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  • spmeyers: $ECYT watch for breakout
  • thehook1: $ECYT raising stops / numerous upgrades/prostrate cancer
  • moneyHoHo: $ECYT
  • DrChucky: $ECYT - rising after positive news on lung cancer drug over the weekend. Testing 8. if it breaks upwards it could have some legs.
  • DrChucky: $ECYT - flatlined since June around 6.50, bounced out of that death squeeze on 9/9 when Cantor announced coverage at outperfrom and set a 21.00 price target. Moved up to up to 9.40 and change, then fell back just below 7. Now moving up, above 7.20. Catalyst appears to be a presentation this Saturday promising to reveal results of Phase II trial of vintafolide on patients with lung cancer. Watching. long starter position stop at 6.80
  • moneyHoHo: $ECYT
  • SierraJW: ...
    I currently hold $GILD, $TKMR, $NPSP,$TXMD, $ASTY (bought for special dividend/stock distribution), $GALT, $ANIK with very small monitoring positions in $ECYT, $MCUJF.

    Do you have some better bets for the next 3-4 weeks, 1-2 months, or longer, in ...
  • moneyHoHo: $ECYT following through.
  • moneyHoHo: @moneyHoHo $ECYT baby.
  • ccrown4: $ECYT how do you get the current short ratio? Last one on yahoo is from May at 20%. Long


    You might find a nugget in here.

    Moving up on volume with institutional sup ...
  • moneyHoHo: $ECYT Cantor Fitz raises PT to $21
  • chuckd: @NapoleonSolo - $ECYT - getting some buyers right now in p.m. now at 6.43 off the overnight lows of 5.37. Saw the dive bomb drop and took a speculative long position just above 6.00. Short term bounce trade working at the moment.
  • Tricia: $ETRM: up huge this am with approval Sold with 22% profit this morning.. wiped out 8.4% loss from $ECYT.
  • chuckd: @Tricia - $ECYT - I did wait what seemed to be a veerrry long time, (probably it was about 3 minutes ) to see evidence of a recovery, so the odds were somewhat in my favor. I did find the negative news article and decided that it was an overreaction to news (mostly) already released. So I am up on the position but the ticker is cold, so I will likely sell, book the profits, and keep watching. Trade on!
  • Tricia: $ECYT - filling that gap ... will run tomorrow too! Posted ysterday and last week ..
  • woodman: $ECYT - great shout out. Thanks, Tricia.
  • chuckd: @Tricia - $ECYT - now buyers enter at 5.50
  • SierraJW: @Tricia @woodman $ECYT I read the Boardvote article. The prospects look good, but I have a few questions, if you have time... What caused the gap down? Also, I was wondering if you know what time frame this would be a hold for? are we talking short-term (days, or a few weeks) or months, or swing trade? What about financials? or is this a possible takeover/buyout candidate? Or, if you have a link to that info, I would be glad to research it myself. Thanks in advance, Jim
  • NapoleonSolo: @Tricia $ECYT wud that be the gap up or down? stock down 20% AH as Merck ran away
  • chuckd: @woodman - $ECYT crapping out after market. down at 5.70. What do you make of it? Buying opportunity? strengthening a bit to 5.83.
  • woodman: @chuckd $ECYT lost Merck as a partner. Market doesn't seem to like too much, huh? Now I know what a hammer to the temple feels like. Negates my SCTY gains today. This was a perfectly timed nuke that destroyed everyone who bought on (a) Roberto Pedone's The Street article talking up the short squeeze and/or (b) as a gap-fill trade in general. It caught me. No way a trader could avoid it other than to not hold over night without knowing the news was coming. I wonder how many insiders sold it knowing what was coming.
  • moneyHoHo: $ECYT Ruh oh! Roberto Pedone at the street better hire a body guard! http://www.thestreet.com/story/12747661/1/a-beaten-down-biotech-stock-poised-for-an-epic-short-squeeze.html
  • woodman: @moneyHoHo $ECYT piece of ___!
  • SierraJW: $ECYT @Tricia, @woodman, et al. Opened a monitoring position @ 6.30 AH to keep it on my radar. I will have to see what the resolution is with the loss of Merck and the small cell lung cancer trials and prospects.
  • Tricia: $ECYT: well this is a roller coaster ...my view is
    Merck who bought IDIX to beat Gilead with a drug that they won't have for at least three years returned Vintifolide rights to Endocyte because it missed the endpoints for ovarian cancer.
    Announced ...
  • Tricia: $ECYT huge gap fill ...
  • issues: $FEYE Ok OK due to popular persuasion I will put in a stop - just below today's low, say at $27.10 or $26.99? What made the change was the earnings outlook with diminishing quarterly earnings estimates; (.53) (.51) (.50) (.49). The reason I'm not selling outright is because of $ECYT. In one account I had a stop and got stopped out way, way below my stop (stop set in the $16's but price leaped over that to sell at the bottom $6.49.) In my other account there was no stop and I still hold it. So I now have a stop in place, ($6.45) but it's put in a bottom for now at $6.68. So there's little downside and perhaps a few bucks upside... Maybe they get bought out.
  • NapoleonSolo: ...
    Endocyte, Inc. ($ECYT) OUTPERFORM [V] J. Kantor
    CP: US$ 17.38 TP: US$ 9 CAP: US$ 718.3m
    What to do now... Lowering Ests & TP to $9 (from $44)
     ECYT has essentially been reduced from a pre-commercial company to a Phase I company. That said, we ...
  • NapoleonSolo: $ECYT earnings out ...trial bombed ...JVs partners likely to terminate study....stock bombing too ...down 60% PM on 2 MM shares traded already NP
  • NapoleonSolo: @issues $ECYT lower ...is company liquid ? need cash? dilutive stock convert pfd offering poss coming? heard same kind of argument from traders when $CLDX lost 40% of its value ...i.e. it's done going down...can't go down any farther ...stock then got cut by almost a half again....what's your positive catalyst to move stock up? suckers game IMO to hold one /two trick biotech ponies over trial release w/o being hedged...way too much R/R if trial fails as you unfortunately found out....
  • issues: $ECYT I had this in two accounts. One account had a stop the other didn't. The stop was leaped over and sold at $6.70. It's still in the other account. $ECYT is a profitable company beating earnings est by 40% (est-.15 actual -.09) So they can make a profit even without the drug that was halted. Hummm. I think I'll continue to hold in the one account, I mean, how much lower can it go... down 62% in just a few hours. There will be some kind of bounce, right?
  • issues: @NapoleonSolo $ECYT just the hope of a bounce. If all the selling is done then buying will begin. The chart is helpful. I see the huge gap up earlier and now this gap down. It's not the same chart as $CLDX, right?
  • NapoleonSolo: @issues $ECYT actually that's one is worse IMO almost all longs now in stock now losers and underwater and looking to get their money back....don't see shorts covering today do you? in fact stock down more from open...one poss positive ..today cud be puke it out day...many longs can't take the pain anymore... look at today's BIG volume....doesn't mean stock will go up cud just mean stock has cleared out a lot of sellers and has stabilized...wud hold on to for a few days ....in any event absent some unknown catalyst not much upside near term IMO ...too much overhead supply.. set a hard stop ( not some stop limit order) just under today's low
  • NapoleonSolo: @issues $ECYT sure thing ...maybe a sniggle more room say 6.46/7 ish... often they'll reach down and grab stops on round numbers or penny or two below (i.e.. 6.50 in this case)...also you might want to lift stop a open on Monday ( then reinstate) as you might have a big seller on 1st print that may swamp the bid only to see stock bounce w/o you...if it keeps going down at that point consider selling it
  • issues: @NapoleonSolo $ECYT I did what you suggested & put in a stop under day's low $6.45. Thanks!
  • NapoleonSolo: @issues $ECYT ..hopefully you'll get some kind of bounce on Monday or next week!
  • woodman: @issues $ECYT - in my experience, the hemorrhaging following these types of limb-severing drug-trial-failures is rarely contained in one day. I think you are wise to have a stop b/c it could (and I suspect will) move down even more over the next few days (or even weeks). There are many, many examples of this, and two came just this week with CYTK and SYN.
  • greberalan: $ECYT Wow! Big gap down today. The following article tells the particulars From the Indianapolis Business Journal: (looks like ECYT is maybe a long shot?

    The news this morning couldn’t have been worse for Endocyte Inc.

    But if it had to co ...
  • greberalan: @Trica $ECYT Any thoughts on $ECYT here. It's around $17.00 now.
  • tnt: $ECYT, long here, $16 off highs from lung cancer trial showing 25% improvement, met primary endpoint, high unmet need & recent secondary behind offering a lower risk entry
  • dkoran: $ICPT@tnt- Cramer gave it his blessing last night. Also look at $ECYT , $ARWR, $VRX
  • dkoran: $ECYT- added at 17 when crooks took it down . Back at 18.5 Sometimes you can just look at the chart and find support and resistance levels in volatile times and make an educated guess at price direction.
  • moneyHoHo: $ECYT - Watching the tea leaves.
  • :
  • moneyHoHo: $ECYT @alphablast - Now 150% Schwiiing!
  • Tricia: ECYT: watching very closely @ HOD ...... $MRK may release data ( NSCLC )& ... http://www.evaluategroup.com/Universal/View.aspx?type=Story&id=492390&isEPVantage=yes - $ECYT started enrollment in Japan yesterday
  • moneyHoHo: $ECYT - Strong move up
  • moneyHoHo: $ECYT - Going higher. I have not read up on this one.
  • dmgrevas: $ECYT - Breaking out of a flag pattern. Good Luck/@Denise
  • Tim S: $ECYT - another of @Tricia's children? Up 24% today ... 04:15 PM EST, 12/16/2013 (MT Newswires) -- Endocyte (ECYT) reports preclinical data suggesting the company's folate receptor-targeted SMDCs may provide a possible new treatment alternative for ...
  • Tricia: HEALTHCARE EARNINGS AUGUST ! -- 44 of them ..... screener here http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=151&f=earningsdate_today,sec_healthcare&ft=4&o=earningsdate I hold $CLVS, ONCC, $ECYT, $VICL ...... Watching $GMED, RMED, $LGND CI, $HCA glta
  • Tricia: NVGN: Australian firm Novogen (NVGN) has secured up to $5M of funding from a "sophisticated U.S.-based institutional investor," which the WSJ has identified as Hudson Bay Capital Management. Under the deal, Hudson is buying up to five interest-free convertible securities and will make the first $1M investment immediately. Novogen's lead drug candidate is CS-6 for treating ovarian and late-stage brain cancer. Shares surge 16% I am reading about this now no position --- but my Ovarian Cancer play is $ECYT ..... in which I have 1/2 long position since ASCO 2012 .... it has been tough to hold .... I choose to ignore the swings created by the HFTers. For Brain cancer - GBM - I prefer $CLDX and I m watching $NWBO based upon a another SMMer's recommendation
  • Big D: $CLDX - @Woodman, I took some off the table with a tight stop in the last half hour at 12.16. I watch this too much and it's driving me crazy. I'm looking for a bit more of a dip after this week's action. Liking the current chart action in $SGEN, $ALXN, $ECYT, $INFI and even $ZGNX today. Looking to take a bit of one of these. Have a good weekend.
  • scorpino: $MITT - stopped out 1/2 $PBI -- stopped out 1/2 $CAT - stopped out $ECYT -- stopped out CYS-- stopped out 1/2 $CNSL -- stopped out 1/2 $WMC - stopped out $CMA - stopped out $NU - stopped out last 1/2 $NI - stopped out last 1/2
  • scorpino: Markets... list of stocks..@bbt , thanks, oh this is going to be embarassing ;-))) taxable acct: % pos is current value(whats left after loss) / total portfolio % loss is current loss / total portfolio cash 54% tiny watcher pos: $ANR .4% (up .07%) wahooo my big winner!!! :-) $TRN .3%(up.05%) $NOG .2% $FIRE .5% $AGNC .2% $AA .8% (all down less than 1% exc $ANR TRN) starter pos: $ECYT 1% $KOG 2% (down less than 1%) partials: $CAT 8%(down .4%) $AAPL 6%(down .6%) (in at 698 ha ha ha ha ha ) EOG(unfortunately from 118 and 112)22% (down 3%) ouch IRA cash 10% $MITT 13%(UP .06%) wahooo my big winner!!! :-) $ARR 5%(down .03%) BPAX 0.2%(down .09%) $CYS 4%(down .1%) $WMC 16%(down .1%) $DX 3%(down .1%) $PBI 11%(down .2%) $FREE .5%(down 1%) HITR .9%(down 6%) ha ha ha ha(scammed by email when first started investing) i've kept it to remind me how stupid i am ;-))) $MAKO 10%(down 15%) ouch (due to sloppy rounding pcts don't add to 100)
  • eTradebaby: @scorpino, $ECYT,is in the middle of the range now, or also known as no mans land. There is no edge here currently in not long. http://scharts.co/QQqrEz Gotta be patient for some other time. I'm stalking $ABT, and will trade that tomorrow is I get an entry. I'll try to post something on that one tomorrow morning.
  • scorpino: $ECYT don't remember who mentioned this, was it @eTradebaby? looks like i may have been premature taking a starter in this yest. if it goes below this am's low i guess i'll check out, since it already broke supp of low last two days. is that too over reactive?
  • scorpino: @ETradebaby...was that supposed to be $ECYT or ESRX? it was ESRX
  • eTradebaby: oops $ECYT, http://scharts.co/QQqrEz and I just initiated like right.......now - how's that for #RHRN :D
  • scorpino: $ECYT - @eTradebaby ... i take it back :-)))))) adding near the close probably (put a bid at 9.75)
  • eTradebaby: $ECYT http://scharts.co/QQqrEz
  • Tricia: ...
    I have been at a conference past 2 days .... ..( medical conference but for bio- med type products with a small group of biotech traders who engaged in much discussion about the fat stocks, the hep stocks and the cancer stocks $CLDX, $THLD, $ECYT, ...
  • Tricia: CLDX: @Woodman - $BCA stock doing very well ....Dr. @Slowtime is on on this one too .... Also other $CA stocks doing well today $GALE, $ECYT, $CHTP,SGEN andon a stretcj PSTI. Not sure what happened to $THLD, but i added to this Pancreatic $CA stock . Out of $PCYC may re-enter . RE: $ONXX - still long.
  • Tricia: $THLD and multiple cancer drugs developers/researchers ... $ONTY, $ECYT, $ROSG, $PCYC, $AKRX, $ONXX, $CLDX, ARRY. $SGEN,ARIA .... all moved significant;y this am .... in several cases these are potential takeovers .... or at the very least potential ...
  • Tricia: BIOPHARMA: News.... I had to choose between Galena and Endocyte ... $GALE is for Breast Cancer and $ECYT is for ovarian cancer. Today Merck gave $ECYT $120M in licenses fees for ovarian cancer drug EC145. In addition , there are bio milestones.
    m ...
  • Aiko: ...
  • joanie: $ECYT - VS continues expansion. Mentioned this yesterday and had noticed big volume buying from Friday. Thinly traded stock however so some caution is warranted. It's working nicely though. IPO new high as well.
  • joanie: $ECYT - Volatility #squeeze expanding, started on Friday pm with huge volume and good volume today. Also an IPO new high/breakout. Just be careful because it's a thinly traded stock.
  • debrup: GMLP - an alert went off, an ipo breaking to new highs, also $SREV looking interesting next to $ECYT earlier mentioned on the ipo front
  • debrup: Golf, $NLSN WD $ECYT - talking about IPO blue skies, maybe worth taking a look at $NLSN WD and ECYT
  • CallaLilly: Biotech Minute: $ECYT - a biotech IPO that opened Friday well below the original valuation. It's a ways out but a good deal here to inch in small and see how it fares. Its candidate EC145 is beginning phase 3 for ovarian cancer: it does my favorite thing, extend progression free time in a disease very hard to manage from 12 weeks to 22 weeks. If it has nice conferences with continuing good updates, this could seriously move on up. Not sure and way far off is the lockup period ending, whatever that means is way off. So silent and buyable, I think. Not a full position for me but just beginning. Biotech = patience + hope + phase 3.
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Stock Price $USD 23.48
Change 0.34%
Volume 14,514,900

Endocyte Inc is a biopharmaceutical Company developing targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases. It uses its proprietary technology to create novel small molecule drug conjugates, or SMDCs, and companion imaging diagnose.

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