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  • DrScience: $MTN downhill run was exhilarating, but the high-speed lifts are working fine, too. Nice 59-min trade.
  • bigbartabs: @CraigReynolds ... well, buying extended, and buying good pullbacks are much different risks. For example... $ZS $AVLR $LHX $MTN are probably low risk pullbacks... due to smart money proximity buyers watching. If they do go further down, it is less likely to be much. Buyers are probably close by. Lower risk of the bottom falling out from here... giving time to set worst case sell stops with just paper cuts. FWIW... all the best buddy...
  • champ: @bRobert $NKE $CROX $DECK $BOOT #1 ---- Yes exactly just like $MTN, they ride up the slope but I alway watch them Ski down the slope. For me, I really don't want to break anything.
  • bRobert: @champ $NKE $CROX $DECK $BOOT $MTN #1 I have been cutting back on my higher drama adventure activities . Seeing the many advantages of cruising the bunny hill
  • champ: $MTN..HOD
  • champ: $MTN----OUT....took profits, with 2-profit sells this morning.
  • champ: $MTN, this turned up off of LOD, I did get back-in, on that first green candle.
  • champ: $MTN @ $249...HOD...up around $20.00, in the last 5- trading days, off of entry.
  • champ: $MTN $GOOS $CLAR --- Check out the National weather map today, getting really gold outside, even California, is getting cold, was near 32 last night in many Ca, area's. Over 1/2 of the U.S. was in the 30's today or below and tonight 70%, will be below 30 degrees with many area's will be around 7-20. That is just in the U.S. and in Canada, it is really cold, Toronto, Ontario and many other area's will hit 25 degrees on Tuesday, and 7 or so on Wednesday.
  • bRobert: $VAC nh $130/$145 I'd rather take a VAC than climb a $MTN
  • champ: @bRobert $VAC ----- $MTN...this stock had a trading entry, did you miss-it. $HD, had 7- upgrades this morning, right or wrong, who knows, 3 overweights, 2- outperform 1- buy and 1-neutral....price targets $225 - $241
  • bRobert: @champ $VAC $MTN $HD I've been in $MTN for a while No need to change horses $145 target still plenty of upside Better chart in all time frames $HD See my note above Currently np Possible double bottom entry . Early $LOW has a far better chart Still long Calls with $125 target 1 Huge return
  • champ: @bRobert $VAC $MTN $HD $LOW ---- Everything is about timing....we all saw your posts.
  • bRobert: @champ $VAC $MTN $HD $LOW Timing important in all aspects of life .
  • champ: $MTN and $CLAR, is a retailer and are both into skiing.
  • champ: @wijimmy $PLCE $ROAD --- This is a #walk-away at $55.00, trail a safety stop. $ROAD, is an investment position, for me, after entry. $MTN and the same on this one, I had entry.
  • champ: $MTN, @ $231, They reported earnings, yesterday after, they beat, small Spec entry, trailing a safety.
  • bRobert: @champ $MTN I'd rather take a $VAC . than climb a $MTN . ;) . Long from below
  • champ: @bRobert $MTN $VAC --- I don't climb, I ride. Might add,...testing...
  • bRobert: @champ $MTN $VAC MTN biking can be quite dangerous . I'm a Cautious amateur . Nice venue around the corner Helmet and pads necessary but . only can do so much Motorcycles . .......Only on dirt . Open road . = . organ donor . if another driver has a bad day
  • champ: @bRobert $MTN $VAC --- Very nice and Yes, I ride a bike but only in the gym.
  • bRobert: @champ $MTN $VAC No oncoming traffic . Reasonably safe. Possible neck issues if surrounded by an attractive crowd ;)
  • champ: $MTN, $232, this is their best quarter of the year, has to have snow on the ground, in order to Ski. If you look at the chart, you can clearly see that this stock was higher after the winter season last year, the high was in July of 2019, at $249...and that was because of other news, also. In 2020, I believe this stock will be much higher than this current price @ $232.00, this could be entry, but always watch for entry and add-on-timing. This stock is a dancer, a zig-zagger.
  • champ: ...
    ....Plus I added-back new swing positions today, in $ROAD and $MTN and I posted these new Spec moves but I expect zig-zags. I added a little to my new Spec swing in #ROAD, already. My new entries today, were because both just reported earnings. Bot ...
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $MTN Vail Resorts Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • champ: $MTN, @ $244.00, this dancer, is zig-zagging up the wall, with the weather.
  • debeers: @champ $MTN that and $GNRC-let it snow let it snow let it snow! $ARWR-target just in from Piper at 72.
  • Spotdog: @debeers $MTN $GNRC $ARWR I think that you will get your wish tomorrow
  • DAN: ...
    $MTN -- Watching for a breakout from a 4-month base. Alert $245.90
    $FLT -- as expected….a breakout. Give this some room. Alert $309
    $HLT -- Looking for test of $110. Alert $106.00
    $PRFT -- lighter volume...but it is a shortened week, and t ...
  • bRobert: You can climb a $MTN . but I've been enjoying a real $VAC . WEEKLY breakout continues . $130/$145
  • scottrades: $MTN Nice grind up the 8EMA.
  • bRobert: @scottrades $MTN I take my vacation here $Vac. $150 weekly long term target $120 target acquired
  • champ: $GOOS $DLTH $MTN $UGAZ...Baby it's cold outside....and it looks like it will be getting a little colder.
  • champ: $SLCA, this was one...and posted yesterday on $IIPR, might add...$UGAZ. I also posted on this retail $CLAR....and this one is also a weather related stock, that is still dancing around...$MTN. ......There are many other spec other investment entries, need a watch-list.
  • champ: $MTN...up $4, off of LOD.
  • debeers: @champ $MTN -total mystery and very eerie to have such cold winds with burning fires
  • champ: @debeers $MTN @ $232.50, no snow in Monterey, it is really nice, @83 RHRN but the on the way.
  • utex72: @champ $MTN I'm looking to add a new long position. Does your "RHRN" post apply to current price or something else? Thx.
  • champ: @utex72 $MTN @ $232 --- RHRN, that just means....right here, right now, the weather is nice outside, @83 RHRN. .....However, follow all the news on this stock, past and present. They just added another 16 ski-resorts. I'm guessing that the low was @ $221 and I'm also guessing that this #Year, this stock is going to climb or zig-zag higher into the start of this year's Ski-season and will be higher before their next earnings report, on 12/6. Be aware, that this stock is a zig-zagger and size might or could be hard to hold, for some. Watch for entry-timing.
  • champ: Watch this stock....$MTN @ $233, #Day-4 now, I posted yesterday that I added a little, low volume stock but volume appears to be mostly green, weather related.
  • champ: $LGIH $HOV $USCR $GVA $OSB $TREX $ROAD, $CLAR $MTN, these are a few low volume stocks, but there are many others.
  • champ: $MTN @ $229 now, I added a little.....
  • champ: $MTN +$3.00...check-out the weather map.
  • debeers: @champ $MTN snowing out west
  • champ: @debeers $MTN --- You live around Yountville, the Napa area...the Big Chicken.
  • debeers: @champ $MTN -Nope. Wish i did but they get fires too often for me. I live an hour or so south of the wineries, an hour with traffic east of SF, and an hour north of Silicon Valley. Perfect if it weren't for the taxes, high gas prices, and crappy roads.
  • champ: @debeers $MTN answer OT --- Yes, I hate the smoke but I'm down the road in Monterey, No-smoke and are roads are OK for now, they will be raising gas taxes again. Watch where you walk, when you go to SF, I was born there and it's getting really slippery, but everything is A-OK, with smiling Nancy, it's not a problem.
  • bigbartabs: @debeers $MTN ... what town do you live? I may not be too far from you.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $MTN ... SF... we just got our son moved from a 5th floor on Market street. Beautiful apt building... until you step out on the street... immediately having to play hop scotch to miss the mess. There was a significant change for the worse over the 2 years he was living there. Glad I don't have to go visit him there anymore.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $MTN --- Yes, great place for a younger man, I like SF but I can't handle certain places. California, is changing really fast
  • champ: @Pcdentist $SPY #bounce-list ---- Hard to say but I'm expecting positive news on $LGIH, either on 10/4 or on Monday, see the news on $LEN, today. I'm watching many names in the housing and the retail sector. Plus names in the infrastructure sector. I'm also expecting congress to vote on the #MCUSA trade deal bill, at some point. There is Positive news on this bill today, check it out. ......Bounce-Candidates, are all only Spec-guess trades. For now, I'm watching ETF's, like $SSO and $TNA, plus others. .......$MTN, @ $222, this Spec-stock is going to bounce at some point, just watch for entry...but there are a lot of ETF's and Stocks to watch, for bounce-trades, 100's, I have alerts set. ...............................All trades are only guess-trades.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $SPY $LGIH $LEN $SSO $TNA $MTN #bounce-list #MCUSA Thanks also
  • champ: $MTN...$ for entry.
  • baronp0329: @champ $MTN $MTN, just broke below 200ema 231.44. I would expect a little more downside to 200sma of 220.77.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $MTN @ $228. ---- Could happen but take a look at October of 2018, could get a nice move before moving into going into their prime months. This was an alert to watch this stock for entry. Looks like many are now watching, let's see how this plays out. Just about all the news is positive but catching entry-timing, is never easy. Last years high was $300....the only thing that I'm guessing about is, this stock will be moving higher, for sure.
  • baronp0329: @champ $MTN You're plan sounds feasible if you're going to keep it for a few months. But I was just wondering where is the MTN support and where is your stop - loss. Good luck.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $MTN-Climbing --- Keep everything real simple, Day-1 is only a Day-Trade, stops should be trailing. I will decide my swing size later in the Day, if I get that far. If we want to wonder about something, we could wonder about what the Political idiot's are planning next, for all of us investor's, they don't want to see a positive economy or market, that's for sure....but that is what we have...and investor's only need the News-spinners to stay the hell out of the way....but wondering is just a waste of time, I'm just trying to stay focused on the markets.
  • Rjeletrik: $MTN is taking off on high volume. Any takers?np
  • Sluggo: @Rjeletrik $MTN I think that is one of @debeers babies. She can elaborate.
  • Rjeletrik: @Sluggo $MTN @Debeers your thoughts mi Lady?
  • debeers: @Rjeletrik $MTN -beat and raised. sales of EPIC passes to Veterans helped and the extended ski season didn't hurt. When they report next, you'll have 17 more properties revs. that they didn't have before.
  • debeers: @Rjeletrik@Sluggo $MTN -the 17 properties they just acquired from Peak, coupled with more sophisticated POS technology should give them additional avenues to profit. The only thing i cannot look ahead to give you is what kind of snow season we'll have. Whistler was outstanding and ski devotees will give up a lot rather than their favorite sport. I have friends that do 10-15 runs a day and, certainly at that rate, the EPIC pass is well worth it. Personally, i'll be in one of their gorgeous lodges roughing it next to an inviting fireplace.
  • debeers: $RH/$MTN/$LAD-China dependency? Not for these.
  • debeers: @Sluggo $GPI $FSS $GSHD $BRKR $AJRD $TMHC $ACGL $PPC $MTZ $CG $FND $CPRT $BOOT $TER $BLD $TTEK The real beauty is that you already know which if the domestics perform really well and you'll get a second chance at them. I'd add $RH, $LAD, $MTN to the list. The first and last is because the wealthy won't let a pullback deter them from decorating their homes or skiing and the last because, come hell or high water, used car sales are advancing way more than used.
  • Sluggo: @debeers $GPI $FSS $GSHD $BRKR $AJRD $TMHC $ACGL $PPC $MTZ $CG $FND $CPRT $BOOT $TER $BLD $TTEK $RH $LAD $MTN I already have those 3 on my list. We smart ones are already accumulating nuts to eat in the future. It's a matter of survival in the wild.
  • debeers: $MTN-sold the 9 buck pop off of earnings.AMC-Not nearly precise enough for y'all but i find that if i buy when it stops going down AND WANT TO HOLD THRU-that usually works. lather, rinse, repeat.
  • debeers: $MTN-LONG FORM=September 24, 2019 11:11 AM EDT Vail Resorts Closes its Acquisition of Peak Resorts; Adds 17 U.S. Ski Areas Near Major Metropolitan Areas to Portfolio. Short Form: Well, YAY
  • debeers: $MTN-The stock should run into the earnings announcement on Thursday . The nice thing is that expectations have been nicely lowered given that this is typically their lull in earnings(combo of seasonality and their spendaholic tendencies). Now that they control such a huge position in the sport and have acquired primo Vermont property, take the chairlift up until the announcement and perhaps beyond as there shouldn't be much wail on the Vail this year as the pullback took care of most of that.LONG.
  • bRobert: @debeers $MTN $VAC fan as well Long partial High targets
  • debeers: @bRobert $MTN $VAC @ skiers gotta ski and Vail controls the best props in North America , Canada and Australia.
  • debeers: @bRobert $MTN $VAC -And, last year there was no program for Vets and fewer programs for the little ones to learn to ski.
  • debeers: $MTN-options-5:52 AM 9/23/2019 - MT Newswires 05:52 AM EDT, 09/23/2019 (MT Newswires) -- Straddle prices for stocks expected to report quarterly results this week Micron (MU) September weekly 49 straddle priced for a move of 7.5% into the expected release of quarterly results after the bell on Sept. 26Vail Resorts (MTN) October 230 straddle priced for a move of 8.5% into the expected release of quarterly results after the bell on Sept. 26A straddle entails buying a call and put of the same strike that allows the holder to profit based on how much the price of the underlying security moves, regardless of the direction of price movement.Price: 49.50, Change: +0.34, Percent Change: 0.69. i'm posting this for you that have options inclinations. LONG the stock for now.
  • debeers: $MTN-For the sake of argument-Let's suppose that crude ultimately settles in somewhere in the high end of the range--not the highest. Let's say 61 a barrel.
    Think of the companies devoted to leisure like the cruise lines- Are they going to make as mu ...
  • debeers: $MTN-Had to leave (reluctantly). Need this one above 238. When i screw up, you'll hear it from me first. Promise
  • Rjeletrik: @debeers $MTN thank you
  • debeers: @Rjeletrik $MTN -I play with an open hand. i don't say i'm in things i'm not and when i'm wrong i own up. I think this is a winner but it has to validate what i think with the price. In Price Truth.
  • debeers: $MTN/$BOOT- So all the naysayers predicted that retail sales wojuld be up .1 and retail was up .4 and now we commence with holiday shopping and getting everyone ready for the holidays. Blake Shelton coming to SF with a huge show. Will it be kickass? of course it will. Lambert ($BOOT) broke all records when she came here.
  • bsnceo: @debeers $MTN $BOOT has been very easy to hold $boot, thx for commentary
  • debeers: @bsnceo $MTN $BOOT-you are welcome.
  • bigbartabs: @debeers $MTN ... this chart looks as raged as the Grand Tetons coming into Jackson Hole from the east. Maybe they are trying to match their chart to their ski areas.
  • DAN: ...
    $MTN -- Alert $243. Thin!!
    $AUDC -- Still going.
    $ZYXI - Alert $10
    $JYNT -- 9.3 DTC. Alert $18 and $19.50
  • debeers: $MTN-I want to build positions while there is peace in the valley. $MTN reports before the October 15th new tariff deadline and should run into its earnings at least until it reports and gets an earnings pop.
  • captron: @debeers $MTN This may be a stupid question but what tariff do ski resorts pay? I have been in and out of MTN before
  • debeers: @captron $MTN -$MTN is a great co but if the deadline passes of Oct 15th AND the tariffs get re-imposed, thewhole market could be in trouble so i want to look for stuff that, in addition to core holdings, has a good chance of reporting well prior to that date. Hope this helps.
  • captron: @debeers $MTN Thanks. MTN has been good to me with right entry. Have not seen there reports from Australia yet.
  • debeers: @captron $MTN -Here's a thought-- Why not ski daddle over to their website when you get a chance?
  • debeers: $MTN-reports in 10 business days. Go tell it on the mountain!! Above the 17, the 8, and the 3 ( and @DAN probably thought i wasn't paying attention!).
  • champ: $MTN @ $ entry this morning.
  • debeers: $MTN-fight between attys who claim they represent the shareholders and the board as to what they paid for their Peak Resorts acquisition. In my opinion, they'll get over it. The activists feel that the board was looking out for itself and not the shareholders because it paid too much for the acquisition. Telling Vail not to over pay for its assets is like telling the Kardashians to lay off the plastic surgery. Its what they do. That having been said, to completely corner the market on the Mountain resort biz is a very good thing. The Epic Pass sales should more than overcome the spat when they announce on 9/26.
  • champ: $MTN....nice entry this morning.
  • Bridget: $MTN breakout then fakeout. Closing my long calls. Will look to reconsider another time.
  • champ: ...
    However I'm currently not holding any tech positions but entries are starting to look a little better now. I did take profits on these small swings this morning, $STNE, $MTN and $LGIH, also on these new Day-Trades, $NTNX and $IIPR. Mostly all my po ...
  • debeers: $MTN-late September report and at a good price.
  • Bridget: @debeers $MTN Thanks for the info. Went long today
  • champ: @debeers @Bridget $MTN @ $241.00, this is entry now or never --- I agree with both of you. I also have a position... positive news back in July, on a new acquisition, this was a Cash transaction, They are ready, with 17... U.S. Ski areas in their portfolio, plus one in Park City, Australia, also another one at Whistler Blackcomb, in British Columbia. This stock is ready and is only waiting for weather. The stock still has plenty of room to grow, a strong economy will be pushing this stock much higher. ........Yes, investor's need to get ready for this years Ski-season, by taking a position in this stock, add later...Entry could be RHRN.
  • debeers: $MTN-The case for
    1.With the PEAK acquisition, their EPIC pass is now good for all the great mountains of the United States, Australia, and many of the premier Canadian facilities.
    2. If skiing in the winter is your thing, EPIC is a great dea ...
  • RedLeaf1: $MTN Vail Resorts Adds 17 US Ski Resorts to 2019-’20 Epic Pass Following a merger with Peak Resorts, Vail Resorts' Epic Pass will include access to additional resorts in the Midwest and East, including Mount Snow. Jenny Wiegand Jul 22, 2019
  • debeers: $MTN-Do not dismiss the Australian skiing during our summer but beyond that, Vail resorts has a number of art and music festivals, horseback riding , mountain climbing, ziplining etc during the summer months. Again, its a one of a kinder. Canada, United States, Australia. Western hemi where the economies seem to be in better shape.
  • debeers: .$MTN-Go tell it on the Mountain!
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Vail Resorts, Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a mountain resort operator in the United States. The Company's operations are grouped into three business segments: Mountain, Lodging and Real Estate.

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