageously high targets. when at $40. Far surpassed Rotating bull market. giving every sector a chance Hot sectors given a chance to cool off and consolidate a bit
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $CROX #Banks good ol' sector rotation...( wink wink ) Beautiful chart = $CROX
  • JosephM: $WLL/$CROX/$DBX/$GMED... $WLL..something is going on here. RS line at a new high and the stock is still $18 away from the 52 week high. See that volume spike. $CROX..RS line at new high...finally some volume but it failed. with a $3 pullback. Watching for a better entry. $DBX..52 week high with volume $GMED..looking at my alert at $74.10. Hmmn
  • snowbound: @JosephM $CROX I like your chart . It wasn't a perfect ending into Friday's close but also not terminal as a Gravestone Doji would have been . This one has a tail on the DAILY where buyers offered support . It failed outside the upper Bollinger Band and I'll add more if it dips mid-channel into the 110 - 111 level . This has been everything that bRobert said it was .... a nice easy hold with little drama . I can have a few of these and still actively trade the faster movers as well so it helps fill out a portfolio strategy approach . Correction: it may yet be considered a gravestone-type .... I'll say its not terminal ( i.e. I see a few wild flowers sprouting at the base of the gravestone ) . Buy the PB !
  • snowbound: @JosephM $CROX $CROX has been a solid steady mover testing repeatedly and then migrating through its channel . Now its toying with the top of the box .
  • snowbound: $CROX This moves in stealthy but reassuring ways . The severity of any PB at R1 is already wrung out of the move . It could easily fade right through the top of the box unnoticed ... snowbie - O .
  • snowbound: $CROX Is testing into resistance turned support from prior Swing highs on 05.07 and 5.26 . The failed breakout on 06.14 was the fakeout .. added at the 8EMA DAILY .
  • snowbound: $CROX ... Nice graphics . It tested into the 8EMA DAILY as support in the first 2x 15MIN sticks . Reversed in stick 3 and tested into the previous swing highs and the upper Bollinger Band . It then retraced and closed within a few points of the 38.2% FIB retracement for that move in a BULLISH REVERSAL DOJI ... absolutely lovely ... ... a rose by any other name ...
  • snowbound: $CROX is looking a little like $BOOT . It still needs to take out the swing high ( failed BO ) of 06.08 , not distant .The 20SMAD is lifting .
  • snowbound: $CROX .. This is opening a couple points above the 20SMA DAILY and I'll take the bounce . A failure at the 20 puts ~100 - level in play . Last WEEKLY candle ( Friday's candle ) failed at the upper wick . In extreme VOL the 50SMA is base support 98- .. well defined . I'd like to add at support .... but therein is the trick ... up-trending stock in an up trending market is the best way to be wrong .
  • snowbound: $CROX Rose off the 20SMAD on moderate VOL . It went from a 10% squeeze into a failed breakout , now a DAILY soft touch of the 20 . Squeeze energy was released ( the BBs widened ) and yet directionally it looks improved . Today's upper wick is R1 = 8EMA . A 3% jiggle is in the middle if this retests the 20SMA . In an established uptrend the temptation is there to gab at the 3% as well if it offers . Latent squeeze energy is in motion to juice a 20SMAD bounce .
  • snowbound: $CROX ... 20SMA DAILY is my bogie with green shoots ... completes PHASE #2 type move .
  • bRobert: $CROX. high base. C&H. like. Breakout retest. bounce. $130+. Long term. hold. Admire the. WEEKLY. walk up
  • bRobert: $JYNT. Nh. No. drama WEEKLY. Get a fleet of these and go fishing $CROX $RH. $MTDR. $CZR. Many others. Great buy and holds. $BFLY. WEEKLY. double bottom. bounce. from $10. Reversal. base. $20+. potential
  • bill52: @bRobert $JYNT $CROX $RH $MTDR $CZR $BFLY $ASXC $ASXC also doing well. medical device area.
  • bRobert: $CROX. nh. A. GREAT. employee. just holding over the past year No. drama
  • JosephM: $CROX..added on Friday. stop moved up to $109.42, under today's low. If it's a breakout, it should not break LOD.
  • jkbricco: Good morning! In our quest to find moves before they happen, may I suggest $COST $CROX $SYK
  • jkbricco: $CROX BB squeeze on the day chart, BB squeeze starting on the 5m
  • JosephM: $ the pattern. Volume is light but it's knocking on the door.
  • snowbound: @Yes-Man $CROX The 20SMA DAILY is flipping the bird .. testing now into the top Bollinger band .
  • JosephM: $CROX..nice set up. bought a couple days ago.
  • snowbound: $CROX Support entry at the 20SMA DAILY . SQUEEZE continues post earnings . Adding on GREEN shoots .
  • snowbound: $CROX ... Tested the top of the DAILY channel with rejection but the squeeze tightens . Adding into the close .
  • snowbound: $CROX ... ready to buy ready to try ..
  • snowbound: $CROX .. I've finally found my stock-issue SMM filter glasses which admittedly need a good dusting off . 05.26 was simply a failed BO OFF the 20SMA . Yesterday was the high VOLUME spinner ON the 20SMA . I've heard some mention of this as a COVID play ... if anyone attempts to politicize this trade I don't want to hear it ! I want to make as much money as I can so I can fuel Boo Boo's Brave New World we're on the precipice of delving into . Its all about science as long as its not economic science .
  • snowbound: $CROX small add-on ( Please don't tell Dan on snowbie ..)
  • DAN: @snowbound $CROX I have 2 pair of crox. Comfy.
  • snowbound: @DAN $CROX .. and I'm getting a rower ! ... but it may actually have water beneath it just to keep myself grounded . You are truly the fortuitous Master ( master of fortuity ?) .. Best to you . Will
  • scottrades: $CROX has pilled back to the 8EMA
  • snowbound: $CROX I put WEEKLY support just under 100- for a starting toe-hold with a tight STOP . 12% squeeze seems lo-momo yet suggests potential 10% swing to test top of channel .
  • Banner: @snowbound $CROX seems like you are buying right in the middle of trading box $97 - $109 and far away from the 50 DMA, it may have to consolidate a little more here
  • snowbound: @Banner $CROX That would break my thesis and break my stop ( if I did buy ) but correct . DAILY flag waiting for a potential trigger . Thanx .. Its sloppy , agreed .
  • Eng_trader: $CROX moving up. good volume
  • scottrades: ...
    $CROX Consolidating but watch that slope.
    $WMT A Request. It’s kinda trendless. (edited)
  • snowbound: $CROX Nice pattern on the DAILY . Soft touch of the 20SMA . WEEKLY high flag ~ 97 base support . np ... eyes - on .
  • snowbound: $CROX zooming out with my special glasses I now see the Head & Shoulders on the DAILY . It seems shallow to have a great effect but perhaps there's a doctor somewhere in the house to explain the holes in my analysis ... weakness WEEKLY ~ 94 level to watch .. potential wish list .
  • Amisure: Weekend Study List - out late today due to travel, Ideas to watch for possible entries- $CROX $WAL $COWN $DLTH $HZO $SNX $EVR $MGA $FOXF $ASML $CG $GLW $FTNT $FEYE $DHR
  • mustardman: @debeers $BOOT I still care. It was an ugly day to hold the stock, but better days ahead to sell. I am a customer who now buys his work boots there and have started to notice A LOT of the guys I see in the field wearing the same....and surprisingly proud and willing to comment on the product. They have preferred Boot products that can not be purchased elsewhere. I noticed the same thing about $crox --my shoe of choice when entering a customers house or around my house back in 2019. (sold out bull)
  • raj_v: $CROX how to trade this? It is extended but that volume spike on earnings was wow
  • wanda1616: $CROX and $XME outperform. interesting mix.
  • bRobert: @wanda1616 $CROX $XME Holy shoes. Golden calf
  • wanda1616: @champ $XRT $GPS $AEO $LEVI $LB $CPRI $GCO $HIBB $ROST $KTB $GO #ATH $CROX not too shabby and $M may be starting to gain traction
  • champ: @wanda1616 $XRT $GPS $AEO $LEVI $LB $CPRI $GCO $HIBB $ROST $KTB $GO $CROX $M #ATH ---- I have been watching $M is on my retail Watch-list..... I like it...but for now NP.
  • champ: @wanda1616 $XRT $GPS $AEO $LEVI $LB $CPRI $GCO $HIBB $ROST $KTB $GO $CROX $M #ATH....$M...the X-CEO was on Thursday... I believe it was, talking about Retailers...maybe someone could post that interview, if they watched it...because I don't know if it was on Fox-B or CNBC.
  • wanda1616: $CROX who would believe it... maybe @Champ
  • Geewhiz: @wanda1616 $CROX Definitely @bRobert
  • champ: @wanda1616 $CROX ---- Retail stocks like this....are all about their Sales and #Profit-numbers, (record breaking numbers) and then upgrade like this one today, can follow and push the stock up even more, on certain stocks that are going into their main selling season...... There are also a #huge number of Traders, that also trade off of upgrades.
  • bRobert: @wanda1616 $CROX What don't you believe? Very bullish WEEKLY Cup chart An easy long term hold No drama I starting posting about this last year at $35 - $40 with a $75 initial target With cup expansion $100 came into play Holey shoes that don't walk on water If the shoe fits, add it to your portfolio trade Profit zone now
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $CROX ahem there was some drama but glad i persevered esp after learning of the justin bieber collaboration : )
  • bRobert: @wanda1616 $CROX Ahem No drama on the WEEKLY chart until this week's upside breakout Steady Freddy climb for over a year
  • Wykeman: $UPS and $CROX Earnings beat.
  • Wykeman: @Wykeman $UPS $CROX Crocs (NASDAQ:CROX): Q1 Non-GAAP EPS of $1.49 beats by $0.60; GAAP EPS of $1.47 beats by $0.61. Revenue of $460.1M (+63.6% Y/Y) beats by $45.31M. Andrew Rees, Chief Executive Officer, said, "Demand for the Crocs brand is stronger than ever with expected 2021 revenue growth of 40% to 50%. In the first quarter we achieved record revenues and profitability, with growth in all regions and all channels. We have raised full year guidance as we continue to see consumer demand for our product accelerate globally."
  • Pokersmith: @Wykeman $UPS $CROX plays into @deBeers footwear thesis
  • Wykeman: @Pokersmith $UPS $CROX Or champs retail outlook.👍
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Stock Price $USD 162.38
Change -2.27%
Volume 1,394,080

Crocs, Inc. and its subsidiaries are engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of consumer products, mainly casual & athletic shoes & shoe charms, from specialty resins referred to as Croslite.

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  • February 22nd, 2022 - 2021 Q4 Earnings
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