Time efficiency is a big challenge for traders. So much to read; so little time. But one of the keys to successful trading is the knowledge you get from doing your due diligence. This checklist should enable you to conduct your research in a quick and efficient manner so that you can get the edge you need — the edge of knowledge.

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Each morning we need to digest what has already occurred that morning. The Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily contain yesterday’s news. Here are some free sources that tell you what’s going on today. The News Research Department contains links to free sources of news that is relevant to your trading. By checking these sources early in the morning and throughout the day, you will remain informed on important topics and news stories that impact your trading and investment decisions. Click here to go to the News Research Department.


Stay on top of important announcements and meetings by checking the economic, earnings and options calendars each week. Click here to go to the Market Calendars Department.


The overall health of the market is a major factor in the performance of individual stocks. Click here to go to the Market Internals Department, where you can access resources to track the health of the overall market, including various breadth indicators, leaders and laggards, and other relevant market statistics.


Members have developed a significant interest in searching out tax favorable investment vehicles. One of the most comprehensive research sources for closed end funds is CEF Connect. Check it out! You just might improve your bottom line.

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