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  • Wolf: $UVV Started a position. Tested the 50DMA and held. Thinly traded. I got a message when I placed a stop"part of the SEC Tic size pilot program and can only be placed in nickel increments." Never saw that before.
  • TunaHelper: @steve71 $MO I would steer clear bc all the majors are under the 200dma (except for $UVV, which actually really isn't that big).
  • steve71: @TunaHelper $MO $UVV True dat. But I am thinking of opening a position with a stop below the recent $61 low. That's less than 2% risk on a stock that pays a 4% dividend and has been a winner since 2009. I view those moving averages as guidelines, not religions. Actually, that's how I view religions as well.
  • TunaHelper: @steve71 $MO $UVV I would think to give the 200dma more credence because presumably (1) $MO is a pretty widely held stock across funds/institutions and (2) potentially those funds/institutions would be buying at the 200dma rather than selling. So, it appears to be a bit broken. Anther perspective to consider is the relative performance of $MO and the other big tobacco stocks vs other high yielding sectors ($XLU).
  • Trixie: @steve71 @TunaHelper $MO $UVV $MO.. hope you don't mind my 0.01 or i guess i have to spend up to 0.05 since our penny is gone now.. I had taken a gander at the wkly chart and i have a 50wk or 100day ma on there.. and it looks to have been right to buy around these areas. some times it seems to meander about b4 figuring out what it wants to do 1st by the looks of it. . Will this time be the same? idk.. np just sharing what i c..
  • steve71: @Trixie $MO $UVV Those are good points, Trixie. Your holding time probably figures in as well. The smart money here is Captron, who apparently has held for years. Think of all the share appreciation and dividends he has racked up.
  • mradams0621: #gapers gap down $VIPS Vipshop Holdings ... 13.90 -25.35% $FOSL Fossil Group Inc.... 39.90 -21.78% $JWN Nordstrom Inc. 50.12 -21.03% $BSQR Bsquare Corporati... 8.15 -20.72% $LOCO El Pollo Loco Hol... 9.79 -15.02% $CTSO Cytosorbents Corp... 7.00 -10.37% $PRTY Party City Holdco... 13.42 -9.81% $NSA National Storage ... 13.25 -9.25% $PRGO Perrigo Company p... 142.44 -9.01% $AGRO Adecoagro SA 10.33 -8.10% $FIT Fitbit Inc 29.22 -7.77% $SALE Retailmenot Inc. ... 9.50 -7.32% $ROST Ross Stores Inc. ... 44.65 -7.19% $GME Gamestop Corp. Cl... 41.50 -6.80% $DGLY Digital Ally Inc.... 5.45 -6.68% $HNP Huaneng Power Int... 38.74 -6.45% $CPA Copa Holdings S.a... 44.00 -6.38% $MNTA Momenta Pharmaceu... 16.72 -5.86% $UVV Universal Corp. 51.33 -5.56% $MSM Msc Industrial Di... 56.84 -5.11% (edit in pm to add $ to see charts /results)
  • Tricia: EARNINGS : Good morning Taylor and Friends - Hope you have a grand day! Earnings before Tuesday's open: $AZO, $BBY, $CBRL, $EXPR, $DSW, $MDT, NKA, $RL, $WSM Earnings after Tuesday's close: $ADI, $AVGO,CPWR, $DELL, $DY, $GES, $HEI, $PETM, $PSS, $QIHU, $STV,TTWO, $UVV
  • Aiko: ...

    Zacks#5 New this week
    $S ...
  • Aiko: ...

    Zacks5 New (This week's additions - most recent ...
  • Aiko: Weekend Watchlist - Longs Featuring; Stocks recently added to the IBD-50 Stocks recently added to Zacks#1 list Stocks on both the IBD-50 and Zacks#1 List And an antique tune in honor of these winner; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU_dBGo2rxY IBD 50 New $CELG $BWLD $VRSK $TCBI $FDO $ENDP $INTC IBD50-Zacks cross (On both the IBD50 list and Zacks#1 Buy list) $CELG $HIBB $INT $ISRG $MELI $NTES $QCOR $SWI $TCBI $TSCO $ULTA Zacks#1 New additions $ANX $B $BHLB $COR DDAIF $DISCB $DXPE $ENSG $EL $THFF $FWRD $HBNC $IPG $MWE $PIR $RDA $SNDK TLSYY $THC $UVV $VSI $WAB BRRAY $FELE $ISRG $RICK $ASML $WTS BOPH $GNC $CFNL $EPM $HTH $HUSA $IBKR $ODFL $TLLP $TITN $WMB
  • Junior: $MO, $UVV, $BTI, PM etc. People are still smoking! Bullish engulfing following an inside day... check it out. No need to short, there are bullish plays still.
  • JamesLutfy: ...
    Another tobacco company I would like to talk about is UVV. I think they have a strong chart and could be near a buying opportunity. The MACD and full stocastics are both rising. There was a double bottom formed around the low 29s, so even if someone ...
  • Gabe: @JamesLutfy - MO: candlesticks can be useful for trading, but you need to distinguish high reliability patterns from low reliability patterns. If you rely strictly on candlesticks to predict the moves in individual stocks, you'll have a hard time trading as they are often unreliable. In the case of $MO, the break above the 50DMA came on high volume, and RSI is strong. Of course, the stock will eventually pull back as nothing goes up in a straight line, which is why we try to buy stocks close to support after the breakout. There is no shooting star or hanging man pattern on the chart. The pattern from 3 days ago shows indecision, nothing more. The hanging man pattern you mention needs to have a shadow that is twice the size of the body. Both candlesticks are low reliability signals. I suggest you read up on candlesticks a bit more. Good starting place that describes several technical analysis concepts. I hope this helps.
  • JamesLutfy: Can anyone explain why $UVV is so strong? I have been waiting for a dip, but it continues to move higher?
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Stock Price $USD 51.00
Change 0.20%
Volume 251,732

Universal Corporation is an independent leaf tobacco merchant and processor. It derives most of its revenues from sales of processed tobacco to manufacturers of tobacco products throughout the world and from fees and commissions for specific services.

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  • February 6th, 2020 - 2020 Q3 Earnings
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