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Stock Watch December 20th, 2019

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  • Wykeman: $IOVA strong continuation of yesterdays breakout.
  • Herb: $IOVA going ape. . . . .
  • champ: @gwenzee $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA --- .....Be-Aware that they $IIPR...filed a mixed securities shelf offering, but that doesn't mean that they will. Posted Friday, in the AH's. .....Hey #Happy-Girl, I saw your post....and Yes I agree, about sending a check, it is fun to make $$$'s but it is also fun to give $$$'s away, as a gift.
  • DAN: ...
    $IOVA -- strong upside momentum. You’re chasing now.
  • woodman: @DAN $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA - Smart/Dumb money picture kinda scary. Fear/Greed Index showing similar need for caution.
  • baronp0329: @woodman $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA Thanks Woodman for the link. attached a pic from the link. Agree that @Dan Smart/Dumb money chart should raise some caution for the over-exuberant traders.
  • gwenzee: @baronp0329 $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA It's a chart (indicator) just like every other chart or indicator. Go with the flow.
  • baronp0329: @gwenzee $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA Hey Gwen. I always go with the price and volume flow. I react to what I see, not on "hope" trades or predictions. Hope you're done with Christmas shopping...I still have a few more stuff to get. Have a good weekend Gwen.
  • gwenzee: @baronp0329 $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA My Christmas shopping is pretty simple these days. As I don't live close to any family members I just send checks. I think it is rather cold but never know what is needed or wanted or sizes, etc. etc. So many things have changed over the years and not all good. Take care of yourself and your family.
  • Bridget: $IOVA has broken out of a squeeze, look for a phase 2 pullback to get in. I do think this is going higher.
  • BGale65: $IOVA breaking out again today
  • BGale65: $IOVA running up the right side of the base this morning
  • BGale65: Been following $IOVA since June month. Had a position at 21.90 since Nov 1. Price action and volume still looking good.
  • mhuie: $IOVA Up 5.8% today
  • Wykeman: $IOVA tough to buy here. 12% short interest.
  • DAN: @DAN $NUGT #ADX/DMI -- Look at this chart. It is a classic ADX setup and trade. I've annotated it so illustrate the trading action. But you can see that this type of analysis, on a very reactive issue such as a triple ETF, can make you a LOT of money when the trade works. They're not all this perfect, but you'd be surprised at how well this setup works. If you look at $IOVA, you'll see a similar ADX/ADXR(10) crossover back in May. Dan
  • issues: I bought the following today: $MITT $THERF $IOVA $ZYNE.
  • efrain007: $IOVA $MGNX bio gappers pm, watching for gap and run
  • efrain007: $IOVA in 15.66 stop day low
  • debeers: $IOVA-@efrain-Nope. The low is 14.90. Cervical cancer ---good reception at the Cancer conferences. I am going to let it settle in and THEN and only then snatch it up.
  • efrain007: @debeers $IOVA Not liking this pullback. I got greedy and didn't trim when I had a 5% gain.
  • efrain007: $IOVA stopped out 14.70
  • spmeyers: $IOVA breaking through trendline from March high, good volume, short-term target $17
  • efrain007: $IOVA acting well
  • efrain007: $IOVA was stoped out of partial 14, stop on rest 13.70
  • efrain007: $IOVA looks to be reversing after testing support. Will add on a move over 14.50
  • efrain007: $IOVA added 14.55, stop on add 14, stop on rest 13.70
  • efrain007: $IOVA moving over 50dma and $14 resistance w volume. I took some w stop under today's low. Earnings in a couple of weeks.
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Stock Price $USD 33.32
Change 0.60%
Volume 4,238,860

Lion Biotechnologies Inc is a biopharmaceutical company in the United States. Its lead pipeline candidate, LN-144, uses the tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes to treat serious diseases.

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