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  • curtis: $CHK - have starter position. Looking to add lower $74.28 with news on pause on LNG export expansion. @DEBEERS stock.
  • debeers: $CHK-Upgrades from Mizuho and Citi which do you like better 104 or 96. Wars finally catching up to energy. Have $VLO and $CHK IMO.
  • debeers: $CHK-just an fyi-didn't own an energy co until today. $CHK acquisition was brilliant and it has a p/e of 2.12, and a 4.69% divvie 53.82% profit margin
  • debeers: $ANF/$CHK-winner winner chicken dinner/$CRM/$CRWD/$LLY/$MSFT/$NVDA/$PANW
  • vitoB: @debeers $ANF $CHK $CRM $CRWD $LLY $MSFT $NVDA $PANW you have any stops on $ANF or takin profits?
  • DavidK: @debeers $CHK why the big downturn in earnings estimates next year ? Comes out to a pe of 15-16 based on those figures .
  • Margi1983: @debeers $ANF $CHK $CRM $CRWD $LLY $MSFT $NVDA $PANW I thought $CHK went bankrupt in 2020? Yes they did. But now they are back and buying companies!! I am sure the bag holders from that time are excited about more debt
  • debeers: $CHK@Margi- 1.All stock offering for acquisition 2.Go Bruina! Go Celtics! 3.The biggest rival for $CHK is now part of them. I stand by my analysis and i think its huge. What if, for example, you take any stock's largest competitor---do they need to cut prices? NOPE
  • debeers: $VLO-quality. So if $CHK isn't your bag and ya gotta have some energy----Valero may be more to your liking.
  • Henry: $CHK to buy $SWN source CNBC
  • Eng_trader: #Oil&Gas starting to look good. Got starter positions in $LNG yesterday and $CHK today
  • champ: @Eng_trader $LNG $CHK #Oil ....Be aware that the weekly Oil inventory numbers will be released in a few minutes at 10:30 ET....... ....then Nat-gas will be tomorrow morning.......
  • Eng_trader: @champ $LNG $CHK #Oil Thanks, ya, I'm keeping a tight leash on these, and just small starter positions for now. At some point we're going to have to refill the oil reserves....
  • champ: @Eng_trader $LNG $CHK #Oil........$CVX at $153, Set-up is, the Production cuts will be kicking-in soon.....because of these cuts..... .....OPEC cut Oil production in May....... .....and Now in July Saudi Arabia is also going to cut production.. even more in July.
  • champ: @Eng_trader $LNG $CHK #Oil.....because of the Holidays that we just had on Monday, ....they move the weekly Oil Inventory report to Thursday.......
  • Docoof: @woodman Among the companies in the same sector as $SWN, (i.e., “Gas Levered E&P”), that BofA likes is $CHK, which held up today and has a good chart. If you have time, can you comment on anything in particular that catches your eye in $CHK’s chart? (Fwiw, imo, the BofA analysts who cover O&G, mostly Doug Leggate, but also Chase Mulvehill, have been very good this year.)
  • woodman: @Docoof $SWN $CHK - It's been quite strong - a 35% run off the bottom after pulling back to the 200d in early June. It's got another 6% or 7% to make up the entirety of that pullback from its all time high on 5/31/22 ($105). So, to me, a lot of this ...
  • Docoof: @woodman $SWN $CHK Very, very helpful and instructive—you how much I appreciate your responses. Thank you, woodman.
  • woodman: @Docoof $SWN $CHK - My pleasure.
  • Louis Berg: $ARLP, $CHK, $CR, $DOOO, $KT, $TGH, $U
  • Henry: $CHK secret wine cellar and largest corporate user of Net Jets according to CNBC
  • shoredriver: $CHK.....formalized Chap 11......let er rip.......
  • coldevinc: @AdrenalineTrade $CHK I know. That made me sad. He was real buccaneer and I liked his style. A big personality
  • GenXer: $CHK (no position) has been insane. LOD pre-market was $26. It's now at $61.95.
  • AdrenalineTrade: @GenXer $CHK Aubrey McClendon (RIP) would have loved today.
  • perissinotti: $CHK big break out 200% today!!
  • teacher5: $CHK Good grief. I almost bought $CHK this morning and then got distracted. Up 154%. 😢
  • debeers: @teacher5 $CHK =it happenms to everybody honey.
  • Herb: @bRobert $NBR Has the recent reverse split played any part in this move? Another doing the same thing is $CHK, also after a reverse split.
  • Motorman: $CHK Preparing for Chapter 11, down 28 AH, NP
  • Henry: @Motorman $CHK how rude of them.
  • Motorman: @Henry $CHK Glad I did not chase. not sure what it means, Stock was still trading at 759pm around 40.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $XLE $XOP $OIH $CVX $OXY $HAL $PXD $NBR $GUSH $RRC $IYM $FCX $CHK. Daily reversal/flag triggered and acquired target + . MASSIVE volume. 40%. short More importantly.......50d ceiling was pierced. Opens up the door to much higher prices $40 . if it stays above (May see retest 50d from above ). Each successful pattern completion opens up a larger reversal pattern with higher targets. Dominos. One pattern completes and triggers another . I have no position $CHK right now. Solvency issues keep me away for anything more than a day trade I do own $LNG. $55/$67 . reversal in motion Early breakout. Transporter of liquid natural gas. $GTLS. $55/$65. reversal targets. Look for pb/bounces Also 6 . days to cover $BCEI. spec. Reversal. $24/$30. targets. Very transparent. inv h&s set up. Little squeeze out. 10% short 5days Risk/reward. clearly defined with stops close by and high targets. I own a partial position.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $XLE $XOP $OIH $CVX $OXY $HAL $PXD $NBR $GUSH $RRC $IYM $FCX $CHK $LNG $GTLS $BCEI The stage is set but the curtain still has to rise on the next leg of a bull market. Not just tech leading now but a more balanced pulling of the rope with energy, financials, transports, materials, housing, machinery . Massive liquidity injections world wide. kicking the can down the road. There are still many banana peels to avoid. The upcoming election. may add a wrinkle. Black swan events like Covid can always spring up. More than a bit of optimism is warranted As always, the path is rarely straight up
  • traderdl: $CHK hod
  • GenXer: $CHK Rocketing. I have no position in this. Price just popped on my scans. Someone's gonna get burned when this one comes down. 3rd halt today. Had dismal earnings on 5/11.
  • debeers: THE BOW WOW INDEX- an invention of mine where you look at stocks likely to go belly up: this week's Bow Wows candidates are $JCP and $CHK. Whatever they are selling for, the liklihood is they hit their fair value, or 0, in short order.
  • Brian_M: @debeers $JCP $CHK Nothing worse than the executives at $CHK. Only in a public company can executives vote for an incentive payout to keep them motivated through bankruptcy. Not sure when people will learn that executives “own” public companies unless there is an aggressive activist involved.
  • phgruver: @debeers $PE $EOG $CVX $CHK never recovered from the last oil crisis in 2009. They've struggled along, but could never get back on their feet. The last dividend was paid in 2015, and the reverse 200:1 split on Apr. 15 was a desperate attempt to remain relevant. It's a classic example of how, once a company falls from grace, it almost impossible to resurrect it, (even with bankruptcy and reorganization.)
  • debeers: @phgruver $PE $EOG $CVX $CHK --That's why it is so important to know who has fallen before as you rightly point out! $CVX and $EOG larger but $PE's CEO is the smartest and most avaricious of the bunch.IMO
  • shoredriver: $CHK...files for the big B...down another
  • shoredriver: $CHK.....1/200 reverse goes from 0.13 to $19.85....or approx 15,
  • TeslaCoil: @shoredriver $CHK To me that looks like a buy because it was a 200-1 stock split meaning that closing price was really $26.24 so it is trading 30% down.
  • shoredriver: @TeslaCoil $CHK .....maybe....but it could still keep going down....the market is saying something.....NP......
  • phgruver: @shoredriver $CHK With crude oil below $20/bbl, there's no way $CHK can make any money. For the last four quarters, $CHK has reported $-4.00, $-20.00, $-22.00 and $-8.00, and that was before the oil price war got going good (these numbers have been adjusted for the reverse split.) With numbers like these, $CHK is going out of business IMHO.
  • lostsheep: @phgruver $CHK At these levels how many are on the edge ?
  • phgruver: @lostsheep $CHK That's a loaded question!

    Frankly, I consider oil to be uninvestable at this time. The majors, $XOM, $CVX $MRO will probably survive, in some form or other, but the independents, the exploration and development as well as the midstr ...
  • wijimmy: @phgruver $CHK $XOM $CVX $MRO .. If that's the case, we should own Saudi Aramco..?? Here are 2 ETF's .. The iShares MSCI Saudi Arabia ETF ( $KSA ) and the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF ( $EEM ) both hold Aramco... Saudi Aramco is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue, and according to accounts seen by Bloomberg News, the most profitable company in the world.
  • phgruver: @wijimmy $CHK $XOM $CVX $MRO $KSA $EEM I would agree with you, except for the history of Aramco. It was originally a consortium of US oil companies that explored and developed oil resources in the Persian Gulf. In the 60's, I believe, Saudi Arabia seized those assets, nationalizing the oil industry, and then contracted with the former owners to run them. Now, they've decided to re-ipo the seized assets and suck in new investors??? I'm not playing that game.
  • wijimmy: @phgruver $CHK $XOM $CVX $MRO $KSA $EEM . @PHGRUVER .. Thanks for the quick education and info......I'm a USA guy and keep my L/T investments with in house.
  • Herb: $CHK wtf?
  • shoredriver: @Herb $CHK ....why the WTF...they are just buying time.....
  • shoredriver: @Henry $I $CHK $PCG ...Gasbagarino...can't believe he is still hanging you know what on a shoe......Glad np......
  • Henry: $I Pointstate capital is liquidating this according to Charlie Gasparino other stocks that are hurting hedge funds are $CHK $PCG np
  • Herb: $CHK sayonara!
  • WWWilly: @Herb $CHK I remember Cramer promoting years ago, I wonder if he bought all the way down.
  • phgruver: @WWWilly $CHK Absolutely not! At the first hint of scandal, back in 2014 or 2015, he was out, and advised his followers to do likewise. Jim is no dummy, but he doesn't repeat himself a lot either. If you didn't watch Mad Money every day, you could easily have missed it.
  • Henry: @Herb $CHK All a very sad legacy for the children of Aubrey McClendon
  • traderbren: @Herb $CHK - I remember the time (a few years ago) when the founder & CEO leveraged his equity to the hilt ....and when nat gas headed south and news got out about his levered position, the shorts pressed the sh*t out of this stock.
  • phgruver: @traderbren $CHK ...When the professional "shorts" smell blood, they become worse than sharks. Few survive their attacks!
  • DAN: @phgruver $CHK Agreed. Bears become great white sharks who have found their meal.
  • DAN: @phgruver $CHK I remember Cramer commenting on CHK. He had good things to say about Aubrey McLendon, but advised bailing on the stock.
  • Herb: @DAN $CHK an article I haven't read yet:
  • Herb: $CHK 20-year low.
  • bigbartabs: @Herb $CHK ... I can't remember when CEO Aubrey died... but the chart sure looks like they miss him.
  • shoredriver: @Herb $CHK .....could still loose half or more of your "investment"....nope.....
  • Herb: @bigbartabs $CHK I'll say! He died some years ago, as I recall.
  • mopick: @bigbartabs $CHK, I remember that guy & not in a good way! Lost a long of money in that company.
  • Herb: @mopick $CHK He died 3 1/2 years ago, driving straight into a concrete wall the day after being indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiring "to rig bids for the purchase of oil and natural gas leases in northwest Oklahoma". I hate it when that happens.
  • DAN: ...
    $CHK -- Never hold losers.
  • Herb: @DAN $MTCH $MYGN $SPX $Don $DJI $NDX $EDU $CPRT $PLMR $PAYS $SHAK $OPRX $WBA $VZ $COST $TTC $CHK $MDR $XOM Did you take $MTCH today? If so, at what price and what time did you buy it?
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
  • traderbren: $TSLA - I'm not sure at what price Elon has his personal loans structured against $TSLA stock, but we could see a continued cascade if margin calls kick in. I'm not sure if folks remember the days of $CHK when the CEO had margin calls (in 2008), and the stock headed south very quickly.
  • URstnky: $CHK - up on earnings
  • issues: Just looking at charts I see $MTCH and $MNST but I added to $BABA & $EXAS and bought starters in $HLF (thank you Dan) and $ZEN. Stopped out of $CHK.
  • issues: Bought $NFX - above 50 day in definite uptrend! Also bought $CHK and will hold $UGAZ on this BO.
  • bRobert: @issues $NFX $CHK $UGAZ Enjoy
  • tnt: Nat gas producers underperforming the underlying $UNG. Many have high short interest & are likely to follow higher very soon. $SWN $RRC $EQT $ECA $CHK some of my favorites.
  • Brian_M: @tnt $UNG $SWN $RRC $EQT $ECA $CHK my only fear with buying in is that they get whacked if Nat gas falls back to support. I think Nat Gas has to show some support at this new level before the companies levered to the product begin to trade up. Feels more like a short squeeze in Nat Gas than a real change in the underlying fundamentals.
  • 1winkie: ...
    $CHK - was raised to Neutral from Sell and the target price was raised to $4.50 from $3.50 (versus a $3.46 prior close, after a 4.7% drop) at Citigroup. Chesapeake Energy has a 52-week range of $2.53 to $5.60, and its consensus target price was last ...
  • gmj: $UNG,$CHK,$UGAZ,$ERX,$CURE all wkng for me. Expecting Nat Gas to do well as winter arrives. $UGAZ B/O from wkly downtrend currently at 8 mo high abv 68. $CHK See wkly ph II complete and wkng on ph III. $ERX My fav oil trade wkng abv 37. $CURE has been in winners circle since July.
  • stevef214: $CHK look for short squeeze this week with $2B asset sale to reduce debt and probable nat gas sales to EU.
  • gmj: $CHK took 1/2 profits this morning, balance a 5% trailing stop.
  • steve71: ...
    This year it's FTSI, scheduled to IPO on Friday 2/2. FTS International is a major privately held fracking company. It operates across several basins but primarily in the Permian. Customers include $CHK $COP $DVN $EOG $FANG. EOP companies acquir ...
  • geotheo: $WLL $SWN $STO $QEP $NE $NBR $GPOR $ESV $CHK $APA Some Energy stock that haven't run a bunch (a.k.a. laggards) that I'm watching. Most are hanging out just below the 200ma, 50ma, or have multiple bottoms. Most need a little pull back for safer entries. Energy working. Maybe these boats will be lifted.
  • Bridget: Earnings after the Close: $FB $GPRO $RIG $QCOM $YELP $TSLA $SHAK Earnings before open tomorrow: $APA $YUM $CHK $BABA $RL
  • meched54: $CLDX starting to move up. $CHK too
  • stevef214: $CHK Adding bought two days ago and now above the $5 level. Speculative position but IMO good potential as long as oil and NG at least stay at present levels and better if they con't to rise.
  • Henry: @jan2138 $MCC Are you saying we should join them or is it like McClendon buying shares of $CHK?
  • phgruver: @Henry $MCC $CHK ...or the Hansen's trying to shore up $NAT....
  • jan2138: @Henry $MCC $CHK Do not join them. I had sold all but a tracking position a while back. I remember Aubrey buying because I had a position in $CHK back then. I think he really thought things would get better. The Taub's may know something but their performance has been poor, and I don't know how they will turn it around any time soon.
  • phgruver: @jan2138 $MCC $CHK It was easy to believe in Aubrey. A good CEO is usually a good salesman.
  • CHOFF: @champ $USO $CHK - as the resident forum champion of oil I'm curious what your take is on $CHK. I see a lot of insiders buying in the last few days. It appears to be at support of a triple bottom. I'm tempted to take a significant stab at this one. Thoughts?
  • champ: @CHOFF $USO $CHK ---- $UNG $UGAZ ....Its about N-Gas supplies and they have been climbing. Not like Oil supplies because they been dropping because the Saudi's are cutting back exports to the U.S., weekly. Thats why these N-Gas ETF's have been dropping before the start of the summer demand season. I like $CHK but its just to early to add or to take out new positions in these names but I'm watching $DVN and $UGAZ for buys. The energy sector will bounce in the coming days but we just don't know when thats going to happen but I'm guessing it could be next week....and I'm watching N-Gas for a bounce also but No real clue when thats going to happen but watching.
  • CHOFF: @champ $USO $CHK $UNG $UGAZ $DVN Thanks - $DVN looks extremely riskly to me right now. $UGAZ looks interesting. I'll be watching for the first green bars in $CHK in the coming week. Prices aren't going up but they keep bringing wells back online...something is up.
  • stevef214: $CHK Moving up with the help of oil today but it did look to be bottoming the last few days. Long stock and calls. Calls are still underwater though but the stock now in the black.
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Chesapeake Energy Corp is a natural gas and oil exploration and production company. It explores, develops and acquires properties for the production of natural gas and crude oil from underground reservoirs and also provides marketing & midstream services.

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