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  • rachel: ...
    $ACAD – same pattern as SAGE.
    Requested Videos
    $PYPL – hold it.
    $PLAN – toppy? Yes. This hit a sell signal with high volume breakdown.
    $CAT – still at resistance. About to cross moving averages.
    $URI – why are you loo ...
  • woodman: $ACAD has been on a roll.
  • issues: I tried to just sit on my hands but my fingers kept walking to the keyboard and I bought the following: $SAVE $GHDX $AMRN $ACAD (as the ol' yellow pages said, "I let my fingers do the walking."
  • woodman: $ACAD - didn't work.
  • issues: @woodman $ACAD But are you still holding ACAD? I am.
  • woodman: $ACAD trying to do that range-bound bounce thing I mentioned yesterday. It's a little tepid still, but hope springs eternal.
  • woodman: $ACAD - so much for the "bounce"
  • petros06: @woodman $ACAD low risk entry here at 19.50?
  • woodman: $ACAD - for you short term traders, this has been one you can make money on from day to day. Range-bound, with quick turns day to day or every few days, for nice quick gains if you are nimble.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $ACAD @woodman made me do it. He said the magic words, "range bound." ;>) $ACAD BTO STOCK @20.59 $ACAD STO 11/16/18 21.0 CALLS @.90 This was a fluke. Tried to repeat it, but they wouldn't give me .90 again. $SFIX STO 11/16/18 29.5 CALLS @.60 $SFIX STO 1116/18 27.50 PUTS @.85 Looking to be assigned.
  • woodman: @GOOSE $ACAD $SFIX - I hope it works(ed) for you!
  • woodman: $ACAD - If history repeats, around here is where to consider buying it for a range-bound pop tomorrow or Friday if it moves a little lower tomorrow. $19.24 -$19.28 has been the recent low part of this range. Around 23.50 has been the top. Currently trading at $20.13.
  • GOOSE: @woodman $ACAD $SFIX It will work sooner or later, if stock stays in a channel. Good for selling options.
  • woodman: $ACAD - becoming compelling.
  • woodman: Bought $ACAD
  • woodman: $ACAD trying to hold a move out of a pennant/flag.
  • woodman: $ACAD ... and failing in its attempt.
  • issues: @woodman $ACAD But still I like the chart. It's a whole lot better than $LGND (-18% n 10 days!). Better than $ICPT or $CELG (we own 1/2 position). I bot 1/2 position on your mention of ACAD~~
  • woodman: Some #Pennants / #Flags: $ATRS $CGC $NEPT $ACAD $NVAX
  • woodman: $ATRS $ACAD - both in pennants, both holding up.
  • Gary: ...
    5. $ACAD – Alert $22
    Other Stocks:
    6. $AMP – traderbren in forum. Not yet.
    7. $CGC – squeezing.
    8. $TLRY – Alert $158
    9. $AMZN – Wait for test of 50-day MA. Could turn out to be a good run into earnings on 10/25. But ...
  • woodman: $ACAD looks like it wants to go higher still. Still inside of yesterday, and perhaps today isn't the day, but I like how it's sizing up.
  • woodman: $ACAD - has been on a roll. It moved above 200 day nicely today only to retrace back to it while turning red. This afternoon, it has moved back up and through VWAP and turned green again. I added on that move up through. Since then, it has retraced to VWAP, but is holding and is still green. Could be good spot to add here. Watch for bounce.
  • woodman: $ACAD - ... moved up through VWAP, pulled back to test, touch and now moving nicely higher.
  • woodman: $ACAD - Baker Bros added another 5% the other day. They own a lot. Insiders buy for only one reason. 2018-09-24 08:32:06 ACAD Baker Bros. Advisors LP Dir, 10% P - Purchase $18.70 +1,210,776 25,288,094 5% $22,646,989
  • woodman: $ACAD up out of that flag at 200 day. I probably should have added today, but didn't. Interested in how it closes.
  • woodman: $ACAD - flag after big move on good FDA news last week. Flag forming a little under the descending 200 day. You can see here that Baker Brothers has added to its sizable ACAD holdings.
  • woodman: $ACAD - I posted about this one yesterday, and what's behind the move, if interested. It's continuing today on upgrades based on that news.
  • woodman: $ACAD moving on news that FDA finds no new, unexpected safety risks with its Nuplazid.
  • Slomo: $ACAD Any thoughts?
  • shoredriver: @Slomo $ACAD About what exactly....initiating, adding ,selling.?...cmon you've been here 5 years.....this type of post is for the YAhoo message boards
  • steve71: @Slomo $ACAD You might check for news, but the chart isn't good. Nuplazid, their once promising drug for mental issues in Parkys is underperforming. The sub rosa plan was for neurologists to prescribe a lot off label and that never happened. Barring a new indication there are probably better opportunities.
  • champ: @shoredriver $ACAD ---- It means...take a look.
  • Slomo: @Slomo $ACAD Thanks Champ
  • shoredriver: @champ $ACAD I know what it means....
  • gilman23smm: @Slomo $ACAD Nice bottoming pattern. Moved above both the 8-day EMA and 50-day SMA today. Looks like it has room up to 20 before hitting resistance.
  • steve71: $ACAD Down 9% today, 60% from its high. This company has an approved drug for Parkinson's dementia. Now diving on less than anticipated usage by neuro and post approval safety concerns. NP Biotech investing - wear a cup.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $JUNO $RXDX #Biotech $BLUE up ~7% in the afterhours. Biotech will jump tomorrow. Fwiw, GS sees these as having the highest M&A probability in biopharma (some of these are perennial buyout names): $AVXS $SAGE $SRPT $BMRN $BLUE $BMPC $CLVS $INCY $IPXL $PCRX $PTLA $ACAD $GWPH $BMY $IRWD $AGIO $ALKS $JUNO $SGEN $MNTA $BIVV.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $JUNO $RXDX $BLUE $AVXS $SAGE $SRPT $BMRN $BMPC $CLVS $INCY $IPXL $PCRX $PTLA $ACAD $GWPH $BMY $IRWD $AGIO $ALKS $SGEN $MNTA $BIVV #Biotech Thanks for the info. Previously held JUNO, BLUE, SRPT. Currently hold only INCY.
  • steve71: $ACAD Funny telephone call from Schwab. I have bought and sold Acadia for years. It very often opens at or near the high of the day, then sells off. So I frequently sell some in the first 30", then rebuy in the last 2-3". Schwab compliance called and said, "SEC doesn't like this kind of routine late buying. It can be construed as painting the tape." I said, "You have to be out of your tiny mind! The volumes I trade are a joke! Here's the pattern." Schwab said, "Oh, OK, I understand." So you're not paranoid. Big Brother really IS watching.
  • Sher: @steve71 $ACAD - So you're the one moving the markets, EOD... good to know!
  • woodman: @steve71 $ACAD - its' okay for hedge fund managers, big bankers, company executives, and friends thereof to inside trade, and even for Senators to buy biotechs then involve themselves directly in passing legislation that helps the companies of the stocks they own (and then move on to a cabinet position despite the unsavory conduct), but the little guy can't do what you are doing? [Insert head-shaking emoji.] Man is it stacked in favor the rich and powerful and against the little guy. Great trading, by the way.
  • Remington: @steve71 $ACAD I was wondering who kept painting the tape on that one!! Nice, and yes your not paranoid
  • DAN: @steve71 $ACAD The guy's brother was the one who made that call on the United flight. Common sense obviously runs in the family.
  • RedLeaf1: @steve71 $ACAD Wow, you can't make this stuff up. So, steve71 (or anyone who would like to comment), have you tried this trade with options? Do you think it would work? I cannot sell short in my IRA.
  • steve71: $ACAD Adding to "full" position
  • steve71: $ACAD All in.
  • steve71: $ACAD $LJPC Acadia reports after the bell. This report is important, as it will be the second significant look at sales of their sole approved compound. Then there is the risk that Trump could carpet bomb the pharma/biotech industry tonight. So I have only a token position now. But starting tomorrow I plan to build a position based on a likely buyout. A friend of mine is a corporate officer at La Jolla Pharmaceuticals. He was VERY happy yesterday as the stock was up 84% in a day. They reported extremely strong topline P3 results on a drug for critical hypotension. This will be used in the ICU, where people don't ask what a drug costs. NDA expected 2H 2017. $LJPC is pricey now, but could be an opportunity if PPS fills some of the gap this summer.
  • steve71: $ACAD Acadia is running yet again on buyout speculation. Someday it may even be true. But so far, selling stock or writing calls has always been the right response to a pop. Earnings 2/28. This one will be important. Acadia has only one approved drug, pimavanserin (Nuplazid). Sales were initially slow, but there is evidence for good acceptance now.
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD up 8% on takeover talk. Long via JAN call spreads. This is as timely (for me) as the $WTW pop.
  • Aragorn: $ACAD up on trial results but has pulled back substantially off the hgihs
  • steve71: @Aragorn $ACAD Now at HOD. Pimavanserin is approved for psychosis in Parkinson's. The company is trying to extend approval into other disorders. There was a lot of skepticism whether that would work. Apparently their P2 trial for psychosis in Alzheimer's was successful. That's a much larger potential market.
  • Aragorn: @steve71 $ACAD Acad pulled a King Queen pattern on a 3 min chart and dropped below vwap was the slight higher high and then that was it
  • TRICIA: DEC Data in Bio --- $OPHT Ph3 - fail $ACAD ADP $AKAO Ph3 - win x's 2 $ANTH Ph3 $CERC Ph2 $HZNP FA $LXRX Ph3 $PRTO Ph3 $SGYP Ph3 $TXMD Ph3 $RHHBY ACE910
  • issues: I just read a very encouraging article by Mike Brush (Brush Up On Stocks) from Market Watch: The article is entitled "MW 10 Biotechcompanies Ripe for Buyouts Courtesy of Donald Trump". There are lots of reasons why a Trump administration is going to push biotechs up higher. The list for buyouts includes $BIIB $INCY $TSRO $IONS $MDCO $ACAD as buyout candidates. Others mentioned included $BMRN $AZN.LN. Finally the article said that with Prop 61 failing in the most liberal state (Cal) that would have limited drug prices, the biotechs can price in increases. Also mentioned JNJ MRK PFE. Nov/Dec biggest for biotech all year. Companies with drugs that have minimal competition include: $VRTX $SRPT $CELG $ALXN. We own $VRTX$ IONS $CELG $ALXN and $IBB
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD made a very solid recovery today. Down 4% at one point, now up +.5%. Seems to want to hold this 28-28.5 level.
  • JJT1: $IBB $TEVA $ENDP $CEMP $ALXN $ACAD Took opportunity of big jump in Biotech to put stop limits on several bad trades so back to B/E.
  • Forexpro: ...
    Oil futures are off 0.06, to 44.83, and foreign exchange moves also look generally subdued. The exception is the Yen, which is 0.28 percent lower versus the buck, to 104.78. Gold futures are at 1281, up 0.12 percent. I'm seeing deep red numbers for ...
  • orpheusredux: I took small profits on $FB $BABA and $JWN call spreads yesterday. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than smart. But I just was starting to get that yiiiick feeling. Still getting my head handed to me on $ACAD but that's a long-term hold for potential success on their Alzheimer's tests as well as a likely buyout by a bigger fish.
  • orpheusredux: @champ $DJI Aha! That explains the rebound in biotech/pharma (some) stocks. I was wondering. $ACAD turned green (was down >2%) $CELG also; $REGN cut its losses in half. So the markets are at least factoring that political news in.
  • Aragorn: $ACAD running
  • steve71: @Aragorn $ACAD No news. But one news source, Twitter, seems to be offline. Acadia is supposed to announce P2 results for Nuplazid in Alzheimer's Q4, 16. Maybe this is it. Hugely important for the stock price.
  • Aragorn: @steve71 $ACAD chatter BIIB someone mentioned no trades
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD finally decided to get up off the mat and give the market what for! Long (but lately not strong).
  • JJT1: @orpheusredux $ACAD I bought Nov 26 calls as today is second green candle, stochastics have turned up, it tagged the parabolic SAR from below, and generally I just feel lucky. At any rate, will know monday if I am wrong.
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD's surge today (after a brutal multi-week selloff) was on very big volume. I may look to buy more shares next week. Thought about jumping in yesterday and Wednesday was chicken. Today I'm seeing something closer to confirmation that the bottom is in. Most analysts have PTs north of 40 on this and one as high as 60 I believe. Buyout target too.
  • orpheusredux: Look at those biotechs bucking the trend today! $ACAD up (WTF?!). $GILD up. $CELG up. $AMGN flat. $REGN up. $SRPT up. 'Course, how many days in a row could they go down? Still, nice to see some green somewhere!
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD turned green, $AMZN turned red, and the moon eclipsed the sun across the land.
  • Bridget: ...
    $ACAD - breaking down
    $BLUE - break above $75, get in
    $DG - looks like the bottom is in
    $FB - in a squeeze
    $GDDY - this is working
    $GRUB - another break below $40 and this is shortable, imo
    $JWN - inverse head and shoulders on the weekly
    $KBR - big ...
  • orpheusredux: Wow. $ACAD really angered one of the gods. It stole $TWTR's m.o. Just drops 3 or 4 or 5% every day. I'm in it very slenderly, with a JAN call spread, and I'm astonished how well it's held up. Tells me that people believe it'll get taken out before then. I hope so. This drip drip drip is like stock waterboarding.
  • Bridget: ...
    $CVS, $FE, $FRT, $GIS, $ACAD, $DLTR, $MMM, $CNC, $GCP, $FII, $ED, $WTR, $HE, $FIVE
  • TunaHelper: $ACAD popping not sure why
  • TunaHelper: @TunaHelper $ACAD rumor of $AGN bid
  • orpheusredux: @TunaHelper $ACAD This stock's volatility will drive you mad. I'm in it LT so I just shrug it off. It does this drop-and-pop move often.
  • TunaHelper: @orpheusredux $ACAD Good point. I generally don't give a lot of credibility to these rumors that come across the newswires.
  • steve71: @TunaHelper $ACAD $AGN Anything is possible, but a bid right now would be a surprise. Important P2 data on Pima in Alzheimer's due Q4 16. Maybe someone has an early read.
  • orpheusredux: Kind of a weird sudden drop in $ACAD but I can find no news. Looked on $TWTR. If anyone knows anything, please give.
  • Wolf: @orpheusredux $ACAD $TWTR The only thing I see that could be related is that new housing declined quite a bit last month.
  • orpheusredux: @Wolf $ACAD $TWTR I don't see how that would pertain to a Parkinson's drug company, but thanks anyway.
  • Wolf: @orpheusredux $ACAD $TWTR Sorry, should have checked the ticker. Was thinking AutoCAD which is $ADSK.
  • orpheusredux: @Wolf $ACAD $TWTR $ADSK Aha! That makes a little more sense. Thanks for clarifying.
  • Wolf: @orpheusredux $ACAD $TWTR $ADSK Wish I had bought $ADSK awhile back. Up 2.48% today.
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD strong.
  • issues: @orpheusredux $ACAD Nice "W" pattern! NP
  • orpheusredux: @issues $ACAD I'm pissed! I set my stop too tight and got stopped out on my shares with a smaller gain (enough that it stings). But I got right back in with a JAN call spread, so it's not the end of the world. Lesson to me.
  • orpheusredux: Good morning, everybody. $ACAD is holding the 200 day. I got stopped out Friday w/ small gain but am looking to get back in. Will do so if 5 day turns up, not until.
  • orpheusredux: Don't lose sight of $ACAD.
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD bounced off 200 day yesterday and lower bb. Running again today, up 1.4%. Have a modest position and may add to it later today (watching).
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD attempting to break back above the 50 day. I'm long via shares. Wanted to get long a call or call spread earlier today but didn't like the pricing so I'll just stick to my shares and add a little perhaps.
  • orpheusredux: Three times since July $ACAD has found support at the 200 day. It's finding it there again today. Not jumping in here to buy more (I have a small stake) but if it turns north and the 5 day starts rising, I will add. Ultimately this is a very likely b/o target with some whispers of prices even as high as 50 or 60 and its main drug already has FDA approval. That said, it has not traded well for sometime. Perhaps it will start behaving itself again.
  • orpheusredux: Headscratcher: $ACAD down 2.5% despite Cowen & Co reiteration of upgrade and PT 33% higher than current price. I'm in this with a small position and have made money on it this summer, but it's been trading very poorly of late. Will probably pick up JAN OTM call(s).
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD -- nice rebound from bottom. Picked up a little more.
  • orpheusredux: Now we have to sort through the healthcare/biotech/medical stock rubble to see which of the stocks Hillary's tweet took down have become buying opportunities. Hell, maybe we should thank her. I personally had just added to my $ACAD position. The stock was up 2% when I added and ended the day down 5.5, so I have a quick 7% or so loss on that tranche. I won't be adding to this name (which is an LT holding for a possible b/o) but am wondering which others are now buys. $XON got slammed--down 10%. Maybe another shot at $VRX which appears to be the $TSLA of biotech now, shrugging off bad news faster than Elon Musk can issue a hype tweet. Not rushing into anything but plenty to survey.
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD running again. Back above 50 and 20 EMA. Had been above 5 EMA. Bullish MACD crossover yesterday. Adding RHRN.
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD is starting to look good again. Been in this name since May. B/o candidate.
  • orpheusredux: @woodman $MDVN $PFE I wonder if this have a derivative effect on stocks like $ACAD (which I hold), also considered a take-out target.
  • Aragorn: $ACAD inside inside daya nd up off the 200 a nice day
  • orpheusredux: $ACAD bounced off the 200 day where it found support in the past. Having a nice day, up 5.5%. Recaptured the 5 day as well today. A big insider purchase the other day perhaps buoying up stock. B/o target. Holding since 19 but not adding here.
  • steve71: $ACAD At the 200 dma. Still holding my 10% position, having shed the rest pre-earnings. Current PPS is $5.40 below their recent secondary. The next green candle is probably a good entry
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ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc is in the business of development and commercialization of small molecule drugs for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.

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