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  • ab2510: @bybyjanice - $PHO & $PIO & $CGW & $FIW are water supply ETFs.You could look at them or investigate their holdings. They hold $FLS & $BMI & various water utilities, water infrastructure and all things water related.
  • bxshin: ...
    Pandora (P) is the target of a lawsuit by Broadcast Music Inc., better known as $BMI, over licensing fees. That comes after the internet radio service rejected a request to pay higher fees for playing songs across multiple devices.

    Boeing (BA) w ...
  • ab2510: $BAX, $BMI can someone look at these charts and let me know what they think. I want a good entry point after the election is over.
  • lizwaite: $ARNA I posted two posts on this particular biotech.......I think Monday & Tuesday of this week. I posted a lot of information about why I think this stock is worthy of our attention at SMM. I am in this for a trade and possibly the long run if the stock is a good employee. $ARNA filed a marketing authorization application (MAA) w/the Swiss Health Authority, Swissmedic, for lorcaserin HCL...terms of the application for drug use in concert with diet & excrcise for individuals with BMI>30 and also in individuals with BMI>27 in whom a comorbitidy of obesity exists. What is BMI? For those who would like to learn more......Here is a link to an article from The @CDC which explains the concept of $BMI thoroughly: :)Liz
  • southern: ...
    Co announces the significant results from their further analysis of its Optina trial on DME. In addition to the clear interaction of dose of Optina with $BMI (reported previously i.e. for the higher $BMI the higher of the low doses was more effectiv ...
  • CallaLilly: ...
    SPDR S&P China (GXC) It has a goal of tracking the S&P/Citigroup $BMI China index The $ETF pays a yield of 2.21%

    Ultra FTSE/Xinhua China 25 ProShares (XPP) It has a goal of tracking twice the daily performance of the FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index Th ...
  • DAN: @Gabe, good watchlist. Nice mix of industries -- chemicals, consumer stuff, drugs, electronics/tech, energy, metals, manufacturing, telecom, and even a couple of utilities. Most in nice uptrends. I assume this list is generated by a scan, right? If so, how did $DELL, $GRMN and $USM make the same list as $PPO, $BMI, etc.?
  • Suzie: For those interested, here's the new watchlist Im working off of: $FLIR, CEDC, $AMED, $APH, $SLH, $PACR, CLHB, $TYL, $HUBG, $MANT, $TISI, $WAB, AXYS, $AFAM, $ECOL, $RBN, $GTLS, $GHM, $BMI, $FLS
  • Gabe: $APA is not out of the woods yet. It's still under the 50DMA. Although it could go higher from here, why not wait for the bounce first, or trade a stock that is above the 50DMA? Take a look at $BMI, $COG, $GTLS, $HP, $MCF, $MMR, $SWN for example. Wait for $USO to firm up, and then buy. That should offer a pretty good risk/reward. No need to force trades when the market is not cooperating, IMHO.
  • tnt: Good morning guys, Picked up some $BMI today. IBD 100 stock as of two weeks ago. Broke above 20 and 50 day $MA on descent volume after earnings and is now retesting. Careful though as it is very thinly traded.
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Stock Price $USD 62.74
Change -1.01%
Volume 154,931

Badger Meter inc., is a manufacturer and marketer of products incorporating liquid flow measurement and control technologies.

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  • February 5th, 2020 - 2019 Q4 Earnings
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