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Strategy Session April 5th, 2016

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  • champ: Maybe watch $FIX...#Comfort-Systems is now at $83....moving-up a little more and all I know is, Nothing but it looks like it is going to be a #Hot-summer and maybe with a cool winter again. Many buyers that have the $$$, will be upgrading and repairing their systems, also for less energy needs.
  • champ: $FIX at $33 and $KWEB at $31.80 ....these are China ETF's, that are slowly moving in the right direction....if China fully opens back-up, then both of these ETF's should continue this move.
  • champ: $FIX $KWEB....on these swings, both are China ETF positions and I'm holding equal $$$ amounts in each... because both are a little different and I added a little today. ....Plus both of these ETF's, mostly had all green volume today, around 30M on each and if we look at the chart, this zig-zag turn, off of their recent lows, is easy to see. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: $ $85.75, been green all day...because of New ...Stock Buy-backs...for a total of 1 million new share, is the current #News.
  • champ: $CARR $FIX, HOD and all stocks zig-zag, both investment position, and there are reasons why,
  • champ: $FIX...#Comfort-Systems, traders at work, do they know something....$CARR, brother.
  • traderbren: #Weekend_research: Based on Weekly charts these may be of interest, but drill down and do your research of the daily: $FSLR, $NOVA, $WSM, $LAD, $POOL, $SHOP, $FIVN, $TWLO, $FSLY, $PAYC, $UPLD, $NET, $AZPN, $DHI, $PHM, $KBH, $BBY, $AMZN, $BABA, $ETSY, $NVDA, $QCOM, $NIU, $ROL, $PYPL, $FOUR, $TSCO, $SITE, $HDS, $HD, $VEEV, $SLP, $WST, $PODD, $CTSH, $CALT, $FIX, $SCPL, $TTEC, $CTAS, $MDB, $AEM, $CDNS, $SNPS, $TEAM, $TSM, $QRVO, $MCHP, $ROCK, $TFII, $CTLT, $A, $IDXX, $RPM, $STRL, $RBA, $CPRT, $LHCG, $KLAC, $ASML, $CSGP, $SLGN, $CLW, $TGT, $COST, $FRPT, $KNSL
  • gwenzee: @Rberrier123 $CARR $FIX That is why I am looking seriously at it. Thanks. But....PLEASE DON'T SHOUT!! Turn off the caps.
  • Ava: $PCAR looking good after bouncing off lower BB $FIX nice move as well
  • champ: $CARR, earnings will be on 7/30/before /confirmed....Check-Out this new News on, $FIX..#Comfort-Systems, just beat on earnings by $0.67 and revs, $FIX, many know this name by Comfort-Control. .....$LII, #Lennox-International, also beat on 7/20, take a look. .....$CARR, #Carrier, is a major/major name brand.....and these type of Stay at Home stocks are beating on earnings, this stock has never reported on earnings before, New IPO, in March of 2020, should also beat, take a look.
  • wijimmy: $FIX A good reason to nibble some $FIX @ 52 week low.... Aug 05, 2019 ( via COMTEX News Network) -- As the saying goes, there are many possible reasons for an insider to sell a stock, but only one reason to buy — they expect to make money. So let's look at two noteworthy recent insider buys....Comfort Systems USA $FIX , there was insider buying on Thursday, by Director Franklin Myers who bought 5,500 shares for a cost of $41.89 each, for a trade totaling $230,400. Before this latest buy, Myers bought FIX on 6 other occasions during the past twelve months, for a total cost of $1.01M at an average of $52.37 per share.
  • shoredriver: @wijimmy $FIX ...I see that as one ugly chart that with any move up holders will be selling the snot out of...sorry, no thanks....
  • champ: @shoredriver @wijimmy $FIX --- ETF's, are only for trading, for most but you always need timing. This will be a target, at some point but not now. #Patience, is a requirement on all ETF's, just wait for timing, all ETF swings are also #high-risk. But high risk ETF's will pay off for a fast Day-Trade, but only with timing.
  • shoredriver: @champ $FIX #Patience #high-risk ..... This in not an ETF......
  • wijimmy: @shoredriver $FIX Agree on the chart.. $FIX missed on earnings 7/25 then insider buying happens 8/5 then DA Davison upgrades..Analyst Brent Thelma Upgraded $FIX Comfort Systems USA from Neutral to Buy. another positive is $FIX also raised dividend on a yearly bases since 2013 from .05 to.10.. its only around 1%....But Sounds like a good value play.. in at 37.33 and watching close with tight stop
  • champ: @shoredriver $FIX #Patience #high-risk --- Yes, your right about that...I'm thinking about China, today $FXI.....
  • wijimmy: @champ $FIX $FXI #Patience #high-risk ...$FIX .... Comfort Systems USA, Inc. engages in the provision of business solutions addressing workplace. It operates through Mechanical Services Industry segment with the following service activities: HVAC and Plumbing; Building Automation Control Systems; and Other. Its solution also involves heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation, installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services within the mechanical services industry. The company was founded by Alfred J. Giardinelli, Jr. on December 12, 1996 and is headquartered in Houston, TX.
  • champ: @wijimmy $FIX $FXI #Patience #high-risk --- Thanks, I added it to my watch list, I will do a little work on it, in the AH's.
  • wijimmy: @champ $FIX $FXI #Patience #high-risk... COOL ... Thanks any input is always welcomed... I can use all the HELP i can get...
  • wijimmy: $BJ getting crushed today down more then others in sector down -5% started small L/T at $ 22.05... $JPM has target at $27.. $GS has target at $29 $BJ reports on 8/22... $PLCE $OLLI $FIX also down big and watching for entry
  • debeers: @marketdude $algn $boom $cog $fix $irbt $lnth $mmsi $nxgn $ptc $wrld #oversoldBounce PLEASE USE A $BEFORE AND USE CAPS FOR YOUR SYMBOLS-C'mon man!
  • marketdude: @debeers $algn $boom $cog $fix $irbt $lnth $mmsi $nxgn $ptc $wrld $BEFORE #oversoldBounce I appreciate your post and you asked nicely (please) - thanks for the reminder
  • debeers: @marketdude $algn $boom $cog $fix $irbt $lnth $mmsi $nxgn $ptc $wrld $BEFORE #oversoldBounce --You have some good ideas and i don't want to miss them!
  • marketdude: #oversoldBounce $ALGN, $BOOM, $COG, $FIX, $IRBT, $LNTH, $MMSI, $NXGN, $PTC, $WRLD
  • marketdude: @debeers $algn $boom $cog $fix $irbt $lnth $mmsi $nxgn $ptc $wrld $BEFORE #oversoldBounce Point well taken and I will make sure I will follow your suggestions in the future - let's make some MONEY!!
  • wijimmy: $FIX lower today.. and was upgraded !!!!... hit new 52 week low.. { According to DA Davidson, the prior rating for Comfort Systems USA Inc (NYSE: FIX) was changed from Neutral to Buy. } .... Also new 52 week LOW.... $NTNX..which engages in the provision of enterprise virtualization and storage solutions. It specializes in cloud operating system that converges traditional silos of server, virtualization, storage, ... According to Future Market Insights' report, titled "Storage Area Network (SAN) Market: Global Industry Analysis & Opportunity Assessment, 2016-2026," the global storage area network market is projected to witness a steady upsurge in its revenues, reaching US$ 22,678.1 Mn over the period of 2016 to 2026. The market will grow at a modest CAGR of 3.5% through 2026... ....Any Thoughts ?? ... Looking for a bounce ... small starter in both
  • scottrades: Mentioned $FIX in my video last week. Nice Squeeze higher today. A Little extended right now.
  • DAN: @scottrades $FIX Nice, Scott. FIX is working. To members: The time to buy was last week. The time to be holding is now. Great trade, Scott.
  • champ: $FIX $TCEHY $KWEB $BABA ----- $DJI 25,413 up 124 points, not a bad close. Short traders covered going into the close, as expected....and day-traders took some profits and dropped the markets 55-points, just like they always do, on a Friday, in the la ...
  • champ: $CQQQ this ETF is outperforming, I'm holding a Spec position ...$FIX and #KWEB are both lagging....for now.
  • Bridget: ...
    $FIX - I called this breakdown last week, it was a great short set-up
    $MO and $RAI - need to hold here, don't buy until you see a bounce. I bought puts
    $SHAK - almost bullish engulfing today heading toward earnings
    $PG - phase 2
    $PETX - breakout on ...
  • Bridget: $FIX this is a lightly traded stock but I just wanted to point out the triple top pattern on the weekly chart. You see the shot across the bow back in feb and then two failures to make a new high. Now this is turning over again. The pattern looks perfect for a short sell trade. But like I said, this is a lightly traded stock so perhaps not the best opportunity.
  • Aragorn: $FIX - after 3 days pounded to the 200 it is bouncing
  • traderbren: @Aragorn $FIX - thanks for bringing my attention to $FIX -- acting well this AM.
  • Aragorn: @traderbren $FIX YW she is a bit thin. $CEMP is moving now
  • SierraJW: Just a "$" addition to some posts, and investigating possibilities, short and medium term, Not many positions in equities at this point. Scanning using FINVIZ maps and controls at FULL, ETF's and SP-500, for this week, so far, FWIW ( and ( Upcoming Earnings (Per @Dan) $BABA $FIT $TSLA $GPRO $PCLN $HAL $CVS $WFM $JCP $DF $LL $WWAV $SODA $M $WEN $KSS $RL $VSTO Investigating: $AMZN $APA $ASPS $BMY $CEMP $COG $COR $CVLT $DATA $DIS $DPLO $DSX $EAT $FRSH $FTI $IP $LL $LOW $LVLT $NOC $MITK $NVDA $R $RAX $RDUS $SLCA $SU $SVXY $TREX $TROV $TSCO $ULTI $V $WHR $XIV $XONE Trending: $BAS $BHI $DKS $FIT $GNW $HAL $MAS $OIH $PPA $SVXY $VGR Moving: $LPX $RRC $FCX $FIX @Dan $STMP Comments welcome! Jim
  • DAN: @SierraJW $BABA $FIT $TSLA $GPRO $PCLN $HAL $CVS $WFM $JCP $DF $LL $WWAV $SODA $M $WEN $KSS $RL $VSTO $AMZN $APA $ASPS $BMY $CEMP $COG $COR $CVLT $DATA $DIS $DPLO $DSX $EAT $FRSH $FTI $IP $LOW $LVLT $NOC $MITK $NVDA $R $RAX $RDUS $SLCA $SU $SVXY $TREX $TROV $TSCO $ULTI $V $WHR $XIV $XONE $BAS $BHI $DKS $GNW $MAS $OIH $PPA $VGR $LPX $RRC $FCX $FIX $STMP Jim, have you considered refining that search with volume parameters...and maybe price parameters (if you want to avoid stocks that are just a buck or two in price)?
  • DrScience: ...
    $RGR, $RNG, $RVNC, $SKX, $STMP, $TREE, $TY ...
  • rah: $LII and $FIX - When last mentioned a month ago, these did go through a bit of a drop. Both remain strong, longer term. Now with $LII moving above all time high (reporting a few days ago, beating) can $Fix follow industry trend? $FIX reports 10/19/15. Hope to be back to active posting soon. Best wishes to all, rah
  • rah: @gwenzee $FIX $LII $MAS $AMWD $AYI $APOG $MHK - Thanks, good point, I did not factor in dividend in my comparison.
  • rah: $FIX $LII - I did some filtering, looking into one sector/industry that deserved a little time. Clearly there is not a lot to look at.

    Building Sector, specifically the A/C and Heating Industry and have favorable looking charts weekly and daily. In ...
  • gwenzee: @rah $FIX $LII Have you looked at $MAS? It is also in the Industrial Goods sector.
  • rah: @gwenzee $FIX $LII $MAS - I have not looked recently. I do occasionally look at $MAS when mentioned in the forum (no longer on my regular watch list). Dan followed it back at the start of its current run. It remains a company I am familiar with.

    I ...
  • gwenzee: @rah $FIX $LII $MAS $AMWD $AYI $APOG $MHK Charts of LII and MAS look very similar. Why do I like MAS. Above 20, 50, and 200. Pays a dividend. Only 5% below 52 wk. high. Business is growing by acquisitions that are starting to pay off. My brain is really tired right now so this is pretty much off the top of my head.
  • janner0814: @GreenGhost Congrats!!!! The only thing about $TREE, no options. However, good entries helps. This could be a longer swing. Keep an eye also on $FIX! :-)
  • GreenGhost: @janner0814 $FIX chasey entry here for me at least? You're already in and smiling; looks a wee extended here? ; nice volume here today again; ILTGC! tough to argue with that bullish price action though especially last 3 days.
  • janner0814: @GreenGhost $FIX is one that can be entered by scaling in and pull backs. (Hey you were one of the three guys---@sierraJW & @champ that were writing about $FIX a month ago). Looks to me like we're at the pinnacle; so a pull back to Friday's close or lower?. This stock was "blatant" accumulation on Friday. I think a few institutions just swung for the full positions... unusual for a window dressing day. Looking at the 195m chart (1/2 day) much of the volume came in the latter 1/2. So, big money was buying $FIX throughout the day; then a buy order triggered the latter part of the day. [edit]: Added 195m/ half day chart
  • gbrock: $ABMD, $FIX Talk about perfect examples of a volatility squeeze. Two weeks ago. @DAN save these charts for your next lesson on VS.
  • GreenGhost: @janner0814 $FIX thx for chart; certainly illustrates your commentary; hanging back on this one at this point ; some selling into close but eyes still peeled!
  • janner0814: If you like $TREE, then you might also like $FIX. Both were found on Institutional Money Scans that I'm working on. These two are "neophytes." Turns out however, @champ, yourself and @SierraJW were on it from the earlier stages of accumulation. I didn't pay attention to the hits on my scan until 7/7/15. And there will be the confusion between $FIX and the better know $FIT. I think there's room for both; however, $FIX has the "stealth factor." ;-) ***********referenced post*************** @GreenGhost: "(8/3/15): $TREE saw a few well timed longs jump on this one today ; AH release so far so good congrats to the longs ; stock up 7% here on elevated AH volume."
  • champ: @billk $FIX - Yes , I think your right...I posted the same around 11:10 this morning.
  • janner0814: @GreenGhost Fully agree. I'm net short on $TNA. by -200 delta. Own the commons and short calls. Long $VRX $FIT $FIX $WMT $KR $AFSI $PANW $ULTA. Stopped out of $TASR. Good day of profits. I'm expecting another set of volatile days.
  • SierraJW: @ginny @etmagic $DY up in pre-mkt a little, but looking like a VS breakout on volume yesterday. Construction and Engineering company, specialty holding company, engineering services in U.S. and Canada, Schwab equity rating B. Looking at other stocks in industrials sector, $AYI, $FIX also held by $AIRR ETF with a good YTD performance history. Increase in quarterly earnings last 2 quarters, company just announced a $40MM stock buyback over next 18 months on 7/1/15. I am looking at starting a LT hold position.
  • champ: @GreenGhost -$FXI and $EWH - I also like $FIX but my question is... I'm now trying to figure out if $EWH is better or not between the two..? The $EWH fund strategy info holdings says it may include large, mid or small cap stocks. As you know $FIX is all large caps I believe. $FXI was up in the reg session 3.68% on volume of 50.4m while the $EWH was up 5.18% on vol of 10.1m. Any thoughts..?
  • DAN: ...
    Taking big losses sucks. (There. I said it. I don't like the word "sucks" unless it pertains to something you do with a straw and a soft drink, but it certainly fits here). It's always disheartening when you take a big loss because you feel like ...
  • mradams0621: Mornin- or afternoon now I guess. Just got on. See I'm not the only one being held at bay here in the forum. But what's up with all the posts that ref. "error messages"? I don't get no stinkin error messege, just will not let me in today's thread. On a totally diff. subject- just wondering if @Tricia could go public. I want some of that. Or better yet an $ETF that holds @TRICIA, @DAN, @JAN2138, @Forexpro, @Aragorn, $BBT, and on and on and on, you get the idea. How would you value the company? What would the future earnings expectations be? Just makes you want to say "thanks" to so many here. I really get upset when I can't get in the forum. $FIX IT PLEASE!
  • Reido: $FIX THE DEBT - Take a look at this site. It is a bi-partisan group effort to resolve the debt crisis. You can sign a petition encouraging our leaders to get started on resolving this crisis. One small and quick (5 seconds is all it takes) way you can let your voice be heard.
  • Stressed26: ...
    Definitely not the best way to trade a stock, but all my stops have been hit when I was up. I'm not usually this schizophrenic with my trades. This is actually the first time I've done a trade like this (in-out, in-out, in-out...). I have got a ...
  • Ondy2010: $FIX FORUM: THX for fixing the thread. I'm sure the new folks, including me, don't mean to make this mistake. I appreciate the ease of use of the dated daily forum threads, no hurt feelings if it helps us trade. IMHO
  • Brick: Evan, Look, I was trying to $FIX the Blog I Broke, even before you posted. Hurray for me for figuring it out! I am not a Brainless Twit afterall. Oh, by the way, who is this @George Orwell fella ?
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Stock Price $100.76
Change -2.47%
Volume 187,322

Comfort Systems USA, Inc. provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services within the mechanical services industry throughout the United States.

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