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  • PJMR11: $ACB Moving
  • JBed: $ACB new position with a tight stop.
  • petros06: @scottrades $ACB please
  • DrScience: $ACB at 10 bucks, after hiring hedgefund manager Nelson Peltz as an advisor agreed with investors. Jeffries analysts tag Aurora as one of the best bet in the medical/recreational marijuana space. And, all the pot stocks could move ahead of the Cannab ...
  • Sher: $ACB – Took profits (89.6%) on Apr. $9 calls, this morning – STC @ $1.45 $BZUN – Also took profits on Apr. $35 call position (put on Fri.), with this morning’s 4.5% move in stock. $PDD – Stock up 6.5%; Misguided call position up 67%... Prior post: $PDD – Post-earnings reaction seems extremely overdone, to me – Yes, they missed by $.03 on earnings, but they nicely beat on revenues and their monthly active users increased by 93% this quarter. Noting active call buying at the Apr. $30 call strike (Vol. of 13,422 against OI of 4,103), added to what has now become an unintended “spec” position.
  • CraigReynolds: @Sher $ACB $BZUN $PDD Nice
  • Sher: $APHA – Pretty happy with 6.6% move today – Have been holding/adding to Apr. $10 calls, for a while, which are still underwater due to poor position timing – 3-weeks of sideways consolidation now exhibiting tightening upside squeeze. $ACB - Took profits (89.6%) on Apr. $9 calls, this morning – STC @ $1.45... $CRON – Holding “ailing” April call position in anticipation of a run, of sorts, into earnings (the 26th) – Encouraged some by a “just noticed” Schedule 13D filing, posted this morning, by Altria Group reflecting share ownership of 149,831,154, representing 45% of class.
  • efrain007: $ACB holding up well. Popped out of 15m squeeze and pulled back. Finding support at 9dma on hourly.
  • wabam: @efrain007 $ACB sitting on hourly support yesterday. still watching.
  • efrain007: @wabam $ACB Might move over 9.25
  • baronp0329: Good Barron's article on $ACB. NP. Sold and took profits on all positions (Apr options and stocks) 2 days ago. @scottrades, any opinions on a good re-entry?
  • efrain007: $ACB over gap high, vol. picking up
  • traderbren: #Cloud_9 -- $ACB continues to draw interest. Long Apr 9 calls as of this morning.
  • petros06: $ACB up 5.4%. Add to starter position?
  • efrain007: @petros06 $ACB A better add point was when it took out 9.25 so you're taking on greater risk if you add now. Also depends on your time frame and risk tolerance for the add.
  • Sher: ...
    $ACB – Happy with this trade… $APHA and $CRON, not so much.

  • stairm01: @Sher $DG $MSFT $AES $BZUN $MRK $ACB $APHA $CRON Thanks Sher for pointing out SWAV a few days ago. I entered today on a break above $32.
  • Robert1965: $ACB Anyone thinking of adding here. in small below at 8.10
  • scottrades: @Robert1965 $ACB It's just sitting at hourly support right now. Depends on your time horizon.
  • WWWilly: $ACB Canada's Aurora Cannabis Inc. ACB, +8.17% ACB, 0.19% said Wednesday it has hired hedge fund manager Nelson Peltz as an adviser to help it explore possible partnerships and help with its global expansion strategy. Peltz, the founder of Trian Fund Management L.P., will be granted options to purchase 19.9 million common shares in the company at C$10.34 ($7.74) a share. The options will vest over a four-year period on a quarterly basis, and the vesting may accelerate if the company meet certain goals, including the consummation of certain defined transactions and the share price being at least at C$31.02 and C$41.36 for a specified number of trading days. Shares jumped 8% in premarket trade and have gained 60% in 2019 to date, while the S&P 500 SPX, 0.30% has gained 11%. Long from below.
  • bRobert: @WWWilly $ACB $11.50+ Reversal technical target. Neckline $8 Head $4.5 Long term hold with the rest of them . some trading around a core.
  • CraigReynolds: @WWWilly $ACB Have no idea what will happen in LT with this news. Not an active trader in the POT/DRUG industry. Any guess what stock will be like down the road with Peltz help. I'm a big fan of Nelson Peltz and could buy a few shares in one of the stocks for gamble. Would be interested in other views. Listen to @Scotrade but see them as trading stocks, not LT holds. Thanks for post/information early, now in all news sources.
  • scottrades: $ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc named billionaire investor Nelson Peltz as a strategic adviser. Opening right above the resistance lines I drew. I love charts...
  • bRobert: @scottrades $ACB I like charts. I love my wife. She never sells me short
  • schartline: @bRobert $ACB I love you both
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • scottrades: @bRobert $ACB Oops... Lucky for me she's not in the forum...
  • mrmike: @scottrades $ACB I doubled my position yesterday. I'm feeling like a squirrel:)
  • PJMR11: @mrmike $ACB Proving once again, better to be lucky than smart.
  • mrmike: @PJMR11 $ACB Oh definitely in my case. lol
  • WWWilly: @PJMR11 $ACB same here !
  • PJMR11: $ACB Last night Scott noticed the price rejection at $8.40. Let's see if the stock can close above $8.40 today?
  • traderbren: @PJMR11 $ACB - sold my Apr 8 calls on the pop this morning. Will look to maybe re-enter once the gap is filled and "if" it moves back up again. Let it come in, and then evaluate whether to re-load.
  • Sher: $ACB – STC Apr. $8.00 calls for 80% in gains on morning pop - Reentered with long April $9.00 call position on PB. $PYPL – Grabbed nice profits on previously underwater March $97.50 call position with this morning’s 250% (now 300%) jump in price, ‘natch – Should have used trailing stop, but just wanted out prior to pending expiration. $PDD – Post-earnings reaction seems extremely overdone, to me – Yes, they missed by $.03 on earnings, but they nicely beat on revenues and their monthly active users increased by 93% this quarter. Noting active call buying at the Apr. $30 call strike (Vol. of 13,422 against OI of 4,103), added to what has now become an unintended “spec” position. $FNKO - Recovering from post-earnings sell-off low of $17.75 - Company actually had killer 4th. Qtr. earnings - Stock currently @ $20.49 - Long both stock and May $20 calls, which I added to, yesterday.
  • scottrades: @traderbren @PJMR11 $ACB Here's an intraday chart with support.
  • WWWilly: @scottrades $ACB Thank you for the update.
  • scottrades: Cramer pumping $ACB :
  • Kasey: $ACB, $CARA, $CRBP, $HEXO, $NTEC, $PYX, $MJ, $TCNNF, $CNTTF, $APHA, $TLRY, $GWPH, $OGRMF, $CGC, $NBEV @scottrades, What a "Value Add" by Dan, to have @ScotTrades. Great weekly videos and also, lately increasing tweets re: pertinent info intraday. Thank you.
  • scottrades: @Kasey $ACB $CARA $CRBP $HEXO $NTEC $PYX $MJ $TCNNF $CNTTF $APHA $TLRY $GWPH $OGRMF $CGC $NBEV Thanks Kasey!! Appreciate the shout out.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $NXST $GTN $SBGI $sbgi $SFIX $WLL $WLL $WLL $EOG $BA $BA $BA $FLT $FLT $FLT $FANG $JPM $UGAZ $RARX $TME $SLCA $SLCA $SLCA $NXST $NUGT $NUGT $JNUG $NUGT $EXP $BA $USO $TKR $FANG $FANG $FANG $FTSI $LBRT $ACB $CARA $CRBP $HEXO $NTEC $PYX $MJ $TCNNF $CNTTF $APHA $TLRY $GWPH $OGRMF $CGC $NBEV $ACB $CARA $CRBP $HEXO $NTEC $PYX $MJ $TCNNF $CNTTF $APHA $TLRY $GWPH $OGRMF $CGC $NBEV $NVDA $NVDA $NVDA $BA $TMO $ILMN #11 #Spec-Swing #YTDL #Entry-Timing #Bounce-Candidate #Oil-Fracker They are all too extended for a good risk reward trade. There are no shortages of stocks with great chart set ups offering good entries and very favorable risk rewards. Keep track of this group and patiently wait to see if better opportunity presents itself. eg HMOS . Be selective especially in a market probing the top of a range.
  • Sher: ...
    $CRON – Despite yesterday’s downgrade, stock up 4+%, today – Earnings in 2 weeks; $ACB up 2.7%; $APHA, unchanged – Long all.

    $VIPS – Continues slow trek upward – Today’s move puts it at VWAP threshold - Sub ...
  • Sher: ...
    $ACB – German market potential - 10:49 AM ET, 03/11/2019 - Reuters:

    ** U.S.-listed shares of Aurora Cannabis up 3.2 pct after co begins selling cannabis oil to German pharmacies

    ** ACB said it has already been supplying dried cannabis flowe ...
  • Sher: $ACB – Nice reversal off $7.33 low on the day - Up 2.9% - Holding several April $8.00 long calls, which are up 16%, currently – Position back in the green.

    $CRON – Continue to be long April $25 calls, initiated on the 6th when I to ...
  • WWWilly: @bRobert $YY $ACB same action, long from below.
  • Sher: $ACB; $CRON; $VIPS - Low volume day for each and 8-day MA holding as support for all...
  • scottrades: $ACB rejection at the red line I pointed out in my video yesterday. Support just below today's intraday low.
  • PJMR11: @scottrades $NIO Are you in $ACB?
  • scottrades: @PJMR11 $NIO $ACB To be honest, I'm MOSTLY cash right in my trading account now except for 1 options trade. I'm just sitting on my hands.
  • PJMR11: @scottrades $NIO $ACB OK. Thanks.
  • PJMR11: $ACB. Support at $7.79 seems to be holding. Tested twice this morning.
  • Sher: $ACB – Took nice gains, yesterday, on April $7 calls – Following PB, reentered with April $8.00 calls, which I’ll be adding to, today, as long as stock stays above intra-day pivot point. 3-5-19 post concerning upgrade: Cowen starts $ACB with outperform and PT of $14 – Says has impressive 20% share of market, to date. $MLCO – Nice bounce off 8-day MA, back above VWAP and return to 2-25-19 high in sight – Stock up 3.4% and April $24 calls are up 42%, currently - Had added to position, last week – Like strengthing short-term indicators - This is the lead gainer within the group ($WYNN, $MGM, $LVS, $CZR), today.
  • scottrades: $ACB $CRON $CGC: Aurora Named Top Cannabis Pick at Cowen on Growth Potential (Bloomberg) -- Aurora Cannabis is "uniquely positioned to drive leadership in both share and profitability" in the cannabis sector.
  • jlutzkanin: @scottrades $ACB $CRON $CGC Of course it is. That is because I own the other 2 :-)
  • traderbren: @scottrades $ACB $CRON $CGC - FYI -- Aurora Cannabis started at outperform with $C14 stock price target at Cowen
  • DrScience: @scottrades $ACB Oh! I get it -- Growth potential! 🌿🌿
  • Sher: $VIPS – By far my best performer, today – Stock now up 9% and May option position put on, yesterday, is up 60%. $ACB – Cowen starts $ACB with outperform and PT of $14 – Says has impressive 20% share of market, to date. $Cron – Cowen starts @ market perform and $29 PT, identifying it as an asset-light, low cost global producer – However, mean rating on stock is a “hold” and mean PT is $19, of the 8 analysts covering. $FNKO – Funko has really “finked out” post stellar earnings and guidance – Will look to add, if 20-day and VWAP hold ATC.
  • woodman: @bRobert $CRON - I bought some CRON today, to go with $ACB and $APHA that I bought a week ago.
  • bRobert: @woodman $CRON $ACB $APHA Nice play group. All natural grass fed
  • scottrades: $ACB is rocking/rolling today. Here's some daily support (blue) and resistance (red) levels to be aware of. These are obviously dependent on your trading style and time horizon.
  • sierramp: @scottrades $ACB Thanks for your contributions today on this stock.
  • scottrades: @sierramp $ACB Glad to help!
  • bRobert: $ACB Long calls $11+ target Will add on pb/b with confirmation
  • bsnceo: @bRobert $ACB I just picked the April 18 maturity to see what you might be doing and found $11 calls are $.20 ask. Is there a reason to choose the $11 calls instead of the $10 calls which are only $.05 more costly?
  • rachel: ...
    $ACB – Sher’s stock. Alert $8.35.
    $PLNT – breakout from squeeze. Stop below “$60.
    $HUYA – high volume breakout on earnings. If long, use trailing stop.
    $INSP – pullback buy.
    $GRUB – still basing. Just wat ...
  • bRobert: @bsnceo $ACB Closer to being in the money. ITM . A nickel well spent . I am a bit closer
  • Sher: $CRON – Reports B/O on March 5th. (Tues.) – Estimates are for a $.005 ($.01) earnings/share loss and revenues of $6.7M… an increase of 431.53% over the prior year fourth quarter results. Back above VWAP, 20 and 8-day MAs – Early entrance squeeze could go either way – Volume on the tepid side, but money flow chart is increasing - Initiated long Apr. $22 call position, this morning, in anticipation of bullish momentum into earnings. $ACB; $APHA - Holding several long call positions in both.
  • Sluggo: $CGC $ACB There was a 250pg report on all the pot stocks. If you are like me, your eyes cross when you look at all the existing and upcoming pot stocks. The extensive report compared all of them and came up with $CGC and $ACB being the best of the bunch. I tried to find this report this morning (read it a few days ago and credible) and could not find the link. Hope that helps. I am long both and also $IIPR
  • bRobert: @Sluggo $CGC $ACB $IIPR Nice info but price action has the most weight and is the final arbiter
  • PJMR11: $ACB At R2. If break through $7.54 next stop $7.92
  • Sher: $VIPS – Opened long May $6 call position, yesterday – Believe 2-28-19 low ($6) marks bottom, for now – Has reclaimed both VWAP & 8-day EMA – Felt post-earnings sell-off was a bit overdone. Earlier posts: $APHA - Went long several call positions, last week, and intend to hold, despite yesterday's PB - Stock is up 2.5% pre-market. AM news follows: Aphria announced a worldwide license agreement with Manna Molecular Science, producers of state-of-the-art cannabis transdermal patches 6:32 AM ET, 02/26/2019 - Manna grants Aphria exclusive preferred vendor status for a period of five years, and an exclusive license to produce, market, distribute, promote and sell Manna patches containing cannabis oil as an active ingredient. $ACB - Initiated long call position, yesterday - Early entrance squeeze and, so far, tracking the 8-day EMA.
  • beachreader: @scottrades $ACB $OGRMF $TGODF $CTST ...any more thoughts on $acb...seeing short term calls catching a bid...
  • traderbren: $ACB - active Calls in Mar 7's and Apr 8's.
  • beachreader: @traderbren $ACB thx...
  • beachreader: ...@traderbren $ACB will have to wait until end of day.. the calls are 25% today
  • scottrades: $ACB Broke out of a pullback yesterday after getting an upgrade from someone. Sorry I meant post a chart but got busy.
  • WWWilly: @Sher $VIPS $DBX $APHA $ACB with you on $ACB April calls from yesterday.
  • Sher: ...
    $ACB - Initiated long call position, yesterday - Early entrance squeeze and, so far, tracking the 8-day EMA.

  • issues: @scottrades $ACB Do you have a full position?
  • sierramp: @Sher $VIPS $DBX $APHA $ACB RE: $DBX, just asked husband about $DBX, he has a website design business. I asked why he doesn't use Azure or AWS. $DBX was first in the cloud bus, around 2008 I believe. They have a large established customer base among people / businesses that need cloud storage. 2018 #IPO, Rev growth rate last 4 qtrs 25.74% Gross margin 74.9% I have started a position.
  • scottrades: @Sher $VIPS $DBX $APHA $ACB GREAT rundown. Thanks for SHER-ing. :)
  • scottrades: @issues $ACB I do not have a position in in Aurora.
  • spmeyers: @DAN $APHA $ACB looks better to me
  • DAN: @spmeyers $APHA $ACB Can't disagree, spmeyers. All the stocks that I follow (and Scotty has a bigger list and greater knowledge than I do) look like they've got good potential. $ACB, $TLRY (still squeezing...and could go either way), $APHA and $CRON. All worth looking at...though they are a "niche product" in my view. Dan
  • scottrades: $ACB up in the Premarket after getting an upgrade. Along with $OGRMF, $TGODF and $CTST which debuts on the NYSE today.
  • PJMR11: $ACB Right at Resistance
  • PJMR11: $ACB Working through R1
  • baronp0329: ...
    Aurora Cannabis Inc. ($ACB) . Bennett gave ACB a "Buy" rating, with a C$12 price target.
    CannTrust Holdings Inc. ($CNTTF) . CannTrust was given a "Buy" rating and a C$15 price target.
    Canopy Growth Corp. ($CGC) . CGC was given a ...
  • kt4000: $ACB starting missed the move in $WK waiting to get in
  • scottrades: $ACB is trying to turn.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $ACB Update: Rejected at the Daily Middle BB.
  • kt4000: $ACB, $ABT, $CVS, $GUSH, $NVS, and now $SDOW...... Heavy in Healthcare but will look for other sectors tomorrow
  • kt4000: Anyone else looking at the $ACB upgrade BMO capital Markets at $172
  • rajstock: @kt4000 $ACB - hi where did you see upgrade of $172?? stock is at $7 right now
  • kt4000: @rajstock $ACB came off of MarketBeat BMO Capital Markets price target increase to $172 w/ a market perform rating.... I got this at 8:25 this morning
  • scottrades: #PotStocks $CGC $ACB $APHA $TLRY $MJ
  • traderbren: @scottrades $APHA #PotStocks - nice reversal in $ACB this am.
  • Sher: @scottrades - Scott, can you offer any insight, here? Thanks... $ACB – Can’t get a feel for this one – Were supposed to report, today, B/O – Wasn’t comfortable with Fri.’s PB or Monday's pending report, B/O, so decided to close large call position and take 31% loss, EOD – Now see where ER (per Earnings Whisper) was changed to A/C, today... might have held, had I know that, although $ACB has currently fallen through S-2 and breached 8-day EMA. Assessing the Canadian pot stocks is a bit challenging (for me, at least), so pulled CFRA & Schwab internat’l reports for a little wisdom –Would include both, here, but haven't figured out how to attach PDF documents.
  • kt4000: @Sher $ACB I am holding here thru earnings - but fortunate in that my cost basis is roughly 7.50
  • scottrades: ...
    I'm not sure anyone is expecting great things Earnings wise from these companies. Heck, $ACB themselves have said it'll be a few years before they are consistently profitable. So with that in mind your time horizon needs to be key. Once they run 2 ...
  • baronp0329: From TheStreet.Com on $ACB $TLRY $CGC

    Canadian pot stocks will be the subject of increased scrutiny this week with three of the biggest companies reporting their quarterly results this week.

    Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB - Get Report) is up first, rep ...
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Stock Price $USD 7.46
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Volume 8,027,420

Aurora Cannabis Inc is a medical marijuana company. The Company is engaged in producing and distributing medical marijuana pursuant to the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.

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  • September 23rd, 2019 - 2019 Q4 Earnings
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