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Strategy Session March 7th, 2016

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  • spmeyers: Bulk shippers are just getting thrown overboard: $SBLK, $TK; not a good sign for global trade
  • phgruver: @spmeyers $SBLK $TK I'm a little surprised that $TK is getting slammed. $NAT has been improving, although from a very low base....
  • debeers: $SBLK-LONG on the rise in rates for capesize vessels.Shipper rates rose 2.6% on Tuesday on increased shipper demand. Earnings 8/7 AMC
  • djmurph: @spmeyers $SB Thanks for the reply. I see what you're saying. Wonder if $SBLK would be the better play in this sector once it builds out a bit.
  • JBed: $SBLK Rev Shark's stock of the week. Now in buy zone and volume has picked up. NP, yet.
  • JustJoe: @JBed $SBLK his picks move faster (up and down) than I'm comfortable trading :), but what run it's had.
  • bRobert: $SB $SBLK Another couple of bulk shippers. Nice bases . Clean breakouts
  • woodman: #Shippers - swing trade potential here: $NVGS $GOGL $SBLK $ASC $GNK
  • woodman: #Shipping has been moving in the right direction. Looking at their weekly charts, many appear still to have have plenty of room to move higher. I looked at their weekly charts to decide whether I like the 30,000 foot view and direction and whether it looks like there is more in the tank with space to move higher. Of those, I looked at the daily charts to see whether now is a good time to enter or if I need to wait. Using the weekly and daily in this fashion is something @Dan has discussed many times. When I took a look, I liked the weekly charts for $GNRT $GOGL $SBLK $SB $SALT $ASC and $GNK. But I don't want to buy any of them right now. They all seem extended on the daily. I don't have a position in any currently, but will watch for an entry in one.
  • spmeyers: Bulk shippers on the move -- $DSX, $SBLK etc
  • spmeyers: bulk shippers looking nice on upgrade from Morgan Stanley, but seems better to wait for pullback -- $GNK $SBLK etc
  • spmeyers: I'd appreciate any thoughts on $SBLK -- the lack of follow through today makes me wonder if this is "working"
  • spmeyers: shippers rocking: $GNK $SBLK working
  • EasyOut: @spmeyers $GNK $SBLK $DSX also.
  • carefree: $DRYS $GNK $EGLE $ESEA $TOPS $SBLK $ASC $STNG Just about all dry bulk shippers up many in double percentages.
  • boba: $SBLK $SB $GLOG $GLNG & others - Several shipping stocks moving up/breaking out.
  • woodman: @moneyHoHo - Lots of good #Shipper action. Both dry bulk and LNG. For example: $NM, $SB, $SBLK (someone mentioned SBLK to me today, b/c I hadn't seen it earlier), $GLOG, $GLNG.
  • snmtraders: Baltic Index/DRY et al -- So, why did the Baltic Dry Index see the worst start to the year in over 30 years and drop 18% in the last 2 days alone, according to Zero Hedge? It seems Zero Hedge suspects there is over capacity thanks to central planner based "mal-investment" (read: China), but notes that the $FT suggests Colombia's tougher environmental rules (requires coal exporters to load ships via conveyor belts rather than barge and crane) has temporarily dampened shipping. Regardless of these restrictions, overstocking remains major concern as exemplified by 3/4's unexpected inventory builds. I do own a small shipper for the long haul -- $SBLK, and looking for a good entry into $GASS, one of the few publicly traded LPG tankers in the US.
  • boba: $DRYS GNK $SBLK NM - Lift Off! w/ 19% rise in shipping rates last week.
  • scorpino: $GNK @eTradeBaby, then you'd love $SBLK ;-)
  • scorpino: @stormy, re $SBLK thanks i was just kidding him, tho it is entering phase 2 of the recent #squeeze ;)
  • scorpino: CTL- @Henry, much abliged for your comments. I certainly want to keep her in most of her positions for the divys, just don't want her to take another 2007/08/09 drawdown at this late point in her life. The divys and s.s. keep her fed, clothed and h ...
  • antfarm: $NMM Jan, Ive been crawling around the @rusty hulks of the bulk shipping group. $NMM is a $MLP (Master Limited Partnership) that pays a #dividend of 9.4%. Several of the bulk shippers also pay a nice #dividend. $ESEA, $SB and $SBLK are in the 6-7% range. Have you looked at $NMM as a candidate #Yieldhog. @Jon
  • fredsfreedom: $DRYS - Sector strength in these $SBLK EXM $SBLK TOO
  • gatordave: ...
    Take this list and key into the chart and see what you like. To my eye they appear to be at the top of the @zig. ------------ $EGLE NM $NMM SB OSG ESEA $SBLK GNK $PRGN --- $NMM has a great #dividend. ----------- ...
  • Sizzle: ...
    It was also quite surprising how many of the best performing stocks were mentioned at some time or another right here in this Forum or that @Dan mentioned early in their advance in his videos. Stocks like FEED, $SPAR, $GROW, $BOLT, TRU, $NVDA, $DWS ...
  • tmjska: $DRYS - shippers - up 15% in pre-market. $DRYS earnings 0.36a vs 0.19e (from Briefings). Other shippers likely to move off of $DRYS earnings: $DSX, EXM, $GMT, $NM, $PRGN, $SBLK, TBSI, ... Long DSX.
  • Searenity: Been easier to make money trading the index - broad or sector. Here are my watch list that I review daily - hourly as I get the opportunity to: Energy/Coal: $BTU, FCL, $KOL, MEE, PCX Basic Mat/Iron: $AKS, $CLF, $MT, $MTL, $NUE, $PKX, $STLD, $X Basic Mat/Mining: $BBL, $FCX, IVN Energy/Oil Infra: $APD, $BHI, $CAT, $CMI, $FWLT, $NAV, $OIH, $SLB Finance/Invest. Services: $CME, $ICE #Transports/Water: $SBLK #Transports/Rails: $BNI, $NSC, $KSU Still researching each of these for entry points. @Dan's video tonight has several excellent suggestions with some good entry criteria. I'll post my entry criteria as I lock-in on a few trades - but still do not intend on deploying too much of my cash. Still feeling like 2-3 positions at a time is best to manage for us part-timers.
  • iancleghorn: Ships A lot of shipping fleets are trending up. Quite a few pay impressive dividends and I suspect dividends count this time around. Our old buddy $DRYS only pays 1.0% and looks comatose. $LNG carriers $GLNG (5.7%) Tankers $NAT (12.2%) $DHT (10.4%) $TK (2,6%) OSG (2.2%) $FRO (17.7%) $TRMD (13.3%) Dry and tanker Dry ships $NM (3.9%) $SBLK 12.8%) $PRGN (10.8%) @Ian
  • Pat(rick): ...
    Dry Bulk CEO forum conference includes CEO's from $DRYS, QMAR, $SBLK and TBSI. Panel says that there has not been any fundamental change in dry bulk business.. Panel states that the best way to play the industry is to invest for the long term, and ...
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Change -4.70%
Volume 712,907

Star Bulk Carriers Corp provides worldwide transportation of drybulk commodities through its vessel-owning subsidiaries for a range of customers & minor bulk cargoes including iron ore, coal, grain, cement & fertilizer.

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