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  • coldevinc: @scottrades $TWTR #Dan A trailing stop helped me lock in profits on $AMSC yesterday. Those keep you in a little longer but protect you from a bad drop
  • DAN: @coldevinc $TWTR $AMSC #Dan Great trading, coldevinc. 8-)
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC Looking for move to 10.50 - 12.50. Post modern Electric Grid control systems. The Jerry Fund rates it Speculative Buy. Not for the faint of heart. LTH
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC This stock is rated Strong Buy by CFRA. Looking at the chart I see support at around 7.30 and a short term upside move to around 10.50. This stock is not for the faint of heart but if you like the excitement a volatile stock provides, then this just might be your cup of tea.
  • spmeyers: $AMSC strong phase 3 move monday, nice setup
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC This is the stock that will pay for my Dance Lessons.
  • bRobert: @PhilHarmonic $AMSC Salsa, Tango Foxtrot . Nice way to spend some time. Adults touching each other . No kids
  • KemoSabe: $AMSC - PhilHarmonic stock hits a new high today. Slow mover, but steady. Earnings coming on Feb.4.
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC Energy, Infrastructure, & Defense. Nice chart.
  • rachel: ...
    $AMSC – Has been working well relative to everything else. But too volatile. Watch for pullback to 50-day MA
    $XRAY – putting in a nice base. Still a bit too early to buy...but I like what I’m seeing.
    $CIG – Brazilian utilit ...
  • petros06: $AMSC and $KZR. anyone watching for a bounce in either of these?
  • petros06: $AMSC starting to bounce
  • KemoSabe: $AMSC.. Finally some profit taking in this stock. Been watching it for an entry, but it still has further to drop before I stick a toe in.
  • petros06: @KemoSabe $AMSC toe in at $11.10
  • KemoSabe: @petros06 $AMSC Good luck on your purchase. Stock has been strong lately, but I'm waiting for something in the mid 10's. If I get it, fine, if not, just another missed opportunity.
  • KemoSabe: @PhilHarmonic #Markets I see that your $AMSC is putting in a hammer today. Wish I had seen it below $10.
  • petros06: $AMSC up 8%. Thx PhilHarmonic, wish I bought more on Friday
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC Infrastructure and Military (Aerospace & Defense).. I'm building a long term position.
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC I think this is going higher. This time I might be correct.
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC Breaking out. Could benefit from Trump's China negotiations. Big sell off 06/07/18 on earnings and stock has been rising to new intermediate highs. Long Term Hold for me. May be over extended. Something for the gamblers to watch.
  • tjv821: $amsc rising from the ashes
  • Jibes: $AMSC I wonder about this stock. It has broken out from a squeeze and a rectangle (see charts), and is so far consolidating pretty well. Semis were hot, so maybe they are resting for now.
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC Sold yesterday for a small profit. Did not want to hold over earnings. Down almost 7% this morning. Got lucky.
  • tjv821: $amsc Phil harmonic time to take profits??
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC $TGI Two crazy stocks that I own. What a ride they are giving me. Energy and Aerospace. Whoopee!!!
  • tjv821: $amsc still running
  • PhilHarmonic: @tjv821 $amsc Love it.
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC This stock always surprises me. Long term hold.
  • tjv821: $amsc still working afraid of adding more to my position
  • PhilHarmonic: @tjv821 $amsc I added some last Friday. Will buy more on pullbacks.
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC Going parabolic.
  • tjv821: @PhilHarmonic $AMSC what do you think sell into???
  • PhilHarmonic: @tjv821 $AMSC Probably would be the smart thing to do. Maybe sell half. I'm not giving any advice on this one. I'm very emotional with this company.
  • tjv821: $amsc and $neo r working
  • tjv821: $amsc refreshing pause or time to get out???
  • PhilHarmonic: @tjv821 $amsc You need patience with this one. Learn about the company and its Industry and its technology. Then review its History and charts. Become one with $AMSC and then you will have the confidence to proceed. I'm holding it at least through the Presidential elections..Unless I change my mind.
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC Breakout.
  • tjv821: $amsc still chugging along
  • tjv821: $amsc woodman are you still in this?
  • woodman: @tjv821 $amsc I don't recognize this. It may be one of a big list of Semis I once posted as looking good at the time, perhaps? But I don't recall buying it. My semis currently are $OCLR $ESIO $MXIM and still some old $INFN. Every time I go to sell INFN, I end up saying I will wait and then it bounces. But it isn't doing all that great. OCLR may have run out of steam but I'm thinking support around 5.07 and 21dEMA. Bottom BB hook may indicate some sideways action for a while. But it's been so good to me. :)
  • woodman: @tjv821 $amsc I think you meant $AMCC - no I don't own it.
  • tjv821: $amsc still looking good
  • kwilson123: $AMSC Looks like $AMSC may be starting to run. I doubled my small position, Pulled back just like Dan said to look for and now moving.
  • tjv821: $amsc ouch
  • tjv821: $amsc running
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC I have a position in this company. Earnings are 02/09/16. Stock was up today and appears to be bottoming. The current price is above the 200dma and the 50 dma and 20 dma are rising. I have been buying and selling this stock for over a decade and have yet to make money. I think that it has a second coming and the time is now. A play on infrastructure. Wind farms and the Grid. Buy at your own risk.
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC Responding to the new Bill on Wind Energy?
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC I've been in and out of this Stock many times. It was a high flyer several years ago and then collapsed. It may be having a second coming. I've started to accumulate a position. Now may be its TIME.
  • tjv821: $amsc jumping wish I had more
  • mradams0621: ...
    $AMSC American Supercon... 5.31 26.13%
    $ATNM Actinium Pharms I... 2.35 23.68%
    $NYMX Nymox Pharmaceuti... 4.19 20.06%
    $RCMT Rcm Technologies ... 6.73 19.96%
    $P Pandora Media 15.90 18.30%
    $AMC Amc Entertainment... 29.80 17.32%
    $BGB Blackstone / ...
  • mradams0621: ...
    28.27% $AMSC American Supercond 5.40 1050
    25.79% $ATNM ACTINIUM PHARMS INC 2.39 208250
    20.05% $AVP Avon Products Inc. 4.91 580440
    20.00% $OCLS Oculus Innovative 1.32 72000
    19.05% $P Pandora Media 16.00 3490000
    18.42% $ATOS Atossa Genetics In 0. ...
  • mradams0621: ...
    16.88% $AMSC American Supercond 4.50 2270
    16.67% $WGBS WAFERGEN BIO-SYSTE 0.91 620620
    15.03% $IMMU Immunomedics Inc. 3.29 800
    14.22% $DGLY Digital Ally Inc. 5.30 7850
    8.95% $CTRP Ctrip.Com Internat 55.26 5920
    8.09% $PTN Palatin Technologi 0.74 ...
  • PhilHarmonic: $AMSC Breaking out of an ascending right triangle. Some of you might want to start following this company ans a play on alternate energy and Smart Grid infrastructure. Warning..Their management is a little flaky having let China steal from the company, almost bringing it to failure.
  • philharmonic: $AMSC Double bottom formation starting November 2013. Now pushing through 200dma. Speculative Buy.
  • philharmonic: $AMSC Speculative buy on breakout. For the gamblers.
  • philharmonic: $AMSC - An interesting company for those with a speculative bent. Double bottom breakout on high volume. Several days of buying on higher than average volume. Alternative energy
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Thursday's open $AAWW, $AEE, $AES, $AMCX, $AMRC, $AMSC, $ANSS, $APA, $APO, $ARQL, $ATK, $BCE, $BDBD, $BKCC, $BR, $BZH, $CBB, $CCO, CMLP, $CNK, $CNQ, $CNSL, $COTY, $CPN, $CQB,DYN, $EOG, $FCN, $FLO, $FLY, $FNP, $FSYS, $FUN, $FUR, $FWLT, $FWM, $GLP, $GOLD, $GTN, $HII, $HNT, $IGT, $IRC, $IT, $JRCC, $KIOR, $KLIC, $LNT, $LRN, $MFC,MLM, $MT, $MWIV, $MWW, $NVAX, $NWN, $NXTM, $RDN, $RGEN, $RGLD, $ROK, $SFUN, $SMG, $SNI, $SSYS, $STWD, $THI, $TICC, $TK, $TTI, $TW, USAC, $VC, $VNDA, $VTG,WEN, $WIN, $WLK, $WMC, WWAV
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Wednesday's open $AME, $AMSC, $AOL, $ARIA, $AVA, $AVT, $CLH, $CRZO, $CWH, $DUK, $DVN, $EZCH, $FXCM, $GEO, $GOLD, $HFC, $HII, $KCG, $LXP, $MITT, $MMC, $MOLX, $MPEL, $NAVB, $NCT, $NICE, $NWN, $POM, $RL, $SBGI, $SCLN, $SMP, $SUNE, $TTI, $TWX, $VOYA, $VRX, $WCG, $WRES, $XEC, YRCW
  • philharmonic: $AMSC, $CPST - My highly speculative, alternative energy, stocks are up 11 % this morning. Is this market getting to HOT!
  • MultiMill: $AMSC - somebody mentioned this in the forum yesterday. It is up 3% again today. Since it had built such a long, long base, $IMO this has more strength to go higher. The 200 DMA is overhead at $6.87 but has not been significant. Only thing that worries me is the big drop it took around 4/5/11. I did not do the research to see what caused that. But right now, I'm just trading what I see in front of me and I see a VS expansion that could go faster and farther than expected. Worth watching. Addendum: it has pulled back a bit from when I wrote that note...currently up 1.6% on the day.
  • joanie: $AMSC - powerful short #squeeze underway, and 30% of the float is short, with a 14 day short ratio. 2 of those days may already be sucked up by today's volume, but I think this has room to run. Because it's up so much, if you want to take a stab you may want to do so based on the intraday, there seems to be support around 4.90. Just go in small because if this keeps moving you can always add once you're profitable.
  • jververis: ...
    New 52 week lows include: $ACW, $ADM, $ADVS, $AEIS, $AF, $AFAM, $AFL, $AGII, $AGO, $AIG, $AKAM, $AKS, $ALL, $ALNY, $ALR, $AMCC, $AMED, $AMKR, $AMSC, $ANAD, $ANR, $ANW, $AOL, $ARAY, $ARC, $ARI, $ARRY, $ART, $ASEI, $ASIA, $ATHX, ATPG, $AUO, $AUXL, $AV ...
  • nasada: CIEN....59 Min Trade....I shorted the pop up on $CIEN this morning using the June $21 Puts....JDSU, $FNSR, $AMSC and several others in this same sector gapped down big after earnings/guidance and then popped a little at the open and then finished on the lows of the day...I expect $CIEN to do the same.
  • dr.orangejuicer: $AMSC - I've been doing some research this weekend on wind and solar names after reading an article on decreasing solar costs and made what I think is an interesting find. As most of us know, American Superconductor (AMSC) was crushed this week on ne ...
  • wanda16: $AMSC very interesting drorangejuicer
  • bethany: $AMSC - anyone playing this for a quickie. Don't know the 59 minute trade, however I am very tempted by this. This is also not my style of trade so I need a little encouragement or discouragement. Anyone??
  • taylor: $AMSC - attention, the 59 minute day trade crowd
  • kappy12: $AMSC FWIW This would be one to watch as it is a company that has basically one customer in China. Yesterday it was reported that this company rejected the latest delivery because of equipment problems. Rumor was that the earnings might be down as much as 46%. Several downgrades this am.
  • al: $AMSC not looking promising for 59 m trade in pre market
  • Ellen@NYC: $AMSC - This gapdown is due to reduced guidance, correct? Earnings not coming out till 5/16. I think I'll stay away from this one.
  • sgr606: $AMSC - Look at the volume yesterday. All those folks are big time losers.
  • joanie: $AMSC - Picked some up for a trade after it cleared the opening print. Set my stop just below today's low. Low risk entry but I have a hard and fast stop on this.
  • bullmoose: $AMSC down 44% on poor guidance. I hope no one owns it.
  • shrholder: $AMSC - down @hugh in aftermarket.
  • 2dandg: $AMSC, yep , got blind sided by this one . will just have to be very long on the creative powers of the company. have followed and traded this one for 4 years. comfort level was too high. no amount of home work could see this coming . however, the fact that it relied heavily on 1 large customer was in the news in the last month or two . that was the sign. sometimes insider buying is not always right.
  • 2dandg: $AMSC - here's one that i have followed and traded for four years, the short interest has finally come down and it seems to be getting some bullish attention. might be worth a little weekend home work. still long
  • tnt: $AMSC, posted on this yesterday. Initial target $32. Short #squeeze just getting started
  • tnt: $AMSC has formed a two week base. Negative sentiment towards the stock may have reached a climax. 13 days of short covering and fairly consistent insider buying. Long $AMSC and looking for swing target of $32
  • tnt: $AMSC nice green intraday volum spikes
  • tnt: $AMSC short #squeeze
  • GARY: $AMSC - good afternoon Team. Please give your thoughts to Sande on $AMSC Posted by @marjoriesande Oct 13,2010 1:13 PM Newbie here, but I've been following $AMSC for a while; it is on a tear and a lot of insiders are making big purchases. Thanks to all for comments, suggestions, screens, ideas, and support. Sande
  • careider: Saw a price target of $30.00 for Pay. Not sure of the analyst covering PAY. Anybody follow $AMSC - American Superconductor. Any comments.
  • Dave: $AMSC is regularly pilloried by what used to be called Stock Lemon (I forget its current name or moniker). I have no idea of the validity of the claims, but you may want to check out if you want a good idea of what shorts are saying.
  • circlem: ...
    1. American Superconductor ( $AMSC ) - Chosen because it is big into providing electrical stuff for windy power. It was also considered to be relatively undiscovered. I don't know about that one but heck I'll go with it.

    2. Chipotle Mexican Gril ...
  • drscience: $AMSC - #Cramer featured the stock on "Mad Money" last night. Check out a review for fundamentals on the stock. That said, it is screaming up; you'd be chasing it #RHRN. Using @Dan's can't-help-it strategy, you could buy a small stake now, but better to wait for a pullback, especially from the #Cramer pop today, IMHO. $CMI - Another #Cramer fav, is a play on the truck replacement cycle. Lots of older trucks on the road that need to be upgraded -- each needs an engine! And, don't forget those Cowboy cadillac Dodge Rams each have a Cummins under the hood. $CMI has the best technology in the space, cheaper than a $CAT, and if the push to nat gas fuel for highway trucks gets moving, $CMI will benefit all the more. $SNDK - you're on your own there. :0)
  • taylor: ...
    Earnings: Before- $AMSC, $CHU, $KSS, $URBN ; After - BBI, $JWN, $NVDA, $GGP
    Other: U.S. Initial Jobless Claims, Continuing Claims, Import Prices, Treasury Auction $16B In 30-Yr Bonds, @Charles Schwab Shareholder Meeting, #CNBC Premiere: Total Reca ...
  • tsogles: $AMSC Speculative play to keep an eye on. Fundies look great with a $PEG <1 based on $TTM but PE is 108 and it has fallen >35% from its highs. Rev. Shark and others have been short but it recently bottomed at 27.09 and has bounced up a little to ...
  • MoSo: BEXP AMSC - bought 2 starter positions this am on sharp pullbacks. BEXP is near the top of a fine run up (which I missed the start of) but it's pulling off the Bollinger band. $AMSC is channeling and it hit a low value in the channel - pretty speculative move on my part, but we'll see.
  • skimamma: FYI Rev Sharks stock of the weeks is $AMSC short. @Dan I would love to hear more about the trip. Glad you are back safely. I hear Fernie is awesome as is Kicking Horse
  • Darce: $AMSC - brutal fall today. Got stopped at $29.71. Skimamma, does that move by Rev Shark motivate folks to short the stock? Is that the likely reason for the drop? Looked like it had a good shot at holding at the #200ema as of last Friday.
  • Dave: $AMSC is also a stock to avoid according to Citrus Research from a few months ago (formerly Stock Lemon). They've done a lot of fundamental research on the stock and their info (or at least the stuff I access) is free.
  • scottto: VSEA - Thanks for posting this list. A couple of stocks in there I'm going to keep a watch on and probably buy some soon (VSEA, $NUAN, AMSC) because of nice defined risk level. $AMSC has a 26% short interest ( and is setting up a nice base. Might wait for it to break out above 200 ema. $NUAN is ready to buy with a stop at the 200 ema. 30 cents downside, $2.50 upside, nice 8:1 reward to risk. VSEA same as $NUAN, with 6:1 reward to risk. Thanks for doin' and sharin' the homework! Cheers, @Scott
  • MoSo: $CPST - I've followed $CPST for a bit as part of my alt energy profile ( $CREE ITRI $ENS JCI $AMSC ELON $FSLR SPWRA VWDRY.PK $HWCC ) and, to paraphrase @Dan: here's the thing - I've never made much money on it. It should make money, it's an interesting company with an interesting product, but the stock is range bound and capable of volatility within that range, and it doesn't show much sign of leaving that range.
  • Russ: ...

    The following tickers may also be presenting some low entries for which risk can be fairly easily defined (though these are not from my earnings list):

    Th ...
  • MiracleMind: Yes, not for short-term. Other ideas $AMSC and QCOM?
  • Harkmeister: $AMSC Oversold??? I guess this 2 day drop is the sell the news variety after an upbeat earnings report? I show a short interest of 23% as of 1/15/10. Can't define risk right now and I'm resisting the urge to catch a falling knife since I only have one finger left on each hand. Anyone following this? @Keith
  • milepost43: $AMSC down 8% on what I can see as good earnings release. Short Mar 36 puts here...maybe a rebound into close???
  • milepost43: $AMSC gets wind turbine component order........ -- Had a $NICE trade into recent almost all time high...pulled back to 36ish support...nibbling here... Press Release Source: American Superconductor Corporation On Tuesday January 26, 2010, 7:30 am EST DEVENS, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--American Superconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: $AMSC - News), a global power technologies company, announced today that it has received an initial order for 100 sets of wind turbine core electrical components from China's XJ Group Corporation (XJ Group). The components will be deployed in 2 megawatt (MW) doubly fed induction wind turbines that were co-developed with $AMSC Windtec# , a wholly owned subsidiary of AMSC.
  • phlipper4: $AMSC CHK $CSIQ SNDK $WDC X - Followed @Dan's advice and sold my biggest gainers this AM. Locked in profits as all are trading signicantly lower. Didn't want to "lose my dough" heading into year end
  • phxpeh: RIMM - remember, its not cool...i put in IRA and will just not look at it for 6 months ...meanwhile $RVBD, $SNDK, $SBAC, $AMSC, $STX et al are killin' it...
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Stock Price $USD 8.87
Change -2.42%
Volume 192,317

AMSC is a provider of megawatt-scale solutions that lower the cost of wind power and enhance the performance of the power grid.

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