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  • bRobert: HMOs fire lit under group. Was perky. got perkier Add $EVH to the mix High weekly targets
  • bRobert: $EVH nh WEEKLY breakout $37+ Target Long term hold. add on pb/b
  • bRobert: $EHTH . Day 2 50d bounce. High targets . $EVH . WEEKLY flag . High targets . Watch for trigger
  • bRobert: $EVH nh Going higher pb/b
  • bRobert: $EVH power move breakout . nh . $32+
  • bRobert: $EVH pinching $30+ target
  • bRobert: $EVH $TRHC nh .
  • bRobert: $EVH breakout. $28+ target Add on pb
  • woodman: #HealthInformationServices - $QSII $EVH $HQY $MDSO $VEEV $OMCL $RCM (long this one) $ATHN $CERN $CPSI
  • spmeyers: $EVH pulling back to low-risk buy point
  • Bridget: $EVH showing relative strength. Broke above the 50MA on 1/13, then consolidated and now moving higher. Looking to buy here with a profit target of $22
  • Bridget: $EVH is breaking lower right now
  • Bridget: Notes: $STLD - consolidating here, but I think this goes higher $JWN - still working $GLW $MMM - close to rolling over $VLO - breaking out $WMB - a break below $28.80 is rolling over $TSS - Vol Squeeze breakout $CHTR - now in a downtrend $HBAN - breakout $V - in a squeeze $DY Big down day, maybe get a bounce tomorrow but likley more downside in store $DIS - starting to come out of a base $PZZA - breaking down on vol $THS - in a tight squeeze $LH - right on the 200MA $EVH - breaking out of consolidation to the downside
  • Bridget: ...
    $EVH - breaking down
    $CLX - breaking down, would buy puts but not great spread
    $BHI - nice move after a flag, good long calls candidate
    $NAT - possible double bottom on weekly
    $WFT - nice breakout of consolidation
    $CONN - breakout after earnings
    $RE ...
  • Aragorn: @Bridget $CLVS $MDXG $AIRM $WBA $CCC $TSCO $MRO $CVX $XOM $APC $EVH $CLX $BHI $NAT $WFT $CONN $REN $AXP $JMU Again Thanks
  • Bridget: Here is the list of #IPOs I'm watching in order of volume: $MTCH - turning over here, but near the all time high $ATEN - working $ACIA - working $LN $LITE $TEAM $YRD $FIVN $RRR $PRAH $MEDP $PLNT - nice V pattern $PEN $EVH - nice V pattern $PTHN
  • Bridget: @Aragorn #ipo I just pulled that list and put in alerts for when the stock breaks the all time high. Then I have a short list of the ones that are close to or have recently broken the high. in order of volume: $MRUS, $KNSL, $PI, $PTHN, $PEN, $TCMD, $MGP, $RRR, $TPIC, $PLNT, $ACIA, $MTCH, $LITE, $EVH, $TEAM, Many have very low volume which is to be expected for a new stock.
  • Aragorn: @Bridget $MRUS $KNSL $PI $PTHN $PEN $TCMD $MGP $RRR $TPIC $PLNT $ACIA $MTCH $LITE $EVH $TEAM #ipo Thanks
  • Bridget: @Bridget $MRUS $KNSL $PI $PTHN $PEN $TCMD $MGP $RRR $TPIC $PLNT $ACIA $MTCH $LITE $EVH $TEAM #ipo If there are any that the members think I'm missing please feel free to post here. IPOs that were released in the last year that are near their all time highs.
  • Bridget: Notes: $XME - steel popped today, looking at long calls here $WYNN / $LVS - nice pop on earnings $M / $TJX / $RL - retail is moving up nicely still Airlines - seeing some big moves or finding stability here $JBLU, $SAVE, $AAL, $HII $MU - breakout $MCD - down on earnings, could be a good buy point $BAX - nice post earnings move $MLM - moving up on nice volume $EVH - IPO strategy working $YRD - ditto $WDC / $STX - making a nice move but earnings is coming up soon $GPN - new all time high in this uptrending stock
  • janner0814: Double thumbs up appreciate all what you do @Bridget. $XME $WYNN $LVS $M $TJX $RL $JBLU $SAVE $AAL $HII $MU $MCD $BAX $MLM $EVH $YRD $WDC $STX $GPN
  • maratom71: @Bridget $XME $WYNN $LVS $M $TJX $RL $JBLU $SAVE $AAL $HII $MU $MCD $BAX $MLM $EVH $YRD $WDC $STX $GPN Thank You for the $ prefix.
  • Bridget: $EVH new all time high today # ipostrategy. I wouldn't be buying here but put it on your watchlist to get closer to the 20MA
  • Bridget: With the market up at new highs, IPOs are also doing well. These are the IPOs that are at or new their all time highs: $KHC, $TWLO $ORRP, $BETR, $YRD, $EVH, $PLNT $ACIA
  • lostsheep: $EVH- ipo new highs
  • lostsheep: $EVH- ipo strategy working
  • lostsheep: $EVH- ipo new high but really low daily volume and not a lot of momo
  • lostsheep: $EVH- Healthcare ipo on 6/5. Closed at 20.18 yesterday. Above day 1 high of 19.93 and within .30c of ath of 20.48. No position but watching for break above.
  • lostsheep: $EVH, $SHOP, $DTEA, $GI- Multiple coverage initiations and upgrades from multiple shops on these relatively new issues this morning.
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Stock Price $USD 9.68
Change 1.89%
Volume 1,160,690

Evolent Health Inc is engaged in healthcare delivery and payment. It markets and sells its services to providers throughout the United States.

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  • February 25th, 2020 - 2019 Q4 Earnings
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