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  • debeers: $MTN-LONG FORM- Climb every mountain ford every stream, follow every rainbow to this ski resort dream. Skiing is still running and when it stops here, they bought (stole) 2 new resorts in Australia. People feel good about the economy and are spending on experiences. My sense is that the amazing good pub they got from the discount to Vets on their Epic pass didn't hurt either. SHORT FORM: the new lifts will accelerate it further. Not nearly at the peak yet.
  • Cheezit: @debeers $MTN thanks debeers back up to a full position, with some profits in the bank.
  • debeers: $MTN-
    LONG FORM-Vail Resorts reports reports season to date metrics; total lift ticket revenue at the Company's North American mountain resorts was up 9.3% yr/yr
    8:10 AM ET, 04/26/2019 -
    Season-to-date total lift ticket revenue at the Co ...
  • MtChet: $MTN - Nice move this morning
  • gwenzee: $MTN Sooooo tempted to buy at $201 and change BUT........they report tomorrow BEFORE the bell. Anyone on the left coast, besides DeBeers, up at 3:30AM???
  • steve71: @gwenzee $MTN It IS tempting. Great snow in the Sierras and the Rockies. We were in Vail earlier and Telluride a couple of weekends ago - excellent crowds both places. $MTN should report a good quarter.
  • gwenzee: @steve71 $MTN Did you know that PcDentist lives in Park City?
  • steve71: @gwenzee $MTN Didn't know - guess it's obvious! Park City used to be big for airline pilots.
  • trader123: $MTN Stair stepping higher off the 2 week low. Nice chart. Long $MTN
  • issues: I did my research and looked hard and long at $HAE and decided it would take too much time for it to turn positive. So I dumped it. All of it. At a significant loss. As Cramer says, "Its not where a stock has been, but where it's going." HAE is going down (at least for today). While the following are going up (So I bought these): $MITK $INVA $INSP $IIPR (Thanks for the Forum members who suggested these! Sher included!) I don't know what Debeers did with HAE but she probably sold it long ago. That's a good message for all in the Forum. It's easy to suggest stock to BUY, but we don't know (unless we have stops in place) when/where to sell them. $MTN is another good example. I'm not sure what it's a good example of but I thought I'd mention it. Snow?
  • trader123: $MTN Buyers finally showing some interest. Day 1 of advance. Long $MTN.
  • champ: $MTN....watching.
  • champ: $MTN up $2.50 now off of LOD
  • champ: ...
    That is why I always post about entry-timing, entry timing is the first traders in. When you see a post on entry, you might think on $LGIH $MTN $HA $WAB $OC $IQ $EXP $TSCO $GOOS $LULU $PLCE $KNX $JNUG $NUGT....these are a few of my entry- ...
  • champ: $MTN....took profits....about 10 minutes ago.
  • champ: $ this morning, never any volume.
  • champ: $MTN---OUT...I took profits near HOD...for me....this is a trading position only.
  • bRobert: @champ $MTN Top of the mountain.
  • Pcdentist: @bRobert $MTN I have bee Skiing $MTN zmountains all year,,,nice Courdorouy,,,my specialty is the Burgers and Chili at mid Mtn.
  • justinp: $MTN Quick move to bottom of range. A dump, and not of snow.
  • steve71: $MTN The only red M&M in a bag full of green ones. Sometimes it's useful to try to distinguish between aggressive and passive sellers. Is the stock being thrown away on bad news? Or are sellers just looking for better short term opportunities? It looks like the latter today. This is a slow build LTH for me, so I just added some shares at 182.30ish. Stop is a couple of % away.
  • steve71: $MTN Much too early for a victory lap, but green. Down 38% from September seems way overdone. Planning to add to my initial position at the close.
  • champ: @steve71 $MTN --- Nice entry off of todays...LOD.....#Day-Traders.
  • steve71: $MTN $MTN dropped 270 -> 210 when their 12/7/18 earnings and guidance were slightly weak. But revenue was up 9% yoy. Then on 1/11/19 Vail said that early December results were poor due to warm weather and scarce snow. Shares dropped another ...
  • Henry: @steve71 $MTN Been a couple years since I have been able to go skiing, $200/day wow. Taos had a avalanche last week, don't know if it's one of MTN's
  • steve71: $MTN BTO 183ish
  • champ: $MTN----OUT....was up about $9.00 this morning...but I took the $$$'s
  • bRobert: @champ $MTN I knew you would make out. I took a $VAC .
  • champ: @bRobert $MTN ---- Yesterday was entry #2 ...I'm only trading this stock, on the turns.
  • bRobert: @champ $MTN #2 I know
  • champ: $DJI @ 24,207 #Day-15 off of the 12/26 low. Tomorrow is a new day and bank earnings reports will continue. If they report nice numbers this banking move could sure continue and that will also keep the markets zig-zagging all over the place....hopeful ...
  • champ: $MTN ...took nice profits this morning around the high, on this Spec swing trade...however, I will be watching..
  • champ: $MTN... turn a little off the low...will the turn continue...or is this a false turn.
  • bRobert: @champ $MTN Mentioned this the other day. Measured move is DOWN to $160. THIS MAY NOT BE THE BASEOF THE MOUNTAIN YET.
  • champ: @bRobert $MTN --- Don't know but this stock is now up $2.50 off of LOD....I hear it is snowing.
  • champ: $MTN...going to swing a small position.
  • bRobert: @champ $MTN This can work well to skim a few points on the bounce under your watchful eye.
  • champ: @bRobert $MTN --- Hard to know...but I'm guessing...locals and insiders could take small positions...I'm swinging a small trading position...and my #Hope-Trade is ...I hope I can add a little more in the morning. Only needs 1 nice spec investor to step-in.
  • bRobert: $MTN Is this the base of the mountain? Measured move is to $160 Not my trade
  • grcjr: @bRobert $MTN - I do not believe so. Looks like another poor ski season. My longer term view is not great either. We skied Copper this past weekend. Even with an OK base, we did not ski the blacks or double blacks due to rocks. Due to higher elevatio ...
  • DrScience: $MTN hitting an icy patch, and -- in a very Wily Coyote fashion -- is looking for a bottom.
  • debeers: ...
    $MTN-having a cup of java at the ,lodge and will resume up shortly. Huge sierra snowfalls and most lifts opened earlier than last year! 2 big factors that are in play this year: promoted a reduced price for Veterans and acquired 3 more mountains si ...
  • debeers: $MTN-has three new resorts adding to its earnings power in addition to the snows coming 30 days before last year in California. Okemo Mountain Resort in Vermont Mount Sunapee Resort in New Hampshire and Crested Butte Mountain Resort in Colorado.
  • debeers: $GOOS/$MTN--Loving the ice cube weather $TNDM-Renaming the stock from Tandem to Trampoline!
  • debeers: @traderbren $M $TGT $TJX $DKS --$M has had an upgrade to its servicing and merchandise since the last time i was in there. Only big box I have is $M. Others in retail are $GOOS and $BOOT. Fave play right now is a seasonal one--Vail Resorts ticker $MTN
  • debeers: $MTN-Finally--Sierra and Colorado snow as well as back east. In time for an earnings run 1st week of December??
  • debeers: $MTN-And there you go---Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
  • champ: @debeers $BOOT $MTN ----- I agree and I'm holding $GOOS and this is my #1 pick for the sector....and I have many posts on this stock...for weeks and months now, I have been positing....way before this was the place to be...on the low.. Just saying.... the #large $$$$'s are made on the zig-zags.....#be-aware....LOL
  • debeers: @champ--- its shoes, goose down jackets, and recreation. This is Vail's season with Americans travelling. I am not making a molehill out of mountains going into Thanksgiving, Xmas and Winter breaks.$BOOT, $MTN, $GOOS.
  • champ: @debeers $BOOT $MTN $GOOS --- Yes, I agree....they will be looking really good on the slope.
  • debeers: $BA/$BOOT/$BURL/$CRM/$EA/$GOOS/$MTN/$LULU-Winter in the Northeast is going to be wet and cold. $GOOS is not a value play. Its a common sense one. (Just like my kid_).Gwenzee--looks like your j hook to me on the GOOS. Also, bought $ANF at a tad less than 21. i just forgot about it.
  • grcjr: @debeers $BA $CAT $MA $MTN $NKE Thanks for the posts. :-)
  • debeers: $BA/$CAT/$MA/$MTN/$NKE-All those who are foolish enough to believe that American multinationals will be hurt by the tariff "war" that everyone is ginning up, raise your hand. Want proof? Boeing is now over 361 and Nike is at 85. Grow up! Move on.Want furthur proof? AAPL will rise or fall by its own products, not on whatChina does or doesn't do. I believe that this will be resolved BEFORE the midterms and both sides will say that they are "thrilled " with the progress. Just you wait. This is a penis war, not a trade war.
  • debeers: @grcjr $BA $CAT $MA $MTN $NKE -you're welcome.
  • bRobert: @debeers $BA $CAT $MA $MTN $NKE BRAVO! The charts don't lie
  • Pcdentist: @debeers $BA $CAT $MA $MTN $NKE “A Penus War “ PW
  • debeers: @Pcdentist $BA $CAT $MA $MTN $NKE --See? that's why you are "pc" dentist. PC probably stands for politically correct ---LOL!
  • mradams0621: @debeers $BA $CAT $MA $MTN $NKE come on, quit beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel!
  • debeers: $BA/$BOOT/$MTN/$STLD- Lots of businesses are good and folks might be starting to realize that. $BA actually had to call folks out of retirement to help with backlog ntil they can hire more folks. This is what you call a high class problem as the $BA orders hugely outstripped the Airbus ones.
  • debeers: $BA/$BOOT/$CAT/$MTN/$STLD/$SPLK- Re: $BA, there are probably only a handful of us that believed in the stock. Patience will be rewarded. Some of us are old enough to remember the film where Tom Cruise is a sports agent and he says to the team that wants his client, "show me the money!." Every single one of the above has cash flow. Each has superior management to others in its class in my opinion. Charts do not cause performance, charts confirm performance.
  • bRobert: @debeers $BA $BOOT $CAT $MTN $STLD $SPLK I agree with you 100% on $BA. Patience will be richly rewarded. I will be very overweight at the right time. Charts chronicle the movements of buyers and sellers. As much as we would prefer otherwise, they often don't reflect the underlying performance of the business.. The stock and company are not the same. You can lose your shirt hold a failing stock in a good company. There are many forces at work. Sometimes a bearish chart develops for unclear reasons, and triggers trading activity that amplifies the move down. Mentally satisfying to own stock in a company with with a thriving business that prints new highs and resides in the high upper right corner. Doesn't always work that way Screaming bargains are created or we finally understand how the market got it right when all the cards are revealed.
  • debeers: $MTN-According to the Farmers Almanac its going to be a "teeth chattering" cold one with plenty of snow. NO WAIL ON THE VAIL who now owns Snow Mountain.
  • Geewhiz: @debeers $MTN Thank you for keeping my investing cool. Have been in this since $215 and writing and rolling calls against it most of the way up. Ready to roll the $300 calls soon.
  • debeers: @Geewhiz $MTN -YAY you!!!
  • debeers: $AAP,$BA,$BOOT,,$CAT,$CE,$EXAS,$MTN,$SPLK,$STLD,$TNDM-LONGS ALL. I want to get the following(which I sold into strength, on a really bad day: LULU at 150, JWN down a couple more.) Will be in on earnings on both.
  • debeers: $MTN-So today, having missed the boat entirely on Vail Resorts, Macquarie decides it should be capped at 300 bucks at the very time Epic is scouting for a professional to scour the mountain landscape for even more properties. Idiocy on parade.
  • debeers: $MTN- All time high and nary a snowflake in sight. Doesn't matter. Every time it acquires new properties, its earnings go up. No reason for this to be on the growth stock list: its only up 42% year to date. Just crossed 300. Reports 9/28.
  • debeers: $MTN-Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every least you follow every rainbow to 320.
  • shoredriver: @debeers $MTN $AMD never made it either on the the best of my knowledge....and it is like up only 170% yeah...too well known.....
  • debeers: $MTN-NEWBIE ALERT-There is a stock in Nigeria that has been accused (yet again) of not properly disbursing divvies. Vail Reorts has nothing to do with that stock. As you would imagine, a ski resort leisure stock has nothing to do with Nigeria.Bloomb ...
  • debeers: $MTN-Eidelweiss had nothing on my leisure baby. Reports in a month by which time the price will be 320. Don't believe me?? Check the call spreads.FYI.
  • debeers: $ADM/$ALSN/$BA/$BOOT/$CAT/$MTN/$NKE/$STLD/$ZBRA-If you choose the best of class, eventually you'll be ok. Like $ALSN a lot here in this market for this economy where used cars are selling better than new cars. $NKE & $BOOT are both shoe ins for top 10% of all retail stocks.
  • debeers: $DXCM - This device is a measuring device for type 1 and type 2 AIC levels. I own more of $DXCM because the type 2 diabetics outnumber the type 1's by a 9 to one margin and since $TNDM decided $DXCM was their preferred partner, I want to have both. I am sorry if I wasn't clear enough for you. Hope this post does it. $ADM from 49.75 $BA from 331 in congestion (with a permission slip from Woodman). $BOOT- from 22. That's where the insti's got it so i bough there as well.(target 34). $MTN-from 156 $ZBRA-from 142- It IS a horse of a different color. $CAT from 135 because $DE didn't deserve its schmeiss and $CAT better than that one.
  • Motorman: @debeers $MTN Yes, that is a very good point. Appreciate your thought provoking posts.
  • debeers: Chinese stocks versus Vail resorts-The main ones traded and recommended here in SMM are now down 25% for the year. Imagine how much they'd be down if you could actually see their books. Yikes!! $MTN-=on a day where the NYSE is down 291 points, Vail Resorts is actually green. Does that freak you out? its a 290.28 stock.
  • debeers: @bRobert $BOOT,$MTN my kick ass country trade is rockin' in a tough day as is, surprisingly, $MTN. Think we get another 20% up by Black Friday and then its gonna be a country Christmas.
  • debeers: $BOOT/$DXCM/$MTN/$MOV/$ZBRA/ and Oh My Gosh $AMZN down a buck? hahahah
  • debeers: $MTN-Yup Cali is a fireball. Vail Resorts, Inc. is a holding company. The Company operates through three segments: Mountain, Lodging and Real Estate. Its Mountain segment operates over 10 mountain resort properties and approximately three urban ski a ...
  • Geewhiz: @debeers $MTN Been a very good employee that I borrowed from you. I did sell a 290 call last week (8/17's) and may end up giving up my position this great stock. Thank you for the effort you put in for all us mentor members.
  • justinp: $MTN Bouncing at the 50 day SMA. Sideways base since early June.
  • Geewhiz: $MTN @deBeers Volume low but decline steep today. Been in since $210. Am I on thin ice? No news in the blogosphere or at Schwab. Time to paraglide out or pick up a few more shares? If economy stays sound a lot more discretionary dollars for people to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Spotdog: @debeers $AMZN $BA $HAE $CTAS $MTN $GWW $MOV $MCD $AAPL $FB $TSLA $GOOG GEE. You forgot to mention my two favs, $ENPH and $TNDM up 246% and 824% respectively.
  • debeers: @Spotdog $AMZN $BA $HAE $CTAS $MTN $GWW $MOV $MCD $AAPL $FB $TSLA $GOOG $ENPH $TNDM --Tandem has done really well. I mentioned HAE only because its a no drama mama stock. Lower left to upper right
  • Spotdog: @debeers $AMZN $BA $HAE $CTAS $MTN $GWW $MOV $MCD $AAPL $FB $TSLA $GOOG $ENPH $TNDM As my wife says, "Green is good"
  • debeers: @Spotdog $AMZN $BA $HAE $CTAS $MTN $GWW $MOV $MCD $AAPL $FB $TSLA $GOOG $ENPH $TNDM -You do realize how lucky you are to be married to her I hope.
  • debeers: $AMZN/$BA/$BOOT/$HAE/$CTAS/$MTN /$GWW/$MOV/ $TIF-Longs all
    Hold positions in the former set, not the latter set
    I am officially calling this my morning rant and it goes this way.
    I would particularly like answ ...
  • debeers: $BOOT/$GWW/$HAE/$MOV-working all.ALL UP Bought GWW for their earnings and am staying with it after the call. Upgrades on this one(GWW) from every analyst who has thus far checked in. $AMZN/$BA/$MTN/$LULU not working today but staying with them. Will get back to you asap as time permits.
  • debeers: Goldman note today- apparel will be largely unaffected.Shoes unaffected. i think if you stick to the higher end you should be ok. $AMZN/$BA/$BOOT/$HAE/$LULU/$MOV-rebought/$MTN/$NKE (added)/---will buy $PVH tomorrow. $DXCM-want a better price.
  • JBed: @debeers $AMZN $BA $BOOT $HAE $LULU $MOV $MTN $NKE $PVH $DXCM Also, on the cheaper side, $SKX is breaking to the upside after a loooong consolidation. $FOSL is also moving up. I'm also in $LULU, at your earlier suggestion. Long calls.
  • debeers: @JBed $AMZN $BA $BOOT $HAE $LULU $MOV $MTN $NKE $PVH $DXCM $SKX $FOSL -Don't care for the SKS. I want a competitive edge on shoes which Nike gives you. Movado is justified because its the highest margin, highest priced fashion watch i could find andif you look at the BOD, it has the sharpest directors on the planet. The cherry on top is that its next to impossible to borrow the stock.
  • debeers: $BA-Day 1 of Farnborough- So far here's what's come in : GOL order for 30 737 Max's, Goshawk 20 737's, NEW service orders so far 2.1B $AMZN-so far up another 15 bucks or so $NKE-beloved still Retail on case by case. No politics relevant to Prime Day, sneaks, select bio stocks, or anything else.. Have you noticed that not 1 gamer cares about politics? $ATVI-down today and comfortably above the 8 day. $MTN- resort goers in the summer and skiiers in the winter couldn't give a damn about trading partners. Neither do the cowboys ($BOOT).
  • debeers: $MTN-Why its a great investment-LONG FORM
    In 2016, Vail Resorts acquired Whistler Blackcomb Holdings in a deal worth $1.4 billion. The deal diversified Vail's list of resorts, but it also gave the company a new way to guarantee revenue and expand mar ...
  • debeers: $MTN-All time highs. Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow to the 320 target dream (and that's providing that they don't buy another ski venue).
  • mikeo561: @debeers $MTN -- Rhyming? On Friday the 13th? Pa-sha! ;-)
  • debeers: @mikeo561 $MTN Its a left-handed witch thing......sorry, i was never stupidstitious........have a great weekend, Mike
  • mikeo561: @debeers $MTN -- Ha! Luv it. Thx.
  • debeers: @Forexpro $DXCM $EXAS $LULU $WTW $TIF $CNC #E-MiniFutures -today dismissive waves are focused on $NKE, $BOOT, $MTN, As $RACE, and Nordy's :$JWN- as well as $AMZN, $BA--Nordy's is fed up with analyst meetings, oversight, etc and the fam wants it back and, as far as I'm concerned, I've contributed to them for years and they can damn well pay up if they want my stock. $BOOT bought Tinsdales without 1 red cent of debt out of their cash hoard. That's what cowboys (backed by JPM) do. Have the best weekend. Did you see Mookie last night??? They must be crazed........
  • Reif99: @debeers $AMZN $ATVI $BA $CRM $HAE $MA $MTN $NKE $RACE I have diagonals on $CRM and $AMZN, and they've gone so far so fast the deltas are actually negative. Gonna see if we get a pull back tomorrow, or else I have to buy back options (or at least roll them) at ATH's.
  • debeers: @Reif99 $AMZN $ATVI $BA $CRM $HAE $MA $MTN $NKE $RACE ---We have a nice precipitating event for $AMZN--Prime Day. I didn't say to buy it here. I say I own it (from 753) and always own into Amazon Prime day.
  • Tangojoy: @debeers $AMZN $ATVI $BA $CRM $HAE $MA $MTN $NKE $RACE- I have AMZN at $757! Glad to have a fellow "patient" investor. The only way I make money is buy and hold. Believe me, it works!!
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Vail Resorts, Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a mountain resort operator in the United States. The Company's operations are grouped into three business segments: Mountain, Lodging and Real Estate.

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