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Strategy Session October 3rd, 2018

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  • BobbyG: @rck89 $FAS #Oils I believe it was the Fed that was being criticized. I am long leaps on $C.
  • rck89: @BobbyG $FAS $C #Oils You are correct... thanks. But if potus is critical of FED interest rate policy, this certainly won't help the banks! So my question remains...what to do with the banks?
  • DrScience: #WackyWillieWednesday. Just a reminder that today is usually the day the big boys roll front month options and adjust/reposition for next month. Know when your companies report earnings. With the $SPY/$QQQ breakout not getting the attention of $DIA or $IWM traders, $VIX peeked over the 12-level this morning. $SMH was the early leader, but Banks ($XLF, esp. $JPM and $C) and Industrials ($XLI) components seeing some love. $TLT is back at the 200 DMA, and the 50 is turning higher from below. The dollar ($DXY) is trading in a range. As usual, keep an eye on TICOTUS Twitter feed for "Real News" on market direction. And, a random thought: Do folks living in the southern hemisphere think backwards, or just upside-down. :-)
  • bRobert: $C . reversal target $72 .
  • jr3345: @Lou $IART Wishing you a speedy recovery. I may join you in the $IART trade. Looks like a low risk entry with stop around 61.50. BTW, I'm still holding the $C short put trade.
  • Forexpro: Re: $JPM, $C, $WFC Good Morning, Friends, Big bank earnings thus far appear to be leaving the market underwhelmed, although things can (and frequently do) change. I'd describe $JPM thus far as "mixed, choppy", while $C and $WFC are getting smacked. The short term chart of the latter is attached. All the best!
  • Gary: ...
    COTD: $AVGO – best not to overstay your welcome on these. Be happy with what you get…and move on.
    $SPX – right at resistance. Risk is high here. You should be protecting, not risking. Sorry – that’s just the way th ...
  • debeers: @Forexpro $C $JPM $PNC $WFC -You are so right. Gotta be better uses for dough.
  • GuitarGuy: @Wykeman Agreed...$JPM, $C, $WFC all reporting tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what happens. $XLF has been below the 200 and the 50 DMA since mid-June.
  • issues: @GuitarGuy $JPM $C $WFC $XLF last time they didn't do much. No expectations for the group this time either.
  • bRobert: $JPM $C Big banks report Fri bto. Interesting set up. No edge.
  • Forexpro: Re: Yield Curve Hi, Friends, Big Bank earnings are coming right up ($C, $JPM, $PNC, and $WFC are due to report on Friday). The market tends to look forward, rather than backward, however - that whole "discounting" thing we hear so much about - and the yield curve, illustrated by the 10 year Treasury yield minus the 2-year, continues to be really unfriendly. Have a great evening!
  • DAN: Good morning. Nasdaq futures are up 34 this morning as we head into earnings week. Three big banks ($JPM, $WFC and $C) report on Friday. Delta Airlines ($DAL), after losing our luggage, finding it, and then returning our luggage 4 days after we ar ...
  • baronp0329: $CAT - broke through R2. oversold bounce. July BuPS from last Friday. $XLF - most of financials are bouncing. Earnings this Friday on ($C $JPM). XLF July Calls from Friday. $FAS - day trading. bought at 65.60 and 66.05
  • champ: $FAS ---- $WFC $C $JPM... these banks will be reporting earnings on Friday morning...hard to know if this move will continue...others report also... $PNC and $FRC....$KRE is also working.
  • champ: @stairm01 $GS #Stocks #1 #2 #3 #1 #2 #3 #3....I agree #3...have to wait and watch for awhile but this is looking better and better....I had a post on $GS $WFC $C and others on 6/28...all are #bounce-trades...this is stock-timing...but #Market-timing is still the unknown part of the trade.....but I have a #Day-Trade working with $GS....because this is the $$$$ the sector....and all day trades are free can work off of your brokers $$$$....$AMZN, $TNA and $SSO and others. This market turn is looking even better now....for #Day-Trades.
  • michaelH: $C went short Tues at 67.46, buy stop at 69.26; low risk trade;
  • champ: $FAS $C...... #Futures are moving up and are at + 117 points....could be continuing because of what the President said about #Tariffs today and also the $FAS...the banking sector had a positive report from the Feds..#Stress-Test, in the AH's...all ...
  • champ: $WFC up 6% ...$FAS up 3.70% ....$C up $2.50%....looks like these are the sector leaders today....these should slowly zig-zig higher in the coming days.....but make no-mistake about it....the markets are in control....and all are dropping a little now...with the markets.
  • champ: @Forexpro $WFC ---- I'm also watching ...however, I have only been Day trading ...NP...and I'm still thinking, that there could be a #bounce-trade here also... going into earnings...but I need a positive market, needs a little juice...but I could take a position at anytime ...I'm in $C...for now. This bank has really been beat-up because of past management...and I do believe that most are pulling for them and there employees....I'm in as I'm typing ...with a #new-Spec-Swing-trade....but I will turn with the market...#thanks-for-the-heads-up
  • champ: $BECN @ $40.50 ...could be entry....upgrade this morning and also $C on 6/19...I can't really find anything negative..?? anyone see anything...?
  • champ: @Nepenthe $WFC $FAS --- I understand and we are all in the same boat, this market is extremely hard. Watch these stocks for direction...$C $BAC $GS $WFC and $JPM Good Luck!
  • champ: $XLF --- After a quick look at the looks like $MS and $C... are the % leaders...I'm holding $C and $WFC...this ETF is also right at the same % level...stock names might be a little safer but $FAS will outperform, if the sector takes off.
  • champ: $WFC ----Out... took small profits....because the Feds will release results on banks, after the 4:30 ET...evaluating there capital. However, still holding $C.
  • champ: $C ....adding on positive news...from the Feds.....I doubled my position size
  • rachel: ...
    COTD: $DBX – High volume snapback. Great signals on VWAP and PP.
    $SPX – short term trading bounce. Last trading day of the quarter – likely to be up.
    $DJI – 4 consecutive closes below 200dma.
    $DJUSBK – up tomorrow o ...
  • champ: $TNA $SSO $SPXL $GUSH $UWT ...these are the ETF's... I'm currently holding....and I'm still swinging all of my energy positions, that I posted about yesterday....these are all moving together today...$FANG $PXD $CXO...and NP in $EOG...also working. I was set-up for this move and I posted my reason why.....Added to $BA $C and $GUSH this morning and all the other of my ETF positions...all working off of that #news that I posted about....#on-my-last-post.
  • bRobert: $XLF 50 week breakdown should wash out remaining bulls. $25+ . area in play on range breakdown. $C strong price rejection. Not where you want to be YET. Out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise
  • bRobert: $XLF Bottom of range. $C bounce. Watching for a stronger pulse and move off life support.
  • champ: $C @ $66.50 --- I believe this could be entry today...earnings 7/12.
  • bRobert: $JPM $C double bottom TRADE. Watching
  • champ: @wijimmy $LGIH ---- On $LEN @ $52.40 they are up today. They report earnings on 6/26/confirmed. They had a upgrade today by $C, with a new price target of $65. I believe their earnings could help. The stock is up a weak market...buyers ar ...
  • champ: $CLF @ $8.56 ---- Was upgraded today by $C, with a new target, at $11..... I posted news on $X yesterday...I believe that News, was the reason for the upgrade today....the steel companies, will be using more #Iron-Ore...should be receiving more upgrades.
  • Forexpro: Re: Yield Curve Good Morning, Friends, While not at "good" levels, the yield curve is steepening at the moment rather than flattening. This is a shorthand view - "2s-10s" - that is widely used as a proxy for curve movements. A wider differential is considered a positive backdrop for the banks. Some changes to the Volcker Rule are set to be made in coming days; rumor has it that the alterations will provide somewhat more flexibility to market-making banks, which should be positive for $GS and $JPM in particular, and helpful to a somewhat lesser degree for $BAC, $C and $MS. Best of luck today!
  • debeers: @Forexpro $NTRS $JPM $C $BK $STT -Thanks so much, Forexpro
  • Forexpro: @debeers $NTRS $JPM $C $BK $STT You're Always Welcome, Lady DeBeers, By the bye, we're getting a decent pullback in the E-minis, and liquidity isn't what it was earlier. The contract is staggering higher from the 2652.75 low, and for all I know may just go racing back to the upside. It got pretty close to the 61.8 percent level (2652.25) however, suggesting that we may have already seen the session high. That "rule" hasn't been strictly observed by the obstreperous Ms. Market in recent days, though, so we'll have to see. I missed a long entry by a tick; not for the first time, but it's always annoying. Here's hoping that your day is green, and free of annoyances; all the best!
  • Forexpro: ...
    Here's hoping that all is going well, apart from the Sox getting no-hit by the A's, of all clubs. Of the three banks that are generally considered custody banks (although it's a big business for $JPM, $C still tries, and closely held Brown Brothers ...
  • debeers: @Forexpro $NTRS $JPM $C $BK $STT/$BA and $EL -Your brilliance is only eclipsed by your unfailing kindness! I think the custodies and wealth managers benefit the most from proposed changes in financial regs but i am in no rush. Actually i cut $$$ in a ...
  • Henry: @jwstich $MO $C lowered the pt from 74 to 70
  • jwstich: @Henry $MO $C Thanks Henry. Where did you find this. Maybe I need to add a news source.
  • Forexpro: ...
    With the earnings reports out of the way for $C, $GS and $JPM, it's going to take a lot from the remaining bulge bracket names (e.g. $BAC) to alter the new (more negative) narrative. Dan's right, and the summary stories that I've seen thus far this ...
  • champ: @Forexpro $C $GS $JPM $BAC $WFC $BK $STT $VFH $SPY $PNC---- On $GS, they have ...not reported earnings but they will on Tuesday morning...4/17, need to keep a Eye on them, along with $BAC. On $WFC, it has been a great trading stock, for me on my last ...
  • Forexpro: ...
    It looks as though the biggest banks came through with plausible numbers. $JPM, $WFC and $C are all higher pre-open. I don't own those; I do own a small amount of $PNC, a superregional that missed on revenues, and is now down 1.31 percent, which mak ...
  • DaddyCzarBucks: @Forexpro $JPM $WFC $C $PNC Thank you.
  • Forexpro: Re: #E-MiniFutures Hi, Friends, Well, all it took was the ringing of a bell to make people decide that they didn't really like the Big Bank earnings all that much, after all. $WFC I can see; one-off items plus a potential restating would be more than enough to create some anxiety. $JPM and $C looked pretty solid, though, so perhaps this is a "sell the news until they get cheaper" event. Dunno, really. I just took a stab at buying the E-mini futures at 2663.75; let's see if I can get four ticks out of it. Tight stop. Here's hoping that your day is off to an excellent start; all the best!
  • champ: $XLF ---- Markets are climbing because the banks reported news... that the economy is strong...extremely strong...banks are having for the third time...sell the earnings news but they have been bouncing back up a few days after....traders taking profits off of there swing earnings run trades. $C has already bounce about $1.
  • JonSeale: @champ $XLF $C Is it normal for a sector to go negative after upbeat earnings like this??
  • Vehid: @JonSeale $XLF $C I think this will be the issue with the current earning report season. Upbeat will cause sell off too.
  • Forexpro: @JonSeale $XLF $C

    Hi, JonSeale,

    Pardon me for intruding, but I think that this line from SeekingAlpha pretty much sums it up:

    "It just might be that the flattest yield curve since the financial crisis says more about the outlook for lenders ...
  • champ: @JonSeale $XLF $C ---- Yes, this happens all the time because these banks had a strong move into earnings, they took profits on the high turn this morning and they did the something last time....earning were upbeat but you have to remember most all stocks react the same...unless they have blow-out numbers and also have really strong guidance. This is normal, I have seen this happen many times and it is always a surprise but this is the way it works, swing investors always reward themselves. The bottom line is... when you have profits in this market retailer investor take the $$$....but they will buy back at some point, in the next day or so.
  • Gary: ...
    COTD: $CTRL – anatomy of a reversal.
    • Traders not impressed with banks
    • Seeing “sell the news”.
    • 200-day Mas holding…but there is no aggressive buying
    • This is what we should expect for a while ...
  • Forexpro: ...
    As we gear up for big bank earnings tomorrow ("too big to fail" names $C, $JPM, $WFC, and superregional $PNC) here's a chart showing the performance of the biggest bank names since their peak in late January. Not a particularly pretty pict ...
  • rck89: @Forexpro $C $JPM $WFC $PNC $VFH $SPY $STI Mmm? Thanks for the info. No doubt about it, $WFC has been a real dog. But I just started looking at it as a potential recovery play. Any chance? What do you think....thanks!
  • Forexpro: @rck89 $C $JPM $WFC $PNC $VFH $SPY $STI

    Hi, Rck89,

    Banks are no longer making sub-prime auto loans; instead, they're lending to subprime auto lenders, supposedly with more than adequate collateral. Guess which bank, according to the WSJ, is the le ...
  • rck89: @Forexpro $C $JPM $WFC $PNC $VFH $SPY $STI Thanks for your cogent analysis. Forget $WFC!
  • champ: $BAC @ $30.70 ---- Sill zig-zagging....but the stock is now up about $2 off the recent low, I did get back in, a few days ago....and I'm swinging 2 full positions, earnings are before Monday's open 4/16....These banks are reporting earnings in the morning...$JPM $C and $WFC but I have NP.....could be others.
  • champ: @BobbyG $SPY ---- I agree, earnings will be the key, as we move forward. $JPM $C and $WFC ....will kick off earnings in the morning. It will be all about positive earnings news, at this point. Banks will be guiding earnings, going forward and that #News in the morning, will be moving the markets. They will be telling the markets, how the economy is doing. The banks were all strong today, these investors were saying, that the banks earnings, should beat. However, we well see in the morning, my guess is.... its 70/30 for a beat. However, it is not really clear, on how investing revenues did but if their other earnings are strong, trading revenues won't really matter. Everyone is waiting for news about the economy....growth is important.
  • BobbyG: @champ $SPY $JPM $C $WFC #News Your thoughts and mine seem to be in alignment :). Let's get up early and get the coffee pouring. Should be a busy day.
  • champ: @BobbyG $SPY $JPM $C $WFC #News --- I'm guessing that you are always up early also....Good Luck!
  • Forexpro: ...
    Friday the 13th will be a big day for big bank earnings, with $C, $JPM, $WFC and superregional $PNC reporting. I've appended a chart showing the performance of a number of banks since the close of business in Dec. With the notable exception of $WFC, ...
  • Gary: ...
    COTD: Buy Facebook?

    • Tariffs & Trump. Double whammy.
    • If you can wait on the sidelines, you are putting off a great desert until after you eat your peas and carrots. Don’t eat desert first!
    • Very tough market. ...
  • Forexpro: Re: #Banks Hi, Friends, As we go into the FOMC meeting, here's a picture of some of the largest banks since their nadir in early February. $WFC continues to be the ugliest pooch, but $C isn't performing all that well, either. $MS, which gets extra props for having management that actually has a strategy, and then executes well, has been leading. Best of luck today!
  • Forexpro: Re: #Banks Hi, Friends, Speaking of banks, here's a sector summary of $SPY, the large bank ETF $VFH, and a number of banks, including a couple of "superregionals" ($PNC, $STI). The starting point is the close on Feb 8, the recent low for the sector. All of the names are in positive territory since that date, although $C and (especially) $WFC are weak in relative terms. Hope you're having a great weekend; all the best!
  • champ: @Forexpro $SPY $VFH $PNC $STI $C $WFC #Banks --- On $BAC, the great add-on entry was 11/15, that I posted about and then on 2/9, again for whatever your bank stock is, for another add-on or entry. However, most miss entries but full-time traders/inve ...
  • Forexpro: Re: Banks Hi, Friends, Of the "too big to fail" names, $BAC and $C are doing best on the day, along with trust banks (both also "too big to fail") $BK and $STT. Of the smaller names, old fave $SIVB (chart attached) is making parents proud and happy, as noted earlier by Woodman. Financials are performing well, over all, with $XLF trailing only $XLE among the major sector ETFs. All the best!
  • Spotdog: @Forexpro $BAC $C $BK $STT $SIVB $XLF $XLE Good morning Forexpro, A while back you posted a chart of some of the banks and noted that $BBT was at the top of the list. I picked some up at that time and it is still working. Thanks again.
  • Forexpro: @Spotdog $BAC $C $BK $STT $SIVB $XLF $XLE $BBT Cool, Spotdog, I'm delighted that it's working. I'm still in it, and would, of course, love to see it break above the 56.21 level. Might be a bridge too far for today, but then again, why not? :) Hope you're doing well in general; all the best!
  • champ: $UAL @ $71.00 ---- #Airliners ---- This Is a very #StrongBuy going into the $JPM Aviation and Transportation Conference on Tuesday 3/13...the News is that today $JPM upgraded this stock, going into their #own conference and they said today that they ...
  • Forexpro: Re: Too Big to Fail Banks Hi, Friends, Attached is a chart of the largest banks from the close on Feb 8, which was at or close to the nadir for most if not all of these issues. I'm using the Vanguard Financial ETF as a benchmark, as its holdings are more representative of the peer group than are those of $KBE. $BAC has done best in the intervening days, although $GS, $JPM, $MS and $PNC have also been competitive. $C, $USB (which took a hit related to a client's money laundering) and $WFC (more issues than Sports Illustrated) are lagging. All the best!
  • debeers: @Forexpro $KBE $BAC $GS $JPM $MS $PNC $C $USB $WFC --- If i asked you who was your fave in this space would you favor me with a reply? All the best.
  • Forexpro: @debeers $KBE $BAC $GS $JPM $MS $PNC $C $USB $WFC

    Hey, DeBeers,

    Here's hoping that all is well with you. The answer depends a bit on whether you think that the Volcker Rule will be rolled back and, if so, whether trading will pick up. If that's th ...
  • debeers: @Forexpro $KBE $BAC $GS $JPM $MS $PNC $C $USB $WFC $VFH $BRK $AXP $DB $UBS $SIVB ---When I look around any room, you are 1 of the smartest guys there and, that having been said, the additional bonus is you are so nice and so kind.
  • Forexpro: @debeers $KBE $BAC $GS $JPM $MS $PNC $C $USB $WFC $VFH $BRK $AXP $DB $UBS $SIVB Thanks, Lady DeBeers, You're far too kind, I'm afraid. Thanks as well for your ongoing input and guidance. All the best!
  • sierramp: @Forexpro $BAC $AAPL $JPM $C When you have time would you please expand on this subject a bit for me? Are funding costs going up for the banks because they are losing a great source of corporate borrowers resulting in a lower net interest spread? Thank you.
  • Forexpro: @sierramp $BAC $AAPL $JPM $C Hey, Sierramp, Yup, that's it, in a nutshell. Lots of money - for example, $AAPL has reportedly been a huge buyer of short-term U.S. bank debt - that was available at low prices to the banks will now, presumably, be less money available at higher prices. The good news is that "long term loan" has become in many respects an oxymoron, but competition is always pretty intense, so there may be some diminution of net interest margin, especially in the near term. Nice summary. Hope you're doing well; all the best!
  • Forexpro: Re: Banks, $BAC

    Hi, Friends,

    One of those "unintended consequences" things, I suppose, and one that I hadn't given a moment's thought to. The Financial Times has an article that cites $BAC; the bank notes that its funding costs are rising ...
  • Henry: $C $GS $MS all very similar charts. long C and MS
  • Henry: $ROKU $C raised the pt from $28 to $33 How do these analysts collect a pay check with a straight face? CEO is coming on CNBC after the break
  • champ: $JPM $C ---- Nice move on both this morning and they are leading the banking sector higher....the % leaders.
  • Forexpro: Re: Large Banks Hi, Friends, Updating to reflect performance of the largest banks since the end of last year. $BAC, $JPM and $PNC are outperforming the sector ETF, $KBE. Not to mention, they're outperforming the $SPY, as are $C, $GS, and $USB. Lower hurdle. $WFC, despite its heroics over the past couple of weeks - even with today's decline, it's 8.9 percent above its 54.72 low on Feb 9 - continues to reside in negative return country for 2018. Underperformance versus $KBE is 7.74 percent, year to date. $PNC remains my fave in this group. All the best!
  • jr3345: @champ $WFC $WFCPrJ $BAC I believe your analysis to be correct. However, my Aunt was one who had accounts opened w/o her knowledge. Took a while to make things right. Can't invest with $WFC. However I do have a stock position with JPM & long leap 75 calls with $C.
  • champ: @jr3345 $WFC $WFCPrJ $BAC $C --- Thanks, for the reply and I understand but thats my point and the reason why the stock dropped because of what happened to your Aunt, 17 months ago and many others...that is why the stock.. is the largest lagger but t ...
  • champ: $WFC @ $58 --- #News ----This bank is now turning off the recent low of $54.72, that was on Friday 2/9. Many are saying that on 2/9 the markets might have also turned off of that low. @Forexpro and I both had post on this stock on 2/5, take a look. I ...
  • dcphinney: @champ $WFC $C #News #Reuters #Analyst #new #news #Charles #A #Strongly #StockTiming #MarketTiming #StrongBuy #LowRiskEntry #Smart #New #new #new #OK Agreed.
  • champ: $DK ....this refiner is moving up now off the low, on a new upgrade by $C
  • baronp0329: @champ $DK $C - Interesting. I've never traded DK, just $MPC $VLO. Will have to do some research on DK. In fact, added to $MPC yesterday (now full position). Also started new positions in $PXD (174.50) and $CRC (18.42) this morning.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $DK $C $MPC $VLO $PXD $CRC ---- $DK has dropped from the high because of the will be surprised when you do the research
  • champ: $WFC is the % leader again today...if you compare against $BAC $JPM $MS $C and others but $ZION was the clear winner and $SIVB is in second place but their could be others....ETF's ...$FAS was up 5.29% and $KBE and $KRE were up about the same at around 2.85%....on the close.
  • champ: @Forexpro $WFC $BAC $JPM $C #Political --- I posted to you his bio when he was picked. I respect your opinion but you were wrong last time you posted this same info on $WFC before, its all about entry timing. You can see on that last move that the ba ...
  • champ: @Forexpro $WFC $BAC $JPM $C #Political --- Remember...I posted to you that he is also a CPA. It has been stated, that they will be removing restrictions before the end of the year or sooner, this is what was reported but maybe I'm wrong but this is w ...
  • Forexpro: @champ $WFC $BAC #Political

    Thanks, Champ,

    Mr. Munger is free to wish for whatever he wants; it was Chair Powell who led the Fed team that negotiated the restrictions on $WFC, and I wouldn't be inclined to count on him removing them any time soon. ...
  • champ: @Forexpro $WFC $BAC $JPM $C #Political --- Thanks for the reply and Yes, that all true and I understand.... but I don't understand why are you are saying... ask his investors to remain calm and all is well, don't know where all of that is coming from ...
  • Forexpro: ...
    I'm inclined to agree that one precipitating factor in the current pullback is the rise in Treasury note and bond yields. Given the little that I know about the budget agreement, I expected to see said notes and bonds lower in price and higher in yi ...
  • Lou: @mopick $NRE - wish I could tell you something new. I've got a very long term horizon and I expect at least 40% up from current levels within the next year. I am able to wait it out and collect a decent distribution while I wait. Good luck and I understand your concerns but I'm staying the course. My best ideas continue to be $ETE and $ETP with a decent buying opportunity RHRN. Scary time do give us opportunities. I'm getting clobbered in profitable ST positions in $MSFT and $FLR as well as $BAC and $C. Thinking of protesting profits but leaving for a medical appointment so will look again later in afternoon. GL all,
  • mopick: @Lou $NRE $ETE $ETP $MSFT $FLR $BAC $C, thanks, Lou! Am with you on $ETP, as I think the worst is behind us on this one. As for $NRE, I'll be watching closely to decipher any signs of stabilization. I've been burned every time previously. Lou, do you know when they report? That certainly should provide a catalyst I would think. Thanks, again!!
  • champ: @Forexpro $WFC $BAC $JPM $PNC ---- The reason Analyst are saying that these 2 banks..#1.. $WFC... is because their earnings are just about 100%, in the U.S. and their assets are already at a extremely high level but these new restrictions will end re ...
  • Henry: @Alexander $PHM It ran up and it started to go flat, I was low on trading cash in that particular account and I wanted to buy $C
  • Henry: @Robert1965 I sold my $PHM 10 days ago to swap into $C. But I think support is pretty close to where we are right now.
  • champ: $BAC $C $WFC $JPM $MS $GS....the banks will be going much higher this year because of their customers, they will now have much higher confidence, in the economy going forward. Loan growth will now be climbing at a much faster pace... buying new equip ...
  • champ: @DragonFly $UAL @ $77.84 ..HOD ---- It never hurts to sell before earnings....but the reports are that $UAL, is going to beat... just like $DAL did....because the monthly traffic numbers have been climbing, on all the airline stocks. $DAL was the fir ...
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Change 0.35%
Volume 16,713,900

Citigroup Inc is a financial services holding company. It provides financial products and services, including consumer banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage and wealth management.

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  • January 14th, 2019 - 2018 Q4 Earnings
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