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  • BarryC: I DON'T mean to hack @Dan's post just wanted to share a couple Energy Names that I have on my watchlist... $CNQ, $COP, $CPG, $EQT, $FANG, $RRC, & $VAL
  • jpoko13: $CNQ looking frisky and breaking out
  • bigbartabs: $WST $TDS $CHTR $CABA $MA $CAMT $APOS $USM $CX $GES $CSCO $USM $CNQ $ATR ... lots of tickers taking off today... this list is the most recent new highs I'm seeing in the last hour
  • camaro69: @bigbartabs $WST $TDS $CHTR $CABA $MA $CAMT $APOS $USM $CX $GES $CSCO $CNQ $ATR Thanks for posting!
  • bill52: $CNQ watching for possible break out. NP yet.
  • Carpe_Diem: Oil / Gas looks interesting here with Biden about to refill the Strategic oil reserves, China opening up again and buying more from the Saudi's and not to mention the games that Putin is playing. I loaded back up in $OXY, $COP, $HES, $MUR, $CNQ, $LNG, $IMO and $FANG. $HES and $COP are the best run companies of the bunch. $CNQ is determined to buyback 10% of it's float and will boast the Div greatly.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Would like to see a pullback $QQQ PPI Surprise Pop sold into $UUP Watch/Listen for any Fed Speak $XLE Still the place to be $XOP Same $GDX Holding up well. Watch for an entry. $SMH At the 200 Day $SHOP Sold this today. $MSFT Would like to see this base. $ANET Still making higher lows, but whippy $APA Flag $CNQ Watch 62.60 $COP Flag $CVE Flag $DINO New high good volume $OVV Breaking out of a range $DVN Bought this today $SM Also looking good $FRO New High $XOM Near the highs $ADM Channel $BTU At resistance
  • woodman: $HAL nice move out of flag. Still holding this, $OIH and $CNQ. Similar action in each and across the board in oil and gas and related. Also holding $VLO.
  • woodman: $CNQ - making right side of a "W," edging up past the middle part of the "W" today.
  • scottrades: My notes: COTD: This Discount Retailer is holding up well in this market. $BJ $SPY Broke the June Low $QQQ Still above the June Low $UUP Screaming $TNX Screaming $VIX Near the Yearly highs $TBT on Dan’s ATL, consider moving up stops $URA Watch 20.18 $SDS Highest Volume since July $QID Riding the 8EMA $AAPL Short term support at 148 $TSLA Close to the MAs $TWTR Base $ENPH Close to the 50 Day $CSIQ Channel $LLY Near the 50 Day $VRTX Still a seller up top. $XOM Watch the 200 Day for support $DVN Inside Day $CNQ Inside Day $PBF Watch 33.20 $FLNG At the 100 EMA
  • DAN: ...
    $CNQ -- Breaking 200-day MA. Shortable? Maybe best to wait a bit.
    $FANG -- Short on a rally.
    $EOG -- Same pattern; same tactic
    $MRO -- Testing 200-day MA. Will fail.
    $DVN - - failed test.
    $PXD -- Failed test.


    Jinko Solar ($JKS) -- Pre ...
  • nathan09: $CNQ breaking out
  • traderbren: #Weeklies - some potential Weekly set ups: $AAP, $$WCN, $FBHS, $DAVA, $DIOD, $UNVR, $ADM, $GD, $HUBB, $IMO, $ITT, $KR, $RRX, $SEE, $VMC, $CNQ, $AMAT, $IGT, $OTTR, $STX, $TECK, $SCHW, $AMN, $CUBE, $SNDR, $UCTT, $VVV
  • bRobert: @traderbren $AAP $WCN $FBHS $DAVA $DIOD $UNVR $ADM $GD $HUBB $IMO $ITT $KR $RRX $SEE $VMC $CNQ $AMAT $IGT $OTTR $STX $TECK $SCHW $AMN $CUBE $SNDR $UCTT $VVV #Weeklies $AMAT $210 WEE WEEKLY base target Polite flag pullback Daily $FCX $80 WEEKLY target 100%
  • scottrades: @scottrades Same patterns on $DVN $MRO $COP $CNQ
  • manoli77: @scottrades $DVN $MRO $COP $CNQ Don't forget your fellow Canadian Oil company Suncor $SU good looking chart as well :-)
  • nathan09: $CNQ Breaking out of high base. See if it holds. Big volume in the last hour.
  • JosephM: $CNQ..high short base, nice volume. RS 95. Oh Canada!
  • nathan09: @scottrades $DEN $DVN $CPE $CNQ also high base/ reported this morning
  • traderbren: $CNQ -- nearing the gap filling mode to the upside. Keep an alert triggered on 17.90
  • justinm89: $CNQ right at the 20 day. Could be a low risk bounce trade if it can hold.
  • DAN: ...
    $CNQ -- Looking like it might test $30. I don’t really see C&H on these stocks.
    $CVE -- Heavy supply at $10.50.
    $SU -- Nice uptrend and the test will be at $35.
  • scottrades: $CNQ Trying to move here.
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes: $SSO Still in a range on the Daily. But Look at the Weekly Volume! $QLD Ditto. They Bought the dip. We stay in line. $VZ Look for a pullback entry around 60.50. Might not let you in now. $SBUX Bought this today. $SFL Watch above 14.70 $GOOGL Working. Watch for continuation. $ADM Great volume today and breaking out of a base. $SCS #Squeeing above resistance on good volume. $CRUS A High Squeeze. Watch for this to move with Semis. $CNQ Early Shakeout but strong close.
  • DAN: @scottrades $SSO $QLD $VZ $SBUX $SFL $GOOGL $ADM $SCS $CRUS $CNQ #Swing #Squeeing Great job, Scotty!!
  • infocus: @DAN $SLB Nice to hear you talking about $CNQ last night. Watching it closely this a.m.
  • infocus: $CNQ @DAN I bought some $CNQ a few days ago. Nice pop so far. Thinking about selling half this a.m. Any thoughts?
  • DAN: @infocus $CNQ While we don't know how the stock will trade at the open, I'd probably be doing the same thing you are considering. Sell 1/2.
  • DAN: @infocus $CNQ Hope you're still holding 1/2 (or maybe all). I'd suggest putting a stop on your stock just below $27. That locks in some great gains, infocus. Congrats!!
  • infocus: $CNQ Sold half of position@ 27.51 Bought @25.43 on 9/11/19
  • infocus: @DAN $CNQ Thanks Dan. Will do. See my post above (wrong place :- ( ) Sold half @27.51
  • DAN: @infocus $CNQ That's a good move, infocus. Now just hang onto the rest and let it run. You've got a low cost basis and your biggest challenge now is patience. Just let the stock lift without trying to micromanage the position. Next resistance is probably around $28. Dan
  • infocus: @DAN $CNQ Patience? Sure, plenty. I had a full position; half in my U.S$ account and half in my Can. $ account. Sold the Canadian portion at about a dime higher. Will watch both...
  • infocus: @DAN $CNQ Pushing above the VWAP. Still long half position...
  • infocus: @DAN $CNQ At 27.75 approaching resistance @28
  • infocus: @DAN $CNQ Broke through the resistance @28 and now @28.52 Thinking it very extended. Close the rest of the position? Not as patient as I thought (Edit) 28.63 Hold over night?
  • DAN: @infocus $CNQ Sorry. Just saw this. Just hold it. Don't sell it all. Work on your discipline and sell just 1/2 again. So you've sold 3/4 of your position. and can now hold the rest with confidence. The money you've made on your trade should be really good. You are in the catbird's seat (I don't know what a catbird is, and where its seat is...but it's supposed to be a good place to sit). So try to just let the rest run and see if it can clear $30. Make sense? Again, sorry I didn't see it during market hours. Dan
  • infocus: @DAN $CNQ No reason to apologize. You can't hold everyone's hand, so to speak. You were very helpful. I've made too many trades that gave back most of the profits and didn't want this to be another one of them. Still holding 25% position. Expecting to see some more help from the Yemenies tomorrow. Fortunately, I also have a position in Enerplus Corp (ERF in my Canadian account). Up 13.04%. Didn't touch that today. I think the "Catbird" is the one that chases a mouse and catches it. See you tomorrow :-)
  • Junior1: $CNQ DrJ pointing out extreme option buying: Over 12,000 May 18 37.0 Calls with Open Interest at less than 100. Statistics show that 67% went at/above the ask. It's been in Phase I of a VS BO since 4/2/18. Currently near hod... 35.18 Could this be a play for a further run into earnings on May 5? (this may have been on CNBC at halftime... I found it on twitter)
  • optionswealth: $CNQ has risen seasonally in the next 21 weeks based on historical stock performance with a 94% probability. Target price 40.
  • Bridget: Notes: $XLP Food Stocks - $CALM $DF $TSN $HRL $GIS $SYY all strong today, this sector is recovering Oil stocks - I like $EOG $COP and of course $XOM also, $SU and $CNQ are canadian energy stocks that are performing well and not too overextended. Retail - large cap stores are up $WMT $COST $ULTA $ROST $XLY - the sin stocks are also recovering $MO $RAI $TAP Tech stocks were the big winner today - $QQQ $XLK $SMH $MSFT $WDC $INTC Health Care - insurance stocks are holding up $ANTM $UNH $HUM a few others $OPK and $DGX are still working
  • Paddleboard: ...
  • pcotton: #scanResults #LowerRightCorner @dunsek @GreenGhost @TunaHelper - my own contribution to this topic based on 1st draft of new scan. Thanks dunsek, some interesting and used those to help develop scan. I missed some of dunsek's because I required a 20% decline. Hey Tuna, I used average of on-balance volume to help validate. Vertical list follows to enable copy to spreadsheet. A lot of energy names, not surprising. $BRGYY $CAM $CIE $CJES $CLB $CLR $CNQ $DDD $EPE $ERF $FET $GPRE $GTLS $HAL $HCLP $IMGN $LPI $MBT $MRC $MRO $NR $OAS $PEIX $PTEN $QIWI $RES $SLCA $SODA $STO $TK $TRGP $TS $UPL $WLK $WPX $YNDX BRGYY CAM CIE CJES CLB CLR CNQ DDD EPE ERF FET GPRE GTLS HAL HCLP IMGN LPI MBT MRC MRO NR OAS PEIX PTEN QIWI RES SLCA SODA STO TK TRGP TS UPL WLK WPX YNDX
  • tnt: $CNQ chart $CNQ broke through trend line resistance this week, now consolidating in bullish symmetrical triangle.Long
  • tnt: Bank Of Canada unexpectedly cuts key interest rate by 0.25% to 0.75% | Buy up the oil sands players. $SU $CNQ
  • tnt: @DrChucky $SU and $CNQ have gotten very efficient in their extraction of oil and think oil rebounds above $60 in coming weeks. Today is the first day in some time there is some change in sentiment to a somewhat more optimistic tone for oil, but most talking heads think oil is staying down for a long time. Tweaks the contrarian in me
  • Tim: ...
    In summery, strong companies are stable, whether growth oriented ($APA, $CNQ, $DVN, $EGN, $MRO, $SLB, $SU), growth and income ($CVE, $CVX, $COP, $KMI, $OKE, $TOT), or aggressive growth ($EOG, $HAL, $NOV).

    A related report addresses those companies ...
  • 1Boston330: $PSX@bwcarnation1. Howard Weil upgraded $PSX today to Outperform from Sector Perform and raised pt to 85 from 58. Long common 1/4 position. $CNQ is also moving nicely.
  • vazv: @Trixie - Fairly New to SMM but an investor for many years. Probably best to wait until the dust clears on this treacherous mkt.$MNST This trade is kind of over, sorry(with so many sports and extreme energy drinks coming to market) but if can you get it around 57 it may work as we near the summer to maybe 68ish. PEP might take a run at it? $CERN at 49 should work itself higher. Earnings -4/24 PM But I'm looking at these at this time at ONLY these very bottom support prices for a 3-9 month's hold if the market resumes an uptrend: $CNQ at 39, $VLO at 50, $HAR at 100, $ALK at 87, $SAVE at 53, $GTAT at 16, $SUNE at 16, $TMO at 115, $MPAA at 24, $HEES at 35, $PKG at 63, $URI at 85, $BITA at 31, $CUR at 3.50, $TSLA at 185 and $FB if it gets beaten down to 51-52. Hope that helps.
  • vazv: $ALK, $HAR, $CNQ, $CBD, $CUR Took modest long positions in each. All discounted solid charts that I see.
  • boba: $CNQ, $FANG, $CRZO, $EXH, $UPL, $PDS, $STO, $SLB, $HAL ++++ Oil & Gas stocks continue to move up.
  • :
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Thursday's open $AAWW, $AEE, $AES, $AMCX, $AMRC, $AMSC, $ANSS, $APA, $APO, $ARQL, $ATK, $BCE, $BDBD, $BKCC, $BR, $BZH, $CBB, $CCO, CMLP, $CNK, $CNQ, $CNSL, $COTY, $CPN, $CQB,DYN, $EOG, $FCN, $FLO, $FLY, $FNP, $FSYS, $FUN, $FUR, $FWLT, $FWM, $GLP, $GOLD, $GTN, $HII, $HNT, $IGT, $IRC, $IT, $JRCC, $KIOR, $KLIC, $LNT, $LRN, $MFC,MLM, $MT, $MWIV, $MWW, $NVAX, $NWN, $NXTM, $RDN, $RGEN, $RGLD, $ROK, $SFUN, $SMG, $SNI, $SSYS, $STWD, $THI, $TICC, $TK, $TTI, $TW, USAC, $VC, $VNDA, $VTG,WEN, $WIN, $WLK, $WMC, WWAV
  • Tricia: EARNINGS TOMORROW before OPEN: G/l Notable earnings before Thursday's open $AAP, $AEC, $AINV, $AMCX, $AMRC, $APO, $AWR, $BCE, $BCRX, $BEAM, $BR, $CBB, $CDE, $CNQ, $CNSL, $CQB, $CSIQ, $CTB, $DF, $DNDN, $FCN, $FNP, $FSYS, $FUN, $FWLT, $FWM, $GBDC, $GLDD, $GLP, $GTN, $HL, $HSH, $IQNT, $IRC, $KIOR, $LAMR, LINE, $MFC, $MPW, $NGPC, $NVAX, $NVO, $OGE, $OWW, $PMT, $RGLD, $SNI, SPH, $SRPT, $SSYS, $SWC, $THI, $TK, $TMUS, $VC, $WAC, $WIN, XTEX
  • southern: companies to report before the open: # $EAT, $OSIS, $AIT, $BGG, $SRI, $VPHM, $CTB, $ATK, $CCOI, $CNQ, $FUN, $GOLD, $ITG, $JRCC, $MFC, $NJR, OMG, $RDEN, $RGLD, SLE, $USPH, $ZEUS, $KOP, $MINI, $NOG, $BKR, $BR, $MHR, $PGNX, $AXAS, $CAAS, $FXCM, $KRO, $MKL, $SSRI, $THI, $WEN, $ACCO, $ADY, $AG, $AMCX, $BDC, $HNR, $HWCC, $KSS, $LIWA, $MPW, $RDNT, $WIN, KITD, $SNSS, $RRGB, $AAP, $TK, $TNK, $TSEM, $TUC, $CAE, and $NVO
  • tnt: $CNQ , Dr. J mentioned the call buying Fast Money and the chart looks good for a bounce to $28
  • bullmoose: ...
    Oil Services: $BAS, $CNQ, $CLB, $CQP, CPNO, HEK, $HOS, $KOG, $MDR, $NBL, $NBR, $ROYL, $RES
    Medical: $BIIB, $SYK, $TEVA
    Tech: $AAPL, $AMT, $ADBE, $AMZN (not yet on this one, but I'm looking for a higher low to start), $AVID, $CCI, $RAX, $SIMO, $ ...
  • bullmoose: $CNQ - Nice move above resistance today. Weekly chart looks ready to move higher too.
  • frog1856: $RE : Markets Hey Forex, Hope your weekend was good. After ready @Aragorn's post. [I had not heard it was getting that messy] I thought back to Egypt and Libya. Some of the Canadian oils did really well. $SU and $CNQ did well. I am sure $SU did. Its hard to tell looking back at charts that seems to be when every oil company peaked. Any thoughts. Some nerves out there today, $USD,TLT and $GLD up. Thanks frog ... It's about time for one of those untimely headlines..
  • jan2138: hackerman: $CNQ has paid .27c so far this year before any withholding tax. Looks like a 1% yield if they declare .09c in December. Why this one? ALSK: I added some yesterday. IVR: even with the reduction in the payout, it is still an outstanding yield, and I continue to be long. If I were starting a position, I would take some here. I am pretty full on the #reits or I would add here. I may anyway.
  • icbusiness: I work there - here are the main oil players...Fort McMurray - this region is absolutely booming $CNQ, Canadian Natural Resources cnq.t, $SU, Suncor, su.t, $IMO, (Imperial oil - Syncrude), $CAT, RDS.A, (Shell), COSFW, Canadian Oil Sands, cos.t, $CVE, cve.t, $BQI, tic.v, (.t = TSX Toronto .v = Vancouver exchange) other Mining Equipment players FTT.T (Finning cat dealer in Alberta) - big player Bucyrus (to be bought by cat) BUCY JOYG, Joy global JOYG (P&H Shovels). WJX.V, (Wajax - Hitachi dealer in Alberta) $TEX, Terex (small player) (Terex MIning Division wassold to BUCY last year) + $HAL Haiburton, $CLH, Clean Harbors, Titanium Corp is hot TIC.V Edited on Apr 28, 2011 20:05 Edited on Apr 28, 2011 20:05 Edited on Apr 28, 2011 20:07 Edited on Apr 28, 2011 20:07
  • icbusiness: $CNQ, Canadian Natural Resources cnq.t $SU, Suncor, su.t, $CAT, RDS.A, (Shell), COSFW, (Canadian Oil Sands) cos.un $CVE, Cenovis) cve.t $BQI, (Oilsands Quest) TIC.V (Titanium Corp of Canada)
  • NCDad: $CNQ - for all you Canadian fans, sitting at the 100
  • Bismark01: $CNQ - Any thoughts on this Canadian oil play. Have held it. Add more ? Reports tomorrow. Does this have a tendency to sell off after earnings or is the energy push just to strong?
  • Eptake5: $CNQ Joe Terranova is hawking this Canadian oil sands play. I am going to open a small position
  • skyview: $CNQ, Eptake5 - I bought some when Joe $T mentioned it yesterday and it's up 2.6% already.
  • Marty: $CNQ - Canadian Natural Resources - Last week another SMM member was asking if anyone knew of a Canadian gas / exploration form. I chimed in and suggested CNQ. It was @ $42 and 'I ' never bothered investigating its price movement vs. the 20, 50 or 200 DMA, volume, MACD, etc. It bounced off of the 50 DMA when I suggested it, broke through the 20 DMA and now hovering above the upper BB.
  • jamesg: $CNQ - Just sold my position because I don't believe this is a breakout to buy but a breakout to sell. If I'm wrong then I will just wait for a pullback and continuation of the trend. Right now I'm happy with the profits I took and will wait for another entry.
  • Marty: $CNQ - Canadian oil and natural gas exploration and production might be a start as far as a Canadian Oil company.
  • jamesg: $CNQ - Oil Sands Fire has hit this stock. I'm taking a shot here, starting a small position with a tight stop. I expect they will get it repaired and eventually recover. The stock has been in a real good uptrend so I believe it's a good risk/reward. Oil Sands stocks (CVE, NOA) have been pulling back last few sessions, looking to add on when trends resume.
  • icbusiness: $CNQ - is replacing $SU (Suncor) as the most favoured Oils Sands play. Added to $GS conviction buy list. Trading sideways in C$70-80 channel - moving up lately...while $SU declines day after day during the past two weeks. $SU results have been poor
  • NTrdr: Indeed, people make and sustain companies not the other way around. Until Sucor and Husky cleans out the garbage they have collected they are fundamentally dangerous to trade to the upside - imho. This is further compounded by the correction which started a few weeks back. $OXY CHK $CNQ T.PBG are on long range buy watch list. But do your own DD.
  • giribt: CNQ: I have bought this stock yesterday and after seeing @DAN's video, I thought I made a mistake. Fortunately it seems tobe moving up. I am not going to make this mistake and remove that "Fortunate" again. Now my question would be "Is $CNQ good to hold?"
  • pwsmith: I have no idea how to play this thing lol, just watching. EDIT: added to some oil and gas names I bought earlier in the morning (BTU, $CNQ, $DVN, NUE) and came out pretty decent. All in all very happy. I wish I could babysit the market all day, it would have been nice to see this all happening in real time :).
  • evanesce: Good morning team. In addition to the energy stocks @Dan highlighted last night, here are a few more names that are beginning volatility squeezes and aren't too far from major trendline support: $CNQ IO PDE PXD $PXP WFT WLL. Although $IO is an electronics firm, it mainly help E&P companies collect and process geophysical data. I think of it as a tech-energy combination.
  • pwmoore: @pwsmith, MEE, $CNQ ACI,$CLF FCL,$JRCC to name a few. A new name, for me, I mentioned earlier is WLT. hope this helps.
  • matteos: Team, Has $CNQ just broken out of a volatility #squeeze today. I have been watching this stock power through the 80's and now 90's. Looks like I missed it when it passed through 89. Another strong energy stock. Thanks
  • matteos: Does anyone understand why $DRYS has such a low PE? $CNQ is one of very few energy stocks that are green, it is up 2%. But the volume is average or low. If it was stronger then that could indicate institutional buying? It might also be that they announced a small #dividend. Maybe similar to $POT, mentioned by someone earlier about that making it accessible to funds that require a #dividend. Or maybe pre earnings run up. Thanks
  • evanesce: CNQ: Hi Team, after yesterday's favorable earnings there was a brief but useful article in Canada's Globe and Mail newpaper, titled "CNQ profit soars despite lower output". It's so brief that I'll paste it in:

    "Canadian Natural Resources Lt ...
  • evanesce: Hi Jan, there are quite a few energy names up today. From my watch list, I see $BOLT CLR $CNQ ENB EP HP HTE NOV $NRP PCZ $PDS PGH PVX SU TRP. Much of the rise is because of ForEx (CAD up about +1% as I type) but subtract that and there is still strength in the group.
  • DAN: ...
    Hello! Ag Chemicals (MON, $CF, $AGU, etc.). Natural Gas (ECA...or the $UNG (Nat Gas ETF!), the drillers (RIG), even the oil sands stocks are starting to perk up (SU, $CNQ, MRO). Bottom line is that you've got to take a hard look at what you are h ...
  • Craigy: Stocks I am looking at this week which are at or near the support of ma's after setting a higher low. If too many (> 40%) fail it will be a sign of a major market change as these stocks come from leading groups. They are $RAIL BTU CEO CLR $JEC VIP $MON NE $MDR CNI $CNQ FSLR TRA TRN $WAB GDP $KSU USO I am long $TEX VIP $RIG MO RIMM, short $HPQ COF
  • HorseTrader: ...

    Another (unnamed) port that some of you may recognise: $C, $COP, $CVS, $EMC, $FCX, $GS, $HOLX, $HPQ, $NYX, $RIG, @SGP, XTO

    So, my initial thought is to stick to these stocks and pick out ...
  • evanesce: Hello smuggler, I don't see this as a company-specific concern. Pretty much all of the oil-sands names have charts like BQI. A glance at $CNQ ECA PCZ SU is indicative of the sub-sector. I see this as partly concern about US consumption, partly the Alberta decision to change future royalty rates, and partly the insane cost of labor and materials in the oil sands. Like @Craigy, I hesitate to advise you but hope this macro view helps.
  • HorseTrader: In the midst of today's bloody market, here are today's earnings beaters (only those with positive earnings). Haven't checked up on any of these, so have at it. An asterisk means raised guidance indicated. $AIZ, ATK*, $BIOS, BRNC, CAM*, $CNQ, $CRY, $CVS, $CYNO, $DNR, $DRQ, HOS*, $HZO, $ITG, ITWO*, MHS, PDGI*, PRGO*, $RATE, $SHOO, $SPR, TRMP, $UTHR And those are from just the Before Market Hours list. EDIT: I have changed the list after reviewing the charts. The stocks listed either received positive response or, knowing how bloody today was, didn't get too bad and has an interesting looking chart.
  • evanesce: ...
    Oh, yes: I switched my screen to Canadian O&G names and repeated. I'll add $CNQ ECA $TAL to the list; I know that $CNQ and $TAL have major oil-sands operations but their Ngas operations are pretty sizable.
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Stock Price $77.07
Change 1.72%
Volume 1,352,340

Canadian Natural Resources Limited is a Canadian based independent energy company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, production, marketing and sale of crude oil, NGLs, and natural gas production.

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