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  • baronp0329: $UAA Up nicely along with $NKE. Have Jul options.
  • baronp0329: @Wolf $UA . Bought the Class A stock options instead. $UAA. earlier this morning BTO Jul 23 Calls at 0.95. One of the Najarians mentioned it yesterday on their site.
  • mrmike: $UA or $UAA ? Does it matter to trading if you don't care about voting rights?
  • Cheezit: $UAA looks to be starting phase 3 of a breakout. I'm in at18.31 looking to add.
  • BocaRick: #IBD just posts $NKE breaks out on the heels of $UAA jumping into Buy Zone. NP (yet)
  • Junior1: $UAA 4.5% up off the lows of the day, after missing on earnings. nice VS BO on the intraday (1 min chart). np. yet
  • Lou: $UA $UAA still moving nicely.
  • Gary: ...
    7. $UAA - pullback buy at the 50-day MA. Alert $16.40
    8. $LULU -- squeeze entry. Earnings 3/27. Alert $81.50
    9. $V - Squeeze entry. Alert $125.25
    10. $LGND -- pays to focus on the pattern.
    11. $CASA -- see LGND
    12. $VLO -- squeeze entry. Alert ...
  • Danzguy: $UAA Up 18%. Short int 30%
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls – Sold UAA F02 2 2018 16.0 Calls @ 0.15
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls #Rollout - Bought to close UAA Dec 22 2017 15.5 Calls/Sold UAA Jan 5 2018 15.5 Calls @ 0.38 Credit with the stock at 15.52 to avoid assignment this year.
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls – Sold UAA Dec 22 2017 15.5 Calls @ 0.40 with the stock at 15.64. These expire this Friday.
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts – Bought to close UAA Jan 19 2018 15.0 Puts @ 0.60. The stock has had a nice run so I’m exiting early on this position. Sold on 08/29/2017  @ 1.11
  • Iceman: ...
    $UAA Dec 15 2017 14 Calls (Covered) - liquidation
    $VIAB Dec 15 2017 32.5 Puts - new long position

  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls - Sold UAA Dec 15 2017 14.0 Calls @ 0.15 with the stock at 13.58. One week to expiration.
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls - Sold UAA Dec 8 2017 14.0 Calls @ 0.10 with the stock at 13.37. These expire Friday and replace similar options that expired last week.
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls #IRA – Sold UAA Dec 1 2017 14.0 Calls @ 0.06 with the stock at 13.40. Taking what I can get. These expire Friday.
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts #Speculation – Sold UAA Nov 24 2017 12.0 Puts @ 0.53 with the stock at 12.06.
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts #Speculation - Sold UAA Nov 10 2017 13.0 Puts @ 0.24 with the stock at 13.70
  • infocus: @Iceman $UAA #ShortPuts #Speculation STO UAA Nov 10 2017 13 Puts @.24 with the stock at 13.52 Filled on the asking price. Apparently someone was anxious to buy. Thanks for the idea.
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts – Bought to close UAA Oct 20 2017 17.5 Puts @ 0.41 with the stock at 17.11 to avoid possible assignment tonight. Originally sold in March at 1.51
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls - Sold UAA NOV 3 2017 20.5 Calls @ 0.22 with the stock at 17.48
  • Iceman: $APA $RRC $UAA #ShortPuts - all falling knives for now Sold 1 APA Apr 20 2018 32.5 Call @ 1.67 with the stock at 38.50 Sold 1 UAA Jan 19 2018 15.0 Call @ 1.11 with the stock at 16.50 Sold 1 RRC Jan 10 2018 16.0 Put @ 1.40 with the stock at 17.50
  • DrScience: $FL Down 20%, falling out the bottom on earnings; taking $NKE and $UAA with it. I have a long-term position in $NKE, currently covered calls. Will be watching to buy back the short calls "if" buyers come in.
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortCalls - Bought to close UAA Jan 19 2018 35.0 Calls @ 0.01. They won't trade any lower and there are still 163 days until expiration. Originally sold @ 0.45 in February.
  • Iceman: #OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Aug4 - Some nice #Earnings trades this week in $CMG $GRMN $TSLA and $UAA. Also the standard Volatility trades. Those are becoming harder to find without taking big risks as the $VIX index is hovering near 10. No assignments this week. -- Expirations -- CMG Weekly Aug 4 2017 300 Puts GRMN Weekly Aug 4 2017 45.5 Puts NUGT Weekly Aug 4 2017 36 Calls (Covered) SVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 40 Puts SVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 42.5 Puts SVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 45 Puts TSLA Weekly Aug 4 2017 250 Puts TSLA Weekly Aug 4 2017 255 Puts UAA Weekly Aug 4 2017 23.5 Calls UAA Weekly Aug 4 2017 24.5 Calls UVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 35 Calls (Covered) UVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 35.5 Calls (Covered) UVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 36 Calls UVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 54 Calls UVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 55 Calls UVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 56 Calls UVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 57 Calls UVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 58 Calls UVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 59 Calls UVXY Weekly Aug 4 2017 60 Calls UVXY 25/100 Weekly Aug 4 2017 14 Calls UVXY 25/100 Weekly Aug 4 2017 20 Calls
  • infocus: $UAA Announced poor results. My covered call position hasn't reacted very well in the pre-market trading. Fortunately, I took a smaller position than normal.
  • infocus: $UAA Covered Calls BTC Aug 4 2017 22 Calls (part @.01 and part @.02) Will probably reload for next week when stock recovers.
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Sold 1 UAA Jan 19 2018 17.5 Put @ 1.69. I overloaded this account with short (partially covered) Calls yesterday, so I'm balancing the books a bit now.
  • GOOSE: @Iceman $UAA #CoveredCalls Hi Mr.T, I have $UAA EARNINGS Tomorrow, BMO, is that right? Thank you. GOOSE
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls – Sold UAA Aug 4 2017 23.5 Calls @ 0.28 with the stock at 20.18. Expires at the end of the week.
  • Iceman: @GOOSE $UAA #CoveredCalls - Yes. Wouldn't it be nice to see a new multi-month high
  • GOOSE: @Iceman $UAA #CoveredCalls Thank you for the expiration confirmation. Yah, would be great seeing a new multi-month high. Thanks again. GOOSE
  • champ: $UAA @ $20.90 HOD ....looks like a short ---- Squeeze Candidate ---- going into earnings in the morning on 8/1/am because the stock is short 29.9% of the float...... I have a position because the shorts will not hold this stock into earnings...this stock... will move higher, as the day moves along going into the close....just a great set-up.....the volume is almost at the daily average high ....I just added.
  • champ: $UAA up about 7% ...now.
  • infocus: $UAA #Covered Calls BTO $UAA @20.21 STO Aug 4 2017 22 Calls @.58 Variation on @Iceman and @GOOSE trade. Thanks for idea.
  • GOOSE: @infocus $UAA #Covered @Iceman gets the thanks. His trade.
  • infocus: @GOOSE $UAA #Covered #Double Vision - I saw both posts at once ;>)
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts – Sold UAA SEP 15 2017 17.5 Puts @ 0.66
  • Junior1: @Iceman $UAA #ShortPuts As you prob know... Earnings come out Tuesday bmo
  • Iceman: #OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Jul28 - A few earnings plays $CMG $AMZN, some old volatility positions $SVXY $UVXY, and some covered calls $TRIP $UAA, are all expiring. My $NFLX covered puts are being assigned, taking me out of the remainder of the short stock position from last week at a nice gain. -- Expirations -- AMZN Weekly Jul 28 2017 940 Puts AMZN Weekly Jul 28 2017 1090 Calls CMG Weekly Jul 28 2017 300 Puts DUST Weekly Jul 28 2017 26 Puts DUST Weekly Jul 28 2017 27 Puts DUST Weekly Jul 28 2017 45 Calls NUGT Weekly Jul 28 2017 24 Puts NUGT Weekly Jul 28 2017 26 Puts SVXY Weekly Jul 28 2017 40 Puts SVXY Weekly Jul 28 2017 42.5 Puts SVXY Weekly Jul 28 2017 45 Puts SVXY Weekly Jul 28 2017 47.5 Puts TSLA Weekly Jul 28 2017 245 Puts TRIP Weekly Jul 28 2017 40 Calls (Covered) UAA Weekly Jul 28 2017 25 Calls (Covered) UVXY 25/100 Weekly Jul 28 2017 11 Calls (Covered) UVXY 25/100 Weekly Jul 28 2017 12 Calls (Covered) UVXY 25/100 Weekly Jul 28 2017 20 Calls -- Assignments -- NFLX Weekly Jul 28 2017 185 Puts (Covered) - eliminates a short stock position
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts - Bought to close UAA JUL 21 2017 17.5 Puts @ 0.01 in an IRA account. Out two weeks early and there is no more to make here. Sold 02/02/2017 @ 0.80.
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Bought to close UAA Jul 21 2017 17.5 Puts @ 0.01. They won't trade any lower and I'm out over 3 weeks early. Originally sold in early February at 0.90. The stock never reached the strike price.
  • Bridget: $UAA coming out of a squeeze
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls - Sold UAA Jul 21 2017 22.5 Calls @ 0.42. It seems I was a bit early on this trade and could get more now. This was a former #FallingKnife stock that has put in an extended base between 18.50 and 22.00 since the end of January.
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls – added more positions Sold UAA Oct 20 2017 25.0 Calls @ 0.69 Sold UAA Jul 21 2017 22.5 Calls @ 0.56
  • Riccardo: $UAA Sold at 50% loss sorry who followed me on this one. $MOMO long calls making up $UAA losses 2 to 1. adding $AMZN butterflies for this week expiration. $CMG waiting for a breakout to add
  • Riccardo: $TSLA $PLCE $CMI $UAA $CMG added airlines out for a double all thx to @Dan $NVDA out first tranche for a double
  • DAN: @Riccardo $TSLA $PLCE $CMI $UAA $CMG $NVDA Nice job, Riccardo. Ka Ching!
  • Bridget: @barbed $NKE I actually like the pattern in $UAA better. We saw a breakout on earnings, then pullback to the 50DMA and now moving higher.
  • Riccardo: $UAA doubling down on july $12.50 calls looking for a triple. BTO $CMG 450 June calls starter position
  • Bridget: @Riccardo $UAA $CMG why so deep in the money on UAA?
  • Riccardo: @Bridget $UAA $CMG delta expansion they move a. lot faster when time is on your side
  • Sher: @Riccardo $UAA - Are you sure you mean July $12.50? OI is only 21 and my screens are showing '0' volume.
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls - Sold UAA JAN 19 2018 27.5 Calls @ 0.64
  • Bridget: Notes: $WB $EDU $SINA $BIDU $BABA - chinese internet stocks up today $AMZN $SHOP $W - internet shopping still growing $SMH - new 52 week high, but lacking volume, $XLY at new high $LITE - moving up above $50 but on light volume $RL - breaking out, $UAA also looking ready for a breakout, $XRT up today $ENDP - breaking out of base on volume after earnings $PTLA - breaking out of squeeze on earnings $ATVI & $BYD - working, $GME also moving up into ER on 5/25 $AMAT - working
  • stevef214: @Bridget $WB $EDU $SINA $BIDU $BABA $AMZN $SHOP $W $SMH $XLY $LITE $RL $UAA $XRT $ENDP $PTLA $ATVI $BYD $GME $AMAT You can add $JD to the internet shopping list
  • Riccardo: $UAA picking up some July 22.50 calls @.40
  • Egmagur: $UAA Numbers were poor, but not as poor as expected. Now taking off. Don't we say it is time to buy a stock when bad news makes the stock go up?
  • Bridget: @Egmagur $UAA yes, this has potential but we would need to see it start filling the gap by breaking the high from last earnings at $22.16. I have set an alert at $22.25, if it breaks through that I will consider going long.
  • Egmagur: @Bridget $UAA I like that plan.
  • efrain007: @Bridget $UAA I was watching $UA for a move over 20. Basically the same charts but do you think one has more profit potential than another?
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts #IRA - Bought to close UAA Apr 21 2017 17.5 Puts @ 0.01. They won't trade any lower and it frees up cash for other trades that might expire this week. A former #FallingKnife trade.
  • Iceman: $UAA - for what it worth the last month and a half looks like a minor HS bottom after today's move. Just watching for now.
  • Lou: I think that the play off the $LULU situation may be $UA $UAA - added to $UA this morning.
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Sold UAA OCT 20 2017 17.5 Puts @ 1.51
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls - Sold UAA JAN 19 2018 35.0 Calls @ 0.45
  • Iceman: $UAA – From Tasty Trade this morning
    February 8, 2017
    Talk about a cool brand falling from grace.  It seems like nobody loves Under Armour anymore.  First, it’s the anti-hunters hating UAA for sponsoring hunters.  The ...
  • Iceman: $UAA #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Sold UAA Jul 21 2017 17.5 Puts @ 0.90 with the stock at 20.81
  • indigo1948: @issues $COST $UA $UAA $SKX - I have been there - liquidated Gilead for a comparable loss. At times we just need to be honest with ourselves. All the best.
  • issues: @Sher $COST Sher, confession time. Today we liquidated two or our largest losers from last year; $UA/$UAA and $SKX. Both had split 2:1 so we lost twice as much on both. Splits sometimes are deadly. So we took our big sour medicine today and sold all of them. This loss was about $10K
  • issues: @indigo1948 $COST $UA $UAA $SKX That's the other big loser we are considering selling for about the same loss. The only thought is that one day $GILD will announce they've found the perfect company to buy (since they have lots of cash) THEN the price rapidly escalates. Then I think, "Why did I sell at the bottom?" Indigo1948 Were you born in 1948>
  • Sher: @issues $COST $UA $UAA $SKX - Thanks for sharing, although I feel bad about your losses... I'm right there with you on the huge negative hits - I've been stuck in the "one step forward, three back" dance, forever!
  • JJT1: @issues $COST $UA $UAA $SKX $GILD @indigo1948 I also took big loss selling $GILD. I took money for $GILD and bought $WPZ $ETP trading drug pipeline for oil pipelines!
  • Henry: $UAA They are trying to turn this puppy into a value stock.
  • DAN: @captron $UA No. I'm in $UAA, not $UA. My typo.
  • captron: @DAN $UA $UAA You did have me scratching my head. Thanks. I was going to attribute it to good drugs from the surgery!
  • MtChet: @DAN $UA $UAA - Okay, I have to ask: What's the difference?
  • gtmcdon1: @MtChet $UA $UAA MtChet, the UA shares are non voting.
  • captron: @MtChet $UA $UAA Not Dan but $UA does not have voting rights whereas $UAA does.
  • bigbartabs: @DAN $UA $UAA ... voting vs non-voting shares... that really makes no difference to me. I would just have the Russians hack in and place a couple thousand votes for me.
  • Iceman: $UAA #CoveredCalls - Sold UAA FEB 17 2017 35.0 Calls @ 0.35
  • Henry: $UA $UAA $UA.C Under Armor has changed it's tickers this morning $UA.C is now $UA AND $UA is now $UAA TDA isn't up to speed with the changes yet.
  • issues: $UA changing its symbol on Dec 7th so that UA becomes $UAA while $UAC becomes simply $UA. Sounds crazy to me. UA.C had no voting rights and had failed 43% while UA didn't drop as much for the last few months. So now nobody knows which symbol applies to what. So why didn't they just leave both as simply UA>? Just to simple I guess.
  • Forexpro: @issues $UA $UAA $UAC LOL, Issues, They did it this way to justify the huge expenses logged by the consultants hired to provide cover for whatever management wanted to do anyway. That is, if the script was followed in this case, which seems all too likely. It can all be unwound when the next CEO hires a different consulting firm. Hope you're doing well; all the best!
  • Trixie: @issues $UA $UAA $UAC is $FB supposed to do something similar?
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Stock Price $USD 22.39
Change -0.84%
Volume 4,795,700

Under Armour Inc is a developer, marketer and distributor of branded performance apparel, footwear and accessories for men, women and youth.

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