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  • Auto: $ACAD bull engulf added
  • ebell1: $ACAD Acting nicely
  • champ: @gwenzee $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA --- .....Be-Aware that they $IIPR...filed a mixed securities shelf offering, but that doesn't mean that they will. Posted Friday, in the AH's. .....Hey #Happy-Girl, I saw your post....and Yes I agree, about sending a check, it is fun to make $$$'s but it is also fun to give $$$'s away, as a gift.
  • DAN: ...
    $ACAD -- entry point.
    $LULU -- squeezing and looking very strong.
    $RETA -- Still in a power play. Buy at $220. Alert $219.80
    $NRC -- thin. Coming out of a low consolidation.
    $IOVA -- strong upside momentum. You’re chasing now.
  • woodman: @DAN $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA - Smart/Dumb money picture kinda scary. Fear/Greed Index showing similar need for caution.
  • baronp0329: @woodman $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA Thanks Woodman for the link. attached a pic from the link. Agree that @Dan Smart/Dumb money chart should raise some caution for the over-exuberant traders.
  • gwenzee: @baronp0329 $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA It's a chart (indicator) just like every other chart or indicator. Go with the flow.
  • baronp0329: @gwenzee $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA Hey Gwen. I always go with the price and volume flow. I react to what I see, not on "hope" trades or predictions. Hope you're done with Christmas shopping...I still have a few more stuff to get. Have a good weekend Gwen.
  • gwenzee: @baronp0329 $IIPR $DAVA $EDU $GLOB $INMD $PLMR $PRFT $RGEN $SEDG $MANT $PFSI $GNTX $PEGA $LSCC $CPRT $SHW $TXG $MTCH $LYFT $UBER $EL $AUDC $TTC $ACAD $LULU $RETA $NRC $IOVA My Christmas shopping is pretty simple these days. As I don't live close to any family members I just send checks. I think it is rather cold but never know what is needed or wanted or sizes, etc. etc. So many things have changed over the years and not all good. Take care of yourself and your family.
  • Herb: $ACAD lousy action today. Maybe the Rev Shark people bailing? Didn't bounce at the gap fill at 44.28.
  • woodman: @Herb $ACAD - falling out of channel. I recently bought it, but it hit my stop this morning.
  • Herb: @woodman $ACAD I bought a little at 44.08 but got stopped out at 43.64 for a small loss. Thought it would bounce. . . . .
  • phgruver: @Herb $ACAD Since it didn't blast off to the moon, on the successful phase 3 trial, I think traders are abandoning it. Otherwise, there's no news to justify the sell off. With 94% of the stock held by institutions, it'll probably hold above $40.
  • spmeyers: @woodman $ACAD same here
  • woodman: $ACAD - since gapping up bigly in early Sept., it's been in a "new" channel. It's around channel support now. Potentially good swing trade here, or decent place just to get long if you like its prospects.
  • mopick: @woodman $ACAD, like it & own it. Stock raced up to $53.70 on good news regarding their 'Primavanserin' drug which met their end point in phase three trial, December 4th. Stop below 50 dma.
  • Auto: $AUY $SI $ACAD $AMZN added
  • yongli: @DAN $ACAD pull back. What do you think of buying at this level ?
  • issues: @yongli $ACAD wait for the green day. Not yet!
  • phgruver: $ACAD has now closed the earnings gap. I don't know why stocks do this, but it's pretty common. Anyway, now that the gap up has been closed, the stock should be free to move higher. This 5 day pullback took the stock down 16.8%, so I don't expect it to rocket back to new highs. Watch today's low of $44.68. If it can stay above that level, it should work to the long side. Correction: The gap up was because of a successful Phase 3 trial of pimavanserin, a therapy for dementia-related psychosis.
  • Bob G: @phgruver $ACAD Only $1.5 from the 50, buyers will come no that profit takers are out of the way. Draw a trendline from the September gap and she lines right up on top of the 50. Green bar tomorrow and I will nibble.
  • JBed: $ACAD Got back in this morning after taking profits from last week's 16% pop. Stopped out earlier but looks like it's headed back up so I'm in. PT raised to $56 from $50.
  • Auto: $ACAD added
  • jlutzkanin: $ACAD Big Gap Up 06:32 AM EST, 12/05/2019 (MT Newswires) -- ACADIA Pharmaceuticals (ACAD) said late Wednesday that its pivotal phase 3 trial of pimavanserin in patients with dementia-related psychosis met its primary endpoint of significantly reducing the risk of relapse of psychosis by 2.8 fold. The trial also met its secondary endpoint of significantly reducing risk of discontinuation by 2.2 fold, and showed that the drug was well tolerated. The company plans to meet with the US Food and Drug Administration in the first half of 2020 for a supplemental new drug application.
  • BGale65: @jlutzkanin $ACAD this was the stock I mentioned yesterday as a good entry :)
  • Zippy: $ACAD-Huge short interest ,11.7 days to cover. Even with gap up does it make sense to go in at these levels?
  • indigo1948: @Zippy $ACAD -I am in from below with a full position but if you want to enter I would take position that is 1/4 to 1/2 of your normal position size. If the stock moves up you will catch some of the gains and if it goes against you your loss will be controlled. I feel tight stops could get easily triggered on this one.
  • Herb: $ACAD +16.6% (presents positive top-line results from pivotal phase 3 Harmony trial of pimavanserin in patients with dementia-related psychosis at 12th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease; Pimavanserin met the primary endpoint) $SESN 8.3% (reported the successful completion of constructive Type B pre-BLA meeting with the FDA regarding the final Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls content of the Biologics License Application for Vicinium)
  • Auto: $PINC $ACAD added
  • coldevinc: @BGale65 $ACAD Hope you got/had some. Good find.
  • Cokeman1959: @Zippy $ACAD i just looked on and saw 5 days to cover. Is that site not as current with its info as others?
  • jlutzkanin: @coldevinc $ACAD I"ve been in it for awhile. Took 1/3 off today.
  • phgruver: @Cokeman1959 $ACAD "Days to cover"isn't a particularly useful indicator, IMHO. What I want to know are 1) % of stock sold short, and 2) % owned by institutions. That tells me the liquidity of the stock in a short squeeze.

    "Days to ...
  • Cokeman1959: $ACAD - Dont want to watch today’s gap close, and take today’s profit from me. Would a stop below today’s low, be too tight? Thanks in advance.
  • Cokeman1959: @phgruver $ACAD thanks for the response. You helped me learn a couple of things.
  • jlutzkanin: @Cokeman1959 $ACAD I took 1/3 off at the open today. Will let the other 2/3 ride until the previous high of 48.4
  • phgruver: @Cokeman1959 $ACAD Yes, too tight! It could sell down to $50, or even a bit lower, and still be fine. I would say the 11/25/19 intraday high of $48.27 would be your most logical stop. FWIW, I added a little today, but I wouldn't consider opening a new position on this big a gap up. This is a classic 59-minute trade, to the short side!
  • Cokeman1959: @phgruver $ACAD thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
  • BGale65: $ACAD providing a nice low risk entry. There is a nice trend going on the daily chart since October. 10-15% channel, and a sell stop to go beneath today's low at 42.70
  • BGale65: $ACAD still holding the lower trend line of a channel with price rejected beneath 44 dollars. Look for a strong close today or for it to turn up further from here for some more confirmation.
  • Auto: $ACAD adding
  • Auto: $KSS added $PTON added $ACAD added
  • geotheo: $ACAD Down 3.6% after hours because: *ACADIA Pharmaceuticals shares are trading lower after the company announced results from the ADVANCE trial of Pimavanserin. In the study, pimavanserin did not separate from placebo on the key secondary endpoint.(Benzinga) I'm out at $46.
  • Auto: $ACAD added
  • phgruver: $APPS is attracting a lot of volume, but so far, the sellers are dominating. $ACAD, after a quick spurt higher is now trading flat. Volume there is light.
  • Bert953: @phgruver $APPS $ACAD I set my stop @ 7.99, approx 1/2 of tall candle=support. Lets protect those profits.
  • phgruver: I added to $ACAD when it bounced off the VWAP....
  • Ringo: $ACAD - Dan and Scott mention this yesterday. Took this trade yesterday late afternoon. Still profitable. thx guys for this entry.
  • DAN: @Ringo $ACAD Glad to see you're on it, Ringo. Great job!
  • Sher: $ACAD - Added to Jan. $45 call position on intraday PB. $XLB, $XLF, $XLI, XLV - Periodically adding to Dec. long call positions... Chinese reporters, this week: $HUYA - Today, A/C; VIPS - Tomorrow, B/O - I expect both will scream, following, now that I'm out...
  • DAN: ...
    $ACAD -- Power Play continuation. This is likely to rest. Still printing higher highs and lows, but low CLV today.
    $GLOB -- earnings 11/14. Former GSL holding. Hard to buy here.
    $EW -- Still walking higher. Would buy any pullbacks to 20-day MA. ...
  • greenpatrol: $ACAD just triggered an inside week and up at $43.47
  • scottrades: Posted about $ACAD over the weekend. It's breaking out today.
  • shoredriver: @scottrades $ACAD ...IBD stock of the day...Dec 4th is the release of their Harmony study for dementia/parkinson patients....
  • DAN: @scottrades $ACAD Strong volume, too. I took some this morning. Biotech stocks have been working pretty well these days.
  • Sher: @scottrades $ACAD - Thanks, Scott - I let this one fall off my radar, recently - Grabbed a few Jan. $45 calls...
  • DAN: ...
    $ACAD -- breakout today. Scott mentioned over weekend. This is a continuation of the Power Play we saw in Sept (up 100% in less than 8 weeks). Squeeze...led to breakout today.
    $LDOS -- Also broke out today.
    $TTD -- Follow through on Friday&rsqu ...
  • scottrades: $ACAD This is a BioTech Stock, so there's inherent risk attached. That said, look for a break above 44.
  • issues: @scottrades $ACAD We are holding on to this one with both hands - with white knuckles!
  • steve71: @scottrades $ACAD
    Motley Fool has an excellent summary of the Acadia situation:

    "Acadia Pharmaceuticals stock has been on absolute fire in 2019. Thanks to improving sales for its Parkinson's disease psychosis (PDP) medicine Nuplazid and a rece ...
  • JonathanTrades: Anyone watching $ACAD ?
  • issues: @JonathanTrades $ACAD We are still holding. Looks ok to me.
  • steve71: $AIMT $ACAD Jonathan posted an Acadia query earlier. Here is my post from today on a different board.

    Very promising ER and CC from Acadia yesterday. Revenue from pimavanserin sales (in Parkinson's psychosis) up 62% yoy. $638M in cash with a bur ...
  • bRobert: @steve71 $AIMT $ACAD $AIMT has been a great swing trade blossoming into a short squeeze 26% 8days Daily flag $33+ with trigger WEEKLY reversal base $34 target 1 Long term spec hold Trading around a core
  • JonathanTrades: Watchlist for tomorrow, cheers $NTES $ACAD $YETI $OMF $ADUS $GFF $NMIH $MODN $IMKTA $ATUS Would love to hear your thoughts
  • JonathanTrades: $CPRT $ACAD $BOOT All buys today. If you missed $CPRT You could still buy it here with half position size.
  • issues: looking to add to $ACAD. Looks like a cup without a handle. hold 1/2 position now.
  • issues: Bought or added to the following: $AUDC $OKTA $TXN $ACGL $WMT $ACAD $SSO $PAYX $BX $CLNY $FAS $HXL $VLRS. Sold 1/3 position in $ZYXI back to prior resistance.
  • issues: $ACAD look at this chart. Isn't that what Dan says is a buy? ($CDEV $OSTK on watch list.)
  • issues: @Trundleon $CVM It's in the biotech space and tie as #1 Rel Strength. Rated 66 Cum B+ accumulation! NP But looks good along with $ACAD (71 A-).A- in accumulation is great! NP ACAD is just "a little" over bought! Like huge above the 50 day etc.
  • Herb: $ACAD spike of the day
  • Sluggo: @Herb $ACAD Let me stand back and admire it, Herb ;-)
  • Herb: @Sluggo $ACAD C'mon Sluggo! Dive in!
  • Sluggo: @Herb $ACAD LOL!
  • Bridget: $ACAD is now going higheer after sideways consolidation
  • DrScience: $IBB nice volume pushing the Biotechs through the 200 DMA in second day of phase 3 of VS breakout. The 50 DMA starting to turn up, CMF turning positive, and a PPS buy signal on the daily chart. Here are some biotech stocks to research over the weekend, paying special attention to where the stock is and why -- $ARWR $ODT $RARX $RGEN $ZLAB $SRPT $CERS $CLVS $CLDX $CHRS $BLUE $MYRA$ $ALNY $CYTK $ACAD $RGEN $NVTA
  • indigo1948: @DrScience $IBB $ARWR $ODT $RARX $RGEN $ZLAB $SRPT $CERS $CLVS $CLDX $CHRS $BLUE $MYRA $ALNY $CYTK $ACAD $NVTA - thanks for the information - I own $ARWR, $CLVS, and $NVTA. Will research the others.
  • Bridget: $ACAD starting to break out after consolidation. Looking for a move close to $30
  • rachel: ...
    $ACAD – same pattern as SAGE.
    Requested Videos
    $PYPL – hold it.
    $PLAN – toppy? Yes. This hit a sell signal with high volume breakdown.
    $CAT – still at resistance. About to cross moving averages.
    $URI – why are you loo ...
  • woodman: $ACAD has been on a roll.
  • issues: I tried to just sit on my hands but my fingers kept walking to the keyboard and I bought the following: $SAVE $GHDX $AMRN $ACAD (as the ol' yellow pages said, "I let my fingers do the walking."
  • woodman: $ACAD - didn't work.
  • issues: @woodman $ACAD But are you still holding ACAD? I am.
  • woodman: $ACAD trying to do that range-bound bounce thing I mentioned yesterday. It's a little tepid still, but hope springs eternal.
  • woodman: $ACAD - so much for the "bounce"
  • petros06: @woodman $ACAD low risk entry here at 19.50?
  • woodman: $ACAD - for you short term traders, this has been one you can make money on from day to day. Range-bound, with quick turns day to day or every few days, for nice quick gains if you are nimble.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $ACAD @woodman made me do it. He said the magic words, "range bound." ;>) $ACAD BTO STOCK @20.59 $ACAD STO 11/16/18 21.0 CALLS @.90 This was a fluke. Tried to repeat it, but they wouldn't give me .90 again. $SFIX STO 11/16/18 29.5 CALLS @.60 $SFIX STO 1116/18 27.50 PUTS @.85 Looking to be assigned.
  • woodman: @GOOSE $ACAD $SFIX - I hope it works(ed) for you!
  • woodman: $ACAD - If history repeats, around here is where to consider buying it for a range-bound pop tomorrow or Friday if it moves a little lower tomorrow. $19.24 -$19.28 has been the recent low part of this range. Around 23.50 has been the top. Currently trading at $20.13.
  • GOOSE: @woodman $ACAD $SFIX It will work sooner or later, if stock stays in a channel. Good for selling options.
  • woodman: $ACAD - becoming compelling.
  • woodman: Bought $ACAD
  • woodman: $ACAD trying to hold a move out of a pennant/flag.
  • woodman: $ACAD ... and failing in its attempt.
  • issues: @woodman $ACAD But still I like the chart. It's a whole lot better than $LGND (-18% n 10 days!). Better than $ICPT or $CELG (we own 1/2 position). I bot 1/2 position on your mention of ACAD~~
  • woodman: Some #Pennants / #Flags: $ATRS $CGC $NEPT $ACAD $NVAX
  • woodman: $ATRS $ACAD - both in pennants, both holding up.
  • Gary: ...
    5. $ACAD – Alert $22
    Other Stocks:
    6. $AMP – traderbren in forum. Not yet.
    7. $CGC – squeezing.
    8. $TLRY – Alert $158
    9. $AMZN – Wait for test of 50-day MA. Could turn out to be a good run into earnings on 10/25. But ...
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Stock Price $USD 48.02
Change -1.78%
Volume 1,059,650

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc is in the business of development and commercialization of small molecule drugs for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.

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