Here’s the skinny on the jab companies: $JNJ $PFE $MRK $BNTX $MRNA (December 17, 2021)


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I’m going to go over the COVID stocks, all the vaccine stocks today because some are better than others, that’s what we are finding out. There is a constant evolution of what works and what doesn’t and all of that kind of stuff. And so this becomes very tricky for investors. For traders, short-term traders, not so much because you are just pure momentum. You don’t even need to look at the ticker, just look at the price, look at the volume, and if it fits your parameters, go.

I’m looking at this in a different way. We’ve got Johnson & Johnson ( NYSE: JNJ ). You look at the weekly chart, there is literally nothing about this that looks interesting to me. I am looking at these stocks because that is what a lot of traders are looking at. Institutions are actively trading these stocks, either accumulating them or distributing them, buying or selling them, so we are looking at these.

If you are looking at these from the standpoint of, does the vaccine work? Oh, I love vaccines, I love them all. Or I hate them, I don’t let anybody stick anything in me, whatever. Whatever your flavor is, this is like Baskin Robbins, and when it gets to trading it doesn’t matter. The stock doesn’t care what you think, I don’t care what you think, you shouldn’t care what I think. It is what it is, so leave all of that crap out when you are trading.

I am looking at this chart and I don’t like it. I don’t look at this as a buying opportunity. This has been a very volatile stock, for Johnson & Johnson ( NYSE: JNJ ), come on. From 156.00 clear up to in the 170.00s, that’s a big move for this stock and now it’s back down. So where is it going to go? Is it going to run up here? Well, it might, but do you know what? If you are buying on that theory you are basically just gambling. You might as well embrace the horror, you are.

Now, Merck ( NYSE: MRK ), there is nothing about this either. You should never be looking at this stock, it is just absolutely something you don’t want to. Now, Johnson & Johnson ( NYSE: JNJ ), again, you do not want to be looking here. Pfizer ( NYSE: PFE ), this is where you want to be looking. It’s tough to buy right here. If you look at the weekly chart it’s really tough to buy.

However, what you need to be thinking about is this, institutions buy and sell stocks. That’s what makes these stocks move. As of right now, it’s over 44 million shares traded today. That isn’t retail traders, that’s institutions. And so you are seeing this stock run 5, actually 6-days in a row, and then today it’s pulling back a bit. Because you have a thesis, where, if the institutions are buying this stock is going to go higher, then you should be buying this stock because that is what is happening, institutions are still buying this stock.

You can look at the volume, you’ve got skyscrapers here, 2 green skyscrapers well above the 30-day moving average of volume, this is a big deal. And so any little pullback is one that you want to be taking advantage of. You are late, there is no question about it, you’re late. And I am not saying this stock is going to go up to $80.00. I am just pointing it out, this is institutional buying, brutally horrible entry right here. But this should be something you are watching every single day.

I want to look at BioNTech ( NASDAQ: BNTX ), and this will be the last one, which is again, you don’t want to buy this right now, it is too volatile. I took a stab at this back here in September when the stock looked good. It looked like it was poised to move higher, about to break out of this squeeze. It didn’t happen, which is why you put a tight stop on it. Your trade stopped out for a minimal loss and you say, okay, I know why I bought. I bought for the right reasons, the stock just didn’t do the right thing. I could pick this chart apart and tell you exactly why I was wrong on that, but I am not going to.

What I did on this one is, once it was done it was done. I haven’t traded this again, I haven’t done any revenge trading, it’s a silly approach to trading. I am just waiting for my setup, if it comes, it might, but it might not. So of all the stocks that we are looking at, frankly, this ( NYSE: PFE ) is the one that is most interesting. And this is the one where it’s a brutal time to be buying, just absolutely brutal.

Anyway, that’s all I have got to say about that. This ( NYSE: PFE ) is the one you want to be watching. But what we are seeing here, with respect to Pfizer ( NYSE: PFE ), Johnson & Johnson ( NYSE: JNJ ), Moderna ( NASDAQ: MRNA ), it’s no longer the Brylcreem theme, any jab will do ya, it’s not. They are getting more specific in this, and that is one of the reasons why you got a stock like Johnson & Johnson ( NYSE: JNJ ) doing what it’s doing and Pfizer ( NYSE: PFE ) doing what it’s doing.

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