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  • Egmagur: $SBH Started a swing trade on this at 12.50. Stop under overnight low of 12.20. Sort of a crazy sell off on AMZN threat. How many quarters will it take for that to even make a dent?
  • shoredriver: @Egmagur $SBH ...Fugly chart, even before $AMZN news.....
  • Egmagur: @shoredriver $SBH $AMZN no question. that is why my stop is tight and trying to squeeze out 6 or 8%.
  • JeffyJ: $SBH a possible BITS? Outside of 2.5SD
  • rachel: ...
    $SBH – still going
    $T – Good yield. I like this for a longer hold as a hedge against low rates.
    $XBI – Leading. Should have an allocation here. Some potential biotech trades...
    $MNTA – Alert $15
    $PGNX – Alert $5.27
    $S ...
  • rachel: ...
    $SBH – breakout on volume. Breakouts haven’t been holding very well, so careful. Also, February gap to $20 sold off over the next 3 days.
    $LRN – trailing stop on this. 40% run since $25 breakout begs for profit-taking.
    $T ...
  • DAN: $SBH -- Nice action today. Still in a base along the 200-day moving average, but it's up 2% today.
  • bRobert: $EL Beauty is the beast trade. Up 10% pm on raised guidance. Long Watch pin action $HELE $ULTA $REV $SBH
  • bRobert: $ULTA $HELE $SBH $REV . Beauty is the beast trade weathering the storm. $DIN . Another food favorite along with $MCD . $JNJ . $LLY $MRK . Drug foxholes with dividends HMOs . Low volume pb from highs . $AET mh. Look for continuation of breakouts as the storm eases
  • bRobert: $REV nice pop on volume. Power move . Part of my beauty is the beast trade with $ULTA $HELE $EL $SBH $REV target $35
  • bRobert: $REV Very bullish chart. $31+ target . Added to beauty is the beast team $HELE $EL $ULTA $SBH BEAUTIFUL charts
  • bRobert: $EL right shoulder work. >50d $155 with trigger $HELE flag $140+ $SBH WEEKLY MACD/ADX crosses $20 $ULTA Flag $310 Beauty is the beast trades.
  • bRobert: $HELE $140 target Another beauty acting the beast stock with $ULTA $SBH
  • bRobert: $EL Good entry.. $HELE phase 2 $SBH looks pretty. extended. LOOKING at the WEEKLY a move >$17 will get my interest Beauty stocks are the beast $ULTA
  • bRobert: $HELE . Looking for follow through. $SBH . Following WEEKLY chart. Double bottom trade. Watching for move > 50w . Target 1 . $19+ Beauty becoming the beast trades along with #1 $ULTA . and $EL.
  • Bridget: ...
    $SBH - Alerts below $17 or above $19
    $ATHM - alert below $58.66
  • bRobert: @Bridget $XME $XLB $XLK $SMH $XLV $CNC $CELG $UNH $VRX $EXAS $BMY $YY $SINA $BBRY $RIO $MT $HUN $AAOI $CMG $ESNT $HPQ $MON $MAR $NTNX $ETSY $ICHR $MTCH $TSG $CISN $HGV $ALRM $YUMC $DXC $VST $SBH $ATHM #Notes I'm not sure ATHM is dying. .Needed rest. for sure Short cover line in the sand obvious. Weekly/monthly charts are strong.. When your short is covered, I'll be entering.
  • bwcarnation1: $SBH up 3 days but still strong today on vol. above 50dma was waiting for p.b. today but near HoD so bought small cuz day 3
  • DAN: @champ $ULTA $JPM I think that ULTA is forming a multi-month "high base" that should lead to another rise in prices. Growth rate is about 35%, and the P/E is 39. This is actually on par with Sally Beauty Holdings ($SBH), which has growth and P/E rates of about half of ULTA (so the "value" would be about the same -- paying half the price for half the growth). I suspect that the stock will be lower tomorrow -- though I have no edge here. I'm not a fortune teller (though I do like Fortune Brands ($FBHS) at $53). 8-)
  • olveoyl: $SBH moving up out of a vs on volume
  • Forexpro: ...
    Interview with Charles Kantor, PM of the Neuberger Berman Long Short Fund ($NLSAX): The fund has an impressive Sharpe Ratio of 1.92 for the three years ended Jan 31, a superstar number suggesting that the fund’s returns relative to risk are ex ...
  • GreenGhost: ...
    What's working: Strong growth was seen in auto parts (PEP, ORLY, AZO, AAP, MNRO) with the broad parts category showing year-over-year sale growth of over 8% in November. Sales were up 6.8% Y/Y for health and personal care stores ($ULTA, $SBH, $CVS, ...
  • bullmoose: Huge reversal by $SBH this morning. Unfortunately, I missed it while making other trades – some good ($UA calls) and some bad ($QIHU calls). I also sold some $LOCK.
  • Aragorn: $SBH Picking up where $ULTA left off
  • Auto: @Aragorn $SBH awesome looking bull engulf candle.. no position to bad so sad :<(
  • bullmoose: Watch $SBH, which is consolidating and had a nice move today. Also keep an eye on $COW, which is in a squeeze and looking ready to pop.
  • bullmoose: Nice bounce by $SBH today off the 20-day. Possible Phase 3 from a little squeeze breakout and retracement.
  • janner0814: Currently, I'm long $FB $LULU $WLL $EXPE $PEIX (sold bull put spreads on yesterday's drop). Today, took profit & closed positions in $TNA $SBH $TKMR $DYAX $SUNE $SLCA and $XOP... As much as I'd wanted to hold both $TKMR, $TNA and $SLCA... I just had to take profits... this market has been so choppy. The $IBB $CELG $GILD and other biotechs looking very interesting! Wasn't that amazing the T2112 dropping to below 7 on Thursday? Incredible! (I guess I've written more than I should write).... Good luck everyone!
  • bullmoose: Retail, solar, networking/social and bio are four hot categories. Don't let them run away from you. There have been a lot of good suggestions in the forum today and over the past few days. $FSLR and $SCTY are just starting moves. Many of the retail names have already left the station, but look for entries in names like $JCP, $BBY, $MIK, $TGT, $NKE, $DECK, $VFC, $TIF, $SVU, $ULTA, $SBH, $COH, $PVH, $LOCO. There are too many bio names to throw out here, but I'm having success with $ARWR, $ISIS and $NBIX. A few others are consolidating. Networking/social stocks are also in the early phases of perking up. Stocks like $FB, $YHOO, $MOBI, $HIVE, $VIP, $MBLY and many more I haven't mentioned are working. Then there's $BIDU, which is killing me. ;0[
  • woodman: $SBH - another resurrection stock that I'm in. Continuing its move back upward today.
  • woodman: $SBH - seems like a decent risk/reward trade here with it being low risk if you use the 200 day, or say $27, for your stop reference. 50 day is turning up; price holding above the 200 day; 5 dEMA has moved up thru the 200 day and 8 dEMA is about to do the same. It has room to move higher if so inclined. You could buy some here with that stop, or just wait for it to get moving above last thursday's high.
  • :
  • darce: $ULTA @GOOSE - she finally got past the 8ema and ran smack dab into the 20sma. Thanks for the reminder though. I gotta put an alert on that one. Had a nice ride earlier in the year. Might take another in 2014. I like $SBH too. Not a good time to buy #RHRN though. Needs some time to rest.
  • BuffaloBill: SCAN - Working. Here's a Scan that may help. Stock that are working. Price > $5.00 90 Day Volume Average > 500,000 Wilder RSI 14 > 69.95 BOP > 0 (Worden Indicator) If you do not have BOP then use Money Flow Index Set to Rank greater than 60% MA8 Below Price or Price above MA8 Now compare your charts to these which are working $MA $V $WYNN $TMO $XOM $TIF $SNI VS $URI $PNR $FLS $CVS $EXPE $MNST A $FISV $FRX $FB $ABBV $AME $VPHM IP $LLTC $DOW $TEX $YHOO $MPEL $GNTX $YPF $RESI $SBH $CBG $MGM $ARRS $KND $LEAP $YRCW NRF $AKS $P
  • DAN: Compare $SBH and ULTA. Nice to be Sally. Not so nice to be Ulta.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Thursday's open AMBC, $BRKS, $DANG, $DCIX, $GIB, $GLOG, $HP, $KSS, $PAAS, $SBH, SPH, $TDG, $TYC, $VIAB, WMT
  • darce: $SBH missed on earnings, but stuck the landing and is offering an entry (for bottom pickers like me). Long, holding and now putting a stop directly under the 50sma.
  • darce: $ULTA - better to take a shot at $SBH or $RDEN at this point. Well defined risk just below current prices. Although ultimately $ULTA continues upward.
  • beby138: $SBH - Crushed today , right at 200 dma , no pos.
  • captron: $SBH - I'm not calling a bottom but I am calling a low risk entry. It would be nice if the volume would pick up. Earnings are 8/1
  • jetace: $LONG TERM HOLDs - Put your chart settings on WEEKLY back to early 2009 and have a look at these. They have been in some form of a steady climb since 2009. Perhaps they will assist some of you in making some longer term holds. There is enough diversity in these that you could form your own long term "fund" depending on your sector preferences. Many are mentioned in the forum but some are sleepers we rarely discuss. $MA, $AZO, $GWW, $IBM, $VFC, $PRGO, $ORLY, $TSCO, $ARG, $ALXN, PM, $PII, $PSMT, $MANH, $DUK, BF.B, $COG, $CHD, $BMRN, $SBUX, $D, $RGR, $ACGL, $DPZ, $ABCO, $SUSS, $TJX, $WCN, $AFSI, $AWK, $SBH, $NI, $ARIA, $ELGX, $AKRX Good hunting
  • jdaniels: $ULTA @MissMet - Sorry but they do not have my fragrance. No, seriously I have never played in this space. Did research in $SBH not to far back and is the closest I have been to the space. $SBH was the place to be and I did not want another position to follow, so I abandoned the notion
  • bullmoose: ...
    In the retail space I own $CAB and SBH. Watch $CAB carefully for a possible breakout from a tight #squeeze. Keep an eye on $SBH to see if it continues to break out or falls back into the channel. Again, look at the weekly chart for a better view on ...
  • dagdog: $SBH - @Dan mentioned this last night. Look at the weekly #squeeze....ready to pop??
  • duppal: $SBH - I was looking at Sally Beauty Supply and it looks pretty strong from a weekly chart like the beginning of a vol #squeeze. Anyone following this?
  • Tricia: EARNINGS: before Thursday's open: $AEE, $APA, $ARIA, $BDX, $CAH, $CI, $CNP, $DNR, $DTV, $DUK, $ENB, $GM, $INCY, $K, $MFA, $NNN, $OCN, PGN, $PH, $PRX, $PWR, $PXP, $RDC, $SBH, $SE, $SEE, $SHO, $SNE, $SRE, $TDC, $TE, $TEVA, $TIE, $TWC, $UPL, $VIAB, $VRX, $WNR, $XEL after the close:AGNC, $AGU, $AIG, $AIV, $ATVI, $CBS, $CPT, $DCT, $ED, $EOG, $FLR, KFT, $KOG, $LBTYA, $LNKD, $MCHP, $MWE, $ONNN, $PBI, $PSA, $ROVI, $SBAC, $SD, $SUN, SWN
  • Tricia: Earnings before open tomorrow: $AEE, $APA, $ARIA, $BDX, $CAH, $CI, $CNP, $DNR, $DTV, $DUK, $ENB, $GM, $INCY, $K, $MFA, $NNN, $OCN, PGN, $PH, $PRX, $PWR, $PXP, $RDC, $SBH, $SE, $SEE, $SHO, $SNE, $SRE, $TDC, $TE, $TEVA, $TIE, $TWC, $UPL, $VIAB, $VRX, $WNR, XEL
  • MartySS: $SBH - $SBH anyone following this for an entry after they announced the secondary stock offering from their largest shareholder? Seems to want to hold $25
  • MSL: 59er question, answered needed please. In regards to a beat down stock, obviously during the first hour there is massive volatility in either direction. However a lot of times (but not always), the stock will just flat line the rest of the day. I have been noticing this dynamic for quite sometime. Does anyone know why this is ? I suspect its a fund slowly unwinding a position over the course of some hours or machines taking over but I am really uncertain. Its happening on $SBH and $ROVI today if one needs to reference. Thanks in kind.
  • Henry: $SBH flat earnings and a secondary offering. Sound the submarine dive alarm 24.87 in after hours
  • bethany: $SBH - moving off the 50 nicely.
  • bethany: $SBH - up 4% on a bad day!
  • bethany: $SBH - jlsmith....very interesting interpretation. I had to read it a few times. I had already exited with a nice profit. Thanks for the warning.
  • scgaryinv: $SBH is working like a charm as well.
  • Ron R: @BOBM3 I began a position in $SBH this morning and may add to it again shortly. This weekends forum mentioned it. good luck
  • bobm3: $SBH - @RonR ... MACD, Stochastics, Balance of Power and Money Stream (TC2000) indicators are all up on $SBH it looks like a good choice.
  • Ron R: $SBH Thank you. After a bit of research I decided to start a position in SBH. That's for your post.
  • cmac: $SBH watching carefully to see if the 50 day holds. Down 5th day in a row. Hoping that the stock offers up a nice entry here.
  • challenson: $ADSK Looks good to me. ('m fairly new at this board) I was watching $SBH and wondering whether to jump back in after being stopped out at 26.00 (BTW I do not think my own stop was at the great point) I followed @Dan's 1.1% rule (or is it the 1.0% rule?) to get back in and have not yet. In the meantime, I looked at your $ADSK suggestion and thought to myself, now $ADSK chart sure looks like it has more potential, so I used some of my cash and bought some $ADSK instead. I have a stop at 31.90 to confirm a break in the trend. I'm open for criticism , but thanks to everyone esp @Dan, I feel like I am going better the I used to before the forum
  • gold2stocks: NEXT ROST @JR. - Part Deux - First was $SBH, now take a look at another steady riser albeit a tad slower than Sally. $HSNI (most know this one as Home Shopping Network) which also carries a 1.28% yield along with it. I started going long this one with a starter position last year. Weekly looks solid with the daily 6 mo. looking like more of a yo yo than Sally. I do trade this by buying in FRONT of Thanksgiving and be out just before Christmas. Today though, it has a nice bounce off the 50dma and I am picking some up at 39 with risk EASILY DEFINED at about 38.34 if I am wrong......would like to see a buck to a buck and a half upside in the very short term. REMEMBER this one for your HOLIDAY shopping list. G2S
  • urn007: I've been sitting on the sidelines watching for the past few weeks. Anyone more experienced care to reinforce what (I think) I already know... that I've missed this move up and need to be patient and wait. My small want to own list: $CRUS, $LQDT, $SBH, $TJX, $ROST, $DG, $MNST, $ARNA, $BAC, WFM. Many thanks!
  • gold2stocks: $SBH - @Dan mentioned this one last night and looking for an earnings date. Here it is: (July 30th, 2012) Earnings Summary On 5/3/2012, $SBH reported 2 quarter 2012 earnings of $0.35 per share. This result beat the $0.32 consensus of the 8 analysts covering the company and beat last year's 2 quarter results by 34.62%. The next earnings announcement is expected on 07/30/2012. SBH's PE ratio is among the highest of any stock in the Retail (Specialty) industry and signals that investors have high hopes for this company's future business prospects. Additionally, during the past year, earnings growth has outpaced its historical five year growth rate.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $SBH - Growth of 35%....PE of 22%...technically nice pullback to the 50dma..NOT MUCH DIFFERENCE between this and ROST..pretty good stock to look at right now and has been consolidating and looks poised for a breakout. Has similar numbers to $ROST o ...
  • Mike72: $SBH - I have a contrarian view on this stock I'll share with you. I see BOP indicator showing lots of red indicating possible institutional selling. Institutional ownership is at 89% not a lot of room for big guns to come in and buy. TSV and Moneystream are both declining over the last few months. This could be a top and institutions are rotating out of the stock. It did surprise me to hear in @Dan's video the fundamentals were good so maybe this time Fundies trumps indicators. If I am wrong I think you will see the stock go above 27.25 with increased volume and that would be a good opportunity to get in. I would be suspect of weak volume with increasing price.
  • jdaniels: $SBH - @gold2stocks - Nice chart thanks, I'll put it on my radar. Not at a buy point right now but that will give me time to research the fundies
  • bullmoose: Clearing The Decks - Over the past couple of days I have cleared out my remaining shorts save one. I made nice profits on June puts in $TYC, $YUM and WMB. I am still holding some of my July puts in $SBH as I expect a lower low, where I would add to t ...
  • markor01: $T, $VZ, $DF, $SBH, WMT...more that are working for long term holds
  • murfields: MORE SHOPPING---Stocks with great up-trending and low volatility the last year for holding: $ELGX, $SBH, $DLTR, $LQDT, $ROST, $TJX, $ABCO and $MNST
  • bullmoose: ...
    This morning, I bought $MNST and ZNGA. I am also looking to buy $FIRE, $SBH and $RDWR for short term moves.

    I'm upset that I didn't jump back into $TNH yesterday. What a nice move n a high yielder.

    There are many other nice looking short term ...
  • bullmoose: ...
    I also mentioned another short possibility a couple days ago that I jumped on...YUM. It has worked out very well. It came back to test the 50 and got rejected soundly. I sold some yesterday and will look to add back on a retest of the broken support ...
  • bullmoose: APKT, $KSU, $SBH - Hi everyone. I'm just dropping in quickly to post some of this morning's moves, plus a couple from yesterday. This morning I bought APKT after it bounced off the pullback from the morning pop. That bounce was right off the 20-day. ...
  • bullmoose: Stocks Holding Up Well - I know we're not in an aggressive buying mode here, but it could be helpful to point out a few stocks that have held up well today or bounced back nicely. Stocks that do well on a day like this are stocks worth owning. Qualifying in my portfolio are $CIM, $CTL, $CTSH, $DANG, $DVN, $EXPD, $ILMN, $KEY, NYB, $RGR, $SBH, $SBUX and TNK. $TNH is holding up OK too. Some of the other banks have bounced a bit as well, and $BIDU looks decent as it bounces a little from near the 20-day after 7 straight days of consolidation on declining volume. I wouldn't be rushing out to buy here (volume sucks), but these and others that SMMers post are worth a look. Check 'em out and post some of your own.
  • jlsmith7441: Here are some stocks, that are a little off the beaten path, but have charts that look interesting to me: $HBAN ( a one-time #Cramer fave), $BKE, $CVG, $DBD, $EL, $FRO, $GIII, $IGT, IP, $JAH, $MWW, $PPC, $RIG, $SBH (right here, right now), $SWK, $TIF ...
  • bullmoose: Good Buys Here - $DANG, $EMC, $MCP, $NFLX, $SINA, VRTX. $NFLX and $VRTX are especially sweet. $STLD is interesting too. $ROST continues to motor. I bought $FFIV at the end of the day yesterday. I've also added to PMCS. $RAX broke out of a bull flag b ...
  • bullmoose: $SBH - This has been a long time holding of mine. I wish I owned more but I trimmed last week and never got the chance to add back. I didn't play that one well. I'm still waiting for the pullback.
  • bullmoose: Time to Trim? - Hmmm, lots of bullishness, three-day rule, S&P back at resistance, it could be time to trim heading into the weekend. I've had some decent moves in stocks like $AUY, ATPG, $CLH, $HBAN, $HOS, $JEF, $JPM, $KOG, $KORS, $RENN, $SBH, $SBUX and SLW. I want to lock in some of those profits. Not too many of them are at resistance of their own however, so I don't want to take too much off the table. Others like CPNO, $CTL, $WLL and $WMB seem like they're just getting started so I'm inclined not to trim them. In fact, I added to all of those. I'm not sure I want to trim $JEF and $JPM either. They're looking very good on the weekly chart. I'm not trimming $BAC or $GS either.
  • bullmoose: ...
    Retail has been strong as death. $SBUX, $ROST, $SBH, $COST, $LOW, $VZ, $LULU, the list goes on. Again, the time to buy was Tuesday and Wednesday. Today is profit protection day.

    Don't be "that" guy that buys after the move is waning. Raise cash. ...
  • 1Boston330: $SBH @bullmoose. Good performance today--up 1.94% with a price swing of about 3%. The trend continues to look great. The only way to add is to just buy small on a dip during the day, and, of course place a tight stop like below the prior day's intraday's low. Maybe there will be a basing period in March like there was during 2/13 thru 2/28 where you can purchse. Sorry for the late response. Thanks for your comment. It's always nice to have someone in a stock with you.
  • bullmoose: $RSH - I see no need to take chances on stocks in the penalty box that haven't broken their downtrends while so many stocks are in the winner's circle. As @Dan as said often over the past couple weeks. Now, with the market having resistance above, is not the time to be taking chances. It is the time to be sticking with the winners. Banks, oil production and exploration, retail (though not RSH) and tech are the winners right now. Gold and @silver miners are perking up too. If you want retail, look at $SBH, rosT, CPWM, $LULU, $COH, $COST, $NKE, $TIF, $TJX and many others. But be careful buying now since most are a bit overbought short term.
  • bullmoose: $KORS, $ROST, $SBH, $TIF - Retail remains strong. While $KORS and $TIF have both pulled back from their highs (causing me to take some profits), $SBH and $ROST are holding their gains.
  • bullmoose: Nice close - I wasn't able to contribute much today as I was running around all day. I did manage to add some $AAPL, $BAC, $MRVL and $SINA to existing positions. I missed adding to $ADM and RAX. I trimmed or hit stops on $CLF, $HOV, $KKR, $NAK, $SBH, $TEX and VHC. I should have then added $HOV back as it came off the lows. That happened fast though, and I wasn't glued to the computer today. We'll see how it acts tomorrow. I think I had my stop too tight on $CLF too.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Sally Beauty numbers upped at Goldman
    $SBH estimates were boosted through 2014, Goldman Sachs said. Company continues to execute well. Neutral rating and new $23 price target.

    Sara Lee numbers boosted at Credit Suisse
    Shares of SLE ...
  • bullmoose: Taking Profits - I took a little risk off the table by taking some profits in $HOV, $KBH, $MRVL and KKR. In fact I sold $KKR a couple times throughout the day as it kept slipping lower. I tightened partial stops under today's extended lows on other h ...
  • bullmoose: $SBH - Beats estimates on earnings. Is popping out of a #squeeze pre-market, in the winner's circle. I think I'll be adding to my shares this morning. Second stock today that I trimmed too much of prior to earnings, along with GMCR. Hmmm, should I trim less $WYNN this afternoon?
  • bullmoose: $LVS / $WYNN - While $LVS is down, $WYNN is up a percent with earnings this afternoon. It'll be a tough decision on how much to trim given the money I left off the table on $GMCR and $SBH today.
  • bullmoose: Who says there's nothing to buy? Yesterday a few in the forum were questioning buying after this run. I responded by requesting they look for stocks bouncing off support or breaking out and set tight stops below their purchases. Several more stocks presented such an opportunity this morning: $ALTR, $HOS, $RAX, $SBH and @Dan's $ZNGA, to name a few. $TSL is bouncing off support right now. $SOL too. $GWR is breaking out. $OII continues its breakout from yesterday. $SINA continues its breakout from a flag two days ago. $TCAP continues its breakout. Look and listen to the forum and you'll find opportunities. But you have to be quick. Bounces are happening in a matter of minutes, not hours. Then set tight stops under support or breakout levels. The longer you wait to buy, the more risk you have because the lower from your purchase price is support.
  • bullmoose: $SBH - Had some weird flash crash and I got an earlier buy order filled at the upper bollinger band to add to my shares. Awesome. It's now back up near the highs.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Sally Beauty rated new Neutral at Goldman
    $SBH was initiated with a Neutral rating, Goldman Sachs said. $22 price target. Company has limited earnings upside potential.

    @Charles Schwab downgraded at JP @Morgan
    $SCHW was downgraded ...
  • beija_flor: $SBH bounced off the 50 yesterday afternoon.
  • bullmoose: $SBH - Failed bounce. If you bought yesterday (I did not), you should be out now.
  • bullmoose: ...
    Retail: $SBH, $YUM
    High Yield: $ANH, $ARR, CPNO, CQP. $CTL, $CYS, $FNFG, $MAIN, $MO, $NLY, $NRF, NYB, $TCAP, $TNH, $VGR
    #Transports: $GWR, $KSU, $UNP, $JBHT
    Armageddon: $RGR, $SWHC

    I'm sure there are tons more, but this is a big enough lis ...
  • bullmoose: $ULTA / $SBH (@DragonFly) - If you like salon plays, take a look at $SBH instead. It's too late to buy today, but this one is a consistent money winner for me.
  • DragonFly: $SBH -@bullmoose - blue skies. good for you! My best play right now is @DAN, been working great for me. on Zacks buy list. thanks the heads up on Sally. I'll keep a watch on her.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Shares of $SBH now seen reaching $20, according to Credit Suisse. Estimates also increased, as higher sales is driving better margins. Outperform rating.

    $SAP AG estimates raised at Oppenheimer
    $SAP estimates increased through 2012, Oppenheime ...
  • bullmoose: ...
    $AAPL, $BCPC, $BHI, $BIDU, $BRY, $BWLD, $CLB, $CHK, $CPL, $FAST, $GS, $IBM, $IPI, $JPM, $KMP, $LVS, $MDR, MIPS, $PAL, QPSA, $REE, $SBH, $SBUX, $SKX, $VMW and WLT. I'm not sure what to do yet with $ANH, $CYS and $NLY since I missed adding at the open ...
  • shrholder: $SBH - $SBH is approaching all time highs and showing nice candle strength... $SBH may need to be put on your radar... GL to all
  • bullmoose: $SBH, $LULU, LVMUY, $UA - Big moves by these retailers on sweet looking charts. $LULU and $UA have broken out of consolidation to new highs.
  • bullmoose: Lots of nice chart setups - Too bad it's a Friday before a long weekend because there are a lot of nice chart setups today. $WIRE is breaking out. $VVUS (which I bought yesterday) is peaking out of a very tight #squeeze. $ALTR and $LSCC are two semis that look ready to take off. $GWR is breaking out. $SBH is breaking out of a flag. $BOX (which I bought today) is breaking out of a #squeeze. Many others have already left the dock.
  • bullmoose: ...
    As for the stocks to be in, or at least to keep a close eye on next week: $BAS, $BOX, HEK, HS, $ALTR, $LSCC, $GWR, $SBH, $TBT, $VVUS and many, many others. Just don't let winners turn to losers.
  • bullmoose: $CELG, $EXEL, $SBH, and a few others - I added to my $CELG May 55 calls this morning. It came down and stayed above yesterday's close, then bounced, so I added.

    $EXEL opened above yesterday's close and is pushing the bollinger band up out of a #sq ...
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Change 0.70%
Volume 894,265

Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries sell professional beauty supplies, through its Sally Beauty Supply retail stores and distributes professional beauty products to salons and professional cosmetologists through its Beauty Systems Group.

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